Scorpio men and anal sex

Do straight Scorpio men hold a greater fascination for anal than other signs do? There may be some good reasons why this type of sex would intrigue Scorpios. The anus is traditionally ruled by this sign, which rules the eliminative function. And Scorpio is turned on by anything taboo!

But let’s go “deeper”: The prospect of anal sex taps into core issues such as trust and power. For one, it can take a woman a long time to “open up.”* In contrast to vaginal intercourse, in which all she needs to be is well-lubricated and receptive, much foreplay is required for her to comfortably accommodate anal penetration. Tongue, finger, butt plug … you know the drill. (And if you don’t, Em and Lo and an iVillage expert have some useful advice.) The woman’s comfort and relaxation are key components to receptivity. If you cannot relax, your sphincter tightens up. Therefore, you need to completely trust your partner — that he will go slow if that’s what you need, that he won’t hurt you.

To completely and willingly submit to a man in this way, you are giving him ultimate power. And in a consensual relationship, you are only giving him this power because you trust him completely. Of course Scorpio eroticizes power, but the key here is that he has earned it — and is this not the best kind?

Unfortunately, not all Scorpios (or men of any sign, for that matter) are deserving of this backdoor access. Perhaps he brings up the issue again and again with his partner because the idea turns him on. But if he cannot have the loving-care to go at your pace, then he is not ready. This arrangement only works if you are the one who says “Yes, I’m ready.”

* I am using a heterocentric example, but of course everyone — regardless of sexual orientation — has a butthole.

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  1. ScorpioKinks says:

    Um, I assumed this post was more about the man wanting to be the receptive partner. At least, that’s been my experience. 😉

  2. Michelle says:

    I think that Scorpio Sun men and men with Scorpio emphasized in the chart want both- to give and receive anal. I think it’s about “leaving no stone unturned.” Also, I would say that the more one with-holds this access the more they want it.

  3. Scorpiokinks, why would it be more men that like it?:-)
    Some do, some don’t.
    But the post said straight men, and there are some women who love it.
    I personally can understand it being erotic, but I don’t like it.
    I’ts true there has to be absolute trust though.
    But I doubt I’ll ever like it for reaosns I won’t go into..

  4. Michelle–I know what you’re saying…but not necessarily.

    If I love him enough though anal-tongueing is nice.(both giving and receiving)

  5. Interesting.
    I know it’s a preference thing, but I would’ve figured it slightly more ‘taboo’ for the (straight) guy to want to be anally penetrated via sex toys/dildos than it would be for a girl to be anally penetrated?

    Though when broken down to a matter of trust, dominance and control over the situation, it makes a lot more sense for the girl to get it in the rear.

  6. Oh, I agree Shakti.I don’t think as many men enjoy being penetrated, no.
    There are some, I’ve known them.
    But I think with straight couples anyway, mostly it’s women on the receptive end.

  7. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    Just to make it clear: although I used a man-on-woman example, my footnote was intended to suggest that this could apply to anyone. There are straight men who love to get pegged.

  8. Laura F. Walton says:

    Though when broken down to a matter of trust, dominance and control over the situation, it makes a lot more sense for the girl to get it in the rear.

    I think it depends on the girl/guy in question. Someone with Pluto aspects (or Scorpio influence) is more likely to enjoy the whole thing as an issue of sexual intensity, with leanings toward dominance/submission. Saturn or Capricorn, on the other hand, is all about the control; the means to the end (no pun really intended) are sort of irrelevent. Virgo/Pisces? Anal sex has more to do with the pleasure/pain or service/servant axis. And so on…

    I know this seems like a fine distinction, but the slight psychological differences are really quite noticeable, and interesting. And my estimate of predominantly hetero guys who like to receive (at least a tongue or fingertip) is about 75%.

    Like Jeff says, everybody has a butthole, and if it didn’t just plain feel good, we’d have stopped fiddling around with the thing centuries ago!

  9. Karen – I didn’t think so either.. ah well.

    Jeffrey – sorry, I wasn’t deliberately nitpicking or anything, just thinking aloud really. Lol, pegged. I haven’t heard that before now.

    Laura – haha, thanks for that!

  10. Oh for heaven’s sake!
    yes, there are straight men that enjoy some kind of anal penetration!And some really so–completely, yes.
    But–stil,if it’s a a finger or tongue it is not the same as a penis..(most of them)– get real.
    Shakti, I still know what I know.
    It’s *not* the same.
    Don’t worry, you’re not stupid.

  11. I knew of one who was obsessed with this subject lol

  12. cappie chick says:

    My Scorpio ex liked to give and receive anal sex. He is switch, more submissive.
    He loves it, and we would talk about this all the time.. For a Scorpio guy, I think the more depraved and filthy the sex is the better. He didn’t like normal sex, there had to be some kink involved. I liked that. 🙂

  13. Gemigirly says:

    My scorp ex recently asked me if i would like to try anal…he always used to ask while we were together, and for some unfathomable reason i agreed. BUT…i told him he has to allow me to stimulate him anally also…that way i think the power will be somewhat shared and the trust would have to be mutual.

  14. uhhhhh, lol

  15. People really do this? Oh good Lord… I better go back to my Taurus room… Ooops

  16. cancergirl1 says:

    I have had anal with my ex scorp lover.
    and he was very caring about not hurting me.
    He waited for me to ask him to do it to me, there was no forcing.
    He made sure i was relaxed and that there was proper lubrication .
    Yes i think there has to be alot of trust involved& he always loved it that way , he did tell me it was a big
    turn on !
    So i felt that are relationship was alot of trust .
    I have had other anal experiences, some not to great and some painful.

  17. cancergirl1 says:

    another thing about him Ex scorp was that he fantasized alot about me &him having sex and having
    someone watch.
    He liked watching porn all of a sudden before we had sex.
    and i told him that i did not turn me on.
    and some of it as quite disgusting.

  18. Omg this is so true! I dated a Scorpio for 18 months back in 2011 and he was ALWAYS wanting to try anal sex. Oh my god. I have absolutely no interest in it, very sexual too. And I have a high sex drive. He was Scorpio sun and scorpion moon so this explains a lot!

  19. Yeah this does ring true scorpio sun Capricorn rising sometimes the bad stuff is the best

  20. What’s start sign are you?

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