How to make a Libra man feel guilty

To feel remorse, you first have to be aware of — and respect — the experience of another being. Unfortunately, many people are either sociopathic or just not mature enough to recognize that others deserve fair treatment. The foundation of this understanding is based on rules and laws, moral codes that are hammered into our heads by our parents and society. This superegoic consciousness can be represented by Saturn. This strict planet is not all bad — it is appropriate to repress certain instincts, when acting on them hurts others. Think of the Ten Commandments: It’s not OK to steal or screw your neighbor’s spouse, for example. If we all did whatever our instincts told us to do, we’d live in chaos.

And yet, our parents and society also teach us to repress vital parts of ourselves — in the service of conformity, as well as submission to the State. Is it not sad that — in becoming aware of our talents and desires that meet disapproval from the mainstream — we feel like we are trespassing, or doing something wrong?

Libra, the sign in which Saturn finds its exaltation, is focused on doing what appears right or culturally appropriate. There is a core of strength in Libra, in its focus on fairness, justice and balance. And yet there is also a wishy-washy quality that comes from being so focused on pleasing all parties that Libra does not know what to do — he does not trust his insides because he does not want to lose face.

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About Jeffrey Kishner

Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at


  1. Thinking about him right now actually. I dont know why but as a capricorn, im very standoffish and guarded but with him(libra) i opened up. Ya you libras arent that emotional, atleast you dont show it. How do you take when someone says they hate you? And they wish they never met you, being ur a libra?

  2. How does libra take it when someone says they hate you? And they wish they never met you?

  3. Im not sure if your getting my comments but how do libras feel when someone says they hate them.

  4. Do libras feel hurt when you hate them?

  5. Do libras really cry when they told you, you made them cry? Mine was 34years old.

  6. Libra69 says:

    Idk it depends

  7. Josias Body says:

    I’m A Libra and can tell you Libras aren’t going to be a hundred percent offended but it’ll hurt them a little on the emotional aide

  8. Josias Body says:

    I’m A Libra and can tell you Libras aren’t going to be a hundred percent offended but it’ll hurt them a little on the emotional side

  9. Josias Body says:

    You are a lucky person because a Libra will easily fall in love and truth be told a Libra will test out their compatibility and find trust in the one person they admire above others and they can be sweet

  10. Josias Body says:

    You are a lucky person because a Libra will easily fall in love and truth be told a Libra will test out their compatibility and find trust in the one person they admire above others and they can be sweet. But it depends on what Libra you get.

  11. Josias Body says:

    Whoa you are pissed, but hey there’s no need to be mad at all Libras there are better ones out there and believe me Libras get screwed over badly too. You are absolutely right Libras are butholes, selfish, liars and deniers of truth and have anger issues. But there are ones who are extremely loyal, caring, considerate, loving, charming, humurous and will make sacrifices. Please give Libra a chance to show you the possibilities. LOL not the guy of course I’m Libra and he wouldn’t be considered one of us because there is a rule us Libra’s have and that’s don’t ever break a person’s heart. Second rule is never lie and cheat loved ones or friends. I respect your honest opinion which will help me not do what that conceited A hole did and I hope you find a good person no matter the Zodiac sign

  12. Josias Body says:

    Hey skittles I feel for you I’ve been screwed up many different Zodiac signs and I know you will hate me because I’m born a Libra bit please hear me out as I told Laco, you are right to be mad at a Libra but there are completely three different types of Libras the lying backstabbing Libra who normal Libras don’t accept, then there are the sweet ones who will do anything for you and are sweet. Then there’s the in between. The Libra you’ve dated skittles is the unbalanced one he’s more on the deceitful side me I won’t lie I’m honestly in between which is balanced I am loyal bit I’m no Charlie angel I do sometimes lie all zodiac people do it. But skittles please believe me I feel so bad about the Libra’s that I have to explain and apologize for the stupid Libra who gives us a bad name so please don’t dislike us. Me I don’t really hate any Zodiac sign I believe the readings and descriptions of a Zodiac symbol but I won’t hate a group because one did me wrong and yes most good Libras believe in harmony and of course this site is to expose Libras but not all are the same. Thanks skittles for the insight of what us Libras need to fix so we don’t mess up or become like the Libra you’ve dated

  13. Josias body are you male or female?

  14. My experience with a libra was horrible, she was a back biting two faces lying soul! She talked about everyone including her own children. She’s a bitter sociopath! She tried to be manipulative but I don’t let that happen. She wonders why she can’t sleep at night, the demons won’t let her. She has no self love therefore she can’t love anyone else. She’s lukr5 a bad storm causing trouble everywhere she goes.. I’m trying my best not to hate her!they can be jealous big time… they do have a gd heart but after all the bull shit, can you really believe them?

  15. I have been married twice both to libras. I am a pisces female and they both have severe lying and drinking and serious drug addictions. They lie about the little stuff and the big stuff too. They are by far the most selfish sign and unbalanced. Both mine were bad fathers. 1st one was high school sweetheart and found out he was drugging me and then he was stealing from me and on heroin. Non existant father 30k behind in child support and now so slow the drugs ate his brain…also stole my daughters college fund and out of her piggy bank. The recent one a coke head raging alcoholic and abusive also. Not a consistant father and they are both horrible with money. Cannot save a dime and only live to get high. I wish I had never met either of these unbalanced libras…i was married twice and had 1 kid with each. Libras give all other men a bad rap. I gave each relationship my all and left repeatedly hurt and lied to. The only libra men I love is 1 my lil brother and my son. Libra men have addiction issues more than any other signs combined. I hate Libras and i am on the cusp of a aquarius and pisces febr 19. I like cancers and taurus and some scorpios. Libra men have caused ongoing trust issues in my life. Both stole and lied and God knows what else.

  16. I am curious
    Why are Libras soooo narcacist
    With bad temper??

    , I have been dating a Libra man who is in the military.. And so because he is deployed.. I like to offer him emotional support.. By talking to him.. But all conversations are always all about him and what he does and what he wants.., occasionally I try to get in some worries about myself.. But he thinks that he is the most interesting and important person in the
    World… in the beginning he seemed so selfless and humble.. That was why I was initially attracted to him he was very catering to me, now he’s just an arrogant fool!!! He has the nerve to be jealous and verbally abusive if I ever state that I’m going out or going to have a good time.. Nothing crazy no night clubs or anything like that, just friends hanging out..

    I want to tell him that I need a shift.. Because I’m thinking about dumping him.. When I tried last time he pulls several manipulation tactics about him being abandoned.. But I don’t think that he will really care if I stop talking to him. Because of the same conversation why he cries about being abandoned he also insults me.. He’s insulting me a lot recently and that’s making me rethink everything.
    How can I get him to apologize and stop this Behavior??

  17. No, they won’t because they are self-centered

  18. Libras are extremely narcissistic…
    Some say catering to them has some rewards.., but very few. But if you are going to be with him. The relationship is going to be about stroking his ego..
    Being that he is deployed I don’t suggest this is a good idea for you.. Because it’s a completely worshipping driven + thankless relationship!
    Not only do people from the military come back what all type of post-traumatic stress and other mental illnesses that you’re going to have to guide him through. He will expect you to stay.. Because you have stayed this long.
    I do not know what Zodiac you are.., but your relationship with him is going to be all about always always neglect and sacrifice!! ON YOUR PART.
    Especially because he is in the military.
    Maybe if he was truly in love.. He could make some repentance.
    Have you expressed to him that you have one leg out the door??
    Best pure manipulation to one minute cry about abandonment and being left.. But then try to switch it like a bipolar and be emotionally abusive or insulting.., unless he sending you money to pay bills from this deployment.. This is not worth it in any form. Get you a nice Pisces man or something.

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