How to turn a Libra woman on

LibraThe Libra woman is not easily turned on, because stimuli must first be filtered through her head. After all that cerebral activity, you’d think she would have lost her sense of lust. However, the brain is the largest sex organ of the body, so the best way to turn her on would be to stimulate her mind — she’ll readily turn to fluff and honey! However, she can sense if you try too hard to turn her on, and there’s nothing more off-putting than a choreographed move. Spontaneity is the word.

The Sun in a woman’s chart points largely to the type of man she goes for. A guy with charm who dresses well and exudes inner sexiness will naturally get her hot. The Libra woman doesn’t go for looks alone, mind you. She’s the embodiment of Venus, and doesn’t really need another one. She much prefers a man who appreciates the Venusian in her.

The Moon, Mars and Venus are also signs to look to if you want to seduce her. Since Libra — a Venus-ruled sign — tends to have a reticent, receptive energy, having her Mars, Venus or Moon in a “stronger” sign will modify her turn-ons quite considerably.

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About the Author
Lynn S. is a writer with over 10 years of experience in astrology. She is particularly interested in depth and existential astrology and blends psychology and philosophy in her writings. She can be contacted at

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  1. Aww….. Damien, do you have a girlfriend now? 🙂 FB me!

  2. sorry, didn’t read up… just glanced at your post.

  3. @Damien
    “but Libra women seem to be really complex in their likes and dislikes” hehehhehe 🙂
    “It’s like, they want you to like them without them making any overt moves” LOL sounds like you know me…
    Yeh just go with the flow, next time she drops to the floor to sit next to you or brushes up against you, just play back… I always found it easier to be friends with someone first and let things just happen.
    Actually all my past relationships have happened with guys I was friends with first..
    ” but I get impatient when I finally decide I want something” thats really cute 🙂 LOL i like it!
    Just go for it, ask her out to do something casual as friends and when she starts flirting, flirt back… and something will most def happen 😀
    Positive thoughts ^_^ but I dont think you need them 😀

  4. @no-perspiration I dont but I have my eye on someone. Id love to facebook you though 🙂 im going to guess we live a bit far, since it seems like no one else lives in SoCal.

    @obsessed Everyone needs positive thoughts 🙂

    I think thats part of my problem, im just now, at 30 learning how to flirt and not take love so seriously. I like the idea of just being friends first, ao who knows…well see what happens. Its helpful to know that theway shes acting is in keeping with the “typical” libra though.

  5. @Damien
    Yeh positive thoughts are usually helpful 😀
    sounds like shes acting in a typical Libra way.. if my way is typical 😉
    Let me know how you go…

  6. Soooo

    Now she’s totally clammed up and is shutting me out? I texted her a couple of times over the week to say hey, nothing major, and she didn’t text me back. I figured, no biggie, she’s busy…then she updated her Facebook (I know, I know…) with something like “I’m glad I still have some supportive friends left” or something, and when I commented on it, she deleted the whole update. Which is a little frustrating cos it’s like, well, how are people supposed to be supportive if you won’t talk to anyone?

    On the other hand, we’re playing a Scrabble game (Words with Friends) and she keeps playing, but won’t say anytihng if I try to talk to her on the little chat thing. I know it’s probably not a big deal – I mean, it’s Scrabble – but really? Nothing? No response at all? I’m about ready to throw in the towel at this point, I mean I’m going to all this trouble and we haven’t even had an official date yet. So, thanks for the words of encouragement and giving me insight into “typical” Libra behaviour, but if this is it, I don’t want anything to do with it. In a county of over 3m people there has got to be a less complex, less frustrating girl out there looking for me.

  7. @Damien

    Sorry to hear that..
    I really dont know wat to say..
    Im kinda in the same sitch with someone and their not a Libra.. so maybe its just typical human behaviour..? 😉
    have you asked her why she has snobbed you off??
    If you havent said or done anything.. could it be that her flirtyness and her little advances that got left hanging in the air, left her feeling rejected? and now shes sooking?
    I hope you find out wats going on, theres nothing worse than being mind fooked…
    and your right theres millions of people out there.. hope everything works out 🙂

  8. Damien,

    She’s just not telling you what’s going on in her life… and apparently its something big or reoccurring. So, youre not at that friend level. I would move on to be honest. Either that or somehow find a way or a path to meet up with her and just start talking about interesting stuff for a good minute….. then maybe. But, yeah, there are 3 million more people in your hwy 101 area

  9. Damien,
    I was not tempted to respond until I read your last response.
    Bottom line: save your energy. Move on.
    I had a similar development with many a Libra. I came to realize the following: they tease and come on to you to the hilt, you express interest, they shut you out.

    I could not believe my ears or eyes, sometimes, with the blatantly obvious things they say or do that could only be interpreted as immense interest. But when I expressed interest it’s as if I insulted them, so, they slam the door (figuratively) to my back as I turn around in puzzlement.

    Remove from your system any interest in her other than light acquaintance, if you decide to stay around her.

    I’m older than you and have not cracked the relationship mystery. I’ve given up on understanding. I now think that understanding is a false premise. I Let things be.

  10. @negentro

    As much as I hate to admit it, what you’re saying feels right. It totally did seem like a tease – when I had no time for her and she wasn’t on my radar, she would go out of her way to try and talk to me or sit next to me. Now that I’m actually interested, I can’t get the time of day out of her. So, everything you’re saying makes perfect sense.

    I think that despite my optimism and everything, you and no-perspiration are right. I’ve never really liked Libras to begin with as relationship partners, so this is just re-affirming my thinking.

    Speaking of which…


    I can’t find you on facebook since I don’t have your name or email =p mine is, add me 😀

  11. I am a Libra and none of the things mentioned in this article would turn me on 😀
    popular flashy stud LOL ..i would prefer someone who is the exact opposite of that …quiet and shy . ….and Libra likes to communicate ..Sadly communication is my weakest area …After reading all this i would suggest every guy who is interested in a Libra girl or any other zodiac ….that every person is different …Their reactions and actions depend on their upbringing , circumstances ..present situation etc etc. There is no set criterion to turn someone on 🙂

  12. @akanksha

    so true,
    although I am a Libra also, but can vouch for everything in the post.. LOL
    I think they wrote that based on me and me alone alone.. hahahah that is exactly how I seem to be turned on… 😉

  13. As an older Libran, I have more years experience than most of you…no offence. I now realise what really turns me on is honesty, intelligent, funny witty conversation, massages, interesting but not perverted sex, the ability to make me feel very comfortable in the company of the person wooing me. Without all this, I simply don’t get anything out of interaction and turn cold. We are very friendly, outgoing persons, but can also be very reserved and treasure our privacy strongly. Show us love and affection with all the wit etc and we may just be putty in your hands. What I am fed up with hearing, and sadly for the guys involved, is that they aren’t worth my attention! Show more confidence along with good manners and consideration for our feelings and needs and we will follow you to the end of the earth.

  14. @BARB..

    I totally agree…. I really need this ” honesty, intelligent, funny witty conversation, massages, interesting but not perverted sex, the ability to make me feel very comfortable in the company of the person wooing me. Without all this, I simply don’t get anything out of interaction and turn cold”

    If I dont get this, it just turns out all wrong, maybe being a younger Libra, I dont know how to handle their reactions.. I always get “wats wrong with you”? and im thinking, just cause you say im hot etc “DOES NOT TURN ME ON”.. honestly, funny witty conversation turns me on the most, if you can keep me laughing, and make my mind tick, I will rip your pants off lol…

    I dont really do planned sex, I dunno its kinda ikk for me, Id prefer to be woood with all of the above “honesty, intelligent, funny witty conversation” and then let the “Spontaneity” just happen.. obv lol..

    really agree with the post when it says ” However, she can sense if you try too hard to turn her on, and there’s nothing more off-putting than a choreographed move. Spontaneity is the word.”
    I dont want to know you want to fark me, how bout you just try… I dunno, does that make sense, I want “interesting but not perverted sex” 😉

    my moon is in cap so this applys “A preponderance of Earth energy makes the Libra a little more shy and reserved, but this doesn’t mean she won’t be kinky in the bedroom. (I think I can be shy if you dont make me feel comfortable and theres no honest conversation and witt etc)

    my venus is in scorp so this applys “Water energy makes her more emotional. Doing things for her would engage her emotions and lust for you.” (if im into you this def applies) as long as its honestly because you care, otherwise, id think you were a creepy sleeze

    my mars is in sag so this applies “Fire energy means she likes action. Take her somewhere exciting, turn up the lights, and be that popular flashy stud.” (if I dont really know you, this has to def apply) (Id get bored easy, all the lovely dove stuff, comes after we have known each other for a while)

    all in all I guess I can be a bit complicated if you just looking for a fwb come fuk me and leave kinda deal.. you would prob never get it.. and im not really into it, because It feels vulgar (not against others doing it etc) just honestly im not turned on that easy, and id be like fuking a blow up doll, if all of the above has not occurred.

    I do love being treated like a princess, but I can tell if your just being a sleeze, and you wont get a booo let alone a good bye outa me… I think like you said honesty is a major part..

    I just read over that… hahhaha wow… know wonder I piss the males off in my life..
    Its not that hard honestly lol… i guess if I dont mesh with someone, where all that comes naturally, and you were trying to figure it out, well then yeh… guess it would be a pain in the arse.. (the older I get, I am identifying with these things more and more, and can tell if it will work with someone straight away or not.. which is great)

  15. Topic has lost the plot big time.
    LibraLady are you still around?
    Miss your common sense!

  16. @Simon Moorfield-Smith

    hahah common sense.. wats not common about my post? I think its pretty common, and inline with the topic.. how to turn a libra on.. ?? im a libra, and described how it applys.. lmfao..
    wheres your common sense?? seems to me you have lost it??

  17. Sorry got lost in the waffle … are you male or female?

  18. @Simon Moorfield-Smith

    I am female…
    yeh I waffle on.. do you want ice cream with that?? lol
    why you haten on me? is it cause I didnt give you a cherry on top? jks jks ks lol

    just looked back at posts quickly, are you that simon dude that had trouble with a Libra?

  19. Yep Smee
    By the way er can’t fully understand what you are saying? Was being sarcastic about your gender, it was a little obvious.
    Not haten???? on you at all, was talking about previous posts … seems like some comments on this post has turned into a dating site!

  20. @Simon, the smarty pants lol 😉

    Yeh you prob wont get want im sayin, I was being a twit with my little waffle on…
    “im a goof ball at the best of times” not a good one obv! lol 😉

    I was playing on your sarcasm.. obv not that obv..?? you can say im a true female, with all the ditzzy qualities most you males either hate or love…

    hmmmmm I can see what you mean about the dating site comment… maybe they are tryna figure out, how to get in their dates pants? lmao…. who knows?? Lol

    I like you, I like smart ass’s 😉 you got me giggling..

  21. Dear Simon,
    If you want advice on how to turn a Libra girl on, then listen to what they are saying(: From memory, you were a Scorpion male, is that correct? Were you close to the Libra cusp, or a true in the middle Scorpio with all the vindictive qualities etc?
    I have recently had dealings with a cusp Libra Scorpio man who really fits the description of how to turn me on from my blog, but can’t or won’t let anyone get close to him and claims he isn’t a good person. Lame. He is a good person and I can find no fault in him other than he drinks too much Jack Daniels for his own good and gets nasty as a result. Try not trying so hard, or find a better sense of humour and you may have better luck. Just my opinion, and not always right, but for what it’s worth, it is yours to use.(:

  22. HI Barb,
    Not looking for advice on Librians as they are weird! I just keep getting these emails saying there is a new post and I can’t help myself and check it out for a giggle.
    Yes I am a cusp Lib/Scorp 26th Oct to be exact.
    As for your friend I don’t think he wanted to know you because me and my mate Mr Daniels have many a talk and it never gets nasty, just gets funnier as we both have the same sense of humour (yes I spelt it right) as for trying so hard, tried once she ran I didn’t chase!!! also on the subject of humour, we were like 2 peas in a pod, never laughed so much in my life!

    As for you LuckyCharm,
    Don’t ever change girl, nothing wrong with being a twit or a goof ball and I love the odd ditzy moments, was just messin with ya.

  23. Simon, well, you are the same birthdate as my daughter…LOL! We have our moments, but she is my best friend and we too have a wicked sense of humour…both intelligent beings I guess, because it takes intelligence to be funny in a real way(: The Scorp/Libra man was 25th Oct and I simply loved his quick wit and ability to talk and laugh. that is what is so sad about his inability to let me be his friend. It is rare to find someone who can make me laugh so hard and get my wit. Life is so cruel. We are different, but that is part of the balancing…never wanting to hurt anyone. It would be terrible if this man never talks to me again…I adore him. Anyway, if you ever met that Libra girl again, I bet she would take you back…she would always remember the laughter as it is so important to us(;
    Take care and never stop the wit and laughter(:

  24. My very Beautiful Daughter Andrea is a Libra her brutal honesty and dry sense of humor cuts
    straight to the bone. Iam surprised at how everyone adores her. She has soooo many friends
    and is very popular.!!!

    At the moment there are Two really gorgeous and very Sexy Guys pursuing her. One is very
    serious and my Mama has developed some very good vibes about his maturity and the fact
    that he is so level headed and down to earth. She keeps getting on Andreas case because
    my Mama is from the very old school and unable to relate or comprehand todays standards
    where young Girls have more than one admirer.???

    I had absolutely no choice when it came to choosing a husband so Iam not about to interfere
    in my daughters freedom of choice when it comes to marriage. She has a very good head on
    her Libra shoulders and I have faith that she will make the right choices for herself. Iam very
    proud of her and feel very blessed to have her. She is an AMAZING GIRL.!!!

  25. @simon……..

    hahah thanks.. “big smiles”
    same to you cheeky 😉

  26. @ miss fabulous K…

    hey you…..

    “My very Beautiful Daughter Andrea Libra her brutal honesty and dry sense of humor cuts straight to the bone. Iam surprised at how everyone adores her”.. hahaha she sounds familiar 😉

    lucky girl, to have 2 sexy guys after her.. and even luckier to have a wonderful mother like you..
    she is truley blessed 🙂

  27. Hi there my Charming, Beautiful and very naughty Girl,

    I was wondering where you drifted to.??? How was your Friday night any interesting Fish
    come your way. Did you have a good time.??? Be sure to visit me back at my favourite
    hang out otherwise I will have to start talking to my self again.!!!

    Your Mother must be blessed also because you are sooooooo very SPECIAL.!!!

  28. How to turn a Libra Woman On.???

    Competition.!!! Pure and simple. Afterall those Scales need to BALANCE just right and in
    her FAVOUR otherwise she has no insentive or motivation. Two are always better then One.!!!

    My Imposible to balance Andrea said. Mum how do I choose between them they are both sooooo
    Hot and Sexy what would you do.???

    I said I honestly don’t know Iam glad I do not have your problem and I wish you Luck in making
    up your mind. It must be tough having to choose between Two Gorgeous, Hot and Sexy Guys.!!!

    She is also balancing a very responsible job in child care and studdying at University to be a Teacher.
    Iam amazed at her motivation, drive and zest for LIFE. She also loves travelling the world. A very busy
    young Lady indeed.!!!

  29. @ miss fabulous K..

    hahah you make me chuckle…
    I will def come and visit you at your hang, def dont want you to start talking to yourself again “wink wink”
    mwa love you xxx

    Friday night was amazing, and yes a sexy man did swim my way 😉 but Im just looking for now, had lots of fun, just alot of flirting… I ended up doing a houdini on my friends had to get up early for work..

    and no im blessed to have my mother put up with me lol

  30. Hi Miss Charming,

    Glad you had a good time. You must have been in a very good and fun loving mood.!!!

    I love your honesty and your great sense of humor is it any wonder your name matches
    your personality. Which your Mother loves iam sure. I love it too. It really becomes you.

    Much love always.XXX

  31. Hi there,
    Ive just come across this site and found it interesting and would like to add to how to turn a libra on
    I’m a mature libra woman with loads of scorp in my chart and i generally agree with the comments above but would like to add that Libra women like intelligent men that are also gentlemen. When a man knows how to be a gentleman this turns me on, manners are important to us. It is true we are known as flirts but i think its a misrepresentation, I think libra women are naturally friendly and open to conversation and I find alot of men misinterpret this as interest in them. It makes it difficult when you are are naturally outgoing and find yourself in the situation that some guy thinks your attracted to him when your just enjoying talking to them. We are not always instantly attracted it takes a little time I think for us to decide, mind you we could decide to just jump in feet first depending on how spontaneous we feel.

  32. Yes, Tania 0 we do like gentlemen and intelligent partners…we also like a man who can accept we may like to communicate in letter format as it is easier to express our true feelings….not stalking!
    I am at a loss as to when the world changed so much that what was once seen as a romantic gesture, or love letter, is now wrongfully assessed as stalking!!
    the only explanation I can assume, is the paranoid community groups that think they are helping males and in fact are destroying any chances of their happiness by filling their heads with negative ideals.
    If you are fortunate enough to become involved with a Libran lady, be grateful you have a genuine woman who actually does give a shit how you feel!! Don’t write her off as a loop because she can communicate on every level. We really are good people and really do want to make your life a beautiful as you could hope for. Give us credit for OUR intelligence and don’t hold it against us.
    As for those who think we are cracking on to them just because we talk to everyone, there is a difference in the tone we use if we are interested in anything other than light conversation or friendship on a non-sexual/relationship level. Don’t forget, we are a masculine sign, so we are going to take the initiative to ask you out if we feel we want you. This doesn’t make us sluts, it makes us open and honest. There is an affirmation that I believe is made for us Librans…”TREAT ME LIKE AN ANGEL AND I WILL SHOW YOU HEAVEN”. this is all you really need to be armed with when trying to turn a Libra woman on!


    This is your Moto if you want to Win.!!!

    Cheers Girls and keep Smiling. Taurus.

  34. but you are a Taurean…I find them a bit different to us. There are so many men out there who are fed up with being treated mean and just want real loving…remembering men are more emotional than females. Libran folk are romantic and love loving…mean isn’t really in our vocabulary.

  35. Hi Miss Barbie,

    If you have tried the loving approach which is in your nature Iam sure including so many
    other wonderful things you have to offer a Man. Then what option are you left with if he
    continues to treat you bad, does not respect you and behaves like a nasty brat. isn’t it time
    to try a different approach even though it isn’t your style.??? How else are they supposed
    to learn unless you reflect their attitude and behaviour.???

    Cheers Taurus.

  36. The man in question has shown he truly loves me, but he isn’t prepared to get into a relationship, so he loses out! It is that simple. If he doesn’t want to commit, nor do I. I move onto the one who is more amiable…and talks openly, and has Libran traits.

  37. Hi Miss Barbie,

    Sounds good to me. Perhaps if he saw you with someone else that will knock some sense
    into him and arouse his competitive streak. I read somewhere that if you want a Man to chase
    you and hold on to his interest then you should date other Men until you become exclusive and
    he is ready to commit. Men are very competitive by nature so in a way it makes sense.

    Cheers Taurus.

  38. I did date someone else, which is why he had to come into my space and tell me I was old, ugly and had short hair…even though ti is not so short(: He also witnessed me talking to a young barman and then the same barman complimenting me highly on my singing ability…,It was then he eventually came to sit next to me and try talking nicely as obviously felt threatened…and rightly so.
    He couldn’t cope when I called him on ‘loving me’ and again told me the old etc, and said ‘no-one would ever want to be wth you’!! This is an obvious fear of that actually happening…he is so terrified someone else will be wanting me and saw it for himself. However, at the end of the day, he will continue to have sex with the chinese girl and I will continue to seek out another.

  39. Hi Miss Barbie,

    He is a strange one alright. He is involved with someone else and yet keeps getting in your space
    always there in your face trying to get a reaction. It must make him feel good to know that you care
    about him and you haven’t given up. But how long do you keep caring or loving a Man whom is not
    able to commit.???

    In that case you should pay attention to other Men and keep your options open because that way
    he does not have complete hold or control over your emotions. He needs a taste of his own medi-
    cine in order to realise that this Woman whom loves and cares about him is not at his mercy and
    will not tolorate his indicisiveness. Make him stand up and take notice of the fact that other Men
    find you desirable and compliment you on your talents.

    He feels threatened this is the reason he says those nasty things in order to keep you from moving
    forward. He is trying to mess with your emotions and your self esteem. He cannot handle it when
    you are in the spot light and other Men are taking interest in you and paying attention. He obviously
    has a problem where you are concerned and continues to distract and disrupt you so he can remain
    the centre of your attention and affections.

    Cheers Taurus.

  40. By the way Miss Barbie,

    The next time he decides to dish out garbage and comments of that nature tell him to get
    more creative and original because they are getting very old and stale not to mention childish
    and immature. Furthermore tell him to step aside and allow a real Man to have the pleasure
    of your company. Let’s see how he reacts to that.??? The power is in yourself so use it Girl.

    Cheers and keep Smiling. Taurus.

  41. Yes, I do believe that is what I have been saying…which is why I just go and do my own thing. I no longer get upset if he taunts, as know it is his jealousy and not my problem. I had already decided to step aside and let him get on with miss China…if that is what he wants.
    i had so many men in Perth trying to win on to me that I know I am attractive and have what it takes…I do not need his approval(;
    Funny that it is always younger men who find me attractive too(: LOL That is why he makes the old and ugly remarks…poor man. if only he could grow balls enough to accept himself and love himself enough to get off the alcohol and into his spirituality he would be a good catch(: Ho hum!

  42. That’s the SPIRIT Miss Barbie,

    Obviously Miss China as you call her mustn’t be fulfilling all of his requirements this is the reason
    he keeps coming back to you. If he had no need he wouldn’t be trying to get under your skin whith
    petty comments which are directed to hurt your pride and self esteem.

    Don’t let him get to you just show him what you are made of and he is wasting his time when
    he is resorting to making these remarks which are not serving his purpose. It only makes him
    look bad. Tell him to focus on the Woman he is involved with not a Woman he doesn’t deserve
    because you have better things to do with your time.

    Cheers Taurus.

  43. i actually said back with the old ugly stuff, and not being able to sing, by saying to him ‘just like you hey what/’…must’ve hurt(; When he called me an idiot, I said ‘takes one to know one’. OUCH(:

  44. Hi Miss Barbie,

    Good come back at least you are dishing it back which is what he deserves and needs.
    Some Men are so stupid they think that by making these remarks they will hurt you and
    keep you in your place so they can keep playing havoc on your emotions. But when you
    tell them off they begin to think twice and alter their communication and behaviour. So
    don’t hold back keep it coming. Adventually he will stop and try a new tactic in order to
    keep your attention.

    Cheers Taurus.

  45. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    I think this post on how to turn a Libra woman on is missing a crucial piece of advice for men, a Libra woman needs to be stunned, its as simple as that, When I met my Aqua Hubby a couple years ago I was turned on by his seductive danger, he seemed scarey sexy, know what I mean?

  46. As a libra female, soft touches and caresses turn me on. I also like being pulled close into a man’s arms and him whispering sweet things. Though all that sounds rather romantic, we can also get freaky in bed. Remember- we’re the scales, and we liked to be balanced. We’re very fair. You give me a dollar and I’ll pay you right back, if you know what I mean.

  47. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    If you’re a man and you want a Libra woman then you have to do something unexpected. Libra women immediatley expect to be used for sex, its in our minds the whole time we sit at the table on a date, okay, so how are you going to try to trick me into your bed? Also there is nothing more disapointing then when a man treats us like one of the guys, so don’t do that either…..
    My husband won my heart quickly, while I sat at the table analyzing him he did it to me LOL, “So you’re wondering if I’m going to jump your bones later or if I’m going to trick you, arn’t you?” then he paused and raised an eyebrow at me “Which one am I going to try?” It was unsettling, he then kissed my wrist and told me that he would love to tear off all my clothes because he is an animal and that I’d probably kill him after but it would be worth it. I think it was his frightening laugh that made me stay up all night after he took me home, I tossed and turned and couldn;t shake off the frustration. (it was our first date) The next day he phoned me and asked me how I slept…this sort of rattled my cage.
    He didn’t try to seduce me for real untill our 3rd date and that night he was more serious, he just kept looking in my eyes and asking me very deep personal things about my life. He hugged me like a brother, and sked me if I wanted to come back to his place to watch a movie, (like I wouldn’t know what he really meant LOL) Of course I’d been celibate for 10 years so it wasn’t that difficult for him but he seduced me in an intelligent and honest way, I didn’t feel insulted by his tricks, he is an Aquarian with an explaination for everything, he practically narrated everything ha ha…….I think I laughed a lot in bed, not at him but at his seduction line and his dead honest approach, it was like “Hey, theres my bed, what do you think?” and while we were watching the movie he kept biting my waist (okay tip here, being playfully bitten anywhere below the waist is a huge turn on for a Libra woman)
    This morning while I was making his lunch to take to work he bit my butt, he just does things like that at the weirdest times. One day while I was taliing to his mom on the phone he tore my pants off and started making gestures at me, I guess thats why we do it everyday or every second day on average, he is totally unpredictable. He will do anything to get it started, and we’ve been living together for 2 years now, like for instance he puts his hand on my breast while he’s driving, “Oh that was scarey, I was trying to save you” a few minuttes later “Are you as totally turned on as I am right now?”
    He makes me laugh, I go in the bedroom to change for bed and find him with my underwear on his face. He can find something sexual about any topic we are talking about, it always leads to the same thing. LOL
    Remember though, about my earlier comments, if he hadn’t called me the very next day and asked me how I slept I would have written him off as the average pervert and moved on but he turned it scarey, he got into my head, he still does this to me. “Hey, I know what your thinking,” he even knows if I’m checking my watch from another room, its scarey. I like scarey 🙂 He also treats me better now then he did 3 years ago when we met, everyday he shows me more love and affection, not just the kinky stuff but real down to earth love that make my knees weak. Before I met him I was as hard as nails, now I’m mush in his hands….cest la vie……..

  48. TOOBOSSY says:

    I’m a libra woman a.d it iz true we cannot.mske our own.decisions omg dats fustrateing to me i have to make.sure its da right decision ic will eat me up like acid and with men i have to have a very stro.g cause. i am a very strong.minded.women I’m jalous and possesive ad also ggressi e nature

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