Why does Taurus take so long to commit?

[ad#link]Taurus takes a long time, period. This fixed earth sign prefers stability and security over anything … except maybe chocolate cake. Taurus will want to make sure she is safe before saying “I do” to a relationship. She will never jump in — she is not the spontaneous sort, unless she has Uranus in Scorpio opposite her Sun, or some other impulsive combination.

Earth signs in general are cautious. Their physical environment is precious to them, and it can be unsettling to share one’s space with a person who doesn’t value possessions and placements to the same extent. Virgo may be finicky about having the papers on her desk shuffled around, but Taurus can be just plain rigid about you messing with her stuff. The security she feels in her environment is what grounds her emotionally. Whether you cut down a tree in her backyard or move around her Hello Kitty ornaments, you best be prepared for her Bull to come out.

You see, it comes down to trust. She needs to know deep down that her material world will still be predictable once she gives you the keys to her home. And on a deeper level, that her preferences won’t be challenged on a daily basis. Taurus likes what she likes, and she’s not going to change for you. It’s OK if you like mint chocolate chip, but don’t make her give up her Cherry Garcia.

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Comment below: How has the Bull in your life been slow to commit?

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  1. proserpine says:

    I have *moon* in Taurus and I need to be safe to truly commit.
    But really? I find a Taurus man to be rather good about committing.Not all of the Tauri I knew loved me forever–or even at all, LOL.But they usually wanted just what I did.
    So, he committed to love, friendship or an affair accordingly.

  2. As a Taurus, I must agree I have an appetite, and now really understand why my ex took me to various restaurants…….to woo me. Besides feeling “safe” before I enter into a deeper intimate relationship, I have to take in consideration of how my actions/decisions will affect my children now. I know that I have frustrated several suitors over the years with my reluctance to move quickly in a romance, but I have to be sure. I do believe in taking chances, but I have seen so many crazy situations dealing with relationships of family and friends, that I believe if the person is right for me, they will have the patience and endurance to see things through. I have done so in past relationships even to my own detriment, but I feel that those were lessons that needed to learned.

  3. The Taurus females I have met go after married men and dont seem to care who they hurt when they want to be with someone. Tendency to have one night stands (unlike the other earth signs) and when the guy shows interest…(might just be another night)…pow…they don’t let go. Emotionally needy and willing to use sex to get their way. They become possesive and take ownership after the first night. They erase all others out of their partners lives (which once the blinders are off I bet plenty of Taurus relationships fall apart due to that type of isolation). Seem to have a hard time relating to other women and really are a greedy sign. Jealous. Will play the part of out going, social girl just to get the guy to be sitting at home with her 6 months down the road in make believe domestic bliss. Willing to spend $$$ to keep her man.

  4. @Virgo78

    What you described seems more like an Aries to me.. is she on a cusp? I’m a taurus myself and I haven’t ever jumped into a relationship without sussing it out. My current boyfriend is a Scorpio so he was quite determined but it took him about 9 months of chasing to get me to even remotely say that I had feelings for him and even longer to actually date.
    I haven’t ever been the other girl and I am way too fussed about what people would think about me and how I would respect myself if I did something so evil (probably due to my Leo moon) and I cannot respect people who do not have personal values and are really self centered.

    But I do agree, I do have a hard time relating with other women and I do isolate myself alot (Sun in 12th house) but I find that a lot of women come to me for advice and to listen to their woes.

    Did you have a bad experience of some sort with a Taurus or this is just your general observation? I have had bad experiences with Virgo men and not because of them but because of myself. I feel like that we get along way too well and he makes me feel so safe & beautiful that it’s actually scary, I back off and I put up my wall of defense = being a bitch where as deep down I know it could turn out to be a very good relationship.

  5. I’d seen this Taurus man only once before the encounter where he very shyly came over to me and asked if I had his number (in June). He made a comment about me being very sweet and mentioned to text him sometime. I was (and am) very interested and did text …and text …and text…but that’s all we do. He’s always responsive, always makes comments about how pretty I am, how funny I am, and sends me pictures of his dog that he adores. He even called and sang happy birthday to me in Oct. HOWEVER….When I suggest “hanging out sometime” he ALWAYS dodges me! I saw him last week briefly to hand off a gift he was kind enough to deliver to a mutual friend and even got a text from him later saying he was sorry he didn’t have more time to spend with me when I was there…so I suggested we get together soon ….and again, completely blown off. I’m so confused and really don’t get it. Does he like me? Do I need to give up? I’ve flat out asked if he’s dating and he said he was in a relationship that ended a couple months ago (right before our texting began).
    Libra woman (32) super confused … help!

  6. I can relate to Lynn´s comment. My love interest is an aries man with moon in taurus trine pluto and although I know he is very much interested in me (we´ve known each other for years), all we ever do is text each other and talk on the phone! It´s been over two months since we started talking about getting romantically involved, which seems too long to talk to me. As a sagitarius, I´m not the most patient person and it gets really frustrating at times. I don´t even mention getting together because I know he´ll back off, though he likes to speculate a lot about possible dates (without ever fixing a date). This article and comments really make things a bit easier for me. If I have to stick it out, well so be it, I really like him.

  7. Trust is indeed essential to any relationship for that matter. Great article!

  8. Oh Taurus man, whats up with the hot and cold behavior. When my boyfriend gets horrible day on his job, its on me (like cancelling to see me), but also he doesn’t tell me what it is until threaten to leave him . Im so frustrated, but I am also in-love with this guy. He makes me feel like no other. I love him, but also…I’m inpatient Sagittarius. We have been together for only four months , and hes so emotional in this relationship, as I feel that I have to chase him around, or he does to me too.

  9. Taurus lady says:

    I’m a taurus woman and I take my time in order to trust people either for friendship or a romantic relationship and that’s fine. I’m not impulse and I have seen what happens with impulse people. They almost always make bad decisions which can have serious consequences. I’m very picky about choosing the people to spend my time with. I hate fakes…they stress me out. I like genuine people that have genuine actions, not “sugar coated” words that in the end turn out to be lies. I look for quality not quantity.

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