Waiting for a Capricorn to come back after a breakup

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of delay, as well as success earned after years of effort. After a breakup, you expect Cappy to run back into your arms? Think again.

It doesn’t matter who ended the relationship. If you broke the goat’s heart, Cap will be even more cautious than usual about asking for another chance. Rejection only makes Capricorn try harder, but would any sane person try to scale the same barbed-wire fence twice?

If Capricorn ditched you, the decision wasn’t made lightly. This sign thinks about long-term consequences to any action, as well as how it will affect Cap’s reputation and social standing. A decision was made, and it’s likely to be the final word.

In the unlikely case that Capricorn returns to you — well, it could take months or years! Cap may not be as slow as Taurus, but the goat is much more serious. A thorough analysis of benefits and liabilities will be done before Cap makes any moves.

You don’t impulsively propose a merger of two corporations. The board of directors has to be convinced that the risk is minimal and that the shareholders will be happy. The deal has to pass muster with the Securities and Exchange Commission. This process doesn’t happen overnight … so in the meantime, keep yourself busy. Check out the Wall Street Journal — there are other healthy stocks you can invest in.

Comment below: How long did it take your Capricorn to come back?

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  1. @Novlady

    “I wonder what sign portrays that type of waiting for a mate who is not likely to return?”

    Yep, ah that would be me.
    I’m a person who has a problem with letting go; especially relationships. I have Scorpio in both moon and Venus and Mars. When I love, it goes so deep and deliberate. I hold on like a dog with a bone. In my mind I’m thinking this is one of a kind love….nothing or no one has ever felt like this before, etc. ……I put my all into it. So when things gets dark, dreary or change, I try to ride it through. Some may call it naïve, stupid, settling, etc. But sometimes there’s an understanding between a man and woman that no one knows about. I used to be married for a very long time (10 years) and I learned that sometimes life/love is not just black and white.
    You know I’ve been on here reciting all the right things to say and do when a relationship goes sour, but truth is, when you care about a person, a lot of that shit goes right out the window. Your heart wants what it wants and it doesn’t always listen to your brain. Through fear of looking weak and foolish, we all hold back our pain. We don’t want to look vunerable and seem fooled by what we thought was real (either from another or ourselves). When you’re alone and no one looking, there’s only you and yourself to see the realness. (which is why most of us are on this blog) If you don’t accept it, all that pain eats you up inside. Sometimes I surprise myself because I think how can an educated, strong woman be going through this? I should be able to brush this off and move on right?
    But you see I was not real with him or myself about my true intentions. Oprah says: “Your intention rules your life and determines the outcome”. “When something doesn’t turn out the way you had hoped, can you examine your intention from the beginning? Were the choices you made always in alignment with your initial goal? Despite what you had planned, does how you feel about the outcome indicate that you might have wanted something different”
    This is so true. I hid my true intentions right from the beginning……….

    But I came on here today (thank god for anonymity). to share with you my experience as an example of exactly what we’re talking about (and it’s relevant because he is a Cappy). Against my own and bff’s judgment on “No Contact Rule” with my ex, I took a risk of looking foolish and demonstrated the very act of my inability to let go. I contacted him to get “closure”. For several months I’ve deliberated, mopped, groaned and tried to let go. But a bigger part of me was just too afraid to display to him my true feelings….that I did care that we were not longer speaking/fucking/friends. When we initially went our separate ways, we had both said some things to each other which I felt was due to a misunderstanding and both being stubborn. I was being stubborn because I felt and still believe he wanted to be in control and I wanted/needed him to respond to me when and how I wanted him to. He was being an ass because of ??????????? who knows.
    But every day since then I’ve thought of him because of how it all ended. I mean really how can you be so intimate with someone for over a period of months and just let go like that?…………..So today I’m taking a risk to release myself and move on……don’t know what the outcome may be. My intentions are not to get back together…I just need to better finality……….stay tuned.

  2. Diamond1211,

    “Against my own and bff’s judgment on “No Contact Rule” with my ex, I took a risk of looking foolish and demonstrated the very act of my inability to let go. I contacted him to get “closure”. For several months I’ve deliberated, mopped, groaned and tried to let go”

    Been there, too recently with a Cap. The only man who truly just blind sighted dumped me, but he had his reasons AND his misunderstandings. But, you know what? When someone is stubborn, there’s really nothing you can say or do. Plus, the more I’ve learned about the difference in a breakup between men and women (well, not all, but most) is that men move on way quicker than women by getting other women to feel that void. So, I think I said it before – even though he is hurting, too and he is thinking about you (us), too. The grass is greener because it’s undiscovered. Someone else gets to take their chances. Just like men with you and me. A lot of clean slates start. But, if a relationship can end over a misunderstanding then I think that’s someone’s way of saying you dodged a bullet. If they’re not in it to win it, then neither was their heart. Imo

  3. The Capricorn energy can be so slowwwww.
    I don’t know that I have the patience for such things. I would need a Cap placed guy with some air and fire in him.

    I prefer enduring versus slow. Like, his love is enduring, his affections are enduring, his strength is enduring. But, taking FOREVER to make a move? Watching someone for months?

    Aging slowly might be the only slow thing that rocks for a Cap. LOL!

    @ NovLady…I don’t know Hun….I’m thinking that slow might go hand in hand with enduring for a Capricorn man. Yes, taking forever to make a move kinda solidifies that it’s the move that a man WANTED to make. I kinda like that idea. Plus, being kinda…an exhibitionist, I like the idea of a man watching me for a lengthy time, making notes of my moves, laugh, ways, associations, demeanor, and basing his decision to move in on knowing for certain that it’s what he likes and wants in his life.

    FYI….dude said last night, “I actually had a woman the first time I saw you.” He’s been “noticing” me for quite some time. Hmmm….stalker tendencies maybe?? lol ha ha ha ha Nah, I know that’s not true, but it’s still funny. lol

    I think that most women might have a problem with this, because it goes against the idea of a woman being insatiably desirable. I think a Cap man embodies that guy who can observe a highly desireable woman and still not rush in as fools do. Waiting kinda ensures that he will get his chance when and if the time is ever right. You know what I mean? Methodical and calculating. I like that in a man. The ultimate strategist. Well…I like it when it isn’t used AGAINST me. LMAO!!! But in reality the ultimate strategist is a man who a woman CAN rely on to know what to do when trouble hits.

    While fire in a man is a good thing…it’s a great thing, fire men often know what to do in a moment when a small matter hits home, but are often so itimidated by the big things that they run away or hide out at the first sign of a major problem. Be careful what you wish for…you just might end up with passion on the run and we all know that you’re not chasing sooooo, that leaves you either with a constant repetitive memory of his hot flash or with burns that need time and salve to heal.

    You might want to stick with air. lol ha ha ha ha

  4. @ SweetPea Hey hunni, how have u been? Long tyme, no speak…hope all is well with u…

  5. @Nephtaari A special welcome, from 1 Aries to another..so few grace this post, I was beginning to feel a little lonely…

  6. @ NovLady & MsTeeq

    MsTeeq hit the nail right on the head! Slooooww movements = Endurance from a Cap male. They definitely don’t like rushing into anything. They ABSOLUTELY ABHOR being told what to do. They DO listen to your requests/suggestions/opinions, IF THEY REALLY LOVE YOU. In my experience, for whatever reason they 1) have to feel like your idea was theirs all along or 2)they have to take the time to mull it over to make sure it has their desired results. Surprisingly, you end up getting what you’ve requested.

    I can however vouch for a Cap male’s enduring love, being married to one. They will do anything you ask of them(albeit, sometimes in their own time). They will do anything to keep you happy. They will do everything beyond their power to take care of you, the kids, home. They do not wander far from home, so you don’t have to worry about your man ‘aimlessly running the streets’. They actually would rather entertain a few close friends at home. They are not overly excited by strippers or females that ‘let it all hang out’. Don’t get me wrong, they’re men, they will look, but that’s about it. They will be sure to let you know and make you feel like you are just as beautiful to them as the 1st day you ever met. If you learn to have the patience to get deep inside their hearts(yes, it may take a while), they will share everything with you. They will confide in you before anyone else, and believe me, Capricorns in general keep ALL their business to THEMSELVES. They will make you laugh everyday. And if you get really deep inside, they will melt to become the warmest, gentlest, cuddliest, squishiest, safest, most comfortable love you will never want to live without. MIND YOU, this coming from an Aries(tempestuous, petulant, impatient, fiery, passionate, naïve, etc…)

  7. I see Aries and Cap being a good match; as a Libra, Capricorn men seem to be impressed by the style and grace, but Libras can be flirtatious and also a bit rebellious… so as long as that does not get too out of line, I think Libra (Aries opposite) can be a good match for a Cap man. Pr1nc3zzFabul0uz3, it’s good to see you have some positive things to say about Capricorn men.

    Lately I have been seeing a lot of two of the Caps. One of them is (bad) my boss. I like him but won’t cross the line, of course. The other is someone I met randomly and ended up sleeping with a little quick out the gates. Well, he is trying to be a “good Christian” so I suddenly became a party to his “bad” behavior. He’s tried to put the brakes on me, but the irony is that he has a very dark side to him… it’s like night and day, so in truth, I am actually much more weary of him.

    I’ve noticed that about Cap men…. if they stifle their lust and their desires, they pop off in really weird and wild ways….. unhealthy if you ask me.

  8. Point taken – you should be permitted the same creative liberties that I presume are my luxury…

    can I “turn you out”?… ya… is that why I’m here?… no

    the shower comment… indirectly applies to all in my “list”… your sign “turns tail”… it’s a tactic all natives use… if I know I no longer want to discuss ‘X’, I’m gonna take a shower…

    when you’re a polarizing individual, being a “verbal hostage” goes with the territory… based on etiquette, a certain “openess” is frowned upon… you more than most should know where I’m coming from…

    one individual said that he did not want to revisit highschool… but, we’re in kindergarten… younglings run around tattling, snivelling, passing notes secretly, and insisting on milk and cookies… we got one guy who sends us to the corner… like 123 Time Out works…

    a couple of moles…
    were left in their hole…
    in the dark…

    I removed myself as a courtesy to their request… you’d think that women who profess themselves intelligent would return the favor and leave me under this one topic in seclusion… there are 12 others belonging to them under Capricorn…

    …”So foul and fair a day I have not seen”

    I knew that flowers and candies wouldn’t be exemplar of my luv for you… so, I thought that I’d bore you to tears… or will you refute that Ariens don’t cry?


    did you find the mike’s “ON” switch?… all I hear is dead air… here’s a can of Pledge, you should be polishing my podium…

  9. I’ve noticed that about Cap men…. if they stifle their lust and their desires, they pop off in really weird and wild ways….. unhealthy if you ask me.

    @ Rainbow…I hope to never see this in this guy. lol So far and I know it’s VERY early…he’s been a “Goodun”, but it’s wayyyyy to early to make that judgement call for sure.

    So far, his communication is very considerate, which having been down this road with a Cap last year and earlier this year…IDK, I find that the gentleman-like behavior is par for the course. lol So only time will tell what’s REALLY going on as we get to know eachother, but OMG, I couldn’t picture this guy with a wild side. However, Cap men have been known to surprise me…them freaky devils. lol

    @ Princ3zzFab…how long have you guys been married? I remember reading your posts before, when I was dating the previous Cap *HUGE shudder right here*. That dude was a hot hot mess….SMH I really didn’t know what was underneath all of that calm, smooth, confident exterior, until I started really pulling away. His ugly side got REAL ugly and I was still being nice…just trying to create some distance in hopes that he would be able to relax back to his original cool and calm state. Never happened. So I ended up having to cut off ALL communication so that he would quit coming back…or trying to anyways.

  10. @Ms.Teeq1974

    What you said in the earlier posts about a slow ‘enduring’ Cap makes sense. I get what you are saying. I do like a calculating, observing man. And, fiery energy is great for me ONLY if it has staying power.

    The Cap rising guy that I reallyyyyyyyy liked was so slow to move forward. He was a Scorpio and moved in his own time. It drove me nuts. He kept wanting more of me while withholding himself. It became very unfair and imbalanced. Then when he got very possessive in a tantrum and I set a boundary calling him out on his unfair behavior EVERYTHING shifted. I think he realized he was getting to emotionally hooked because he apologized, realized he was out of line, then completely detached. I learned not to be available on a variety of levels to a person who is guarded with most of theirs.

    Ironically, a very detached Scorpio I dated shortly after teased me in a sligtlty mean way and told me that I better not get ‘soft’ as a Scorpio when I told him I liked the more sensitive side of myself emerging. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t!

    I’m open to a grounded, stable energy if there is at least some semblance of balance. I can’t ‘pour’ myself into an empty vessel OR open up to someone who is fortress.

  11. @Pr1nc3zzFabul0uz3
    Sounds like you have a keeper! Tell more great Cap male tales!

  12. @NP

    Thanks for the encouraging words!!!! Im they type of person that see things for themsevles…Man what an experience this week.

  13. Conclusion:

    Reality BLOG-TV
    This is only for professional gluttons.

    At this point I didnt want to risk calling his personal numbers and having to leave a message. So i called his work number to leave a message. That way he couldn’t say he didnt get my message.

    Me= hello, may i speak to _________
    Woman= sure. hold on. (Oh Shit he’s actually coming to the phone…now?)

    him= Hello….sounding a bit agitated.
    me= Hello_______, this is ________
    him= hey yeah, what’s up?!!!!
    me= I know you’re at a work and all. I wanted to know if you could call me tomorrow sometime or when you had a chance? ( I was going to lie and said i lost his number)
    Him= yeah sure hold on…(waiting….waiting…cause he was getting something to write with).
    him= yeah, go head whats the number?…………………….(wtf?)
    me= what’s the number?
    him= i always had your number programed, now i dont
    Me- gave number with him repeating every number i called out
    him= okay.
    we both started speaking at the same time
    Him= no you go head
    me= so you’re doing okay? how’s everything?
    him= goood. how about you.
    me= real good.
    Him= okay what time do you want me to call you tomorrow?
    me= anytime in the morning when you can.
    Him= okay….i’ll call you tomorrow.
    then we hung up.

    Next day in the a.m. ……checked my phone all day to make sure everything was working….ringer up high and vibrating….at work sweating….about to throw up. Trying to rehearse my lines…..then i decided to throw away my script and just go with the flow…..10 a.m……11…..12…..1…..2..etc…….Nope, no call.

    Went home that evening thinking…..”oh well” and sort of fought back negative thinking. Got home and became busy……right in the middle of washing clothes, cooking and fussing with my family,,,, the phone rings….right before 8:30 pm.

    I picked up my phone thinking it was somone i had been texting and looked and recognized an old number…..I dropped my pile of laundry…..heart pounding…just staring at the phone before answering. I answered calmly. He said hello _____________ it’s ___________ . ( oh help me jesus. he sounds so fucking good)…at that point i put on my business voice to help me stay focused. I kept everything factual and matter-of-fact. I wont go word for word but let him know that i basically hated how it ended between us. and I wanted to make sure there were no animosity.. He said there were no hard feelings on his part……He then made a point to clarify how it was me who ended it and that I said i was no longer benefiting from our relationship. I confirmed and said that still was the case and also clarified that this call was not to rekindle the relationship, etc. I didnt include who was right or wrong or asked why, how or try to make my case about the original issue.

    I said What we had, when we had it, was good. How our sudden ending with harsh words took me by surprise and that basically I just wanted better closure because it was all just hanging over my head like a puzzle. as i was talking he kept saying yeah, yeah (not condescending but in an understanding what i was saying kinda way).

    At that point he was very quite for a while…I heard a lot of people around. He then asked if I wanted to talk about this some more. I said no. He said he would call me back. I said that’s okay. you dont have to…I have nothing left to talk about. he said I know i want to okay. I said ok
    (why did i say that?)………We hung up.

    So????? did all this help? Yep? why? because I stepped out of the victim mode and did something about it. It didnt play out how i feared it would. and that much im grateful for. It may or may not have been the right thing to do but it did make me feel better. I stayed true to my intentions and just dived in.

    Man what a week this was.

  14. @NP

    I meant to say im the type of person that has to experience/see things for themselves before im convinced that shit dont stink.

  15. @diamond1211

    Congrats to you!

  16. Ironically, a very detached Scorpio I dated shortly after teased me in a sligtlty mean way and told me that I better not get ‘soft’ as a Scorpio when I told him I liked the more sensitive side of myself emerging. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t!

    @ NovLady…it’s been my experience that it’s better to purge this energy out of your life on an individual basis so that you can possibly temper the apprehension of this type of energy remaining as you move forward in life. I KNOW the feeling and have found that if I get rid of people who cause me to feel like I can’t do anything right when it comes to communicating or interacting with them….throw the hands up and walk away from that energy. lol

    I’ve also experienced just kinda letting this energy wallow in my life with me being inert emotionally hoping that if I were “still” enough, the bad juju (boogie man type of characteristics) would go away. No such luck. lol Now, I just kick it to the curb, back up off of it and let my life be what it’s supposed to be…enjoyable. lol

  17. @Ms.Teeq1974
    That Scorpio is dust. Long gone. I don’t surround myself with such types for very long.

    I am not sure I understand you last paragraph.
    But, it could be the difference between a Pisces’ mutability and a Scorpio’s fixed nature.

  18. @ NovLady…yes mutability was definitely a factor. lol What I’m saying is that in the past, instead of removing these kinds of people from my life, I’ve just allowed them to hand around on the fringes, giving them little to none of my energy in return, hoping that they would walk away, but that didn’t work. That I’ve had to actually take action in demonstrating or saying, “Access denied, go away, not welcomed here anymore.” Something that demonstrates that any access they previously had has been revoked.

    Silence doesn’t always do it, because for me…people come back when I’m just “quiet” or don’t really say much. They just assume that I’m going to get over it at some point and allow them back into my life, due to the nuturing and nice nature of mine that they’ve observed over time.

  19. @StaxyWife…

    Hello Baby Girl. How you doing? Correct me if I’m wrong cuz that is how I last remember you. Not on here really anymore… there’s a site… But I did peep you calling out to me. *Thanks* I am good. Really, I am. Hoping the same that all is well with you too. Pardon for the delay. 😉


  20. I wouldn’t expect you to keep up with my imagination either figuratively, astrologically, or in reality…

    and yes… there was a shift to a “foreign language”… two female individuals who were left alone at their request decided to resurface and maneuver by exercising their same tactics…

    there has been an unjust application of different sets of principles for similar situations based on gender…

    there have also been complaints with regards to slings and arrows… yet, they insist on showing up with a bullseye on their forehead… doesn’t make sense… unless you’re a charter member of a lobbyist group…

    with respect to you, Ariens use showers to cool off, and wash away their problems… some men want women who can scrub away grease… I’ve yet to meet a heavily aspected Arien who doesn’t walk away from persistent heat… most of you need that shower…

    and you shouldn’t lie to BG… if there is one Martian out there who actually cares about another person’s relationships, and integrates what they observe at the expense of their own relationship, they would be the exception…

    The emancipation of your autonomy is at the cost of marriage…

    you talk about you Leo so often that it almost appears like you’re trying to convince yourself that he is a legitimate partner… by your own admission, the chemistry is not there…

    so spare me, coz at least Cap knows when to shut their trap…

  21. @SweatPea Yup, that was me, but eventually I had to create an account in order to post, so…
    I’m glad to hear ur good.

    I just wanted to take a moment to share something with anyone who really loves their Cappy, but is confused as to what is going on..meaning you’re asking yourself if you should stay or leave? Does he want me or no?
    If he has ‘buffed’ you across his family and you still spend time with them on a regular basis, he wants you.
    If you have met and hung out with his best & closest friends, he wants you.
    If he has taken you through what seems like an emotional rollercoaster & you really can’t figure out why, he wants you, but he wants to be sure you’re not gonna run when things get tough.

    See, Caps do this thing where they kinda put you through a sieve, kinda like weeding out the good from the bad. If you run, flake, or completely crumble, they feel like ‘Good Riddance, you couldn’t hang anyway’!! It seems cold, but hey, that’s their defense mechanism…whattaya gonna do??

    Oh!! They also do alot of trash~talking too 😉

    But and PAY ATTENTION:: They HAVE feelings & they’re exactly what you’re feeling, just as intense, if not moreso!! Surprise!! It may not seem like it or feel like it, but look at what they do FOR you, not necessarily what they SAY to you….

    It’s so simple…if you love them, don’t give up on them, let them know how you feel & let them know you know they feel the same.

    Another thing, Caps don’t shun emotional displays….they shun embarrasing displays of emotion. If you’re screaming & crying, they’re gonna walk, no RUN away. If you’re talking & crying, they’re gonna sit there and listen…it’s not the emotion you’re showing that makes them uncomfortable, it’s your reaction to your emotions that make the difference….

    Good Luck Cappy Lovers…

  22. @ Pr1nc3zzFabul0uz3

    I could so kiss you right now. lol You don’t know how many questions of mine you just answered with this one post. lol

  23. “coz at least Cap knows when to shut their trap…”

    LOL..ain’t that the truth..we’ll shut up and walk and leave you with your mouth hanging open..

    Pr1..as a Cap woman I agree. ..

    ‘If you run, flake, or completely crumble, they feel like ‘Good Riddance, you couldn’t hang anyway”

    -mean what u say and do what you say. wishy-washy won’t cut it. Distancing from us won’t cut it.
    -i got called jekyll and hyde by a Taurus..LOL Why? cause the man couldn’t make a decison to save his life. Oh and the distance/coldness with an aqua moon. So i made it for him..a goodbye and don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out..

    Emotions..we have deep emotions..but unless you are a close friend or family, or have a long history with us, or we love you..you won’t know how deeply we feel or hurt..

  24. Will they come back? More than likely no. If they’re done, they’re done. BUT, if you meant something to them and you’re truly sorry, possibly more so yes. When my brother is done, he hasn’t been known to forgive. More because he takes it as a personal affront. Hard to come back from that.

  25. @Pr1nc3zzFabul0uz3
    Thanks for posting those clues! helps alot.

    Wanted to answer the original question in this post. They do come back. Mine is a weird love/hate intense “friendship” but sometimes more (?) with a Cap. I’m a Virgo but on the last day, so I shift between Virgo and Libra. We’re supposed to get along but our Venus signs are Scorpio and Aquarius which explains a lot…
    Anyway.. we have been in each others lives for about 3-4 years and I agree that they can sometimes be clingy… but then they flip on you and become very distant. I don’t think we know each other very well despite being with each other every second of every day (work and classes) which causes these frictions.
    Few months ago we tried to hook up but he pulled the plug and said he did not want to lead me on, then became horrible towards me after a few other issues came up. I cut him off completely and ignored his presence, because that’s just who I am and what I’ve learned to do.
    Three months later he asked to speak with me at work. He apologized to me and said it had been weighing on him and I was right, he was an asshole. Ha..
    He said he didn’t expect me to forgive him or go back to how things were. And again “sorry for leading you on.” Which is just confusing sometimes.
    But obviously when I tried to patch things up later he was distant and I flipped and hurt him, so we’re back to not speaking again…though I now know it’s my fault and I’m just waiting to apologize…as I’ve read they need their space – and I need mine. But I’m not as brave as he is and we both don’t like others to know we have these “relations”.

    And to add, I agree that they show how they feel through actions and sometimes their eyes. Mine never forgets what I like or what I’ve asked him to do. And they are possessive creatures! I noticed this long ago, since I tend to be a flirt, he will always be watching or try to join in on my conversation with another guy. I have also met his best friend, we were with a group of friends, but I had the strange feeling his best friend knew of me. He even left his best friend aside and flirted with me – odd.

    If anyone out there has any tips or suggestions on how to successfully “fix” this odd relationship, that’d be much appreciated. I’m aware that I can’t speak of feelings as much as I’d like to with him…

  26. Mine came back… almost 9 months later! Too late though, I had moved on. They can go sell their charms or “sorry, I was a wuss” somewhere else. He should have realized what he had beforehand. Although, since they are the Fathers of the Zodiac, and I am now dating the Mother of the Zodiac (Cancer), I must say… I like the pampered treatment over the uncertainty any day of the week. I still think highly of the guy, and I always will, but right now? No, I’m not going anywhere. I cried over him while he dated around for 6 months. I don’t think it was until he received my closure letter, and perhaps his pickings have slimmed down, that he communicated with me again. I need honest communication, not “this is what you want to hear” stuff. Reminds me of this old video by the Might Boosh called old Gregg. I’m like “do you love me? are you playing your love games with me?…. I got Bailey’s. Do you like Bailey’s?” LOL!! Plus, I really dove into that Cap’s chart and looked at his asteroids. Can’t recall which on it was, maybe Vestes, but it said that his life would be sort of…thwarted, and his own self-worth affected by a lovely female in his youth. That was the girl he couldn’t get over and left me to further pursue his whatever you want to call it. I need someone who is going to be all about the one they’re currently with. People are exes for a reason, ya know? Oh well. I pray he reached self-acceptance one day :/ Our chemistry was off the charts, but as I’ve noticed, it seems to be that way with all the females.

  27. @no-perspiration

    Glad to hear that things are still going strong with the Cancer! Love hearing about success with Aquas and Water. Lol.

  28. Thanks, NovLady! Me, too 🙂 Good thing he has a Taurus moon, Libra rising, and a Leo Venus ^_^

  29. piscesluv says:

    I just meet a cap and I am pisces, our first night together was so amazing..He was the best lover I have ever had and said things to me that just melted me..we spent the whole next weekend together, but then I noticed his calls and text became less often, he never said he wanted to end things but when we made plans for the next weekend it was all okay but as I was on my way over I got a text that said he was busy all day but yet he still called me sweetie and said no biggie just he was busy…..! I feel like I was played but he just seemed like when we together he was wanting more by the thin gs he had said.. So I now am feeling like he led me on..! Any suggestions?

  30. Piscesluv,

    Your Cap likes you and is into you. You need to let him approach you…distance. He likes to believe he is calling the shots. He will get in contact with you, but remember work is what they live and breathe. Caps don’t do a lot of phone calling. They are great lovers and despite the myth, they are very caring once they get to know you. I bet that he is somewhere observing and keeping tabs on you. They have an issue with trust. Keep you on identity and enjoy your time with him. They are loyal, helpful, considerate and keep their words/promises. Be a lady of refinement and quality. A lady in the parlor and a vixen in the bed. Enoght said.

  31. confused Sagi says:

    I had a Cap tell me he loved me promised me the earth and then totally cut me off. He fed me with lies about how he felt about me and having Capricorn in Venus and wanting a true man I believed what he said. He would try and chat openly about sex which is not what I am into and I would get upset and say maybe we should just be friends, this made him upset with me and he asked me not to say that. We chatted on line a lot for 7+ months and we seemed to get on fine. He admitted to testing me and said I had passed all the tests. He asked for my phone number but never called or text even though he verified that he had the correct one. We were supposed to meet the weekend of the Olympics but he didn’t contact me ever again even though he came on line. I sent an email saying that he could have given me a reason for his cutting off contact as I had been worried he may of had an accident or something but he didn’t reply. Don’t understand what happened I feel gutted………………………any advice would be gladly received : (

  32. missladyluck says:

    I’m an Aquarius woman & I met my Capricorn man when I was 17. I hate to give out a ton of personal information.. but I ended up cheating & becoming pregnant. Of course we broke up & our relationship was quite rocky for my entire pregnancy. Since I’ve had my daughter “who is not his” we have remained good friends it’s going on 5 years & we cannot leave each other alone. we are always there for each other. he has told me that he loves me & even brought us getting back together up in conversation. being that i’m an Aquarius i’m impatient which i’m sure has not helped the process since i’ve learned that they need to take their time with everything.. we are not having a sexual relationship so i don’t believe that’s why he tells me he loves me. i just would like some input.. do you think it’s possible to rekindle our relationship even after all these years ?

  33. Hi ya’ll i’m new to this so bear with me. I’m a taurus woman and My ex is a capricorn man obviously. Anyways. We just broke up because he said that he need his space and time to himself. He also said that he needed time to grow up. Which I get, he’s 20, I’m 24. This was all very sudden. I must mention that I’m a stubborn and bullhead taurus as they come. The other day we got into a fight because I was being sensitive and I wouldn’t let him make it up to me. I know I was wrong. The thing is I though we were breaking up because of how much I pushed him away. I have issues besides my star sign. I don’t it just seemed kind of sudden, the break up. I don’t want anyone else but him and I’ve told him that and how sorry I was for hurting him. After the break up I hate to admit this but I seen on his facebook that he’s hanging out with his ex girlfriend who dumped him! It hurt my feelings really badly and I said something to him about it. Which I know I shouldn’t have done. Did I ruin my chances completely? Any advice would help.

  34. Ladies…


    As for the Capricorn in your life…
    He can, and will, drive you crazy.
    I’ve personally seen what he has done to others… as well as to myself.


  35. Im a Scorpio sun and a Cap moon. I dated this Cap man for 8 months… Unfortunately he had moved an hour away from me so it became difficult to see each other. But I still made the effort to drive out and see him as often as possible. When we were physically together, we were always happy, as if it were just he and I in the world. But when we were apart, I never felt like I was the only one… I found out later he flirts with many girls. Even hung out with a few behind my back. Each time I found out about another, I would just forget about it and forgive him. I know he cared for me, but had troubles expressing it. He told me that I was the best thing to ever happen to him. He couldnt go a full week without contacting me in some way. I gave him one last chance… Told him if wanted to be with me or these other girls. He said with me. Not even a full week later, Some girl he had gotten caught talking to before was talkin to him again on FB. The conversation was harmless, but my famous scorpion jealousy got the best of me. He said that I trip him out. I didnt understand… to me its logical. So I cut him off… I think this is it… I think its for the best. But a part of me still wants him back 🙁

  36. I have been seeing this Capricorn male for 9 months, I just love him. He said he didn’t want any relationship but of course we had sex regularly, hung out, went out to eat.
    He would call me everyday, multiple times a day. I would call occasionally.
    So I lost my job back in Oct and was denied unemployment, well he then started asking me if I needed money for my bills, and I told him to wait to see what was going on with unemployment, well that didn’t work so he would call me in the middle of the day and he is supposed to be sleeping because he works graveyard, but to tell him him how much money I need for my bills.
    So eventually yes I needed help with some of my bills, so he helped out with over a thousand dollars a month for 2 months so far.
    Telling me if I didn’t not want to work for the rest of the year he would pay my bills………I mean really????
    Lately he has been joking about trying to meet other women, it bothers me. So anyways after 9 months I tell him I am falling in love with him…….SMH!!
    Well from that moment on he doesnt want to be with me anymore, just that is it. I am so hurt, I mean really we enjoy each others company We rarely argue. I give him his space he works soooo much.
    When all this went down he worked 24 days straight 12 hour days.
    So I did not contact him, I let it go. Then he called me like a day and half later and told me that I put him in a corner and he felt that I wanted him to say he loved me something that he doesn’t feel. I told him people fall in love at different times and that was not what I wanted I was just telling him how I feel.
    So after that he said well are we friends again?? Of course I am a Scorpio I love to make love so I asked him if I need some can I get it from him…….hahhahaha he said he doesn’t want to hurt me. He said lets just be friends for now.
    So then that night of course like clock work called me and I did not answer, but later I texted him and then he called me again two times after that in which we taked, then he texted me at 1:30am to just text like normal.
    Everyone is telling me he really likes me but I scared him by saying I love him
    What do you guys think???

  37. CappyLover says:

    I hope to get a response…. My Cap guy has been going though some financial stresses so he slowly started distancing himself. I was understanding and gave him his space. I also tried to be there for him as much as I could. At one point we agreed to “take a break” until he could figure things out, but that didn’t last very long. Things started getting better, then one day, out of the blue he stopped calling/texting me. I was worried that I had scared him off because I expressed how strongly I felt about him (even though I’m sure he already knew) in a card. I didn’t know what to think of it. Everything was fine between us, we were happy… then he cuts me out without warning. After three days I receive a text from him telling me that he’s sorry and that he has been thinking a lot and that he thinks it would be better if we go back to being friends (we were friends for over a decade before we started dating). He said he’s really stressed and that he is having a hard time keeping up with the responsibilities of a relationship. He then said he would try to call me after he got out of work that day but he never called. I guess my question is, do you think he just needs a break from the relationship? Is it really over? I am trying to be optimistic but he went to the “lets be friends” thing and it scares me. I love this man more than I have ever loved anyone else. (on another note, he still hasn’t changed his relationship status on fb, so I’m hoping that’s a good sign) Do you think he will come back? How long do you think I will be waiting? What should I do to get him to come back to me?

  38. Hi Cappylover

    Unfortunately “Friends” do not make for good “LOVERS”.!!!

    You maybe “Physically” attracted to him but obviously he is not this is reason he
    is telling you that he wants to go back to being just “Friends” because he does not
    see you the same way you see him so he is trying to find excuses to let you down
    gently so as not to hurt your feelings.

    You need to face up to that fact and come to terms with it by moving on and not
    dwelling on something which is not a possibility and all you are doing is wasting
    your time and placing him in a difficult situation by trying to make see or feel
    something which he doesn’t and is unable to because he feels differently toward
    you and it is not “Romantic or Erotic” it is a plain and simple “FRIENDSHIP”.

    Rise above it by letting him go and wishing him luck in his future endeavours of
    finding “LOVE”. Don’t hold on to a relationship status which is displayed of FB for
    what ever reason and holding out false hope that he will come back because you
    are deluding yourself and making matters worse. Just move on by focusing on
    being happy within yourself and in due course you will meet another Guy whom
    will feel about you the same way you feel about him in a “ROMANTIC” sense.

    Good luck and keep smiling. Taurus

  39. Hi,

    I have been dating Capricorn man for about two months. The last time I saw him was for the 4th July weekend, and everything was great!! Since I came back he became distant, and he wouldn’t answer my calls ? On his twitter page he stated that he broke up with his girlfriend- and this is how I am sure that he doesn’t want to be with me. I just want to know why, but he will not tell me. I asked him about his ex while I was with him for the weekend, and he got a little upset. I just wish that we had better communication because I really like him.
    Now I need an advise from you as a Capricorn man, why do you think that he just stopped talking to me, if everything was going well? I don’t want to seem desperate looser, but I still want to know if I did something wrong, what would he think if I went to visit him and try to talk to him. And if I did what would I say? I know they don’t like confrontation, but at the same time I want to know what is going on ? Please help me, any advice is valuable! Aqua Girl.

  40. Hello, i was with a capricorn female for 2 years, it went south because i developed OCD which made me very socially awkward and hard to talk to and i almost became a recluse, my capricorn ex-gf wanted me to be able to talk like i was able to before, but the OCD prevented me from being able to do so, she got upset and it was a long distance relationship. an ocean separated us. The only thing i want is her back, but i know the only way i could even have a shot is to show her, her being a capricorn right? so i want to treat my OCD. i already asked her, a week after she broke up with me, if she could ever give me a 2nd chance. she told me she will always love me, but she just didn’t love me enough to move away from her home and what not. she said it was 80% her not being able ot leave her family and home behind. i know this tends to be the way relationships go, but im an Aries male. i know what i want, and nothing will stop me. in skype calls sometimes i would be quiet for an hour or two and the conversation was light because i was struggling with my ocd, i have come to terms with it and i have been treating it since she broke up with me. i didn’t take it as seriously as i should have and i feel so much regret still 3 months later.

    What kind of advice would you capricorn girls suggest? i went to spend my christmas/ new years with her in a new place traveling on my own (im young, 21) and wanted to spend it with her, didn’t regret going there but i regret not taking more control of my life than my OCD thought i could allow it. now that im treating it, she said shes annoyed how im able to start now after she said it, but in all fairness all she told me was “you have to be able to talk, not be quiet for a long time.. please just talk” and that is hard when youre put on the spot alone. i was never told taht it would make or break the relationship, she always said she could handle it and what not. she also said it could probably work out if she had come but she cant leave her family. i’ve come to plans to move close to her, i feel that she might be trying a bit to hard to let it all go as the cap is naturally stubborn. But she knows me, and im aries sun with gemini solar libra ascending and pisces moon. Im calm and collected, i wont stop at anything. she has told me its too late, and shes made her choice, but it still feels like i could get somewhere. She said right now she cant take the risk of me not being able to communicate again, but ive already gotten better, and am managing fairly well 🙂 the only way as described above is to PROVE you have changed, she said “im not the same person she fell in love with” and i agree, the OCD changed me, but not completely. it just made a bit of a shell and im breaking. think that if i get back she’ll possibly turn around? after all, i feel shes the one.

  41. HELLO!
    I am a Taurus female and I was dating an Capricorn female for a year, but we always seemed to argue, over little things but it was mostly my fault. My Capricorn female stood by me and my mood swings until we got into a particular nasty argument and I said some things I shouldn’t and ever since then she’s broken up with me, and has been really cold and mean… It hurts, it really does. And no matter how much I beg or cry for her to come back, she’s stern and doesn’t want to risk getting hurt again. I honestly can’t blame her… But still there is times when she opens up and I think there’s still a part of her that wants me back.
    But she’s stubborn and keeps pushing me away that I just stopped trying. It’s been a day since we last spoken and I’m sad but I guess I just have to stop trying. She’s determined not to be with me and is just being immature when I try to talk to her….

  42. LOL Ari, im a female cap and i dont date women but ive dated plenty of taurus males and i gotta say thats rich you saying your ex is being imature, to ve honest thats probably what got you the boot in the first place am i right? You dont talk down to a cap withoit expecting us to.give a little back, tauris tend to hit below the belt but expect nothing but respect its a bloody joke, caps want a partner not an over grown child and thats what most taurus are, caps want things tobe fair taurus want it their way everyone elses feelings be damed, caps try to build you up taurus tear you down, if you dont show us respect dont expect any back and if you really hurt us we can be cold as ice and nasty as hell and say all the things we would never have said when we loved you

  43. ms.missinghim32 says:

    I’m a Capricorn woman that has been dating a Capricorn man…yes we’ve had our share of arguments an disagreements,as well as our share of laughs and love however he’s been going threw some things himself have had death in the family ,just lost his best friend, etc…when he left home to go to his aunt funeral he didn’t return,I also noticed he packed all his things..only left a few ..but he made up an excuse to why he had to stay in the other state..since he’s been there he’s been very distance.. Want respond to my textes an barely calls me and barely answer when I do call..and when he do call hes assuming and accusing me of things that isnt true as uf hes just trying to pick an arguement..but before he left we were on good terms..well I thought..talking bout marriage ,love just life but now its as if he doesn’t know me arevwant to be bothered.I love him don’t want to let him go but I feel like he left me not knowing where we stand..I’ve tried to reach out to him but I only get ignored not sure what to do and me being a Capricorn woman I don’t believe on giving up on the one I love but I don’t believe in being a fool for love either.so if anyone can give me some input on how I should deal with this I’ll greatly appreciate it.

  44. audi kid says:

    Im a cap male born 88 man I got a lots of love in my heart I cant see my love I speak for all goat ill love sumone forever but if they get bored or see tiresome we going to clear it cuz I dnt want to get hurt or abandoned it gets lonely for us

  45. hello all you poor people who love your crappy man! every post about these guys are identical! its like your all dating my ex! hmmmm well maybe. its so funny how you girls are so concerned about how caps just “disappear” bc let me tell you, that will go on for many many many years or longer, no lie. im gonna say the first 8 of our 14 years was all one big mind game! we didn’t live together at that time, and I think that is why he was pulling the typical Capricorn [Houdini] acts. ive learned that a cap man is like a dog, 5 years to them is like a month. they will stop [on a dime, for no reason, that you know of, its their secret] all communications with you for god knows how long and then have the nerve to call you up [like nothing happened] and shoot the shit like its the next day. and to top it off he will never ever bring up the reasons why he was absent [don’t waste your breath asking either] youll get some lame bullshit any way. just remember one important fact about these guys, once you rope them and get them to love you the best that they are capable of, youd better except everthing about them for they will not change for god! I swear they would take a bullet first. my bf finally after 3 years of dating told me he loved me and he said it out of rage! like he was caught off guard, who does that? I was happy any way. I did for those first eight years play his game and boy was that the toughest thing I ever done. I was as cool as a cucumber. kept him guessing. at the time it was worth it. UNTIL! I moved in with him about five years ago. well, his anger issues are horrible, im sure they were always there, but I had my own place so I was with him all the time. we worked opposite work shifts. he not moody, but his anger was off the charts for no reason what so ever. im not lying. he would makes stuff up to shout about. like 3 times a day. I did accept all of his scewed up issues except for one major one. I knew he liked porn his whole life but had no idea how much. lets put it this way I became the maid and caregiver for all of those last 5 years we were together. the sex stopped on the day I moved in. im not excaggerating that was the end. needless to say I stayed any way waiting for him to come around. I found porn o pc, on phone, tapes etc. weird cuz when we weren’t living together we would only do it twice a month, but it was great. I blamed our work schedules, but now I know the real reason. were both pretty good looking ppl, I always kept in shape, etc . we literally haven’t had sex in over 4 years. I was always 120 lbs, but then the depression got the best of me. lost my son, then lost my lover. but he was frigid to me before my son passed. bottom line he doesn’t talk about problems at all. he would rather me leave forever than to work things out. wish granted. he will never allow me to talk about any issues concerning our relationship [very self serving] so after crying every night, gaining 30 lbs sleeping in another room etc. but he was fine with all that! didn’t see a problem. business as usual. any way I moved out five months ago drop the weight etc. the kicker is he still wants me! like its an honor, for him to let me back! lol! not! I moving to florida dammit! looking and feeling good. I put it this way, in my mind I broke up with him years ago, when I moved out I had already did my suffering [which he had no idea cuz he didn’t care as ling as I served him] the rest should be down hill all the way. I might have considered going back, but I didn’t even get an apology or lets talk, or something? if I remotely text something negative about us [I will put in a commical form] I wont hear from him for a couple days than when I do its like nothing happened. I think the one thing that got my goat [get it? goat?] and made more of my feelings diminish, was I was going to clean his house on Monday and texted him to leave garage dooe open, well that sunday night he didn’t text me back, pissed me off cuz I changed my schedule, and yes, hes paying me for it. so I was so angry I texted hin 4 msgs which I don’t text nearly never. my last msg to him was to lose my number and don’t contact me ever again. goodbye and gl. I meant it. any way he texted me 7 am this morning. in a cute way that the door is open. I responded later without showing my true feelings that I wasn’t doing it cuz he didn’t respnd he said what texts? I didn’t get them! did you hit send? looza! that’s how caps are. at least on the thousands of comments ive read on various sites. ive dated lots of guys in my life and I can honestly say I don’t think I will every date another cap guy. hes was my first and last. the only reason for that is, its emotionally draining for me. the guessing games the disappearing acts, selfishness etc. one more thing about these gentlemen, its a fact that they are number one most important person on the planet. job no 2. security no 3. home number 4. then you and family no 5. I cant do it again. there was great times! but no. gl all

  46. hi

  47. @Aries from 10/14 I’m a cap female and it sounds like urs had sympathy for you but being young she made excuses to push you away. She has love for you but believe her when she says she not in love with you. (Trust me there is def a difference between the two) in the very SLIM chance that you get her back by your side thisng will not be the same. At the very most I’d say you guys could be friends and even that would be pretty distant.. You’d have to have your OWN agenda Bc she will definitely have hers.. Good luck I wonder what happened Bc its nearly been a yr.

  48. ARIES PRINCESS says:

    Aries women never withold sex….#ourgiftncurse

  49. Hi, im a Taurus woman and i was dating a capricorn male for a year and a half. everything was going great. we had this amazing connection and chemistry. he had introduced me to his family and all of his friends. we went away on holiday together. he was always caring and always put my needs first. he expresses his love through actions and im more of a verbal person. i like to be told how you feel about me. he was never very good at speaking about his emotions. but he did open up to me about things he has never told anyone before. i had accepted that he expresses his love with actions he really used to do so much for me. everything was perfect. we hardly ever fought and when we did it was silly disagreements which we got over very quickly. a few months back i told him we need to talk about where this relationship is going and what we both want. he agreed and said yes we do need to do that. a week later, he took me out for lunch, we had an amazing time as always there was no tension at all. after lunch we decided to go back to my place and talk about everything. the conversation did not go the way i thought it would. he decided to end things with me instead, saying that this is really hard for him but he feels like he is not emotionally ready for a commitment and that he cant be in a relationship anymore right now. and that i am the type of girl he wants to be with and that if he ever had to get married it would be to me. but he just cant be in a relationship now and he feels he cant give me what i need emotionally. but he doesnt want to lose me from his life and that he wants to be friends.

    i was completely stunned. this was totally out of the blue, i was not expecting it at all. there were no signs or anything that this is what he wanted. in that moment i had accepted it and i told that i love him and that i dont want to break up, but i wont force him to stay and that him he must just do what he feels is best for himself. and as far as being friends….im not sure but i will try.

    its been two months since we broke up. he still contacts me every week. just finding out how i am and how things are going in my life. i do respond. the conversations feel so formal now. it is killing me because i still love him so much. i do want him back but i have no idea how to do that. he knows how i feel. but i dont think it matters to him anymore. how does a person decide after a year and a half that they now are not ready for an emotionally committed relationship??

  50. Firstly @Reene, thanks a lot for your post, it is such an eye-opener!
    I am n Aries woman – level headed and not as crazy as everyone makes out Aries to be. I am aware of my personality traits and consciously work with them. I bumped into a Capri guy a couple of months ago, who seemed CRAZILY in LOVE with me & promised the world to me, wanted to change my life forever and make me happy forever. We even worked out how we can live with each other a few months down the line, & I had agreed to leave my country & everything else to be with him. It was too good to be true. I loved the way we were, & i thought it would last atleast for a few years, if not forever. We are both 32. Recently we had a little misunderstanding about his many ex-girlfriends, which he dint want to explain about, and that is why I came to this blog. As expected – Whoosh – he disappears! He just texts me – This is my last message to you ever, thanks for making me feel good. Said he does not owe me any explanations. Deletes me from FB too. Haha. I dint reply back, just left it at that. I have my own self worth too! It’s just cold silence now, and that’s what it will be. I dont intend to get back to him, for I fear it could be even worse if I decide to continue with this guy. Who knows when he will turn his back for something silly or unknown reason and chose to ignore me? These guys don’t know how to handle relationships. Aries are intense, and these guys are not likely to manage/ match our intensity well. Thank goodness this happened early, within just 3-4 months of knowing this guy, & I hadn’t invested too much of my time & emotions in this. I am shaken & hurt, but not too broken to see how bad it could have been had I known this side of him after moving in with him. I am disappointed that he showed me so many dreams and promised me the world, and just walked away casually at the drop of a hat, when we could have simply talked about it like adults and put it behind us. Capris like a relationship in which you cant ask them questions, you cant ask them to be emotionally available, cant expect them to understand your vulnerabilities and fears. It is naive of these guys to just trample on relationships and think it’s alright to do so. For Aries, love matters a lot, and commitment is given even without asking – we dont have two minds about it. But these guys will judge you for every thing you say, contemplate every question you ask, and then think that you’re getting too personal. Dont get me wrong, it’s not that we intruded each others space, but it is just good to know about your partners’ past before committing to them, that’s all. These guys are secretive, you will never know what’s on their mind, they dont believe in talking it out.
    I would just suggest to anyone who comes to this blog – dont go back if he disappears ladies – unless you’re ok to get dropped like this again. And dont take them back if they do ever come back, cause they are very likely to do it again – it’s not worth your time & energy. Go focus on something that makes you happy and confident about yourself. Invest yourself in something/someone that makes you feel positive. If you feel something is not good for you, leave it behind, believe me a few months down the line you will thank yourself for doing this for yourself 🙂

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