Why is my Leo man ignoring me?

Sure, our shining star loves to send warmth and light your way, but when there’s a threat to his dignity, he’s just focused on himself. Mars could blow up, but he couldn’t care less … except for the fact that he no longer has someone to do his dirty work.

Maybe Leo is ignoring you because you haven’t provided him the attention he obviously deserves. Leo has set his sights on finding a new admirer, someone smart enough to appreciate him for who he is, who would never doubt for a second how lucky he or she is to have a man like him.

If you’ve wounded Leo’s pride, he may retreat with his tail between his legs, plotting how he will pounce on you … when the time is ripe … and for increased dramatic effect! Don’t underestimate how stubborn this fixed sign can be. Just because he’s ignoring you does not mean he’s not thinking about you … as his next prey.

Or maybe it has nothing to do with you. Leo may be on a creative streak, working on his play with abandon, or lost in his painting. His is the sign of creativity and self-expression, and all that fire has to be channeled constructively. Better into his art than into endless preening, don’t you think?

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Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, Tarot.com and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at JeffreyKishner.com.


  1. When he called the other day. Idk what to do O just wanna love him because he is everytging to me. And I want to maybe meet his son one day (if baby moms let him see his son.) Any advice or something??????

  2. I have been in relationship with Leo man for 3.5 years, i am divorced for 7 years n he’s beendivorce for 4 years, he is handsome, clever, kind, fun, usually we hang out weekly or fortnightly or even not seeing each other for 3-5 weeks as he travels a lot for family n work. He introduce to his parents 1.5 years ago as they live in vic, his parents came here again thus year but he did not ask me to see them.
    recently after he went to US for work haven’t seen each other for 5 weeks, he kind of pulling back, usually he would tell me what he’s up to if he’s not available in the weekend, but since this 2 weeks i was the one who texted n ring him for a catch up n the response being 3.5 hrs with sorry just woke up last week n buy end up seeing each other. I ask question about his plan n he has none n said need to put some thought on it. The week after heard none from him so i texted n ring him saturday from 4pm n not getting response till around 10pm saying sorry phone on silence, been working n late for neighbour’s dinner n been playing noisy games on phone. Usually he does not say sorry or excuses. Since then i have not make any contact. Any advise if he would make contact me later on or i should leave him alone for at least a month n contact him again? Thanks guys!

  3. saggitarious~Toya says:

    Hi..I’m dating a Leo guy,before we started dating he would just drive me home after church for like an entire year 2013-2014..we both got busy ND didn’t see each other for six months and then 2015 we saw each other at church but he was super shy I could tell he wanted to talk but I was shy too.. He finally approached me early this month and we had a date after church and a movie later.we both admitted we enjoyed each others company nd during the whole time he kept on telling me he wants to marry me next year nd I shouldn’t freak out if he proposes anytime soon..i almost froze cuz he’s everything I want ND need in a man. When we made love it was so perfect we couldn’t get enough of each other..he keeps saying he wants me to be his wife nd he wants to meet my dad nd he wannna tell his mom abt us..i was scared cuz everything was happening so fast…. He’s an entrepreneur and his communication is not good at all..I got mad cuz he didn’t keep his promises most of the time or nt picking up his phone sometimes..he went silent and acting all weird..I told him to be frank if he wanted to end things Bt he’s still silent..i have decided to ignore him too but I don’t what he’s thinking at the moment.. Do u think he loves me or he’s just playing games..i just wanna know where I stand so I can make a decision.. I’m a hairdresser,music composer and singer,house agent student and marketing manager for a house group music.. I’m disappointed in my man but his silence ain’t helping too

  4. saggitarious~Toya says:

    Before he went all silent I met his friends,his aunt and cousin but he didn’t practically introduce me..he just invited me ND he wanted us to travel the world together..I’m happy but I totally miss this man,he inspire’s me so much I wrote 6 songs In the two weeks of his silence,his love completes me..

  5. Aquarius says:

    Hi im an aquarius dating a leo guy im much yonger than him. He shows me he loves me in so many different ways but its lik hes living two lives he cheats alot and expects me to not be smart and notice it. Its a long distance when im around everything is good as soon as i leave he talks to a bunch of other woman.. he lies alot plays mind games love to do the silent treatment. It doesnt really bothers me but what should i do hes a immature leo. Everyone knows he loves me and im his gf he loves showimg me off but he also loves to sleep around.what should i do

  6. FeistyPisces says:

    First experience with Leo man..! Help!

    I’ve known this Leo man for almost a year. Thru the same social circle. Hanging in the same “in crowd”. I’ve always thought he was so sexy. But he never pursued me in that way. We would text about certain parties or events that we would possibly be at. But I never thought more than that. Recently via text he came out and told me I was his ideal type. I was ecstatic. -secretly. So he invited me over to his house. -his whole family was in town visiting. Which I was a bit stunned that I was able to meet them right away. Nothing too formal but in passing as we were pretty much in the basement with his brother playing video games. Which I’m into. Had a good time. Drinking, chilling out. And then we ended up in his bedroom. Where he proceeded to tell me that he’s been into me since he met me. And then went into full detail of situations where I “played” him or he recalls me interacting with guys that he knows. Things I don’t remember. Sidenote: I am a very social person and fairly popular. I am acquainted with guys that he knows. But I don’t sleep around and never hooked up with any of the people he mentioned. But he was so moved by this. And I was so shocked. Didn’t know he was watching me for so long and “cared” this much. I gave my side of things. But he convincingly looked pissed off. Which I secretly thought was so hot. We did not sleep together but did have like hot and heavy foreplay cuddles all night. So next day we hang for a bit. I leave to go home. Really late that night I sent him a cute picture. He replied with liking it. I waited two days after that to hit him up. And now NOTHING. I sent him a jokingly meme to spark a convo. And NOTHING.

    I don’t know what to do now. I’m not the type to keep hitting you up if you haven’t responded. But secretly I’m going kinda nuts.

    He said he was into me. So I thought this would be maybe something to pursue. And he disappears. It’s been about a week. But ugh. Should I call it a wash? Or wait? Are Leo’s prone to exaggeration? Or is all that he “confessed” a real thing..

    Thanks for listening and any advice you guys have!


  7. Im a 40 year old aqua female and i was dating a 50 leo male. We had been dating for 6 plus years off and on. I broke up with him for good in feb 2016. Mailed him back all of the gifts that he had ever bought me. Because i felt they were given on LIES. So i returned them to him. Long story short feb he wanted to marry me, march he was planning to go visit some other woman and april when i had my car towed from his house he told me he didnt like me and he was on the verge of hating me. Wow! 6 years then 3 months went from love to hate? Is he crazy?

  8. Oh i forgot to mention all this started when i found out he had been communicating with another woman everytime we fell out and even when we were getting along at times. So did the hate comment come from him being caught?

  9. cynthia says:

    Last saturday we we’re fine,sun ,Mon, tues,have not heard anything,I been sending messages no reply,but Mon morning he on instagram I no he got my message,I mean what is going on,there was no fight or nothing,and he fat short and ugly,I just liked his personality,known him for two months,he was all over me saying he never had nobody that look like me,now he acting funny

  10. Libra love says:

    My advice is give him space especially if it’s early on. They may come on strong but that’s when you should be more grounded. They will respect you later on! My leo sometimes ignores me either he’s busy with work or he’s wanting me to jump on him?. If days pass by send a funny text or ring him but keep it friendly and short. You will know by his response where his heart is.

  11. My Leo goes silent when he is on vacation. Even though I know who he is with, family, bike club, or his bestie, what’s up with the silent treatment? “Im back!?” he says once home. To me its rude, but I dare not tell him it annoys me. Ignoring him back is his punishment. Lol. Im a Gemini sorry.

  12. Ronneta says:

    Well said!! I’m no leo I’m actually an aries dating a Leo, my Leo disappears all the time & when he does this I love my life I go out w my friends during these times until he’s ready too come back. I learn more and more the things too do and not too do.

  13. scorpio.zuhal says:

    I need help plz!!
    I’m Scorpio and he is Leo, we know each other from 5 year almost .. first year of I know him he was liked me soo much.. but later I didn’t know I start meet other boy. He found out he left me for 3 years, and later on he come back to my life he start meeting me n he keep mentioning I was player, I keep explain to him that I didn’t know he loves me n also he never say that he love me… and we meet few time for month he start like me again n I start loving him.. but I found he don’t have too much opinion or not too much friend that’s why he is with me .. we don’t see each other More but we r always on phone talking 4-5 hours a day ..but every week he talk to me for 4 days other 3 days he ignore me n he don’t care.. even he don’t say how r u when he calls , but when I have problem he always around me to help me..also he always share his happiness and sadness with me, till now he didn’t say also he loves me or any love words.. I try to block him from everywhere that he cannt reach me, in same time I cannt coz I really love him, he is my only weakness now, biggessst headache for me!!! Im confuse should I love him n stay with him or batter to leave him ??

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