The Astrology of Kink: The Polymorphously Perverse Pisces

Leather and lace, fringe and fetish … in this series, we’ll take a peek at the kinkier side of the zodiac. Each sign has its own distinct sexual flavor; by combining the various tastes you find in the natal chart, each person’s unique sexual recipe begins to emerge. We’ve finally reached that most changeable, most unfathomable sign of the Zodiac, the Pisces.

Pisces is the most mutable of the mutable signs. Those influenced by this sign are born actors; they can be anything, to anyone, at any time. They can play the top, the bottom, the middle, the outside; one of a twosome, threesome, or fourteensome; the exhibitionist or the voyeur; the boy, the girl, both, or neither — in fact, if you can imagine it, Pisces can do it, and probably has. But … why?

The key is that Pisceans derive satisfaction almost solely from giving their partners pleasure. So, you have a Piscean friend who’s suddenly gone from impeccably-clad, black-tie dominatrix to wispy, giggling, pastel ditz? She’s changed lovers. Her entire persona will draw itself subtly around the new partner’s tastes; she’ll morph into the girl of his or her dreams, with very few compunctions or self-doubts.

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About the Author
Laura F. Walton is a writer, artist, and arts instructor based in Texas. She has been a practicing astrologer for nearly ten years; she specializes in areas of sexuality, individuality, and creative self-discovery. She has contributed forecasts for print media, and currently provides monthlies on her blog Astro What?


  1. @Jolie

    hah hah no I aint a ram I am a fish I just have alot of fire and air in my chart to be prescise( I do have few mars jupiter aspects along with a heavy uranus):

    Ascendat Aquarius
    midheaven- scorpio
    Sun Pisces
    Moon Sagitarius
    mercury – Aquarius
    mars – aquarius
    uranus- sag
    neptune- sag
    pluto – libra

    So you can see how I dont exactly fit the mould of what is a convential female pisces.My friend is a pisces to, she is much more like that that I am. Many men remark,I cant quite put my finger on it with her shes different, yo would not have guessed it with her.

    With me it was always, yup FREAK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , KNEW T THAT A MILE OFf , you didnt have to tell me I can see that the biker babe who doesnt give a fuck knows the meaning off how to get nasty with a bike chain.

    I guessed right then that your man had venus in pisces it would fit very well with him, he sounds just like my friend who you could not say boo to on the surface yet onc they were in the bedroom, hah were more than capable of making you beg for mercy but in such a indirect way , you did not discover it unless you look beneath .

  2. ps

    yes my guy is leo, iy may be the make up of my chart that makes us click. I can honestly say I love him, he has taught me love. He has started to bring out a whole other side to me

  3. Hi! great article!!! So, I’m not sure if this is posted under the right one, as I wanted some input on my Pisces…so I’m starting here.
    We’ve been friends for over 10 years…but realized 6 months ago we had stronger feelings for one another. Our chemistry is unmatched. I have never loved someone so much. We’ve only kissed but it seemed like he instantly knew how to handle me. He was very slow and gentle and deliberate…although he’s fairly frisky so I wonder if there is more to him and if he will be completely different in the bedroom. Anyway, I am curious to know if he and I would be sexually compatible? What would his approach likely be in the bedroom? I don’t have his birth time but here’s what I do have on both of us:

    Asc node-Leo
    Asc node-Aquarius

    Thanks in advance for any input you can offer!!! 🙂

  4. Hi oliva,

    I feel I may be able to help you :S ( Im a pisces woman)

    Right straight to the point your mercuries ( cancer and aries) BIG problems with communication sometimes Im willing to bet there will be a mercury square mercury in your chart somewhere or square mercury to your sun . He will be a very blunt and open communicator where as you will be less so although it depends what house your mercury is placed.

    Do you have mercury conjunct ascendant ? I do ( in aquarius) this could help you be more of a straight talker.

    He will need to be less blunt with you.

    Right the good stuff your venus the planet of love meld well ( aquarius and gemini)

    A word of warning about his venus placement it is FREAKY I know I have this placement the way to his pants his through his mind;) trust me when I say this to him it has to be shocking !!!! this venus placement doesnot like being tied I know as I said I have this placement ( hope you like freaky honey cos your gonna be in for a ride with him )

    Your moons meld well simalar emotionally ( he may have problems expressing himslef despite being blunt scorp moon as opposed the open aries mercury)

    Your mars are square mars are how you express your energy or sex drive. his mars will tone down venus in aquarius alot Cap is more concerned with effiency than with sticking two fingers up at societies restrictions there will be a push pull between the effienct sensual nature of cap and the FREAK side of venus in aquarius.

    Best way approach him in a pretend effiecnt organised traditional way then let the freak side out 😉

    Yours will flow better ( trine venus mars)

    Omg I just noticed moon trine mars I think your moon his mars GET A CHART done to compare you romantically one available on this is a very erotic aspect trust me on that requires maturity to handle.

    Yes, I think you will be fairly compatible your problems will come from communication and approaching each other in the wrong way

    hope I have helped


  5. Phenix/scorpio says:

    hmm that was interesting mayve i should nt stay to far away from pices i do enjoy mind more then body and if theres both,,:P

  6. @all

    has anyone ever noticed that the zodiac chart is set up in three sets of fours. showing the rise and fall of societies. its a constant circle.

    the first four signs represent the intial conquest to impose will and make an establishment. (bullies, also the weaker of the elements. mostly using their powers in aggressive fashions)
    aries-are the marines
    gemeni- the aloof sepratist
    cancer- the kings men

    after that firts wave is done. everything is set fo the king the leo. the second set of four zodiac represent compromise, diplomacy and politics.(the medium of their elemental tribes. this set focuses on the practical uses of their powers/elements)
    leo- is the only fire sign that is about the brightness of the flame and the warmth. as a fire sign leo is the only one to harness fire mainly for reasons other then to destroy.
    virgo- the nobles
    libra-the ones whos scale society to their advantage
    scorpio- the secret society/the under world. we help to initiate the fall of society

    the third set (each the most magical of their elemental tribe) represent the fall of society.

    sagitarius- the dancing flame. burning everything it touches
    capricorn- the last voice of practical logic and its applications
    aquarius – the compassionate/detachable final sweeper. after they sweep they pour water
    pisces- the the final cleanser of the land/ the makers of fertile soil.

  7. Super question; After my last pisces i promised id never go for one again, low and behold ive fallen for another. I dont know what it is about them , im aquarius. but i have one question, how do you communicate with them about real stuff or when theyve been out of order how do you bollok them without stopping being their fantasy so they dont lose interest? I was too soft last time and ended up being walked over. so i dont want to let things go this time that i dont like, but dont want him to lose interest. help please x

  8. bettyzo,

    I dont know if you will get this or not, Im not a pisces male but a pisces female I feel I may be able to help you.

    Please remember in order to suceed at this you are dealing with someone who is every different from you ,so in order to win your best strategy is subtelty and looking at it from his view point in order to see where he is coming from and then to get an idea of what will make him tick dont forget his neptune

    First things first check his chart pay attention to moon venus and asc the reason I say this is pisces rules emotional things ( moon) and venus love and the mask he wears ( asc), illusions are neptunes realm pisces can front out anything be warned allthough they do not look it they are harder than they appear to be they actually can deal with a lot feelings are not as forgein to them as they are to you

    ( thats not an attack I am highlighting your basic modes of functioning and the difference in them, logic depending on where is merc is placed is as sticky to him as emotions may or may not be to you depending on the water in your chart)

    I myself have three planets in aqua ( four counting asc merc mars and venus along with sag moon so thats what I am saying be catious of dismissing him because it could be easier than you think if this is the case but I dont know your pisces man chart or yours lol so Ill have to guess.)

    If he has more air or fire in his personal planets then your best bet is to be honest with him but gently, your outcome here is to get him to listen to you , this will give a cocky streak though, press on him it is big thing and important to you ,pisces doesnt do details be honest but gentle( assertive) he will put up a front but if he goes to do it or correct his behaivor that is his way of showing he cares he is a mutable sign so you are going to have to get used to be free moving both pisces and aqua are free signs but never underestimate how much pisces needs to be free to emotional it is his nature .

    If he flat out refuses to listen to you walk away because he is not worth it you have tried he didnt it ends there.

    If he has more water you then you will need to be gentle dont bring his hopes dreams or fantasies into it so they have nothing to do with it and he wont feel a need to bring it up. Gently tell him how you feel avoid being logical he doesnt work the same way as you he relflects and logic will make him feel fenced in ( youd be suprised how quick he may be to get around it pisces is nothing short of jumping jack flash when it comes to slippery listen paitently bollocking will not work the goal is to get him to stop his behaviour your gonna have to be firm but gentle as it I tried to tell you but you wouldnt listen him that will shock him two things will happen there

    A) hell change like the above this is what you want because whatyou have dont here is get him to take notice and he has made an effort to change and work on the relationship his guilt is what will have done as in ” God she has been so good to me Ive been rubbish I want to make an effort to change. YOUVE there cos he changed he saw how good you were to him after everything and finaly spellling it out so gently he was spurned onto change

    B) hell do nothing. You leave its not worth it. the end

    One last thing i cannot stress enought comprimise is the key here both sides have adjustments to make:)

    Remember he will feel fenced in if you meet his feelings or self expression with logic he will make changes that are essential to the relationship but not to his most inner personality as a whole you will need to love him despite his faults can you do that( the worst thing you can do to pisces is bring the virgoean self improvement committee along for tea)

    He will need to learn to live in the real world and argue logically and respect you and the relationship and to be consistant

    Good luck I hope this helps

    abc123 mamma to be in may !


  9. I love this article. When it comes to sex, all the barely equally with a few minor differences of course. I love it how Pisces can be sneaky and aggressive at the same time. How exciting!

  10. Hello I had my chart done recently and I need someone to help me understand what it says apropos love thank u in advance sun pisces,moon gemini,asc gemin,mercury in pisces,mars in saggy and venus in aries

  11. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    your love sign is your venus sign and since you are Venus in Aries I think that makes you a hot hot hot love 🙂 That combined with your Pisces sun……A romantic and strong lover, My hubby has Mars in Sag too, very hot.
    My Aqua Man has Venus in Pisces and Mars in Sag……I call him Rocket Man, both imagination and steam…………………

  12. Thank you NewlyWedlibralady for giving me insight,U r blessed to have a man with imagination and passion u also sound very creative “Rocket Man”

  13. I came here for help finding out if I have any kinks that I should try or if I’m just a vanilla sex guy, plain and simple. The article left me in the same place, I just match up with my partner’s desire and then desire their pleasure.
    I’m a pisces and I really enjoy sex with someone I love or a complete stranger, nothing in-between. Both aspects allow me to be in the moment, free from anything that was plaguing me previously up to that point. My friend and I have explored some BDSM and I did not really have much fun in either position. I know I don’t have any notable fetishes other than preferring larger women, which calling a fetish seems insulting to me so, I’d rather it be called a preference.
    So my question to you is, as a pisces, is there some kink out there for me? Or are the simple things like someone maintaining eye contact a kink enough?

  14. Of all the signs of the zodiac, Pisces has lots to do with fetishes. Of the human body, Pisces rules feet, and there you go, the likeliest to have a foot fetish. +

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