How does a Libra woman resolve conflict with an Aquarius man?

fenceAir signs like to talk things out — yet the three members of this clan do so in vastly different ways. Take, for example, Libra and Aquarius. Libra talks as a way of building a one-on-one connection, and one of her prime assets (as well as liabilities) is being able to view an issue from multiple perspectives. This understanding helps her to moderate between opposing parties, and suits her well for careers in mediation, law and public relations. However, this ability to balance the scales can work against her in her personal life, for in trying to please everyone, she may neglect her own needs.

Aquarius, on the other hand, approaches relationships from a more detached perspective. The Water Bearer is friendly, to be sure, but in a more impersonal way than Libra. Aquarius talks to spread ideas through the collective, as his ultimate purpose is to improve the lot of humanity. He has fairly fixed ideas, and thus is less able to be swayed by someone else’s viewpoint. He feels confident that his ideas are revolutionary, yet he also feels misunderstood because so few embrace his vision. This sense of alienation can make him unyielding in discussions.

What happens if you put Libra and Aquarius in a romantic realtionship? As much as these two Sun signs are compatible, they have their differences. Libra, being an initiating cardinal sign, will attempt to resolve their problems, yet Aquarius can be so stubborn in his belief of “how things should be” that Libra — able to get where he’s coming from — jumps off the fence (where she lives much of the time) to his side.

After having compromised numerous times, Libra’s anger starts to build up. This Venus-ruled sign may be refined and polite, but everybody gets angry! Libra just has a hard time owning and expressing it. After all, Libra is opposite from Aries, the Warrior, who has no problem blowing off steam. As Aries is direct, Libra can express her anger indirectly. For example, if she does not want to agree with Aquarius but also does not want to be upfront about it, she may use indecision as an act of defiance.

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  1. curious757 says:

    you thought i was a cancer/aries/virgo?

    could be cause i do have those energies.

    but to tell you the truth about aquarius man, his least chosen and least successful relationship in marriage statistics are libra woman. he probably figures it out later much to his detriment.

    however, i’m not saying that these aqua men with loads of libra in their chart wont get you.
    you’ll just have to find them.

  2. curious757 says:

    his number 1 choice is leo woman.

  3. Yes Aquarian men number one choice is Leo women.
    Dont forget as well Aquarius men marry and divorce many times especially when they are young.
    Usually one of the women he divorced in those years was probably a Leo. Why?…because Leos are decisive and passionate about their relationship with aquarius, and dont forget confidence. Usually Aquarius will dodge until he is completely hooked. Its rare these two signs will age together….. their sun signs are somehow polarized…. making it difficult to survive for decades.
    Great e.g Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, with leo loving aquarius too much.

  4. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    Most Aquarian men first live with a Cancer woman, then they split up, mutually sad reasons, then he finds a Libra woman, nine times out of ten he loses her to another Aquarius man, but eventually the right Libra woman and the right Aquarius man find eachother, then there is a bond that nothing can break. A Leo woman with an Aquarius man?
    A Leo woman needs a bit steadier of a rock in her life, with him she would have to always be the grown up in the relationship.
    She would be way better off with a Scorpio man, Aqua guys and Leo women rarely see eye to eye, as much as they could love and respect eachother, theyre so different, its like a Libra woman with a Sagitarius guy, very volitile and viscious LOL I am with an Aquarius guy and his Leo sister is great, I really like her, but omg, they don’t understand eachother very well, she is married to a Scorpio man, and wow! they are so happy its lasted 19 years and they still seem like newly weds 🙂
    Me and my Aqua its been 2 years now, and hes more intense about the relationship then ever before, the longer we are together the less time he spends away from me, I have had a few aqua boyfriends in the past but he is the most amazing person, he takes my advice, I take his, there are no egos, we are puzzle pieces that lock, thats how he describes us to everyone, we finish each others sentences, as annoying as some people find us when we’re together, for me, I’ve never been so happy. I hope everyone ends up with what I found. Bobby Brown, didn’t he hit her? OMG please tell me you don’t find that cool. My guys named is Bobby too, but he doesn’t hit girls.

  5. lol please aquarius men are the worst men on earth whores liars cheaters dogs ..they will cheat on you while he’s eating your lunch and he will date other women while your cooking him dinner he will date other women behind your back hes the biggest player in the zodiac the pimp dog player he doesnt care about your feelings he wants to be friends so he can sleep with other woman he finds leo’s stuck up and libras a follower. aquarius best match is sagittarius but he’s too selfish to give yp all his hoes for her he cannot live his life with one woman and loves social sites..BEWARE OF THE AQUARIUS MAN THE CHEATER THE PLAYER THE HO HOES


  7. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    Not my guy. He’s the opposite, of course he has a Capricorn moon and he’s Taurus Rising, his Venus is in Pisces… I don’t know if those are factors but when I see another woman throwing herself at him, he doesn’t even seem tempted, its amusing. People seem to label Libras as cheaters too, but I’ve never cheated on anyone. My rotten Libra ex husband didn’t cheat on me, hes a jerk but no cheater.

    If you’re important to an Aqua he will never cheat. You’ve must have had a very casual relationship. Come to think of it, I’ve never been cheated on from anyone. I feel bad that so many have been cheated. It isn’t fair, at least you know you didn’t lose anything real. How can a cheater be real? They were never really there . You lost nothing. Not everyone is a creep. You’ll find someone better

  8. Aquariusgirl says:

    I agree with NewlyWedLibraLady – once an Aqua man commits to you they are loyal. I know several Aqua men including my boyfriend and this is my personal experience from what I’ve seen. My boyfriend can confuse the hell out of me (even though I’m Aqua too) but he’s never given me cause to be jealous – whenever we’re out he has a very subtle way of making it clear to other woman that he’s with me and not remotely interested in anyone else, without saying a word.

    As far as conflict is concerned, my bf and I have only ever had one fight but he would never raise his voice and neither would I – he just said his piece then I said mine. He let it go and t’s not been an issue since.

  9. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    Please tell me that you are still together, it isn’t easy to find a relationship like that. You just described my husband and I, we never fight, we discuss things but never fight, he teases me, I tease him (we like to bug eachother) but we never fight. Once in a while I get moody so he does the craziest things like stick his face in mine and say “noo noo noo noo” Its his way of mocking my bitchiness and for some reason I never want to kill him. I have always wanted to choke people that mocked me but when he does it, I can’t help laughing, he pulls the funniest faces….My son makes me laugh too, (cancer son) When my husband gets fuming its usually at strangers, he can’t stand anything even a little bit rude from strangers, (kids don’t get to him but adults do) Well when his feathers get all ruffled I like to remind him that the person he’s mad at probably doesn’t have a brain and he might as well get mad at a piece of wood. Once his colour gets back to normal I tease him, LOL Which usually turns him into a pervert and he forgets everything else, I think this works on most men though, There is nothing funnier then a guy accusing you of kissing him to shut him up when that’s exactly what you’re doing…he he

  10. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    I have a good cure for an Aquarius guys grumpy day, LOL they don’t get them very often but when my husband does I do things to bug him. I will tell him that I’m having a bath because i don’t feel good, he kind of nods. Then I went in the bathroom and took off all my clothes and opened the door, standing in the door frame I told him that I really hope that he feels better soon. Of course he got up to walk to the bathroom now so I told him “Its too bad you’re too grumpy for sex” Then I closed the door and locked it. I had a nice long bath and hummed pretending not to hear his protests, ha ha…….. When I came out later I pretended not to know what he was talking about. He hasn’t stopped staring at me every time I get up to walk lately, it kind of got under his skin I think, but his mood has been more relaxed ever since. ha ha……

  11. I just told an aquarius man that i am crazy about i think its best i walk away at first we could not keep our hands off each other so instead of us always having sex i make plans for us to go out have fun something different cause i know he gets bored fast im a libra woman and that man drives me wild i miss him but i cant take him lieing to me and being so distant i think he wants me he just afraid to tell me what do i do my body yearns for him aquarius men help he made me so mad and i told him off

  12. I’m a libra & my bf is an aquarius. If we get into a fight i like to talk it over & understand his feelings but he just likes to drop it with no conversation if he says it’s cool, it’s cool but i still wanna understand why. It’s frustrating as hell; we see eye to eye but when we dnt, sometimes it feels like deal breakers. I always jus go with what he wants cause i dnt like confrontation but i see that me doing that has eaten away at our relationship & now i feel like he doesn’t understand me or ever will.

  13. The Balance says:

    Nikka am with you am libra woman and there is this aquarius Man my body yarns for him but i have never made love to him he just now found out that i was digging him but now there are other things going on in both of our lives for some reason i have been with four Aquarius men in my life the first i was 18 he was good to me but i messed it up and never saw him again to .then another aquarius came in my life, i notice something i don,t no if its that Zodiac sign with me but the love making is so good it
    `s like a perfect fit and is like am taken to another world but one thing they can,t have any addiction no drugs but for the most part they are very good men.

  14. As a Libran I eventually tired of the fixed ideas of the Aquarius man. I got bored, pure and simple. My mind is open to learning new things everyday, he seemed more interested in reinforcing his set of known areas and not interested in an exchange of ideas. Shame because it started out with such passion and soul bonding.

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