Pisces woman and Taurus man: Better as friends or lovers?

Lyricgirl writes,

Hi Jeffrey! Thx! I originally posted on the Sat/Uran opposition and how it
can affect your love life Noting all the planets in the 1st/7th 8th house and my
Venus/Sat conj. (his venus also conj. my sat). etc.,

This relationship originally started in 96 and ended after the PI/Vir
eclipses in 98 (we were so young) and have since started back up (friendship
only) in Dec., 2005, just before the next set of Pi/Vir eclipses (coincidence?)
How does the long-term trend look? Better as friends/lovers? I would love to
hear your instincts on this one. peace & love.

PS I am fairly certain I will be coming back for the full length reading!


The Virgo/Pisces eclipses were falling on your First/Seventh House axis, so it’s probably not a coincidence that these dates “sandwich” your relationship with this Taurus guy.

I notice some strong similarities in your charts:

  • You both have strong Uranian needs in partnership. This can manifest as an attraction to an individualistic, eccentric, rebellious or innovative person, or as your own need to have a lot of independence and space in a relationship. He has Uranus exactly conjunct the cusp of his Seventh House of Partnership, whereas your traditional Seventh House ruler (Jupiter) is tightly conjunct Uranus. [View Lyricgirl’s chart and her Taurus guy’s chart.]
  • Another pattern both of you share is having the ruler of your Seventh House in your First House. (For him it’s Venus, for you it’s Jupiter.) As “the house serves the ruler,” this could mean that you both need your partner to “defer” to you, or to put you first. The relationship serves your identity, not the other way around. (Although the message is mixed for you, since your Sun is in the Seventh.)
  • Both of you also have a strong Saturn influence in your charts. He has a Sun-Saturn conjunction, and you have a Venus-Saturn conjunction. The first is more about self-expression and identity, whereas the second is about affection, love and self-esteem. However, you’re both tightly controlled concerning these respective themes, and don’t quite feel “up to snuff.” He’s probably more comfortable expressing love and affection, as his Venus in straight-and-to-the-point Aries is conjunct expressive Mercury in the First House (his outward expression), in a supportive trine to his buoyant Sagittarius Moon. (However, his Moon’s square to Pluto adds a level of depth and a need to occasionally retreat to process his intense emotions.)

Transits, or Cycles of Change

You’ve got transiting Uranus — planet of sudden change and instability — moving towards a conjunction to your Seventh House Sun, so over the next year I would expect much in the way of unpredictability in the realm of partnership. You are going to be experiencing a strong desire for independence, and as this is your Sun we’re talking about, it’s a life-changing transit. To the extent that the Sun may symbolize an important man in your life, you could be drawn towards someone Uranian. Meanwhile, Pluto in late Sagittarius and early Capricorn is squaring your Jupiter (ruler of Seventh) in Libra, which could lead you to tear down your ideas of what you want in a relationship. In addition, Saturn will be crossing over your Ascendant, which brings its own sense of hardship — you may be much more focused on work and reorganizing your life than on pursuing an ideal relationship.

As the Taurus guy’s Sagittarius Moon tightly squares your Sun, he’s going to have a strong Uranus transit as well — to the planet that symbolizes an important woman in his life, as well as his own comfort zone. With this planet moving through his hidden and reclusive 12th House — as well as this weekend’s lunar eclipse falling on the cusp of his 12th — he’s going to be doing a lot of revolutionary work, but behind-the-scenes. Not being a super-Pisces like yourself, he may feel rather unsettled, because he’s not terribly “in tune” with his inner world. So he’ll feel lots of anxiety, and with his Sag Moon in his Ninth, he may just want to work out this friction by fleeing.


My instinct is that you’re better off as friends. His Sag moon is way incompatibile with your Pisces Sun and Moon. He’s got a strong inner conflict between a need for stability and security (Sun-Saturn conjunction in steady Taurus) and the need to really do his own thing (Sag Moon in Ninth, as well as Uranus trine Aquarius Mars), and I’m not sure you really want to deal with that. Although you’ve got Fire in your chart (Mars in Sag, Venus-Saturn in Aries) and have an independent streak (indicated by your Sun’s opposition to Jupiter and Uranus) as well, I can’t help but think that both of you need someone more “cardinal” (initiating) and even more Uranian than you each are.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your delineation of their charts Jeffrey. I am probably going to read this a few more times to let it all sink in.

  2. Aquarianmommie says:

    Hi, Jeffrey. This analysis feels like my relationship with my husband. We’ve been together for 9.5 years and married for almost 4 years. I would love for you to help me determine if we are better off as friends. Please direct me to how I should go about gaining your services. Thanks.

  3. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    @aquarianmommie, just visit AskJeffaQuestion.com

  4. Très Bien

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jeffrey!
    Thanks again for this reading. Wow. Never thought about my Uranus transiting my 7th house and how I may seek that out in a partner). It def. shows me in part, why I have been ready to bolt my current, boring partnership/life and shake things up!! (I hope I am not just dreaming here about life being better single, but I really feel it).

    I do have a question based on this reading and, once I leave my current partnership, wouldn’t this be the best time to have a “uranian” fling with someone whom has been a great friend all these years? Or do you think that would destroy our friendship? Cause you are right, I am not looking for a “long-term partner” at least at this stage, I am much more focused (not usually, but at least now), on my career!! PEACE!

  6. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    @lyricgirl — yes it would be a good time for an Uranian fling, but there’s no guarantee it won’t destroy your friendship. In one sense, Uranus is good for not-too-emotional sex with friends as it is associated with Aquarius and the 11th house. However, it is the planet of the unexpected — so anything can happen. And it also relates to sudden breaks, so a fling with a friend would be more likely to survive (that is, once the sex ends) if neither of you take it too “personally,” i.e., just see it for what it is and don’t have too many expectations.

  7. I am married to a Taurus man and I am a pisces gal. We have been married 17 yrs now. Like all marriages there are ups and downs but once you work at it, it works. I don’t regret any of it, and I would do it all over again. It is true they are not as romantic sometimes, but now its amazing how people change with time and effort. Don’t give up you pisces gals. Be strong. Smuther him with love. Mine loves that and of course their belly. Cook them they fav. food. You know what they say is true. A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I hope this help in some way.

  8. i am pisces woman married with the sagittarius man already 15years. i don,t know what happened with me because now, i don,t love him anymore. all is come from my heart and soul already is 0 percent love.i am asking for divorce but he wont do that. what i should do?

  9. yes

  10. we are good patner.

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