Pisces may lie, but Sagittarius stretches the truth

big chairIn the comments section of Sagittarius woman only needs Cancer man when she’s lonely, many Sagittarians lambasted the poor Cancer guy with Pisces rising for lying to his Sag ex-girlfriend.

“You see we do always tell the truth (as we see it) for better or worse and we do appreciate the truth in the same way.”

“Sadge women CANNOT be lied to…no matter what.”

“Sagittarius people cannot tolerate a liar.”

Perhaps the truth as Sagittarius sees it is not the same as The Truth. This sign’s ruling planet is Jupiter, the Expander and Exaggerator. When a fact doesn’t support Sagittarius’ worldview, philosophy or theory of everything, the Centaur may just choose to ignore it. After all, the Big Picture is more important than every little detail. And Sag may give some supporting pieces of information slightly more emphasis than others to make her point. She wouldn’t call this “lying,” just “putting things in perspective.”

Is stretching the truth less ethically questionable than outright lying? Sagittarius may not see it as a problem. But then again, Sag may not even be aware that she is leaving key points out of her version of the truth. Nor may she recognize when she is over-emphasizing a minor tidbit that makes her look better. And if she does know what she is doing … well, surely there is a good reason for it.

Sagittarius governs higher education and universities, and there are numerous cases of professors or researchers who fudge the data to help get their scholarly articles into the most prestigious journals. In her arrogance and self-aggrandizement, Sag may prune a few trees to make the forest look better.

Comment below: Do you know a Sagittarius who’s told a tall tale?

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  1. but the fish has hated on the scorp long b4 little ol me came into the picture….i dont know why the fish cant ever get it together…now he truly is a character in a looney tune

  2. Sting not the 'THE STING' lol says:

    You may forget. They wont.

  3. thats their hangup if they cant forget…..i never slept with the scorp to get back at the fish because the fish didnt like me….the scorp wasnt even on my radar….

  4. Sting not the 'THE STING' lol says:

    For you it was fun. I understand that but look back at what you did. I don’t know how good of friends they are.
    But if It way my best friend, and you came between us, man that would suck big time. I’m looking at this from a moral point of view. If you did this to me and my buddy. Id be pissed big time. Imagine a friendship that took years to build and then you came along and fucked it up. Yep there would be conflict between my buddy and me. For you it may be funny and dramatic now. But from my point of view its careless and stupid. If the friendship was a true one we would forgive each other. Then both of us would destroy you. You would wish you never met us. Revenge is a meal best served cold. Just saying. It’s the shit you don’t think about as a Sag that kicks you in the face later.
    Be careful Sag24/7. People can be unpredictable. Especially when you hurt them.

  5. @ sting…i dont think i hurt anybody to be honest. Me and the fish were never a couple, besides he was having his fun with another girl at the same time he was giving me hell and the scorp does his own buisness behind closed doors, that me and him both know about…. now i could see if i was the fish’s girlfriend and i cheated on him with his friend. than i would be a B*tch but nope that was not the case.

    the fish even admitted to me that he shoulda paid more attention to me instead of trying to be a player. he was invested into the relationship and what happened happened. i was still willing to be his friend because we always had a good time together, so water under the bridge.

    i think the scorp just caught feelings for me when he shoulda just smashed haha or let me smash him and kept it movin.

  6. never once did i hurt the scorp…he conjurs up things in his own mind that i have no control over.

  7. * he wasnt invested in the relationship…..

  8. Sting not the 'THE STING' lol says:

    Your a good person Sag24/7. Be real to yourself. In you know who you are and what you want. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

  9. thats been the motto…i know the sag way of looking at things is a bit tough for others to relate too, but i have to look at the situation logically.

  10. Sting not the 'THE STING' lol says:

    You can tell me if I’m wrong here. A Sag forgives easily. I view that as one of your strongest traits and one of your weaknesses. Reason being. You forgive easily because you seldom put your heart on the line. You are just as scared as all the other signs. You put on this hard exterior and act as tough nothing hurts you or phases you. Yet we both know that’s not the truth.
    You are so afraid of commitment. Its not only that you like to be free but it has a lot to do with how scared you are of getting hurt. I may be a Fish. But I’m not the most sensitive of the signs. The Sag is. You cry yourself to sleep sometimes. That’s why you run free in the wild. Commitment and true love scares the shit out of you. You choose fun instead. You avoid the real L word because it scares the shit out of you. You don’t wear your heart on the sleeve. You hide it behind fast legs. armored body and a bow. And you run for the hills each time a person comes close to understanding you.

  11. @ sting…no i was in love before and in a committed relationship and never cheated…i just dont think everyone person is deserving of my emotional side..yes being in love is a scary thought, not wholly because of the feelings involved but in part due to the fear of losing my freedom and independence. but once i find someone worthy of getting over that hump, boy they are in for something special…i just feel so rushed from men that they dont take the time to take things slow once i hit that wall.

  12. Sting not the 'THE STING' lol says:

    My ex left me because I figured her out. And that scared her. She couldn’t lie to me. She couldn’t control me. It scared her. She ran from love because she didn’t understand it. I pity her. I don’t love her. I don’t hate her. I do pity her. For a Sag that’s worse then death. The word PITY… 🙂 but I do.
    She chose a guy in the end that she can walk all over and get her way. She chose the easy one. She can now pull wool over his eyes and run her life the way she wants. I’m sure she will cheat on him in due time. Or she may already have. I hope she changed. But its hard to believe that. I will never know. All I know is that in the end she ran because it would be too hard for her. 🙂 How do you belive in love and not fight for it is something that I will never understand. 🙂 I lived a hard life as a child. I lost my mother when I was 3. I came to North America without knowing the language at the age of 10. I speak 6 languages today. I was all over the world I learned about people cultures. Races and I understand life. Iv seen a lot in my 28 years. Good, Bad, Tragic. And I appreciate life because it is hard. Its the hard life that you learn from not the easy life. I read these post on this site. And I feel sad. There is so much more to life then this. I studied astrology a little bit. I find it interesting. But I believe in people. All of us are capable of good and bad. Its what we choose in the end that makes us who we are. I was never one to choose the easy rout.

  13. Sting not the 'THE STING' lol says:

    All I wanted from her was trust and honesty. I’m not a controlling person. She was. I was in a long distance relationship stuck at home because she was afraid I would cheat on her. lol
    I remember stopping at a bar to get a case of beer from off sale. I stopped there for like 5 min. She phoned me and I answered. She started accusing me of all kinds of crap. All I wanted was beer. lol
    I went home after that and started thinking. lol
    Halloween she dressed up like a slut and went out with her girl friends and had fun. I wasn’t aloud to go. I was like Ok. I can rough it out she means a lot to me. So I stayed home. Next week my best friends mom was having a Halloween party. Their like in their 50’s. Buddy phoned and I said for sure man ill come. Whats the big deal? I love his mom and family plus I haven’t seen them for months.
    So I went. She got mad. Like come on. She pushed me against a wall that in the end I couldn’t take it anymore. I gave up a lot for her. In the end I moved for her. Gave up my Job which was an awesome job. I made video games before her for 7 years. lol I moved to a new province for her. She was engaged through all of this. It bothered me a lot. But i believed her. I gave her time but in the end I had enough of waiting around. So I pushed back from the wall and told her how I felt and how used I felt. She dumped me. She broke it off with her fiance. And a month later she moved in with a third dude. She got engaged to him a week later. I got fucked in the end. Three times. A slap in the face so to speak.

    I wanted her to feel what she made me feel. But life is fair. I pity her instead.

  14. @ sting..thorugh reading your posts, i can still sense that you hate her guts. i cant speak for her and how she was feeling…and not all Sags are created equal…I will say that if she hurt you, then it wasnt right for her to do that. especially since us Saggis hate for our partners to be dishonest, unrighteous and unjust. i will say that a Sag can be very controlling and possessive..more so that a scorpio…ive learned that about myself.

    how did u meet her? what attracted you to her?

  15. Sting not the 'THE STING' lol says:

    I’m a Pisces. I hate to be controlled. I hate it more then a Sag. When you take my freedom away and expect freedom for yourself. Watch out. Like I said we have a tolerances for pain. We let others walk over us but only for so long. In the end we are fair. I didn’t ask for this relationship. She wanted it so much. Her family and mine know each other. We grew up together. I knew going into it that it would be hard as hell. But I risked it for love. She told me how unhappy she was with her fiance. He cheated on her. But I later found out that since his cheating she did as well. More then two guys less then ten. 5 months after the engagement. I was skeptical. But I gave her a chance. People do change right? 🙂 I did not judge her for her past. But in the end I did. All came out in the open. She blamed my sister for all of it. My sister and I are close we were always close since childhood we had each others back. I don’t keep secrets from my family.
    In the end she wanted to put a wedge between us and that was the last nail in the coffin. I trust my sis with my life and no chick will try to break that bond that family has.
    I can see my mistakes. I told you the whole phone situation. I told that to my sis too. Because it bothered me a lot. How can I trust someone who lies to me. I forgave her for the phone thing but I did not forget about it. And she tested my trust each time. Fool me once shame on me. Full me twice shame on you. I know when people lie to me. Part of my training. lol Body gestures give you away. Voice. Shaky hands. Nervousness. And Sags weakness. Memory. When a story doesn’t check out. Means one thing.
    I didn’t trust her. That wasn’t my fault. I lied to myself enough. Enough to loose more then I could bare.
    In the end I lost her. But my hear and mind were not mistaken. I made the right choice. Love should not be one sided. I talk to you Sag24/7 because by talking to you I get some form of understanding. So thanks. 🙂

  16. Sting not the 'THE STING' lol says:

    I was attracted to that trucker mouth of Sags. lol The Honesty. 🙂 I was looking for an equal in a relationship. Someone who would not be afraid to express themselves. I seen that in her. When we were together it was amazing but when we were apart it sucked. Her siblings liked me a lot. Her younger brother phoned me a lot even after all that happened. Her dad is an awesome guy. They hate what happened. You look in their eyes and you feel the their disappointment. You look in their eyes and you see We are so sorry for what she did to you. I cant do that. I told her brother to stop texting me. What once was is over. I may be a jerk but I cant deal with that. I don’t want too. Its not their fault but I don’t want to be near that. Its just super uncomfortable. To pretend like all is well. Its not. I have a life now with my girlfriend and its super uncomfortable to see her family. Yeah she cut me deep. All I wanted in the end is to see her face to face and handle this like adults. She owed me that much. She chose not too.
    She knows what she did. She knew exactly……I have my pride. I have my balls. I have my morals. She put my moral to the test. Never again will that happen.

  17. LOL @ trucker mouth…yeah i got one of those….my fish was attracted to the slutty outfit i was wearing…i think i was wearing fishnets that night….yeah that sounds like a sag…off trotting into the sunset without explanation….i think that we think that the other person will be over the relationship just as quickly as we are over it, but that isnt the case at all..

  18. do u think u will date a Sag again?

  19. Sting not the 'THE STING' lol says:

    Her own family warned me about her. Be careful she will hurt you. We grew up together in a way. When we were younger we had feelings for one another I just didn’t want to risk it then. Her cousin is like a brother to me. When he came out of the closet I supported him. I was there for him. When people judged him. He warned me about her. He seen it coming. I tough she was better then this. I guess people change a lot.
    Shes now with a guy 11 years her senior. I forgave her Sag24/7 but I cant forget. In a way I don’t know her story and would like to know her side.

  20. Sting not the 'THE STING' lol says:

    I have nothing against Sag people. I just don’t think its the most mature of signs. Kid in the sandbox. 🙂

  21. Sting not the 'THE STING' lol says:

    In my heart I want her to be happy. I just hope shes not digging another hole that she wont be able to dig herself out of. Her moms quote. “She doesn’t know what she wants”
    I hope that’s not the case. Its hard for me coz I do care for her. I don’t wish on her a life that’s empty and without meaning. I see a hard life for her if she doesn’t change her ways. I see kids, I see marriage. I also see a divorce if she doesn’t change her thinking. I see pain. I see regret. I see a life that’s hard due to her own mistakes and lack of understanding.
    I’m no psychic but Iv seen life. At its best and at its worst. And the people who don’t learn from their mistakes are damned to repeat them.
    You may see all this as negative. What Iv learned is those who have it hard will have it easy. Those who have it easy will have it hard. Its the hard that makes us or breaks us in the end. Hard times ahead for you too Sag24/7….

  22. hearing your pain is one of the reasons what i will not get into a relationship…i dont want to hurt the other person….i love the sandbox…

  23. its all about who she chooses for a mate, she may be with another sag and it may be the perfect arrangement

  24. Sting not the 'THE STING' lol says:

    I hope so. Sag24/7. I hope so. As for you don’t be afraid of hurting the other person. They loved you a lot that’s why they hurt. So think of that. To be loved in that way is what you should look for when you are ready for it. That’s love. True love.
    Its not a fast car, abs, and a perfect smile. You will tire of the sandbox in due time. We all do. Your not quite ready for that just yet. But you are close to it.
    Time flies. You will blink and it will pass by without notice. There will come a time when you look at yourself in a mirror and you wont like what you see. We all hit that point in life. Each and everyone of us. We grow up at a different pace but we still grow up. 🙂 Thanks for listening.

  25. Sting not the 'THE STING' lol says:

    I will leave you with a quote from one of the greatest minds of history.

    “Power without love is reckless and abusive, and love without power is sentimental and anemic.”
    Martin Luther King, Jr

  26. I dont think i will ever grow tired of the sandbox but just find someone who will want to play in the sand with me! hes probably looking for me 2, how exciting….ive never been attracted to the fast car, abs, but a smile or yes…a smile can land me in a heartbeat….i think my life is grand to be honest and to meet someone who can tolerate me is the greatest adventure….when i look into the mirror, i get turned on

  27. Big hearted Saggi says:

    @Sting not the ‘THE STING’ lol, I read your story and very much can relate myself and my ex…
    All you wanted was trust and honesty…that was the one thing my ex asked for…but to me he couldn’t handle it. Every time I told him the truth, he would get upset which would then lead to a massive argument…in the end, I learnt to lie, learnt to not say things just to avoid upset.
    I’m sag myself and I never intend to hurt ppl…sometimes though our indecisiveness and not knowing what we want does get us in trouble.
    I’m afraid too of what the future holds…in the past I had so much going for me, yet I’ve let all those guys go…now I want commitment, but no one else around me does. I’m learning to change my thinking, I’m learning to grow up, but it’s hard. I think it’s our personality, our optimism that drawn us to the world…if I was to change and grow up, then I’d lose myself…
    I didn’t want to lie to him…I was too young at the time…he was possessive, controlling and not understanding…if I could start over…I would have committed to him, I would have done more to make things work…but now it’s too late! We can only move forward. I don’t feel pity for myself but I do regret not having realise what i’ve lost until it’s too late!

  28. I just got out of a year long relationship with a Sag that was a complete liar. With her, though, everything about her was a lie from the way she acted around me to the things she told me. It’s was bizzare – I’ve posted this in other threads, but come to find out she had three relationships going at once, the other two guys knew about me, and I had no idea about them. Not only that, but even when she was caught and exposed she couldn’t tell the truth – she tried to twist and stretch and manipulate the truth to make me think I was the one that caused the whole affair. I had to remind her that I was pretty good about asking if things were OK, if she was happy, and through the whole relationship I was trying to build her up.

    I don’t know if it’s a typical Sagittarius trait, but she has a tendency to blow little things way out of proportion if they support whatever point she’s trying to get across. She also had a tendancy to want to know everything that was going on with me, then clam up when I asked her how things were going with her, but that could have been because she didn’t want to inadvertantly put her foot in her mouth and reveal that she was cheating.

  29. im sorry Damien….are you an aqua?

  30. Yeah, Aquarius Sun and Moon, Sagittarius Rising.

  31. AquaTrainer says:

    I’m really liking a Sag right now, but I am a bit hesitant. Mainly because I told myself I was going to be single for a year….and he’s blonde lol I usually prefer brunettes. But, I know they might stretch the truth, but so does Aquarius….to not hurt the person’s feelings. He’s never cheated on anyone, but he has been cheated on…and since my ex Pisces POS cheated on me after I tried EVERYTHING to make the relationship work I feel we both have that in common.

    Check it out…..

    I am
    Aqua sun
    Virgo moon
    Leo rising

    My EX PISCES was
    sun, Pi
    moon, Cancer
    rising, Gemini

    NEW Sag guy
    sun, Sag
    moon, Aries
    rising, Aquarius…

    Does it get any better than this?!

  32. Hey there

    Im a female sag who always seem to get attached to Capricorn men or Sagittarian men. My latest was a sage man.

    Last week i ordered cable and this guy was the customer service rep. To make a long story short. I flirted a little (cuz i cant seem to help it. it just poors out instinctively) and didn’t think much of it. I thought the conversation was being recorded so i didn’t get inappropriate or anything. At the end of the conversation, he asked if it was okay to call and check on the quality of service after installation. I was like okay. You got my number in a flirtatious tone and left it at that. I really didnt think he would call and i definitely didnt think it would be soon.

    Do you know this sucka called me that evening. I was a little impress because of his boldness and aggression. i pretty much chuckled and thought lightly of the situation. but he was pretty consistant. well we only spoke for like 5 minutes and i asked if icould call him later. I called him a few hours later and we only spoke for 15 minutes. The next day was his birthday and 3 days later was mine. facebooked him and said happy birthday. He called me the next day and i had to cut it short and we spoke about 3 more times after that but only briefly like 5 minutes each. Im always busy ya know and i didn’t want to be a chatter box so i kind of fell back and let him try to take the lead on several occassions and the thing that bothered me was his constant saying of “and stuff” after every other word. He practically told me his life story the first phone call and i really didn’t want to know it.

    Well at first i was going to blow him off but decided not to. Well it had been only 5 days since we started talking and each time we both called, i had to study, work , or tend to my kids. then all of a sudden when i told him i would call him back, and tried to he didn’t answer. He text me

    I just wanted to let you know that i’m going to bed early tonight after my neice and nephew leave so ill talk to you later. i have a headache.. Im like WTF. why tell me? So i responded that he didn’t have to explain and that we would just talk when it was convenient for both of us. take care. he responded that he knew this but he was just trying to be polite. at this point i felt insulted by his tactics and was like okay. thank you. gn.

    then i didn’t hear from him until Monday and he sends a text regarding my cable. I asked if his head felt better and he was like a litte, im going to take more tonight when i get home. because i was late coming in 3 min today.

    again i was like…………Okay? well i never heard from him again. don’t know what happen. Am i missing something?

  33. yes, he wanted to “bed you” but it didnt seem like it was going to happen any time soon…so he’s off to greener pastures..you know what most of these sag guys r like…sex and more sex. less talk.

    no fault of yours, your guys just couldnt get the greatest timing…

  34. wow. i must be getting rusty. i never even thought of that because we never spoke about anything inapprpriate and he seem nice. so u think he wanted sex? he seemed a little too shy to even go there. i thought it was because he was seeing someone and changed his mind about me

  35. i hate to paint all sag men with a brush…but they are into sex and not relationships. alot of other men are like this 2…but since were talking Saggis…

    you probably just seemed too busy for him.

  36. hey all…..Hope everyone had a great christmas…………and belated birthday wishes to you fellow sages!

    Anyway i’m on here to keep from going insane. My delema is a fellow sag. He was my first love. I was 13 and he was 15 my…first sexual experience. THis man has always been like “Jesus” to me. Been knowing him for 25 years we’ve been through several marriages and kids, heartbreaks, iraq wars, differnct cities, countries, etc and still kept in touch He has always been my baby..one of my most favorite people in in the world.

    basically after my split from my last husband last year i reached out to him for support and we have been keeping in touch ever since. Well my ex and i flirt but nothing ever comes to pass because i will not allow it to. I don’t want it to mess up our relationship you know. But anyhow. for the past say 2-3 months my saggy has been consistently around…calling, trying to impress me, flirting and i have just burshed it off. Because of several reasons.

    1. is he has a girlfriend
    2. found out it was a live in girlfriend which he so conveniently left out
    3. because i was so in love with him for half of my life and he always lets me down or decieves me in some way so i kind of learned my lesson and keep him at arms length.
    4. I have caught him in 2-3 lies since this past summer so my trust in him is pretty low

    So fast forward to about beginning of December. Some how he has come to me all broken up in a million of pieces saying he is having a nervous break down, having money problems, baby mama problems, etc. you name it, he had it.

    He also owns a business that was not doing well and he called me up for advise and how terribly he had been feeling. Now this man has always been the Jokingly character, very strong, smart and independent so at first i thought he as just kidding around. Well this went on for like 2-3 days. i had never seen him this torn or vunerable in my whole life…..not even when we were kids. it scared me.

    then if finally took him seriously. I felt so much compassion for him i just wanted to make sure he was okay. i was a little scared. He said he was going to the VA hospital to talk to someone about anxiety attacks and anger issues and trying to get disability? I was speechless and want to be strong for him so i just kept quiet and listened. He was really crushed about shutting down his store due to financial difficulties (so i thought). So i talked to him about have a dream book. later that day i went to the book store and purchased a journal and a book on time managment and wrote him an encouraging note and ended with a verse from a song he shared with me about two months ago that reminded him of us.

    It was called: P.S. I Love you by Curtis Mayfield. when he got it he felt so happy and he told me he loved me and i really loved him too. I just wanted him to be okay….not just a romantic love but real family type love you know.

    Well that’s when things kinda starting to FEEL weird. I was trying hard to shake it. I didnt want to fall for this man again but some how i was feeling some sort ofway so i kept my distance for like 3 or 4 days. Just dodged him. OKAY so my birthday was December 11 and his was the 16th. I was on his facebook and noticed all his birthday greetings and him thanking everyone

    Well this chick basically put it out there that she was his woman and that she loved him. Well no big deal right? Wrong. Mind you this man had told me this other chick was his girl and pointed her out to me on facebook. It was all good and i didn’t care or minded but what did bother me was he lied about the girl he was with……………..for no good reason. Why? I asked him about it and he denied it. I was like i just saw the same chick you denying at a shoe store with your son. I told you about your son being at the store with her and you never mentioned it?

    Now remember it doesn’t matter who he is with or even if he had 40 women. But why was i so hurt about him lying about his girlfriend was? We are not intimate. Up until this month, we just kept in touch and never been out with each other or nothing and i never gave him hopes of this happening so why would he lie about something so trivial?

    Why does it hurt so much? well my delimma is i was upset with him for 2 days and didn’t return his phone calls, when i do, he pretty much still denies this girl and laughed me off, then said to me, “don’t worry, u don’t have to worry about not being in my life” WTF? then i said some things and he said some things in a laughing voice but after thinking……he was serious about it. I hung the phone up in his face. Beforfe i hung up he was like call me back in a few hours when you get to worik ok? i said I hear you then just hung up. Well by noon i was feeling some kinda way. We never argue and i was thinking i hurt his feeling by my attitude and shortness with him. and that i said some hurtful things and hung up in his face. i just want us to be okay again.

    I still don’t believe or trust him but it bothers me things are not right with us. It was scary feeling like i didn’t want to deal with him anymore after so many years of dissappointment and lying i was kinda ready to say goodbye but having the last word is not always as rewarding as it seems.

    Why do i feel sad? i called him twice and sent an text and no response yet.

  37. @Damien

    Hey man i remember you and your story. Damn. I’m sorry about that. YOu really really loved that girl and rememberd feeling so jealous of you guys. How are you now? Dont worry. one day you will be with a much more serving woman.

    Sorry for that

  38. @sag-girl2

    I recovered pretty fast, so I’ve been ok, thanks for asking. You’re right, though, I really had thought I found the perfect girl, Such is life, I guess. Of course it hurts, but I’ve had so many things to occupy my time with I guess I didn’t have time to think about it, and now, months later, it doesn’t seem like such a big deal. That plus I’ve been spending a lot of time on the beach – gotta love California, where you can sit on the beach reading a book in the middle of January. Makes it hard to stay upset about anything for very long =p

  39. I think lying and stretching the truth are on the same page. Although Sags maybe telling the truth, but they are adding more detail to make a simple news into an extravagant one. But then again, lying would be worst since non of it were true. Very complicated.

  40. LOL Sagittarians are lairs. They don’t have others best interests most of the time. Some are okay but a lot of them like to hurt others.

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