Do Taurus men love sex?

Not all men are equally into sex. A Gemini may just prefer to talk about it. But a Taurus could probably live on it — provided he’s also well-fed.

Every sign of the zodiac is “ruled” by one of the planets in our solar system, and the ruler of Taurus is Venus. The second planet from the Sun is archetypally related to the goddess of love, beauty and art. Venus is a sensual, erotic planet. In mythology, the Greek Aphrodite was a beauty who frequently cheated on her husband, Hephaestus.

So, Venus has needs, and her zodiac placement indicates the style in which she fulfills them. Taurus happens to be an Earth sign. Of all the four elements (Earth, Fire, Air, Water), Earth is most concerned about the physical body, what can be experienced with the five senses. Taurus doesn’t put as much stock into intuitions, inspirations and thoughts as what’s here and now. This sign lives and breathes sensation. The texture of someone’s skin, the smell behind a lover’s ear.

The added benefit of lovin’ with a Taurus man is that his is a fixed sign, which means that once he gets going, he’s got stamina for the long haul. Taurean sex is akin to the slow food movement — he savors every bite!

What Taurus doesn’t do

Taurus is neither experimental (Aquarius) nor into power games (Scorpio). He does not need to be worshiped (Leo). He’s not into talking about it (Air), and although he loves to connect, he’s not all mushy (Water) during lovemaking.

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  1. Kat soo sad to hear that….Taurean actually are very compassionate and care A LOT for the physical satisfaction of their females…( i can say so for my self)

    Must be his age where he thinks he has the right to be a little selfish…and i thot if men did not cum….that would be the best thing for a woman…??

  2. Yes Rose…i knew a Gemini and yes she wore her heart on her sleeve as well…

    Guess you just have to learn to control your emotions….thats whats the difference between human beings and animals….we have a choice and dont have to give in to our emotions all the time.
    Please control your sexual desires and your emotions….

    Only then can you

  3. It’s quite true! I actually dated a Taurus once and he was like dead air during love making. Although very active, he doesn’t want to talk about.

  4. very True. i’m Taurus Girl who had relationship with almost every sign except Aries and Capricon but no one really ‘Get’ me.. Then just out of no where, my May Taurus boy approached to me on the street last year.

    It was weird because i really liked the way he look, talk, move and smell. Not too much. not too less but very balanced confident communication. we started relationship few days later And the sex… wow.. it was just gentle melting – for both exterior and interior. i never met anyone who can touch me that gently and continuously. His personality was just SMOOTH and Flawless. i loved the fact that he always held my hands wherever we go.

    We talked so much, walked so much, ate, drink, danced, laughed so much when we meet, but we never talk about our relationship. i don’t know why, but we just felt that we did not need to talk about it. We knew how to communicate in our own way, we knew that we loved each other through our touch. Both of us ever complained to each other, but always tried to impress each other with food, picture, travel and activities.

    i think Taurus men have this “Curing power”… That’s how i felt. Sex with him was like having a bath in a warm water. We relaxed and enjoyed each other’s presence, played on bed just like kids.

    Although it is over, i was very happy that i met him, and always wish good luck and the best in his life πŸ™‚

  5. Why are so many women trying to get a Taurus male to live them? Do you not know that when a Taurus falls in love it is for life? Many of them have been hurt by others that have fallen out of live so these Taurus build a thicker skin. This could be by sleeping with many women or other vices. You just have to realize that Taurus are wary of someone that will mess with their hearts, so much so that they may not let themselves ever to fall in love or wait years with one before allowing it to happen.

  6. *love

  7. Ive known a Taurus man for 15 yrs, i always thought he was interesting but i was always in a relationship, now that were both single I’ve had him over one night to chilll we laughed all night i thought if i said i liked him like most guys would jump on the chance he didn’t said he was shy well so am i so last night he came over and it took forever but i had to make the first move then it was on, is that normal? he said he liked the whole thing and was very sweet but did not want to talk no more of it the next morning, is that just a Taurus? this has been 15 yrs in the making I’m a virgo i tend to fall easy, i just don’t want to get hurt, in the past he’s stood up for me like i was his, he acts like the man of the house when he is around, he’s just not real flirty oh man i think i love this guy I’m in trouble

  8. I am a 47 year old Leo woman and my 52 year old Taurus man “found” me on an online dating site…man was it my lucky day! His simple little 3 word message..”how are you?” seemed shy and unlike all the other corny come-on lines from 99% or the rest of the men on that site. So how could I not answer it? I am so happy I did.. From the first night we began talking, he has told me that I am the woman he has been looking for all his life, that he likes my sincere outlook on life, and that he “wants to wake up everyday to see my beautiful face every morning”… of course that got me! Sexually, he is fantastic with an appetite verging on insatiable.. We waited a few weeks to sleep together and man was it worth it.. the best I have ever had and don’t plan on ever being with any one else, hopefully he feels the same. I was slightly taken off guard by his tenderness and passion that turned to an aggressive lust for it… Now two months into the relationship, I am learning his ways, how touching my neck turns him on and how he holds my hand and opens every door for my when we are out in public. I have also come to see that he is very backward when speaking his feelings but had no trouble expressing them when at one point early in the relationship, I told him I still had some feeling for my ex…instead of bowing out and letting go ( what I actually thought he would do), he fought to get me back, but allowed me to see how much I meant to him and how much he thought he meant to me! I was hooked…I ask my self every day how did we both get so lucky to have found each other in that sea of humans on one online dating site? And what planets had to align to see so many failed relationships between us eventually bring us together? How many tears were shed between us for the pain and humiliation of being used and cheated on only to find happiness like this at the end of the tunnel? I have what he wants and he gives me what I need and I hope and pray that it lasts for what ever time we both have left…

  9. Kittykat you sound happy…and it makes me happy because it seem genuine..coming from the depths of your being πŸ™‚

    WIsh you the best.

  10. OnyxQueen says:

    Reconnected with my Taurus after almost 20 years. It’s like we continued where we left off. We’ve always had feelings for each other but the timing was off. Either we were involved with others, living in different states, etc. There’s such unspoken passion between us when we connect the sex is explosive. I can feel him when I’m away from him. I’m a Scorpio.

  11. Help me

  12. Best Psychic wrote: “It’s quite true! I actually dated a Taurus once and he was like dead air during love making. Although very active, he doesn’t want to talk about.”

    Interesting, because I am a Taurus male and my girlfriend and I have amazing sex. During sex I love talking to her and she me. Esp when she is reaching climax, I not only ramp up the physical action but also what I’m saying to her about the experience. πŸ™‚

  13. mooninleo says:

    They lay there lifelessly, and after will say ‘you’re fun in bed!’

  14. Mine didn’t talk.

  15. sailor.mercury says:

    My first boyfriend was a Taurus. This was gr 9. I liked him because he looked pretty and acted young, even tho he was 18 mos older than I. He was in my health class. Because it was a catholic school, we all had to wear uniforms, and I often ignored the boys for the girls. This one seemed in touch with that notion. Anyway, he was very talkative on the phone, and spoke three languages. I didn’t sleep with him, but we did other stuff. He ended up fucking me over because he would not stop making friends with my enemies. It degraded to the point where he would tell ppl I was a drug addict because I smoked a little weed. So, sadly, we broke up. A year later I wanted to lose my virginity to him, but he didn’t want to. I told him I suspected he was bisexual, mostly because of the phantasies he used to tell me on the phone. Now he’s gay.

  16. So, I’ve been dating a taurus for a year now. He moved into his house 3 months after we started dating and shows his love for me through his actions daily. All of this is wonderful and good, except he has little to sex drive. His moon and mars are also in taurus so I would think he would be a supertaurus. I keep reading they are practically sexually insatiable. wth?

  17. So, I’ve been dating a taurus for a year now. He moved me into his house 3 months after we started dating and shows his love for me through his actions daily. All of this is wonderful and good, except he has little to NO sex drive. His moon and mars are also in taurus so I would think he would be a supertaurus. I keep reading they are practically sexually insatiable. wth?

  18. My Taurus is very sensual. Extenze works, alice. Alot cheaper than the E.d. drugs out there. Sunoco is where I find them. I’m not saying he has a problem in that area, just a little boost. I am a Pisces so we blend pretty good. I fell in love. Testosterone levels drop at different times.He calls me doll, which no one has before. Men go through andropause, also. Try this!

  19. Wulkure says:

    Hi all.

    i have been off this site for a while now.
    Many came and went and im very sad about that. i am 30 years old now. i was 23 when i first commented on this site. Looking back i was such a moron, didnt care much for women who showed me love and wanted to have something meaningful.

    Anyhow, i am now in the mindset of marriage. in my culture an unmarried man of 30 is considered to have something wrong with him lol. So my advice to all young men and women on here. Do not delay your marriages. Stop playing around, sleeping around. Get married, have kids and try to make the best of your union with your man/woman. Oh and, please dont look for the best of the best. Settle and compromise.

    Good luck

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