What to do when your Scorpio man cheats

ScorpioWhat do you do when any man cheats on you? Either kick him to the curb or work things out. If you choose to stay, it’s wise to find out why your Scorpio man betrayed you.

Was his infidelity due to a character flaw that he has to address on his own, or was it a symptom of your relationship? Either way, you need to get to the bottom of the issue — in true Scorpionic fashion — to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

You’re not meeting his needs, or he’s just a sex fiend

Scorpio men need lots of sex. All men needs lots of sex, in fact, but Scorpio needs a certain kind. He wants to explore power issues in the bedroom (or wherever else you “do it”), experience a profound emotional connection during the act, or at the very least, have an intense sexual experience. If you are not open to this type of sex-play — or if you can’t withstand eye contact while you’re tipping over the edge — then your Scorpio may not feel satisfied.

Or maybe he’s just a sex addict, and his going behind your back has nothing to do with you. Scorpio can be compulsive (remember, his modern ruling planet is Pluto) and his actions may be driven by a deep psychological wound that needs more than a Band-Aid. Unless he’s willing to go to therapy or a 12-Step group (or utilize some other psychospiritual healing modality), he’s gonna keep doing what he’s doing.

And a third option is that he cheated on you to get back at you for hurting him.

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Comment below: Did your Scorpio cheat on you? And if so, what did you do?

About Jeffrey Kishner

Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, Tarot.com and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at JeffreyKishner.com.


  1. I’m a taurus.

  2. cancergirl1 says:

    I have been seeing a scorp guy on & off for about 10 months
    and he is not been around for a while but i do not think
    he has been cheating on me bcuz he refuses to even aknowledge
    that we have have a relationship – he refers to us as friends with benefits.

    Anyway that’s ok but i think he tests me from time to time to see how faithful
    i will be to him.

  3. i have read some of the posts about what a scorpio does after a break up or even do they think of their partner after the break up. i have read some sympathetic comments to the scorps who have been through a recent break up. I am a taurus woman and I stopped communicating with my male scorp on Aug 20th. I found out once again that I was being played for a fool. How does someone keep telling you that you mean the world to them and then they go and CHEAT with other women. I don’t get it. and I just can’t do this relationship anymore. 3 1/2 years of my life waiting and hoping got me nowhere and all i walked away with was a broken heart and a lot of questions why? I had always told him, if you want other women then go for it but leave me out of the picture, let me find someone else. but he kept me around like a yo-yo. wanted me then pushed me away. scorp men are friggin confusing! I love him alot and he would always want his ego stroked about what he meant to me yet he would never reciprocate. i was always the one to say i love you and he said nothing. i feel like a complete fool for falling for someone who has no moral consciousness.

  4. I TOTALLY understand, Roxie. It’s difficult and exhausting – in and out of the relationship. Especially when they always think or try to come back. You want to believe them and it never changes despite they could – question is do they truly want to. I wish you the best as my journey to heal has begun as well. I feel like I am liberated and free from the lies, manipulation, pain and bitterness/anger yet missing a small part of myself now that he’s gone. I feel like a fool as well but I take it in stride knowing I have learned some valuable lessons and hope to never repeat. Take care, Roxie.

  5. Hi ladyBug… thanks for your kind words they actually helped me… it’s comforting in a bizarre way to no that there are other people who feel the very same way… my separation wasn’t as exhausting on me as this relationship was… and guess what… he texted me this morning.. asked me if it would be o.k. if he called me…i hesitated in responding back for sometime… i really am not up for talking with him just yet… anyhow i told him he could call me saturday… and he said he would and thanked me.. he said he just wanted to at least say goodbye because i mean too much to him to just let me walk away…so then of course the tears started flowing while I was driving into work…. And I didn’t reply back to him

    I’m not sure what he can possibly say…. He has a problem ….. and it’s all sex driven…. He can’t commit because that would mean he would have to give up other women….

    So what’s the point of the last 3 ½ years…. what am I suppose to wait for? …. till he gets bored of it…..

    I really, really love him, and I know that what I feel for him is very real for me…

    But I can’t keep going in circles like this with him…. I feel like my feet are stuck in mud and I can’t move forward… I would have rather him remained an alcoholic… at least I could try and compete with that…. I can’t compete with all the other women nor do I want to even try….

    I want a normal relationship with someone…. Why is that so hard these days?… I’m not asking anything of anyone, not their money, not their possessions, but just for their love
    why is that so hard to give in return these days?… I just don’t get it at all…..

    it’s a funny thing I have never felt for anyone what I feel for him… and I was so certain that I would end up with him… I was 100% certain…. What a fool I turned out to be…. completely blindsided and naïve….

    my email is algonguin.bound@gmail.com if you ever want to talk further ladybug…. thanks again!

  6. @roxie

    some people dont and wont ever stand for anything. not even in the things they believe. a lot of us as people just give up and go with the flow of the world and its aches and pains. it takes a lot of strentgh and maturity to stand up for what you believe in. often what one may believe leaves one to feel alone. it can be very frustrating to live alone constrained to your beliefs. have patience and be strong your a like will come but only if you stay true to your beliefs. if we give up we simply join the rest of the croud who live waiting to die.

  7. SexyniceVirgo says:

    That’s Why Im mooooooviiiing on cause is bottom could being very DEEP and DARK and NEG can’t stay near or close to him, god is helping me!.

  8. phenix scorpio says:

    lol they say virgo and scorp cant be together itd take an evovled pair for that ha ha ha im odd dont pay attion for now

  9. Rosebud101 says:

    I have been reading these columns for awhile and I decided to write back. I have been dating a scorpio for over 1 yr (birthday nov 19). I am so drawn to this guy that its crazy!!!! However, I have been the type of girl to frequently have sex with my exes. Anyway he had been out of town for 5 mths and I visit him often, the last time I went to see him we had a fight at a party, because of jealousy. It got embarrassing and someone’s car got damaged. I went to spend the following day with his mom, when i was there I saw an ex-girl of his, but the attitude she gave me tells me that they may still have something going on. I asked him and he said no. He did not have sex with me for after the fight, so I came home and had sex with my ex who had been pursuing me. I am capricorn (born Dec 31st) I personally beleive that he cheats especially when he is out of town, but i am not one to ask questions unless I see signs. We talked about the fight, and he told me not to let it happen again, he does not like embarrassement. Do u think he checks for me, or its just the scorpio charm?

  10. What if a Scorpio flirts with the woman standing next to you at the bar?

  11. Rosebud101 says:

    It could be innocent, if u know your SCORPIO man love you and will not disrespect you….then it could be “just a flirt”. But if he does all the time…BE CAREFUL!!!!!!

  12. Libra girl says:

    So my scorp cheated too..


  14. @Beatriz…my scorp ex never cheated on me either…I’m saggi and he was scorp…
    I think they can be loyal if you know how to play the game…but once you’ve betrayed their trust…it just won’t be the same again.
    I was always arguing with my ex constantly, it got to a point that we just hated each other and every conversation we have together will lead to an argument 🙁

  15. My dad – Gemini: Cheated on my mom with different women. At his deathbed, he said if he could turn back time, he would never ever dishonor my mom, knowing what God has done to him in the end.
    My Uncle – Libra: Cheated on my aunt big time. Big scandal. Sad.
    My sister – Virgo: Cheated on her husband, 4 times (4 different men)
    My ex-bf – Aries (when I was 20): Cheated on me (I dumped him for good.)
    My first love – Aries: Got another girl pregnant (He was a goner so quick despite his family’s marriage proposal after he impregnated that poor girl. I moved on without looking back.)
    My father in law – Leo: A well-known philanderer where I come from. Kids with different women.

    My ex husband – Aquarius – A most loving dad and most faithful husband and excellent provider to me and my kids. I left him because I can’t forgo things while I was younger. I am a taurus and while I was young, I failed to let certain things pass. I had to collect payback. I have trust issues. I have fears.

    Men who are not conscientious, those who are weak, sadly just dishonor their partner. NOT JUST SCORPIONS. We are all free to chose, either good or bad. I wish all of you peace and happiness.

  16. Its not just the cheating…its the lying. Its the lying and cheating. The scorp that I thought was for me…well outside of him being useless to me is a dirty used condom in and of himself. He’s a frigging dirty whore and I wasted so much time and energy on…nothing. I regret moreso now than ever finding him. He keeps drama going and for no reason. It may have been due to his upbringing and routine. But when are you just going to grow up. He’s got more issues than a magazine subscription and feels that he can drink it away, lie it away or it will just go away. There’s no responsibility or accountability taken for his actions. He wants me to see his side of things. LOL impossible. There’s no maturity and he won’t go get help tp deal with his issues. The drinking, which makes his emotional state even more unstable, dulls the senses and he gives into any ass that is walking by. He doesn’t understand commitment, boundaries or take into consideration anyones feelings except his own at the moment so HE can get his jollies off but of course – ONLY HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE ABLE TO DO THIS. I am a taurus by the way and can say that I want to just get rid of this douchebag. The love that I had for him….he doesn’t deserve. I don’t want him in my life in the least. And for some strange reason, he thinks that he knows me and that I’m confused on what I want. NOT SO BY ANY MEANS. I know what I Don’t want and that’s him and his immature ass in my life. He’s a whore – dirty, filthy and nasty. You can catch shit. You can pass shit on. And what in the world makes you think that I want that or to be with and settle with a loser like that. He talks about changing and doing the right thing – he’s not the one for me. I have absolutely no trust or respect for this waste of flesh and the love is gone. He thinks that me pulling my energy away from him is just me challenging him and I’m like no BITCH I don’t want you anymore. What could’ve been has passed.
    Recently I found out that he has kids somewhere out in the world that he doesn’t take care of and also got some chick preggers. Another one went twitter and put him on blast and of course he was trying to keep her oout of his timeline. The girl posted pictures of different women that he’s been messing with as well. I was devastated. The girl and I spoke off of twitter and well….I feel so foolish. The lying and cheating…the word hate is too good for this loser. There’s no semblence of manhoood, strength or respect in him. He’s just annoying and brutish with his energy. He tries to force himself in and he’s not wanted here. I’ve tried and I’ve had enough. I don’t nor ever will trust him. He needs to leave me be and move the fuck on. Kick rocks already. He’s not wanted here. My thing is – how do you get rid of these leaches. The truth isn’t in him. Fidelity isn’t in him. My brother is also a slut scorpio and these types are a waste of potential. Its sad that they’re my opposite sign. This scorp ReaLLY missed out on a great thing and I just want him gone. He’s stalking and everything Its the craziest thing in the world. If you can’t handle this then get out the way so someone else can come in.

    What’s worse is the mental state that he’s in. Its so sad. He thinks he knows what he’s doing and its the total opposite. His approach, just him in general. Its like his whole being has been so fucked up for so long he doesn’t know whether he’s coming or going and then he just cheats on top of it. He sees nothing wrong with his behavior or his thinking. I really wish to God that I never found him. He’s so selfish and he gives advice to other people. He needs to have a special jacket that ties in the back and a nice matching hat that has some wires coming out of it. He really doesn’t see that all of this disgust that I have is from him. I have NEVER been like this til ihe came into my life. He’s sucked the love and happiness that I had for him, about him, to help him and heal him right out of me. All that I asked was that he come forward whether I’m with him or not in order to heal the mess he’s created in his life and deal with his past. The issues have alreasy taken place now you have to deal with the cleanup. He tries to control the situation and he’s the one out of control. He needs to work on himself. He’s useless and feels that women are disposable. He’s got a nasty temper and he doesn’t think before he acts or speaks and goes off of pure emotion. Days pass then he reflects and realizes what he did and STILL doesn’t deal with it. I just want him gone like how the love is. Its to the point that I don’t even LIKE him. I really thought I would’ve married this boy in a grown man’s body and had a family with him. Boy oh boy the universe was surely looking out for me. Now…how do I get rid of him and his energy. I feel like I’m being emotionally and spiritually raped. He just doesn’t get it. He doesn’t want me to be with anyone else (but its okay for him to do it because when he cheats he’s thinking about me – yeah that scorpio logic) but HE won’t be with me either. I don’t want to be bothered anymor. I just want a fresh start, fresh love and fresh energy and to be done with this disaster that has been in my life and far outgrown and outstayed its welcome. Help?

  17. He needs to man up, learn to control his emotions, think before he acts and wwight the consequences. I was in love with him. No one else had my heart or love. He’s abused it, cheated on it and there’s no accountability on his part. He runs and hides and hires people to follow me. Come on get it together and once he finally does I’ll probably be long gone. So sad.

  18. i can so much relate with *tyg515
    i am cancer woman and was in a long distant relationship. it was going very well, i never got a chance to doubt on him. but recently i kind of made out that he was being manipulative with me… and just 2 days after that i get a mail from a women whom he was dating last year.. alongside me… i was shocked! she showed me the proofs of what all he was doing this entire year.. even bigger shock for me! he had almost 7-8 girls who he had physical relationship or sex talk on chat or video masturbation with that girl.
    i was completely blown away. he never stopped dating new girls n on top of it he used to control me on who i speak with and would dominate me to stop talking to boys.
    when asked him why he did this.. he completely denied all allegation.. n says he is a saint! lolz… wants to marry me… and he never thought wrong about me. i am so pissed off with him and he is surprised that how sitting so far away i came to know about his acts.
    i know i have all the proofs and i will keep an eye on him… Dont TRUST a Scorpio man.. coz he will never let u know when he is cheating on you.. n you will come out as an IDIOT!! And as always he will never accept his mistake.

  19. Greeneyes Wilson says:

    tyg515…are you with my man? LOL!! Seriously, I could not have put it better. The man I am with is exactly the man you described to the letter! Girl, I am so happy you told him to kick rocks because I have told mine to do the same! No need for that BS in my life. Whore is too good of a name for those rodents! Keep your chin up girl….it does get better!

  20. Im a Gemini and my last ex was a scorpio. I found scratches on his chest and thigh area and he swore he had never cheated on me. Bullsh!t liars. Beware of Scorpio men! They lie ALOT and go to extremes to find out where you are, who you’re with and what you’re doing, because they are suspicious as heII. I never cheated on him, and was loyal to the end, but the mind games were too exhausting so I had to dump his a$$. Now I’m happily single and free! I can flirt with everyone! ^_^ hehe 😉

  21. Hey Ladies i know what it feels to be cheated and manipulated by a scorpio.I m a scorpio and i too have cheated on my girl friend.I was a really committed to her and was looking forward of being with her but then her past stated me that she was a player where as i dint do anything of that sort all i was a nerd only focussed on my career and and never took interest in dating or having causal sex or never thought of getting laid. But once i came to know im no where compared to this female and i decided to cheat and teach her a lesson i openly tell her im cheating her and then turn tables and say a few words and i sweep her back in believing me . I am hell bent in teaching this bitch a lesson and i have already cheated on her many times where i have taught her how it feels to get the taste of their medicine. I pity her some times when she asks me whether i have cheated her and when i say yes she just gives me a stare and tells me not to do that again.
    I feel proud i can sting people and sting them pretty hard.
    Proud to be a Scorpio


  22. James are u angry with ur girl freind? Do u cheat because she did?

  23. My coment girls is as long as we want to please this scorpio guys,by leaving what they want us to leave we will be stuck without recognizing ourselveand they are so revengeful to hide they cheating to the extent to say to someone who cheat with to call u and say what ever she want forgeting that the same she do to you will hont her back by someone else.Scorpio are not commited and the don;t last with relationship also rearch shows that most divorce cases are scorpio

  24. @James
    I still do not understand why you punish her for something she did in the past. I guess even if she does explain why?… you still wont forget, are you? Here is my advise dump her ass find yourself someone pure with no past.

    You both deserve better!

    Shirley (Pisces Moon)

  25. stteeephh says:

    ok, so i would like some advice.
    i’m a female gemini 24, and i’m seeing a scorpio 21. i know he’s still in love with his ex who he has a kid with her, but things seem like they are getting serious between us.
    he sleeps at my house EVERYDAY, we have lots of amazing sex, and just recently he told me that he loved me (during an intense moment…).
    we’ve been seeing eachother for 2 months, but we are not officially “together”
    he says he doesnt want committment and i understand that, but somehow i feel like there are other girls he’s seeing as well.. he’s so secretive, always on his phone, very moody, always telling me he’s at 5 different locations to confuse me, and then says he’s really “here”.
    its hard to tell if he really likes me, or if i’m just a place for him to sleep, eat, and get some “sex” from.
    ive never been with a scorpio or been so attracted so fast like this before.
    i really like him alot, but how can i tell if he’s really into me?
    my friend says that he’s taking advantage of me, and i get confused. idk. i get these weird vibes that he’s messing around even though he swears that i’m the only girl; and we’re not even together.

    please give me advice.

  26. Hi Steph

    This Guy sounds very dodgy not to mention a very busy character in the sack
    since he already has a child at age 21 when he is still a child himself so I don’t
    see him providing you with anything stable or concrete commitment wise any
    time soon or in the near future because he has a lot of growing up to do both
    biologically and personally prior to becoming suitable relationship material.

    If you want to resolve your confusion regarding him taking advantage of you
    the only option is to deprive him of all the “Privileges” which you have afforded
    him and see how he responds and whether he will stick around long enough
    regardless of not having those advantages which he maybe taking for granted.

    Or you can continue as you are and see where this confusing scenario will lead.???

    Cheers be Smart and keep Smiling. Taurus

  27. curious757 says:

    i agree with you, Karissa15, he sounds like a child himself as he has a child at a young age. Probably needs to mature first. He may have felt the desire and lust and says “love” from out of his mouth because well, men LOVE that you give them pleasure.
    But if you aren’t satisfying his soul, there is something missing. I dont know exactly how, and we’ll have endless conversations and articles on it, and i’m sure there’s plenty of scorpio men that have been happy with their woman who gives them equal satisfaction. Plenty of them out there who are happily married.
    and each one is very very different.

  28. My ex scorpio guy was terrible. He’s selfish he doesn’t care he cheated with four ladies and he lied about it. He denied everything. We’re still friends but I’m only trying

  29. Holy Smokes!!!! I was with a Scorpio Man for five years and I would swear he loved me but I was dead wrong. I suspected him of cheating way early into the relationship but convinced myself I was wrong. It turns out, every woman I suspected him with, he was with. That had to be about 12 women, he is a sociopath who could lie, cheat and steal his way through life. He charmed me back a few times only to get comfortable and do it again, he would drive by my house with women in his car, he would pick up the phone to talk to me while having sex with other women, he would bring multiple women to one of his sex hideaways all the time. He hated condoms too. He had a sexual addiction and always had sex on his mind to the point of groping me all the time. He has no remorse, conscience or clue in his twisted mind that he was a sociopath. His explanation was “I didn’t tell you about those women, cause I didn’t want to hurt you”……….He actually believed he was watching out for me, WTF??????

  30. Veronica.. email me please or come on here

  31. From what I read it appears they never change no matter how old the Scorpio man is. I dated a grown adult Scorpio man. His wife cheated on him. He told me how he felt inside after he caught her. He divorced her. He said how awful it was and he would never do that to a woman.

    I thought he was so specical because my ex husband had cheated on me. He bought me little gifts. Took me on trips all seemed like a fairy tale. He always said how nice I Iooked and that I meant the world to him. I fell hard for this man.

    He would not answer his phone or text sometimes for days, using excuses, battery was dead, left it in the car, etc.. I found out he not only was back sleeping with his cheating ex wife that he never divorced but he also had another woman he worked with.

    I thik all that love and passion they Scorpios have comes with a HUGE!! price an it’s your heart being ripped out, cuz they are heartless man Whores.

  32. twelve-thirtyone says:

    Wow! I keep reading these posts and feel as though I wrote them myself.

    To the outside world, we have the perfect life. My kids and I seldom want for anything, we have nice things, a beautiful house, late-model vehicles, we travel, and go out to expensive dinners, etc., but in reality (at least my) life is anything but perfect.

    Almost exactly a year ago I was completely blindsided when I discovered, on a hunch, that he has been cheating on me since about a year into our marriage. You name it, he’s done it; membership porn sites, escorts, sexting old friends, mistress coworkers, and hookups with random bar floozies…

    Every time I have caught him, he acts surprised and confused and tries to deny it. Then when he knows that I really do know, he says “it was no big deal”, “it was just a “rub-n-tug””, “it was just flirting”, “he never meant to/would never do anything to hurt me”… Then the next day, when I try to bring it up again he says that he’s “tired of talking about it” (as if we’d been rehashing the same old thing forever) and “WE should just drop it and move on”. Apparently, to him, the moment something has been done, it is “in the past” regardless how recent that past actually is.

    He is never willing to explain or justify any of it and he has never once asked me to forgive him because, as he puts it, he doesn’t reasonably expect that I ever will.

    Now you may be thinking WTF is wrong with me that I am still here?? Those of you who are, or have been, in my place probably already know the answer to that. It is because of the way he makes me feel when we are ALONE! When there is no one else around, he is the man I fell for. The one who captured my heart. He is loving, attentive, and real. And (as he is quick to point out) he IS a very good provider, which apparently, I am ashamed to say, appeals to my inner Cap. Why should I have to give up everything that I/we have because he cannot be burdened with morals?

    We had a particularly troubling situation come up a few months back. I thought it was the end. A couple of days went by with him basically giving me the silent treatment and then he came to me stating that THAT was his rock bottom and that it forced him to go through some kind of transformation.

    Through self reflection and evaluation, he decided that it was time to, grow up, stop being a schmuck, and absolutely commit himself to me and our marriage. He says that before me, he did not actually know what love was and now that I have taught him what it is/should be, he never wants to be without it again.

    Here are my questions: Can this miraculous 180 transformation actually happen? Can a Scorpio (or anyone, for that matter) actually change more than 40 years of this kind of behavior?

    I fear that the real question is going to be: How many more stings can I take?
    I may be a stubborn goat, but I do have SOME self esteem and sense of self worth.

    Or do I have to resign myself to adopt the understanding that powerful men have special needs that no one woman can ever expect to fulfill? If that ends up being the case, I suppose that I am in decent company. Just about every first lady this country has ever had is in my “club”, right?

  33. NettyPot says:

    I left my scorpio after 23 yrs of marriage.He cheated for the last time.When I was packing he said all I had to say was sorry.Wow.I couldn’t believe he’s fucken ego.I did everything for him I’m Gemini and we love hard.So for years I let him control everything including me.But when zi learned about he’s inappropriateNess w other women I suddenly gave him a taste of hes own medicine.I would do that whenever he did somethng fucked up to me.8 would mirror him.When he treate me bad to much I just couldn’t deal w it anymore and told him im going to trear him the way he treated me.and of course I got blamed for everything taken advantage of and abused and used.and he couldn’t see he’s part in any of our demise.and what a hypocrite he was.it was OK to do what he did but if anyone else did god forbid.It ok for him but no one else.I stopped cheating on him in 2006 till Jan 25 2016 after I left but him he had a side bitch .already.But telling me he loves me.And the sec was great but then it got boring to me bc he got selfish. And predictable. I guess I broke him and he broke me.he tried to get me w one of he’s old tricks but I told him to fuck off.I could never go back to that fucked loser.bc he won’t change .He talked so much shit about me and AL he’s friends unfriended on fb but he’s family didn’t .bc they know what a bag of shit he really is.he wanted AL the attention sand praise he would steal my thunder when someone wold say I was beautiful he would say what about me .I hate to admit but I still love him but I don’t lIke hI’m respect him or want him.I feel Ike he’s regretting it bc I was always there for him and Im nit now.and I realize he would lie to get what he wanted. I’m dating a Pisces now and he’s beyond better them this piece of shit scorpio. I will never ever date or marry another one.their scandalous and shady and only do things that benefit them they always have an agenda trying to figure how to fuck somebody or fuck someone over.they just do things out natural feelings bc there’s nothing natural about them.the only thing their really good at is hurting you.that’s it.nothing about is even right.and I’m divorcing he’s stupid mind gaming ass.

  34. ALESHIA BRYANT says:

    Im an Aquarious female (28)who have a baby with a Scorpio(age 29)and boy o boy ..Scorpios are charming at first.They will lie and lie and lie to get your head.You trust them and tell them your secrets and those mofos will run with it.Scorpios are great sex partners,if you like more sex then them.Normal females its a limit.To a scorpio male the limit is when they say there done.But for one thing regarding cheating ,Scorpios will cheat when everything is ok ..Scorpios hold alot of secrets.They will not give you sex,becuase they know that it hurts you when they dont want to have sex,and your brain will hurt AS WELL AS high blood PRESSURE)becuase you think they cheating cuz they not giving it up to you.(I have personally cuaght my bf watching porn/masturbating) after a fight .
    Scorpios never like a calm.They love drama and want to always be around people .They love people who stroke they ego.So people that really don’t know them,they will be around.People that know them,know them,they will argue and fight with .
    My son father he cheated many times but when I ask he lie until he gets caught. They are bad liars tho.They cant lie for shit.
    He never owns up to nothing and hates when others have attention.Moments that a normal person would be happy,he looks at it as bragging.Then the attention shifts off him and hes mad again cuz his ego is insulated.
    They are very comiitted .So committed that they will hurt another female to satisfy another female to get what he needs out of the female to satisfy the female he care about.My scorpio work ethic is poor.He smokes weed and over indulges.I find him selfish and childish in a way.Scorpios are very possesive and materialistic.They dont live in a real world.They would rather house hop and envy other peoples life then fix they own life.SO SAD.But he is love able and the sure fire way you know he cheating is the excuses increase and the time they make for you increase.

  35. I too am madly in love with a Scorpio. I’ve had suspicions that he has been cheating, but I have a different perspective….If you love him, truly love him, then love him unconditionally. Many men cheat and it has absolutely nothing to do with their love for you. If you are all in, be all in. Love them and be loyal to them to the end. Embrace their personal weaknesses. We all have them. Humans are flawed. Imo that’s what unconditional love does. It loves and accepts. ??
    Be well.

  36. To add: In the beginning I let his need for privacy control my suspicions that he was cheating. I acted on those suspicions by withdrawing (which only made matters worse). As a result I (personally) missed out on fully experiencing his demonstrations of love by choosing to focus on the negative (my suspicions of his cheating), which hindered or bond and took away from our unique and beautiful experience. Sometimes our thoughts can be our own worst enemies. Lesson learned. If I found out (without a shadow of a doubt) that my love was cheating I would talk with him, express how hurt it made me feel, and continue to show him love and loyalty.
    We are the love we live by example. <3
    Live and love to the fullest and don't react to simply suspicions. I have a feeling that your Scotpio will love you all the more for it…and at the end of the day you can rest well knowing that you gave your love everything you had.

  37. To the men and women who do cheat. Some partners want to know your struggles and will welcome the honesty (not the cheating) – but the honesty would be valued. I would want to know the truth above all else, and would want to know that my love values me enough to tell me. I would be very hurt, but the truth would be refreshing and in the very least respected. We would have something to work with.

  38. I m scorpio men…n my ans to u is dat he doesnt loves u for sure..

  39. Capi woman says:

    My scorpio man cheated me hundread of times after he treated me very nice with gifts and flowers and told me he loved me more then everything…then he will post pictures or he sent me pictures with him and another womens in intimate moments in 2 with wine and candle lights and swearing he never slept with them and are only friends..I never cheated this man and i loved him wjth all my might..why i did this i don t know..but i feel wasted and damaged beyond repair after my relation with him.He cursed me and my family and treat me really horid everytime he was in bad mood..i think he knew how much j loved him and how much he meant to me and thats why he thought that stepping on me its just fine..i gave up myself to satisfy his needs .SCORPIOS are master manipulators and cruel creatures and i highly advice all the womens out there to preserve their hearts and their spirits by staying away from scorpios and i mean every word otherwise by the tkme u decide u are done with him,u will be done with yourself too.

  40. My Scorpio that I have been with for over 18 years, cheated on me for over 7 years. Lived a double life. He is the love of my life so we are working to reconcile but I will not trust him again.

  41. Both my husband and I are Scorpios. We will have been married for 14 yrs in June. I found out in January that he had an on again/off again affair from 2013-2016. We are trying to work it out, but it seems at times that he doesn’t want to. His way of dealing with the issue is to forget it happened and move on. I am trying to understand why it happened and how he let himself do it so that it won’t happen again. Thus us why we argue every other day and then have makeup sex just to argue again.

  42. I am a Capricorn woman dealing with a Scorpio . I have been dating him for a year . He’s very secretive and always disappearing. Swearing I’m the only girl he’s talking to. My mom is not to sure about him and told me he might be hiding something . I never dated scorpios before if anything in the past I use to push them away . But I am dealing with one now . & it’s frustrating . We are not even talking . And I don’t care to reach out . Cause I’m tired of him mind gaming me . Making it seem like it’s my fault . Now reading all of these stories , it’s scary and relieving at the same time . Because now I know I am not going crazy and it’s not me . And also I am not the only one who is going through this . Good luck Hun . Hope you are feeling better

  43. Capricorn15 says:

    I am a Capricorn woman dealing with a Scorpio . I have been dating him for a year . He’s very secretive and always disappearing. Swearing I’m the only girl he’s talking to. My mom is not to sure about him and told me he might be hiding something . I never dated scorpios before if anything in the past I use to push them away . But I am dealing with one now . & it’s frustrating . We are not even talking . And I don’t care to reach out . Cause I’m tired of him mind gaming me . Making it seem like it’s my fault . Now reading all of these stories , it’s scary and relieving at the same time . Because now I know I am not going crazy and it’s not me . And also I am not the only one who is going through this . Good luck Hun . Hope you are feeling better

  44. lacunelune44 says:

    i am an aries woman. i m seeing a scorpio man. he proposed me for marriage. everything was very serious, and he was the 1st man i ve trusted so much. we hit a rough patch where my inner ram attacked him a couple of times. i apologised after that and tried to make it up to him. everything was sorted and we moved on. only to find out later that he was seeing another scorpio woman post our rough patch. when i confronted him, he accepted and apologised and said that he cheated because he thought i would continue to fight. but he did come back to me.
    he asked for a 2nd chance, i gave him that 2nd chance. i ve forgiven him over time, but my trust issues have heightened. anyway infidelity experiences from people close to me were weighing me down, and this experience my scorpio gave is making it worse. do you think i can trust him again?? i definitely love him. and he has convincingly apologised and managed to earn my
    forgiveness. but can i trust him again???

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