The Astrology of Kink: The Leo Sensation

Leather and lace, fringe and fetish … in this series, we’ll take a peek at the kinkier side of the zodiac. Each sign has its own distinct sexual flavor; by combining the various tastes you find in the natal chart, each person’s unique sexual recipe begins to emerge. Get ready to be amazed — when it’s Leo’s turn to take the stage, nothing less than center spotlight will do!

In the areas of life that require clothing, Leo is larger than life. Dramatic yet sensitive, generous yet self-centered, these big felines have oversized hearts and egos to match. The Leo energy is pure Sun energy — hot, bright, and always at the center of some personal universe.

Sexual Leo is no different. Leo as a sexual energy is strong, steady, and charismatic; the Lion seeks love in the form of adoration and applause, and usually gives a great performance in the bedroom. It’s often a standard performance — this sign is a traditionalist at its core, especially as a Sun sign — but there are a few unconventional areas in which Leo shines. They can be summed up in one word: exhibitionism. Leo is a show-off, and the Leo Mars and Venus in particular love to be watched and admired. Video libraries of do-it-yourself porn are a Leo specialty, and erotic photography (involving themselves, of course) also has a strong appeal. Give them plenty of admiration, and they’ll fill a thousand sim cards with their naked adventures.

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About the Author
Laura F. Walton is a writer, artist, and arts instructor based in Texas. She has been a practicing astrologer for nearly ten years; she specializes in areas of sexuality, individuality, and creative self-discovery. She has contributed forecasts for print media, and currently provides monthlies on her blog Astro What?


  1. AHHH!!!

    I dated a Leo Rising Cancer Sun with Leo Mars.

    Show off!!!
    The truth was, what he was trying to “show off” or “give” wasn’t even to my liking. Boo Hoo, somebody didnt like your performance. When I suggested something, he’s sulking, saying, “But I tried to give you the best of sex.” YEAH. The best of sex according to YOUR universe. Participation from the audience/partner is IMPORTANT, don’t you think ;)?

    Here’s a hint for partners: overt remarks about his or her sexual style make Leo stubborn, sullen, and hurt.

    Tell me about it. The days I kept sending him internet porns or articles suggesting new ways to make love (which had nothing to do with him, but he thought it did) made him hurt. I find that with Leo prominent people, you just have to let them think it’s “their idea.” Which is tiring afterwards. NO. It can’t always be your ideas.

    A simple “Hey, I’m bored — let’s get drunk and do it in the neighbor’s treehouse!”
    Perfect example!

    And well, dramatic indeed. One time we made love, he said I looked like a “Princess.”


  2. Also, my roommate is a Leo Rising, Sun, Moon, and some other planets in Leo.

    He told my roommate a year ago, that he was tired of “good girls.”
    “I’m tired of dating good girls. I want to date bad girls.”

    Then my Leo rising Leo Mars ex once told me along the lines of, “I wish you would just dominate me.”

    I think Leo men want a powerful women in their bed. So keep that in mind when you keep “praising” the ego!! 🙂

  3. angelineelise says:

    I’m sorry you’ve had bad experiences May.

    I have actually had great experiences with Leo…

    The way I see it is this, he is the King of his castle and wants nothing more than to make you his Queen that he adores…always one of those guys who if you fluff him a little he will do anything for you.

    But he’s no Cancer sacrificing for love..the fluff is necessary!

    I often found myself picking one thing I really liked and modifying it and he was always glad to comply. But once again..a little butt kissery is needed. “Your so hot when you do (this)…sometimes I fantasize (this)!” and he was always on it!

    When all else fails tell him he will LOOK hot doing what you want in a sultry way…he always wants to look hot.

    My ex Leo was always with the titles with me too…regal! “How is T Town’s baddest, smartest, tastiest, most sexy woman ever doing today!?!?”

    I love my behind some Leo!

    Also May, I agree with the strong woman thing..I think that all Leo men take great PRIDE in their women, and like them to be as powerful as they imagine themselves to be!

  4. half circle says:

    i think leos just look like they love you,adoration ,gifts etc but its just till they r getting what they want,when the show is over they say goodbye

  5. Leo guys are funny creatures 🙂 I have had a crush on a few Leo guys. They always run away before I can talk to one. If I smile at a Leo guy he takes off ??????? For a strong person, they seem to fear certian types of women, not the committment but a woman that will speak her mind, these guys are tough, but try to get one to sit with a Libra woman,it isn’t going to happen 🙂 They hide from us…..All I wanted was a lousy cup of coffee with him, not his baby LOL

  6. Hello LibraLady 🙂

    I’ve had few encounters with Libra ladies, the most recent of which you know of more than anyone else 😉

    Seems, from reading other posts, women find it hard to read Leo men. If I am a typical Leo, then this applies: make Leo think it’s him who initiated the pursuit. Project a sense of helplessness. The more subtle the interaction the better. Make it seem like you’re a prey that he just got his eyes on in the distance. This works for me at least.

    On the other hand, Leos are truly self-centered.. they could easily miss on all signals. Leos go about their daily life with self absorption.

    A good read on Leo’s psyche is the red Sextrology book. It could be taken as a little satirical at some points, but I found it close to true.

  7. curious how to deal with a 20 yr old leo.. i am um older(gemini).. do leos like to just hookup or… he seems very well inexperienced. no i havent had sex w/him..

  8. negentropy
    Thanks, I dont think Leo’s are any more self absorbed then Libra men LOL (was married to one) I guess I shouldnt have looked at him knowingly 🙂

  9. AriesGirl says:

    Ok, I have a question for Laura…
    The Leo man Im dating seems to want to jump my bones everytime I see him (which im not complaining, it is great to know that he’s THAT attracted to me) but.. I want him to be a little more romantic rather than sexual. I have expressed this desire to him but havent heard anything as of yet. He says the physical expression (e.g. kissing etc, no sex yet) he gives me is the way he expresses his love to me. Now mind you its been only a month and a week that we been dating but he calles me like 4 times a day, txts me like 100 times a day to see what Im doing… Again, no complaints there.

    How do I make my point though that I want to connect with him in a higher level (meaning no sex for a while) without scaring him completely and have him run away to someone else?????
    I want him to take it easy cause he gets worked up as soon as he sees me and it doesnt help when Im trying to have a serious conversation.

    Pls Help, Laura!!!!

  10. Hey Ariesgirl, I’ve been with a leo for 4 years and I know EXACTLY how you feel. He does the same thing to me all the time. The best way to get the point accross is just to come out and tell him. Seriously, communication really is the best.

  11. I am a Leo lady looking for a lover and so far there’s not one who can put the effort elbo grease and stamina it takes to live the high life sio I keep looking

  12. Galadriel73 says:

    Hehehe, I’m a Scorpio lady engaged to a Leo man and I have to admit reading this post made me smile! Oh yes, the king of the castle wants a lot of admiration in order to purr happily, but then again, when he looks at you with this adoring look at his eyes and you know you’re his queen, oh well, what’s a few compliments, right? 😉 And honestly, in terms of quality, I honestly have had much worse… There’s no such thing as the perfect man ladies!

  13. Sir_Scorpio says:

    Im a Scorpio man Moon/Leo…why cant Leo women deal with me?..Its not that im that dominating, I just Like to go to the Extreme….

  14. So back to the subject of kink, Im a libra woman Im shy not outgoing my Leo bf asked me out and pursued me. I have done stuff with him Ive never done with other men. He definetly likes to domminate, but he also likes it when I take charge. I wouldnt say he really likes a dominant woman though, Im not. I saw some porn on his computer once and among it was some really kinky whips and chains stuff.

  15. the kink in leo men is they like to be the center of attention and like to show off… in man world this mean they like to be the alll mighty alpha male having as many or any woman they want…. some leo get past it ALOT of them dont.

    men have been tuaght for ages to have lots of women makes you a stud muffin for many signs this causes a very natural problem some men get past it alot dont

  16. well little tip for those on their eye with a leo guy as ludacris once said

    “be a lady in the street but a freak in the bed ” 😛

    leos like classy woman. He is typically a dominant male. Do not allow him to treat you like a sure thing a dominant male like a leo needs to know hes found his match.

    They also like a show put on for them as well as much as they like to perform 😉

    Im going with a leo guy so this is imformation I observed, obviously not all leos are like as said above everybody is different after all

  17. leolady says:

    I’m a leo, and I’ve been dating a Capricorn for over a year. I feel that I can never get enough from him, sexually. I tire him out quickly, and I’ve found that I have the problem of once starting, not wanting to stop. I could be in bed all day. One thing that is important to remember when dealing with a leo, is that love and sex go hand in hand. If I love someone, I want to have sex with them A LOT! And, if I continually hook up with someone, I will eventually want to “love” them, if it hasn’t happened inside of my head yet.

    I’ve never really been attracted to fire signs, I have quite a bit of water and earth. But I’m a leo sun and leo moon, so it’s surely there, I try to fight it, but it doesn’t just happen.

    From other forms of experience, I completely agree that it’s a performance, I consider myself to have “kink” but I am unsure if it is because I am kinky, and down for anything, or if I just want to be outstanding in bed.

  18. @all

    has anyone ever noticed that the zodiac chart is set up in three sets of fours. showing the rise and fall of societies. its a constant circle.

    the first four signs represent the intial conquest to impose will and make an establishment. (bullies, also the weaker of the elements. mostly using their powers in aggressive fashions)
    aries-are the marines
    gemeni- the aloof sepratist
    cancer- the kings men

    after that firts wave is done. everything is set fo the king the leo. the second set of four zodiac represent compromise, diplomacy and politics.(the medium of their elemental tribes. this set focuses on the practical uses of their powers/elements)
    leo- is the only fire sign that is about the brightness of the flame and the warmth. as a fire sign leo is the only one to harness fire mainly for reasons other then to destroy.
    virgo- the nobles
    libra-the ones whos scale society to their advantage
    scorpio- the secret society/the under world. we help to initiate the fall of society

    the third set (each the most magical of their elemental tribe) represent the fall of society.

    sagitarius- the dancing flame. burning everything it touches
    capricorn- the last voice of practical logic and its applications
    aquarius – the compassionate/detachable final sweeper. after they sweep they pour water
    pisces- the the final cleanser of the land/ the makers of fertile soil.

  19. I am a scorp, dating a leo male. I find him so compromising and easy to identify with. He is so smart and generous. There are such great things about him that I would never want to let go. But, I am finding it very hard to meet when it comes to sex. He wants me to initiate it with him, and submit when he wants it. I find it hard to be prepared when he has given me nothing to prepare with. I as a scorpio woman want to be lured, I want him to prowl… to show me that mysterious look of lust but grab me and draw me in with sincerity. I am unlikely to get that aren’t I? He is to lazy and too simple. At first I was accomodating, I would always take initiative and get things started but sometimes I like to be the girl and be persued… haha! After a year and a half of always being the one to throw the sparks, I have stopped and so has our intamacy… yikes! Someone help me! I don’t know how to swing this in my favour.

  20. LionessLady says:

    @ April- Find out what his venus and Mars are. Maybe run a compatability chart. I know that not everything is acurate but extreme cases require extreme measurements (maybe it can help you stir the intimacy). I am very surprised that the spark had decreased since scorpio and leos are very sexual together. Good LUck..

  21. Virgo sun, leo venus here.

    I’m sleeping with another leo venus, virgo sun! I am scared and curious to see what happens.

    Funny you mention exibitionism… right on the button all the way down to the sim cards full of erotic photos, and small scale addictions to porn. This guy is the same. I prefer to fuck in public. It’s exciting.
    My ego isn’t that big… hahaha. I like a guy to tell me what he likes. I like to be the best he’s ever had, and the Virgo in me helps me get that goal done!

    My favourite lover of all time? VENUS IN ARIES. MY GOD. My body tingles when I think of all the crazy shit I’ve done with Aries boys. Taurus is very kinky too. That is if you like rough sex. At least IMO

    The whole love/ sex thing is kind of inseprable for me too… it’s a pain in the ass. And I’m starting to see it from my guy too. He gives me that “let me fuck you like the dirty animal that you are, and then let me take you out for a nice romantic dinner look”. Most of our time is spent bragging to eachother about our previous sexual escapades. And when we get bored of that, we make our own.

    Being a leo, virgo, and scorp mix… I’m not used to gushing the compliments and stroking egos… so I’m nervous that I’m going to hurt someones feelings!

  22. @april: im a leo. so i think you should tell him what you want or he wont get it. and make him think it was his idea. we are always in our own little world.

  23. Hmm…I don’t know what this article is talking about. Drunk sex in the neighbor’s treehouse sounds like fun. I like a lot of variety and quantity, and I don’t really care if it’s my partner’s idea or mine, just as long as it happens. I can agree with the exhibitionism and doing stuff in public. As for “working me…” that’s completely unnecessary. If you don’t like it, show or tell me what you want. I like communication in the bedroom. Talk it up, boys!! 😉
    Leo sun and rising, Sagittarius moon

  24. How does the Leo girl act when she fancies someone? How could I know?

  25. We smile at you, a lot, but then again we smile at everyone. I am personally shy if I like someone, I’ll stay away and won’t joke with them so much as I will everyone else. You’ll also see it in her eyes, we flirt with our eyes, Good look!

  26. Hi, I am libraaa, I made myself an account. : )
    Soo that girl, Leo, we used to make eye contact very often. Accidentally, I look around – I meet her eyes and we look at each other for a while. It was kind of staring actually. Then I started catching her looking at me and in the moment I caught her look, she moved her eyes away from me. She sympathizes me (she has said it). But we don’t communicate often, we are in too different companies and I’ve never had the chance to talk with her 1×1 on live. I am way too proud to do something more serious before I am sure she really likes me, and definitely she is way too proud as well. (what should person want from Leo, hah ;D) So what would you say the situation here may be?

  27. you are obviously flirting with each other. Before you move on try to find out if she has a b/f, check her hands for rings. Try approaching her with a compliment, tell her she looks absolutely gorgeous in that outfit or something flattering like that. That should spark a conversation!!! You could proceed to say something like…..I hope your man knows how lucky he is! And if she is single she will reply with, “well, I don’t have a man” proceed with jokenly, saying something like, “well do you want one!” lol…… and ask that girl out!!!

  28. Spending 4 months with a LEO and recently we we broke the ICE in conversation..

    She is 8k miles away and i mentioned exploding over her.. Well this goody princess opened all her naughty thoughts and fantasies.. not to mention what she wants and has done i was wickedly turned on.. (Scorpio) that I am ..

    I want her so bad but she has an ex who is still around.. and gives her rides.. She says trust her yet I know she is a sneaky and has other naughties..

    Anyway we are going to meet shortly.. and I want her her naughty…so bad…

  29. Leos are bonafide gentle and warm creatures but they can be aggressive enough in bed. Just remember to always compliment on the good job that he did or else he’ll be looking for someone else to say that to him.

  30. I was a premature born Leo and supposed to be a Virgo (Sept. 7) When I’m being extravagant, I seem more Leo, but that is rare. The rest of the time I am like Virgo, save the neat-ness!!! But which horoscope should I look at, Leo or Virgo?

  31. who can help me with a Leo?

    I reconnected with one, and after a brief friendship slept together. he’s since been acting semi standoffish, but gives me this very pained look. he is recently divorced…I mean recently. any advice?

  32. @crazygemini02 I think that since he was recently divorced (apparently very recently) he might have needed a rebound and started to feel regret. Leos are actually pretty two-sided. One side is showy and out there but the other side is anti-social and a bit of a loner. Maybe you should have waited until he would move out of his pained mind frame. Leos forgive but never forget, ever heard that one? It’s true either he’s stuck in the past and isn’t ready to let go or you did something that reminded him of his other and he misses it. There’s always a trigger. Moving from Astrology, you kind of made it easy to be the rebound chick/ booty call. You may need to clarify somethings but try not to bruise his already pained heart and ego.

    Sorry it’s long but I hope this helped!!! 😀 Good luck~

  33. @Leo Luv

    Yeah, I kind of figured that as much. I knew it was a mistake when I was getting into it, but I did it anyway. He was totally avoiding me for an unknown reason, and it led to us getting into a pretty heated fight and I cut all ties. Hopefully he’ll get over it, but oh well.

  34. So I’m a leo girl and I really like this Virgo boy but I can’t really tell if he likes me back or not I mean we flirt here and th

  35. ADOLPHUS LOVE (LEO) says:

    –commment redacted by editor, please do not post in allcaps–

  36. LOL LEOs (reading the post above me). Like they say opposites attract, but Leos like Cancer and Virgo are the emotional/dramatic/”trolling” side of the zodiac-the summer season. I believe Sagittarius, Capricorn and Pisces are the best for Aquarians, although Geminis and Libras (air signs) are OK. Leos are loyal lovers, they value their relationships and pursue a higher purpose or meaning in spending time with partners. +

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