Virgo woman with hot-and-cold Gemini man

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I’m virgo with rising in gemini and moon in leo. Seems complicated right? I just want to know if I will always have problems with relationships or if you have any advice for me. I think I think too much… 🙁 But then I feel too much too so it’s like if several people were fighting inside of me constantly to know what to do and what’s right or not!!! I love my boyfriend a lot, a gemini but we are four people in our relationship, when both of us are well is like heaven, when both of us are bad it is like hell. When one is well and the other bad we can fix it. But then when we are bad he turns cold and I suffer a lot because believe it or not I hate coldness and I can never be cold. Even when I feel bad I’m never cold. I just don’t know what to do. He is cold right now and he treats me as if he was two different people, when he is there he shows he loves me and treats me as if I was a princess when he is not there and he is cold it is like if I was a fly in his life. Can you tell me something about this? Thank you very much.

Gemini is the sign of the Twins. Mutable signs have a sense of duality (the two fish of Pisces; the half-man, half-beast of Sagittarius; the sacred and mundane aspects of Virgo) but Gemini’s duality is the most pronounced. A Gemini can have multiple agendas which do not necessarily go in the same direction, and which can lead to great conflict. Gemini is into you one day, the next day he’s not. It’s difficult for this sign to stay consistently attached to one person. His other half’ will want the freedom to be somewhere else.

You, as a Virgo, are more consistent because you are an earth sign. You think too much because both your Gemini Ascendant and Virgo Sun are ruled by mental Mercury. It’s hard for you not to be analytical, with Mercury in Virgo. Yet, you can’t be cold because both your Moon and Venus are in warm Leo (although their conjunction to natal Saturn can lead you to feel a withdrawal of affection).

Currently, transiting Saturn — the planet of restriction and hardship — is conjunct your natal Mercury. Difficulties with communication and negative thoughts are common for this transit. Saturn may be bringing on the freeze in your relationship because your natal Mercury rules your Fifth House of Romance. This house is naturally associated with Leo. When Saturn puts a damper on your love life, your Venus in Leo misses being treated like a princess.

Saturn will be transiting your Mercury until summer of 2008, due to its retrograde motion. You may be feeling weighed down and unable to communicate your needs. Increased self-criticism may become unbearable. You cannot change your boyfriend, but you can use this period to assess which communication patterns work for you, and which do not. As Saturn may bring out the worst in Virgo, consider if your perfectionistic and nitpicky tendencies turn your Gemini boyfriend off. Virgo and Gemini, despite being ruled by the same planet, make a stressful square aspect to each other. The air of Gemini wants to move about, while the earth of Virgo wants to focus on one small detail. Gemini does not have the laser focus of the Virgo mind, and may grow impatient with its obsessive attention to faults. Surely, your Gemini Ascendant increases compatibility with your boyfriend. But for now, let Saturn help you remove the wheat from the chaff in your field of talk.

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  1. Hi Jeff! Thank you so much for the answer! I think you are right about me. I think too much and I feel too much too as I’m very passionate! And romantic, this part doesn’t go with him I think, but the put going and independent part does! I will follow your advice! I will try not to be too picky too because I know sometimes I can be like that! Thank you very much! I’m thinking seriously if I can handle the coldness of my boyfriend. I don’t know what to do for now but I will take this time out (because he is cold) to think about it. Sometimes I think the less I care about him the more he wants me, but I cannot pretend my feelings. When I’m into someone, I really am. Sooooo Leo! 😀

  2. That is so true about me i’m a virgo woman and i have a lot of leo ways i just have a problem with dating new guys.That come on to strong i find that very tacky and i always attract bad boys.They find me very attractive i wish i new why.

  3. I dated a gemini for 17 years on and off. We could never seem to make it work. His other personalities didn’t mesh with mine. However, we were young when we met and I feel he wasn’t mature enough and I wasn’t patient enough to deal with each other. I loved him very much and really wanted to be with him. I went through 2 marriages and still ended up with him after each one. He recently got married and I have chosen to cut ties. Presently, I met another gemini, he is my neighbor. We developed a friendship for 7 months before any romance was added to our interaction. I am much older now and feel that my interaction with the previous gemini has prepared me to be with the new one. We have taken it slow but after we became intimate we can’t stay away from each other. He has never been married and wants stability in his life now. As a virgo woman, I exude stability and he seems to be very attracted to it. I keep asking him when is he going to reveal the ‘other side’ of himself. He says he has grown and matured and realizes his fee nature doesn’t always serve him well. We are talking about the future and marriage is very likely. I have learned to work on my negative qualities because they don’t serve me well in relationships no matter what sign I date. He is a really sweet man and makes me feel as if I am the most special woman to him. I know the stars say that we will have challenges but I have challenges in every relationship, however, I feel he and I have a special connection and I want to explore it and take it day by day. We are committed to working through things as they arise. No relationship is perfect. I feel this is God’s will. I have learned it is not about the sign but more about the person and their level of maturity and desire to be in a relationship with you.

  4. I am a virgo woman, and I am sorta kinda dating a gemini man. That’s the thing every site on horoscopes say that you are not suposed to presure a gemini, but am I supposed to go on clueless because I don’t want to come on to strong by asking him where are we in this, I just don’t know. It feels as thought we are supposed to be together sometimes and other times I have to wonder, see he has been married before and I guess he has up this wall that is very hard to cross or even go around. So what should I do stare at it until it wethers away. I love him though and I guess I’m willing to face it, so I guess my new name will be clueless. lol

  5. Well Im a virgo woman,I was dating this gemini man. I been knowing this man for 17 years we lost contact he told me he was searching for me for 10 years claimed he been in love with me all these years So he found me I gave it a chance. He was all caring and so into me constantly telling me he love me. We spent long hours on the phone daily texted each other. Then 2 months later he became distant the calls became once a week, We went from spending hours on the phone to less then 10mins once a week on the phone. Then he would text me once every 4 days to say he was about to call me and he love me, That was confusing but, He never called when before when he text and said that he normally called. He did a whole 360. Im not the type to run after a man. So I called him and left him a message and told him its over. As a virgo woman I think to much as it is, this relationship with this gemini man was an emotional roller coaster. I hate that I waste my time. I didnt have time for his mind games. BTW he told me he had alot goin on but still acting cold to your woman and being distant isnt the answer dealing with a virgo woman that would push us away. We have to feel secured in a relationship being cold wont work. Oh yeah this happened 3 days ago he still havent responded to me ending it any body have any advice to what could of happened? Did he lose interest once he got me dont know still clueless can somebody help?

  6. wow- all these comments ring very true with me an d my Gemini “boy friend”, I’m a Virgo woman w/Leo traits and my Gemini man is just as the other posters described. When we are together, there is no one else, nothing around us but us. That gives me hope, but then I do not hear from him until days later or until I call or text him.
    It has been eating me up, it’s been a few months, and chatting with friends, I have decided to step out before my heart is eaten up. I love him and have great sex, our personalities are very compatible, but he is always been too “busy”, even though he has more time to waste than I do. It hurts but hope it’s for the best.
    He is very attractive and wants me sooo bad, it’s very passionate, but I feel my heart isn’t ready for him. A true shame in my life.

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