A man’s Mars conjunct a woman’s Moon

I had a female client the other day who reported fantasies of being impregnated by her lover. His Mars was conjunct her Moon.

I don’t usually think of the Moon as a sexy planet, but in a woman’s chart, how can it not be tied to sex? The Moon is the mother-child matrix, pregnancy, birth. Women get more horny while they’re ovulating. (One study showed that strippers got the most tips during this part of their cycle!) It’s not a conscious thing, but as there’s a biological imperative to make babies, a women will want to have sex, if only for this reason. (Pleasure be damned!) Mars, of course, is the planet of virility. A man’s Mars would energize or stimulate a woman’s Moon, such that she’d want to carry his baby.

Yet this aspect also contains the seeds of irritability and moodiness. One scenario I imagine is a woman who needs to be nurtured or cared for, while her guy is being brash and selfish, not being sensitive or attuned to her emotional needs. (Of course, the sign placement will modulate the expression of the Moon and Mars in their respective charts.)

Another expression of this “meeting” is that the man will be protective of the woman (using aggression, if necessary). From the perspective of evolutionary biology, if she is indeed carrying his child, it is in his self-interest to make sure the baby survives, because he wants to increase his chances of passing on his genetic material.

Comment below: Do you have Moon-Mars natally or in synastry? How does this aspect play out in your life or relationship?

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Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, Tarot.com and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at JeffreyKishner.com.


  1. angelineelise says:

    Yo! Great piece! 🙂

    I was with a dude who’s mars was conjunct my moon and my moon was conjunct his mars, both in Aquarius, to the exact degree…we were together for years and are still best friends now.

    Intense waters, fought like dogs sometimes!! But it’s hard to find anyone else who is so in tune with my thoughts and feelings!! With Aquarius, we were just too busy defending/asserting our independence and strange quirks…

    I really feel like he’s the only dude who ‘gets me’ most of the time.

  2. Shygirl says:

    From what I have read, Moon-Mars conjunction in synastry shows great sexual attraction, irrespective of the gender of who owns the Mars vs the Moon in the combination. Jodie & Steven Forrest write in Skymates:

    The Moon person encourages and enhances the development of the Mars partner’s sexual confidence and fire, which is of course good news. The Mars partner, meanwhile, possesses a kind of native eroticism which seem custom-designed to go right to the Moon person’s mammal brain, filling the Moon person with passion and also the lunar urge to make a nest & protect it.

  3. Had it the other way around – my Mars and his Moon, among other synastry aspects. The Moon can indicate the woman in the man’s chart and Mars the man in her chart. Anyway, they were in Taurus and very sexual!

  4. My husband’s Venus/Mars conjunction in Virgo is square my Gemini Moon – which, surprisingly, I never really noticed before. Duhr! Interestingly, part of what drew us together was the fact that neither of us wanted to have children.

  5. Laura F. Walton says:

    Leslee, I had the same thing: my Mars conjunct my ex’s Moon, but ours were in Gemini (conjunct his Gemini ascendant, too.) We could always talk about anything with each other, for hours, but there was also a lot of verbal sparring, which wasn’t always fun.

    Then I had another ex whose Pisces Moon was square my Gem Mars (the only Moon/Mars contact in our synastry.) Very argumentative relationship, very tense and hurtful to both of us. My normal mode of being in the world grated on his nerves, and our basic sexual incompatibility became a problem almost immediately.

    We also had some Mars/Venus issues that were exciting at first (a Venus/Venus opposition, a Mars/Venus square, and a Mars/Venus inconjunct) so it’s tough to tell exactly which cruddy aspect caused which cruddy part of that relationship.

  6. Begin Anew says:

    I had a very short-lived, very fiery, very dramatic relationship with someone whose Mars in Scorpio is conjunct my Moon in Scorpio. We were physically comfortable with each other almost immediately, and it seemed like we instinctively knew how to touch one another, what we both enjoyed the most, etc. Aside from the sexual connection, I remember him telling me that he wanted to marry me, have my children, etc. only a month or so into the relationship! This kind of talk was way too much and way too fast for me. We knew each other through my brother for many years, but never really expressed interest in one another. Since our Moon-Mars conjunction is in Scorpio, it also threw a lot of possessiveness, jealousy, and sneaky behavior into the mix. So, in my experience, this conjunction truly has its extreme positives and negatives!

  7. I definitely understand what this suggests..(Jeff, you wrote this?)
    I definitely felt it most strongly when I was mid-cycle.Always new when I was ovulating
    It got really* intense whenI was winding down towards menopause.LOL
    But with Moon conjunct Mars–I only know that tie to annoy.LOL.And really hurt.
    I see what Angelise said, and I get that too.
    I know another couple with that connection who had a great sex life while together.
    But just like I mentioned also, he hurt her like hell.
    They annoyed each other, but OK, who doesn’t?
    But I knew he’d wind up crushing her emotionally–and so he did.

  8. Aha! I just read what Laura Walton wrote.

    As I said…

  9. Laura–“which cruddy aspect, caused which cruddy part of that relationship…HAHAHAHA

    *not* funny that it happned that way, but hilarious, to say!:-)

  10. ai.oy. Not new, KNEW when I was ovulating.

    hm guess I felt *new* too.;-)

  11. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    Yes, Karen, I wrote this.

  12. Aries Woman says:

    Hi. I found this very interesting, because I don’t normally have these kind of fantasies, but I have lately. AFter reading this post, I think it might be because my progressed moon is sextiling my progressed mars.

  13. To: Karen
    RE: Karen Says…My reply is found in parenthesis.

    “I know another couple with that connection who had a great sex life while together.
    But just like I mentioned also, he hurt her like hell. (Who was the mars in this relationship, and who was the Moon?)
    They annoyed each other, but OK, who doesn’t?
    But I knew he’d wind up crushing her emotionally–and so he did. (I’m concluding that the woman was the Moon person in this relationship [’emotionally’]

  14. Anonymous says:

    I’m A Men with Scorpio Moon/Mars all conjunct and had a girlfriend with moon pisces sun taurus … well it couldn’t be more intense/passion lustful relation than this one! I knew what she might thought before she even said it! I knew what she needed when she needed that … damn! My next girlfriend was a capicorn moon … a really true turn off …

  15. My boyfriend and I have a double whammy Mars Moon Conjunction in Scorpio/Taurus nonetheless…My moon is in Scorpio which I believe gives me the upper hand in the Precog department, but the head games are epic. Not to mention, the emotional connection is so interconnected that sometimes I do not know where my feelings start and his end….It is incredible how much we are alike, but with different backgrounds and he is 8 years younger. We also have Sun-Venus opposition double whammy…Im a Leo with Venus in Virgo whereas he is a Pisces with his venus in Aquarius…Strange.

  16. I am so glad to come across this site, the quote from Skymates that shygirl wrote just blew me away. What an amazing insight. His Mars/Venus conjunction in Aries conjunct my Moon. Yes I was crushed emotionally. I had attributed it to his Saturn in Cancer being square my Mars in Libra. Bad stuff :-((

  17. double pi Virgo ri says:

    HELP! I am dating TWO men like this. What is the difference here?

    #1. HIS moon, my mars: has a sag. moon conj. my sag mars.
    #2. MY moon, his mars: has a pisces mars, conj. my pisc. moon.

    omg. i am in trouble.

  18. boo.

  19. ok, so I managed to post with my account. I must’ve forgotten to click the count activation link in my email.

  20. omg.

    i am a moon in scorpio and i have been in a sexual relationship with a mars in scorpio. it turns us both on with the thought of conceiving a child!!!

    he does give me confidence. oh my, he does.

  21. I experienced all of the above…the baby making thoughts, the irritability, and dude was trying to get possessive…telling me that I SHOULD go out with my friends, but then afterwards being irritated that I DID go out with my friends and having all kinds of imaginative thoughts about other men trying to get with me. Like it irritated the hell out of him. He acted like he didn’t want ANYONE else around me…my bestie…etc. He would say it was cool, but later when I was with other people…he would just be so damn irritable it was crazy.

    So…yea…it was intense, but kinda crazy making bullsh*t. I couldn’t stand it and will avoid this combo in the future as much as possible. I had no idea that it was the moon/mars conjunct in Pi affecting things in a negative way. I always thought it was other aspects. lol This post right here nailed it more than any other synastry pairing that I’ve read here or on any other astrological site.

  22. This article wouldn’t be so ironic if it were not true.

    When I was in my early 20’s I got pregnant by a guy – our suns were trine (He July 19, Me: March 12).

    Our venus were TRINE in Cancer/Pisces respectfully.

    My ceres (Cancer) conjunct his Venus.

    His venus conj my MC (Cancer)

    His MARS in GEMINI conj. My Moon in GEMINI – AIR is not considered a fertile “aspect” however, it might have something to do with CERES…who knows.

    The reason I didnt keep the baby was his EDUCATION was more important. He gave me a guilt trip about how he would have ot drop out of college to get 3 jobs…it was ridiculous looking back.

    Perhaps the AIR mars/moon conjunction made him see my pregnancy from a purely intellectual/rational/detached POV – the irony in all this – I ended up going back to school to FOCUS on my own education…we stayed together for another year. The GUILT was eating away at us.

    He would send me very LONG emails throughout our relationship. We had a lot of passion & communication. Even with Gemini being our emotional link – we felt comfortable & could talk for hours. Years later he still contacts me to see how I am doing.

  23. I had this placement with a boyfriend who I still love more than anything in the world. It was my Taurus moon and his Taurus mars exactly conjunct. I can’t say I found him aggressive. As a person, he was sweet and gentle. The thing with him was… he had a side of him that was very loud, attention-seeking, energetic, spontaneous, and wild (he was Aries sun, Gemini venus). And every time that side would come out, things would feel tense/weird between us. I guess I didn’t know how to deal with it because my nature is sooo different. I’m kind of a low energy person, serious, “soft spoken”, and not into partying or letting loose. I think I felt our connection more deeply than he did, even though I am the one who broke it off.

  24. I’ve been with my boyfirend for 2 years and we are now planning to move in together.

    My moon is in tight conj with his mars in libra (also conj his ASC)
    His capricorn moon is opposite my mars in cancer (wide orb of 6 degrees)

    Sexually we may have uneven libido levels sometimes but we agree that we find eachother to be best sex partners ever. I think I feel more feminine with him and I probably bring out his masculinity more than other women did. I do want to have his child…it is more a desire to GIVE HIM a child than me becoming a mother! Crazy feeling I never expected to experience!

  25. Very interesting read (the article and the comments).

    My Mars/Eros conjunct his Moon in Aries (opposite his Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto conjunction with my Vertex in Libra). My Virgo Moon opposes his Pisces Mercury/Mars conjunction with my North Node. I can only speak for myself here, but I can’t say I’ve felt the need to be his baby mama. I definitely have lots of other needs and desires where he is concerned (sexually, intellectually, emotionally), but being impregnated not so much. Could this be because my Moon is opposite his Mars, instead of conjunct? We haven’t actually met in person yet, so perhaps this is something that happens with physical presence? I do have a lot of Capricorn/Saturnine and Uranian influence, so maybe natally I’m just not that interested in dropping everything to give someone a baby, especially someone who so far seems a bit unreliable to me in that department.

  26. it's just me says:

    I have met this guy with whom i have this placement. Indeed, I’ve had a feeling that would be nice to have kids with him. Hahah. I guess women are used to think about these things anyway, and I’ve had it with other men too. But this is something different. It feels natural to have babies with him. I constantly think about how they would look like. And I’m not even sure about my feelings for him yet. Hahah, this is just funny. We sure would have some pretty kids. But we are from different color and that makes me a bit confused, if it will be good or not. But weird thing indeed. Im not even so much of maternal type.

  27. JordanGemini says:

    I was once dated a guy whose Cancer mars trined my Pisces moon (his Sun was almost in Cancer, but was not in aspect with my moon). I ended up breaking up with him because he was being very weird about using condoms when we had sex. At the time i wasn’t able to be on birth control for medical reasons, and I told him upfront I really, really *could not* get pregnant at that time in my life because i could not afford it financially. But his weirdness grew increasing suspicious until we a had a huge argument over it and he confess, quite literally, that he was hoping to get me pregnant so i would become more dependent on him and “have to” marry him. I freaked out and dumped him–despite my Pisces moon, all my other personal planets are in Gemini with Mars in Aquarius. I did not take kindly to the idea of being entrapped like that.

  28. I share this aspect with a co worker, alas he married a cancer woman, who we also worked with lol. We never dated but there is validity to the description. Being co workers our conjunction sits in my 10th house and at some point I felt he was competing with me. Did it ever get nasty? No. He’s too shy and stuck in his 12th house to manifest his desires that spells growth. Why? Because my Venus is hanging out in there lol. He’d say ditto because we share a secret Venus both ways. He talks dirty with me a lot and it seems racy, sometimes I see it in his eyes. Is he a perv? No. This cute little lion with Venus in cancer and a sober capricorn ASC is a good natured person. At first, being the receptive moon I didn’t take notice but when you take a look it’s like looking at your child pulling antics to get your attention. The racy comedy doesn’t do it for me lol. Before he was married I tested the waters and amped up the seduction just a bit and he turned into a virginal teenager who’s never had a girlfriend lol. he had no idea how to respond. So the look at me routine got old and it’s when seeing thru the facade you realize it makes them chase for your attention. Good boy you made another racy joke but I’m still not turned on lol. It’s sexier with mutual reception and when it’s not like putting on a play.

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