Capturing and taming the wild Sagittarius male: A guide to his Venus sign

wild stallion and girlHorses have been usefully domesticated for thousands of years. This didn’t happen until our ancestors figured out that you can’t outrun a wild horse … but if you put your mind to it you can out-think one. If you find yourself in a relationship with a Sagittarius man, applying the same logic can help you get what you want out of the situation.

Sagittarius men aren’t an inherently worse bet than anyone else for a committed long-term relationship. However, their boundless, bouncy enthusiasm at the beginning of a relationship can be mistaken for a permanent feature. They wax enthusiastically about you until the relationship lives out its natural life span, and then something (or someone) becomes the shiny new distraction.

Understanding the love style of your Sagittarius man can give you the upper hand in a relationship. Odds are good that he’s so busy with his enthusiasm for you (and life in general) that even he isn’t aware of how he’s wired for love. Find his Venus, learn its language, and this could be the one you ride all the way home.

Sagittarius Man with Venus in Libra

Woody AllenThis is a highly magnetic combination that really grabs your attention from the other side of the bar. They tend to be more charming and presentable than the average Sagittarius. Generally, they perform well within the context of a developed romantic relationship. The biggest problem with this combination is that you aren’t the only one noticing these qualities in them, and they can often be led astray by their sense of adventure with just a little romantic coercion … just like Woody Allen (who nonetheless remains faithful to his current wife, despite the unusual nature of their relationship). The best way to hang on to one of these is to play into a shared sense of adventure, like with Anna Nicole Smith. Just be careful not to play along too far … like with Anna Nicole Smith.

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Comment below: Share your experiences with the Sag man — what was his Venus sign?

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About Matthew Currie

Matthew Currie is an astrologer with over 20 years of experience, and is the author of "Conquer The Universe With Astrology." Along with Hilary Young, he is the host of "Love And Sex In The Stars" (a show about the intersection of astrology and human hearts) on In his spare time, Matthew shouts at the neighbors a lot.


  1. Cap girl here! Can’t believe this article has gotten no love yet!! I’ve dated a couple of Sag’s with Venus in Cap…and one I broke up with around 6 times (I did the breaking up.) and it took us both around 8 years and a few lovers in between to say “lets just be friends” the last time we got back together we both admitted it was because we got carried away with the sex. We both have Moon and Mars in Aquarius, I have a Venus Aquarius…and normally guys kind of get iced out of my life but he was the only one to ever stand up to me…that’s why we’re still best friends.

    He is so sweet and smart and surprisingly true-blue!! I like to ask him what my problems are in relationships and he says “Whenever things got good, you left!! You are like Chairman Mao, you like constant change!” What a Sag thing to say! (my Uranus is conj. Jupiter in Sag, god help me!)

  2. I um… had a thing with a Sag w/ Venus in Capricorn. Always spoke about commitment (his initiation), but failed by him sleeping with someone else. Oops.

  3. Cassandra Tyndall says:

    Bravo Matthew- I loved this!

    I hope you’ll do a follow up on the rest of the Zodiac. You’ve covered the Scorpio for me but what about the other Sag who dropped the ball- Sag with Venus in Aries?????

  4. Matthew Currie says:

    Venus is never more than two signs from the Sun. Therefore, the obvious issue with your Sag ex with Venus in Aries is that he’s a huge liar, or possibly from a different solar system. 😉

  5. Australia is possibly from a different solar system….

  6. Sagittarius with venus in scorpio. How should I handle and attract this kind of combination?

  7. Hi guys, I’m new to this website, I just wanted to say hi & good luck with your site!

    I hope i get a chance to say some more clever stuff 🙂

  8. Genie the aries says:

    I will always be mesmerized by a sagitarius man. The love of my life passed away and he was a saggy. I had a blast with him and no one can ever compare to him. I miss him dearly. They are by far the Rockstars of the zodiac and live and breath passion. The thing that was sometimes hard to deal with is that I knew I was not the only admirer or biggest fan. He had a way of being one of the most charasmatic, lovable, laidback and easygoing man that could get along with any group or just about anyone.They are extremely accepting, friendly, and open-minded.. I truly loved him for that…and he was extremely funny and sarcastic. As an aries female…I always seemed to find myself in incompatible relationships like with a capricorn or another aries. But this relationship went very smoothly and was always exciting and light hearted and oh soo sexy. Wow…I never knew it could be so GOOD! Only thing is with loving a rockstar was the vices that came with it…since he was so expansive and a thrill seeker…he had a fixation on drugs. And it became his demise and what took his life. I will never forget how his love for me during that time changed my life and how much I loved him. His venus was in scorpio which made him so magnetic and he was the most intense, passionate, and mind blowing lover imaginable. God I MISS HIM…Everyday!!! His fire will always be an eternal flame in my heart….Rest in Peace my Love!

  9. My brother is a Sagitarian hot headed….just kidding, I love him 🙂 I know that he loves women who love him, if a woman shows him attention, if she tells him hes okay in some way, he adores her 🙂 His GF’s have been all shapes, sizes, race ect. All he cares about is if you care 🙂 If a woman tells him she loves him, he instantly belongs to her 🙂 These guys are as bad as Libra women. In love with love…..

  10. LibraLady says:

    My Sagitarian brother is a good father and was a faithful husband to his ex wife, He was very heartbroken when it ended even though it wasnt his fault, she just didnt want the committment he did. Now he’s with an Aries woman who is so nice to him, Ive never seen him happier. I think Aries women are really good for Sag guys, she is really there for him as he is for her and they both enjoy the kids, anyone would think she was their mother, she’s fantastic with them.
    I was always told by people that both Sag and Aries are selfish and childish but I am seeing the complete opposite with these 2, maybe its the Aries/Sag combination that gets their good side out 🙂

  11. I dated a Sagittarius man he was 17 and I was 20 and I am a Libra.

    There was an attraction but we were too busy with our lives well actually he more than I. Anyways my friends were telling me that I don’t deserve him because he sleeps with other girls and that I was okay with it its odd that i was okay that he sleeps with other girls (because he informed me that he has no feelings for them and i read they do these things (flirting) for them its like eating and drinking) but sometimes he does phone me telling me that he misses me and he wants me and him to chill together and stuff but anyhow they advice me to dump him and when I did he told me he still want to be my friend because honestly we have A LOT of things in common and I swear I kind of have feelings for him but i feel a bet bad for dumping him i know he had feelings for his ex because she was a different girl but when he was with me he told me that although i am not his type in a girl his attracted to me :S? thats what i am puzzled about the attraction and still want em to be his friend after the break up we’ve been together for a month and a half. Is it possible to get a Sagittarius man back? even if I Was the one who left him 🙁 i wish i didnt listen to them!

  12. Camilla
    My Sag brother just proposed to his Aries GF, they’d been apart for 10 years before meeting again and all she had to do was bat her eye lashes at him LOL
    A Sag guy is just as sentimental as a Libra girl…..You can get him back easy if he is unattached…..Just be cute when you approach him

  13. LadyLibra:

    well i do notice that i get along with sag people reaalllyy good :)! hehe so ur considering that i flirt with him ;)? I’ll try my best hehe although I would love that he approaches me first again.

    WOW 10 YEARS APART!!! ?? :S thats really shocking i thought if an ex left you they will never take you back i thought they were like Aries people that they never look back, do they? I wish them all the best =).

  14. Sag and I lasted about 3 weeks. He is SO self absorbed. He NEVER asks about me and the conversation is 99% him. You would think at his age, mid 50s he would know how to treat a lady. We knew each other 6 months before we went out. The best he did was take me to dinner a few times. I gave him SO much attention. I know that this may sound shallow but he never brought me flowers or anything when I cooked for him. I was thinking this a.m. that NOW I understand why I gave and gave to him….it was because I wanted his attention and because he was so self absorbed our connection just began to fell by the wayside. I remember the last time we made love….it was beautiful and all he could do was hold me and tell me how much he missed me. Our last date was 9 days ago and I know this man was falling for me….God…grow up…what is wrong with letting someone in and falling in love……it’s not like we are children here……over 40 me and over 50 him…come on!

  15. Taurus woman say's says:

    He know’s Im here but at this point he needs to show interest remorse for being seen with someone else.If he can come back after the words i spoke to him it would be a good thing I am madly in love with him but I NO LONGE WANT TO MAKE A FOOL of myself. if he doesn’t want ot be me I TALK ABOUT HIM REAL BAD TOO!i had never done that before to anyone the lies and disappointment piled up on me on top of being alone so long.

    What can I do?

  16. Gem Girl says:

    Make him work for you and your heart. Stay busy, don’t call, accept a date. From my experience w/2 Sag men in my life to date….I would run a marathon naked then to get involved with another one….good luck.

  17. VirgoWoman says:


    Why would you want to be in love with a man who 1) lied to you, 2) makes you feel like a fool, and 3) has hurt you to the point that you are talking really bad about him?

  18. Taurus woman say's says:

    Thanks guys you are right. All i regret at this point is getting out of character I really don’t like putting people down that way even when they deserve it.
    So this morning I got a text a day after mothers day no happy mothers day just
    sorry baby if I hurt you I didn’t mean to i love you and I miss you.
    What do you think

  19. VirgoWoman says:

    Hey Taurus,

    How long have you two known each other, and how long have you dated?

  20. Taurus woman say's says:


  21. Taurus woman say's says:

    1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY YESTERDAY.We knew other for a year before and met 4 yrs prior.

  22. Gem Girl says:

    A man, whether or not Sag will never get into my heart ever again without earning my trust and respect. I have been trampled on so much by men who take and take, give a little then stop, etc. Whether a Sag or not it is up to us women to accept ones actions or lack there of. We tolerate what we accept. Accept only honesty and 100% of someone in a relationship. What does 100% mean to me. Call me, text me, show me, earn me. I am a giver and I use to be left dead in the gutter emotionally with men. Now the tables have turned. My Aries calls me all day long, we text, we are open with each other and expressive. I will be seeing him for 5 days starting Saturday. He took care of everything. I love my Aries but trust me I have been through hell with men..never again!

  23. Taurus woman say's says:

    I love him and want him back but if he wants to be all dificult no i need to move around life is too short for somebody to exercise control to make themselves feel better i need my brain and heart especially for good things.

  24. Gem Girl says:

    Hi Taurus, sounds like you have been through a lot of ups and downs with this man…..All I can tell you is this…through many trials and tribulations with men I am only giving my energy to those who want me in their lives and don’t play games with me anymore. It’s not about monetary at all, it’s about time, energy, caring and sharing. A true man in my eyes gives unconditionally in those areas. If he is busy he still take that 5 minutes out to appreciate our relationship and communicate. If he is broke, he still finds TIME…….time and energy is far better than any diamond in my book. At the end of our lives we don’t seek materials things, we look to the left and to the right and see who the strongest man standing is……

    Virgo, me and Cancer texted back and forth this a.m. I told him that I loved him very much and that it was emotional for me last time we said goodbye and he hugged me to death. I also told him that I have recognized his impending move and that he would always be beautiful to me……so he has a lot to think about now. Although I am overjoyed by Aries, there is a huge piece of my heart with Cancer. He helped me in so many ways to feel beautiful again after my divorce. I’ve cried many a tears of him….who wouldn’t when you make love 6 times in a row and there is so much chemistry it’s like passionately kissing and making love to ones soul…..seeing Aries soon for 5 days…can’t wait. Aries expresses so beautifully which in my book means more to me than anything…expression and communication is key to this Gem…

  25. Super Saggie Gal says:

    Camilla, as a Sag, sleeping with someone and having feelings it’s completely different.. I’m a Sag with Mars, Saturn and Venus in Scorpio, and if I love someone I love them with all my heart, yet, I sleep with other people and yes, it’s really, really hard for me to be exclusive. I just like the variety in sex, it’s like a sport to me, I just make sure it’s always safe and don’t tell my man. I also don’t feel bad because I don’t feel like I’m cheating… I’m emotionally attached to him and that’s what matters, but I don’t tell him because I don’t want to hurt him.

    You can be the love of his life, but don’t take it personally when he sleeps with other women, he’s right, it’s just sex. I wouldn’t tell you if I were him, but that’s my ‘secretive’ Scorpio talking.

  26. Sag..24/7 says:

    @ super saggi girl, u are so bad! but i hear where your coming from with being exclusive…its hard

  27. I know and he full of games.

  28. He doesn’t want to work for me which shows me he is not sincere he’s stubborn and at this point so am I last night I could not go to sleep thinking about him and wanting him this afternoon he text me I ask him to call me didn’t do it so it’s a game to him but Ii not gonna alow myself to be smashed

  29. Virgostarr says:

    Interesting…. I knew that I had the same venus/mars (cancer/aries) signs as angelina jolie, but i didn’t know that my bf’s sun/venus (sag/cap) was the same as brad pitt’s….

  30. As they say, music soothes the savage beast. When it comes to Sagittarius, finding his “music” is essential so you can tame his savage beast. Try to pamper him and see what makes him weak to his knees. Kinda like Samson and Delilah. Once you know his weakness, use it to your advantage. Good luck.

  31. Mars Aqua says:

    Venus in Sag knows nothing about real love, responsibilty or duty of care. Love you one moment, could care less the next, back to where you been? .. If you want total disapointment, always waiting for the passion and depth to come that never does, enjoy being cheated to, lied to, abandoned, used for what suits them and left when things get hairy and serious. Then venus in Sag is for you. Lots of fun, huge laughs, great to travel and party with, just don’t expect them to keep you safe, or nurtured. They follow the party. Surfs up. Relationships with these guys are shallow and disapointing. All that sparkles is not gold. Sag in venus is the perfect midlife fling, flirt, one nighter, friend with benefits, booty call. If your looking for depth, passion, endearment, loyalty, empathy, security or anything else worthy, don’t bother with these guys/girls. As casual friends they are great fun. Go hiking, dancing, talk philosophy, have a camp fire, they are truelly fun, fun, fun. Until you need something dependable and real. Then i’m afraid your going to be severly disapointed. You’ll think you’ve got a deep connection only to find it fizzles out to nothing. I know a ton of venus in saggies. It’s always the same, girl or guy. Love them for what they are.. a combi surfers van, living on the road to nowhere, sleeping with whatever takes their fancy. Venus Sag is.. free love hippy style.

  32. cancer_girl625 says:

    @super saggi girl I’m a cancer & recently my sag gf said something similar to me about just wanting sex from someone else & Idk how to take that because she says its no feelinginvolved but she spends a lot of time with the girl now, & its messing up our relationship because she wont stop talking to the girl, should I believe my sag or let it go because its obvious feelings are there?

  33. Carrie Smith says:

    I was best friends with my sag guy for 5 years before him and I start going together. We had so much fun the first year and spend a lot of time together. I move in with him. Everything change about a year and a half ago. I always ask him was he cheating on me and he said no. I had a feeling he was. I move out from him this year. But we was still together. And I found out that he has been marry for 5 years and got a 4 year old daughter by his wife. I recently went over to his house and caught him in bed with his so call niece his step sister daughter. He is a very big liar. I still love him. What should I do?

  34. Carrie,
    Why are you questioning what to do?! The obvious answer is to set higher standards and repeat and kick drop the bastard to the kerb once and for all! As he is garbage and that is where garbage belongs!!!

  35. Story of my life.

  36. Elizabeth-Pisces Girl says:

    My relationship, hold up, my “connection” with my Sagittarius man is one of the weirdest things I encountered in life. I met him online in June thinking nothing of it but surprisingly day and weeks passed and we were still talking. I started falling for him the first time I met him and really thought things were going well. We kissed and stuff on the “first date” or whatever you want to call it but he didnt force me into sex or didnt even seem upset by it that I know of. 6 months later and we’re still in contact but I am very appalled by whats going on. He pretty much stopped texting me everyday and told me hes not looking for a relationship. We planned to have sex the other day but plans never went through for some odd reason and I didnt wanna look desperate so I let it go. He doesnt want me as a girlfriend and he doesnt wanna have sex with me at the moment but hes still keeping me around which is kind of fishy and upset my pisces heart. I do think he has feelings for me but one of his biggest problems is that hes not able to settle down. I want a man that can protect me and give me security and I’m not getting any of it.. I do realize that this is the way things are going to be for a while and things might not change for a couple of years. Thats why I’m keeping my options open to other men. I dont think he even knows what he wants. Life if just not fair. I really love him.

  37. Girls, kick those Sagi asses to the curb if they are not treating you right! You deserve better than the bullshit they can give. I dont care how much you love them, if you are not happy its time to move on! Then they will see what opportunity passed them..

  38. LizPisces. You sound like you are in an epic fog! Let me guess, hes beautiful to look at and hes all you ever wanted. Go back to high school already. pitiful. yeah, that’s it, just wait around for him like a fool. good grief. ;P

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