How to Seduce and Get Your Sagittarius Man to Commit

The following guest post is by Lisa Saliture.

Calling all Cowgirls! Get your cowboy boots and your lasso ready, you are about to enter the “corral of love” to catch yourself a Sagittarius man, so brush up on your riding skills, and find a comfortable saddle for the ride of your life.

If you have ever dated the archer, you know he is good at dating, but he’s a little tricky to catch. Sagittarius is symbolized by the Centaur — half horse and half man — which clearly gives him the ability to remain independent and roam the planet like a wild stallion, only slowing down long enough for sexual conquests and many short-term relationships.

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About the Author
Lisa Saliture is a Marketing Communications Specialist and freelance writer. She recently started Astrology Dating Match, a web site that will match singles by using the most compatible aspects of their love planets in their natal charts.

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  1. Virgo chick says:

    Hi all…well I had a few posts a week or so ago on my recent involvement with a Sag man…I have a lot of Leo in me and we are a great match however things recently went down hill fast.

    I found my Sag man had been through my phone…reading my texts and convos with my bestfriend (a guy). I confronted him and he admitted it. I am furious. I have been so completely open and upfront with him about everything and he goes behind my back. Total slap in the face.

    Needless to say, I am currently not speaking to him, and he is a mess. Calling me constantly, texts, emails, blah blah blah, Really showing me a side I detest in males. Needy, deceitful, weak.

    What to do??
    I am upset as we hit it off well. and I know he has fallen hard for me.
    I really need some advice right now…

  2. @Sag24/7: The males in my experience are not as verbally romantic. He did all the right things & didn’t hide his feelings yet never could put it into words except sign love on a postcard within a few months but we never said it ‘officially’. He had a Sag moon too so maybe that was it?

    Virgo Chick: What to do? Forgive him or leave. Why would you detest a man trying to apologize and shows how much he cares?

  3. Virgo Chick says:

    MY predicament, Bliss, was due to the fact that he showed me a completely different side! Insecure, pushy, obsessive, needy. It was a total shock. I have called it off.

  4. @candi,

    And also if he was using me for sex why invest all the time, initial dating and calls to just for that. Heck, how does he know I wasn’t looking for the same thing?

    *you would be surprised the lengths some sags go to get action.

    yeah dont fret over the racial thing. not all back men are like that and not all white women are submissive and easier to deal with.

  5. @virgo chick,

    girl please for real? if you have a saggie actually paying that much attention to go go through your phone, you may have a freakin winner.

    the majority of saggis i know including myself wouldnt bat an eye to paying some “person” that much attention. if i find myself wanting to really get to know someone, im going to know all of YOU. including your texts. if i like you that much, im going to be all up in your business.

    showing you a side you hate in males? again, for real? needy, deceitful, weak? 1.) hes not needy, he wants to know all about you 2.) hes not decietful, he told you the truth 3.) how is he being weak?

    the leo sides of you has to tame it down.

    what do you want the opposite? cause we saggis are good at getting lost once we have wheat we came from.

  6. @BLISS,

    i see now. yes the men can be a bit action driven and not much in the way of love literature.

  7. virgochick,

    how late is it to give you advice? you and I got a lot in common

  8. no-prespiration – it is kind of too late but would love to hear what you have to say!

    I am no longer with this Sag man – I offered him a friendship but his feelings were too strong in the end and he did not back off at all!

    Was very clingy towards me, constantly texting, emailing, calling. Became unbearable. He did have some lovely traits though and for the time we spent together we had a lot in common and it was easy. He just showed another lot of qualities I cannot tolerate…

    Oh well 🙁

  9. I can totally relate…..more than you know. I ran, then called later lol and he’s on his last last last chance with me right now. Takes things WAY out of line….a little TOO much…. and a history of long-term gfs cheating on him…eventually. And I now know why. He is very needy, but I think our last attempt talk spoke to him. He’s on a “you can’t mess up once in the next 2 weeks” punishment. And, I mean….can’t mess up in the LEAST. I’m a virgo moon….. so lol these “men” need to man up! I want the gentleman, not the needy little bunny. Wtf

  10. -“I want the gentleman, not the needy little bunny. Wtf”

    -“Insecure, pushy, obsessive, needy”

    -“Was very clingy towards me, constantly texting, emailing, calling.”

    OMGoodness… seems like the stereo-type for a Sagittarius man is broken. Is this a Sagittarius in love? I guess so…. wow.

    I’m dating one and all the descriptions fit but, I’m fine. I didn’t know if I could be but, it seems okay… too cute. Plus, sex is KA-PLOW!

  11. He said I love you.

    I said, you’re the best I ever had.

    I said, we are perfect.

    He said, two perfect people.

    He said let’s get married.

  12. Yeah- virgo, I’m an aqua girl- and I actually used to date a virgo and it sucked, so I’m sure he’ll move on to bigger and better things- no offense. But he is a SAG and always seeking adventure in higher places. But it obviously doesn’t bother u too much either so congrats on the easier of breakups.
    However that LEO in u is the reason u two didn’t work. Both hard headed and stubborn- but he did admit to his mistake- n u can only hope for that with ANY guy- so good luck finding someone who leaves ur independence totally up to u because that’s prolly not gonna be easy to find. I’m sure u were honest in ur explanation on u and ur guy friend, but he jus wanted to make sure he could trust u with all of his heart not just some of it. For all the sag guys I know- trust comes thru actions, not words, so that wasn’t too big of a deal breaker in my opinion- so there must have been something else to drive u away with such force?
    I kno u said he was clingy, but how? I’m actually dating a sag man now and he isn’t clingy thru texts and calls and stuff but he is REALLY touchy feely and I def need my space and my own lil bubble to aviod from feeling overwhelmed or uncomfortable. He tries to told me down like a baby- and its the most annoying thing ever lol but gahh I love this boy. I’ve never felt this way bout anyone because being an aquarius- I have the unfortunate event of being completely emotionally Unattached from people, places, and things so I don’t usually commit to just one person b/c they usually don’t have my heart. But I think he does. Or is getting there anyways. Is there anything u can tell me-advice wise- to avoid from making any mistakes? Or did u ever see an awful angry side of him? I hear its common in all sags.
    Any advice is helpful advice 🙂

  13. Hello, Im a Leo and I slept w a Sag just for fun. We were great friends too. I knew how to deal w him. I wasnt clingy and I had my own life. We would see each other everyday. He would tell me about the girls he saw or liked him. He was never into commitment. We were w each other for a yr or so. Then he tells me he got a gf w a girl he dated for a week and it feels right. and it has been a while and he needs to get used to having a gf. He asked if i was sad he had a gf. I said yah but it happens. I guess i didnt realize my feelinds for him until he got a gf but i did tell him eventually. He said he thought about us before making the decision and that love is what we shared but didnt acknowledge it. But the way we met wasnt the right way. It was for fun. we were both bad. so what shoud i do, forget him? he said let time heal our past. should i move on? he actually admitted he love me and i dont love someone easily either..should i wait?

  14. @leoguh,

    wow. tough call. u told him that you were in love with him? and he told u the same? if he told you that he thought about U and him b4 he made the decision, and then he still decided to be in the relationship with the other girl, then i would leave it be. he knows what he wants.

    whats his bday?

  15. @Sag24/7,

    Thanks for responding. Yeah i don’t know what to do. He said he thought there was no future bw us because I was going out too much but I was single and we weren’t in a relationship. If i was to act more like that, he would definitely run. He said if he knew how i felt before he would of made a different decision but he already asked her and he does like her he said. He said only i undersant him like his mother understands him and he always want me in his life. He doesnt know how well be in the future, maybe we get another chance or something. He can tell me anything and he trusts me. He was never into wanting a relationship until he met me. I made him decide he wanted to b in one..His bday is Dec 6..

  16. need the birth year as well. well look at it from the other girls’ pov, would u want another girl to do that to you? i mean its decision and he has to live with it. dont become obsessed with what could have been. if u can handle it, be a good friend to him.

  17. oh im not thinking of doin anything w him while hes w her. i was asking if i should wait for him or move on…Its the year 82

  18. i wouldnt wait. you could be waiting forever and then youd be missing out on YOUR blessing.

  19. aww yeah i wont wait. But it does hurt. Thanks for listening!

  20. EmotionalPisces says:

    I met a Sag man a few months ago and fell HARD & FAST. This is the first guy I’ve “liked” in a loooooooooong time. However … I can’t get a handle on it. Initially it was all good he text, called consistently giving me all the attention I needed. However after we did the deed … communication slowed down. He is the brutally honest type I ask am I the only one he’s with(sexually) he says yes your the only one I’m with. He has female friends … I knew this going in but am having difficult time being “cool” with it. I am truly the emotional Pisces who needs to know where we stand. However logically I know I went too far too fast and trying to stop this train that is my emotions is seemingly impossible!!! He asks me why I can’t live in the moment & I ask him … why can’t you just tell me where “we stand”. He tells me not to be so heavy and just chill. He has “female” friends which I’m not thrilled about … yeah throw in jealousy issues too … lol. The other night I tell him im reevaluating the situation & he tells me … he just wants me to be happy so IF dealing with him isn’t making me happy then … do what I need to do. I tell him I got his point … crystal clear we don’t need to discuss it anymore. We go to our separate corners and he gets ready for work. When he finishes he tells me that when I say stuff like “I’m reevaluating” it hurts his feelings and he in turn lashes out. He comes to me and says … in no way do I want you to go out & get someone else understand me when I say that’s NOT what I want you to do. However … I want you to be happy. Oh … forgot to mention … he works 2 jobs right now so my main issue is TIME or lack there of. I don’t feel like I get enough of his time … however I understand that he doesn’t have much to give. Totally out of my comfort zone ….. feeling like I need to stick a fork in it and be DONE!!! Any suggestions on how to SAVE this?? Or should I just call time of death on this one and keep it moving???

  21. wheres his venus sign?

    sounds like he likes you and enjoys spending time with you BUT he doesnt seem like he wants to settle down to confinements and shackles.

    the best way to handle him is to QUIT with all the relationship talk. that will drive him away. us saggis, at least me, doesnt really enjoy even the word “relationship”. id rather just live in the moment. the best thing to do is keep the
    moment going.

    saggis and pisces is a tough match, unless the sag has some water in their chart, it gets a bit easier.

  22. Hello everyone

    I must confess I really enjoyed reading through all the comments on this blog.. They are very enlightening. I am a sagg with moon in aquarius. A lot have been said about sagg, they are honest, they are scared of commitments, they don’t want emotional overweights, they fall in love quick etc.. As a sagg if I like someone I just want to scream it loud into their ear but I try to hold back, to be sure they feel same way too. When am sad or happy, you know. m not good at hiding this things. Yes I love the thrill of the chase.the butterflies in the stomach that comes with it, .the excitement of a first kiss. And I am really sexual. I am not all over the place needing sex, nope..I can go without it for months but once I get this strong attraction to someone, all I think about is kissing them, and if the kiss was also electrifying..I start thinking of having sex with them so bad. If the sex was great, m hooked. I think its mostly because I feel that connection is the one thing that won’t make me get bored with you. I look for this strong sexual connection with any guy I meet. When I find it, I hold on to it. I do keep relationships. I love stable lies, no cheating.. once u hurt me am out the door and once I make up my mind, I don’t go back, nomatter how great we were together.

    I do fall out of love quickly once I make up my mind its over, most of my exes are still so in love with me, but m not.. And its funny cos I was so crazy about them when we were together.. I never really hurt any of my exes.. I stayed faithful and loved them hard. But ve hurt some other guys. Walk into their life..then realise we aint good together and walked out without a second thought. They think m cruel but I did it for them. I get irritated with too much emotions or childish tantrum in a mans. I admire a real man that won’t take my bullshit and knows how to call me to order..loving, caring, a little bit jealous and possessive..yea..its cute. Lol. I value love a lot..its all I want.. And for a sagg I think a lot about getting married and having kids..then I think about other career goals and m dead confuse on how to balance the two Am jealous, emotional (but try hard to hide it) and possessive

    Though m Sagg I need help with a Sagg guy I just met.. This will be lengthy coz I love being thorough but please be patient with me. I just met this sagg guy. I have never dated a Sagg guy before or connected with one..My best friend for 3 years was a sagg guy and we were so happy together but no sexual we never even kissed. But when I met this guy, our eyes met for a few seconds and I felt something. I noticed he started observing me after that day. Somedays later, I siezed an opprotunity to say hi to him. We started talking right away for hours. Then he asked about my love life..I dodged the question. I closed early from work that day (cos we work in same building) he begged me to wait for him.. Told him am hungry so can’t wait..he promised to buy me lunch and drop me home. He did. In his car that day he asked me about my love life again..told him there’s nothing much to it. Then he said hope my love life aint as complicated as his.
    . And told me he has a friend who believes she’s his gf cos they got really close and his ex gf is trying to come back. I told him mine is also complicated cos ve got lot of exes trying to come back

    The next day we saw at work, he told me he had his eyes on me since the first day we saw and he like my person. Said he has this weird funny feeling like he has known me for a long time and he’s can’t help liking me. I closed early too and he begged me to wait for him. When I couldn’t wait any more I had to leave.. As soon as he closed he drove to my place and we went out together. We talked deep and I told him I don’t need a relationship right now, just want to be single and free. He said he use to feel that way sometimes but then he will realise there’s nothing like being in a relationship. Told me about his ex gf that she was faithful and he was rude to her coz she’s dependent on him.. Said he also cheated on her and confessed to her coz he wanted to be open to her., instead she retaliated by cheating on him.. And he couldn’t take it. Told me he’s very jealous. He intoduced me to his younger brother and his friend and took me to his dad’s house (his parents don’t live together) after droping me off that night.. He called me and said his brother and friend like me a lot , then asked if it was possible to like someone so much after spending just two days with them.. I said yes

    The next day we saw as usual in the morning and he took me out after work. When taking me home he asked for a kiss, I refused and he settled for a perk on the cheek.. Then he said he want us to take things to the next level, that he wants me to be his gf. When I got home we started chatting and he said he luv me crazy.. I didn’t see that coming cos Sagg dnt use the “love” word so soon. Well, he said he luved me from the first day we saw. We weren’t going to work the next day, so he begged to see me

    The next day he asked me to meet him up at his mum’s place, I did. I met his mum and she was nice to me. We had fun going over his kid pictures. and he kept trying to go through my fone, next thing we kissed.. Omg.. I felt the stars.. We couldn’t spend muich time together cos he had to go with his dad on a political campaign.. He asked me to come along but I refused. As soon as he dropped me off.. He sent a text ” I luv you crazy” called me on fone and said it again 3 times.. A male friend was suppose to come take me out, and he said “pls dnt go out”. He showed me this jealous trait several times .Now m really hooked on this guy.

    The next day I went on his facebook page and found out his ex gf is a libra ( a good match for him, perhaps better than me being a Sagg ). Also found out as at early this month they were still on good terms, so the break up is still fresh. Now m not too sure if his feeling his genuine anymore. He might just be using me to escape the pain of the former relationship. I texted him that even though m strongly attracted to him we can’t be together cos something will happen to leave me heartbroken..told him we should just be friends. He refused and said he want to Luv me, that I should stop fighting the feelings I have for him. We are suppose to see tomoro to talk about it. What do you sincerely think about this guy?

  23. Ariesgrl says:

    Hi, I’ve been having sex with this Sag for 5 years at first we were getting to know each other then I realized it wasn’t going anywhere he was slow to commit so I moved on and met someone else and had a baby while still having on again off again sex with this sag I love him so much eventually I left my daughter’s dad and back to having our usually romps just more often but my feelings are getting stronger but even though I’m not ready to be in another relationship I can’t get enough of him it really makes me sad that I can’t get myself together when it comes to him. 🙁

  24. ive just met a sagg hes 38 slightly older than me been “single” dated girls on and off for 5 yrs.. seems to have short”ish encounters 3months- 6months….. We had our first date at weekend, and known eachother a month been chatting lots for last 2-3 weeks…. Can someone give me the low down, he opens up more when hes “TIPSY texting at 3am” ive never dated a SAGGI, im a pisces mid 30s thankyou 🙂 X

  25. @lou12 Sagittarius men can be unpredictible. If they choose to be, they can be fickle, faithful, loving and all the things they know women like. I am dating a sag right now. It is important to let them know in the beginning what you want out of the relationship. This is not the man to be passive with. He will take advantage if you allow it. They are very excited about the relationship in the beginning and it slowly fades. However, once they make a committment to you, they will do their best to be faithful. Most of them are wonderful providers and like to take on the leadership role. If you can tolerate this, you will find a relationship with your sag guy very rewarding.

  26. lilo libran says:

    Very interesting analagy on sag men. Anyone have some feedback on the libra/sag synergy ??

  27. I’m a sag in love with a sag 12/21 & 12/7/ 1983 we’ve been “seeing” each other since hs. Last year we spent almost all of our time together and I fell, but while we were seeing each other he found a gf. *Theyre still together* I since then have found someone also. He now acknowledges that he loves me and he misses me but does nothing special to prove it. I do love him and I want to be with him but idk how to go about handling the situation. In my heart he’s the one and I can’t just be his friend. PLEASE HELP!

  28. I’m a sag in love with a sag 12/21 & 12/7/ 1983 we’ve been “seeing” each other since hs. Last year we spent almost all of our time together and I fell, but while we were seeing each other he got a gf He now acknowledges that he loves me and he misses me but does nothing special to prove it. I do love himbut idk how to go about handling the situation. In my heart he’s the one and I can’t just be his friend. PLEASE HELP!

  29. I’m a cancer lady married to a sag man,when we first started d relationship it was fun,not untill when I got pregnant after he disflowerde me initiallky I tought he was disturbed due to the job he doesn’t hv and also cos I’m pregnant dats why he has been hving non challant,not romantic and nagging behind.later he got a job.nt quiet long I got pregnant again it was then he was now treating me badly and fun wit other girls,but wot I realise is dat if he sees my be I’m makin a step of leavin him he will ajust,for d main time or if he sees I have money.although I dnt hv a job doing for now but I’m a graduate.pls advice me

  30. I met a sag at my old work 3 years ago he taxied me n a few other co workers often I found myself in deep conversation with this sag friend I’m a Gemini and pretty
    Much ta the point with things I’m married a d he is engaged but he as slept with a few other girls some he expressed he quite liked I’d noticed him starring wen he thought I wasn’t looking he wud call me and text quiet a lot I started ta like him in a jump his bones kinda way so I made a pass at him only ta be rejected but I went on maternity and he kept Intouch and wen I came back off maternity he told a co worker they couldn’t get a lift no more as I was coming bak I told him bluntly in the car one day that I could Neva be in a relationship with him as he wud do my head in he asked y I said ya jus would he took me out for a drink afta work onetime and started to tell me how he would like ta treat a girl like a princess and for him to feel like a king have a fairytale wedding he wants someone who can bring the best out in him calm him down wen he gets angry likes adventure and to grow I jus said well I don’t believe in that as I was bitter at the time my marriage had started to crumble since then I left my old job but stayed in contact wi sag and earlier this year we had sex on jus for fun basis but afta I developed feelings he got in my head we still meet up for coffee ect wen I’m drunk I pour my heart out to him about how he’s in my head he said there’s something about me but he don’t no Wat but he doesn’t feel the same it’s just for fun but then if I try to call it a day or say I’m getting in way of ur relationship wi ur lass he like no your not but I get the feeling I am I think he loves her. But not in love jus think he tryin ta make it work for kids .his this guy trying ta prove a point that I cud be with him by making me feel like this or is he jus using me cos ta be fair I don’t trust no one no more yea I done bad things but geez karma as ruined me if ya no please tell me his birthday is 23 nov 1973 myn is 23 may 1988

  31. bright scorpio says:

    Hello everyone well im in a 10 year relationship with a sag he is 4 years younger. When him and i met boom!!! It was fire works our attraction was instant our love was instant, our relationship has been a serious rollercoaster we both take care of one another and we both adore one another and sometimes we cant stand one another he acts as if he doesn’t understand me i know sometimes i dont understand him lol, he has cheated i have cheated, he has lied i have lied, we both love to experience life look good and meet new people, i have a great career that alows me to work when i want so if i choose to not work for months at a time i still can and he also has a career that gives him the same freedom. The fact that his job pays him well he laveshes me with very expensive gifts but at the same time he feels that gives him freedom to be sneeky with other woman he says he isnt but my gut says he is at this point in my relationship i finally dont want to tolerate i love that man so much he is the best thing since coffee in the morning, i choose to be extremely happy im 33yrs old and i want to never have to think for two seconds a girl can have my man for two seconds. Im looking for a sagittarius advice on this please.

  32. Cancerdoll says:

    Just met a Sagittarius male dec. 5th he came at me was Intrigued by me gave him my number after that the lovey doves texts began i personally am not use to that soo soon I’m reserved from past relationships so I have my wall. Well we finally meet up talk he fits his sign sooo well it’s wow I on the other hand is July 10th but I don’t really fit my sign I’m more cold. Well he tells me thru text we should be friends he can’t be more than that I said that’s fine your the one telling me all these cutsies names so just know its you. So he said I know. The next day he hits me up very direct do u want me? I said well do u want me? He said of course I miss u haha (bs ear hustle talk) I said well what exactly do u want with me? He told me so in short he wants a relationship without the title and commitment. I said well I have terms and conditions for that. He agreed to my terms which were no sleeping with others always be honest with me good or bad i can handle it. He’s back to the baby names and constant texts. We saw each other today told me to not get feelings I smiled and told him I ask the same to him. We both know what this is. I like how he is a challenge and I never dated a Sagittarius. I can tell he’s jealous and possessive telling me to be good and for me to abide my own rules. What should I do to keep this going? I won’t get attached but I kinda want him to haha I guess u can say I want him to eat his words

  33. I am with Sagittarius for 7 years. His asc. is Libra and Venus is in Capricorn, Mars in Virgo.
    He is a love of my life. I am 7 years older. Before i also had a few relationships with Sagis.
    And my best girlfriend also had a relationshios with Sagi, i knew him too. All Sagis men are completely different. One thing IS THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH about all of them: they are very honest people. If Sagi man tells you, he is not ready for commitment, he means it. When i have met my boyfriend, he was very ready for commitment, he was searching very critically for a concrete woman, he knew exactly, how he wanted woman to be.
    Another Saggi i knew, he told me, he was not ready for commitment and he was not, not at all, just party, many woman and poker games. He was also very immature. I have met him years later, he was still very childish.
    The boyfriend of my girfriend…Ooh, that was the most disastrous Sag ever! A man in thirties of age, very high educated, from a very good rich family. From one side he was a bloody bastard, but if you needed help, he could accomplish anything even to rob a bank and i am not kidding. But my girfriend was kind of softy. He did not pretend to be a good guy, but she just had a pink colord glasses on, hoping for the best. Nope, that she should not do that. When i told her, i have met a Sagi mani, she was terrified for me, but i was very confident about him untill now.
    My Saggi is a completely different story, he was younger than me, still he was completely accomplished man already ,and he is still never tired for endless improovment of himself, a real seeker of Universal Truth.
    May be because my 8th house is Sagitttarius and my North Node is Saggitarius, i understand them very well. They teach me alote aswell. Sags are FUN! FUN! FUN!
    If someone is interested, i have found this site with one very good article about Sags. It’s explains evrything about them. Here you go:

    Bye, was very enjoyable to read all comments!

  34. Taurusgal says:

    Hello Jeffrey and everyone,

    Just stumbled across this topic and would like to have you or any Sagittarius take a look at these positions
    Me-Taurus(april 20),Gemini rising,Gemini moon,Gemini Venus,Aquarius Mars,7th house in Cap.
    Him-Sag(nov 30),Cancer rising,Aqua moon,Cap Venus,Cancer Mars.

    We’ve been at each other’s necks for about 10 months now,without any commitment but emotions are being stirred,at least on my side.Don’t even know what to do anymore but ignore him.The chemistry is out of this world,we cannot stop touching each other.Not much emotional affinity.Why?

  35. Ms. Polite says:

    I’m a Gemini Woman and he is Sag. We have known each other for a year but have recently gotten serious in the last 3-4 months. Here lately, he has gone from great conversation to just calling before bedtime to say goodnight… Yet he says he’s falling in love with me, and that he wants to get married. I don’t have a problem with his words, it’s his actions. As a Gemini, I have the insane ability to go numb in 3seconds if I feel it’s worthless or going to hurt me. I’m trying to be patient because I understand his frustrations. He is in school full-time and working part time. I give him plenty of encouragement but the being distant can make me walk away. What do I do? We’re like two best friends and I am honestly falling in love with him, haven’t told him that though. Please help. I want the treasure that I KNOW I see inside him.

  36. Question:

    I’m a Gemini woman, been dealing with a Sag man for almost a year. It seems as though I’m always chasing him. As someone reminded me, another Gemini, they are dual like us, so they liked to be chased.

    At times he wouldn’t say anything for days but find out I’m talking to other guys for possible dating, he gets all possessive/jealous. LOL. It’s cute actually. LOL.

    Lately the communication hasn’t been great, plus I’m tired of being ignored, like an after thought. So I left. Told him I’m DONE! It seems like the couple of times he knew or thought he would lose me, he would express his feelings. He realized that he didn’t give me enough credit to stay but realized that I have been with him through his ups and down he has experienced and still there!

    He said “I’m not letting you go. Where do you think you are going??? I have put too much time into you and vice versa for you just to walk away. There is a connection here. I’m not going anywhere until this s**t is played through”….Then he said since how I left …you know us Gemini’s we will straight disappear…and I treated him like “some guy”, he said am I sure? HA! When I was the one ignored please. But can understand. He realized he shut me out emotionally and kept me closed off. I don’t need a love letter from him, just him acknowledging how he feels and letting me know!

    I can see he has a good heart. A big heart and caring. He said he was hurt. I believe him. LOL one time he said “you know you are the one I’m crazy about right??” I wanted to say “NO!!!!!” But I just agreed. LOL. I told him at times he doesn’t seem interested…IDK…he thought I secretly wanted my ex because he lives closer to me than he does (my guy is like 90 min drive, so not far at all really) and he knew he wanted me. I asked did I ever make him feel that way…wanting him back. He said no, but those things he thought about made him think so. But I did nothing to influence that thinking.

    I told him he can’t close me out…and he has someone here that would/could love him, desire him and appreciate him. He asked why I left? I said because I can’t give myself to someone, (he said he wants my ALLLLLL) and give my all to someone who is closed off, it’s not fair. It really hurt me to leave, but I had to in order to protect me. Now we have promised each other not to do things to protect our feelings (both sides). He doesn’t feel I hold back, but I haven’t said enough (meaning how I feel). HUH? I thought I did…

    As a Sag (male or female)…what’s your opinion??? Could he be into me?? Is this something I should keep pursing??? I am CRAZY about him and sometimes I think I love him, but IDK…but opinions??

  37. I am a Sag male and met a Gemini girl… Wow we had a mistirious connection from the beginning, I wanted her so bad and I kept showing to her, I know she kept flirting with me and she tried to unveil to her my story life. I trust her just because we had a deep connection. She was the one that ask me to go out for a drink. When we dated first time I felt that she doesn’t want me and she was disappointed from me, she always say “it has to do with the chemisty” WTF…..!! say it strait out I will appreciated better.
    Anyhow I kept pushing her to go out but she always denied, so one day I said to her ” yeah it has to do with the chemistry, have a good life”. I feed up chasing her without any response so I moved on. Hehehe
    Now I am free to do my bungee jumping and skydiving …life is good for us the Sags

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