Pisces men are like girls

A reader found this blog by searching for “Pisces men are like girls.” It’s a provocative statement, but I can see where she (?) was coming from. Girls are into unicorns and fairy tales and magical kingdoms, sappy love songs and romantic movies and stuffed animals. Hey, that describes me!

No, not really — I’m not into mythical creatures, unless you mean a woman who takes care of all my domestic and sexual needs … on demand. But Pisces is a rather girly sign. All Water signs are archetypally feminine, as the world of emotions is experienced inwardly. But not all members of this triplicity are equally girly. (Although feminine polarity does not equal female, the development of a language of emotions is more encouraged among women here in the U.S. — hence the sight of a man crying or being sensitive is often derogated as being like either a woman or a gay man.) Scorpio is tough, and Cancer — however nurturing and sentimental — is protective and defending. Pisces, on the other hand, has a floaty, wispy quality which in no way can be construed as masculine.

Think of it this way — Pisces is both Water and mutable. Water needs form to contain it, or else it just spreads itself over whatever surface is available — or it sinks into any porous material. Mutable is the most flexible, changeable modality of all three quadruplicities (the others being Cardinal and Fixed). Therefore, it is the most receptive modality, and this quality is traditionally feminine.

Part of the problem is that “girly” is, to some extent, a social construct that our culture imposes on girls and young women. My daughter, for example, is no “girly girl.” She (with five planets in fire) defines herself as a tomboy. Yet she’s no less a girl than a 10 year old who dresses in pink and adorns her notebook with Hello Kitty stickers. Yet if you’re strong-willed, fearless and impulsive, somehow you have to describe it as “boyish”?

If Pisces men are like girls, it’s partly because the quality of being sensitive and yielding is considered weak. But think of the strengths of this sign! Unicorns spring from the Piscean imagination (unless you believe they’re real!) — as well as songs and films and works of art. And if more men were Pisces (that is, if they were girly), there would be less war. There would probably be lots of guilt-inducing, martyrish behavior … but that never killed anyone.

Has it?

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  1. @sammy: what u mean becarefull with the wording with any pisces man?

  2. Pisces Queen says:


    Pisces men are not insecure. Actually, most Pisces are very sure and aware of themselves. All the virgos that I have met have been somewhat insecure which usually shows through their tendencies and bouts of jealousy and self-criticism or “why am i not good enough” syndrome. Your Pisces ex-man didnt say anything when you were being mean to him because we are not big on confrontation and we see right though those people when they do it…they do it to get a rise out of us and that wont work. But believe me, in his brain, he made a mental log of every time you were mean to him and he didnt care because he was not in love with you. He probably could have been if he hadnt been making mental notes of your meanness but as you stated, you were each other’s rebound so he didnt care either way. You say your Libra was way more loving and commitment-based. LOL on that one… You cannot compare two men of different signs because Libra and Pisces communicate very differently. Although Librans may be very emotional on the surface, i.e., grandiose displays of affection like flowers, dining out, lovey-dovey, etc. they do not think emotionally, they think analytically and so just because they display emotion doesnt always mean they feel that emotion for the person they are displaying it to. That is why they are known very well for their charming nature. Its what Libra men do. Pisces men do not display emotions but if we care about you you wil see it in our actions, i.e., anytime you need something we are there immediately, you dont even have to ask…etc. So, Pisces men have nothing to do with insecurity. Yes, they do have bouts of depression if they are not in the financial place they would like to be or if they want a relationship and are lonely, but insecurity, that is very rare. My family is full of Pisces, both male and female, old and young. My father is a Pisces and has been married to my mother for over 35 years. He is the same. He makes her coffee every morning while she is getting ready for work, heats up dinner since he gets home before she does, and is always very attentive with her. He is far from insecure and actually thinks very highly of himself…lol. The different between Pisces men and Libra men is that Libra men are not always sincere in their affections…they love to please and charm especially if the women is a challenge but usually once they have “gotten” you…they no longer know whether they want you or not….though they fall in “love” easily, they are not always actually “in love” in terms of commitment. Pisces men, on the other hand, if they are in love with it will be clear and there will be no indecision about it. When they commit, they commit. Otherwise, they are playboys. Period.

  3. Pisces Queen says:

    Libra lady,

    Pisces are very sensitive..it may not be what you are saying to him that is bothering him…its probably how you are saying it. Again, just like Chip stated before, Pisces, unlike most other signs, take emotional impulses and responses into consideration when we are thinking about things and we usually wouldnt dare say anyting to hurt our loved one’s feelings (only those we really love though…not sexual partners, etc.) so we usually expect the same in return and unfortunately we often forget that the world is not like us and most other signs think on an analytical basis rationalizing things that, for us, is mostly based on emotion. When you two have a disagreement. It is usually better to leave that Pisces be while he is in thought…he will come to you when he is ready to discuss the situation and it is then that you should have your conversation, without any yelling, screaming or nagging. Pisces love to communicate but not if it involves negative energy. I am not saying that you are trying to be negative, but the way you converse to him may be coming off to him as negative.

  4. Pisces Queen says:

    Relm, you are right…Virgo and Pisces are not a good combination. My ex was one and I dated several years ago. Its funnt because they come off as so “strong” but they are so self-critical and critical of others that the insecurity level just screams out. DO NOT let that Virgo make you cry…they just want to have emotional control over you. They feel that if they can make you feel less of yourself, then you wont leave them for someone better which is most Virgos fear (they probably wont admit any of this because most of them tell the world they are perfect and innocent while they secretly criticize themselves every second of the day). The only way to handle Virgos are to give them a dose of their own medicine but with a Pisces twist. A virgo will rip you apart and still want the relationship. Come back the next day as if nothing happened. That is when you let them have it and walk away for good. Thats how most Pisces do it. We will let people have the “win”…we wont engage in bitter batter or hurtful arguments…but in our mind, we are already out the door… we are just waiting for us to be comfortable enough to deal with the change…but once we are ready, and our partners are always caught by surprise… we disappear without a trace and there is no coming back…at least for the Pisces women

  5. You know what, I can tell you Pisces Queen is dead on the money. No insecurity here but all emotional, I’m still a bloke or yobbo, sports, cars and the female anatomy. But I seem to get edgy on how its said not what was said. I find words have two meanings and I know thats fueled by emotion. I like to sit a discuss in length about where the relationship is heading, not everday like a love sick romantic, but on occasion. I also seem to deal with strait out honesty better than beat around the bush answers. If I find out about lies it ruins me inside to think I trusted them and they trusted me. And therin lies my problem and most other Pisces, I’ve noticed we are very trustin and then when burnt, hurt.

  6. Not judging here but. As a Pisces. We tend to look at things that other people could care less about or have any idea or concern about. Example. You walk down a street and see a homeless person. Sag will judge him other signs will ignore him. Pisces will feel bad about not helping him. And then half an hour later when you’re not there he or she will give the guy 5 bucks. Why because its the right thing to do but unlike Leo we do it because it feels right. Leo would do it because its fair no emotion.

    Pisces may be looked upon girlish. But with all honest we are not. We may have that motherly side to us that tends to look after all the signs. It may be viewed upon as week in some cases but Pisces is that sign that will go out of their way without any thought. Just to help someone. We don’t like confrontation or arguments. We tend to avoid them. Why? Life is too short to waist it on meaningless shit. If you look at a Pisces we don’t care about the materialist crap like some other signs. We tend to go for the spiritual. Some signs see this as a weakness because they cant grasp the thought and you never will… lol
    We don’t waste our times on quarrels because we know how it ends. We learned the lesson. So if all you want to do is scream and prove me right. Guess what Ill be in the other room and Ill come back when you realize that you need to grow up. Imagine a physical fight. Pisces vs what ever. Pisces can throw a punch like the rest of them but he doesn’t. Why?
    while the other sign is in the moment ready to go. Pisces already predicted and calculated the 20 possible outcomes. EX. I hit you. you fall. you hit your head. you go to the hospital. you have a coma. your family gets affected. your grandma gives me shit. your an only child. Your family is devastated. My family hates me for it. blah blah balh ex……….
    We think and calculate. We don’t swing just to hurt. With us there is nothing that we do that doesn’t have a purpose. Were like the Old man surrounded by kids. Ill sit there and watch you…make an ass of your self …if it gets out of hand Ill make sure to be there to fix that cut or bruise…..

  7. @all – I do resemble those remarks! I am proud to not only be a Pisces male but one that understands first hand the pain of all we encounter. This ‘gift’ we have is one with many blessings and consequences.
    We are forever bound to the here and now and the fantasy realms of our dreams. Sometimes we have control and the world is a brighter place for all. When we don’t have control, chaos ensues and the darkness threatens all. Some may think I am oversimplifying, and in some small way, I am. Yet others will feel that I am just being dramatic. Thats fine too, at least they will start to pay attention to what is going on around them. In case you are wondering: DOB 1 March 1965, 08:49 mst, Denver,CO, latitude 39.746193,
    longitude -104.9684466. That should give you a little insight; And yes I have a unicorn tattoo on my left shoulder…..

  8. I’m Pisces, and I am sensitive, and a bit dreamy, and don’t like conflicts but the latter is because it’s such a waste of time – i’ve made up my mind and no amount of foot stomping or screaming is going to change it, so it’s so boring and time wasting – that’s why i don’t like conflicts not because i can’t yell back. but because i’ve made up my mind. i wonder if that’s girly. about being dreamy, what’s the world but a dream, a fiction, a thing of nothings, and to be really be a part of this world is to be a part of a dream, a nanosecond dream before it all fades away.
    Too sensitive? Girly, maybe. But that’s because if you are attuned right, a single gesture can give you worlds of fact about a situation or a person.
    But back us to the wall, and if in the natal chart Mars is in Aries, as it is in mine, then the fight is on. Once it is on, never back down, and go to the finish. Even if you lose at least there’s been a result.

  9. Well, I guess Pisces men can sometimes can be a little sensitive, but that doesn’t make them girly. That’s what I love them. I f they think like a girl in a man’s body but doesn’t make them gay, then that would be perfect. Isn’t it every girls’ dream, for a guy to know exactly what she wants, when she wants it?

  10. I Dont think us pisces are girly, I think closed minded people would see it that way but in reality us pisces have the ability to see the world through the eyes of both men and women. Which gives us the great understanding and reasoning we possess. Others can see it as a weakness, but It just gives us more ways to get around your narrow mind.

  11. No girly at all, they just being little extra emotional about others not about personal interest. Pisces are brilliant more than all signs you just know them properly

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