Horary Astrology: Will I Meet Mr. Right?

The following guest post is by horary astrologer Christine N. Davis.

Dear Christine,

I’ve been a single Sagittarius for a very long time, with one serious relationship and many dates over the years. I wanted to know if a long-term, settled and happy committed relationship is likely for me within the next 5-10 years or so.

I have been out of the dating loop for a while, so my own confidence needs re-building. I have been doing quite a lot of transformation work on myself. And I’ve been trying to affirm my own sexuality in a positive, gentle, feminine yet powerful way, especially now I am leaving the “maiden” phase of my life, and having to get to grips with this.

I’d rather be in a positive, life-enhancing relationship that works through the ups and the downs than be in one for the sake of it which could cause much emotional or psychological angst and worry. I think it’s much healthier to be positive and single,
than to be in a negative relationship.

Also, my Scorpio ex rang me up at Christmastime, asking if I would get back with him. Then I found out that he’d just ended a relationship. He also admitted he’d been on the rebound the first time he and I got together, too. I thought: “On the rebound the second time – I don’t think so!” So I’ve ended that friendship once and for all. And it’s been a liberation.

I’m only wondering now if there will be a future, solid relationship in the offing for me. I am wondering, too, if I have missed out on meeting “Mr. Right” – maybe I’ve walked right past him or worked with him or something and not even realized!

M. says, “Might I meet my Mr. Right?”

Dear M.,

There’s a curious quirk about the way some relationship horary charts behave. Your question is perfectly clear about wanting to know about Mr. Right; this chart (view the horary chart), though, mostly wants to talk about Mr. Right Now. Not your Scorpio ex, but your coming-up-next. I’ll show you what this chart has to say about the next guy plus any prospects for the future.

First, the chart shows immediately how important this quest is for you. With such a late degree on the ascendant, it reflects your fear that it may be too late, as you hinted about approaching midlife. Also, the condition of the Moon, representing your emotional side, spells out your stress. Moon is in its fall, in the Via Combusta, and ruled by Mars, the dispositor of the Arabian part of marriage. Your longing for The Relationship is breaking your heart.

Mercury, representing your mind, tells the same tale. It is ruled by Jupiter, which rules this chart’s 7th house of partnership. You want a partner more than anything. Mercury is in its detriment and its fall in Pisces: you feel the lack of partnership keenly.

Mercury, though, has a powerful ally right by its side: Venus exalted in Pisces. Venus represents your feminine powers of attraction, and in Pisces, it’s truly a depiction of the sacred feminine: positive, yet powerful. Both Mercury and Venus are in the angular 10th house, and planets that are angular are well situated to go out and get what they want. Venus wants The Relationship too, and she’s in the best shape of all three of your planets (Mercury, Moon, Venus). Whatever you’re doing to enhance your femininity and sexuality… keep on doing it, it’s working in spades. And when you go out, let Venus do the talking.

In the near future, I do think you’re on track to meet someone; again, not necessarily Mr. Forever, but someone to enjoy and to let off some of the “where’s-my-relationship” steam. Mercury (that’s you) applies immediately to sextile Jupiter (that’s him) in just under five degrees. Taking five degrees for five months, and accounting for the fact that I received your question in late March, I believe that you’ll meet your next boyfriend by the end of this summer.

Is he long-term relationship material, though? I think you’ll be the best judge of that as you get to know him. He looks marriage-minded, anyway, and willing to play the sacred masculine to your sacred feminine; but I wouldn’t necessarily make long-term plans with him. Not all our relationships are meant to last, though; we can be on the train for the destination we want, but there’s nothing wrong with (and lots to gain from) taking a delightful detour in various charming towns along the way.

What about the long-term view? From this chart, I honestly think you are destined to make it happen. Following the horary rules to answer, “Will I ever meet The One?”, everything I come up with says, yes, yes, of course, yes.

M., your femininity is the source of your greatest strength. You do contain a core of feminine beauty, archetypically so. Work it, use it, and don’t let the unproven theory of “I’m too old, it’s too late” stop you from boarding the train of love at any station you like.

Thanks so much for asking. My best wishes to you!


About the Author
Christine N. Davis (askchristine.wordpress.com) offers traditional horary astrology readings. Her writing has appeared in The Mountain Astrologer. For private consultations, visit her website at www.askchristine.info. If you would like Christine to consider your question about relationships for Seduction Central, email her at seduction@askchristine.info.


  1. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    Christine, I used this Arabic Parts Calculator, and found the Arabic Part of Marriage at 13 degrees Aries. Is its house position relevant? What do you do with it, other than look at its dispositor?

    Also … what do you make of the ruler of the seventh (Jupiter) in its fall (Capricorn)?

  2. Christine says:

    Excellent questions. The dispositor’s condition, location, and aspects are more important than the part, though if the part were very close to a key significator, that would add something to your reading. The part, being just a calculation, cannot cast aspects.

    The thing to remember with parts is that you don’t just fling them all in the chart (oh, look, part of Cucumbers!); you calculate one that may be relevant to the story, and then look at it & its dispositor.

    Jupiter in its fall: I don’t love it, to tell the truth. I don’t think the next guy M. meets will be Mr. Right due to his own personal failings. “Fall” is a serious debility, but it also looks worse than it is – it’s got the same sense of exaggeration that exaltation does, in the opposite direction. (Exaltation is great, but overestimates its greatness a bit.)

    Jupiter ruled by the lord of HIS 2nd house tells me he may have money problems; Jupiter exalting Mars (dispositor of Marriage) suggests he idealizes marriage (as a solution to his money problems, perhaps?).

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much for this, Christine.
    I was quite heartened to hear that working with my femininity etc will pay dividends. I will keep working on this! One needs to be whole, rather than jump into a relationship and I am very picky!

    A lot of what you said, is spot on- even though I have so many friends, belong to many supportive communities, have many interests etc, it does hit me sometimes. ( yes, it does feel like my heart is breaking, but I keep my chin up and tell myself not to be so silly. It’s more like something at the back of my mind- very discreet. It wouldn’t be obvious to a lot of people )

    I have kept quiet about it and most people see a very resourceful, independant person, who doesn’t seem to have a care in the world. I am 42, and very “young”, but it does seem like life is passing me by.

    The venus in Pisces sounds lovely. I confess to having doubts about being attractive to the opposite sex. I’ve been out of the loop for so long, so that really helps ;).

    I’m not familiar with Arabic Parts- what does the Arabic Part of Marriage in Aries signify?

    Interesting about money problems! Since I don’t have much myself, I don’t think I’ll be able to help this poor guy! LOL. Is Capricorn synonymous with money and status/social climbing? How does Jupiter in Capricorn work?

    Does the chart reveal anything about what a potential Mr Right ( as opposed to Mr Right now) might be like?


  4. Christine says:

    Hi Ms. Anonymous 🙂

    > I’m not familiar with Arabic Parts- what does the Arabic Part of Marriage in Aries signify?

    The Part of Marriage itself is a calculation: Ascendant plus Descendant minus Venus. The Part itself is interesting to look at, but it’s more useful to look at the planet that rules the sign the Part is in. This one’s in Aries, so we want to see what Mars (ruler of Aries) is doing.

    The Part’s being in Aries doesn’t signify anything in and of itself. We don’t extract it from the chart that way.

    > Is Capricorn synonymous with money and status/social climbing? How does Jupiter in Capricorn work?

    Nope, that’s not how I came to that conclusion. It’s like this:
    – this next guy is represented by the 7th house & its ruler. (In this case, Jupiter.)
    – his money is represented by the 8th house & its ruler. (In this case, Saturn.)
    – Jupiter is in its fall. The next guy to come along is not the greatest fellow in the world.
    – Jupiter in Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. He is preoccupied with Saturn: his money.
    – So how’s his money? We know two things about it: 1. it’s retrograde, so it seems to be going the wrong way. 2. it’s in Virgo, which is Jupiter’s detriment. The guy’s money (or lack of it) hates him or causes him harm.

    > Does the chart reveal anything about what a potential Mr Right ( as opposed to Mr Right now) might be like?

    I wish it did… thus my opening sentences. The chart seems to talk about the next one coming down the street, not the serious long-term one you asked about.

  5. Anonymous says:

    M’mm! Well forewarned is forearmed… if this guy does show up, it would be very wise to make a friend of him. I don’t want to come between a man and his money LOL!

    I can wait a while longer for the “Right Person” 😉

    thanks …. M ; D

  6. Anonymous says:


    How would the sacred masculine work, and how does translate in a relationship, or what is indicated in this particular chart : sacred masculine and sacred feminine together?


  7. Christine says:

    Hi, thanks for asking. I have responded to you privately via email.

  8. i want to khow when i will get my mr right.
    my birth date is 22 march and time 12:15 am. in ujjain (mp)

  9. dimitra says:

    hi Christine. i am really impressed by how horary works. I was wondering about me too. When will i find Mr right? Question asked June 10th 2013 01:37 am Athens greece

    Thank you in advance


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