Libra woman and Cancer man: Do they have a future together?

The follow guest post is by horary astrologer Christine N. Davis.

Dear Christine,

I met this man recently, and our chemistry is off the roof! We connect in every aspect, and he’s a sweetheart and literally everything I look for in a man. He feels the same way about me. Only thing is he’s a Cancer and I’m a Libra (plus, our planetary alignments aren’t exactly “made for each other” types, if you get what I mean), so I find it amazing how we’re connecting so well. If everything goes right, I would seriously consider a future with him. So, do you see a future for our relationship?

– L., a Libra in love

Dear L.,

Isn’t it a relief that attraction doesn’t come down to sun signs alone? Otherwise we’d all have to wear signs saying, “I’m a Libra: all other cardinal signs, stay away.” And I totally understand about aligning his chart to yours and hoping the resulting synastry will spell out “Go for it!” in the sky. Right away, I’d say don’t panic if at first glance your natal charts don’t seem to mesh.

I’ve cast a chart for the moment I understood your question, and am using old-school horary astrology to interpret it. In this chart, you’re represented by Venus (your mind and, to some extent, your mojo) and the Moon (your emotions, your heart’s desire); and your guy is signified by Mars (his personality) and Sun (his mojo).

From Mars in Cancer, ruled by you as the Moon, it’s clear your guy cares deeply for your heart. And Sun in Pisces, which exalts you as Venus, tells me he digs your personality – and your feminine wiles – very much. Exaltation is like putting one’s sweetie on a pedestal: he may be idealizing you now, but at some point we goddesses have to step down from the clouds and reveal how we look without makeup.

To answer a horary question like “Do you see a future for our relationship?”, what we do is take the chart we’ve got and move our significators forward just a little. You’re asking the chart, “Is it better to go forward or stay put?” If important significators are about to change signs, for example, it can show an upcoming change in attitude – for better or for worse. I’m sharing the possibilities below with you, not to discourage you, but for you to know about so you can see them with open eyes.

Now, Mars is in early degrees of Cancer in this chart. Symbolically speaking, it’ll be in Cancer for quite a while, so I don’t see a change in his feelings for you any time soon. But I do see Mars aspecting Saturn by sextile. Saturn, ruling his 10th and 11th houses, may have something to do with his work or his buddies. Saturn in Virgo is in the fall of Venus, your significator: so whatever Saturn represents, it’s no friend to you. Your guy might have to make work or his friends a priority, for instance, which would mean spending less time with you.

Also, we know that the exaltation-goddess-pedestal phase has to end someday. (Sigh…) I see a couple of indicators suggesting that the electric attraction between you two is bound to calm down a bit. For one thing, Miss Venus, you’re about to enter Pisces – where you’re going to start exalting… yourself! It looks like a surge of self-confidence coming your way, where you start to feel more comfortable putting your needs first. Not a bad thing, to ask your partner for more of what you like! Venus in Pisces is also in what’s called the triplicity of Mars. This is a mellow sort of planetary dignity where you start to feel like you and he are keeping a nice simmer going. Not too spicy, but not at all cold.

As for him, I think he’s likely to start asking for more of what he wants, too. The Sun, which exalts you as long as it’s in Pisces, will eventually enter Aries. And Aries is the sign where Mars is top dog and the Sun is exalted. (Did you hear anything about your planets in that list? Nope, me either.) He won’t stop caring for you, but I bet he stops playing the selfless sweetie and shows more of his true colors.

But it’s early yet. You’re in a place together where everything is possible and every shared revelation makes you fall all the more in love. Treasure this part for what it is – the fun and the chemistry and the wow – and always check in with your heart, which is well-grounded in reality and knows what you really need.

Thanks for your question. Let me know how things work out!

– Christine

Christine N. Davis offers traditional horary astrology readings. Her writing has appeared in The Mountain Astrologer. For private consultations, visit her website at


  1. Interesting.

  2. Wow! This is a very well-written article. Horary articles can sometimes be very humdrum and heavy on the text book language… this was fun to read, and offered some insight on how a horary chart should be read. I also hate when astrologers state that we cannot change what is in the chart, we are forced to undergo the fate that is being shown, that we basically have no will of our own to change things (or to at least change how we will react to things). I LOVE that this astrologer Christine took the info and gave “L” tips on how to live with it in a positive manner!

  3. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    Yes, Christine did an awesome job. I hope we will hear from her soon…

  4. Christine says:

    Glad people liked it! More to come soon…

  5. I am a Cancer Man and my partner is a libra woman 10 years younger and we find a way to argue about everything!I don’t know what to do I have a different veiw on most thinks and my feelings get hurt!Am i just crazy is her veiws right and my wrong!All i want is affection! :-}

  6. I am a cancer man who recently was with a Libra woman just can’t seem to understand wht she wanted from me everything always ended up in a agrument i am the type of person to give her anything she wants and i just feel like i wasn’t doing enough because she wasn’t working for about 4 months and as she start to work she called it of knowing that i was always there for her don’t mather what the issue was but she kick me out she doesn’t even speak to me no more or wants anything to do with me even though that i still love very much

  7. Cancer man, i so fill for you i was reading your post and i wish that my Cancer man was in Love with me like you are with your Libra Woman. I told him six years ago that i loved him for the 1st and he didn’t want to hear it. We are still close friends and believe it or not lovers to some exstent. I still love him so much and honesty believe that he hold my happiness in his hands. We’ve gone are seperate ways on more than several occations because thats what hes wanted and i’ve always taken him back. And i know i always will is that wrong of me? He’s nine years my jr but i don’t feel that makes much of a differnce his mom and dad love the hell out of me and he loves me to but just not enough i guess to have a life with me. So i so feel your pain.

  8. charlene upshaw says:

    I am the same way I am a libra and my guy is a cancer we both get a long good but some same he get mad went he can not get his way because I had spoil him I love him and he love me but some thing we just do not understand each other I he stay in Indianapolis and I stay merrvillville I’d I am not doing anything but begin faithfully but I just do not know want he is do.can you gave me some understanding about this cause I love him and I do a lot for him

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