How to Seduce and Get Your Leo Man to Commit

Leo the LionThe following guest post is by Lisa Saliture.

If you really want to seduce and eventually get a Leo man to commit to you, you had better devise a clever game plan, and be ready to play the game like you never played it before!

Of all of the 12 Sun signs, when it comes to attracting a multitude of women, the Leo man is at the top of his game, oozing cockiness, charm, and an almost boyish sexiness that he uses to lure you in. He is fun, loyal, and can be a poet when it comes to seducing you into a frenzy with romantic words.

The Leo man is 100% all about the hunt, the chase, and the conquest. The lion couldn’t have been a more fitting icon when describing the astrological traits of the modern day Leo man. Being a single woman, I’ve had the privilege — or should I say the experience — of being part of a Leo man’s conquest in the boudoir and in a relationship. While the Leo man is very sexually addictive and alluring, here is a bit of advice on how to tame him without falling prey to his seductions first.

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  1. @LeoLady86

    I would also like to say i am not a very emotional kind of person. Think “Spock” off Star Trek and that’s me. Things have to be logical, and there always has to be a reason to me why people “do or say” things. Even if there really is NO reason at all! So i find that i am always trying to analyze this man and the things he does, or says. Since i am so practical, and think things through before i even will take a chance. I am blown away , by his easy breezy nature, and his attitude which is most often positive. I am not a dark moody cloud, but i like to over think things. I try to solve my own problems when i can, but once in a while i will ask him for advice, and then he texts me like a maniac! So i know that he must like to give advice, lol since he never texts me that much! But my question is will he consider me WEAK to ask for a solution to a problem, and what if i only take half of his advice, will he be offended, and wonder why the hell i even asked in the first place if i don’t follow all that he suggested? Or can he see that i took some of his advice, and be happy in that? I hate to ask anybody for help, But sometimes seeing things from others perspective helps me not over analyze things so much and come to a solution that much quicker. I also think that is why he was attracted to me in the first place, the fact that i am not an emotional girl and was able to keep feelings out of it for so long. But really if you Leo’s love love, and being in love, then maybe he was setting me up all this time! Ha ha, because i truly would have been a big conquest to him! Older, unemotional, woman who loves sex… hummm ……….But never stuck around so that i didn’t fall in love……. Like I said we would talk about our past relationships and I the fact that i never became emotionally involved with any of them, and I was the one always ending the relationships. Now hear i am In love. FUNNY. AND so illogical. Because how can you love somebody you have never ever dated? Never been out with? Never been out in public with? Never met their family , or been to their house? I have never known a Leo, or dated one ever. And i hope I don’t ever again! I am consumed by him…..Because I cant seem to be able to stop thinking about him, I feel obsessed and possessive, and out of control, and that is SO NOT ME. And i would NEVER EVER admit that to him EVER in fear that he would think of me as crazy! I just plod away , trying to remain clam and cool and fun loving which i am on any NORMAL given day, except i am emotionally swept off my feet by this man. You darn LEO”S…. stop being so special!

  2. Greetings to all interested readers. As i wait for random opponents to play Ruzzle and Words with Friends I wanted to ask if Chip is still a member on this site? I am happy that I am drama-free. It wasn’t easy for me. I simply dissappeared, spent most of my time @ work, stopped texting everyone. I took a break from the social world in many aspects and after 50 days of not seeing me Leo has the nerve to make his 7th attempt @ redeeming a booty coupon? Such an act of desperation! A total turn off!! I dont want to be rude but how can i kindly tell him that he bores me?

  3. Hi Ariel,

    You are so good at expressing your self, giving advice and you have such a good
    sense of humour that I find it hard to believe you of all people would be at a loss
    of words as to how to tell this Leo that he bores you.???

    Just “SPEAK YOUR MIND” in your articulate, meaningful and humorous manner
    which really made me laugh. You are a true “COMEDIAN”.!!!

    Leos can be very “BORING” whilst at the same time they represent a caricature
    of their true self, which they project whether they intend it or not and something
    which grabs your attention because it’s hard to escape.

    Cheers funny Girl, keep writing and keep smiling. Taurus

  4. I have a question about how I can post on the blog.

    Thank you


  5. I was wanting to post a question about a Leo Man and the compatibility of a Gemini Man. yea it’s a biggie lol.

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