What attracts a Leo man?

The Sun provides three vital services to ensure our survival on Earth: light, warmth and gravity. Gravity we take for granted, for we are always orbiting around our star, and would only notice the lack of gravity if the Earth flew out of its orbit and collided with another celestial body. We correlate warmth with the presence of the Sun, because the star’s absence coincides with a reduction in temperature. Yet, light by far is the most obvious, because there is a bright shining disc in the sky when our surroundings are illuminated (electricity notwithstanding).

You could say the same about Leo, the sign that is ruled by the Sun. There are different degrees to which a Leo man needs to be recognized. (Jara aka Blah Blah wrote a popular post here on the immature Leo man.) The least-developed Leo needs to be recognized, validated, even worshipped like a god. He is like a light bulb that depends on the “juice” of attention. When this energy source is deprived, he gets really bright, and then he blows. The wounded pride, the rageful lion … you’ve probably witnessed the narcissistic rage of a Leo who demands to be the star of everyone’s show. This variety is attracted to admirers and hangers-on.

The more mature Leo is confident. He does not rely on adoration to feel good about himself. His focus is more on helping other people feel special by being warm and generous of spirit. His dramatic delivery is meant to inspire you to access your creative fire, not to hog the spotlight like the immature Leo. He is playful and spontaneous, hoping to heat up the room to help everyone have a good time. This variety is attracted to people willing to receive and respond to his spirit of giving.

The highest expression of Leo is the most silent. He is the King. He knows that the world revolves around him, and he does not let it go to his head. Rather, he understands it is his divine mission to lead his people. If he does not embody the symbolic power of his role, the people in his kingdom will feel lost and adrift, for we all need to feel there is a benevolent power keeping us on the right track. This rare Leo needs a Queen.

Comment below: What kind of Leo man do you attract?

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Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, Tarot.com and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at JeffreyKishner.com.


  1. SuchAVirgo says:


    I apologize for the spastic emotion. I seem to be full of that lately.

    Recently I posted about this fabulous, adorable Leo man that I’d been spending time with during my short lived seperation from my pisces friend.

    Anyway, he came across as the King. He was so yummy!! When I got back together with my pisces, I admit that I absoulutely discarded him but I felt bad about it and I’ve been intending to make time for him.

    However, he had this trait that truly irritated me. Whenever his friends were around he’d bully them. This always made me uncomfortable and I could literally feel his jealous vibes whenever someone else around us (especially his friends) caught my attention.

    The worst part of all of this, I just found out that he is actually four years younger than he told me he was. I already felt that he was too young for me, with a four year age decrease, I’m lucky that the police haven’t come to arrest me yet. What kind of Leo does that make him? hmmm…

  2. I would say I attracted the mature leo, now. I would also say he is now on his way to the more mature leo.

    I was not one to admire my leo. not at all.. Im not one to hand out frivolous compliments. If I mean it I will if not, it aint happenin’.

  3. Leos! Gotta love em : )

    I wish I could meet more Leos-seriously! They are just so easy to love and SO LOVING themselves, as long as they are not in a mood w/their head up their a**. But I find it rarely takes more than a loving smile and a compliment to pull them out of ANY funk. And maybe give them a little chance to perform for you. And maybe a little applause on your part. Easy! Then again, I’m a Sag w/Leo rising so takes one to know one! But really where else to find such radiance, playfulness and a rare trait in such an adventurous soul—LOYALTY? And also, most of them are pretty good looking…!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I work for a LEO man that’s very much a kid at heart. He does have a way of making everyone around him feel better when our spirits are low. And when the shit hits the fan he leads with a kind of grace that I haven’t seen in any other sign. There’s a kind of quiet integrity about him that everyone picks up on. And all the men around him instinctively know he’s the alpha male. He has the cutest butt I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’m a Leo woman who just met a Leo man a month ago, and we are already deeply in love! Our sense of drama, fun, generosity and affection plays off of one another very well…better than I expected. My Leo man is a mature Leo with a quiet leaning toward the King. I see some evidence of nervousness in him that I haven’t been able to figure out. But it might stem from past relationships in which he wasn’t appreciated, but rather was put down and even intentionally hurt and manipulated. It would be interesting to know what signs those women were. My Leo is very much shining like the sun now, though. I appreciated the article, because it will help me know how to support his positive qualities.

  6. There’s a leo I met at work who’s already got me so twisted around his little finger and we’ve only talked for a couple of weeks. I am sure he’s not the immature type…definitely the silent type. I think he’s the king.
    My goodness, I want him. And I think i might need help in getting him.

  7. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    @kublai, you need help? do a search on “leo man” in the forum – there’s lots of discussion on how to snag guys

  8. iam si inlove with my Leo of a lil over a year now, we are both 20 though i been in a serious relationship b4 of 5 years and iam his first, id have to say he is still a lil bit of the immature leo, i know he wants my attention and when he gets his lil cub hissy fits, it hurts but i can look past that cus ive seen way worse and to love some one you love them flaws and all. but i love the way he is i dont mind drowning him in attention cuz its so easy to do… and half the time i cant help it.. haha iam am a gemini woman and i love to play around and laugh tell jokes but i have a very responsible take care of shyt side too and it goes soo perrrrpect with the LEO.. iam willing to stay by his side and watch him grow into that confident king of the jungle. he is definetly my ball of sun shine, i couldnt be happier

  9. A good lion is the one that can keep you guessing, and let you be in the spotlight just as much as he is.

    The best lion is the one that is sure of himself…good style doesn’t hurt that either.
    I am always willing to be the apple of a Leos eye. I love being with them. I feel vibrant and amazing. I met this Leo not to long ago, and I’m just blown away at how much I love his company without anything physical.

  10. Efstathia says:

    I absolutely adore my Leo period. I am a Taurus woman, but my birth chart shows that I have LOTS of air and fire in me :). He has a lot of fire and water which I assume balances out. I have read that Leos and Taurus’s aren’t suppose to get along but he is the EXACT description of a male I imagined!! We have been seeing each other now for about 3 months. He is MANLY, trusting/trustworthy, generous, sweet/kind/sensitive..but not mushy gushy with words..he is a silent observer. And he is SO forgiving and understanding.PERFECT GUY. I really also enjoy camping, nature hikes, driving up to the mountains for the heck of it….and of course he likes to do crazy little stunts as well lol. He always brightens up my mood every time I am around him and we ALWAYS have SUCH a great time together!.. I think my Leo is the helping, warm, generous one (2) and the I can definitely see the 3rd Leo…DEFINITELY.

  11. Efstathia says:

    The Leo man is amazing!! I am a Taurus woman and “usually” they say taurus’s and leo’s don’t get along. I absolutely disagree with that in my relationship! We have been seeing each other for the past 3 months and we at least see each other 2x a day…. we can’t get enough of each other! We looked up both of our birth charts and it says I have a lot of air and fire in me, he has a lot of fire and water. I’m assuming that balances us out. He is dominant, manly ;),sweet/kind/generous and so unbelievably forgiving and understanding that it blows my mind!! He has a manly gentleness that is sensitive without saying the words, you can tell by their eyes. Since we both love nature, and going on crazy mud drives through the mountains…it’s perfect!!! Right now I moved back to Sparta, Greece, where I met him,we’ll on the army base, and we are opposites that we balance each other out :)… I would wear my white summer dresses while he loves to wear his army shirts with dog tags and picks me up in his muddy jeep lol 🙂 cute 😉 …. I love the way he puts me on the thrown when he introduces me to his friends… he looks so proud! and I feel proud to have a man like him by my side!…he is definitely the type 2 leo and the type 3….definitely the perfect man 🙂

  12. Hi,
    Im a scorpio and I fell hard for a leo!.The passion and fireworks was there from the begining.But as we got to see more of each other the spark just vanished.I told him how deeply I care for him but he just wants to be friends.I cannot understand that part.It like he can sense when a new guy is interested in me ( I mean, I am NOT gonna sit around and wait till he changes his mind! ).As soon as I think I have moved on, my Leo phones me and yes, its on!!!.I do not want to go on like this but cannot help it.I just met a Pisces and he irretates the C** outa me!!.He is sweet, but he’s not my Leo!.I still crave him with all my heart!He’s so laid back,that drives me insane!We text and phone each other, but that is about it.He rarely wants to go out with me.Could it be that he is embarresed about me or donot want to be seen in public with me??.I must say, I am not bad looking and definitely turn heads wherever I go.I’m well build and have good taste in clothes.I work for myself, live onmy own and support myself.I thought Leo’s loved strong woman?So why is he like this with me??.We never had a argument, ever.And the part about leo’s being loyal partners, ya rite!!.This Leo does not even feel ashame to tell me he is messing about with one of his ex girlfriends!!!!.So , LEO MEN, please help me understand this one, because I am so so confused!.He also told me NOT to put my heart on him, he’s got multiple personalities??.I dont know anymore.But all I know is I do have deep deep feelings for him ans just melts for him, even though I know its wrong, he does not deserve me, AT ALL.How can I find out whether I should really let go and cmpletely leave him alone, even though he still phones and tells me he needs me??.Leo guys, come on , HELP??

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