Capricorn woman and Aquarius man will marry no matter what

synastry chartLauren included her exact birth time and her fiance’s birth date (click chart to view) and writes,

Well me and him have been together for almost 2 years and he asked me to marry him. But im always looking at the internet b/c i love astrology. my problem is everyone and everything i read is telling me that me and him arent the right match and that aqurious men get bored of a cap female. but me and him get along great and we have the same thoughts about everything and have interests in almost everything. so maybe you can help and tell me wether or not a cap female and a aqurious male is a good match. i mean im going to marry him no matter what is said cuz you cant believe everything right? lol

One of the dangers of popular astrology is that it stops at the surface. Yes, Capricorn and Aquarius Suns are not compatible: in the progression of the zodiac, the latter rebels against the rigid hierarchical structures built by the former. However, there is so much more to compatibility than Sun signs. Even though the Sun is the center of the personality, some would argue that — when it comes to romantic love — this celestial body is not even the most important … or at the very least, comparing one Sun to another does not provide critical information. Love compatibility meters abound on the web, and however fun it is to work the drop-down menus to choose the Sun signs for yourself and your love interest, it can be discouraging to read that you’re not a great match.

Fortunately, you know what you want and won’t let superficial astrology deter you from marrying the man you love. Despite your Sun sign incompatibility, you actually do resonate on many levels. You both have communication planet Mercury in Aquarius, charting your discussions on a similarly deviant path. You and your fiancé like to utter shocking words and to think ahead of the times, making your conversations exciting and unpredictable. In addition, you both have the emotional Moon in cautious Virgo. Your mutual needs and habits are in sync, and you are likely to co-create an orderly, clean home and an efficient daily routine. The potential downside with this lunar placement is that you’ll both overanalyze your emotions and have trouble transcending worry and doubt to get your raw feelings out in the open.

Just as you have a planet in Aquarius to shake up your Capricorn Sun’s sense of purpose, your fiancé has Venus in Capricorn to ground his Aquarian need for excitement. In fact, his love planet is conjunct your Sun, suggesting that you’re just the right type of woman for him. And his Mars in Libra is exactly conjunct your Ascendant, increasing the sexual attraction. I wish you both the best of luck!

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  1. ZoraidaGitana says:

    That’s such a good answer. Because so many people are very much into the Sunsign astrology, rather than reading or studying the components that make up a personality and relationship, they just tend to make blanket statements about compatibility.

    I think the analysis of the chart just goes to show how synastry works, and how the person who wrote in, trusted her gut instincts about her relationship. It’s great when one is vindicated!

  2. Looks like the Capricorn Lady Venus conjunct his Uranus, oh yea you go girl that’s the kind of relationship to have with a bunch of excitement, Capricorn sun conjunct his Venus, that’s a strong aspect in astrology but I am sure there are tons tons more you can learn about that will take about 20 years of your marriage (just kidding) astrology is complex in other words. Congratulations! Ms. Diff

  3. I’m a Cappy woman, my husband is an Aquarius. Sure enough, we don’t see eye to eye on a lot. But we’ve been together for 12 years and at our best, we bring out the best in each other. At our worst, we’re a text book scenario of why these two signs fight. Rules and tradition versus freedom. I will say, if the love, friendship and respect is there, everything else is just pointless stuff. I think he’s rubbed off on me in the last decade. It’s a good thing. I’ve rubbed off on him too. He actually has a savings account now. It’s a good thing. Best of luck to you!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am a Capricorn totally in love with an Aquarius man. He is so exciting, unconventional and it has been exactly what I need in my life. The problem is, I never know how he really feels about me.

    I’m not sure about all the moons and suns in our signs but the chemistry between us is just off the charts!! Being a typical Cap, it is hard to relax because I just don’t know. He has been very honest with me and we have become the best of friends. Help!!

  5. im a female aquarius and my boyfriend is capricorn male… he is jan 4th of 81 and im jan 26 of 83.. what can u tell me.. intrested.

  6. i am a capri girl & there is this aquarian guy who likes me … he is willing to give me a commitment… but i am not pretty much sure if his feelings are genuine enough… can some one please help me with knowing whethr his feelings are genuine. since i am looking in to get in a committed relationship but still confused.

  7. Hi Sheha,

    There are many levels and degrees of “COMMITMENT” which change and mature
    as the “RELATIONSHIP” grows and develops, with the passage of “TIME” which
    enables you to see how the commitment in the relationship is progressing due to
    the fact that no one has a crystal ball which “PREDICTS” this type of outcome.???

    What type of “commitment” is he willing to give you at this point in time.???

    What is it that he says or does which is making you confused.???

    And more importantly,

    How do you “FEEL” about him.???

    What type of “COMMITMENT” are you looking for “PRIOR” to entering a “RELATIONSHIP”.???

    Think about it and let me know. Taurus.

  8. Angela blue says:

    I’m a cappy girl and in love with my aquarious man. We haven’t met just thru chat for a month. When we talk its spontaneous but it’s more on phone sex, however he is also comfortable with showing his feelings like if he’s happy, afraid or excited to a certain thing. He plans to meet me and I’m so excited but he is afraid because he thinks that the sex would come first on the first meeting before the getting to know each other type thing. What should I do? I don’t want to lose him. Is he into me??

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