The moment of a couple’s first meeting

E. wants to know:

I’m interested in knowing more about First Meeting Charts. I met a man last year on May 31st at 9:30 p.m. here in New York. I’m wondering what the first meeting chart might say about our relationship? [submitted via Ask Jeff a Question on 1/9/2008]

first meeting chartYou asked this exact same question over at Moonkissd by Jessica, and Jessica looked at your composite chart using NY, NY as the “birth” place. So it appears you want a second opinion.

Every moment in time has its own archetypal quality, ripe with meaning and possibilities. If you throw coins to consult the I-Ching or lay out a Tarot card spread, you are essentially looking at the forces that are in play at that very moment, and hoping to divine how these energies relate to your question.

In horary astrology — which I am not using to answer this question — one looks at the location of the planets at the moment the astrologer understands a querent’s question. For example, an astrologer could look at the moment you wrote to Jessica, when you were wondering about the import of your first meeting with this man. What was your real question? Was it “What does the first meeting chart say about our relationship?” or “Where are things going with this guy? How come our relationship isn’t holding true to the intense, fated quality of our first contact?” I don’t know what the real question is. Perhaps you can tell us in the comments section.

The First Meeting Chart

You met this guy at the Sagittarius Full Moon. It was above the eastern horizon, in the 12th House of Secrets. Pluto was rising, closely conjunct the Sagittarius Ascendant. The ruler of the chart, Jupiter, was also in the 12th House, conjunct the Full Moon.

The chart suggests a moment of intensity. Pluto, the driving force of evolution, is powerfully placed on an angle. If someone were born at this moment, she’d be a combination of Sag Rising (outgoing, enthusiastic) and Pluto Rising (intense, mysterious, secretive, powerful). So this moment felt full of possibilities — exotic, even — as well as potentially transformative.

Contributing to the intensity is the Full Moon, a moment of culmination when energy has built up to a climax point. The Moon shines her light on the emotional need for adventure, meaning, expansion of the scope of one’s life. Her conjunction to Jupiter, ruling planet of Sagittarius, only exaggerates this feeling of optimism about life.

It also suggests one’s feelings going overboard, that emotions are larger than life.

Falling in the 12th House, there’s a quality of secretiveness or the need to be hidden … that you can’t be public about your feelings. Freedom-loving Sagittarius is not the best sign for commitment, and the need to keep things hush does not set the best conditions to build a relationship. (Or maybe it just felt like a spiritually meaningful connection, as the 12th House also relates to mysticism.)

Meanwhile, Venus in Cancer was making an exact sesquisquare (135 degree angle) to the Moon. Like the square, this is an aspect of tension. The love planet was looking for security in the sign ruled by the Moon, and was in the out-in-the-open Seventh House, conflicting with the feelings of the moment.

So, E., does the above ring true?


  1. Casting a “first meeting” chart fascinates me, as I first tried it after the last full lunar eclipse 8/28/07 at 4 degrees Pisces.

    It was this day exactly that I met a certain Moon in Scorpio who affected me greatly like no one ever has before. I felt his presence even before meeting him in person or exchanging a word.

    On that day not only was there a lunar eclipse of great importance as reflected in our synastry, but there was a pronounced Grand Cross. These are rare and it was an exact formation and the chart for that day (whoever is born on it) will make for a very significant character.

    Or significant relationship? Time will tell, but I am still curious as to why. Right now it is resting on the back burner, but still in the kitchen. I just can’t dispose of the pot. The ingredients are too precious.

  2. May I add to this that our Jupiters are closely conjunct each others’ North Nodes.

    His on mine, mine on his. For whatever purpose there is to this relationship, it will magnify our mutual destinies in that big bold benevolent Jupiter way. He is good for me, and I for him.

    Perhaps not in the romantic sense, but overall in the grand scheme of things?

    I felt uplifted in his presence and he in mine. And yet at times very torn down because of that severe Grand Cross and the huge T-square in the composite.

    Yes, astrology is real. These are not mere coincidences. And when you glance at the charts with any degree of familiarity, the key issues jump out of the paper. The more time I spend studying this fascinating ancient science the more I stand amazed.

  3. oh, so I guess that a “first meeting chart” could provide some insights on why the universe is arranging this meeting. I guess it provides a ‘task’ or ‘will’ or explanation of what the relationship is supposed to be.

    And the person can be persistent as in, ‘why can’t this relationship be the way I envisioned it, blahblahblahblah, I want it to match my idea of perfect love.’

    I hope I make sense, because I had about 6 hours of graphic designing project for a client.

    My question is, if a person meets another on the internet, for example, by dropping someone an email, then later meets them in real life, what is the exact meeting chart? The first internet chat or the real face-to-face encounter?

  4. I’d say it was the moment of intercourse. As in exchange of energy. Whether that be mental energy via thoughts exchanged over the telephone (hearing each other’s voice) or thoughts exchanged via the internet (capturing each other’s intent)can be likened to varying degrees of intercourse. Of course the most potent is usually within the realm of the five senses (see, touch, taste, smell, hear).

    Meeting via the internet can be deceiving. It is like watching the Christmas yuletide log burning on the TV set. It gives you a good idea of the real thing but it isn’t the real thing. You’ll never get warm by a painted fire. But at least you can hope to get near one and imagine how warm it can be, which is better than nothing.

    I don’t think technology is a good substitute for the five senses of the natural physical body. It is a good tool for communicating thoughts and ideas, but the invisible man leaves much to be desired. So imho it has to be the moment of real genuine actual intercourse. (and I don’t mean sex)

  5. as an afterthought, eye contact is spiritual intercourse

    which is why some people avoid it

  6. First meeting charts bring back memories of The Magi and what they profess. They are far too hooked on rock solid destiny for me. I ran my chart, my “first meeting” chart (as best I could) with my current partner, and it seems I’m destined to a life of horrible luck, and no satisfaction, and my relationship will be horrible.

    Not true. Not that I have a lot of stellar luck, but I didn’t need The Magi to tell me that. The relationship is as good as one could hope to have, excluding the external pressures.

    I know my own natal chart, I know my partner’s natal chart, and from there I can have an excellent understanding about our relationship. Horary isn’t my bag, but I will listen to someone whose bag it is, certainly. I’m still not a believer that the moment in time when someone meets determines the nature of the relationship.

    I will agree with the statement that the “First Meeting” moment can give clues to why you might have come together, but it doesn’t determine the fate of the relationship, as the Magi profess. At least, not in my experience – and believe me, I’m happy I ignored it.

  7. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    @Valkyri, I think some First Meeting moments feel like they have more import than others. Some first moments are rather mundane, and two people grow to love each other over time, while other first moments feel like Destiny herself came down from the heavens to bring two souls together. Certainly meeting right at a Full Moon can feel pretty significant.

  8. an interest in astrology makes for such a fab mental calendar. now i’ll never forget any moment i meet someone [let alone the dates like i currently have no clue], nor will i ever forget any birthdays ill be the greatest friend and acquaintance in the world!!, and not only that ill probe for birth times and locations. people like it when youre interested.

    how do u guys ask though? even my best friends think im weird when i ask for the exact minute and town of their birth..maybe if i werent so demanding and neurotic lol. i can only imagine getting this info by playing eccentric. i need to work on being more of a smoothie

  9. Elizabeth Kerri Mahon says:

    I think the spiritual part more than the keeping it hidden. Certainly the minute I met him and shook his hand, I felt like I’d known him my whole life. It was more a feeling of love at first sight more than anything else, like here he is! That sort of thing. Certainly very intense, since the full moon was a ‘blue moon.’ I asked the question again because I was interested in what a first meeting chart might say as opposed to the composite chart, where we also have moon in Sagittarius, along with our Libra sun.

  10. @ Victoria,

    I question because sometimes I get comission online and I never actually see the person.

    So hmm.

    So I guess me and you will never have a first meeting chart, for we’ve only exchanged resources intellectually; we never “met”?

  11. It is true, certainly, that some meetings do seem more significant. In the case of my current relationship, the first meeting, if I remember it at all was very insignificant. The first time I actually spoke to him, I was actually showing a friend and asked him for his birthday! The coming together, the birth of the relationship, which was at least the fourth actual “meeting” did seem very fated. It was magical. It wasn’t a full moon, it was an aries moon, trine venus, and a capricorn sun.

    So which do I take? The moment we actually clicked, or the moment we first nodded at each other as we took out our garbage cans (we were neighbours)? Another reason I don’t put a great deal of stock into “first meetings” – it is true that some meetings are phenomenal, but most are mundane until something clicks – like, the real “right moment”.

  12. @Jeffrey Kishner:

    If there was a grand water trine (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer) in our natal first meeting chart along with a kite configuration- what does that usually indicate?


  13. if you meet online first and then in real life, whats the best way to do the first meeting reading?

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