Waiting for a Capricorn to come back after a breakup

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of delay, as well as success earned after years of effort. After a breakup, you expect Cappy to run back into your arms? Think again.

It doesn’t matter who ended the relationship. If you broke the goat’s heart, Cap will be even more cautious than usual about asking for another chance. Rejection only makes Capricorn try harder, but would any sane person try to scale the same barbed-wire fence twice?

If Capricorn ditched you, the decision wasn’t made lightly. This sign thinks about long-term consequences to any action, as well as how it will affect Cap’s reputation and social standing. A decision was made, and it’s likely to be the final word.

In the unlikely case that Capricorn returns to you — well, it could take months or years! Cap may not be as slow as Taurus, but the goat is much more serious. A thorough analysis of benefits and liabilities will be done before Cap makes any moves.

You don’t impulsively propose a merger of two corporations. The board of directors has to be convinced that the risk is minimal and that the shareholders will be happy. The deal has to pass muster with the Securities and Exchange Commission. This process doesn’t happen overnight … so in the meantime, keep yourself busy. Check out the Wall Street Journal — there are other healthy stocks you can invest in.

Comment below: How long did it take your Capricorn to come back?

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Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, Tarot.com and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at JeffreyKishner.com.


  1. I’m an Aries woman as well and I need your advice. I really hurt my male Capricorn feelings by putting out business on social media because I was angry and he won’t talk to me. He told a friend of mind that he is done with me. I really love this man and I’m genuinely sorry about my actions . I want this man back in my life what should I do

  2. You may not even see this reply as it is now 2016. I just wanted to say you give me hope… I’m an Aries in love with a Capricorn guy. And oh, what a challenge!

  3. Hello FakeMagic, my Aries sister!
    Thanks for posting. Amazing the similarities expressed in sooo many of these posts. They run, act distant, won’t communicate even when asked direct questions, and lean towards selfishness. I had one month of Bliss with my Cap. Then he needed more space, then more space, can we just go back to beings friends?
    Now he and I have known each other 16 years and just recently admitted feelings we had way back when. We have both been in long term relationships where neither of us have felt were right for us and decided to give ‘us’ a chance. It’s been difficult living 1200 miles away and having to untangle ourselves from our current situations. I didn’t mind taking our relationship back to a more platonic level (which with the distance between us equates to not using terms of endearment or flirting with each other), but I have really deep feelings for this guy (I was in love with him way back when, too), and I can’t just shut off how I feel. And being Aries, I am very demonstrative of how I feel. Aries can be very forward and open. Lucky dude – he never has to guess where he stands with me or how I feel about him! But for me, I have no fucking clue what is on his mind. Since suggesting we just be friends until we are both free, we went from texting every day to I was lucky to get one a week, and now it’s been two weeks since I last heard from him. Because we had some misunderstandings with this transition, I’m not really sure how he feels now. I just don’t get how you can really feel something for someone and then just cut them out of your life almost completely! That just doesn’t make sense! At least not in my Aries book of open honesty. So yeah, have to agree with that they have a hard time with relationships and I have gotten lame excuses that I saw right through. And yet, I can’t walk away…

  4. parmesh (capricorn) says:

    So you really want your Capricorn back huh, I’m a capricorn too as far as i could think, that he might be looking for someone better than you but if you were a real deal then he might come back to you. The thing about capricorns, is that they will make you realize where you made mistakes and what are the consequences, so start remembering and writing all the mistakes you made and apologize him for the things you did, he will accept you, just don’t cheat on him and be sure to correct your mistakes if you want him back. He is just waiting for you to realize your mistakes. After that you’re in his playground so don’t do anything stupid. ?

  5. Hi Parmesh,
    I don’t know if your reply was to me or someone else’s comment here…
    The only ‘mistake’ I can think of that I could have possibly made was that I have been very demonstrative in my feelings and expressions of them. Not like I have had much opportunity to make many mistakes as our relating had been through texting since we live over 1200 miles apart, and were enduring the extreme complications of distance plus both of us in relationships we would have to terminate to be together. He wanted us to return to a more platonic way of relating because he started feeling guilty that he was having an emotional affair with me, even though he plans to leave his wife. But it is hard to even have a friendship with someone who shuts you out and won’t even respond to any texts. It’s now been over three weeks since I last heard from him. I love him, but I give up. I’m not into one-way relationships. So maybe he’ll come around someday, maybe he won’t. I would wait for him if I knew he still wanted me, but ignoring me does not indicate to me that he values our relationship, so c’est la vie.

  6. capricorn girll says:

    once cappi taken decision they will never look back regardless of their true feelings… but if u love him please make first move and go back to him. if he truly loves you he will forgive you and accept you. but do remember not to repeat the same mistakes u did in first time otherwise no chance will be left for you… Good Luck..!!!

  7. VirgoChick87 says:

    My soul mate is a Cap. We met when we were both in a rough spot in our lives. I have never stopped loving him and its been years! We didn’t have any closure. I knew as long as I was around, his ex would keep his son from him. So as much as I loved him I just kinda disappeared so that he could be with his son. That’s all settled now. I just recently reached back out to him. He is currently in a realtionship?? Ahh I can’t stop thinking about him. We are supposed to be meeting to talk and get closure…but he is hesitant of meeting me in person. I think he doesn’t want to fall back into all of those old feelings. The sparks fly like crazy when we are near each other. I wish he would let go just a little and see what happens. But he is a Cap?

  8. VirgoChick87 says:

    I’m a virgo, and Mercurys retrograde hit me HARD this year!!! My soul mate is a Capricorn. We met in a difficult time in our lives. We were both battling addiction, and met at the rehab center we were in. To our surprise we lived in the same city hours away. He was married, but they were on the verge of divorce. We started out as just friends, but the connection was obvious and undeniable. We had to attend out patient classes after rehab and we were in the same class, again SURPRISE! It’s like it was meant to be and the love gods were holding all the doors WIDE open. I remember the mounting tension. Just sitting next to him I felt like I was going to burst out of my skin. One day I was giving him a ride to his vehicle, I stopped at a stop sign and he un buckled his seat belt. Before I could even comprehend what was happening his lips were on mine. It was one of the most honest and passionate kisses of my life. His wife went to her ‘parents’ house every weekend. I still find that odd and don’t think that’s where she really was (she is now married to a woman). So we made plans to meet at a hotel. We kissed and he said ‘I can’t do this I have to go home’ and he left. I was obviously devastated. But the next day he called and asked me to come to his house. So I did. From then on we were both head over heels for each other. We would meet even if we could only see each other for 15 mins. We just HAD to see each other and couldn’t keep our hands off each other. He opened up to me. Told me his deepest darkest secrets, and I did the same without hesitation. He was very possessive (mind you he was still married). We had several discussions about our future together. We wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. I will never forget the night he called me crying and telling me that he wished he had met me first, started a family with me. He told me he felt like he was cheating on me, and not the other way around.I wanted nothing more than to be with him, I still want that!! Well fast forward 6 months. His wife, of course found all of the text messages and phone calls. He didn’t try to be careful. They had both already checked out of the relationship emotionally. Well he told me that we should take a break and cool things off while the divorce was settled. But he couldn’t stay away! For another year we were on and then taking a break, then back on then another break. All because he was terrified of losing custody of his son to her. As much as I loved this man, I pushed my happiness to the side and I pushed him away. I knew as long as we were together he wouldn’t get to see his son, and he could not stay away, but lord knows he tried. So I got no closure as I just walked away. I felt like it was the right thing even though it killed me. I have been with my rebound from my cap now for almost 6 years. I don’t love him. I never have. I was waiting for my cap to come back to me. Well obviously that wasn’t happening. So I reached out to him after 6 years asking if we could maybe rekindle things. He replied back, telling me that he had a gf now, and he didn’t know if they were going to be together forver or one more day, but that he couldn’t do that to her bc she had been there for him through ‘mad shit’. Well fuck! So was I. I was with you when you were married. Not what I wanted!! But I couldn’t control my heart. So that comment made me angry. He told me that he understood what I was talking about needing closure between us, but he was unsure about meeting me?? I got the impression that he doesn’t want to get caught all up in his feelings. I wish he would just let go just a little!! See where things go. Bc I know his feelings for me are still there. He e-mailed me again letting me know that he hadn’t forgotten about me. Called me ‘boo’. Like UGH!! DON’T CALL ME BOO UNLESS YOU MEAN IT.

    It has been 3 months since I first reached out. He didn’t respond until a month and a half later. Then he-mailed me about 2 weeks ago, and then again last week calling me boo. So I am beyond confused! It seems like he was hesitant and still is, but is contacting me more frequently with less time between each contact. That gives me some hope, but I don’t want my heart broken all over again.

    I just want to ask how he has been? How his son is? I want to hear his voice and see his smile. Ugh it’s driving me crazy!! I just wanted to say that I feel ya girl.

    Still waiting on my Cap. I have been reading his horoscopes and every single day it talks about the doors being held open to the past and second chances. And each time he has reached out his horoscope mentioned the lines of communication being open. So Maybe I will hear from him again on Wednesday??

    UGH!! I hate this hopeless lost feeling that I have.

  9. Hey VirgoChick.
    I have Virgo Rising 🙂
    Anyway. Just read your story. My heart goes out to you!!! Why does this all have to be so fucking hard?!!! At least yours is contacting you. Funny above I said I was giving up on mine… Lord knows I tried, but I can’t get him out of my head. I think about him everyday and I don’t want anyone else.
    So I had gone a little over a month without hearing from him, but I kept writing to him. Finally the day after my bday, he texted me back answering my last text to him asking if we could start over. He said he thought we probably could. Said he and his wife were selling their house and moving into a rental. Then said things weren’t as bad as he can make it in his head and that he was going to stay there and in his relationship unless some action from the Universe were to end his relationship. The way he worded it was vague… like does he mean he is really going to try to work things out with them or is it a tolerable situation to lay low in while he waits to see what happens? (maybe waiting to see if I’m serious enough to get out of my relationship and get my own place which I still plan to do as soon as I have the money to do so… Another long story, can sum up to say I’m in some kind of karmic soul contract relationship where I love him, but not in love with him and have never felt like we really connect on a deep level but had a kid right away and I’ve sacrificed what I wanted for our kid to have his family… long story, lol).
    He even forgot my bday, but remembered two days later. Got one more little text interaction with him four days after that when I sent him a song. I was surprised he sent one back to me! I was grinning from ear to ear for the next five hours just because he responded to me (doesn’t take much to make me happy, lol). I thought this meant that we were finally going to resume a more frequent communication again, but I haven’t heard from him since – that was April 26 and today is May 23. I have continued to reach out to him writing and sharing my thoughts, feelings, and what I am learning in life (I’ve been going through tremendous life lessons and soul growth), even though he never writes me back, which triggers all kinds of insecurities and fears. Seems I have no choice but to be patient and wait for Life to unfold as it will. This, undoubtedly, has been one of the hardest things I have ever gone through. I hate being completely shut out. I wish we could at least talk. I think I’ve been stripped of any expectations at this point. If he knows he doesn’t want me then I wish he would just tell me so I could let this go and move on. But he won’t answer that question and has left everything open, which gives me hope that there is still a chance. Waiting is hard, especially for Aries! And I’m willing to because I can’t see being with anyone else, so what choice do I have? I would be so happy for even the smallest of reassurances to let me know that this thing is mutual and I’m not all alone in this. This stone cold silence scares the shit out of me that he doesn’t feel the same way, but doesn’t want to hurt me (we’ve been friends a long time and I know he genuinely cares), and I feel like such a pathetic obsessed creature, hopelessly in love with him.

    And you should see our chart synastry! Fucking incredible! I have 4 Yods with the apex at my Sun/Saturn conjunction at 29/28 degrees Aries. He also has a Yod that sits exactly on mine with his Aries Ascendant at 28 degrees sandwiched right between my Sun and Saturn. My Venus is opposite his Uranus/Vertex conjunction, and my Vertex is conjunct his North Node. We have many more aspects between our charts, but those are the most significant. And they are pretty significant! And I wonder if there was any chance that he is immune to the intense magnetism between our charts. Maybe with both Sun and Moon in Capricorn, he is extremely capable of controlling/hiding his emotions. I pray all the time to my Spirit Guides to tell me what is going on with him. I even reach out to his Spirit Guides and ask if they can clue me in. And meanwhile, I have to keep myself from getting too sad, or mad, or damaged by my fears that would sabotage my ability to be with him in the future should that finally unfold.

    Did I just write a novel? Lol, this was actually a pretty summarized version of the whole story. I hope things work out for you and your Cap. Will you keep me updated on your story here? At the very least, we can be a support group of two here as we navigate the murky emotional dramas. Hugs to you!!!

  10. VirgoChick87 says:

    Hey girl. Is there a way to send private messages on here?? If so send me one so I can give you my email. So my cappy actually ended up emailing me again the day after I posted here. So last Tuesday. He told me that he was doing a lot of job searching, and that we shouldnt email bc his current GF could access his email to post resumes. He also said he had decided that we could meet in person!! Yay!! Hopefully…if he keeps his word. Which he always has even if he was REALLY slow about it. He gave me his phone number, but told me to let him contact me first??! Huh?? Why did you give me your number then???? is this a test??!! Cause I might have failed it?? Or passed?? lol hell I dunno. So damn confusing. After a week of watching the phone (seriously) I sent him a text that said ‘…?’ about an hour ago. No response as of yet.

  11. Omg! Capricorns and their tests, right?
    But then the Ruler of Capricorn is Saturn, Lord of Tests himself.

    Well, he has agreed to see you. That’s a step forward. I’m sure he has been hesitant knowing the sizzle between the two of you! I’m sure he has been evaluating his feelings for his current gf knowing that being around you will be facing extreme temptation. Or maybe if he is just questioning everything, he knows that simply standing in front of you vibing it out will answer all his questions.

    I sure wish I had the opportunity to stand in front of mine and vibe everything out. God, I think if I was standing within 25 feet of him, I would have a fucking heart attack! We live over 1,000 miles apart, and he still has this profound effect on me! I can’t imagine how electric it would be up close! Lucky you to have gotten to experience intimacy with yours. That’s a bond I do not have with mine. When we met at a job, I was already pregnant and with the father. I’ve never cheated on anyone, didn’t believe in doing so, but I have strayed in my mind. IDK, some people think it’s the same thing and just as bad, but I think there’s a difference between thinking something and actually acting on it. And not to go off on the topic and morality of infidelity, but sometimes you can’t help feeling something, and our society is very good about making people feel guilty and repress their feelings – which can cause worse problems later. Anyway, there was something about this guy that intrigued me. I got as close to him as I could that would not be crossing any lines, which meant friends and I got hugs sometimes. Funny, he got with this girl and when she met me, she was convinced he and I were having an affair. We never admitted liking each other, but we could feel it. I guess his gf felt it, too, lol. Anyway, never told him until this year. Sometimes I wish I hadn’t because it’s changed our friendship. For the first month, it was like the Honeymoon period – we finally came out and were ecstatic that maybe we could finally be together after all these years! Girl, I was in Bliss! I was so happy that I had finally found ” The One” and it turned out to be my cherished friend that had drifted away over the years. It felt like the Universe had pulled us back into each other’s lives and now we had the chance to give ‘us’ a chance. Only we couldn’t just rush into each other’s arms and live happily ever after. No, we had to be over 1,000 miles away from each other and both of us unemployed and entangled in long term relationships. Could it be more fucking complicated?!!! Well, I suppose it could, lol. But this is enough! Seriously. So I don’t know that there is any way to PM here. Friend me on FB and then we can PM. I used my middle name here. My first name is Savine. I should be pretty easy to find I think.

  12. VirgoChick87 says:

    Hey girl. For some reason I cannot view your profile to get your last name on here?? Just friend me on Facebook! My name is Brooke Charlton and type in Alabama. Send me a message so I know it’s you? I just wanted to discuss some things I would rather not on a public board?

    I keep trying to give up. But I just cant!! Before everything he was my bestfriend, and I miss his dry witty sense of humor. The guy I have been with going on 7 years now is Aries. We aren’t compatible astrology wise. We arent compatible at all. He has a lot of anger issues which he takes out on me verbally and mentally. I have been in a physically abusive relationship…honestly I would rather be hit. Those wounds heal with time? We have been through hell and back. We lost a son who was premature, he lived 45 mins. After that I just wanted my baby in my arms. We kept trying. I had 6 miscarriages in between my loss and my Rainbow baby who will be 2 in September. I should have taken that as a sign. I have tried to get him to leave and work on himself. He won’t. Says nothing is wrong with him and that its me. He is always right. He is a narcissist.

    I know my crappy doesn’t want to get caught up in his feelings. I just wish he would let go of the reins just a little bit. But what he has is stable and secure. It’s been years since we spoke. But he is that person I can always go back to and vice versa. He doesn’t know that I could offer him stability and security also.

    He told me on the last email that he couldn’t ‘explain me away’ that his new girlfriend knew the ‘whole story’. I like that I can’t be explained away…but I wanna know what he told her??! Still no word since the text message? I’m going to whip out my tarot cards and try not to be biased which is so very hard when doing your own reading??

  13. Funny, I’m an Aries with a Virgo guy. I know all about the incompatibility between these two signs! I think the only way we have gotten by so long is that I have Virgo Rising and he has Aries Rising. It has been a firsthand observation how the signs differ in expression with Ascendants compared to Suns.

    I can relate to verbal abuse and that our issues “come from my problems and have nothing to do with him.” Ha. Yeah, ok.
    I sent you a friend request. 🙂

  14. Makayla A. says:

    Me and my cappy started out as friends and quickly became lovers. He had been in relationships that didn’t end well (he was always being cheated on) and so he didn’t feel that my intentions with him were genuine. I spent the better part of 9 months trying to prove to this man that I loved him and wanted things to work but everytime we would get 1 step closer to a solid foundation he would pull us back 2 steps. He always thought I was cheating and hated my flirtatious nature (I am a libra) and so I became a different woman for him. I cut everyone off I my life that he didn’t approve of, I basically moved in with him, and we started sharing financial responsibility and talked about starting a family which I finally convinced him to do. I had come out of similar relationships (also cheated on) and so we always jokes how we were healing each other from our pasts and told each other that we were what the other one always wanted in a partner. I loved his ambition, personality, and zest for life and he loved my loyalty, good looks (his words) and down to earth personality. We were compatible in all ways except when it came to me and money or me and friends. I am an introvert same as he but I also love being around others in social settings, whereas he is more of a homebody who only needs a select few to feel complete. Our troubles would always involve one or the other accusing the other of being unfaithful or just lying. I am not convinced that he never strayed which still hurts to this day as I have never cheated or even considered cheating on him. When I love someone I can only be with them, that’s not the same as being with someone. I can date a person and have love for them and stray (haven’t don’t it yet but not saying it would never happen) but if I love that person (which is different then just having love for them) then my mind just doesn’t include other people sexually or emotionally in a romantic way.

    We suffered a tragedy (miscarriage) and after feeling like he was pulling away too much I finally gave up and decided to allow him to either help me rekindle what we had or I’d move away. He told me time and again that because of his past he wasn’t the type to chase anyone who wanted to leave. I didn’t want to leave but I couldn’t stay and feel unloved so after several fights and days of his silence I had reached my limit. I contacted him and told him in person that I was leaving not only him but the state for a new start as I wasn’t getting anything from him anymore. He looked shocked and didn’t protest so I moved away a couple weeks later. The day before I left I tried to see him to talk but we ended up in an argument over my feeling neglected and him not caring to rehash a fight so after an emotional ordeal we didn’t talk for a few days. He contacted me when I had left the state and wanted me to come over but when I told him I wasn’t there he changed his approach and told me he was going out with friends anyway (a way to hurt me by suggesting or telling me that he was going to sleep around). After that he called me a couple times and had his mom and brother add me on social media because I blocked him from contacting me except via phone. It has been a month since his last call and I feel horrible. When I think he’s out of m system thoughts of him come flooding back which hurt. I want him so badly and would love to hear from him but pride won’t allow me to make the first move. Mostly because I fear rejection or the possibility that he’s already happily moved on with someone else. It just hurts to know that someone you thought you were building a life with (we had plans to move into a house on my parents land this fall and became engaged right before we broke up) only to be without them and miss them.

    I hate that I don’t know how he feels about me or if he misses me and wishes things worked out differently. It sucks. I wish I could contact him and not have that constant fear that he’s moved on. I haven’t moved on and probably won’t for some time. Just as it takes time for me to fall in love it takes time for me to fall out of love. I don’t expect us to reunite necessarily but I’d like to at least know what went wrong and why he felt it necessary to pull away whenever things would seem solid. He truly was the man of my dreams, the kind of man I always wanted but could never find. I found him and I lost him. True I ended things but I couldn’t date a ghost. If he only knew how I felt and cared enough to come see me or allow me to come see him I would drop everything and get back together. Everything I’ve rad on cappy men points to the opposite so maybe I’m crazy for even thinking this way…but hey a girl can dream.

  15. Hi Makayla. I read your story. Big hugs to you, girl. I feel your pain and anguish. Still going through heartbreak with my Cappy, too. Eh, won’t go into my story here, but just to say I empathize. I say you should just go for it… call him! What do you have to lose but some pride? Doesn’t your love out way your pride? Are you willing to go the rest of your life wondering if calling him would have made a difference if you saved face instead? Heh heh – I’m a dreamer and a big cheerleader for love.

    Sounds like your relationship was pretty challenging anyways. Hard to fix broken people – like ones who have been cheated on and live in paranoia after that. Not good that you felt like you had to change yourself to make him feel better. I’m never a proponent for that… people lose themselves that way. But the things we do for love sometimes…
    I wish you well, Sister, and that you can either rescue your love or be able to move on.

  16. Okay i finally full very relived to talk to Someone….i am an Aquarius who is very inlove with this capricon guy….he id sweet, nice hardworking and most of all i love him….i offended him…i mean i travelled with telling him…i know he id very Ilary with me But i dnt even have the courage to approach him.

  17. I recently broke up with a Capricorn man, he is very resistant. The first two months after breakup we would keep contact, after that it was me who was the only one looking for him. I really love him, but he says a reconciliation is not possible.. What can I do to win his heart back? The reason for break up was that he said we are not compatible.. But I do want to show him we are, and that my pride is gone. Please help

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  19. My son turned 18 years old he got mad at me cause I was trying to tell him about Hus girlfriend and her family using my son he got mad left I haven’t talk to him since august30 why can’t he see their doing him wrong and using him do you think he will ever see it and cone back home I pray every day.

  20. does the tamara temple have any implication on you after getting help from them?

  21. hhhhh are u there,i won’t to hear from u

  22. Hey virgochick87
    I reqd your story and i am a cancer and my ex finance is a cap but when we met it just a rought time in our lifes and we end up leaving with each other knowing that thw ir would be problems but we stay together side by side no mattwr how hqrd it got then je ask me to married him and i said yes qnd then i found i was pregnant and he went with me through all the doctors app and once my son come in the pics things started being distant from me and our son then he left after a week our son was born and end up dating other girl since then we really dont talk at all nd i always qsk him when ia he coming to see his son or something but his new girl get mqd if we talked which she always put me in their problems when i dont talk to him and she would try to message and tell me that it my fault thwy keep break up i said no i dont even talk to him because of you qnd i hope you guys are happy knowing he complete damage his own family he had

  23. I’m a 30yo Aquarius female dated 26yo Capricorn male who was a mess. Lived at home, REFUSED to work a job, drank so much alcohol, texted other females and criticized me to no end. He is Leo moon, I’m Libra moon. I felt instinctively we weren’t right for each other as I have worked since I was 15, have daughter, been at my job for 3 years, have lived on my own for 9 years, just totally different times in life. There was so much passion, fun and love between us, but he just went cold. He tried to blame me for feeling bad about his life. He wanted me to bring 200% to the table while he brought 0%! He actually told me “Is it crazy that I EXPECT my girlfriend to MAKE ME FEEL BETTER about myself?”

    He was a beautiful cocoon, so much potential wrapped so tightly. He was like grapes, in 20 years he’ll be a fine wine. But as he is right now? Totally toxic, walking poison. It’s been 2 months since he heartlessly cast me aside, I still think about him every single day. But I’m dating other people. He is a man I must love from afar. I’m honestly grateful that I got to feel that euphoric, beautiful kind of love, even it was just a year. :)f

  24. My Cappi and I were together for maybe a year or two we. I broke up with her and six years later I’m still trying to win her back. They are not kidding about them taking their time. Not really sure if she wants to be with me I’m a Cancer so I too am being very careful. I apologized to her for everything that I’ve done that was wrong and currently she is thinking about it. I wasn’t exactly clear to her that I wanted her back but I did make my feelings about her known. Maybe someday we will get back together maybe not but still I feel happier with her in my life than with her not.

  25. Hey

  26. Hey seen your post and that you’re a Capricorn.. I need advice from a male Capricorn if you don’t mind?!. I know this maybe a little awkward, but you can please email me so I can tell what’s been going on?!. Thanks in a advance!!.

  27. Mr. ?
    My Capricorn woman said we need to take a break. Just to bring folks up to speed… I didn’t cheat, helped her out with bills, took her to places, (comedy show, plays, movies) etc… it was a great for 5 months after I chase her for a year. Now all of sudden she is distant. Text maybe once a week and barely even call. I asked her what’s going on and she said financial problems and depression! I don’t understand if I’m helping her and trying to communicate with her.. what’s the problem? I even told her how I feel about her that I’m always here no matter what. Can anyone share some light on this matter?

  28. Capricorns aren’t grudgy-hearted it just takes them some time or the right person to bring it out of them.. And no I’m not a Capricorn I just know this because I’ve dealt with some caps in my day. Lol

  29. I’m a Capricorn woman. Trust me when I say that the only way that most of us will come back after a break up is if the other person tries to come back first, and it doesn’t really matter who initiated the breakup and it doesn’t matter how much we may care about or love the person. Most of us will not be the first to initiate contact.

    If a Cap broke it off with you, the relationship is probably done for good in their minds. We hate to fail, even in relationships, so it takes us a while to decide to end things. You really have to do a lot of horrible things to get a Cap to initiate a break up. So if you want to come back after we have broken it off with you, we may be open to being friends with you, but it’s more than likely not going to go any further than that.

    However, if you are the one who broke up with a Cap, again, we will not be the first one to come back. No matter how much it hurts to be apart from you, to not talk to you, or etc we will not be the first to contact you. Our feelings hurt very easily. We don’t allow very many people in our lives. It takes A LOT to get us to open up and to trust someone, so it probably hurts us even more than others when the person that we thought we could trust, breaks our hearts or reject us. We take rejection especially really, really hard….We will probably never trust you again after you do it.

    I’ve gone a year to several years without talking to my exes. They were always the ones to come back first. If they had not, they would have never heard from me again, no matter how much I may have wanted them back or just wanted to speak with them to see how they were doing.

    Your Cap will probably still have some feelings for you if you do try to make contact first. But if you want to have the slightest chance to win him/her back, you need to come correct. You need to be willing to talk about whatever happened that caused the break up, you need to be honest, you need to listen, and you need to apologize if you did anything wrong that led to it. Do not try to rush him/her. You will have to work even harder to regain their trust, so don’t expect things to be the way they were before right away.

  30. My ex-boyfriend is a cop at corn he walked away from me last year was horrible this year he’s been calling me Hun finally stay at the house the other day he wanted to come back to the house I think he’s coming back I’m sort of happy because I sort of disconnect it never tell him I love you kept on going now keeping myself busy I think it’s gonna work this time…my apologies texting from work.

  31. Correction he’s a Capricorn.

  32. Kim Scorpio says:

    I am Scorpio women , 2 years on and off with this capo men , is all my fault
    I really despond him, I told him I love hi and he trust me and I cheat and on him and treat him like sheep.
    He really love me for sure because after all I did to him as soon as I told him to come back he run for me, but unfortunately as I can’t make my mind , I play with him again and again. He love to trust me but I can let him trust me because I don’t know what I want my self.
    He is really good men and I believe if I was a bit more kind to him , he will stay with me forever.
    I love him so much but I love my self first, so when ever I want him I call him and he never say no to me even after all bad things I did to him.
    I think Capricorn men love to chase Scorpio women because Scorpio women are selfish and they never chase men.
    He love to have sex with me and go out with me
    He love to talk about his life and what he plans
    He love to come to me and I go to him
    He love me so much because he forgive me a lot for what I did to him
    Is true I apology from him but he is kind
    I am kind too but I am different every day
    One day good one day bad
    He understand me and he don’t trust me but still he let me I control him.
    I am sure he will come back again but I don’t waste my time thinking about him even I love him so much because he show me his unconditional love.
    Do not ever chase Capricorn men let him chase u
    Do not contact him
    Do not text him
    Do not wait for him
    He will come back his self
    He respect a confident women
    Show him good sex, tell him he is important for u, show him u are cleaver and he is stupid, be kind, trustworthy, humble.
    That’s why Scorpio women and picked women are best Mach for capo men
    If Scorpio stay with Cali men.

  33. Kim Scorpio says:

    Trust me no one is bad in relationships as Scorpio women.
    I am such lucky Scorpio women marry 2 time but run a way from my lovely men.
    I left then in shadows
    My ex Aries men did everything to win my heart but he couldn’t
    Another ex virgin he try to control me and our relationship but he didn’t win
    I never communicate with my Leo and Sagittarius lover
    i think I only love my self and god
    I can’t live with men because they are so wick
    I need strong men to win my heart but couldn’t find yet
    I love my self so much because I look after my self very well and I love my personality.
    Scorpio women are attractive all men
    They make even the coldest heart men love them and want to look after them but but but
    I don’t need any one look after me
    I want a follower
    I need men follow my roles
    Because I know everything better
    So that’s why Scorpio women are selfish.

  34. Dejaaaa says:

    I dated a cappy guy for 3 and a half years and I broke up with him . I broke his heart really bad , and I’m still trying to get back with him and it’s been 5 years ! He acts wierd when I’m around .. I still feel like he cares I just think he’s being stubborn .. I have tried txtn him , calling , he blocked me from certain things but not all . Which I don’t understand that but I still feel like he loves me deep inside I just don’t know what I should do .. please share your advice ! I would gladly appreciate it !

  35. Am a Gemini and my Capricorn boyfriend just broke up with me DEC, but after d break up I started acting like I was done and like I had a new boyfriend,he got pissed at it and told me DAT its not even up to a week or two weeks and I have a boyfriend and I told him DAT he was the one DAT made d decision to break up so y is he bothered about if I have a boyfriend or not,he said “people break up to make up” DAT he actually didn’t break up but wanted a break we got back togeda but an incident happened where he had a female friend DAT was helping him with money I suspected dey were dating and called d female friend and he flew up and said am insecured and jealous and he was in debt cos the girl borrowed him money for business and he ended d relationship after DAT he said we should see again and apologized to me DAT he s sorry cos he hit me and said he still loves me but DAT I need to be patience and he needs to get a job since I just spoilt d business he has been trying to build I begged him to make me correct it he said NO DAT I would do worse if we got married…I really do love him and his siblings still call me and chat me up plssss as a Capricorn person what do u advice me to do…how can I get him back and make him understand I didnt purposely bring a set back to him

  36. This is exactly what I’m going thru it hurts so bad but there’s nothing we can do when a Capricorn man has insecurities from his past that’s still bothering him smh… My Capricorn man & I had an ugly break up? I hacked into his Facebook & seen he was meeting up with a girl the morning after we broke up, I’m a Taurus it takes a lot for me to let go but this might be it! I love him to pieces never cheated & didn’t want things to turn out ugly. We was suppose to have a future together get successful & be happy!!! Just because things Was messed up now we are broken apart completely, I tried to reach out on the strength of how much I love him & want to know why he did this but he seems like he’s done he let his family & babymother get into our problems my family did too but it’s because of what he did to me…. things are fresh now we are still feeling emotional but we were compatible Taurus & Capricorn but maybe it’s not meant to be for now ? I just can’t give up on him & what I see & know our future can be like?? We are just upset & I hope my ex Capricorn can forgive the incident we had & move on….

  37. Lady Cap says:

    I am a 29 year old Capricorn female. I read a post about airing out dirty laundry on social media being in a relationship with a Capricorn man. The truth is once you hurt a Capricorn no matter the gender there is no returning. I fell in love with a man 7 years my senior when I was a bit younger (18). I knew I was taking a risk, but I thought he was “worth” it. Was I mistaken! He is a Taurus male and we had a great beginning, as most relationships do, but then he started to grow so cold. Most Capricorn’s in love know we keep trying and trying until we finally say “I cannot do this anymore”. I did not realize I was hurting myself so much until one night while the man I thought to be the love of my life was sleeping beside me I was sobbing silently because I loved him. I knew at this moment I was hurting myself. Telling this story still brings tears to my eyes. I was young but no one has ever hurt me the way he did and no one ever will. It was not until he realized I did not call as much, want to see him as much and never smiled around him anymore that I was emotionally gone.

    One day as I was leaving he gave me one of his jackets because it was kind of chilly, all I remember saying is “does this mean I have to see you again?”. No thought to what I was saying but he knew I was growing cold. I stuck around for awhile 7 years too long until I finally just let everything go. By this time it was too late while he would try and lay with me I was reading a book not even remotely bothered or interested in “playing” with him. As much distance as I placed between us I found myself indulging in irrational behavior, I was so broken and torn on the inside I would stay at the bar for hours and drink my problems away. I read a post stating one person met a Capricorn man going through rehabilitation; most Capricorns, not all, may have a substance abuse issue, we do not talk about our problems really we keep everything inside and try to find things to keep us busy and if that does not work, pass the Blue Label please’. I must admit I held a lot back because my ex thought I was over reacting, and he said himself every time he tells a woman he loves he she leaves him. I was the complete opposite, because he did not express his gratitude and appreciation for me, and taking me for granted I left. He did tell me that he would love me for the rest of his life and would do anything for me. I found that hard to believe. The messed up part is his friend thought he could approach me, but us loyal cappys do not play dirty in relationships we punish by withholding “goodies”. A Capricorn’s goodies can vary, it can be: sex, communication, materialistic things, our time anything we deem to be important. One thing important to a Capricorn is time, we do not have time to waste. Back to my ex… By this time he realized how much he meant to me before, and how I was acting when I was “tired”.

    A few things to know about a Capricorn: we love laughing we are so serious due to the tasks and expectations that are required of us it means a lot to have that one person who keeps you smiling, gives you that great hug, encourages you when in a great depression (Capricorns do not get sad, we get severely depressed and if not careful could lead to substance abuse and irrational behaviour).

    I cannot lie I did not date anyone for years after that ex. Capricorn’s love their privacy and do not like people in our business unless we have something up our sleeves and want people to know. So for anyone dating a Cappy we are strong yet sensitive creatures because we have to be and “no one can do it better than I can”. Never make a Capricorn fell less important or useless we despise people who think we are stupid and have no problem putting people in their place when the time is right. When we love (like any other homo-sapiens) we love had and will do any and everything for our partner no matter what it is (except give up our freedom or break our bank account where we have no security).

    Also keep in mind that all Capricorns are not the same. There are the December Capricorns and the January Capricorns (That’s Me!). Rule of thumb, a Capricorn may move on quick but only after going over the situation in our head and reaching a final conclusion.

    The crazy thing is I just finished getting into it with an ex of mine, he is a Leo, and I cannot believe even after I am done with him the emotional effect he has on me. He was my first dating experience after my Taurus. I cannot lie, I was madly in love with him until he turned cold too. But now since I have gone cold he is on something else. At this point the only way he can get me back is by marriage. I will not accept anything less. I am too old now and have suffered a lot in the past year; two back injuries, I cannot deal with the emotional turmoil. As much as I loved him I too have to let him go because he did not listen to me when I was crying my heart out, something I do not do unless I really care and love the person.

    Anyhow, Capricorns love long relationships and if you show us you sincerely care, will not defame, embarrass, cheat or lie to us we will be yours forever. But, the moment the person does not listen and ignores instructions it is game over for them. Capricorn’s like to be in control by nature. So do not hurt us and expect for us to stick around to help you add more knives.


    Lady Cap

  38. Thank you for this post. My cap man broke up with me 3 months ago after attempting to push me away for about a month for practically nothing and I’ve been struggling to move on. After a number of bad decisions I finally thought I had made the best decision in my life to give him a chance. We started off as friends professionally and grew closer after dating which for me turned into love very quickly. Whenever I would disagree with anything it would be a major problem for him and he would see it as an argument even though I would be very calm and simply trying to discuss something we wouldn’t agree on. I was the first woman in 4 years he allowed to meet his family and he would make me feel so special and try to give me confidence. A few disagreements seem to turn into a big thing and he would often run away instead of talking to me and eventually pushed me away and cut me off and wouldn’t let me see him saying he wanted to see if he ‘missed me’. He ended it via text and didn’t give me any closure apart from saying we are not suited. I work with this person and he is very cold with me and often runs away from me at work if I’m near. I found out after I was pregnant and he didn’t even ask if I was ok during this time, needless to say I ended up terminating.
    I’ve often questioned if his feelings I felt were genuine or if it was a big lie. I don’t understand someone who seemed like they genuinely loved me and were so happy can do this to someone. I often feel anxious knowing I have to see him at work.

  39. I just need some advice Iam a Gemini and the cap just ended bout two weeks ago he said I made him feel like shit I would get jealous over little things like pictures with other girls but that’s not been greatly but the day before he ended I just wanted him to come to a family thing and he didn’t so I was upset. I confessed all my feelings for him how what I lack he is strong and so on I adore him good and bad and he knows that he wants to be friends and we might hang out tonight but he said he’ll be hard because he might not be able to hold back. I dnt understand I feel like he might have feelings for me still and is just pushing me away I see it in his eyes he cares but he thinks we dnt mix and that’s when I told him he is everything I need and so on I dnt Understand he won’t try again with me and just wants to be friends is he is admitting it will be hard I dnt see the problem I want to try because I think he’s worth it But I dnt know

  40. Iam very sorry to here that Sara that was really harsh! I do know cap man hold there’s feelings in but not even seeing if ur ok is truly mean? I never met My cap guys family but he talks about them a lot my experience with him at work isn’t that bad I run from him but still talk when need to looking in his eyes is hard I see something in his eyes but he won’t tell me.i dnt think and I hope he would never be that cold I truly hope your ex comes around to at lest confront you with what happened. Saying sorry seems so hard for them to admit . The cap I was with has told me sorry Iam just afraid I will never fall out of it with him we hung out las night and everthing we just like before couldn’t hold back had a good morning looking at his old family pics Iam afraid now I know my feelings and are not sure of his if he really just never sees it working out again and truly wants to say just friends with Bens of something and that I can’t handle

  41. I’m a Pisces and I broke up with my cap man a few weeks ago. I’m 46 and he’s 33. We’ve been together a year and it’s been a year of hell for me. He’s vet wishy washy and inconsistent when it come to me. He says he loves me, wants to move in together, and get married. He pushed for all of this. his actions rarely match up with what he says. I feel I deserve better than what he’s given me. He knows this as well. I truly love him and want things to come together for us but it seems he constantly sabatoges any progression. One week things could be great. I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for the next ball to drop. He doesn’t take responsibility for what he does to keep us at odds with each other. There’s an excuse for everything. I’m hurt deeply because issues are barely resolved before something else happens. Very frustrating. So when I broke up with him, he had just announced he was moving in in 60 days. That was not the understanding I had when we talked. I got fed up and told him I’m done. Don’t worry about me. I blocked him even when I saw he was trying to text and call. I miss him terribly, but whenever shit happens and we break up, I’m ALWAYS the one that make contact with him first. Well, this time I’m putting a time limit on him and if he reaches out to me first. If he doesn’t, I’m moving the fuck on as much as it hurts me. But I’m wondering will he since it was him that always caused the riffs between us and not me.

  42. Numan Capricorn says:

    Me being a capricorn man. I can relate that you have broken him into pieces. As through my whole like I just let a girl in my life she didn’t value mei found that she is flirting with other guys when I came up with facts she blamed me and blasted me with all the harsh words she can say. I just said fine my mistake to love you. Done I rejected 34 proposals uptil now this is my revenge on myself and women too and this has made me a very stubborn person and I dont entertain love anymore. I feel deep inside he still loves you. First try to casually have a conversation for few days. Make him feel wanted slowly he will open up be patient sometimes it takes months sometimes years. If he loved you truly still he loves you. Be lucky enough. After spending some time let him come back to his comfort zone. Then initiate the conversation tell him what went wrong and what you have learned after you have done wrong. Make a list of pros and cons and explain how this can work out. After all this you will surely see his heart melting give him a tight hug even he might look cold but he really needs it. He is lucky to get his love back. And I am an asshole I dont let her in. My ex has been trying ever since to come back to me. But no she doesn’t deserve it neither any other girl deserves our unconditional love if you dont value it. Hopefully he will melt go for it.

  43. Hi I’m bink.. I’m a cancer, I was with my fiancée which is a Capricorn for 3yrs, we have a son together, also he has 2 over kids with his first marriage, when I met him I knew he was a broke man, we clicked together because ive been through the same things in my past relationships. I understood the hurt an pain he went through.. as our relationship got strong I notices he was fully committed to me.. so I said something about it… he stop… yes we were on an off sometimes.. I always felt it was other women.. an later on I found you … he tried to tell me he would stop but everytime we would get into it, he would go out an get numbers… ive called plenty of females back.. 6 to be exact.. after I had our son. we took a break, we were supposed to be married this year.. he cheated an I found out after our break.. an he left me. I’m hurt an I don’t know how to let go or even did he really love me..

  44. DaRadiant1@gmail.com says:

    I know exactly what and how you feel. Just broken up with a Capricorn man myself. I too am a Taurus woman and it definitely hurts like hell! He had choose another woman that is using him like crazy! She is not in love with him nor is he in love with her. But he is staying in the relationship because what was accumulated. FUCK THAT!!!! Like they say,” What goes around, comes around.” He don’t believe what he has done to me won’t be done to him. The same way he got her is the same way he is going to lose her. God don’t like ugly and he ain’t to find of pretty either. Don’t worry, we will get thru this. Those SeaGoats will realized sooner than you think.

  45. DaRadiant1@gmail.com says:

    But that’s just it! I haven’t done nothing to this man and I am a Taurus! I have been hurt by this man so many times and the worst thing you don’t want to do towards a Taurus is defy their persona. We are too loyal and we speak nothing but the truth! And when we speak on it, it normal comes true. Mines threw away a 20 plus friendship over a woman who doesn’t love him but using him. He is miserable, but that’s who he wanted.

  46. DaRadiant1@gmail.com says:

    Mighty funny the one I was in love with burned his bridges with his family, friends, and me. I don’t think I can get over that. He was dead ass wrong for what he did! Karma is a bitch and he damn sure is going to get his!

  47. DeR,

    Now would be a good time for you to look deep into your psyche and find out why you were willing to accept crumbs from this man for so many years. Issue’s of Co-dependency, perhaps? He sounds like a Narcissist. Is he?I hope that whatever the core issues, you emotionally “let go” of him and focus your time and attention on healing yourself and creating the wonderful life you deserve ( with or with out another man).

    I wish all the nice people that have posted on this site, love!

  48. If a Capricorn women judged and finished the relationship there isn’t any more chance.

    They are too stubborn and once that kicks in they lose all compassion and vision for a relationship with that person.

    They’re cold n calculated whilst hurt, they will pretend they are fine and bury that hurt with them by building a brick wall.. an emotional barrier

    Capricorn have very good qualities but unfortunately they also have some of the worse.

    Do yourself a favour and let them go..

    Caps can be assholes the biggest assholes of them all especially after a break up. They want nothing more and will usually cut you out for good.

    They are cold once they have made the decision and stubbornness will never change that.

    Regards cancer man.

  49. DaRadiant1@gmail.com says:

    Well he could be a narccisst. I don’t know. As far as being co-depended? We both were, to each other. I am trying to focus on myself. But when I finally almost have him out of my system, BAM!!! Here he is! But he is a much older Cap. A jealous one at that.

  50. Hi guys since a while i have been reading this post….i am a little new here…
    For some of the people…..
    the problems they are facing with their relationships might have ended….because its been a long time since then.
    I would like you guys to know that i am a CAPRICORN.
    And i would like to tell my story here as well…….of my broke relationship!!…
    ~ its been two or three months now…we are apart…..and i havent contacted her since then…..
    well its hard for me to live with the harsh truth….that she is gone….
    i have troubles accepting it because i love her….
    she was a scorpio….and she was everything i wanted in my life….i thought i will marry her one day…i can be harsh sometimes, i can be stubborn….but one thing i assure is a capricorn’s love for you will never end…
    i know for some days i feel like my love is decreasing day by day…because we were far apart….but my efforts always brings it up again….
    i never knew the reason why she left me….
    one day something happened to her….
    she stopped replying!!…..i kept on struggling….she loved me….well it was just not really like the right time…one part we had our studies and all…..
    it was hard for me crying everyday for her….i met her twice or thrice after we broke….hoping that she would come back…
    she had done with this me before….but she did it again…she asked me if we still could stay connected as friends….but i refused…
    because it will be hard for me watching her eyes having lost the spark we had….while we were in love!!
    i expected infinite times…she would ever come back…..but she didnt….something feels like you cant change you just have to live with….my expectations only gave me disappointments…..i have had many nights trouble sleeping…remembering her….no matter what the mistake was made by her….i may forgive her but she would have to only make the first move!!…..because i know i have tried…i begged i cried… but she never came…so i refuse to fall in the same pit again…..but if she makes some efforts realising her mistakes….i may forgive because i love her..

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