All Scorpios cheat. Scorpios never cheat.

ScorpioAn ongoing discussion in the comments section about Scorpios illuminates the wide variety of perceptions about this sign’s capacity for fidelity. Janis has “never met a scorpio that was truly faithful,” while Victoria says, “generally speaking Scorpio is a very faithful and loyal and devoted sign, if they are in love.”

I’m not going to take sides, because both readers speak to part of Scorpio’s truth. What interests me is that we all have strong beliefs about zodiac sign characteristics. And we don’t necessarily arrive at the whole truth of a sign by relying on observations. Certainly, the understanding we have acquired by studying the charts (or just Sun signs) of our friends and lovers is deeper than that which we would acquire from solely relying on the stereotypes offered in Sun sign books. But there is one significant problem with coming to astrological conclusions based on personal experience: They’re personal.

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About Jeffrey Kishner

Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at


  1. Big hearted Saggi says:

    A virgin scorpio could potentially stay loyal for life to the one they love and never cheat…but once they’ve had their innocence taken away by someone who hurt them…they will become cheaters, lairs and haters…and never learn to trust again…sadly that’s the case with most male scorpio I’ve encountered…in their heart they want to love again but to avoid getting hurt, they won’t let themselves to trust…and by cheating, they don’t emotionally attach and hence cannot get hurt in return…

  2. yup yup yup

  3. phenix scorpio says:

    big saggi- true but that is true with anyone there heart is broken. When the heart i\s broken it withdraws and does not want to come out. it is aware of the pain inflicted and thus it is harder to love. Love becomes a little less now becuase of it. The next love is then compared to the one before it even if your not bitter and becuase the first love is usally devlop threw time your mind wonders back to that love often and if even the slighest hting is missing it comes across your mind often but in truth that hate is understandable its like taking revenge on the men adn wemon for the hurt inflicted by the one lol sorry im blabbing 😛 ill stop now

  4. It takes a great deal of self-respect and dignity to be faithful and honorable. It takes above all a close relationship with our maker too to be aware that we are not to hurt others in any way or form. Man, this room gives me the giggles. Some of the expressions are so much fun to read. My niece is a Scorpio. She is 28 and a wonderful young lady. Very self-respecting. She walked out on her boyfriend at the first sign of disrespect. My brother in law is a Scorpio and a wonderful faithful kind husband to my sister and father to my niece and nephew. He is very spiritual as well. It helps to be aware and to have a great care for people’s feelings to really be faithful, respectful and honorable. It is a challenge often times with all the external factors. My cousin who is a single Mom is a Scorpio. She is 33 and a most wonderful self-respecting lady and Mom to her little boy. She is alone. She has no boyfriend and endeavors to become a Reg Nurse. I think that we as imperfect individuals – being human – it is important that we have a personal relationship with our maker to be able to have the strength to hold ourselves in high regard so that we do not end up hurting or dishonoring others. God bless everyone.


  5. Scorpios have a tendancy to respond overwhelmingly. If you hurt a Scorpio, even innocently, they will shut you out, smear your reputation, tell everyone what a terrible person you were and paint themselves as the martyr and the victim of your viciousness. Meanwhile, of course, you have no idea that any of this is happening, or why suddenly everyone you used to be friends with is giving you the stink eye all of the sudden.

    Scorpios are manipulative and will start setting things up far, far in advance. They’re good at revenge as well.

    Now, of course every person is different. But on the whole, this is the experience I’ve had with Scorpios both personally and from researching.

  6. @Damien

    Hey baby, I knew I’d find you here venting. What you said about us Scorps is true if you have a negative encounter with a young, unevolved one. One that has not learned how and when to use their stinger. When you go shopping for a Scorpio female, find one that has had time to think and reflect on their past mistakes AND successes, then you will find the gem you seek. You will not be in harm’s way. You will always be in good, safe, loving, nurturing hands…even when the worst happens.

    If an evolved Scorpion loves you deeply and unconditionally, you will have to severely hurt them to get them to sting you AND to cheat on you. Don’t be scared baby, I am love.

  7. @pumkin

    i feel so good this month 🙂

  8. @Xavier

    What’s going on that has you feeling so groovy???

  9. My very close friend Mary is a scorpio woman. I am 41 (taurus) and she is 64. We get along. She knows so much about life. She taught me a secret on how to let go of some hurtful memories. When she calls me, she always tells me “I love you.” and it is so sincere, comes from her heart. She tells me about her fun past, her men and we laugh a lot together about it. She is protective of me and tells me her feelings about situations and speaks the truth especially when she knows it will protect me. She will get in anyone’s face to defend me. She is very well spoken and immensely bright. She is very spiritual. She is into deep things in life. She is very fascinating. One Saturday morning, we went into the beach and we went to the rocks and she stood on this one rock and screamed out her anger “Fu*ck L*u!” It made both of us laugh so much. We doubled up laughing. She is so outgoing and so friendly. Hell, she took me into this coffee shop at the Rolling Hills plaza and introduced me to her old friends. It is amazing to watch her blend right in a crowd so smoothly. She is very social. Always making friends everywhere. It just gives me the giggles how my scorpio friend Mary is in life. When she and I walk on the beach early morning on weekends, each time we think of something bad, she makes us both say 10 things we are thankful for. She has both of us saying 10 positive things. Her other close friend Nancy is one of the most wonderful ladies I have ever met in life. So warm kind and loving. Always helping the neighborhood like Mary does. Not all scorpions are bad. There are good and bad in everyone. The bad ones in all of us we call late bloomers. Happy Christmas preparation to all of you. -Ara


  11. My Scorpio hubby is extremely loyal. He wont even look at porn. He only has eyes for me. ( I don’t mind porn now and then) he wont have it. There is something very curious about our relationship. We have to be apart at times for my work. He get’s so depressed when I’m not there. So unfocused. He lockes his keys in the car. Looses expensive sunglasses. He said he just does not feel right when I’m not near. I mean it’s sometimes a severe depression that when we are on the phone it’s traumatizing to me. I feel so bad I don’t know what to do. I’m a Pisces so I feel all his emotion. Foe now in this economy this is my work. What do I do ?

  12. Exactly. We can’t generalize that all Scorpios are either loyal lovers or crude cheaters. That would fall on a case-to-case basis. It would be biased enough to take on sides.

  13. @jlo1965. Im a Leo and my husband is a Scorpio. Everything I have read(and sometimes wonder myself) says that we are the worst match ever. I have to admit that when its good its like heaven on earth but when its bad its like WWIII. But, after 6 years of being married, Im here to tell you there is nothing you can do about his depression. My husband has what I like to call separation issues, which is very bad considering he is a truck driver. He will never get over it. It might get a little easier the longer that you are together, but it will always be there. After everything I have read the only thing that I can figure out is that when Scorpio’s are in love with you they become so emotionally dependant on you that they need your every thought to keep whats already swirling around in their head going. And then theres the issue of you just being in the room. I haven’t figured that one out yet! But heres some of the things that helped my husband. If you have time during the day send him a text message with something like “I love you” or “I can’t wait to get home to see you”. Leave him notes if you leave before him. He may just need to be reminded all the time that you feel the same way about him he feels about you. Other then that talk to him in a serious conversation, I have better luck somewhere near water, and then just read between the lines. He might actually tell you in not so many words what he needs.One other trait they should add to Scorpio is that when they love they become very insecure. Hope that helps.

  14. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    My husbands sister is Leo and shes been with a Scorpio guy for years, they have teenage children and seems to be working out for them . I know Leos and Scorps both avoid bad relationships so theirs and your must be pretty darn good. Astrology also paints Aquas as distant and my husband is anything but distant, he’s loving and romantic and he displays affection…..

  15. OK, I am a female Scorpio and I have a bit of insight into this matter (based solely on personal experience, of course!)

    The worst relationship I ever had was with a fellow Scorpio. The relationship did not start out on a good note. We started out by both cheating on our significant others with each other. I know, I know. I have not, and would not, ever do that again. I did it THEN because I had been in love w him (perhaps latently) for years and I thought we were destined to be together, star-crossed lovers, if you will. How stupid!!

    Turned out, once we both ended up ending our other respective relationships, and got together, after about a year and a child being born, he was still a manipulative, lying cheater and I was SO FAR from it.

    Our relationship was VERY intense from the beginning. When it was great, it was ECSTASY. And the sex?????? No need to get into details, but WOW. But…when it was bad, it was UGLY. Evil, even. On both of our parts. Completely black and white for both of us, even to this day trying to co-parent.

    Anyway, back to the cheating. I have found that each Scorpio male that I know has a history of cheating. I have also found that each Scorpio female that I know has a history of having cheated, myself included. We are slaves to passion, and do not think rationally when we feel the crazy love fire.

    BUT- I know for myself, once I am in love with someone, TRULY in love, I am devoted forever, to a major fault.

    Just my two cents!

  16. Ah cheating…You can cheat only on yourself. I am als a Shorpio women and I think that cheating or not is not related to astro.sign…And if it is it is better to look at Gemini as a born cheater and not shorpio…lol

  17. stteeephh says:

    ok, so i would like some advice.
    i’m a female gemini 24, and i’m seeing a scorpio 21. i know he’s still in love with his ex who he has a kid with her, but things seem like they are getting serious between us.
    he sleeps at my house EVERYDAY, we have lots of amazing sex, and just recently he told me that he loved me (during an intense moment…).
    we’ve been seeing eachother for 2 months, but we are not officially “together”
    he says he doesnt want committment and i understand that, but somehow i feel like there are other girls he’s seeing as well.. he’s so secretive, always on his phone, very moody, always telling me he’s at 5 different locations to confuse me, and then says he’s really “here”.
    its hard to tell if he really likes me, or if i’m just a place for him to sleep, eat, and get some “sex” from.
    ive never been with a scorpio or been so attracted so fast like this before.
    i really like him alot, but how can i tell if he’s really into me?
    my friend says that he’s taking advantage of me, and i get confused. idk. i get these weird vibes that he’s messing around even though he swears that i’m the only girl; and we’re not even together.

    please give me advice.

  18. All Scorpios are different. Some cheat, some don’t.

  19. Karma Dorje says:

    I have a lifelong series of experiences with Scorpios in all forms of relationships. In general, I’ve come to distrust the Scorpio native as largely self-interested, secretive, manipulative and untrustworthy for the long term. There are always some exceptions, however, exceptions confirm the rule. My clearly reasoned observations: Beware, beware, beware.

    Tread with caution, you will be hurt deeply by their deceitful, manipulative and controlling ways. I’ve gone so far as to make a firm mental intention to avoid them even in future lifetimes, at least as life partners.

  20. I am a Scorpio woman, and I can tell you that if I am in love I only have eyes for that person even if they do not treat me well, I’ll hang in there because the love is strong, however if I find you shallow, conceited or unemotional, unkind…..I will let you know I don’t like you. We are intense and if we have an idea that you will judge us or not understand our intensity we will push you away. I have used men for many years, I am black and white Im either in love or Im not. I didn’t have a long relationship until I was in my twenties and that was with a Saggitarius, he let me down and got lazy in the relationship and was emotionally retarded so I worked so hard to fix us but in the end I packed my bags. His biggest complaint about me was my temper and that I was a control freak, oh and I was not touchy feely and huggy…..I need space, he had no idea about personal space. I have spent years happily single, I think its important for men to realise, a Scorpio woman is not co-dependant, they are scary to some men. I am now falling deeply in love again, actually open, honest, respectful love and its with a Scorpio man. He has hung in there for 3 years ^^. I am slow to trust and so is he, but because we have honestly been devoted to each other and probed each other while having space, I have to say he better marry me or my world will end. If you get a Scorpio to fall in love with you well done and you deserve that love. I by the way have never cheated in my relationships ever and have always found somebody disrespecting me, or thinking I’m that easy disgusting and I got pretty mad with them. I am devoted and loyal to those who are devoted and loyal in return. I am able to cut somebody off who has hurt me deeply in a second after enduring the trying phase. Black and white, remember that.

  21. If you find a Scorpio treating you badly then you have offended them in some way, and I can guarantee they may not show you how much but they will never forget it. Or else the black and white thing, they are just not that into you or you are pushing for it faster than they are comfortable to give it. You almost have to pass some moral tests to get close to a Scorpio. If you are in a relationship with a Scorpio that is treating you badly, it’s over. I have become like that in the past when I actually just could not emotionally cope with being near the person who hurt me any longer. I am practically psychic and I feel negativity really deep. We know if you have wronged us you cannot keep secrets. My ex still thinks that I do not know he almost cheated on me, I knew a few hours after it happened because I only keep a close, small circle of loyal people near me. His blatant idea that he had got one over on me backfired on him, and yes Scorpio style I didn’t leave him for 6 months because I had to organise how I could leave him.

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