The Astrology of Kink: The Complex Capricorn

Leather and lace, fringe and fetish … in this series, we’ll take a peek at the kinkier side of the zodiac. Each sign has its own distinct sexual flavor; by combining the various tastes you find in the natal chart, each person’s unique sexual recipe begins to emerge. We’ve made it to Capricorn — it’s about time, too — and the sign of the Goat happens to be one of the most pivotal sexual influences of all.

Capricorn is the sign of authority and ambition. Saturn’s drive for material mastery is readily expressed in that most physical of physical-plane activities, sex. Capricorn lies on the projective, paternal end of the “mama/papa” authority axis, and has a strong influence on sexual preferences.

For one thing, depending on where Capricorn falls in the chart, it’s often a clear indicator of BDSM tastes. As counterintuitive as it may seem, Capricorn Suns (and sometimes Capricorn Ascendants) often like to be dominated, and dominated completely, in the bedroom. If this seems odd, think of the proverbial hard-driving executive who secretly visits a dominatrix for various forms of discipline, bondage, and sadomasochistic release. While urban myths like these are often completely goofy in many ways, they can sometimes contain a grain of truth.

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About the Author
Laura F. Walton is a writer, artist, and arts instructor based in Texas. She has been a practicing astrologer for nearly ten years; she specializes in areas of sexuality, individuality, and creative self-discovery. She has contributed forecasts for print media, and currently provides monthlies on her blog Astro What?


  1. crazycancer and anyone that knows how to read charts, ooooooooh please tell me what to expect from this new cap man i’m dating. I’ve been in really bad relationships before and I have never dated a Cap and the sizzle factor is out of this world. I need some serious help! I don’t want to make any more mistakes and from all the posts i have read i’m not too sure this would be a good relationship. I’m a cancer/scorpio moon/mercury & venus in Gemini, he’s a cap/Gemini moon/mercury & venus in Cap.

  2. Mary you just had a bad experince with one capricorn. It depends on thier chart,but I understand why u hate capricorns, men shouldnt leave thier children and wife. Not all of them are bad. I think theres a possibly that he had a fire sign (passibly Sag)in his chart.I dont think capricorn women will do this they would tell you “Its over” instead up and running having 200 babies and 29 girlfriends. So I understand.Capricorn women are more reserved,(Being one myself)
    but like I said it depends on thier chart.You will find more wild men capricorns than women capricorns

  3. I don’t think this is very accurate of me. Domination and submission of any kind is out of the question (which is why I detest Scorpios) – it’s 50/50 with me – and it needs to be down to earth, and have a lot of sensuality, love, and playfulness.

    Though note that both my Sun and Venus signs are in Capricorn, my Ascent and Mars signs are in Leo .. so what I do in the bedroom may be more of a reflection of the latter.

  4. tigerman says:

    I have mars in Capricorn and I am extremely dominant. Sun Gem, Moon Sag, Venus Cancer. I don’t like being sexually submissive in the least bit. 50/50 sounds good in a relation because you cut out all the retarded childish power games. But in sex I like my girl totally submissive. I like it extra rough and kinky. I can be spontaneous thanks to my sun and moon but at the core of my sexuality my biggest pleasure and perhaps the only is seeing my girl submit to me. Outside sex though I like 50/50.

  5. @ tigerman

    haha! your comment cracked me up 🙂

    do you mean that your mars in capricorn is what makes you dominant? or your sag moon + the gem sun?

    …cause i have mars in capricorn as well and i don’t like anyone to submit to me 🙂

  6. I am finding out so much about how my Cap in Venus affects my relationships. I’m also finding that what I prefer in a man from my sun sign aspect is not necessarily what my Cap Venus or Gem rising prefers. Hence why in every single interaction with men I can prefer them and relish in them one day or week and then question my judgement or affinity to them the next.

  7. I WillLoveYouWell says:

    My love is a Mars in Capricorn … and we recently made love for the first time last weekend. He had given me the impression he was a little unconventional. I took this to be his Venus in Aquarius..and I was kind of liking that idea as I need a little adventure back in my sex life. But when we got in the bedroom…he was very almost…wanting to be submissive…or wanting me to do most of the work. Very focused on the big “O” and wanted me to get there but I just couldn’t. Not sure if it was because I was sidetracked by the fact he wanted me on top the whole time (which I did manage to get him to switch around for me) or the fact that I felt he was too focused on the ‘end result’ than just being with me and enjoying it. He was a little ‘smaller’ than what I was used to so I couldn’t manage to keep him in very well when on top and that is the only way I’ve managed to get an orgasm in the past. He also described himself as sexually conservative…which surprised me considering he had always given off a different air about himself before we ‘went’ there. He described me as confident and was surprised at the many things I wanted to do… I can’t tell if he is a little surprised in a bad way that I might not be as ‘sexually conservative’ as him…or intrigued in a good way…like I’ve read Caps like more experienced women? Are Mars in Caps typically lazy in bed … I mean he was willing to do some work…but it was almost too focused on the end result…whereas enjoying the moment each and every moment and the experience is way more important to me. I also wished he’s express himself more when something I did felt good…or guide me more on his wishes. He didn’t even tell me he had any particular fantasies when I asked him. He is a Sun Pisces so I was suprised by that. Anyway…any of you Caps or particularly Mars in Caps have any insight for me? 🙂

  8. @all

    has anyone ever noticed that the zodiac chart is set up in three sets of fours. showing the rise and fall of societies. its a constant circle.

    the first four signs represent the intial conquest to impose will and make an establishment. (bullies, also the weaker of the elements. mostly using their powers in aggressive fashions)
    aries-are the marines
    gemeni- the aloof sepratist
    cancer- the kings men

    after that firts wave is done. everything is set fo the king the leo. the second set of four zodiac represent compromise, diplomacy and politics.(the medium of their elemental tribes. this set focuses on the practical uses of their powers/elements)
    leo- is the only fire sign that is about the brightness of the flame and the warmth. as a fire sign leo is the only one to harness fire mainly for reasons other then to destroy.
    virgo- the nobles
    libra-the ones whos scale society to their advantage
    scorpio- the secret society/the under world. we help to initiate the fall of society

    the third set (each the most magical of their elemental tribe) represent the fall of society.

    sagitarius- the dancing flame. burning everything it touches
    capricorn- the last voice of practical logic and its applications
    aquarius – the compassionate/detachable final sweeper. after they sweep they pour water
    pisces- the the final cleanser of the land/ the makers of fertile soil.

  9. Strange blogs..
    @scorp, interesting…
    Freaky sex… Yuk
    Hot sex in kitchen/bathroom sinks and dining table oooohhh baby…
    Hot lovemaking, heavenly…

  10. my boyfriend cap is more dominant than me..

  11. SeduceMySpirit says:


    Hmmm…May have to ruminate on that one.

  12. I’m a female with Mars in Capricorn in the 8th (god help me). I tend to be VERY submissive, and I am very interested in pleasing my partner…though that could have something to do with my Venus in Cancer. Sadly, I always find that I attract partners that are very submissive themselves. It’s a weird thing to work with.

  13. I am a Capricorn Sun, Mercury, and Venus (4th house) with Saturn in the 10th

    I can do either ( mars/ neptune conjunction- sex games/ role playing and Jupiter in Pisces in the 6th house of service – very fluid and attentive)..right now i am the domineering one mostly as i am with a man who has a cancer moon and rising with a n Alpha Male Scorp Sun…so i let him lead and he likes me in charge in the bedroom… My Venus in Cap ( in cancer’s house) loves being Dominated and when he does dominate wheeew!!!(he’s a Scorpiodid i mention that with a Cap descendent which consumes 7th and 8th houses )

  14. scorpiobeauty says:

    Wow I’m a scorpio sun with a cap rising and have been seeing a cap sun with aries rising and it all started off hott and passionate. he was in charge most of the time in bed until i got tired of all the kissing and caressing routine stuff. I wanted that hott sweaty sex again (how it was in the beginning) and decided to take over and now im the domineering one. Gosshh how can I reverse the roles?

  15. candicoated624 says:

    I am a Cancer Sun/Sag Moon and is currently checking out Cap Sun/Libra Moon….I think that he is so obsessed with trying to get me to do anal sex…Why is that? The sex is great as ever…

  16. im a cappy female and i can get a little bossy and controlling so i need a man that can man up and not take my sh*t. and in the bedroom i need to be completely dominated. even though we dont work well in relationships (in my experience) i luv LEO’s and LIBRA’s in bed. they like to take control and i jzt enjoy the ride, most of the time…… i do give as well as i get, but i need to feel completely under control by the other person…so much so that if they doin it right all they have to do is tell me to bust nd i will 😉

  17. Lion King says:

    I’m a Leo Sun, Sagittarius Moon. I recently had my first Carpicorn woman (pisces moon) and it was alright. She gave me super wet oral, and just let me go to town until we had to stop. I honestly had no clue she loved to be dominated, which is my specialty… dominating. Sooooo…. i’m going to teach her a lesson tomorrow afternoon. lol

  18. I agree with chris..”im a cappy female and i can get a little bossy and controlling so i need a man that can man up and not take my sh*t. and in the bedroom i need to be completely dominated.” 🙂

  19. I must say this is totally true. I am a Virgo female with Moon in Aquarius/ Ascendant in Libra. I just recenlty dated a Cap and we finally had sex and it was too much for me. He wanted to be dominant the whole time and it totally made me feel uncomfortable. Since I was uncomfortable, it made him uncomfortable but that didn’t stop him cause he continue to try till he reached his peak and I was glad when he finally did cause afterwards I gladly got up and left. I find myself more comfortable having sex with Libra men where we both share the fun but I haven’t got my libra man for me yet : (

  20. Capricorn here! I agree somewhat with this. I do like to be dominated in bed, nothing crazy, no whips, chains, etc. but I rather be on bottom and be 99% submissive. Also, personally, for me, I’m not really goal oriented with sex; If I’m nothing is happening/going to happen within a reasonable time no matter how hard we try, I’m tired and I’ll end it.

  21. I dated a pretty controlling cappy for few months~ but he is surprisingly more submissive in bed.

    My capricorn ex-bf always likes to climax with him on top but other than that, he prefers taking the “backseat role” approach. I had to be the one “directing” everything and he will just follow (which I didn’t mind). This makes me think that perhaps he doesn’t mind being in the bottom in bed?

    But what confuses me is that, he used to visit brothels when he was single and lonely; once every 2 months for over a span of 5 yrs… i felt bad for him because he confided that he didn’t know sex can actually feel as wonderful as that because he had always done it with whores only and he also told me that he never had a woman on top before me (i wonder what men did with prostitutes? just missionary style? or is it a capricorn thing?) I guess when men see whores they ten to want to dominate them? But men treat their girlfriends differently? I am just curious on the pyschology of capricorn men (and men in general) I guess.

    Is sex with prostitute different from sex with your girlfriends???

  22. yes, definitely…..ho’s, strippers, prostitutes get crushed like pink cookies in a plastic bag,
    your shawty gets the 12 play and all the benefits

  23. I’m an aquarius sun, scorpio moon conjunct my scorpio pluto, with my venus and mars in capricorn. I really into being submissive in the bedroom/bdsm.

    I don’t know if this has to do with my moon in kinky scorpio, or venus and mars in capricorn.

  24. Wow I wish I had known about this topic sooner. I love life!! I’m a Capricorn Sun, Gemini Rising, Venus, Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio woman. I play the submissive and dominant role in the bedroom. I’m changeable and go with the flow–Gemini Rising. I have an extremely strong sex drive and very, very good in bed and a stamina out of this world. The first time I made love to my boyfriend, poor thing, we started at 6:30 p.m. and ended at 3 a.m. But this was certainly not the only time. I can be an all nighter. I have one goal in mind: THAT MY MAN WALKS OUT OF THE BEDROOM KNOWING HE IS THE KING OF THE WORLD!! After being with me that is likely to happen.

    Love making to me is treated as an investment. My return on the investment is a deeply satisfied man where all his fantasies have been realized! I want to make sure that my man is by far the happiest man in the world!! I take this very, very seriously.

    Boy, I love being a Capricorn, ole horny, sensual, beautiful, sexy ass goat!!!! That’s me!!!

    “I use therefore, I am.” This is so true in the bedroom, where ALL body parts become a source of sensuality and satisfaction! –Capricorn Legacy

    Rising Gemini
    Sun Capricorn
    Moon Aquarius
    Mercury Capricorn
    Venus Scorpio
    Mars Scorpio
    Jupiter Scorpio
    Vertex Scorpio
    Nymphe Capricorn
    Lust Aquarius
    Eros Aquarius

  25. Aggressive Aries says:

    I wish I woulda known this sooner too! I’m an Aries female, with a Gemini moon, Scorpio rising and Scorpio Mars, Venus in Taurus.. I’m currently seeing a man, he’s a Capricorn with Sagittarius moon and Aries rising… He is so sexy. Like he’s not like most Cap’s.. He’s VERY dominanating and likes it rough.. More so than I do at sometimes, he doesn’t get horny much but when he does it’s like… Holy fuck. He’s into spanking/roughness/fast all that stuff and it makes me happy cause I’m the exact same way and I think BDSM is really hot.. Bondage and what not. (here comes my Mars in Scorpio lol) but yeah, I don’t think all of them are submissive, although I do know a Capricorn that is very submissive but he has a cancer moon so I guess that’s why he’s so submissive!!

  26. I’m a sag crushing on a cappy man we work right next for to each other at the same mall I like this guy alt that I get butterflies when I think of him but he hurts me cause he seem so inconsiderate at times like I’m always at his job to visit him but he never come to mine just to drop in and say hi he’ll leave without seeing if I need a ride home cause he drives and it’s late and very dark where we work he day he care about me but he don’t shore it at all on his days off he won’t even call to see what I’m up to I recently told him I won’t bother him nomore cause he seem as if he don’t want to be bothered with me but I really wish we could be together he’s hard working and I love it I just wasn’t to be ryder your him but I also wasn’t him to be there for me he said he like me but why don’t he show it

  27. Hello, i m libra man and dating capri woman, my first.
    Wow.. during the day she s a wrkaholic freak, but at night.. lets just say that i now have myself a willing completely submissive slave that calls me master :p
    Me i like both, i like to have fun, give and receive pleasure. so i dont know if i ll find it enjoyable to be a “master” all the time…not sure..

  28. JordanGemini says:

    Another one late to this kinky party. I love the replies here. I’m a Gem 10th house sun, with Gem Venus conjunct Saturn and Mars in Aquarius. To say I’m bossy and self-possessed is like saying the ocean is a tad big. Cap rules my 5th so guess what kind of man I fantasize dominating me the most–Cap Sun types. No Cap moons or Mars men please–they tend to just be cruel, abusive and demeaning, if not outright misogynist, and my water moon can’t handle it and my sassy Gem Sun won’t put up with it. But a sensitive, sensual Cap Sun man who I can sense is hiding a dark, seething desire to make a headstrong woman like me submit to him because he knows that deep down I really want it? Oooooh yeah. I had my eye on one recently–one with an Aries moon plus Aqua Venus and a fire Mars that made my Gem Venus/Aqua Mars combo all hot and bothered. While he’s very laid-back and unimposing in social circles, I doubt he’s the submissive type in the bedroom, not with both a fire moon and Mars, heh. But I think I scared him, because he ran off to hide himself in his job. Maybe he wasn’t ready to face his dark Cappy yearnings just yet. 😉 (Oh and I’m totally cool with the sex worker thing many Cap men seem to have. I even find it rather erotic–pure, honest, uncomplicated acts of lust. Yum. I was so looking forward to seeing if I could use my Geminian wiles and weed out any confessions of that sort with this Cap-Aries guy, but oh well)

  29. So Capricorns are very dominant and kinky in the bed..

  30. Capricorns would be attracted to older mates, they are the sign of aging and elderly. This isn’t a problem to find other adults attractive. The adage goes “you’re never too old for sex”. +

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