Libra, the marriage contract, and unrealistic expectations

Grow up in a popculture-rich society inundated by Hollywood rom-coms, sappy love songs and mass market paperbacks, and you will inevitably swallow part or whole of a prepackaged set of assumptions about the ideal relationship. The rite of passage into true adulthood involves popping the bubble and learning to approach partnership with realistic expectations and halfway decent communication skills.

Boil down marriage, and what you have is a social contract. Libra and the Seventh House concern not only partnership but contractual agreements. Marriage is a piece of paper — you don’t have to be in love, you just have to be above a certain age and opposite in gender from your spouse. When you add religion, you get certain vows by which you promise to abide. The institution of marriage offers legal rights and some social cachet.

Libra is an Air sign, and this element concerns the mental realm. Although Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, goddess of love, this sign approaches love via the intellect. Libra and the Seventh House relate to the script or frame by which we understand the nature of partnership.

What are you agreeing to when you commit to someone?

There are two types of agreements — what’s on paper and what you explicitly (or implicitly) agree to behind closed doors.

Monogamy is often encoded in the law. In some states in the U.S., there are criminal penalties ranging from a ten dollar fine to two years imprisonment (and possibly even a life sentence) for committing adultery. In the U.S. military, one can get court-martialled for cheating on one’s spouse. According to wikipedia, “in jurisdictions where adultery is not itself a criminal offense, it may still have legal consequences, particularly in divorce cases. For example it may constitute grounds for divorce, it may be a factor to consider in a property settlement, it may affect the status of children, the custody of children, etc. Moreover, adultery may result in social ostracism.”

When you agree to get married, you are legally agreeing to be sexually faithful to your spouse. But, of course, many couples take their relationship into their own hands. You might get legally married but decide to have an open relationship. But even if you’re polyamorous, rules are still necessary to make this arrangement work. Some examples: Your spouse is #1, and you will end any secondary relationships if they threaten your primary one. You commit to being radically honest about all manner of fantasies and emotions (including jealousy, insecurity and possessiveness). You must wear protection with everyone but your spouse. It doesn’t matter what you agree to — in order to make an alternative arrangement work, there needs to be an explicit understanding. Even in BDSM relationships, there are strict rules to ensure the safety of all participants. No wonder that Saturn — planet of rules and strict boundaries — is exalted in this sign!

Things get fuzzy when you get into implicit agreements. For example, a married guy hits on you, and you remind him he’s got a wife. He says, “We have an understanding.” What does that mean? Did his wife specifically say, “Do what you want, just don’t tell me about it”?

What are your expectations in a relationship?

We crave order, because life is so chaotic. A mental model of a relationship can help us feel secure. But what if you and your partner have different ideas about the relationship?

So many problems arise because both parties have different expectations of their partner. Does your husband expect you to have sex with him twice a week, or to consult with him about making expenditures above $100? Do you feel that it’s not OK for your wife to talk about your marriage problems with a best friend or therapist? Is your partner allowed to have a close friend of the opposite gender who’s not gay? If so, do you and your spouse make these expectations clear? And what if your partner says, “I didn’t agree to this when we decided to commit”?

Most conversations that last through the night are about clarifying your positions on aspects of the relationship that have, until now, remained unspoken. We often don’t broach specific topics out of fear that we will lose our partner if we stand up for ourselves or demand something from them. And sometimes after these talks, you simply agree to disagree, decide you’ll try to find a middle ground, or just accept that there’s a major incompatibility. You somehow learn to live with it, because you’d rather be in the relationship than not.

Compromise, sacrifice, surrender

We all have a unique image of the perfect relationship, and therefore enter a real one with a set of expectations. Our partner enters the relationship with an often different set of expectations. Success depends on finding some overlap between the two, like in a Venn diagram. However, that means that each partner has expectations that remain unfulfilled in the relationship. We learn that one person cannot be everything to us, and look to friends and even professionals to meet some of these needs. But what if your unfulfilled need is one that is supposed to met only by your partner? You might have a higher sex drive, or have kinks that your lover does not want to indulge.

Is this where the Pisces archetype kicks in? To remain sexually faithful, do you sacrifice a part of your sexual fulfillment, or retreat into fantasy? The same could be said for romance. If you crave flowers and chocolate but your husband is not expressive in that way, do you turn to Harlequin romance novels to get your fix? Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces and the higher octave of Venus. This planet can steer you towards escapism, or simple acceptance of what is. Aligning with Neptune can mean coming to peace with the fact that not all of your desires will be fulfilled, and that it is delusional to expect otherwise. You develop an attitude of Zen-like “is-ness” about your partnership. Through mindfulness, you dispassionately observe your grasping mind, which tries to meld your spouse into an all powerful being who will be mother, father, lover, and friend, anticipating your needs before you are aware of them.

You learn that expectation is a product of the mind, and that you can see your lover as the Beloved by just being with them as they are.

Disclaimer: The mention of zodiac signs above does not refer to Sun sign expressions, but rather archetypes which are shared by everyone. Don’t personalize it.

About Jeffrey Kishner

Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at


  1. A Good Egg...:-) says:

    I think it’s STOOOOOOOPID to have adultery classified as a ‘crime’. I know my comment has nothing whatsoever to do with astrology, but whatever……..

  2. Starry Night Astrology says:

    “I think it’s STOOOOOOOPID to have adultery classified as a ‘crime”

    I disagree. Adultery itself is stupid. It denies the importance of the vows you made when you made the marriage contract.

    In Connecticut, where I live, adultery is a crime. It is rarely enforced, but it does punctuate the importance of the marriage contract. It displays that the act of adultery does harm. It victimizes the spouse of the adulterer. People who engage in and think adultery is not that big of a deal are not acting in a mature manner towards the people they live with.

    Jeffrey is right. No one person can be all things to one person. And you know what? They aren’t meant to. It is our responsibility to fill those spaces that are empty in ourselves, not our spouses. And we have the responsibility to do so in a manner that will not harm our partner.

  3. Oh man, have you read tha book about GLOOM vows?

    A man and a woman gets married. Because the ceremony, they created ANOTHER ceremony to tell the truth about darkness.

    He said, “I vow to take your identity and make you another extension of myself.”
    She said, “I vow to be nice and polite on the outside, but will ake your car and money and leave.”

    That’s paraphrasing it. Then they get married.

  4. I agree there is always some kind of contract–one way or the other.
    May’s post about the GLOOM vows..
    I wnder why everyone always thinks of women as the one who gets the hosue, and the car, and the $and then walks away?
    I never did that.Would not.
    I guess I can (maybe) see a person doing it if her husband or his wife had deliberately lied and hurt them by constant cheating, or some other such thing,something that changed everything.
    I guess.
    But i might still just pack and leave *if* there was no more relationship worth working on anyway.
    Anyway–my opinion?
    Get to know a person before you move in, let alone commit, because only then do you know how he/she really is–and you’ll find more about if they would be inclined to cheat, inclined to hold you hostage, or has friends you could never accept–etc.
    I *don’t* mean ask your love tons of questions, and hope for the right answers–I actually did that once, and still only found out–the hard way…:-(
    Find out–slowly.

  5. A Good Egg says:

    Just because I think adultery should not be classified as a ‘crime’, DOES NOT mean that I think adultery is OK or that “it’s not that big a deal”. To suggest that is a bit presumptuous. Adultery is definitely not OK, but from my point of view, it’s PERSONAL. Marriage to me is a sacred, intimate & extremely private bond. Whether me & my spouse honor it as such or break our vows, is for us to know & deal with. It’s not a place for law enforcement, neighbors, relatives, newspapers to come in & tell us what we ought to be doing.

  6. ADultery is not only a crime but a Sin=

  7. For me I think that marriage promises should be honest. Like promising to tell the other person that you met someone else before you take action. I think I’d apreciate it more if a guy stayed with me because He WANTED to, not because some silly paper says so, I think if poeple were more honest with themselves before they got married it would last longer. When I married, it was against my instincts, I was pregnant and felt GUILTY….not a good reason to marry. I would have stuck it out even though I didnt love the guy but he turned on our child so when he left, I was happy….I think a lot of Libras expecially should stop marrying out of GUILT, OBLIGATION or just to have someone, thats why the problems happen.

  8. I met a lovley Libra gal, any hints?


  9. Yes Taurus Guy,
    If you want her to adore you and never look at another guy 🙂 Then you have to show her lots of gestures, not gifts so much as affection, hold the door open etc. Call her just to say you love her, with a Libra girl its affection that makes her melt….Flowers are nice too, but they dont have to be exenspensive, just romantic, pick them yourself right in front of her NOT FROM HER YARD LOL
    Tell her that you think shes smart, not just pretty, we know we’re pretty, hearing that someone recognizes our brains is good too, we are pretty sharp 🙂
    Oh and the winner, make her laugh, as often as you can, it helps us grow. hugs are worth more to us then jewelry, and if you ever get her jewelry, make it small, pretty is more important to her then expensive….

  10. It really wasn’t outrageous, my expectations from marriage, I just wanted the confortable home thing, you know someone to snuggle with on the sofa after work or when the baby was asleep…. Not all Libras are seeking a soap opera type of life. Aome just want the closeness and bond that 2 people can share. Not all of us our “flakey” like we get called. It isnt easy for a person in this world that values love above everything else to keep getting disapointed from indifference…. I’ve met a lot of flakes that were NOT Libras 🙂

  11. some not Aome LOL

  12. LibraLady says:

    I’m in a relationship now where I love the guy (hes an Aqua) and he keeps talking about us moving in together. As much as I love him I know that it will be a long time before I am ready for such a move. Previous marriage before has taught me how badly things can go if you rush into things. I am not seeing anyone else and have no desire to cheat on my guy but I am not ready for the living together part yet. When you already have a child it isn’t fair to them to move them into a new home so quickly. The trouble is right now neither one of us is financially ready either for that kind of commitment. I love him very much and I hope he is as patient as he claims to be…. Usually its the Libra after commitment and the Aquarius trying to stall but in our case its the opposite. I don;t know how many other Libras have to face this situation where your heart is aching for your lover but you have to stay focused on reality….I think it would be a big mistake to jump into things blindly right now but I love him and hope that he doesn’t get fed up with waiting….Sometimes I think he has a big Pisces influence as he is a beautiful dreamer….Unfortunately life has knocked the romance out of this Libras head and replaced it with reality….Talk about boring LOL


  13. LibraLady says:

    My Aquarian man is really talking marriage, the whole conversation starts When we’re married this and when we’re married that…Problem is he has never proposed it’s just a statement here and there. I love him but I’m not ready for marriage again so quickly….It’s hard to explain how I feel when he states everything like this is the way it’s going to be. It feels good to know he is serious about us but at the same time where is the surprise of proposal? I know he’s the one and I know that we are heading for the long term but this will be my second marriage without proposal when we do. My Libra ex just sort of said casually, “We should really think about committment, everyone knows we’re getting married soon”
    I wish I’d gone with my instincts and run that day and this time my instincts are telling me that my current BF is the right one…..I just long for the surprise….Is that too much to ask for? He’s not the first Aquarian to refer to me as his life partner or mate or wife….He actually called me his wife in front of his friends already…I love him and his devotion but I wish my love life had a few surprises sometimes…Oh well

  14. OctoberLibra says:

    I’m pretty much believing in the idea that marriage, is damn near impossible for me. Still ruined over what the damned Virgo did, and have no idea what sign might be worth it. Libra, just found out- moon in Aquarius. Don’t know my rising. Any suggestions?

  15. virgo queen says:

    to october libra: what the damn virgo did to you?. are you referring to a virgo gal or male?

  16. virgo queen says:

    TO LIBRA: I was deeply in love with a libra man as well he was with me… We were together for almost 3 years. He wantede to get marry and I wasnt ready and I thought he wasnt either Im older than him for 10 years. Anyway he stood by me and his mother came in between as well as everybody else, I wasent right for him. So, we split…after that was so hard for us to be apart that we were close to get back. But someone told him they saw me at a bar and who knows what else. THE POINT that he checked on me with a call and from there he never called. A year later some of his friend a mean gem was sent to tell me what was a THINKING about “my libra marrying” I said nothing cause I was not aware. Of course I was not gonna show my feelings to this untrusty guy. the point is that he engage 6 mos after that called of him checking if I went out to a bar. And HE marry about a year of us loving each other. I know that his into his marry deal I told him to go and do it at some point in our relation, he used to do exactly what I said… But for so long I could never stop thinking, crying, and dreaming about him…Now I know by people who teased him wiht me not to say a word in front of his wife. He have changed so much as well as me. We were the fitteness couple now We are both fat and separated from each other. A friend saw him at a mall and she said hes nothing like when we were together. She says hes face was frown and that his wife is short, dark hair, nothing like me…Im told and red hair…<Anyway I know he loved me and he is in this marriage thing YOU think he still loves me? Or he is gonna wake up one day and see the real thing in his marriage?. Well I know is too much time now…I dnt think he cares about me anymore…he would have told me himself!. THE only thing I know is that I had his heart AND I will always cherished as the only man I EVER LOVED!. NO regrets!. Honestly Linras are the best couple!.

  17. LIbraLady says:

    My Aqua guy proposed in April in front of my family. I didn’t want to cry but I did LOL
    We see eachother everyday now and its been great. Its been 7 months since we met, it feels like I’ve always known him, anyways our relationship is getting better we never argue, we talk about everything, there isn’t anything I can’t tell him and vice versa. This Unrealistic view on marriage is not true for all Libras. I know what I’m getting, just a chance to be with my best friend everyday, never having to say goodbye every night just being home together, its not a soap opera, I’ve never watched them anyways ew! It all boils down to maturity.

  18. stuck libra girl says:

    I’m sad. I’m with a virgo man. We had a baby boy who’s 9months now. We been together since February 2008… Its now July 2010… So 2 years and change. In the beginning our intellectual convo and what I thought were things in common made me fall in love way too fast. We moved in with each other a month after meeting. He changes. I like lots of sex, affection and fun.. He limits our sex to 2-3xs a week and isn’t affectionate and don’t take me out like he did in the wooing stages. I hide a lot of my issues and pet peeves about him to myself… Yet he still think I bicker…yet hypocritically says I’m the best girl he’s ever had cuz I’m not THAT argumentative or crazy like his past girlfriends. Then I kept catching him potentially cheating on me when he left an internet page up and I read his messages. He had criminating evidence of over 5 sexual encounters. He admitted, I left, he begged me back and said he’d stop, didn’t believe him, found out was pregnant, decided to make it work so I came back. He proposed to me Feb 2010, I agreed but my mom (scorpio), who I’m very close to hates him and forbids it sayin he not one for me. I do love him. Always have. But have feelings I can do better and be happier by myself or with someone else. Never wanted or want to leave him tho. I’m too loyal. But those thoughts r there everyday. Too nice to break up with him and feel guilt as well for our babys sake. We also struggle financially, living week to payweek and I’m depressed for that cuz I’m not money hungry but always want to feel secure and to grow. My virgo seems ok with it but maybe he’s not… Who knows…cuz he never tells me his feelings. I handle all business in our household and feel empty and unloved becuz of lack of affection and sex lol I sound insecure Huh? I think his past cheating and lack of loving things made me feel this way. What should I do? I’m not that strong. What do u think about all this?

  19. stuck libra girl says:

    Oh and an old Aquarius friend AND Sagitarrius friend who I both lost contact with found me and both expressed their love for me. I turned them down at the time. Aquarius-man? Haven’t seen him since but Sag-man stuck around, calls all the time, says I deserve better, loves me, compliments me, spoils me, romantic and oh… My mom loves him. I sneak to him often. Nothing sexual but the feeling I get jus bein with him as a friend is great. Just wanted to share that for sum reason.

  20. 2stuck libra girll Hey there I feel so bad for you.. I want to give you advice.. and i want to make this clear..Our GOD loves you fro being a sacrificing woman. a woman who is submissive .. and that statement is of the highest honor.. many take it the wrong way.. Yet a woman of the laws of god get favored well.

    Now back to your man 6 times.. He will cry like a baby becus of the kid. TRUST my virgo men suffer not seeing there children.. Get that man into a church and make sure he proves he can be a recovered whoremunger.. You must seperate yourself from this man so he can get cured. if not Satan will smack and spank you again.. You must becareful with him bring stuff home so get checked out.

    Your a good woman you mom is psycho like me. .she will knock him out. Scorpio woman hate your done that will dislike you for like. CHEATERs forget it..

    Okay so you must get him into a real church to get real deliverance and help he is snared is sex bondage and he will hurt u again .. TRUST me you are in a spiral of torment and u will age from this man.. WHY becus u are special.. U have purpose and the enemy has watched you your entiire life.. GOD forbid you hear this message or the truth.. NOW you phone will ring.. and it will be him.. becareful before you have damaging torment from this toxic.. agent this man is carrying..

  21. Pisces Queen says:

    I agree with Mr. Wizard,

    stucklibragirl…get out of there asap…If a Virgo man knows they can manipulate, hurt or control you in any way…they will WALK ALL OVER YOU!!!!! Trust me, he will continue to get worse until you completely cut him out of your life…if you dont feel strong enough to do it face to face…then just move in with your mom and cut your phone..change your number…I am so serious…the only people that can be with virgos are those who can continuously put them in their place because they will get out of hand as long as you allow it…and with them, as long as you havent left, you are allowing it. HE WILL NOT me..when virgos know you are in love with them and arent going anywhere…they will bleed you of every emotion and piece of self-esteem you have because then they believe if they can control your emotions then they can control you..and its control over their partners and the relationship that makes them feel comfortable and instead of appreciating that comfort, they take advantage BIG TIME!!!

  22. stuck libra girl says:

    Thanks Mr. Wizard and Pisces Queen.

    I am in a chamber that’s just hard to get out of. When I left the first time, maybe I should have stayed gone for a while when I had a major reason to leave and be gone. Sometimes I just wait for something else major to happen so that I have an excuse to go…. but the truth of the matter is, “He needs me!” and I’m compelled to stay and endure what I must to “help him”. He’s actually a nice guy, never been physically threatening or abusive, but can silence and ignoring of my feelings be considered abusive. It feels like it because I am such an emotional person yet to me… I’m rational. My feelings and how I see love and relationships and how they should be to me are…. common sense…. the norm. I feel like a lot of guys can’t feel! My virgo has battles though… he tells me he has them… but they are inward battles ya know. He just bottle them all up and seems so emotionless. He loves me alot I know b/c he actually fights for our love whenever I bring up “I dont think we are compatible”, He finds no faults with me and I feel bad that I find faults with him. I just sit back and hope things will change for the best.

    So this is what I’m going to do…

    I will stay! I will try to be stronger while not undermining his manhood! We will go to church, bible study, for him men’s fellowship or something and before we get married… we will try counseling. I dont want to leave him and scar his heart (like many in the past have done.. familty included) I want to show him I have unconditional love for him and wont leave him when I know he has problems. He should know that by now but I have some issues I need to talk to a professional about too…. like how not to be so emotional and how I try to read into EVERYTHING!! lol I’ll give it until December to see if we are making progress into the right direction that’ll make our relationship stronger. IF NOT.. if it isn’t working… I’ll try to look forward to a new year and a new beginning.. without US.

    Your advices influenced this decision and I thank you!

  23. @ Stuck Libra .. Bravo.. yet you must understand he has iniquites and baggage from those other woman.. Those tingly familiar spirits will get ignited and call him for a late nite hit me up.. Trust me you are in for a real battle.. Now that i know your a woman of GOD .. satan and all of his wicked spirits are going to want to slaughter you emotionally.. You and everyone must understand Satan and his arm that are in another un seen dimension want to kill and destroy all of us period.

    I am giving you prophetic advance notice.. If he gets deliverance and cleaned up..stays in the WORD of GOD ..stay as a family in church.. You have a fighting chance try hard because marrying this man will break the curse of “bastard” upon your child.. Sorry take that nicely it is written that children born out of wedlock will carry that into there lives and suffer..Read it for yourself and trust me no matter what pastor says it is in the word and there is no fudging it. YET THE LORD will correct that if you pray on it without marrying that man. Pray everyday over your child life and future. k k
    i made a huge mistake in my past yet i married my ex so my kids are free yet i suffered. I must tell you i was in an un happy miserable marriage for years.. I am still attached to that woman w/ child support.Oh BTW she is a wiccan witch and i lived in suffering becus of it.. That is why i am telling you your gifted and those spirits want to cause you pain.. EVERYDAY i want you to pray to the lord to give you site and discernment on seeing torment before it starts..

    If he is missing at nights or the phone is off.. NEVER NEVER painic not fear.. Ya hear me.. You will get kidney stones.. becus of that trembler inside.. NEVER WORRY EVER.. Fear and anxiety are the works of satan…If this man never gets right you must get away from him./. YOU MUST or it will destroy you and that is what Satan and his army of demons want.. The come to kill and destory..

  24. Your virgo must repent and get on his knees go to a prayer deliverance pastor and spill his pervese guts out.. Spill out all of the nasty sex and woman out of his mouth to set him free k k …

  25. stuck libra girl says:

    Wow… could a past relationship have anything to do with his peronality. He cried to me one night before … (It was the first time he cried) it was after putting our boy down and he lingered a bit looking at his first born son….

    He was in love with a girl.. who had a hold on him for a long time.. even when we first got together. I didn’t know he still loved her so I’d let them talk on the phone because I think its possible to be friends with your ex/babymomma. He has a little girl by her who is 4yrs old. Well when he cried he said he wished he knew me before he met her. He said that girl broke him down all sorts of ways. I’m 25… He’s 28… We are Black… his babymomma who’s like 30 is puerto rican.. the white kind with little melonin (no offense to anyone.. Im not racist and had friends of many races) He preferred puerto ricans and or light skin, long hair girls. I’m totally opposite.. brown skin and short halle berry cuts. I add this because I believe it makes a difference in a persons psyche how they think. Well back to the point…

    The relationship with his babymomma was the relationship he was in right before me. He was supre inlove with her (I think it was only because of her skin and nationality b/c seriously she wasn’t that pretty to me for him to take the abuse he did) His mom told me he was in bad shape after her and she literally had to come get him from her grasp. He called her a sucubus… she wanted sex like 5 times a day everyday. She was physically abusive to him (he’ll never hit back.. he’s a gentlemen underneath that sheild), an alcoholic and called him the n-word alot. Never understood why he still took it. He told me he was looking for love and he stayed because he thought if she did all that and acted like that… “She must love him”.. I stayed to show him what true love was. But he cried that night because he says he was a different person before he met her. He was romantic and loving and now he hides his feelings and cant express love. I believe him. Since him leaving her tho her kids are apart of the system for her alcoholism and negligence but have been united back with the mother. Well… I shut their conversing out when I seen a text from him to her saying “I love you wifee and kiss my daughter” I told him about hisself…He told me he has to “ACT” like that with her in order to see his daughter and talk to her. (but duh, thats disrespect to me). He said he was sorry and of course wont happen again. This was around the same time I found out about the cheating… which was back in March of last year. Well…. to my knowledge he hasn’t talked to his daughter or her since… so it’s been like a year and I tell him to call his daughter for months now. I think he wont do it b/c for some reason he can’t say NO to her.. She has some hold on him.

    Anyway… Everyday I will pray to GOD for wisdom and strenght… I will pray he opens my third eye… I will pray for my child. I will pray for deliverance from SATAN’s hold.

  26. stuck libra girl says:

    Am I a sucubus for liking sex too… I like mental connections… but I also like sex with my partner b/c I feel like… we connect… we are one… like during sex we have transcended like the world salvation depends on US… lol or is that demonic of me? …….***perplexed*** I cant wait til Sunday… I need guidance

  27. stuck libra girl
    You are never stuck. I also have a Scorpio mom, wish I’d listened to her years ago when I married a jerk. She can read him like a book. If anyone can help you get out of the situation safely, its her. Don’ be mad at her, you don’t need him to raise the baby. He can still visit the baby and become a good dad if he wants but I was a single mom for 10 years, my ex left when our son turned 4. Being a single parent isn’t as tough as you’d think. When you have a Scorpio mom to help you out with at least advice, its a lot easier. Talk to her. Guess what, the guy I’m engaged to now and my mom like each other, and he is super good to my son & me. She didn’t hate everyone like I thought, not him. I’m almost 40 and this is the first guy I’ve ever introduced to mom that she likes and he just happens to be my soul mate. Moms know, especially a Scorpio mom. Her first reaction “Hey, I think this one loves you.” this was only days after I met him. LOL

  28. mr wizard
    I agree with you about the virgo man, he needs to do some serious changing. I’m not a religious person, my father died needlessly and in a horrible way enough for me to feel nothing but anger and resentment toward such a force as the one described in a bible…..But I agree with you about that serious changing. It would be nice if more people just had it in them, the desire to do the right thing, the patients to find a real road instead of the easy one, morals and self respect, its good that there is religion, there would be more chaos without it, people are twisted…..Seriously.

  29. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    any other Libra women married to a loving Aqua Man? I know that most Aqua men are distant and don’t really understand relationships, mine doesn’t understand but he asks questions, he asks me about everything, this shows me that he cares, there are times when I know too much, he can’t just surprise me, I mean outside the bedroom, LOL, we are so honest with eachother that maybe other people would think we’re crazy, at Christmas or my birthday, I pretty much know what he’s going to do, I pretend to be so surprised, this makes him happy LOL
    Ladies, if you’re with an Aqua he might talk too much to be able to surprise you, he might hand you his pay cheque then ask for some flower money, he might ask you the funniest questions like what would surprise you or whether or not you would be happy with this or that, it means he loves you. When an Aqua man loves you he is sincere…….Mine is unbeliavably loving and thoughtful, its worth the few spoiled surprises, I know his heart is in the right place.

  30. Marrying a Libra is like marrying the most ideal partner there is. Very creative and idealistic, Libras often tend to get carried away. As a partner, it’s your duty from keeping their heads above the clouds and returning them to earth.

  31. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    Hi Everyone
    I’ve been with the same Aquarius now for 4 1/2 years and its been wonderful! He is the most sensitive friend that I’ve ever had, the funniest man that I’ve ever met and the most loving person that I’ve ever had a relationship with. I love him so much that I lost the will to flirt with people, he thinks i still flirt but I don’t.
    I feel like we were born for each other, he knows how to make me smile and I know how to cool his fire when his temper gets him, what a grouch he would be if I didn’t intervene, and what a miserable being I would be if he didn’t make me laugh so much 🙂
    He thinks that he is in charge, this seems to be very important for a lot of men, I can coax him into anything that makes sense. He is a very stubborn man, I respect that about him and he respects that I am a worry wart, he wants to be my knight in shining armor, which is tough for a Libra woman, we like to prove our own strength and our intellect, its tough being considered an air head, so we spend most of our lives trying to prove otherwise. With him I let him do some of the talking, which usually ends up being 95% of the talking, do all Aqua men do this? Its not as hard as I thought, my whole life I’ve taken the lead, I’ve made all of the first moves but with him its different, I don’t find it insulting with him, he is so polite about everything and every ones feelings and thoughts, he is so open minded in a conversation that I swear my heart still beats hard when he is talking to me, I love this man. he is so confident and thoughtful at the same time, he is smart but strange smart, if you know what I mean, he is like talking with a Martian, he is good to me and my adult son, he is good to his family and mine but since we’ve met he has cut most ties with his friends, which he claims were never real anyways.
    He tells everyone the sweetest things about me and my god, he is the first person that ever made me blush. A compliment from him burns my ears, makes me weak, from others I’ve always just not cared or listened unless they were family and they are just being nice because thy are family right? Well he is so genuine and no nonsense about everything that I feel like following him everywhere like his willing slave, I’ve never followed before. Anyways he has changed me, damn it, LOL I belong to him….and I’m not scared?!?! think I should be? Should I be scared? Well it doesn’t matter I’d die in his arms before I even looked at another man the same way. I just feel right with him, he is my soul mate. I really hope that everyone here finds theirs. You have not lived yet until you meet your soul mate… I met mine later in life so don’t pout all you lonely Libra women, there just might be a man out there right now who is not ready for love yet but when he is, you won’t find him, he will come and claim you……stop looking, let him find you. It will be about the time you are sick of relationships, and are making plans to live alone with a few kicks and very low expectations then BLAM!!! that annoying Aqua guy with a smart ass mouth will show up and bug you and bug you and tease you and you will tell him to go away then you will want to die because you can’t see his eyes or hear your voice then he will call you out of the blue and say “I forgive you” and then you will belong to him so kiss all of your plans goodbye now, he is going to give you some new ones and oh my god you will be so happy……Just let him grow up first, then he will find you

  32. I’m a Libra woman and had my heart broken by a Aries man. Libra’s can be the most loving faithful partner you could have. We may become detached at times but our partner are always in our hearts.

    I am very friendly lady but would never think of cheating on my partner. Libras need balance in their life we hate drama, lies, and to be cheated on. My Aries man played with my heart like it was a toy he seemd amused when he cut me off for weeks at a time.

    I realized I was unhappy most of the time with this man. We may put on a happy smile but deep inside Libra’s are hurt we just don’t show it. Be kind to a Libra and you will have a happy loving partner for life.

  33. Aquariusgirl says:

    Catrina – I’ve never dated a Libra man but if their traits are anything like you describe I can see why Libra and Aquarius are said to be a good combination. I really hope that you meet someone who appreciates and cares for you as much as you deserve.

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