Why is my Leo man ignoring me?

Sure, our shining star loves to send warmth and light your way, but when there’s a threat to his dignity, he’s just focused on himself. Mars could blow up, but he couldn’t care less … except for the fact that he no longer has someone to do his dirty work.

Maybe Leo is ignoring you because you haven’t provided him the attention he obviously deserves. Leo has set his sights on finding a new admirer, someone smart enough to appreciate him for who he is, who would never doubt for a second how lucky he or she is to have a man like him.

If you’ve wounded Leo’s pride, he may retreat with his tail between his legs, plotting how he will pounce on you … when the time is ripe … and for increased dramatic effect! Don’t underestimate how stubborn this fixed sign can be. Just because he’s ignoring you does not mean he’s not thinking about you … as his next prey.

Or maybe it has nothing to do with you. Leo may be on a creative streak, working on his play with abandon, or lost in his painting. His is the sign of creativity and self-expression, and all that fire has to be channeled constructively. Better into his art than into endless preening, don’t you think?

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  1. LeoLady86 says:

    …..Also if your Leo man is possessive and jealous its because you are doing a bad job at making him feel secure in the relationship.

    None of my Leo men were jealous because I would do things that made them feel safe with me…Like for instance, if we went to a party, I would talk to other guys sometimes (I am naturally a social butterfly so I wasn’t flirting, just having conversation) but as I am having my conversations I would secretly text him from across the room and say ” baby, you look so good tonight, I can’t wait to take you back home and show you how much I love you.”Or I would kiss him in front of other men and whisper in his ear then go back out. I would also brag about all the great things about him around other people. No matter where I was or who I was with he knew no one could take me away and he knew that they may have my attention for now but he has it forever…I always reminded him of that and not just with my actions but with my words too. Leo men can be easily reassured through words, trust me. I think because I am a Leo woman that I know how important it is for him to be reassured.

    Also, you have to treat a Leo’s temper tantrum and angry moments like they aren’t a big deal, sooner or later, he will start to feel the same way and will apologize for his behavior. This is not a sign to fight fire with fire with because Leo’s are symbolized by the Lion, the King/Queen, we will either rip you apart and make you cry if you try to fight with us or we will decide that fighting you is beneath us and we will disappear. Your best bet is to let the Leo vent and show him that you are not bothered one bit by his emotional outbreaks…we’ll feel sorry about overreacting and misbehaving on our own and we will say sorry. If a Leo is showing lots of anger or is being dramatic tell them with a calm and straight face that they need to get it together and to call you when they are in a better mood then tell them you love them and you’ll talk to them later….trust me, they won’t be mad for long.

  2. Katie seymour says:

    Hi everyone I’m currently interested in a Leo man,I’m a Virgo myself.whats happened is on Saturday I misread a update on a dating site,and because I really like him I got upset thinking he was a player,not interested and I’m pretty sure he likes or did like me in that way the way he’s spoke 2 me treated me and acted on when we had a date last month. It turned out he couldn’t answer where he hasn’t had the time,probably because if meetings or something else 2 do with his business.he also said not 2 bother with seeing him this week as I threatened not 2,but obviously I’m hoping he said in the heat of the moment and a but annoyed upset etc. I earlier this morning sent a message apologising 4 the way I spoke and mg general behaviour,promised it will never ever happen again,told him what a great guy he is as I’ve read that’s meant 2 help as they have big egos and love being flattered. I have also thought of going / see him in person apologise and get a small something 2 apologise. Please had anyone any good ideas from experience,being a Leo yourselves or anything else as I really want 2 put things right

  3. LeoLady85 says:

    You water and earth signs need to stay away from Leo’s!!!!!!!! If you are a Cancer, Pisces, Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn, or Virgo please don’t go anywhere near Leo’s. Its not that we can’t love you but you guys tend to be much more emotional, predictable and some what too boring for us. And I don’t mean this as an insult, it’s good to be stable and grounded but Leo’s are thrill seekers, we’re overly passionate and we’re creative. We expect our partners to give us this same type of excitement. And trust me, it’s not unrealistic. I’ve dated Sagittarius and an Aquarius and another Leo and every moment was exciting and fun and passionate. Water and Earth signs should just date each other because Leo’s will break your heart. Leo’s need Aries, Sags, Other Leo’s, Aquarius, Gemini, and Libras, they are the only signs that can keep up with us and they are the only ones who can keep our undivided attention.

  4. My Leo man (im a scorpio) ended our 18 month relationship (im quite a bit younger than him) and one month later is with someone else closer to his age, I have to see him twice a week at a.a meetings and have been acting cool and slightly distant(but friendly )with him he is used to me being completely adoring of him, his reactions have been to flirt insanely with me one night and then to be cold and distant the next time I see him. I want him back how do I go about this without any loss of pride on my half ?

  5. Hi Scorpio,

    If your pride is what concerns you then why would you want to get back with a Man whom
    not only ended the relationship but is now with someone else???

    It sounds as though he is playing mind games and cruel ones at that (Leos are very good
    at that). so don’t fall into that trap. Infact the next time he needs his ego massaged and
    starts flirting with you tell him to get his jollies from his new girlfriend whom obviously isn’t
    providing the attention, adoratation and adulation which he gets from you.!!!

    Stop wasting it on this “INSECURE MAN” (Leos are very insecure by nature) this is the
    reason they need reasurance from another source which boosts their legandary “PRIDE”
    which tends to wane when they are deprived of it and they go in search of a “FIX” where
    they know it’s available and forthcoming.!!!

    Cheers, be smart and keep smiling. Taurus

  6. LeoLady86 says:

    Leo’s aren’t insecure and he is NOT playing mind games. In fact, Leo’s are usually very straightforward and honest with people so I doubt he is playing “games.” How did you even interpret what she said as a “mind game”? He broke up with her and got a new girlfriend…that’s not a game, that a very blantant and obvious sign that he does NOT want to be with her! And that doesnt make him a bad person either, people have the right to leave people if they aren’t happy or satisfied in a reltionship. It seems as if you had a bad experience with a Leo because your comment is so negative but you need to understand that not all Leo’s or any people for that matter are the same. And if you are speaking from experience with a Leo man in a relationship then I will be the first to tell you that NO earth sign should date any fire sign. You guys don’t understand us very well and you earth signs aren’t really capable of making us happy.

    Scorpio, he is over you so move on and find someone else. That’s the end of the story!

  7. AquarianLeoLove says:

    My Leo man and I have been together for almost 7 months now. Things were great, at first!! We had a few ups & downs in the beginning but everything smoothed its way out. Since my birthday about a month & a half ago, he’s been acting VERY DISTANT!! He says it’s because of my insecure attitude. Now, I’m an Aquarius and I’m that to a tee! So insecure is something that I am NOT! The only reason why I even started questioning things is because he just quit doing things he used to. He used to be sooo crazy about me and I could feel that! I feel like he doesn’t care if I touch him, cuddle with him, show him any kind of affection or attention. Also, we aren’t really having sex much and we have a long distance relationship, so obviously that’s something that shouldn’t be an issue when we see one another! When I ask him why, he says I get angry because we aren’t having sex and that makes him think that’s all I’m in this for. But I’ve asked if I’m not doing things to make him think otherwise and he tells me that I do do things that make him know I love him. I’m really ready to just throw my hands up with this because I’m feeling like he’s already “gone” anyway. I honestly feel like he’s trying to secretly push me away. Am I overreacting or should I be worried that my relationship is going down the drain??

  8. Hi AquarianLeoLove,

    It sounds as though the initial “GLOW” of the relationship has worn off for him and
    he is now experiencing “BORDOM and LAZINESS”!!!

    He feels confident that he has you right where he wants you so he no longer feels
    the need to be attentive by doing the things he used to do in the begining stages of
    the relationship.

    Once Leos establish a relationship and are reasured you are theirs for the taking
    whenever they feel like it they become “NEGLETFUL” due to the fact that they no
    longer feel “THREATENED” by another male moving in on his “TERRITORY”.

    They are very possessive and canot stand the notion of someone else taking or
    depriving them of what rightfully belongs to them, so what you need to do is “SHAKE”
    things up a bit by “MIRRORING HIS ACTIONS”.!!!

    “STOP” paying him attention, affection, initiating sex, calling him or discussing what
    ever it is that upsets or concerns you regarding his treatment or the way the relation-
    ship has now altered to “YOUR DISATISFACTION”.!!!

    Involve and bussy yourself with other interests and people whom are also “IMPORTANT”
    aspects of “YOUR LIFE” because your life does “NOT” cease to exist just because he is
    in the picture or not.???

    So prove to him just how “SECURE, HAPPY and CONTENT” you are and that you do not
    need him to make your life full and complete because you are independent and make your
    own happiness by being in “CONTROL OF YOUR UNIVERSE”.!!!

    Good luck and keep smiling. Taurus

  9. Why is a leo man ignoring you…well I’m a Leo man and i ignore women for many different reasons. I sometimes tire of having to be the one to initiate everything, when it gets to a point that nothing is said if i don’t start the convo i tend to try to force them to initiate by being silent/ignoring the girl. It feels like i’m not truly wanted by her and i’m simply her entertainment or a way to be noticed.

    Also i get caught up in a *thing* and it will consume me. Be it singing, writing, dancing, socialising, working, contemplating, walking and remembering the perfect moments in a relationship. A leo man does not always need his lover next to him to feel loved. We also do not like clingy people that disturb these modes all the time. We tend to gel best with people that love what we love to do but they will rarely be able to compete or muster as much energy as us. We can wear these people out and turn loves into hates so i apologise to one of my exes for not realising that. Listening to the same song to hold an emotion all day is a prime example of this.

    Its strange. I hear that many leos are known as cheaters. I can honestly say that this is not a leo trait. This is what leos do when they are with the wrong person. We live from our heart and we will always go with those that make it race. When it is the right person we will move heaven and hell to remain loyal to the person. Yes we may disappear for brief times but this does not mean we are being disloyal. Our pride sky rockets when the women we are with lets us disappear and come back as if its not a problem. You become our pride and we become a union – we like women that have their own lives and do not rely on us to get through a day, week or month. We will be there when you need us most and we love having you in ours beds.

    If a relationship breaks up a leo will never take the person back. Its just not in our make up. We will most likely never talk to that person again and will avoid eye contact as much as possible. If we are forced to see that person in work or a situation that requires some sort of interaction we will fall back into our old ways such as flirting because its our nature but we will berate ourselves for it later and feel like we have betrayed the person we are with at that time. Hence the cold/warm appearance but in this situation it is always the cold that speaks louder than the warm.

    Begging for a leo to come back is a dangerous thing. If it is not done properly for the individual you will simply fail due to the pride issue. We do not want to be with someone that needs us too much as i have said. There is no pride in being with a needy person. There is no pride in taking back a cheater either. If you have criticised our friends the relationship will not last much longer. Usually our friends are the best in the world. Mine have bled for me and i have known them all for over 15 years. I may not see them for months at a time now we’re older but they are as loyal to me as ever and me to them. Non leos may not understand the bonds we try to create with people. I can’t fully explain without actions.

    The creation of social networking sites and mobile phones have been damning to leos. We get no time to ourselves and someone is always offended when we don’t respond by whatever medium. I have news for you, leos need their downtime as much as their up time. You will have one angry leo on your hands if everyone takes up every second of the day and then asks ‘Why are you being so quiet?’. Simply a lunch time spent alone can keep us extremely happy people. We love nothing more than to chill with our women and silence truly is golden, being in her presence and just looking into her eyes with no words is a treasure few women will put up with these days.

    To sum up we are unpredictable because life is so short. We believe we are giving someone our all even if we have disappeared for a week because we have to unleash ourselves elsewhere. You do not want an unhappy leo you must acknowledge that we have usually done things on our own from a very early age. This is ingrained in us and we dont expect to be taken over completely by our partners for this reason. I’ve heard talk that leos are lazy. This is sort of true. Only people that have lived with leos will see this side of us. Its because we need our downtime as i have said. We do so much for people that when we have downtime it is much more noticeable. We give 100% or 0% into things, there is no in-between. We can weather stress very well but we are not so foolish as to stress ourselves out 24/7 and you should not ask us to. A healthy relationship fuels our abilities and we will be able to go for much longer periods at 100% than ever before. That is why leo-leo couples are usually highly successful in all things together because they fuel each other. If you’re a person that tends to drain a leo you will see 0% effort coming out more and more.

  10. hi i am naina i am sagitarius and my man is leo we are in relationship from last one year. In the beginning our relation was perfect but after four months we had fights he is insecured whenever i trie to initiate patch up he run away from me got silent. Now a days he got angry with me with no any reason to fight i was talking to my friend late night he called me my number was busy he got angry on me i tried to convinced him alot but he didnt replied me. Its been two days he is ignoring me all my friends say to me leave him alone he will come back but i m very scared if he will left me forever then i will die because i truly love him alot he is taking me wrong i didnt do any thing wrong then why he is torturing me with his silent attitude. Kinsly suggest me what should i do to fix all things.

  11. Hi Naina,

    First of all I promise you that you will not die if he leaves you but let’s not dwell
    on that and try to fix the problem which doesn’t sound too bad other then the
    fact that you are both “FIRE” signs and when things get really “HOT between
    you someone needs to douse the fire unless it is in the bedroom which is more
    then perfectly fine so try to heat things up in that department as much as you
    possibly can because that is a sure way of reassuring him of your “LOVE”.

    Yes Leos are “VERY INSECURE” and this is something which tends to cloud
    their “JUDMENT” of the way they perceive things even though they have no
    reason to because you are “NOT” doing anything wrong by talking to a friend
    but he probably feels threatened because he probably thought it was another
    Man.??? Even if it was you have a right to have male friends but this is some-
    thing he will have a problem with unless he knows the person and he knows
    that he has nothing to fear.

    Your friends are right in telling you that you should leave him “ALONE” since
    he needs to “COOL OFF” for a while and when he comes back which I am
    sure he will then you can try and talk to him by explaining that a relationship
    can not thrive on “SUSPICION” and if he loves you as much as you love him
    then he needs to “TRUST” you whether he is there or not and that he has
    nothing to fear because he is the “ONLY MAN” on your mind and in your heart.

    It can be a real drag not to mention exhausting having to reassure and convince
    someone of your love and devotion time and time again but Leos need that as
    well as the “ATTENTION” which boosts their legendary “PRIDE” because they
    need to be the centre of your world. Things do get better but it can take them
    a very long time to reassure themselves and trust you unconditionally. Once they
    do you will find that this will no longer be an issue and they are very “LOYAL” in
    return because when they love they love for life believe me.

    What nationality are you both by the way.???

    If you feel like talking about this some more please do and please smile for me
    lovely lady. My best to you. Taurus.

  12. we both are from Pakistan whenever there is a fight he always keep silent either there is my fault or not i am the one who initiate to patch up.. this time again he got silent with no any such great reason i tried to convince him send him messages he didn’t reply then i wrote in my last message if u will trust me u will reply me that night he just gave me a missed call to check that my number is busy or not he didn’t talk to me now he is completely silent now i also feel i possess some self respect that’s why i m quiet and waiting for his reply its hard to wait because i am very impatient but i have to in order to get things settled …

  13. Hi Naina,

    Thank you for answering my question about your nationality which gives me a better
    understanding of relationships between Men and Women from your culture which is
    entirely different from those say from America, Australia or Europe, but even if they
    do reside in those modernised countries they still follow religious beliefs, dress code,
    traditions and where possible they prefer to reside amongst their own communities.

    Your English is very good so I am wondering do you live in Pakistan or another part
    of the world.???

    How old are you both and how did you meet and became a couple.???

    What does he do for a living, and do you yourself work or study.???

    This phone conversation which has made him silent I believe that he is convinced
    that it was another Man, not that there is anything wrong with it but according to him
    it would have been, so was it another Man.???

  14. i am 24 years old and he is 26 i m studying doing my masters he is a lawyer we know each other through Facebook then we met each other so many times then our relation got strong then on and off he said to me leave me go away go marry to some one else i don’t deserve you i am not financially stable i always motivate him. i was talking to my friend that night in fact when he called me i picked up and said to him wait my friend is on line he just said bye then my friend send him snapshot of her mobile in which there was time of call day of call and duration of call was mentioned but he didn’t reply neither me nor my friend i don’t know will he come back or not will he leave me by blaming me it hurts when you are innocent and people bring you down and they even don’t realize that they are wrong now a days i am not communicating with him i have a hope he will come but every day i got dis hearten 🙁

  15. Hi Naina,

    Thank you for answering those questions dear because it sheds more light on the’
    subject and it enables me to see that at only 26 years of age he is an educated and
    accomplished young Man so I don’t see why he said that “he doesn’t deserve you
    because he is not financially stable” unless he is just starting out and hasn’t reached
    the financial stability or success which he desires and aims toward.???

    You yourself are educated and striving toward an important goal and career which
    is “ADMIRABLE” and a “VERY GOOD THING” for a young Girl whom will be financially
    “INDEPENDENT” and that means you do not have to rely upon a Man or husband to
    provide for you. How does he feel about that, is he supportive or does he have the
    mentality of his future wife having to stay home so she can take care of him and the

    I know you are “INOCENT” my darling Girl and I don’t see why you or your friend would
    go to such lengths to prove something to him which in fact is not true and he is choosing
    to give you the “SILENT TREATMENT”. This is a weapon, tactic and manipulation a lot
    of Men and Women use when they want you to bend to their will and submit to something
    which you are opposed to or he may be looking for reasons to end the relationship.???

    I don’t mean to alarm you and don’t lose heart because I am just trying to figure out where
    his head is at and the reasons as to why he is doing this to you without giving you logical
    reasons or explanations but instead he leaves you wondering as to what is going on.???

    What is he blaming you for, has he said what it is and what are the arguments or fights

    Do you normally see a lot of him and are you intimate, physically I mean.???

    Have you met his family and if so what are they like and how do they treat you.???

    Don’t let him bring you down sweetheart, I realise you are hurting but try and cheer up
    because you have other important matters which you need to stay on top of such as
    your studies which are “EQUALY IMPORTANT” and you need to stay focused otherwise
    they could start to suffer and you do not want your hard work and dedication taking a back
    seat as a result of problems in your relationship even though you do “LOVE HIM ALOT”.

  16. few days back we were talking to each other in a great way because i got an award from my college he was happy we are not intimate physically we didn’t even met from last 113 days 🙁 whenever we planned to meet it was flopped i didn’t met his family yet once i talked to his mother on call he didn’t blame me that i was talking to some other man he just said on call your number is busy bye.. that’s it. he used to get silent many times and i always do the patch up now it is his habit he do mistakes and got silent. we don’t have any physical relation yet because in our religion its prohibited before marriage.He didn’t say me a single word he just suddenly got vanished not replying on my message not even pick my call and now from last two days i m not sending any message or call him because i thought he will realize and contact me. He wants that his wife should stay at home after marriage he is bit possessive he don’t like that

  17. Hi Naina,

    I was born in Greece and came to Australia when I was eleven years old. We brought
    our Greek traditions, customs, religion and high values with us and maintained them
    throughout our lives here. My Mother was very strict and I always had to respect and
    abide by her rules following the custom of not being able to meet the Man whom I had
    in my mind as suitable for me so I had to get married by the match maker. We had three
    children and we are divorced now but we still love and care for each other and we always
    will. My ex husband is a LEO. with a very big “HEART” and a very “LOYAL” Man.

    He was also very “POSSESSIVE” and very “PROUD” he would not allow me to work he
    always said I make the money and I want my wife to stay at home to look after me and
    our children I do not want her going out to work first thing in the morning and having to
    leave the children in someone else’s care. I want her to have a good and easy life.

    Times have changed now and Women are quite capable of raising children and still have
    careers and I am glad my daughter has chosen to go to university and pursue a teaching
    profession which I am very proud of and her boyfriend is very supportive and proud also.

    I had a feeling that you were not physically intimate because I understand your culture
    your religion and your values and it is very “ADMIRABLE” and you should be very “PROUD”
    just as this young Man whom you love is of you and your high “VALUES” which are so very
    rare in the liberated and modernised parts of the world.

    Congratulations on your award and I am glad he was happy for you although he would prefer
    for you to stay home after marriage and that is something you have to compromise on when
    that time comes. Do you live in Pakistan or a different country.???

    Tell me something lovely Girl how do you feel about his silence and having to patch things up
    all the time or anything else which upsets you because he makes mistakes, can you live like
    that if you are married always having to be the peacemaker and him not telling you what is
    bothering him, what he is thinking or vanishing without telling you why.???

  18. I always stare at my mobile or my email that may he will mail me or text me all the day i am crying and praying that he will come back his silence is torturing me i want to know the reason but he didn’t give me any reply i send him its fourth day he is silent and these four days were like hell for me i called his friend that do you know the reason why he is avoiding me he said because you give him to much value that’s why he take you for granted. on 27 April i made a tattoo of his name and showed him its picture i wrote look how much i love you and this is the best way to express now if you believe me u will reply he didn’t reply its been 3 days. I still wonder he changed so drastically he was very loving and caring and when i start loving and caring him he became rude . This is not first time he is silent but this time there is no any reason of fighting. my friends said to me if he is in you destiny he will come and i cry like a baby all the day thinking what i did i want to get rid off from this pain i dont want to leave him but what can i do if he dont want to talk to me and yeah i am from Pakistan

  19. Hi Naina,

    I know it’s hard being in love with a Man whom gives you grief without just cause but
    please stop crying and torturing yourself because like your friends said it is destiny
    and I was going to tell you the same thing that it’s “FATE” and if it’s meant to be it will
    be. Keep praying for strength and guidance during this difficult time and perhaps your
    prayers will be answered. When something is out of our hands and power we must
    trust in the higher power above which is our God and our Faith.

    You said that you met this young Man on Face Book so can you tell me what attracted
    the both of you to each other and what does his Face Book “REVEAL” about him.???

    This tattoo you had done is a very strong expression of your love and how you feel
    about him which obviously is not getting through to him or maybe it is telling him a
    great deal because actions speak louder then words and photos do not lie.

    Can you tell me what his name is and which part of your body is this tattoo, also is
    it permanent or can you remove it.???

  20. LeoLady86 says:

    I’m going to be honest and blunt with you…like most Leo’s haha.

    Leo’s don’t like weak people, ESPECIALLY weak mates. We like to help and nurture weak people but we would never date someone like that. You seem too dependent on him for your happiness and you seem too weak. You are showing him that he controls your emotions and you are not in control of yourself. You are doing such great things in your life and you need to focus on that. Believe that you are the prize! Men like women who hold there own, women who could take them or leave them without breaking a sweat or shedding a tear. And they like it because it shows that you love and value yourself above all else. You need to learn to love yourself first before you can convince a Leo that you are worth their attention. Us Leo’s admire confidence, strength, and people with a laid-back and open-minded approach to life. Show him that! Take back your control over your life! Right now you are showing him that you are worthless. You have to stop that in order to get him back.

  21. “IGNORANCE” can be “BLISS” or it can be a “HAZZARD”.!!!

    Cheers and keep smiling. Taurus

  22. true Leo lady86 i will take my control on my life back 🙂 and karissa 15 i cant rename his name here if you want further details give me your email address or Facebook link so that i can share with you thank you 🙂

  23. true Leo lady86 i will take my control on my life back and karissa 15 i cant reveal his name here if you want further details give me your email address or Facebook link so that i can share with you thank you

  24. Hi Naina,

    My Facebook is Tavros Love

    In Sydney, Australia.

    I will look for your Friend Request. If you have any problems finding it you
    can always contact me here.

  25. Ashia The Capricorn says:

    I don’t know what is, but I reaally Love Leos, and there’s this particular one; he and I have been broken up for over 7 months. I put my all into the relationship we had, but you’re absolutely right, they Are insecure. The minute he felt our relationship was threatened by another man he instantly broke it off, yet it took so long for him to build enough courage to ask me out ): ((with the help of a friend)). I hope that’s not true that earth and water signs should leave a fire sign alone((but I do have Aquarius in my mercury, mars, and venus)) and I Especially hope that “once a leo breaks up with you that’s it” Is False. ((There was no cheating, lying, or complications in the relationship other than my want for him to stop smoking and his jealousy.)) The month after we broke up we worked it out and he expressed how much he’s missed me, that’s pretty much vanished. Now he barely attempts to contact me. Didn’t even attempt to acknowledge my birthday in January ),: even though I spent over $100 on his.. but I’d be willing to put all that aside and start off new. To This Day I can’t keep him off my mind.
    My three questions are:
    ·Is there any way I can rekindle this flame or should I cut everything off right now?
    ·If this relationship can be resurrected from the dead do you have any steps or helpful tips?
    ·How can I most effectively boost his esteem?
    I’d do anything to make this work and risk my Pride as a Capricorn sun sign with the extra dose from Scorpio rising.

  26. Hi Ashia,

    I was married to Mr. Leo for ten years and following a further ten years of separation and
    divorce he still wouldn’t accept it or move on. He said a piece of paper means nothing to
    me I am married in my mind and in my heart. It wasn’t until I became involved with someone
    else that he decided to get involved with my Capricorn girlfriend and they have been together
    for seven years. Their relationship is very solid and works very well, she said she cannot live
    with out him and if anything were to happen there will never be another Man for her.

    I call them the “CANINE VARIETY” she is the “OBEDIENT” lap dog and he is the “OLD FAITHFUL”.
    whom never strays.!!!

    I can relate to the smoking because he smoked non stop and I used to “HATE” it with a passion.
    Kissing was an absolute NO NO, so that must have been a problem for you but still there is not
    much you can do unless he wants to give it up for himself.

    First of all you have to make sure that he is not already involved with someone else because that
    can be a problem since they are very loyal, honest and do not screw around. In any case you do
    not want to engage in that sort of thing because you sound like a dignified lady.

    If he is still unattached you need to find out if he still has “FEELINGS” for you otherwise you could
    be beating a “DEAD LION” and let’s face it resurrection would be a futile exercise since the only
    person whom ever returned from the dead was Christ and Lazarous I think.???

    Funny you should say that though because Mr. Leo was always trying to resurrect the dead so
    who knows.???

    The way to Mr. Leos heart was also through his stomach so maybe if you were to invite this Leo
    of yours over for dinner and create a very romantic setting with all his favourite foods and allow
    nature to take it’s course you will have a better indication of where things now stand between you.?

    And whilst you are at it you can re-enforce the boosting of his esteem by whispering all of the
    sweet, attentive, affectionate, adorable words which every “PROUD and EGOTISTICAL” Male
    Leo “CRAVES” to hear and be reassured that he is the “ONE and ONLY” whom exists in your
    Mind, Heart and Soul.

    You need to “GRAB his INTEREST and WORK from there.!!!

    Good Luck and if there is anything else let me know. Taurus.

  27. Florence says:

    I dated with a Leo man for one month and discovered he is not the kind of man that I love. When he chased, he was sweet and would give me a lot of attention. I thought I was so lucky to have a man like this and finally found my true love. After getting into the relationship, his attitude changed dramatically, he didn’t communicate and he didn’t express himself. We spent less time together and I got the feeling that he was avoiding me. I don’t feel loved and decided to walk away. I think this is the way how they deal with relationship or simply he is just not into me. Good luck to everyone with a Leo man. I am a Scorprio.

  28. I am simply bursting with “WONDERFUL” News.!!!

    I have just found out that beautiful Naina and her handsome devil are going to be
    engaged soon and I am so happy and proud of both of them because they make
    a beautiful couple and they are “REALLY IN LOVE”.!!!

    And as if that’s not enough Naina has received the Student of the Year Award.!!!

    Ahhh it makes my heart good to see these two young people whom I have grown
    so very fond of moving toward a bright and happy future together and I simply had
    to share this fabulous news right here where it all began.

    Cheers and keep smiling. Taurus.

  29. Hi I am an aquarius and there is a guy at work who is a Leo. From the first day I met him I have been drawn to him that we have a magnetic sexual chemistry and I just thought he was just like any of us, never have much thought about. But since of late he has been looking at me and standing next to him makes me go crazy as I can feel the magnetic vibes. However I didn’t want initiate anything as he is my supervisor and treated him normal although he doesn’t know that I secretly like him. He is everything a Leo is Regal, loving dominating, rude at times and so on. There are times he showed that he is interested although I wasn’t sure but yesterday he completely ignored me and I was abit disappointed because i really wanted to talk to him casually. i realy thought there was something in those eyes. What should I do? Should I just leave it or talk to him in a friendly manner?

  30. Hi Nishi

    Work “ROMANCES” may be a popular venue but you need to be careful that it
    doesn’t get to the point where it interferes with your professional relationship and
    that will create tension between not only the two of you but the rest of the employees
    whom may become aware of it and disapprove and start gossiping which will make
    it very difficult for you and since you are a Woman you will cop the brunt of it as where
    Men just get away with it and it does not affect them.

    The best thing to do is keep your interaction very professional and friendly during work
    hours and if he shows interest toward you which clearly indicates that you are on the
    same wave length you could spend time outside of work and get to know each other
    on a more personal level and see where it takes you.???

    Don’t initiate anything other than work related issues and be sure to allow him to make
    the first move because if he really wants you in the same respect as yourself he will
    find a way to indicate his interest and pursue you how ever he sees it as appropriate.

    Good luck with it and keep smiling. Taurus

  31. hi.. i met my leo 2 yrs ago.. i met him through a friend, we were seeing each pther for about 6 months, i am a cancer, he was an is the love of my life, we both have had families and long term relationships in the past, his past kept cropping up, as did mine, responsibiltys on both sides.
    he drifted away from me , in trhe end it was like he was a stranger, he cut all contact with me and the friend since last yr, over something really petty, i missed him all the time, 2 weeksago out of the blue i texted him that i was sorry for hurting him, he replied i had nothing to be sorry for, he then pulled up outside my door that week, really surprised me, i pretended i didn see him, my heart was beating so fast.
    he then met a random girlfriend of mine, he asked her did she know me, he preceded to tell her all about us even thou she had no idea about this man, i was shocked at him for talking about me atall.
    i texted him to say hey n rib him bout talikn bout me .. he asked to meet up n we did.. he spent the evening n a indirect way of making excuses up bout how he had ended things.. apart from that it was amazing the connection .. we talked bout everything .
    that was last week n i have onli heard once from him since then, i do not understand this man atall, but i have changed as a person since i met him, i will no longer put up with him behaving like this, i am sure he will come back , in my q is do i call him on his behaviour towards me ? i wouldrather he disapear than b left feeling like this. its not good for the soul .

  32. Hi.. I hope someone can help me. I met my handsome leo about two months ago, we talked everyday and he always assured me that he liked me alot . We always been cautious because we been hurt in the past so we took things slow. He is a busy man just started his business so sometimes are communication isnt much. He always questioned me about another man one night we hooked up n we was a little drunk ill admit. We had sex n he was confessing his feelings or what not. The next day he text me hey n I waited to respond. Than the next day he talked about hanging out later. So anyway the day after he wasnt responding to my texted so i snapped n gave him a piece of my mind i know i was wrong for how i went about it but i dont like to feel played. Now he wont respond to none of my messages also that night he asked me to be his girl n thats why i snapped i feel like he was being hot n cold. My question is do you think he is done with me or just cooling down from my tongue im a gemini by the way

  33. Hi DaEsha

    Leos hate to be ignored especially by someone they really like, want and are
    serious about so the best thing to do is play him at his own game and ignore
    him right back by keeping your distance and not communicating with him by
    phone or text because that will make him spring into action if he really does
    want you and does not want to risk losing you.!!!

    Play it Smart and keep Smiling. Taurus

  34. Thank you taurus this is exactly what I’m going to do. Im a gemini gal thgh n I don’t care to be ignored so he is definitly going to get a taste of my silence.

  35. I am a leo lady and my advice to all of you is going to sound cliche at first but please read carefully. I recently had an aquarius guy end things with me. Over the past week I realize that he was disappearing and reappearing which sucked but it was never about him and his actions, it was always about me and where I put me energy and focus. You ladies need to get back in alignment with who you are and what makes you a beautiful person. You gals are pushing these men away because too much of your energy is placed on them and what they do. Know what you want. Don’t let these men dictate the outcome of your relationship. If you want a relationship, say it. If he doesn’t leave him. PERIOD. You are putting yourselves through unnecessary torture by accepting less than what you deserve. If you keep showing these men that you are ok with subpar and undefined relationship than thats what they will give you. Divert your attention back on you. Forget about these guys. Focus on your purpose in life, surround yourself with things that bring you joy, invision the type of relationship you desire and sit back and allow those good things to come to you. You increase the likelihood of these men returning to you and giving you the relationship that you want if you let them go and focus entirely on yourself. Trust me, the universe will bring them back to you or maybe bring someone even better.I am in a comfortable place now where I know that I will draw nothing but good men to me and I also know that I will draw my guy back to me one day as well and he will return as the guy that I always knew he could be and I will be the woman that I was supposed to be the whol time. But until then, I am in a happy place with myself and it feels good rather he is here or not. RELAX LADIES, you are in control of this! Not them!

  36. well , i am totally agreed with leo lady 86.. few months back i was in same situation that leo is ignoring me and all ..My leo came back and make my life even more worst then he did in past so relax i have an advice leave your self on mercy of God .. If he will be in your destiny he will come other wise its better to wake up rather then watching dreams that your loved one will come while in reality he will not .. Dont depress leave every thing on God DaEsha. All the best may you get rid off from this grief soon !!

  37. Leos are attention seekers, control freaks and weak as piss when push comes
    to shove and you mean business which they despise but they do comply when
    they can clearly see that they do not have a choice other than to go along with
    what you want. So give them your authoritarian self and position and watch them
    squirm and submit to your demands because they have no other choice.!!!

    Cheers and keep smiling. Taurus

  38. Hey everyone. I’m a Virgo.this is a long distance relationship. I met my Leo man online back in January and we chatted for a bit then I ignored him until may. May is when things got more serious and we decided to meet for the first time in Vegas (I live in Canada) things went good and we decided to make it official. Things were great once I arrived back in Canada for about 2 weeks. He would constantly text and call multiple times a day. then he slowly texted and called less. I flew over to see him a month after Vegas in sept. Things went good and I returned back to Canada. Things were again good for a couple of weeks then he got jealous and upset that he found out I met up with an ex-co worker who is a guy. He wanted a pic of what I was wearing, where I was ect. I called and texted him reassuring him I did not cheat. We finally got talking again then I did something stupid one night. I got drunk and I wanted attention from him so a girlfriend and I took “pics” of me and sent them to him. It didn’t take him long to respond after those pics but when he asked for pics of her she said no and he got upset. I thought he was upset because he was being a perv and wanted to see her but it was actually cuz he thought I was with a guy. Why does he tell me to relax like everything’s ok and get super jealous and posessive of me but not call it text me. I’m so confused. I’m going to see him in a week and actually made plans to move and live with him for 6 months. I’ve met his parents and his friends. I feel he does not even want me but told a friend (who he doesn’t know I talk to her) that yes he has a gf but he thinks I’m cheating.

  39. I am a Libra lady and I have been intimate with a Leo man for the past 3 weeks…(happened on my birthday lol!)…we have know each other for over 10 years but I was married to a Gemini then. Our recent connection was very spontaneous, hot, and the chemistry is 100%…we have so much in common…He treats me like his Queen and I treat Him Like my King even though there is still no definition to what we have going.

    I have experienced his hot and cold moments but this recent one had me wondering….we spent a lovely weekend together and then he went silent…when I eventually get to him to let him know I was concerned he said that he was struggling with somethings at the moment….so I encouraged him and give him his space..that was 3 days ago.. I will take your advice here about the Leo man and let him be…

    He has left me with so much sweet memories that even when he is absent am still smiling…this man makes me happy and laugh all the time….and I miss him already…hope he comes back…

  40. Just letting LeoLady know Leos dont break water signs hearts. Im a Pisces and I broke my ex Leos heart. I have the upper hand and am much more exciting and ambitions then that Leo. I for one think he is lazy whether he works a job everyday doesn’t mean anything. His routine is boring and nothing exciting has come out of him. I had to do all the work. I had to go to his house. When my car broke down I walked to his house. This guy was so insecure to come out to my town and pick me up. Trust me I was stupid enough to walk to his house, where he eventually started showing off to his neighbors like I was stalking him, which I wasn’t but he won in the long run. Lying constantly to the world about me.

    Pisces aren’t weak. Leos are weak. A weak person lies. Every Leo I have ever met has bold face lied about everything. Even shit that didn’t need to be lied about. They do it to make themselves look better or just to avoid embarrassment which they get a lot.

    He used things that hurt me or scared me against me. He is evil. He has a kid by every girl he has ever dated which now I just find out. He lied to me from the start. I can’t deal with Leos. They get insecure and curious about me being faithful or sneaky but reality is they are projecting onto me or hiding something. Everytime my ex would not call when he said he would or I knew he was up to something I would get in contact with him again and suddenly he’d be jumping down my throat attacking me. For no reason at all. Now I know it is because he was the one being sneaky and unfaithful. I wasn’t but he did a damn good job making me hate myself and feel like the bad guy.

    I never ever had a boyfriend who disrespected me or women for that matter the way he did. Calling me every name in the book. He is a disrespectful scumbag. Leos are not gifts to the world. They are always way too suspicious for me as a Pisces, I can feel guilty or hurt easily. If a Leo sees that as I weakness then he calls it whatever but I see Leos lack of anything a weakness. He hid in his house instead of standing by my side as his girlfriend. He cared more about people liking him then me liking him or me being safe.

    Now I know I meant nothing to him but his acceptance is not important. I am done with him devaluing me and making me look less of importance to his audience. I have my own audience and bigger at that.

    Funny thing is no matter what I say matters to him because he knows he has a line of exes to stroke his ego. Though if he didn’t have any of them he’d be crawling on his knees and not treating me like I’m the worst thing to happen to him.

    As my man don’t ever make me feel like any woman is above me. I’m done with his loser ass. Never another Leo. Worst guy I was ever involved with.

  41. FishWaterwoman says:

    Pisces woman dating a cancer/Leo cusp man for 3months. All of his Leo traits caught my attention.. Calling all day text all day every day. I miss you thinking of you text daily. However, 3 weeks ago his baby mother found out that he has started to date someone else me… After they have been broken up for 5 months…she has been going Into over drive saying that he can’t see his son if they can’t be back together… After this entire ordeal , i started to feel him distaning himself. He would still call but it was shorter and shorter…he was also stressing with allot of media dispute and just had surgery on his gall bladder. Friday when he was in the hospital he called saying he would have to stay overnight. I really thought he was lying but it came out in the media that he indeed was in hospital… I probably was a little dismissive but not obvious … I don’t think but he has not called me since Friday and it is the first time In 3 months that I have not talked to him. I called him 3 times and texted twice because I was concerned with his surgery and health. However, did I hurt his feelings by not making more of effort to seem concern with his pain and health or is he no longer interest and back with his baby mother ? Should I continue to check on him to make sure he knows I’m concerned with his health or just move on ???

  42. Omg!!! Im not speaking bad bout all leo men, but i will truly say that the male leo i slept with one time is so distant,cruelhearted,just barely answers my calls!!! But wen he text me or contacts me he wants a response n my dumb ass just fall into his trap!!! I never said or did anything wrong to hurt him n any kinda way, he was so loving at first, but that one time that we had sex, he enjoyed it and did it again that same night. I am a libra n i just dnt think a male or female should lower their standards n change 4 nobody just be yourself n pray n ask God 4 direction n guidance cuz a male or female should not make us or bresk us no matter their sign!!! I was deeply hurt how he treated me but by God’s grace i found strength 2 understand who i am n to no God did not make no junk so therefore i refused to be treated less than the best, n wit that being said, trust in yourself n stop letting male or female treat yu like yu beneath them,no mattet wat their sign is!!! Pik yosef up n trust n God n let go of dramatic failure!!! God Ble$$ every soul!!!!

  43. Jessica Parker says:

    Hi im a sag female born 12/14/85
    I met a leo man born 8/5/83 i feel in love with him..we met online..we text all the time and we talk often we send pix…he says he loves me he says he wanna marry me…im so damn head over heels for this man…what should i do..help please i dont know what to do..he says he loves me so much..then he would just disappear i would not hear anything for him for week..i text him he wont respond..we even talked about getting married and moving in together…help please

  44. Leo end. But I kinda put him off- he say he would be busy, I say chat me tomorrow. He still text like leave work- I remind him I said goodnight.. Did this after being together intimately. I knew he would need same. By end week, he went out- I ask directly after post show where he at, if done—( I did say I talk to him later the day before) took him 30 mins to lash at me I was clingy. Lol. Then he still my FB friend. I won’t unfriend- not my doing to stop talking but if he fine, why not cut me off entirely?

  45. Should read if done – why not cut off entirely.. And that I knew he would need his space. I believe too he was disappointed in performance. I wasn’t.. But I think he was in himself. I could tell.

  46. I started talking with this leo when i was still getting over someone else.He was on the same boat. I am a cancer by nature but through experiences have been able to change certain aspects. The clinginess and possessive traits. Before we even met this leo guy and I would argue cconstantly because of the way he spoke. He censors nothing that comes out of his mouth and whenever Id politely say to just go about our seperate ways he would insult and disrespect me. This happened a few times. We finally met a few months back and it was a very steamy and passionate encounter. I wanted to repeat it and keep it as a nsa relationship but we argued again and of course he came off disrespectful. This happened in February. I deleted everything from my phone and went on with my life. Until he recently reached out again. He apologized only cause i brought it up. i made plans to see him but for some reason i was nervous. I was not myself with him and feel like it was ddisappointing. I texted him to see if we could see each other again but he is ignoring my texts. I realized that i like his bluntness and he doesnt sugar coat anything. He is not afraid to tell me if im wrong…i want to see him again and want to know if there is a chance

  47. Lostintranslation says:

    Hi everyone, I would like to ask for your opinion as i really feel lost about the leo man i met 4 months ago. So there is not much to say about how we start. We just met in a dating website where i clearly said on my profile that i am fed up of men who doesn’t know what they want. This guy showed an interest in my profile and we text each other for few minutes. We just connect very quickly and he asking me to meet up sometime. So we arrange something for 2 weeks later, but the day before our arrangement I just text him asking if there is any changes about tomorrow. He text me back saying something like he is so sorry but something has coming up and he couldn’t make it but if i am free we can meet next week. By that time I’ve just found out that he is no much into text or talk on the phone. So we went for a date on the next week and it was absolutely great. We were talking ( mostly me) and i didn’t realized when the time passed. He was asking me to meet again but he said he is busy the next few weeks because he is going to see his daughter who lives in France ( he said he is divorced for 18 months and his ex wife leaves in France) but we can text to each other . we exchanged few messages in same evening telling to each other that was a great to meet etc. So we didn’t talk for about two or 3 weeks and he text me one evening to say that he still got his daughter around but he hope we can meet the next two weeks or so if i want of course. We were talking for few more things and I didn’t hear from him the next few weeks but i didn’t text him too. We arrange to meet when he next text me and we met during the weekend. I told him that he is the only one I’ve been waiting to meet about 2 months and will never forget about him ( but i make it like a joke). Unfortunately he was ill and we didn’t spend long time together but we arrange to meet on the next week in my area. I knew what he mean and the day before our meeting I suggested him to come around my place for a lunch so we can go for a walk after. It was the most romantic lunch ever. I am Gemini and am very romantic person so i put the blinds on and light lots of candles etc. We had our lunch and some wine he brought and he kissed me while i was talking. We ended up in bed. He likes what we did ( me too) and told me how amazing i was and so on. Then we were talking and he said thanks for being waiting for him that long. He also said that he is going through a very hard time right now but everything is gonna be alright soon and we need to meet more often and if we want we can make it work. We arrange to meet the week after because he is going to his daughter again. as he was supposed to stay at night but on the day he should come over he just called me and said that something gets wrong with his car and he is waiting for AA to come. The car couldn’t be fixed and they should take it to the garage so he was not able to come. He said he is sorry, he wanted to see me etc. and that he will see his rota in the morning and will let me know when is next we can meet. He didn’t text me on the next day so I was texting him asking about his car. He text me back saying that his car is already fixed and he is going to visit his daughter next week so the next day he will have free time is 11th ( this month). We were texting before he goes to France and he said he is looking forward to see me soon and i told him i can’t wait and that i like him a lot which was my bigger mistake ever. I text him while he was in France to ask him what size of tire i need to buy for my bike as I haven’t got any clue ( we are both cycling but i am quite new with that and my back tire gets flat ). He replies on the next day saying something like ” i am out of the country till 8th. you need that size of tire” . I didn’t tell him that i fixed my bike already just said ” I didn’t mean to bother you! Thanks! Enjoy the rest of your holiday! ”. Didn’t got anything back from him. I text him on 10th by asking ” are you ok? ” but he didn’t text me back. I could see him online on wats app quite often but he didn’t text so i didn’t text him after my last text. I feel like he is lying to me and he is still married or he just wanted to have sex with me and nothing else even tough he doesn’t look like that. Will be glad if leo men or women who experienced something like that with a leo man give me some opinion. I know that gemini woman and leo man are quite compatible and we got lots in common. We love same things, like food, cycling, walking , i am even studying same things he use to study etc. Thanks to everyone in advance!

  48. sexyladygodiva says:

    Hey I’m a Sagittarius and I’m am currently dating a leo. We been dating for two months now. I meet my leo man on a dating site, we connected before we even seen each other. Our first date was awesome, we went out to eat and talk for a while. He was so impressed by me. He told me I wasn’t going anywhere that I’m his woman and how he’s going to make me fall in love with him. He shared stories about his exes and showed me pictures of his kids. I mean this man really caught my attention. After our date he continued to call me everyday several times a day. When I don’t call him he feels some type of way, so I started to call him more. Our first down fall happened when my phone was acting up couldn’t get any calls or make any out going calls. He knew about the phone situation because I told over and over again. So anyway I was at my friend house in Harlem, remind you before I went to Harlem I called this man like three times and got no answer. So I continue on about my business. 3 hours later I tired calling again no answer. So I decided to use my friend phone and call him. The nigga picked up the phone. I was tight, embarrassed and hurt. I told her to ask for a shanell. I called him back from my phone and that’s when he picked up. So we talk told where I was and he wanted to come see me and I curved him told him to chill with his home boys and will meet up later. I told him to call me when he’s heading home. I went upstairs to my friend house where I gets no reception. A few hours passed and now I was ready to leave. Went to my car and in a few minutes a message came through it was him. He basically told me I ignored his call because I was with another guy. That’s was not the case if anything i wanted to be with him. He ignored my calls and texts for like a week. When i finally spoke to him he said he does not feel comfortable and I’m playing game. That his feelings is too strong for me and he dont want to involve his kids and himself and get hurt. He said been through this before and he dont want to repeat it. We work thongs out and things were back to normal that he sorry and he’s happy that I didn’t give up on him. So now another week has gone by and things is great.
    One night we was on the and it didn’t end to good no arguments or anything like. I did tell him I didn’t like the way he was speaking to me and he cut me off and YO I MA CALL U BACK. This man has not called me back yet. I sent him voice messages and texts messages. The last message I sent was “baby I miss you and I know our last conversation didn’t end too well. I know I’m calling u a lot and it may seem like I’m being needy or desperate but I’m not I just want my man back etc….
    two days later I get a texts from him saying. “Baby I miss you I got your message and its not that something going on I’ll call u later”. After that text he didn’t call me until 5 in the morning and didn’t even leave a message. He never calls me that late/early because he knows I’m already in bed. I called him back to make sure he’s okay and that I’m worried back he did not get back to me yet. It’s been three days and I’m still waiting for his call.
    I care for this man so much that I find myself crying blaming myself for his behavior but I know I didn’t do anything wrong. It’s only been two month but I think I’m falling for him. I can’t get this man out my head. I think of him all the time and when I do it puts a smile in my face. I am so happy when I’m around him. Please help me I need some advice. What should I do???

  49. Well being a leo and engaged to one is hell. He is lazy, become a big list and cheat. He like to wait on stuff to be handed to him, I broke it off due to his selfish ways, he claim he loves me but gets mad at me because of his meds ups. I speak my mind and don’t bite my tongue and he hates that BUT it’s different if he needs me. He’s a damn bum, wasted my time and made me look foolish in front of my family and his. I fought myself because I saw all the signs at first but lost sight. This is a true saying, It’s warning before destruction. Smh

  50. I am a Sagittarius and I was dating a Leo man. I am 20yrs old and he is 22. We’ve been together for almost 3 months.
    First I’ll say he is the best person,he makes me laugh, and he just makes me happy. Recently we’ve been having problems ????. He’s been acting a little distant with me(which I don’t mind giving him space.) He started rlly acting distant when his “friends” came back to town. I would text and he wouldn’t reply until way later(mind you I’ll let him be with is boys because he hasn’t been seeing them.) but his boys are single and they want to do single shit. I’m scared it might influence him… But anyway December 30th he went to work that day. But after (always text during work) he got off from work he hasn’t text in like or called in 9 hours. So out of the blue he calls and ask does my sister still have he old iphone 5 charger and do I have a lighter. I said yes. So he pulls up outside. I go to the car I give him the charger and lighter. So i ask him what have you been doing all day and why you aint text/call me back? He said ” I was sleep, I was just chillan.” ( he wa studdering and to me was trying to find an excuse.) but anyway I let him go on with his story then I was just like “Mhm” then I said ” just call/text when you get: .” and I went inside he went on his way home. So like 5mins later he like wassup with you why you acting like that… So i went off… Hung up in his face and didn’t answer the phone. From like 10 some to 12:29. Then I called right back. And he wpuld not answer the phone or text me back. I called 32 times and had texted about 25-40 text. No reply. December 31 came & still not text or call and I called and texted again. No reply till way later around 8 something he texted “Happy News years to you ???? good luck !” andvi replied ” no I want you.” no reply then I sent another text “Please call/text me back I love you ????” nothing at all. January 1st still nothing all day… Till now he called and said ” why you ain’t call me today.”???? im like wtf why would i keep calling and yoy ignoring my calls/text if im tryna make it up to you and apologize… But we were otf and have not gotten anywhere except he keeps saying I hurt him. I said what do you wabt me to do if I apologized to you. ???? then we talked and was about to start fussing again… But then he said ima call you back just like he said we wou

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