The Astrology of Kink: Beneath the Shell of Cancer

Leather and lace, fringe and fetish…in this series, we’ll take a peek at the kinkier side of the zodiac. Each sign has its own distinct sexual flavor; by combining the various tastes you find in the natal chart, each person’s unique sexual recipe begins to emerge. Now it’s Cancer’s turn, and there’s more to this sign than homemade cookies and apron strings.

Yes, Cancer is a very nurturing, maternal sign, and “maternal” doesn’t always jibe with “hot sex” in our cultural imagination. Many Crabs do tend to wear a prudish-looking shell, especially in public — but for the most part it’s just an act, designed to protect sensitive sexual emotions. And yes, Cancerian sexuality is always tied to emotionality, and it takes a while for this sign to open up — but once they do, they can be very intense, not to mention kinky in a very unique way.

Since Cancer traditionally rules the breast, it’s said that Cancerians are boob men (or boob gals, as the case may be.) This is often true, but here’s another tidbit: Crabs like bums, too. They often love rear-entry positions and anal sex, as well as spanking. If spanking, paddling, or caning is one of your turn-ons, whether male or female, spanker or spankee, you can usually find a Cancer happy to oblige.

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About the Author
Laura F. Walton is a writer, artist, and arts instructor based in Texas. She has been a practicing astrologer for nearly ten years; she specializes in areas of sexuality, individuality, and creative self-discovery. She has contributed forecasts for print media, and currently provides monthlies on her blog Astro What?


  1. GirlyTaurus says:

    Well, with all this talk about Cancerian men, I’m so on target with my love interest, even though I’m considered “attached” to someone else (whom I don’t want to be with anymore and am trying to dump). I’m a Taurus, with my Sun, Moon and Venus in Taurus but have been loved from afar by this Cancer man for almost 9 years! He was too shy to say anything to me unless he had some liquid courage first (a beer — or two or three of them). But I really feel an emotional connection with him and my curiosity is getting the better of me. With Aquarius ascendent though, I’m afraid I might be too hippee for him. I don’t know his ascendent yet either, but he did appreciate the low-cut shirt I wore just for him so the boobage angle works for sure!

  2. Cancerchild says:

    Being a cancer woman who has ben married to a scorpion male for 27 yrs, it is rather easy for me to say that who I trust, I completely trust and who I don’t, I never will. Trust is the key issue to cancers who are always seeking security. While choosing an intense and powerful sign such as a scorpion, we find that the intensity and control with a touch of meanness makes us close the doors of our shells quickly. While I love my husband dearly, I find him very hard to live with. He seems unfair and all out for himself, and this makes me not like him much.
    Now, we can complain and get totally freaked out emotionally, we are only defending our positions, and ussually have to be provoked to fill defensive. However, what ever you say out of anger will be remembered, and a woman scorned when a cancer, can be deadly. They are not sceemers, but act impulsively. They value their childrens heart and mind and protect their feeling completely. DO NOT MESS WITHY A CANCERS CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Instead, let them alone and when they need help they will ask.
    Once someone has hurt me, I never forget but it is easy to forgive knowing I am not perfect or even close, myself. We are fair and expect to be treated the same. I treat my husband as he treats me and he does not like that at all. We forget to defend ourselves out of fear, sometimes, fear of rejection.
    We are mostly funloving and accepting, but please, dont cross us.
    The phrase, hell has no fury began with a cancer woman protecting the underdogs of this cruel world.

  3. I love my Cancer man says:

    I just met my Cancer man and I’m a Gemini. I’m not sure what other melt he has in the equasion but oh boy is it red hot with him. Yesterday we made love for almost 2 hours an we could have gone all night I swear. He is masculine, emotional, caring, just amazing. I don’t know too much about the male body but boy or boy could this guy go. He can have multiple orgams and we made love so long he came 8 times, so awesome. He love my touch, caress and everything I do for him. I want to spoil him rotten. Emotionally it is hard for him because his ex wife messes with his emotions through their daughter. I am just there for him to listen and to understand. We are becoming great friends and lover and I just can’t get enough of him. I’ve NEVER been with a cancer before. My mom is a Cancer and she is realy up and down emotionally and her family and home is most important. When I arrived to his home last night he had candles lit in every room. We kissed immediately and he was so darn cute when he went into his bedroom and sprayed more cologne on himself. He is such a gem and I think he is amazing.

  4. cancer rising says:

    m a libran with cancer rising and hv never been able to get enuf of this cancerian i know for 4 yrs now. we arent dating, but jus sorta connect – like it goes CLICK and we’re on! awesome chemistry together, i love the passion he rouses in me and he jus cant get enuf of me (i also hv venus in scorpio) although we’ve both been cautious about getting emotional, i need depth and i din realize so does he which he hid behind his flirty banter. anyway he n i get along great, crackle the atmosphere n boy, he n i sort of jus know each other – he jus knows wat to say to me. sad part is i din give him n me a chance as partners, i was not single wen i met him. he n i have sorta made peace with it coz we are jus there for each other not to mention the sizzling attraction. ill always wonder though, wat he n wd have been like as partners…

  5. Well damn, I’m an aries with moon in cancer and this explains tendency in kink to truly savour the “aftercare” component of BDSM. “Aw, did I hurt you? Let me kiss it better.”

  6. Don't know what to do..oh gosh says:

    I am falling deeply in love with my Cancer man. Last night while we were making love I was an inch from saying “I love you’. He only wants to have fun right now becuase he is going through so much crap in his life (selling home and business). Today I took a step back and although I text 1st thing this a.m. like I always do and called and left message in the early afternoon I need a break emotionally. We have talked every day since we met almost 1 month ago. We have such a connection that it’s very intense. I know crabs go into their shell so I think I need to step back and let him make the next move. We have so much fun and laughter together, never heavy…until we make love. Then it’s so amazing between us because me the Gemini (communicator) and him the Cancer (shelled and emotional) I don’t think either of us know how to act when the passion is so bold. Oh gosh, what is a girl to do?

  7. im an aries girl in an emotional relationship with a cancer guy. hes so amazing, he just cant stop staring at me. but hes not that shy…he can run his hands and get what he want. he makes me to sit on him…uummmmm…holding my huge tits, playing and engaging me at the same time with his dirty talk. but he slaps my booty and just cant resist my bums…yeah hes a complete booty man. he really tries to connect well while sexing…he likes going down me. but i feel my lovehole is ignored a bit due to his obssessin for my boobs. sometimes he irritates me, sucking boobs for all night long and does not turn me, and worst is that he sleeps with my nipple between his lips…im tired of feeding this guy…hmmmm

  8. Don't know what to do..oh gosh says:

    Mine is getting distant but there is a reason for that as he will be relocating this year about 2 hours away from where I live. He is a total gem of a guy, very sweet and caring. He told me I was a bit agressive (me the Gemini..the communicator of the zodiac). I do know what I want in life that is for sure. So I just wait and play the game and see where it falls, but for now just friends. We have been lovers for a bit of time but once the emotions got to entangled he backed off. We had some enduring moments together though. When I met him for the 2nd time over his house we danced in his living room and he got teary eyed over some James Taylor music. Oh gosh, I wish he wasn’t moving…I could so see myself with him because he is emotional by nature like me….

  9. Ria, I think ur guy has intense scorpio effects either the rising sign..his moon or his venus..or maybe another less romantic yet as lusty like maybe aries or gemini am not sure..but this is not loving romantic canerian behaviour lol.
    I got 2 crabs attached to me like babies and one of them I am currently dating..really I don’t know what to do don’t wanna break the other’s heart and he is a good person and looks cute and truely loves me..he hasn’t been in love since his last engagement 6 years ago..I don’t want to cut him off yet he keeps falling deeper as the days go by.
    It’s really driving me mad..and if my current guy knew any of that he would go gaga!!

  10. MS. Moody Nurture says:

    Cancers are best compatible, with Scorpios, and Pisces. No matter what gender it is.

    If your breaking up with a cancer, be up front, and cut and dry. It depends on what one of our moods you do it in, because it depends whether you need to be soft and caring, or firm and decisive. It will always take us awhile, but give us a week, or more, and we’re moved on. My favorite quote is; “everyone is willing to fall in love”.. and as Cancers, we sure are, and we’ll find the others who are too.

    Your cancer most likely already knows that your not as into them as you were before, but we sometimes just don’t care, and turn it from reality, to our dream world, which you probably experience as us falling deeper and deeper. With that said, we don’t like people who lie to us, and silence hurts more than anything. Make sure you dont ever want anything with them though, because once you’ve cut us loose, and we’ve backed away, its hard for us to believe your feelings again.

    Cancers are all about home, and security. I have always found Geminis attractive, but then i find that they are too flighty, and less concerned about the same things I find necessary.

  11. I recently met a very wonderful Cancer man. We really hit it off and things got physical quickly, though it didn’t progress to actual intercourse yet. So, I know that Cancer men are sensitive, and I’m worried that I may have hurt his feelings or confused him, because the last time we were together he wanted to have sex and (in order to protect my own feelings, should this be all he was after) I turned him down. I haven’t seen him since because he is working 15 hour days (another reason I turned him down) and lives about an hour away from me, but until recently we were keeping well in contact via email/texting/online chat. Over the last week I have noticed a steady decline in the amount of attention I’m receiving from him. I’m wondering if he took my decision to wait as rejection, or if this is just part of the Cancerian moodiness?

  12. I believe that Cancers are very easy influenced into being erotic and sensual sex gods and goddesses.

  13. VirgoLovesTaurus says:

    I love my Cancer Man

    U got urself a keeper there honey….congrats!!

  14. Geminigirl says:

    I waited and waited for the Cancer guy to speak his true feelings for me. And when we came to speak of his life, etc. I think it became too intense and he withdrew. I am okay with that but I do care for him dearly. I will see him tonight for business but nothing more. I’ve started to date a wonderful Sag. He is older than me by 13 years but he is so young and heart and definitely shows he cares far more by calling me multiple times a day, taking me to dinner, etc. The Cancer always was fighting his problems and although I was dedicated to our friendship it started to wear on me. I wanted to receive back and Cancer was just too wrapped up in his stuff. It’s okay because I do believe that he needs to take care of himself right now. It’s just nice to be freinds for now and let my heart move foward with another if that is what is to be…..the Cancer was amazing and I love him a lot…

  15. Jen,

    I think you have raised the expectations for him when you got physical too quickly. He may be thinking right now that you think he’s isn’t good enough for you. I suggest you take some initiatives to keep in touch with him.

    But don’t give in and have sex either. Take it slow. If you continue to talk to him for a few more days, he’ll get back to his normal self.

  16. Huey,

    Although this happened quite awhile ago (January), you have given me a little clarity. Unfortunately, the man works like 100 hrs/week right now until next month, so I haven’t seen him since that night. We still keep in touch by texting a good amount, but it’s still hard for me to tell what he’s thinking. Me being a Sagi (w/ Scorpio Moon and Gemin rising-haha!), I want to be very direct with him, but I know it could potentially scare him farther into his shell. Also, I don’t want to be selfish when he is dealing with job stress. But I have mentioned that I like him twice now, tell him he’s handsome, etc and he changes the subject… It’s getting frustrating! I have a little hope, though, since his Venus and Mars are both in Taurus.

  17. Stubborn bull says:

    I can’t believe how true this all is!!!
    It seems like it took forever to finally get my Cancer into bed. We had to connect emotionally before we could physically. Being a Taurus… I’m a little opposite on that, and luckily I am patient or he would have drove me mad with sexual tension.
    I kid you not, I think I have been corrupted. I have NEVER been with anyone so adventurous and kinky in my entire sexual history!!! It was definately a surprise, that’s for sure. He’s always so well dressed, and well mannered, but he’s a little dirty boy between the sheets. I think he totally loved how shocked I was and maybe even got off on it. lol.
    I seriously feel like such a prude now. It was well worth the wait, and connecting and reconnecting and doing everything I could to comfort him and ease him out of that shell. WELL WORTH IT šŸ˜‰ I’ll be smiling for atleast another week!!!! šŸ˜€

  18. Cancer rising:

    I have a question for you bcoz my boyfriend of 2 yrs is also librian,, moon sag venus in scorpio and cancer rising..

    i am sun gemini moon capricorn , venus cancer and sag/scor rising… my god and i have so much trouble to get him talkin about commitment and emotions .. he is just so cautious similar to u ..

    we can feel the connectness .. but its soo hard to really get him TALKIn .. he is either very close (like in a shell ) or soo open tht he can at times scare the hell of me (depth factor as yours)

    what do u suggest i do so that he really starts thinkin abt long term commitment?? i tried to make him jealousss totallyy worked but then he got very reserved at the end of day .

    any help would greatly b appreciated !!

  19. Gemini girl says:

    I miss the Cancer guy I was dating so much. He had a beautiful air about him and when I was with him it felt like the world would stand still. We had the most beauitufl connection, so unbelievable and our lovemaking was intense. Life has taken us in different directions and his focus understandibly is on getting is life in order to move about 2 hours from me, selling his house and starting a new business venture. Doesn’t make it any easier that I am the woman who stands strong with my friends, but the recent seperation which I know he needed to seek everything he wants for himself is difficult. I love him so very much and although us zanny Geminis can be a bit all over the place. I felt very safe and wonderful in his cozy little house while were were together…I love my Cancer friend, today and always…

  20. Dollcake says:

    gemini girl, I think I know u lol

  21. Gemini girl says:

    Not sure…..

  22. lol

    My leo has venus in cancer. That is true of him. Hes dominant as hell, he can dole out a spanking and still do it with tenderness ;). Oh and he is a booooob man big time lol.

    Needless to say happy times people

  23. Mine could go all night, over and over again…incredible..miss him every day…he is moving away and when he gets busy he disappears big time… him though…wonderful man…

  24. Dollcake says:

    abc123 lucky u
    only one time he spanked me lol and I loved it, wonder why he isn’t really doing this anymore..
    he is the opposite of ur guy, sun in cancer venus in leo šŸ˜€

  25. DollCake

    Lol yes I am lucky ! the thing is I didnt always know it we split up at one point. He came back from living abroad we both realised how much we actually meant to one another. I remeber the first night we had dinner together when he was back I was overcome by him, his voice his smell everything.

    The last time we were together we went so fast the passion was giddy !! now we understand each other this time its better. A friend of mine did a synastry chart for us. We have moon trine mars, I have been reading about this ascpect, its hot, erotic and primal but must be handled with care which rang true with some things.

    The thing about my leo is hes got no problems being tied to our bed while I have my way with him but he also doesnt have aany problems when I am done kissing me hard and whispering in my ear, my turn sweetcheeks ;).

    My best advice is be honest if you loved him doing that to TELL HIM šŸ˜‰

    hope that helps

  26. Dollcake says:


  27. Loved reading all your comments with a smile on my face, so much is so true about us cancerians. Anyway I am a cancerian woman and the love of my life was a Gemini man.(oh god I loved him so much and wanted to marry him, his words were it is a forever deal.) The whole relationship was Intense, passionate, wild, fun, rip your clothes off stuff. We were together for 2 years, I fell pregnant with twins, then came the lies, cheating, and see you later I dont do commitment and by the way I got another girlfriend, its all your problem now, to hard, but can we still be friends. I have never been so devastated in all my life. I would never go near a Gemini again in my life.

  28. i am mad crazy for a dominant Capricorn. I think it is one of the most satisfying relationships I have ever had. Reading Moonbeam above – that was the same as my experience. Such kinky sex, but always one foot out the door.

    This is my first Capricorn, so i will be watching for those posts.

  29. As a Cancerian male who discovered this site from the sexually charged Eric Francis of Planet Waves I have to say that I’m in full agreement both with this article and the comments testifying to it!
    I met a Geminian woman four years ago and she brought out my kinky side after 28+ years with a Capricorn. It was a really torrid affair that led to the conception of our beautiful son but sadly reality entered our lives and the passion nor perversion is not what it was for either of us!
    It seems that there are many Cancer/Gemini couples on here although astrologically it’s not a great combination. My venus is in Gemini and my partner’s venus is in Cancer which I suppose helps.
    It’s our moon placements that cause us most despair – cool Aquarius for me& watery Pisces for her!

  30. cancers are whoa!

  31. cancer rising says:

    @ mag – sorry its taken so long for me to answer…I have no idea where uve reached with ur libran guy (my guess is, he’s still waiting for you to give all of you to him) but anyways Ill try and shed perspective. Now I have my sun/libra, moon/gemini, venus/scorpio and of course cancer on the rising. Now since ur guy seems quite similar to me, umm I’m not sure if getting him jealous was a good idea…TRUST me, you NEVER want ur venus/scorp guy jealous or insecure coz it will just turn him away or make him wait for another year to want to say something to u. I donno – we don handle jealousy or any hint of competition well. Venus scorps totally wanna own their partners and with cancer on the rising he gets hurt easily which he will never show. You seem to have pretty good alignments too and with scorpio rising and venus in cancer i bet u have the connectedness and bonding not to mention the chemistry. And if you think he’s shy of commitment – let me tell you, there’s NOTHING he values more than committing and what would hold him back is the hear of getting hurt or his intensity not being reciprocated.JUst let it out to him. There’s no better person to give yourself too – so go ahead and surrender. Be honest and open and let him know that you belong to him. And you’ll be taken good, good care of. God bless!

  32. PerplexedPiscesGal says:

    oh dear, I fear I made the ultimate mistake!! I’m a Pisces girl and had sex on the first date with a Cancer guy. There just seem to be this underlying connection. Hormones overtook us. He was not pushy or anything of the like, but even he said aftewards, he was caught up in the moment and desparately wanted me. He said he didn’t want full blown sex, just intimacy, but hey, we’re adults, one thing leads to another. I know its silly of me to say ”it just happened”, but I suppose you had to be there realise ”it did just kinda happen”.

    He seemed to go out of his way to assure me of his intentions which seem ”noble” – he said that now he wants to do some old fashioned courtship, taking me out to dinner, etc. He said, very rarely does he feel that someone ”gets him” like I do. He said, he wants to court me – those were his exact words – ”court”! He said whatever happens afterwards is fine with him, whether I just want to be friends who hang out, or if we do it again (which he admitted would be his preferred choice).
    I think he is sincere, but I’ve been burned really badly in the past. We have laid out all our baggage and issues upfront, he’s in the middle of a divorce, told me the ins and outs. I told my my ”issues”.

    He seemed very worried after we had sex so quickly of how I perceive him now, i.e. a user and abuser, an ahole, etc. Kept saying, please tell me everything you are thinking.
    I don’t open up to people very easily!

    There seems to a geniune connection, more than just on a sexual level. But I fear that I thought this before about someone (he was a Scorpio) and he truly screwed me over. I have a big issue with trust and letting people in.
    I don’t have any regrets what happened – not yet I don’t think! LOL

  33. @shygirl: Caesar is a Cancer, not a Leo. His birthday on July 12 or 13th in the 1st century bc. The date correction for the difference between the Julian and gregorian calendars is zero days at that point in history – it is only as centuries pass that the Julian calendar drifts out of whack and needs many days correction (10 days by the 16th C AD). See

  34. Hi! I need help!!! I’m dating a cancer guy and I’m an scorpio woman. He says he doesn’t want a girlfriend and that we are friends with benefits, but he treats me so well and he is so tender that confuses me. I think i’m falling for him but i’m afraid of telling him how i feel and make him run away from me…

  35. I am a cancer woman and I can say that this is mostly true. It is all about the emotional connection with us. And if it’s not there we will try to find it (with the person their with) and if that connection can’t be found you feel confused, frustrated, hurt, angry= moody. I can say emotions control 99.9% of things I do. But I don’t know if I agree that we apear conservitive on the outside, I don’t think that is true of me at least. But the part about Cancers being tigers in the bedroom is definitely true. Passionate lovers that want to feel/create the magic in the bedroom.

  36. hi everyone I have a question because cancers are very foreign to me am a Aquarius female with six planets in Capricorn ..Venus in Capricorn is one of them you get the picture ..okay here I go there was this cancer guy that was very flirtatious from the first day I met him he was even pushy and turned me off because he try to sleep with me on our first meeting…and they say cancers are shy and reserved BS not this one it was even weird he use to be all over me and every time he saw me he would try to get me inside of his apartment and be all over me and try to get me to go to bed with him he was a real turn off
    he will text me to come over and send me texts about how attracted he was to me…he was mean did I mention he would kick me out if I would reject to sleep with him Lmaoo..really strange behavior then one day I teased him into having sex then rejected him then when I was about to leave town for good I accepted one of his many invitations to have sex then we were in the moment then he stopped ..I guess he got turned off and then he told me it was payback because that is what I did to
    puddy don’t stink lol I never got any complains if anything the opposite I think cancer is a sensitive intuitive sign and he was not feeling my Aquarian detached air or my stoic Capricorn groundness
    …he wanted me to kiss him and look at him in his eyes come on it was only sex no strings attached especially the way he behaved ..this has happened before with other cancers they been very sexual and wanted to jump into bed right away overall am not attracted to cancers they have a air of hidden feelings and secrecy that creeps me no offense different strokes for different folks they see like they try to hard to hide that their are sensitive and loving moon is in sag so am bold with my emotions……back to the question why is like that with me and the Cancers?

  37. @uranuslyfe – u know i totally agree that cancerians are REALLY sexual and try to hide how loving and sensitive they really are! My cancerian pounced on me the very first time and just could not seem to get enough of me although I must admit he made me really hot too. I’ve never felt such physical chemistry with anyone else, so while he had me thinking it was all sexual and smoking, he carefully hid how much he cared about me and that he’d fallen in love with me.Damn! what I would have given to know in time coz he and I would have been just smoldering together! But he could not keep his sensitivity hidden for long. Even though I sort of rejected him for someone more forthcoming with commitment, he stood by me like a rock, through my good and bad times, while always hiding his feelings behind his sex talk. Even now, although we adore each other, we just avoid going to the hard part of feelings but we both know, no matter what, we have each other’s backs.

  38. Is funny that you mentioned how they hide their real feeling thru their sexual nature I recently met a Cancer man with tons of Cancer in his chart and mars in Scorpio and he was introverted and very self protective and came off as sneaky and secretive after we had sex I felt he kind of distant himself less flirty and love gestures so I suggested breaking it off but he refused ….I became really insecure and jealous so I broke it off with no warning as a typical Aquarius ouch!

  39. @uranuslyfe

    What are you planets like? Do you have much water?

  40. @Nov Lady
    I have only Jupiter in Cancer and lot of earth Venus & mercury in Cap. as personal planets.

    Virgo rising?…..but I do have mars in my 4th house on second thought.

  41. Frankly speaking, I DONT understand my cancer guy and pray WHY did such a an attractive, irresistable, myeterious and indecipherable (if that’s a word) had to come my way, fancy me and leave me wondering – is it or is it not?? But he says he loves me, but he is not emotional for me or will never let me know. Now my circumstances haven’t been the most promising either but atleast I’m not like the most attractive, loving WALL of a person which is standing rite where it is, but wont let me past it šŸ™
    aaargghh, six or so years of knowing him, loving him, hating him, missing him, desiring him, mating with him, rejecting him, craving him…its a never ending roller coaster – the highs are just so delightful…what amazing physical chemistry, complimenting each other beautifully, just dazzling together but the lows just rip my soul…his being near but never near enuf, this sense of having yet not having him, ive pushed him away then pulled him closer many times but he has always held on tight to me….never getting enuf….Im even past writing it off as purely sex coz he’s been a dear friend and confidante and always made me laugh….I’ve pushed him away again…and could almost laugh loud coz I know he’ll come back soon, and we’ll pick up from where we left as we always do….he’ll be close yet not mine…wish god had made it simpler!

  42. Chivalry revivial says:

    Im an Aquarius guy dating a cancer and i dont really hear much of this combination. But as for how it is we are both extremely happy with each other and my experimenting and the ammount of attention i give her makes her feel like the top of the world. Is there any kind of things i should be careful of?Other then the emoitional turnoffs, are there many other things cancers dislike?

  43. Aries Woman says:

    I’m seeing a cancer man and damn my head is still spinning. Sex is amazing and it goes on for hours ! I feel like a teenager all over again ! I don’t know were its heading and I’m just enjoying the ride . We are so comfortable with each other and can talk forever , He never ignores my messages and I dont bother him too much and don’t have a problem if he doesn’t text me for a while. He’s not shy at all and I’m feel I’m the shy one.He even asked for a naked pic ! Gosh is this to good to be true ! I will surely find out later down the road,don’t wanna get my hopes up .

  44. Aries Woman says:

    He’s very kinky in bed and I love it when he spanks me ! I am really enjoying the cancer experience coz its my 1st. My brother is a cancer too and we are very close and love him too bits ,I will go to the ends of the earth for him .He never got angry with me since the day he was born but I was always the angry one, for me they are the only two men that really gets me and I get them ,Oh and my Sagittarius brother inlaw . I just get beter along with men than women .

  45. Aries Woman says:

    Hi everyone. , wow wow wow ! U guys really know ur stuff on cancer sign. I’m just starting to learn this sign . He was born on 28 June , can anyone maybe have more deeper insight on this sign.I just know the basic info I read about .

  46. Confused aqua girl says:

    I have met a cancer man over a year ago.. we were friends and Did the same workout class.. about 8mths ago he asked for my number.. I had no love interest at all just friends.. he ended up asking my to go out I didn’t feel like it so I declined.. a few days later I asked him to meet me at a club.. he did we danced and talked I was to buzzed to drive so we went back to his place and had a few more drinks.. he kissed me and things lead to another real fast.. surprisingly I didnt hesitate with any of that.. we had fun and it was amazing.. since then 8mths down the road we are getting extremely close… he has stood me up, not texted for days, all that great stuff pretty early on. But we still are friends who sleep with eachother and hangout.. I dumped all my feelings early on and still till this day I do… he said he dont want a relationship last week so I told him I understand but that I have to move on.. I didn’t contact him nor did he try to contact me for 5 days.. ( for the past 8mths we text allday everyday) on sat I got a text from him asking if Its gona just be like that me ignoring him.. I replied No.. 3hrs later 12am he texed wyd? I didn’t respond then 3am he called and texted a few times I didn’t answer.. I replied in the afternoon that I wasnt ignoring him… no response.. lately when he knows I ignore him he will do the same to me.. he never did b4 .. I decided to call him blocked so I can chat because over all I care and miss him.. he answers and everything is good.. he called me later about 8 to come hang out.. I did.. but what I didn’t kno was his whole family was there.. mom, brother sister,aunt uncles, cousins. Etc….lolol.. he introduced me to all of them.. they all were really nice and made me feel comfortable.. I dont speak lots of Spanish but it didnt stop me from introducing myself or trying to talk ?… im just confused.. I’m in love with my “friend” I want to be with him.. he said he dont want a relationship then turns around and introduces me to his family?? Why?? We been in eachother life 8mths … is he stringing me along?? I dont kno how to go about this… somebody please help me make sense of this.. I wana be a team with this man..

  47. Michael says:

    From what I read online ā€“ Sextrology, a list of sexual kinks, fetishes and interests Aquarians have:

    Iā€™m an Aquarius male, born Feb. 15, 1980 ā€“ Sun/Moon Aquarius conjunction with Cancer rising. When the Moon ruled by Cancer is so close to the sun with the ascendant, I have strong Cancer traits.

    Male – Straight-
    Strong woman, Nordic-Germanic types, tall women, big breasts-implants, kissing-licking-sucking, (active) oral, (passive/active) discipline, ********, waitresses/flight attendants, (active) a**l sex, submission fantasies, strippers-porn stars, pregnancy-lactation, schoolgirls, shaved-waxed genitals, (passive) bondage, leather-biker chicks, (passive) golden showers, cuddling-spooning, home porn, hotel rooms, crops-whips, nymphomaniacs, dominatrixes.

    Not listed are breast/n****e-fondling (a fascination with that), threesomes, dark hair, older women.

    And also I identify as bigender/ genderfluid, even as a straight/ heterosexual-romantic biological male. +

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