Was older Virgo woman taken in by younger Scorpio man?

Jillian provided a birth time (click chart to view) and writes,

I fell for a younger scorpio man. He is 31 so I guess it is ok. I assisted and helped him while he went through losing his home, car, and money. I eventually came to feeling like I am in love with him. The problem is he has not made any kind of move towards me. We see each other almost every day, he is very sweet and shows he cares but not in a physical way. There is a lot of sexual tension for me and I can feel it from him. I am crazy over him but have not a clue if he is interested in me for more than friendship.

Your Sixth House Pisces Moon indicates that you are both compassionate and helpful. You need to be of service, and it hurts you to see people or animals in need. It is in a comfortable sextile (60-degree angle) with your Eight House Mars in Taurus, which shows its sexual attraction through tangible actions. (Mars is also symbolic of a younger man, and is in the House naturally associated with Scorpio).

Your Moon is quincunx (150-degree angle) your proud Mercury in Leo. Perhaps you love to be of service (especially with a Virgo Sun), but don’t want to feel like a fool. And in some respects, you expect to be appreciated for your benevolence.

Your secondary progressed Mercury and Neptune are currently conjunct — they were exact on December 2 of last year — but your planet of thought is still within orb of the planet of delusion.

You’re going on fifty, and although I would not say that an 18-year age difference is a deal breaker for a relationship, I think you’re just being a sucker. I can’t say for sure if he’s taken you for a ride, because for all I know he just had a stroke of bad luck and was grateful for your assistance. But perhaps he feels bound to you in some way, so he maintains contact while not being interested in a sexual/romantic relationship.

Saturn is currently transiting your Sun-Pluto conjunction in Virgo. Saturn can bring out the negative in Pluto, which regular readers will know can be about manipulation. View this experience as a test, designed by Saturn, to force you to confront your own issues around use of power. Was a part of you hoping that, by helping this young man out, you would be in a position to dominate him, and that he would have to repay you sexually?

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Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, Tarot.com and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at JeffreyKishner.com.


  1. exclusion.blue says:

    Woah, good one Jeff, and very interesting situation.

    Jillian, step back before you get hurt unnecessarily and please do think about what has Jeff said. I had recently an Aries friend, with unaspected Mars in Aries (?!), in similar situation. He didn’t have control/power issues, but he certainly was a sucker for an untypical Cancer ‘playa’ girl 7 years younger. I gave him the same advice as to you now after few months of trying to figure her out together (that was fun though to both of us, we’re close friends). As he was mildly in love we agreed that there’s no practical sense in getting your self hurt when you see that nothing is going to happen.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ok not sure if I am reading things correctly so if anyone is in offense by what I say me so sorry, so what if you have that age difference that should not mean he is not attracted to you in the right way or even we should not exclude by perception alone that this relationship is a failure, I am sure there is more to this then what is written so in my opinion I would not make the assumption he is taking you for a ride, seems you have some nice passion for him I know I enjoy that feeling its fun just don’t get carried away try to stay grounded. Me personally what I would do is if I really felt for him I would find a way to talk about it with me and watch how he reacts. Be careful, have fun and try not to hurt yourself or him. Ms. Diff

  3. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    As I wrote, the age difference alone should not make a difference. The presence of a secondary progressed Mercury-Neptune conjunction combined with her sacrificing Pisces Moon makes me wonder if she got suckered, that’s all.

  4. Hi,
    Thanks everyone !!! This is so helpful. I did not see this side. I totally had to look at my motivation and the possibility that deep down I might be manipulative. I know that I would do it again. He is worth helping.I like everything about him, and have total trust in him. I love him.I can’t change that .
    I feel different after reading your posts.I want Adam to know he owes me nothing. I can be happy just being friends once I know that is what he wants. We also have started working together on some small business ventures of his. He still needs help and I will do what I can. I have to go do something with him tonight.Hopefully my heart won’t melt.
    Any advise is welcome.I can’t thank you enough Jeff and as soon as I can do it I would love to schedule a reading. -JIll

  5. badnoozbetty says:

    oh she got suckered allright haha


    damn those scopios always scoping the gals out worse then them gemis sometimes and them gemis can be real gross that for sure

    not as gross as scopio tho

    scopio hes real bad

  6. ZoraidaGitana says:

    Not all scorpios and geminis are the same ;). As jeff and other said before, there is a lot of hype around scorpios and everyone wants to believe it, without acknowledgeing that all of us are capable of some awful behaviour towards others too.
    The other side of the so-called negative controllong, manipulative scorpio (and we’re all capable of being this traits too) is the ability to transform, and be very spiritual, very healing, insightful, loyal and committed.

    Basically, no one makes you do anything you don’t want to do, unless there’s a gun to your head. And you don’t have to choose to expolit others for your own ends.

    Jeff is quite spot on. It might sound harsh, but sometimes, people want to believe what they want to believe, even though the situation is as plain as anything! You don’t even need astrology to tell you what’s going on.
    Seriously though, when you are a lot older in years, experience in love and relationships, tells you should see something coming ;). “Once bitten twice shy”.
    It’s better to enjoy the moment for what it is, and then move on ( without memory in toe…!)

    This is just my opinion, of course!

  7. ZoraidaGitana says:

    That should read at the end, with another memory in toe” 😉

  8. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    @JIllian, you’re welcome. In these business ventures, just be careful with your money.

  9. Hi.
    I think you guys are probably right. When we are together I become submissive, he likes to direct people. He is very charming and really seems to want to be my friend.
    Maybe it is just me feeling the attraction. Hmm, If he really does want to be just close friends? Will I be able to accept that? I am in denial. I have never been in this situation before. It has always been made known to me when someone is interested, So therefore I must conclude he is not and deal with my situation. I must emotionally detach somehow. Thanks, Jillian

  10. i respect discretion, usually more! than the nextguy but i have to say since we’re talking business exactly how this guy lost his money, house, car is not irrelevant.

    at first im thinking well scorpio obv had a heinous time (id be TRAUMATIZED) and must have loads on his mind. so if hes simply confused, disoriented, unable to be clear on his feelings for jill or anything else, then ta! but jillian helping him in new business makes me think that no, he just- has little shame with this.

    it seems to me he’ll go on with these cycles on and on. then, given that financially and his basic standard of living has been resuscitated, it sounds like helping him further might not really be helping him at all. for example, to become independent.

  11. I suspect she is and will continue to be taken in.

  12. I think about detaching emotionally and just loving him as a friend then poof he calls and I am gone.I am still captivated by him. My feelings are so intense for him emotionally and sexually. My world is revolving around his.It seems so important now to see or talk to him daily. I am so used to it too.
    He is proving to be a good friend. He has been there for me
    this week when I had some problems with a friendship and he said wanted to give me some money this month for helping him.
    He was living comfortably until he had a legal problem. Once he did tell me that he could not have a personal life until he got his straightened out. He does not talk a lot or express his feelings.He plans his conversations with others.I have been reading the posts about Scorpios. He is typical Scorpio except I do not know his sexual side and that I have read is very intense.
    So here I am logic says detach, and my heart says more. -Jillian

  13. Sounds to me like you’re digging your own grave Jillian. Keep reading those Scorpio posts and keep in mind that obsessions are never healthy.

  14. leftiegibson says:

    Mars in Taurus in 8th. Maybe an oversight on some here but, this house is also OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY.
    It is the 2nd house from the 7th (other people’s money).

    This would indicate the young man (Mars) handling her money (Taurus).
    As for her, Mars in 8th brings stress in sexual matters. The quincunx aspect shows restrain in a relationship and also, matters to be worked involving the young man and herself.
    Mars in 8th does indicate a helpful tool for supporting people during crises.

  15. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    Thanks, leftie, for your interp … and welcome 🙂

  16. Thanks for that interpertation. This is very interesting. What did you mean by a helpful tool and the matters to be worked on part? So this explains part of my situation. If anyone can recommend a good book on learning about Astrology Charts I would really appreciate it. -Jillian

  17. virgo queen says:

    to zoraida gitana:
    I agree with you and your words are full of truth and wisdom.

    to the lady in question: you are a virgo you will do whatever you want to do, regardless of advice. If you feel happy you will take what you want and ignore what you dont want. You know better than us what his doing but you are in a stage of mind that you feel of comfort with what you can get from tis person. Whenever you desire more you will be ready to leave him and look for someone better. In the meanwhile enjoy it and remember to be responsible if you end up crying. god bless!.

  18. I would agree honey. Maybe he’s just thankful that you have guided him out of his darkest hours and maybe you are just infatuated by him. Question your desires and examine your feelings first before making a move that would change what you have now.

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