He Said, She Said: Capricorn woman frustrated with romantic life

He Said/She Said features a love advice question answered by professional astrologers Jessica Shepherd of Moonkissd and Jeffrey Kishner of Seduction Central Sasstrology. After they each provide their perspective, they combine their insight to offer advice they both agree on.

natal chartA Capricorn woman writes,

I have much to be grateful for but the one area of my life that is a perpetual source of frustration is my romantic life. I have dated a lot, I attract men, but my romances are always so fleeting, end abruptly, and not usually by me. I have tried all sorts of positive ways to handle being single, but it’s getting rough to keep up the good attitude. Recently I had a date with a Leo man who literally could not wait to see me again, he wanted to see me the very next night… I couldn’t see him until a few days later, but he ended up canceling our date the morning of, and never returning my call to reschedule. It honestly was baffling to me. This happens a lot to me, men who are very hot then very cold. Sometimes I worry that I will never experience true long term intimacy, or marriage and kids, which makes me very sad. I want those things. Any advice?

He Said:

Jeffrey KishnerThe Seventh House of your chart concerns partnership, and with Libra on the cusp of this house, the give-and-take of romantic relationship is important to you. The planet that rules Libra — Venus — is in freedom-loving Aquarius. This sign — ruled by shocking Uranus — is inherently unpredictable, so “abrupt endings” are par for the course. As the Seventh House can represent one’s partner, you may find Venus in Aquarius “acted out” by others — meaning that you attract men who are erratic in their behavior.

In addition, your Venus is in a stressful 90-degree angle — called a “square” — with Saturn, the planet of restriction and delay. Saturn’s influence can bring hardship to romantic relationships. You may feel unloved or undervalued, and it may feel like it’s taking forever to find a stable, long-term relationship. People with challenging Saturn-Venus contacts may come into relationship later in life than other folks. The key to living with this combination is weeding out relationship patterns and potential partners that disappoint you or weigh you down.

Saturn thrives on simplicity. As it rules the skeletal structure, think about your “bare bones” needs in a partnership. In your estimation, what’s the foundation of a sound relationship? See if you can spot the men who live out the positive qualities of Aquarius. Humanitarian, friendly, inventive. When you realize that you don’t want to waste your time on the less-than-stellar Aquarian attributes in men — like abruptly dropping out of the game — then you may be less attracted to them.

She Said:

Jessica ShepherdTo read Jessica’s response to the same question, visit Moonkissd — then read They Said for their bottom line advice!

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They Said:

It takes time to find a partner worthy of your love. Weed out those who don’t meet your basic partnership needs and aim for the highest qualities in the men you attract . Once you do this, try letting your guard down. You might find yourself attracted to and changed by someone very different from you.

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  1. Interesting.

  2. I am a Leo and my girlfriend is a Capricorn. We have a deep love. I had several love affairs, but i found the characteristics of my girlfriend is very fascinating. We are what we belive we are. Keep your head up. Love will come and your heart will know it.

  3. i’m a capricorn women, and my bf’z a leo..we r going awesome..i guess you just gotta believe that you’ll go through the hard times.

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