What to feed the Pisces man

Fish and wine, of course!

But did you know how Christian this meal is?


Fish is associated with both Jesus and Pisces. The vesica pisces or “Jesus Fish” has its roots in paganism, according to About.com:

… this glyph was associated with the Goddess Venus, and represented female genitalia. Early depictions of Christ depict him as an infant within the vesica (usually called a mandorla, meaning ‘almond shaped.’), which represented the womb of Mary (and often, the coming together of heaven and earth in the body of jesus- part man, part god). As such, it is also a doorway or portal between worlds, and symbolizes the intersection between the heaven and the material plane.

The zodiacal Pisces is Venus‘ exaltation, and relates to our desire to create Heaven on Earth. This sign is ruled by Neptune, which governs the yearning to transcend the small mind and connect with God.

The Christians later adopted the fish as a symbol. The Greek word for fish, pronounced Ichthys, is an acronym for Jesus Christ, God’s Son, Savior. Jesus was born in the beginning of the Age of Pisces:

[Jesus] went against the Old Testament, which emphasised ram [Age of Aries] and the sacrificial fir. Through his teachings the New Testament was brought about, along with the emblem of ‘fish’ and baptism by ‘water’. The ‘fish’ is the symbol of the sign Pisces and ‘water’ is its element. Even on a deep psychological and spiritual level, his teachings and life represent the qualities of the sign Pisces. Jesus was born when the planets Jupiter and Saturn joined in the sign Pisces. This could have been the Star of Magi which the three wise men from east followed. (brackets mine)

Jesus also relates to the Pisces archetype because this zodiac sign represents the mystic and the martyr.


Jesus turned water into wine, and the Eucharistic wine transubstantiates into the blood of Christ. (Or so they say…) Pisces has long been associated with alcohol, because drugs are an effective way to escape from reality and enter an altered state of consciousness.

Yeah, but will this meal help me seduce a Pisces man?

Fish oil may help boost his libido. And the alcohol will lower his inhibitions.

But what if the Pisces man I want to seduce is a tea-totaling vegan?

Take him to a Japanese restaurant and order him mock crab and a cup of white tea. Then watch a David Lynch movie.

About Jeffrey Kishner

Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, Tarot.com and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at JeffreyKishner.com.


  1. gwen sutherland kaiser says:

    hey thanks for the link! great piece, so informative. cheers…

  2. Venus in Virgo says:

    “The zodiacal Pisces is Venus’ exaltation, and relates to our desire to create Heaven on Earth. This sign is ruled by Neptune, which governs the yearning to transcend the small mind and connect with God.”

    Very, very good. Venus in Pisces.

  3. Linda Goodman Love Signs says:

    My Pisces man WON’T eat fish and has no craving and NO taste for it because he says HE IS A FISH! Not an alcoholic fish, he corrects me in saying. This is his Scorpio girlfriend speaking on his behalf. He defends his strange no-fish eating habit in saying, “You can’t eat your own kind!”

  4. careful with that wine you piscies!! you can drown in alcoholisim..

    im still keeping my fish afloat.. lol

    eh what am I talking about? we drown together!

  5. Rutabega Ruba says:


  6. The Pisces guys I’ve met always loved a good roast beef with mashed potatoes and instead of wine, Ive seen them sloshing down beer 🙂

  7. lovemypisces says:

    Lol@ linda

    Mine hate fish AND alcohol. HA! More for me.
    He likes steak. :]

  8. AquaTrainer says:

    Mine takes fish oil every day and when I’m hungry for something… he’ll take an extra libido booster for about 4 to 5 days 🙂 Ohhh talk about good for my body haha!!!


  10. what to feed a pisces man? Perhaps the bullsh@t he feeds you’all.

  11. Well someone feeds him bologna cuz he’s full of it.

  12. @Jeffrey K,

    you get your PROPS… this topic is DEFT… but, lost upon the masses… just like my blog will be…

    “Jesus is the son of God no lie
    But they might be talking about the Sun up in the sky…

    When Jesus fed the multitude with two fishes
    It signified the Age of Pisces, not fish or dishes”



    Are you Zeitgeist, Astrotheologian, or Allegorist ???

    How would a Pagan feed me?

    With her sliver…

    How would a Venusian Taurean feed me?

    With what is real – music, poetry, and Dionysius’ feast – nectar of the gods, delirium, ebullience, eroticism from hallucinogens…

    How would a Venusian Libran feed me?

    With gold, frankincense, and myrrh, or with Apollonian and Dionysian philiosphy; thereby, balancing my individualism and collectivism…

    How would a Neptunian Pisces feed me?

    With a key to her door, so that I can cross into her dream-world…

    How would a lioness feed me?

    By hunting down all those animals who prey on fish…

    How would a crab feed me?

    By letting me crawl into her shell…

    How would my fav Aries, Linda Goodman feed me?

    By keeping me warm under her golden fleece, with her fire, and by reciting “Love Signs” to me…

    How would the twins feed me?

    All men want that threesome…

    How would a Virgo feed me?

    By giving up her virginity… (ok, I know she’s the goddess of fertility)… maybe she’ll admit to being wrong, just once…

    How would a Scorp feed me?

    By not tempting me in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights…

    How would a Sag feed me?

    By targetting some game other than me…

    How would a Cap feed me?

    By buying me a cooler for my beer…

    How would an Aqua feed me?

    By understanding that freedom is a state of mind, and not rebellion against routine, and physical/emotional confinement…

    How do you feed a Pisces?

    you let him express… you let him bleed… you let him die… coz a resurrection is a coming…

    transubstantiate – interesting… what is material will become flesh… what is inanimate will become spirited…

    soul food is not home cooked, not purchased at a restaurant, or found in the deep south…

    inspire, breath life into… and your Pisces will have his sustenance…

    he doesn’t want a Venus Fly Trap…

  13. Oh God Chip!!!! I laughed until I cried, especially over your “resurrection is A comin…” ROFL ha ha ha

    Bwwaahhh ah aha ha ha ha Oh my Goodness. lol

    Then I get down to the last part and I was like…awwww…Leave it to you to start things off with a laugh and bring it on down to a nice lil inspirational insight.

    SMH…damn…well…I guess I better go get ready for that resurrection that’s A comin! lol

  14. @Ms. Teeq1974,

    I think you confused resurrection with erection… lmao… and the coming after an erection… 😉

  15. What to feed a pisces man? Uuuum very interesting, well what about BULLSHIT?
    That would pretty much be what he has been feeding me these past months.
    Pisces compassionate? Where? Pisces sensitive and caring? Uugh? I must have got a bad one because i have been through the mill with this man, now don’t get me wrong, i’m hardly a shy and retiring sagittarius gal and i like to think i give most men a run for their bloody money but this has been one big joke from start to finish.
    I hung to see if i had got him wrong, to see if i was wrong maybe, but time and time and time again we just let each other down.
    There was me reading all of these wonderful accounts about how pisces men make great lovers, REALY? I could sniff this man out at a 100 paces, i was SUPER HOT for this man and it showed, i couldn’t hide it, why would i? he failed me in the bedroom department, he turned out to be wishy washy and rather dull, which is a pity cos he was a fabulous kisser, i thought that would have been a promise of greater things to come, i was wrong.
    He was wishy washy in most things, slow as a snail, boring, he just wanted to go for walks?? okay some of the time, but not all of the time. He’s idea of fun was to study through the night whilst consuming copious ammounts of coffee……what fun.
    discussing religion, related topics, politics, and examining his own farts????
    He didn’t work, so when we did go out i payed for his beer, god what a fool i have been.
    He would go into quiet moods where he would not text call or make any contact with me at all, then out the blue like nothing had happened he would just text or call like he hadn’t been away for a second.
    I never knew if i was coming or going with this guy. I tried realy hard to figure this man out i realy did.
    And what about love? Yes i did love him, i became accustomed to his silly ways, his shyness, and such, he could be realy fierce or realy sweet depending on what the mood or the circumstances were.
    So much more i could say, what’s the point, we weren’t meant to be.

  16. I met a pisces and he has been my soul mate for three months now, actually he doesnt o much but when i want to see him he never says no. I always try to make our meetings happy and unemotional, fun and interesting he loves the way i am and has told me hes also nervous at loving me as he fears himself. whatever that means, i generally think its a good thing. I know hes a fish, he is parallel to me and we are the only star signs that have dbls we work together, im happy for now and when he leaves ill be happy to visit him and see him in another time we are supposed to meet.

  17. Alot of very strong feelings here…good and not so good. My dilema…my Pisces man is hooked on RX pain killers. He says not, but you know how that goes. It definately has an effect on our relationship. I read into his chart quite a bit, seems theres a lot of addiction issues mentioned in different places in his chart. Anyone else come across this very challenging problem? I am very much afraid for him…..

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