Scorpio on the receiving end of a breakup

In the comments section of How Scorpios get over breakups, Dramatoso Scorpioso wrote,

A Scorpio get dumped?

I’ve known a few Scorps and this one thing holds true in all cases, male or female– they do the dirty work (the dumping). They are well ahead of the game and as master strategists will not place themselves in a position to get dumped.

If their spidey senses pick up on a waning interest, they pull out the knife and slash it then and there. Hurts like hell but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Masked woman holding a knifeI feel suspicious whenever I read “one thing holds true in all cases.” Sun sign behavior is not as reliable as, say, the orbital pattern of Mars.

Scorpio is not only about control, strategy and manipulation. This sign ultimately concerns the depths of intimacy one experiences with another person — the true sharing of one’s innermost self, as well as one’s body and belongings. To be this close, a Scorpio must relinquish power. As long as she holds the knife, she is on the defensive, fearful of getting hurt. Vulnerability can be terrifying to a Scorpio, for wounds to this intensely emotional water sign can feel as painful as death. Thus, the scorpion develops an arsenal of shields and weapons, as well as enhanced detective skills (the spidey sense).

But who says Scorpio needs to be locked and loaded? Can’t she have enough trust to let down her guard, to leave the sharp utensils in the kitchen? Although I would not go so far as to describe Scorpio as innocent, I can imagine a young scorpion falling deeply in love, willing to connect completely with another — no games, no ammo. If she gets burned by her first lover, then the stingers come out. She toughens up and resolves never to let it happen again.

But there is a beauty in her initial willingness to go to the depths in a relationship, and it is a shame that she may not recover that all-consuming passion — for how can she love truly, madly and deeply when she’s packing a pistol? She may be possessed by desire, but as long as her inner Mars is at the ready, she’s destined to remain separate.

Comment below: Are you Scorpio who’s been dumped? Share your stories.

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  1. “But who says Scorpio needs to be locked and loaded?”

    Which reminds me of the old fable about the Scorpion. (Was it Aesop’s?). Q: Why must a scorpion be “locked and loaded”? A: Because it’s in their nature.

    Nice blog btw

    Greets from

  2. I’ve never been dumped. I cannot imagine if I would have been. I think it would have been a serious blow to my ego as a teen.

  3. well i have read/heard about Scorpio methods on dumping.. but is it possible do you think for a scorpio to say he is finished with a woman, then backtrack?

  4. BalancedSag says:

    It is a beautiful thought to remember that there are so many ways to play each sign and energy. It is always a choice as to how we use our signs (which we all have all of them!)

    As for Scorpio, I have plenty of this energy to comment on how deep they can hurt and go through being “burned” – they don’t always pull out first.

    Sometimes it is the opposite. Sometimes they want to truly “love till death do you part” – so that even in retched unhappiness, they will not give up – and if you have 2 people with that- BOTH have plenty of this Scorpio stuff in their chart – neither one will give up the relationship (I’ve been thru one relationship like this and I am in another like this now!!!)

    It can actually be that neither wants to admit that they gave up; and so neither will!

    With my ex- and I; we did not talk for 2 years and when we did (we both have pluto exactly squaring our Sag sun’s and he has Scorpio rising while I have Scorpio descendant w/venus, mars, and jupiter their)we both SWEAR that the OTHER one is the one that left – and we will probably NEVER agree on it!!!

  5. What hogwash. I’m a double Scorp and I’ve been dumped several times, as well as doing the dumping. And I just have to laugh at all these boneheaded stereotypes about Scorpio. I think a cartoon caricature could be made of every sign (anyone want to run with that?). The difference is that too many people throw around the caricature of Scorpio as if it were the truth. The only knives I own are used to cut vegetables.

  6. Jeffrey Kishner says:


  7. Dramatoso Scorpioso says:

    Hey Moni,

    You’re right there’s exceptions to every rule 😉

    The fat, plain and ugly ones get dumped regularly because their self-esteem is in the gutter anyway. Mind you this probably holds true for any of the signs.

    Sometimes fish only swim one direction too, like when they’re on a hook.

    Hey Jeff get your Sun off my Chiron already 🙂 Or wear a lampshade

  8. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    @Dramatoso, did I shine a light on your wounds? 🙁

  9. Actually, I’ve gotten dumped when things have gotten too intense. I tend to attract men who are drawn to my intensity and then freak out and change their minds. True to form for Scorpio, I’d say.

  10. dramatoso scorpioso says:


  11. I am a Scorpio and have been dumped once and I never even thought it would happen. It was by a Pisces…and when he dumped me I just told him okay, he asked “what do you mean okay?” I said okay. My pride was HURT, HURT, HURT, and as soon as it happened…I was thinking how I would handle him. But deep down inside of me I knew he was going to regret it and he was just talking out of his ass.

    And what do you know…a few hours later he’s asking for me back.

    I was happy but I said NO.

    A couple of days later he asked for me back and I said No again.

    I meant it but I didn’t mean it.
    This continued for three years, us going back and forth, we would interact physically and share our emotions with one another which were very deep but we never “got back together”…well we never said we did or agreed on it. We just let it flow. But I kind of kept my “distance” or tried but he knew I loved him and I knew he loved me.

    And then he moved really far away =]

  12. anonymous says:

    I wonder if that is why so many Scorpio women fail to orgasm? Seems like an oxymoron since they are considered a sexy sign, and yet strangely enough they are the ones documented to have the most problem in this department. They give pleasure but seldom receive it.

  13. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    Where is it documented that Scorpio women have the most difficulty achieving orgasm? I know at least one counterexample…

  14. AwfullyVagueAndRandom says:

    “Although I would not go so far as to describe Scorpio as innocent, I can imagine a young scorpion falling deeply in love, willing to connect completely with another — no games, no ammo. If she gets burned by her first lover, then the stingers come out. She toughens up and resolves never to let it happen again.”

    That’s what I usually see happen. It can occur as far back as middle school. Not many know or care about things that happen way back then. I’m not even talking about just Scorps right now.
    You have to be careful being emotionally precocious without having your own stingers ready. When you’re naive and young, someone not as emotionally developed as you can stampede right over you. Can’t necessarily put all the blame on them..they weren’t ready. But that’s usually when the stingers start happening.

    It’s kind of funny. When they decide to take the risk again and find something truly worth that risk, they start wondering why they put up all those walls and defenses.

  15. Anonymous says:

    a therapist in Toronto with a Master’s and a couple of other certificates on the wall of her office

  16. Nice Photo….I’m a female scorp and I like it 🙂 Think I used one just like it.
    Now really I don’t think we are all that way it depends on what we experienced combined with how we take our planets but guess I should not comment I never have dated a female scorp

  17. Dramatoso Scorpioso says:

    btw Dramatoso Scorpioso has progressed sun in Sagittarius

    known for expanding on a truth so one size fits all

    even if it gives you blisters

  18. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    Can Dramatoso Scorpioso share her birth information so that this blogger can run her chart?

  19. Dramatoso Scorpioso says:

    No. I don’t care to be scrutinized, that’s my job 😉

  20. “Can’t she have enough trust to let down her guard, to leave the sharp utensils in the kitchen? Although I would not go so far as to describe Scorpio as innocent, I can imagine a young scorpion falling deeply in love, willing to connect completely with another — no games, no ammo. If she gets burned by her first lover, then the stingers come out. She toughens up and resolves never to let it happen again.”

    well, that’s what truly happen to me just now. And its not only about love either, also about friendship.
    The only people i trust soo much in recent years are my bestfriend and my bf, which happen to be my 1st bf.

    we broke up because racial problem from my parent and i went study abroad. But we’re still cool, chatting and joking around frequently. And when i came back for winter holiday 2007, i found my ex and bestfriend are going out.
    And that hurts like hell, i felt betrayed by my closest one, and i just tell to myself to not trust anyone that deep again.

  21. oww and my ex is Pisces and my bestfriend is Cancer.. blame the triangle

  22. LunarChild says:

    This LunarChild has had 9 months to decide what to do with my scorp, we now live separately, really not seeing one another. Too hard f/me. I recently found that due to his childhood maternal deprivation, his adult effects from his disorder was the reasons for so much emotional abandonment on me. I feel I must stand by him for hopeful recovery. Depending on outcomes, we should be able to reunite. I love this man, but can’t do any more mental masturbation and emotional hurt. AND ‘BOUT BUCKING TIME…..

  23. I’m a scorpio and I’ve been dumped. I’ve always managed to convince them out of it. But a relationship where you have to CONVINCE anyone isnt worth it.

    I’ve always gotten dumped for being too intense/introverted/nagging/etc.

    I only nag after feeling like my emotions aren’t returned. Then I turn more vicious.

    In the beginning I am not vicious, I am kind and generous until I get rebuffed or see someone pulling away. That’s when I become vicious. I don’t know if this is a characteristic of scorpio, or just a characteristic of women!

  24. I am a scorpio and I’ve only been dumped in my first relationship. I did it every time from then on.

    As for the first time, I wanted to break up with him first, but I had a hard time getting used to not being with him after a long relationship, so when he suggested we should try again, I accepted. Then he dumped me a week later! I was very offended. We went out so that he could tell me that and I tried stupid things, like persuading him to stay. When I saw it didn’t work, I counted aloud all the things that were wrong with him and to my surprise – got him crying. I felt sorry, but at the same time proud. It was the first real feeling of revenge for me! Sick, I know, but I still remember that feeling. (second time was when I almost got cheated on and I completely misused the trust of my unknowing boyfriend and soon after ex and ruined some business of his).

    I hate when people try to make a fool out of me. Some said I was too jealous and obsessive. That poor guy, second bf, made me feel guilty, so I stopped checking up on him. A month later, I still decided to take a look. I found a load of mails from another woman, taking me for a fool and flirting with him. What bothered me was that he never replied with ‘hey, you’re going too far, I love Jessy’, but just acted amused and flattered instead. So I took that revenge and made sure he would not remember me as a powerless fool.

    I really wish I could stop being jealous. But if my mate is interested in another woman, what else should I think?? Last time I wasn’t jealous, but then I got bored and realized he wasn’t for me.

    Oh, and I’ve known promiscuous scorps, faithful scorps, seemingly asexual scorps and clingy whiny obsessive scorps. Some very different people with this sign.

  25. Im a scorpio woman who dated a scorpio guy. I broke up with him for many reasons. I find it that dumping a scorpio would bring tragedy in u. Not only this guy hates my guts, but he threatens me that “I will get it” one of these days. He’s mad coz I started dating again. He calls me names everytime he calls, and the worse part is he blamed me for all his faults! I seriously think he has some mental problem. How can it be my fault when he’s physically and verbally abusive towards me? This is a typical sign of a controlling man.

  26. also the signs of an abusive relationship

  27. lol @ “i will get it”…..who says that???? lol

  28. I hope this will help someone.

    I’m a virgo male, and have just come out of a pretty serious relationship with a scorpio. It was so exciting and passionate, and really brought me to new heights as a person, and as a lover too (I’d never been with anyone before who was not just a sack of spuds in bed and had almost lost interest in this mundane act until I got scorpified!). But it was not to be. Here are my thoughts:

    They seem to have a problem relinquishing or sharing control, and this led to her being one of the most hard-headed, stubborn and unreasonable people I’ve ever met since birth!

    But, of course, being a virgo, I see past this, and it can indeed be fixed, but only with the scorpio’s full co-operation, so it’s kind of like they have to come up with the idea themselves or won’t accept it whatsoever. Everything is on the scorpio’s terms and this is true of every aspect of life, for example 1+1 = whatever the scorpio decides; what I mean when I speak is what the scorpio thinks I mean, etc. and if the scorpio deems that it’s not the right time to do maths or to talk, then the forcefield goes up and there’s no hope until – or if ever – they are in the right mood.

    Then you’ve just got to get past their procrastinating nature. Once they decide they want to do something, you could wait forever to see them actually do it – like her admission over eight months ago that she needs anger management – this has yet to be followed up.

    I experienced too much tension with my scorpio, that could easily have been dissipated by a bit of simple give and take. Ultimately, it was her seeming need to wear every pair of pants in the house all at once, permanently, that I feel wore the relationship out.

    As a virgo, being led by someone who I feel allows their emotions to addle their judgement was excrutiating, but I was always kind and patient with her, and never complained or fussed about things, even her prodigal intidiness! (virgos are not all anal I’ll have you know, we possess the power to improve our personalities to get on with others better). I did a lot of compromising for the good of the relationship but it was no good in the end.

    We are both perfectionists, but my outlook is tempered with an earthly realism, i.e. if something starts going wrong, I will try to work out a way of improving it. On the other hand, my scorpio must have had a fantasy scenario in mind where nothing should ever go wrong in the perfect relationship – if anything we did was not a perfect enzymatic match for this imagined state of perfection, she would instantly give up on me, and I had to win her over again and again to stay with her.

    It became too much of a disruptive lifestyle for me, and towards the end I’m sure she could sense how fed up I’d become. I eventually stopped lavishing gifts on her to keep her happy – also feeling like a sucker for all the work I’d put in with no progress, and reasoning that she must be more than simply materialistic, but any time I made a mistake, or withheld my affection, she would seemingly love me a whole degree less, permanently. And by mistakes, I mean things like vocalising the fact that i was not too happy with her seeing her ex boyfriend, every day, in my flat, when I’m out at work – who thinks this sounds unreasonable? in her eyes this was me being a “control freak”. Incidentally, this same exact guy split up with his own girlfriend as a result of him receiving a saucy text off my scorpio, who still denies it, despite me having read the text itself on his phone with my own eyes in person.

    Unfortunately, my scorpio had had a very turbulent life before meeting me, and this had set deep emotional scars and associations in her that I could not bypass. Hence she would suffer from bi-polar mood swings almost every day for no apparent reason and become violent over almost nothing (one example was me re-wording what she said by accident (keeping the same general meaning): I fell down this pitfall many times – we’d be having a normal conversation, then out of nowhere it’s, “HANG ON! That’s not what I said, I said the sky WAS blue, not IS blue!!!! RARARARARA!!”).

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I’ve loved, or been loved, to the same degree as in this relationship by anyone else. When she was chilled out, we were THE perfect couple, but I had to take with humour the fact that I had literally condemned myself to walking on eggshells for eternity in exchange for excitement!

    We eventually had a row big enough to call it a day over. She had booked a holiday away with another guy and had lied to me about it. She was talking to her friends about moving in with the new guy the very next day after we split up. Clearly she had planned it with Black Ops finesse after having decided probably months in advance to leave me. She had subtly built up a relationship with him behind my back, and when it was time to “drop the next tune in the mix” I was discarded as coldly as one might discard a threadbare odd sock.

    I still love her and feel I will be scarred for life over this. I miss her so much, holding her and smelling her hair, and looking into her eyes and hearing her voice. I now realise that this had been almost totally one-sided. Why she refuses to have any contact with me now, I think, suggests a little guilt, maybe that is wishful thinking on my part, in truth she may feel righteous about it.

    As an epilogue to my tale, I have read in Old Moore’s horoscopes that a virgo man and scorpio woman can make it work only with the most extreme effort, all on the virgo’s part. So there you have it.

  29. @King Viz: Thanks Bro, Exactly the same story here. I agree with everything you say. I am much happier today that she is gone. I have a wonderful time but it was also one of the worst relationship i had been through. It is always scorpio’s way. When they want ad how they want.

  30. King Viz,

    I am so sorry to hear about your relationship. I am a Scorpio myself, so some of the things you were saying rang pretty true. We do have very intense emotions, and a need for control, but we also love intensely.

    With that being said, I really don’t understand all of the cheating she did to you? With myself, and the Scorpios that I know and can think of at the moment, cheating is a huge DON’T, for both people in the relationship. I have always been intensely loyal to the man that I date, and I definitely expect the same from him. I even felt a tinge of guilt if I got hit on by other men, admittedly, attention is always welcome in my eyes but I am downright not okay about being unfaithful. There were men I was so worried about losing due to them thinking I wasn’t a faithful person, worried to the point where I wouldn’t bother to have conversations with the opposite sex. And admittedly, again… I hated it when the men I dated had awful “friendly” conversations with other women. It’s never okay! But I really am sorry about your experience, and I hope you don’t just write off all of us Scorpio women to be that kind of person.

  31. Berlitia Vollenhoven says:

    Well,I havent read all posts bit sorta need opinions guys/advice.Im a scorp and have been in a realationship with a scorp.I broke up with him for 2 years and moved away while he went to study.I just recently moved back and he started to work in the same town.We were still good friends and he begged me to try again.So,we tried.from the start i could feel he wasnt into the relationship and asked him,even broke up with him and he just begged again.Long story short,i fell pregnant and at 6months into my pregnancy he found some one else.I was torn!!not once during my pregnancy did he come and see if i was ok.So,baby was born and believe me,hes CRAZY about her!.NOW the real thing comes in:i do not keep him from her and we constantly fight over the poor child!!!I see it as protecting my child and he sees it as me getting him back.I admit,i am still very jelous over his relationship that still lasts and how they can be so happy while i sit ,being the responsible parent,looking after our daughter and him enjyoing his life.To be honest if i dont have 2 see him EVER again it wud suit me perfectly!!!HONEST truth.But we have a child together.What bothers me is the fact that i have tried to get him back and does not want anything to do with it.He puts the girlfriend before our child and if i mention it IM the bad one.We use 2 be the bestes of friends now we cannot have a single convo without arguing.How do i get him out of my system?i have tried all sorts of methods,none is working.i do still love him and a part of me still wonders how it would be if we are back together as a “family”.I do not not agree with the fact that him and the gf take my child on holidays or shopping sprees,i cannnot get over to oing that!help! it just looks like he really despises me!but y begg and plead for chances and when i fell pregnant abandon me?and worst of all,it seems as if him and the gf are so happy!!!!!is it just a front or cud it be?does he really not feel anything for me at all??any scorpio man out there,help me understand???

  32. Berlitia im sorry I know this hurts but you need to let go. If he came back you woukd forever hold it against him and nothing he does will ever be good enough to make up for it. Ima scorp myself and just broke up with a physically and amotionally abusive scorp man recently, its happened b4 and everytime I decide to let go he comes running back and wont let me yet when I do have him back I hold his dissapearing acts to him and try to explain that every time he does it he kills the spark that little more….. yet he continues doing so. Scorps are knowkn gor being strong when we are really actually weak, were apparently full of confidence when really were scared and were classed as a tad in love with ourselves when really we dont value ourselves enough. Im learning to say no stuff you I deserve better irs hard I love him very much but I do deserve better he is very controlling, jealous and on top of that its ok 4 him to do things I wouldnt dare because he wouldnt forgive me yet he does them! Screw that im sure in time he will miss my loyalty my gifts my letting him in totally but im not gonna miss not having that in return! You have a child hes with another woman it hurts and sucks but value yourself mire hun 🙂

  33. Sorry for my typos I just had my nails done.

  34. I have also broke up with my kids father who was aquarius after 12 years, I then fell madly in love with a Taurus who left me, I then dumped a tauras as I fear them then decided what the ill try. My scorp man spent 17 years in love with me after only one night, he left his girlfriend and all for me. He waited through the 12 years and then waited through both taurases never being with anyone else. Im the only one hes ever loved and being a scorp myself I know 1st time round you do take it for granted you think the other will stick by you no matter what and you just push and push. I know I did it but I also know from experience that it just doesnt work like that. I loved being his only one but at the same time hate it because his lack of experience has really just taken its toll. I know wether it b a day a week a month a year or a decade he will come knocking although he swears he wont he always does and im hoping I can take my own advice stay strong and say NO no more im beat down its takn its toll on me mentally and physically and I deserve better. I also supported him totally 100 percent and catered for his every need but I know if it were the other way round hes gone when needed! Has me stumped how he waited for years to actually get me only to treat me this way! Does any scorp man know if this is just revenge for me choosing another so long ago? Clearly that night was more special to him my heart was elsewhere and he knew that I made secret of it! I usually understand a fellow scorp but this just has me totally boggled!

  35. Sorry…. I made no secret of my heart being elsewhere.

  36. hurt by scorp says:

    OMG they are all the same! I am Gemini he is a Scorpio
    I was in a relationship with a Scorpio for five years, Engaged to be married
    When we started dating, he swept me off my feet, he shower me with gifts, and complements, he made me feel like I was beautiful and I was the only one for him (I was in heaven)
    but as soon as I reveal my true feelings for him, its like he lost interest in me,( right after the engagement), then he started to treat me very poorly, he would come home late and ignore me, when I would bring it to his attention, he would complaint that I was nagging him and I was a very insecure clingy woman. Also he constantly accused me of cheating on him witch I never did! pretty soon I started to delete all my social media accounts to show him my loyalty to him, but noting was ever good enough.
    Even if I didn’t use the sites anymore, he would bring it up ALL THE TIME as if it happened yesterday.
    He started to have a wondering eye, he would flirt with other woman in front of me, If I say something to him, then he use to say I was crazy… In fact there were times when I would second question myself and would feel crazy…
    So one time he came home smelling like woman’s perfume and I called him on it, he said I was seeing things and I needed help. I got so sad and depressed that I could not take it anymore, so I left him…
    When he got home and realized I had left, he came back running, telling me I had made a terrible mistake, He loved me and he wanted to marry me ASAP. He told me he would work on his issues because he didn’t want to loose me.
    after two weeks of begging I took him back , in these two weeks, he was showering me with attention, but I had my guard up, (he has broken up with me several times and goes back to his ex) after Two we had a small argument and he said ” I can’t do this anymore, this is an unhealthy relationship and I am going back home!
    I wanted to Die :(.. Why did he do this, is he crazy or bipolar?
    After reading your post, I now realize that he wanted to have the last say and dumped me
    Part of me wants him back (why I don’t even know is like he has me under a spell , we are amazing together, but Oh Boy, is he a complicated men.
    needless to say, I called him all kinds of names via text, he replied he was happy and he wish the best for me but he didn’t want me in his life anymore. How can somebody change so drastic, almost overnight,
    did he ever loved me or was it all a lie?
    I feel used and disrespected, Scorpio men please explain to me what went wrong…

  37. @hurt by scorp and everyone else

    I’m not a Scorpio (I’m a Taurus male) but I know them pretty well. Scorpios are manipulative creatures, deeply passionate and extremely sensitive and much, much more! While most of us feel the emotions in a scale from -20 to 20, they feel the emotions at -100 OR 100 and nothing in between! If it is in between, they won’t care at all.

    They like to test the loyalty of their loved ones. Because they fear being hurt or abandoned. That’s why they are so possessive and prone to deep jealousy. Scorpios are and act many times paradoxically which makes them difficult to be understood. And paradoxically they suffer a lot in not being comprehended. And then even more paradoxically, they have difficulties in expressing themselves to let others understand them. So, they are creatures that suffer a lot silently and deeply and not many realize this! So when a Scorpio is suffering, he/she is really suffering! And when a Scorpio is in love, he/she is really in love (remember the scale above!). All these experiences in the extremes make them more mature than other people.

    I could be here the whole night describing Scorpios. But the idea is that if you want to win over a Scorpio, never let him/her control you. The trick to keep the fire on is to let him/her trying to control you or the relationship and never allowing it to happen. If you let him/her control you, his/her motivation/passion will decrease quickly and he/she will be lying if he/she truly loves you or at least as much as before. Scorpios have a deep desire to control and if you are able to manage it in your relationship in a balanced way, you will only get his/her admiration and genuine powerful affection. Of course, to achieve it you also need to win his/her trust first which is difficult.

    Scorpios biggest dream – it is in their sub-conscience – is to completely lose their control and completely trust his/her half in a love making that embraces both souls as one forever. Because these are the only moments that Scorpios can, for a period, “transfer” themselves into a “place” better than the hell that plagues their lives constantly. They desire it so much, so much, so much, that you can feel it in their intensity and magnetism “calling” for this union.

    I know so much about Scorpios because I was transformed by the love that I had for a Scorpio woman and still have and I’m likely that I will forever have.

  38. As a Scorpio woman who’s just been dumped, it wasn’t easy at all, by my Virgo boyfriend, who got tired of the constant need for attachment. If he hadn’t I probably would have; he came home from a festival completely wrecked after doing MDMA all weekend with nothing but hate for the bond we shared, as it had inhibited his ability to cheat on me with men. He was an immature spoiled slob anyways, but at the same time it’s devastating because for 7 years we seemed to share our own language and were most comfortable with one another. I’m surprised to learn that I couldn’t keep up with his libido, but he had always been unwilling to communicate his needs to me.

    I don’t like the notion that we are vengeful, violent, hateful people; maybe in my teenage years, but when you meet “the one” you think you will fight every jealous possessive urge to the death to protect them. I would have devoted my life to him and defended him no matter how offensive he was. I guarded our relationship with passion and never once had a disloyal thought, of course hindsight is 20/20. I was uneasy and depressed because he had grown cold and frustrated with me at times, and would scold me for not finding us a new apartment when it was his city he wanted to live in, even though it was my apartment he joined when we first began living together.

    Maybe in another lifetime had he been more mature he would have appreciated better what we had. I’m only left with the pain of knowing what we’ve lost while he doesn’t, and now the unfortunate matter of having to bring him down to earth when he decides he wants me back; I can’t imagine anyone more repulsive to me right now.

  39. I’m sagittarius rising sign taurus my scorpio woman abandoned me I think, because she blocked me from whatsapp,facebook and the others!
    the reason she forgot my birthday. I’ve waited all day and changed my status at whatsapp about 22.30 at night to remind her it’s my birthday to day.A few minutes later she sent me 5 messages to congratulate it,of course I was disappointed and complained a bit and told her she broke my heart couple of times!
    this is my last message I sent her because she blocked me I saw it the other day
    ”you broke my heart but anyway I always want for you the best because I love you…”
    it’s been 14 days I’m still blocked and I can’t reach her to ask what’s wrong!
    anyone can give me advise what to do?

  40. Lola (SCORPIO) says:

    I have been dumped by a lying Leo. He said he loved me and I was the love of his life! We were really happy most of the time. The problem was no comunication and anger. He was physicaly abused by his mother. Now he is her caregiver. She is an amputee who refuses to use her prosthetic. Her hysical problem came about in 2010..before that she was not part of our problem.
    Like I said we were happy and harmoneous 90 % of the time.During the 7 years we were together there were dumb reasons that angered him and he would not call or come around for days to a week or so.. as the years went by his anger kept him away longer and longer. It became 2 weeks ti a month, then more than a Month to 2 or 3 months ? Who does this over simple problems.. he refused to communicate … Til eventally he would just get over it.. I forgive and forget readily ans easily. My thing is let’s not waste time. We are now in or 50s him 53 me 55. I want to live life working at our relationship and stay together I stead of being apart so long before he dexists ro let it go, And Or apologize.
    I figured half of our life Is over let’s enjoy the rest of it together. Sexually we have no problems we are very compatable in that dept.
    Recently my girlfriends many single and a few married or in relationships., have gathered for reunions and just just girls night out kinda events. . I have an empty nest, almost… 5 children and 1 child (my son)lives with me. Being alone at home on weekends has left me much time to hang out with the more single friends. We got to lunch, dinner, happy hours or weddings of family or friends.
    He has his hands full caring for his mother besides his in home business as an apt building manager he manages 2 buildings 30 units total.
    He never mentioned that my hanging out with the girls bothered him. Til one weekend I agreed to spend the weekend with him. 1he said he would pick me up around noon on Friday (we live in 2 different counties)28 MILES AWAY. Thursday evening he called to say hi mom wanted to go grocery shopping and to go do laundry (at a laundrymat). . That meant(through experience I knew) it would take about 4-5 maybe 6 hours I told him one of my friends mentioned we should try to go to the first Dodger playoff game. I also said that it was not likely because it was already the day before the game.. He told me this upset him and he was hanGung up the phone because he didon’t want to argue.
    So I tried to call back and remind him I would most likey not even go. He would not answer and didn’t reply to a text message. Then I figured I’d let I
    him cool off and wait til he came around a usual.. he never called .. 2 1/2 months passed (his typical behavior) so I called him. Hmi asked him was he still upset and his repose was “I gave up on you”. I was totally shocked .. but thought/hoped this could be resolved. He said that I put my frinds before him . This coming from him who cares for his mother and has to take her to family get togethers, shopping and appointments. I have never complained, I know he loves mom and does for her. I have fone much myself in fact I used to be their transportation til he finally got a car 1 and half yrs ago.
    So started to ask him “you want me to sit at home while your out and about/ bust with mom?” And thats when he hung uP!
    Now my friends tell me and have showed me he is on social media saying he is lookin for #3 I assume his ex wife is #1 and was #2!! About 6 months ago we were not talking over a very stupid reason. . He apologized (it was his fault) and he told me our new song was “still in love with you” by AL Green.
    They told me he posted the video of that song and wrote on the post that “this is for the 2 that got away, I’m looking for #3!
    I am so shocked and devastated.
    HOW CAN SOME ONE .. WHO HAS BEEN so sweet while I had been so patient ..just flip like that??

  41. Lola (SCORPIO) says:

    Yes please email notifications of any responses.
    Thank you

  42. well i’m 46 and i’m a scorpio i never looked at my sign until she made me and dam she was right i do have the traits that it says i do well she dumped me after 12 years she is a sag. and she started seeing that we don’t match and she left me wow is all i can say 12 years got along great she started reading the sighs 4 months ago and said we don’t get along now she don’t want to even try so i think it’s mostly in your head if you don’t know then it don’t matter but some people have weak minds and if they read something that tells them how they should be then they have to do what it says. i love her but i guess i need to do what its says i need wash her out of my mind even though we have two kids oh well.

  43. Feenix153 says:

    See now I’m a scorpio male who’s been with a scorpio female. She left me because of an argument said she loved me then disappeared and blocked me on everything. Since I’m a mature and more evolved Scorpio on the Eagle path and not always looking for revenge over little things I decided to let it go because she will like all scorpios regret something and always remember it. Scorpios have excellent memories.. so karma will serve her the dish. My way of getting over a breakup usually is to not keep all the emotions locked up that leaves you with toxic emotions and plays on your psychology. Usually practicing self defence or working out gets rid of my anger or frustration. I think Scorpios need to learn that the reason why so many people hate us is because we keep stuff inside and take revenge over little things and the more evolved scorpios look at that as childish. I don’t need to go tic for tac… it’s just one attack then splat.
    I think she was a more underdeveloped scorpio so she wanted revenge by letting me go which time will show that she will regret for the rest of her days. But hey another way to move on is to talk to all the beautiful women out there. Cancers, Pisces,Leo’s talk to the non scorpio women out there they much better in treating a Scorpio male as they don’t resort to stupid vengeful tactics.

  44. I fall madly in love with this man. I choose not to see what was in front of me all along. I knew he was not going to stay but I can’t explain why or what made me to be close to him even though I new he was going to hurt me. He was my first and for first time in my life I gave my trust only to find lies and deceit. He used me then ghosted me. I never asked for an explanation nor begged for his return. i just left it at that. He was an Aries selfish, self centered, cold and a liar! All the traits i can’t stand in a person! But no matter what I still love him. However I rather died before I send a text to him nor contact him! I just turned around with my heart broken and started walking without looking back! sometimes I wish I could see him and I miss him but I know he doesn’t care so I keep moving without looking to the past! so much pain, so much I have lost! Trust I will never trust anyone again. Would I ever love the same with such passion and intensity? Is questionable, because love have been tainted and people are not to be trusted!

  45. Mr. Fish says:

    Im a pisces male that broke up with my scorpio. I feel so bad and the pain of not having her in my life is so painful. Through out the relationship ive broke up and we’d get back together. She was so possesive of me. If i dare talk to anyone and didnt pay attention to her she would get hurt. This would cause frustration on my part. Then id run. Because everyday when we were together we were so in love. I felt that i not only spoke of how much i love her. I lived it daily. I didnt realize how sensitive this sign is and im so very sorry for ever hurting her. Its been a month and half and we started speaking as friends. I want her back but she said she’s moved on and she met someone. Part of me thinks she says this just to hurt me. Im not sure if she truly is. All i know is i want her back. I qill never hurt her by walking wver again if ahe gives me a second chance. Does anyone think that there is a chance that we can get back together? Because at this point it feels like she’s moved on.

  46. I’m taurus woman and have been happy for 2 years. My scorpio man had been helping out his single mother (of 3) neice. Although she has been back in our lives for 2 years he has got totally obsessed with her..acting more like her husband than uncle. I am alone more than with him lately and and it’s like we have swoped roles..Too much to bear..He is away this week and I am going to clear my stuff and move out without him knowing. Speaking is like talking to a brick wall so it has come to do or die. I don’t want to split but I’ve decided he will be shocked into what he’s doing or it ends. Any advice..In such a dilemma xx

  47. Im a scorpio woman who dated a Scorpio man..Í desired attention from him and he desired his own. We got along amazing in person but when we were away everything fell apart. I finally broke yo with him out of anger and when i calmed down it was too late he has not responded and i know we hate rejection but i felt he was about to dump me so i día it first now he wont respond at all i Miss him

  48. Steven Tracy says:

    Thank you i have two kids with Scorpio female. I love her with all my heart but she gave up. Now its hard for me to move on. Mostly when i am feeling lonely

  49. Angel2000 says:

    Mine did, we broke up and came and said relationship wasnt working and can we go back to being friends. I said that wouldn’t work for me. I left him alone and he came back 3 weeks later and said he wanted to make our relationship work. It’s only been a few days, but I realised they will always be secretire and need space so I am curbing my questions and letting him get on with it. You cannot push them into anything. Say your peace and leave, they will think … for ages..But you just have to get on with your life until they tell you what they have decided.

  50. Angel2000 says:

    I’m happy to say mine came back after nearly four weeks much to my surprise

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