Sex with a Mars in Pisces person

PiscesHave you ever achieved transcendental bliss during lovemaking … not just your everyday orgasm, but a moment when “you” cease to exist? Mars in Pisces seeks this experience. Placed in the most spiritual of signs, the planet of sexuality seeks to dissolve the barriers of self.

The Downside

Mars the lover may be passive, for it is difficult to meet the needs of one’s ego in such a watery sign. He may prefer to have sex under the influence of drugs or alcohol. His sense of boundaries — where he ends and a lover begins — can make for divine sex, but it can also lead to confusion — as when he forgets that there are also two (or more) discrete bodies in the room.

The Upside

As Jara mentioned in Mars in Heat, this planet’s idea of foreplay would be to dance seductively, put on sensual music, share his emotions. Mars in Pisces is an intuitive lover, and his empathic sense helps him to know exactly how to please you, because he knows what it’s like to be in your stilettos.

Comment below: What do you know of Mars in Pisces … in the bedroom?

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  1. My sweetie of 12 years has Mars in Pisces — it’s on my Sun actually and connects with lots of other stuff in my chart. He’s a wonderful lover. “Swimming with the endolphins” has been a sustained highlight of our relationship.

  2. Jara aka Blah Blah says:

    I love talking a guy into my stilettos..and other things. šŸ™‚

    I messed with a Mars in Pisces. He likes to drink, dance, and perform (though not necessarily do all three in the bedroom). He was verrrrrrry giving and thoughtful. It took him awhile to express that he liked me, but the Sun and Venus in Aries took care of that part. What I liked about him is that he never came across like he was out for sex.

  3. I’m a Scorpio with Mars in Pisces. I just love sex, and do seek physical, emotional and spiritual transcendence in it. But the passive thing… I confess that, while I try to be a lively lover, my favorite position is missionary, in which I get to lie back and just respond and experience it all. I’ve always felt a little sheepish about that, like I’m not living up to the Scorpio mystique.

  4. Jara aka Blah Blah says:

    Hey Moni, now that’s an intriguing topic:

    Do Scorpios feel burdened by the “great lover” stereotype? Are all Scorpios good in bed? Maybe the fascination with Scorpios stems from this stereotype. Who doesn’t want to be with a great lover? But what if the Scorpio is like Moni and doesn’t feel like she or he is “living up to the mystique”?

    Maybe it would be more accurate to say most (if not all) Scorpios are preoccupied (some say obsessed) with sex in some way (exploring, experiencing, avoiding, etc.), so that provides an opportunity for them to be experts at it more than the average zodiac sign. šŸ™‚

  5. Anonymous says:

    I monogamously dated a Mars in Pisces Leo for two years.

    Passive is not strong enough an adjective.

    This guy was a marshmallow in bed. I had to do ALL THE WORK, ALL THE TIME.

    Sensitive, sweet, spiritual, sure all those nice things.

    Who needs it?

    Give me a Mars in Scorpio or Leo to get the job done šŸ˜‰ Or at the very least, a Mars in Cancer so I can nurture his fetish and get some satisfaction.

  6. Jara aka Blah Blah says:

    Mars in Pisces is ok with certain Sun signs. As a fixed sign, Leo can be lazy (likes to be worshiped and gets stuck in a rut of reusing the same positions), so match that with Mars in Pisces and…yeah, Marshmallow city. Match Mars in Pisces with a Cardinal Sun sign and it’s nice. šŸ™‚ Btw, the Leo thing is an educated guess on my part because I’ve never actually “been” with one – so my words come with a grain of salt on the side. If you were with the passive Leo for two years, something must’ve been working for you. šŸ˜‰

    I’m gonna add that it was the Pisces Mars’ passivity outside of the bedroom that frustrated the hell out of me. He had the patience of Job when I can be very impatient, and we didn’t balance each other out at all in that way. For example, I took him to the airport to leave for an international flight (long wait times). After waiting almost an hour to get to the front of the baggage check line, this huge family with 10+ bags just cuts right in front of us, which pissed me off. Mr. Mars in Pisces was all “It’s alright” about it while I’m looking at him in shock. I reminded the parents that the line didn’t start in front of us. It literally took me about 10 seconds to get them to the back of the line, but he would’ve rather waited another 20 minutes behind them than to confront them. Ugh. That kind of “patience” is not sexy to me.

  7. Anonymous says:

    My boyfriend has Mars in Pisces(his sun sign also),and the sex is wonderful,he is the most giving and creative lover I ever had,but he’s not passive,more open to suggestion,very intent on my pleasure,always gets me off,certainly the best at eating me out,and theres always lots of foreplay.He’s wonderful and the most kinky bf I ever had.Also out of the bedroom he’s a great bf,and is extremely nice.btw I’m a Virgo.

  8. hehe.. this is funny. I’m a mars in pisces.

  9. I have just been investigating this particular part of my star chart… it explains why I have such difficulty in finding a mate. Also, with Venus in Capricorn, the love life is not looking so good, is it? I do wonder if i will ever find someone whom i can love and be loved by. At least I am a creative musician- so that fits….

  10. mars in pisces: alcohol, drugs, and sex: wow
    could 4 bodies in the room since there is only the 2 of you there
    all the reason to understand the female counterprt in the act,
    bringing in a VIBE to please her accordingly as well as she pleases me only to
    have begging for more unless it could be her dominance throughout the act
    itself: releasing this wild beast of a woman in the bedroom.

    peace out, love, and prayer
    David shout out to the Mars in Pisces from the planet Earth

  11. PiscesGal says:

    Iā€™m a mars in pisces… Lol. Did anyone say Kinky?

  12. unknown. says:

    I know a mars in pieces friend of mine. Hes very passive,and empathic, it’s one of the reasons, I was shocked to realise my mate, could pick up cues so easily, when stuff had went on in school. They are not aggressive or the ones to make the first move on people. They’d rather sit back and enjoy the view.

    I don’t know what to think of this placement. I think they are too cot up in thier sensitivty.

    Btw I’m Sun virgo, Mars in Virgo and Moon in Cancer. So I sense Pieces traits in people. And in love I meant to be best in bed with Mars in Pieces..

  13. Pisces Queen says:

    unknown – “I think they are too cot up in theor sensitivity.”

    No offense but that sounds like a typical Virgo analyzation….lol…I have known many in my life both men and women….we are not caught up in our sensitivity, btw i am also a Pisces with my mars in Pisces, but with fantasies and dreams of what we want reality to be like…

  14. I have Mars in Pisces and once dated a double Leo and I would say it was the Leo traits that made for a lazy partner. It seemed sometimes like I was there to entertain HIM. I never felt a soul connection or a kind of merging like I do with my now husband who has moon conjunct my mars and neptune smack dab on his scorpio ascendant. I’m in bliss!

  15. anonymous says:

    Your opening paragraph describing Mars in Pisces couldn’t be more accurate. I have Mars in Pisces and one of my most memorable lovemaking sessions happened while on psychedelics. Oh yes, it was divine. I find myself trying to reach for that kind of spiritual high every time.

  16. I know a gemini with mars in pisces and sex is at its best when drugs and alcohol are in play otherwise its all about him which sucks for a pisces like me

  17. I got Mars in Pisces, and im a Scorpio
    I for sure live up to the Scorpio passion,and lovemaking is a must for me
    I aim to please, and always do a fabulous job!

  18. Barbarella says:

    I was in love for a long time with a scorpio (sun conj neptune) w/ mars in pisces. He was sweet, musical and so on. But despite a few extraordinary moments, his sex drive was low. He was pretty sensitive and had “to be in the mood” which sometimes drive me mad – i’m a pisces with moon conj mars in sagittarius. Best sex i ever had: mars in Aries and mars conj pluto in libra.

  19. leo female says:

    sun pisces/mars pisces guy-you’d think sex would be great, sounds like it should be on paper. but I even had to “guide him in” so to speak. really, are they all like that??? too laid back……

  20. I’m dating Gemini with Pisces Moon, Venus in Gemini and MARS in Pisces. He needs to be under the influence of alchohol constantly and is horny as hell. Rarely anything else on their (seems like multiple personality) mind: entertainment, party and SEX – if possible all three together. Perversion. He is my (almost) opposite. How to make them stop drinking? He can’t perform when he drinks too much. It’s too much effort to deal with addiction.
    And he like to be dominated in sex. I’m a Leo woman and I also like to be dominated or at least be on the same level (give-take).
    He looks very manly but boyish but almost acts like a female. Passivity is what turns the sex off.
    I don’t know how you others cope.

  21. Miss Scoripo says:

    Funny you say this, my boyfriend has his Mars in pisces, and he’s a Sun in Aries too. I’m a scorpio, and from the beggining what struck me bout my Mars in pisces guy, was that he was intent on sitting in the back of the room and just watching me. He didnt approach me, though he smiled at me all the time, and almost seemed shy. after i approached him, he was more than happy to woo me šŸ˜€ He is sweet and sensetive, and i didn at first understand how passive he was,considering his sun is in Aries. and usually arians are so brash and upfront! but then i looked up his chart and voila! mars in pisces šŸ˜€
    It explains a whole lot! because my boyfriend is sweet and compassionate, and very very sexual and loves getting (ME) drunk, just so he can take care of me n nurse me back to sobarity. what? the fuck? is that? i know. some sort of twisted perversion is connotated there, but o well. i love being drunk, he loves taking care of me and cleaing up my mess. just so i can curl in his arms and confess my undying love for him.. and just so he can make sweeeet love to meee. mmmm

  22. ariesnvirgomakeswhat? says:

    i’m an aries/virgo, venus & mars in aries and he’s an aquaris/aquaris, venus in aquaris, mars in pisces. The sex is diff better when we’re drunk, but when we’re sober and together in and out of the bed, i find myself wondering are we really a couple? Contrary to my charts i don’t like being or taking charge all the time, he’s the man, why am i doing all the work. Plus he’s so much in his head sometimes i wonder why am i even here!!!! Very frustrated, almost ready to throw in the towel! Any suggestions? SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Ok, i have a mars in pisces and so does my ex Taurus too LOL LOL so it works out well sexually. Neither of us are selfish lovers hehe.

    But does anyone know or can anyone tell me about venus and mars towards compatibility

    My venus in aries and he’s mars in pisces. It doesn’t seem to be in the compatibility section but i was just wondering if anyone knew how compatible the two are.

  24. sun in aries/mars in pisces man says:

    I always wondered why i was so passive even though my sun was in Aries, and how i have an indirect aggressiveness, non confronting personality ( i also have a cancer ascendant) and what Miss Scorpio said fits me to a certain degree.

  25. So Jeffrey, I gotta know, how then do you think the dynamic of venus in Pisces & mars in Pisces work out?
    If I (the woman) has venus in Pisces and my man has mars in Pisces, would I be expected to initiate things more?

  26. @Bliss it would be your man who has Mars in Pisces, both because he has the Mars (action, initiation) in this combination and due to his cultural conditioning. But granted, he may go about it in an indirect fashion.

  27. I have to agree with Jeffrey in what he said, he will go about it in a indirect fashion. LoL most of us would do that – a pisces in mars also by the way

  28. jaool rulia says:

    you little mars in pisces with moon in cancer.scorpio in jupiter,virgo rising etc, you people have studied, very good. we all know the only chance for any of us to have great sex is if our sun signs match. (5-9) patterns rule sex, rule the world.

  29. I’m a Mars in Pisces with a Venus in Scorpio, and from what I’ve been told by my past boyfriends, I was “amazing”. LOL

  30. sun in aries/mars in pisces lady says:

    First: I, for one, am convinced that how passive or how reactive a man is towards the lady standing before him has much more to do with how really interested his in her, than it has to do with the placement of his mars. I am convinced that if a man doesn`t stand up and doesn`t do whatever must be done to convince that lady to let him into her life, that is because he does not want that much for her to be a part of his life. Charmingly undecided nature of a man, who wishes for …., but is afraid to risk his heart`s safety, … who takes his time to see if she is the real one or if she loves him or loves him not…- and all that ….. – is, in my opinion, just a petty excuse, invented be men in general, to mask their lack of courage or/and laziness when it comes to putting the bone to work, in order to win the right to be allowed into that lady`s life. It`s so much easier to lay back and wait for the lady to court him and convince him to … what exactly? – give her a few moments / weeks / … of sex with no strings attached ? Because if he gets no sex, that he`ll be off to greener pastures before you could say …whatever.
    Next, how passive or how reactive he is in every day`s life and how much he waits for you to do whatever has to be done ( in a word, for you – the woman – to be man in that relationship ) has to do in part and up to a point with his personality ( and that may be influenced be planets ) and has much more to do – I`m sure – with the way he was educated. If no one ever taught him that being a real man is not only about enjoying the advantages ( being considered the man of the house, getting sex and being taken care of ), but also about assuming the responsibilities ( assuming and respecting commitments, standing up and doing what has to be done, when it has to be done, taking care of and loving the woman he is with, … ), it is most obvious that he will not know how to be a real man, nor will he wish to be one. If he can get the advantages for free, than why on earth should he sweat a drop of sweat working to honor the responsibilities as well.
    Further next, a real relationship and sex ( random or even in an actual relationship) are two very, very, different things. I notice that many women assume that getting a man into their bed automatically gets him also into their lives. And then they wonder why on earth is he not more interested than that into being the man in that relationship. Like I said before, if he does not try harder, than most likely he does not care enough about being in that lady`s life.
    Further next, I am convinced that only women`s weakness and fears made them accept in their beds men that were laying back and waiting to be courted be the ladies. That is why men today expect to get it all while doing nothing to win it.

  31. to the aries/virgo woman: you need a man with more fire and earth.

    I’m an aries woman, venus aries, mars pisces. very direct, very aggressive, but still like romance and want the man to eventually take charge. best lover ever: aries, cap moon, venus taurus, mars leo.

  32. My ex had this- he was incredible in bed!! We always smoked up before sex, but that just added to the other-wordliness of our lovemaking. He was very sweet, gentle, and knew just what to do to make me feel great.

  33. Justin Rothfeld says:

    sun in aries/mars in pisces lady says Said:
    “it is most obvious that he will not know how to be a real man, nor will he wish to be one. If he can get the advantages for free, than why on earth should he sweat a drop of sweat working to honor the responsibilities as well.”

    First of all I appreciate your input. I am a Mars/ pieces male. Personally, I was very excited when I found out about what mars meant because I struggled so much to be that “real man” in a society, which has a very limited perspective of what a “man” should be. I was delighted to know that something wasn’t wrong with me, and I think that was the first step to my recovery as a self-respecting individual.

    With a rising leo, I definitly appreciate your concern with overindulgence. I found this site looking for some insight into the passionate potential of this sign. Both the drug connections and desire for a divine union ring a bell. I don’t know exactly how to define man/ woman, but I don’t believe that telling a mars/ pieces boy to “man up” is necessarily going to help.

    Maybe I am playing into your assumptions about the “Charmingly undecided nature of a man,” but I think ideologies of masculine and feminine can destructively or constructively shape our identities depending on what roles astrologically we naturally assume. Obviously mal/female roles are juxtaposed so that a woman with a mars in pieces will not find themselves in a anomalous role within a patriarchal society.

    Maybe compassion is the key to unlock the potentials of this sign, unbiased acceptance no matter what the flaws. Because the truth is everyone has flaws. What us men/ pieces men lack in the appearance of impenetrable manliness, we make up with real feeling and substance. That is, we don’t need to appear dominant to affirm our own manliness, we don’t even need the benifits of patriarchy. Actually we may be better off without them, because behind all that marsh-mellow-i-ness, is a wild guy who thives on the unexpected but is just afraid to confront a world that has such narrow-minded expectations.

    You get what you give to a mars/pieces sign, and what that person may need may be dependent on other factors, some even unrecognized but with astrology we begin to fix those.

    Thank you all for writing.

  34. sun in aries/mars in pisces lady says:

    to Justin Rothfeld this mars in pisces lady answers:
    I am not american, never lived in America, therefor don`t know exactly the mentalities among the people that have exposed there ideas on this page. I am from the old world, so my mentality about the role of man and woman in society is, I guess, the mentality of the old world, or probabilly just my own . Man is the pillar of the family, the one that puts bread on the table, that supports financially the home and the family. He is the one that builds the house that the woman will turn into a home with her warmth. If a man can not carie these responsabilities, than he should not start a family in the first place. On the other hand, everything is supposed to have a final purpose, a final gold. When we get out of our home in the morning, we do that with a certain purpose in our minds, not just to walk until the next street and the go back home, having done nothing that lasts in the process. If a simple getting out of our home for one day must have a reason, a purpose, than how much more purpose must there be in the important, long term things that we do during and with our lives. For example building a love relationship with another person. Dating people just for the art of dating, with the only purpose of getting someone into your bed for the moment, is, in my opinion something emptier than an empty tin can. The normal thing should be to start seeing someone in order to see if the two of you find something in common and can build a long term, lasting, real relationship such as marriage. No one has ever raised any building at all if they have demolished over night what they had build during the day. And here, in my world, the normal thing is for the tree to bear fruits, for the people to build houses and to raise families, in order for there lives to become meaningfull. It is said that if you can not build a family and bring a child into the world, than at least plant a tree, so that something alive will remain in the world after your death, so that your existence in the world may have a meaning. Something alive, not money, not career, not knowing that you have been the top dog among all the rest for all your life. That is how important it is for people`s lives to have a meaning and to bear fruits. That is how important it is to have a long term purpose in our minds in everything we do. That long term purpose, when it comes to romantic relationships, is, of course, marriage. When you start going out with someone, you don`t know if she is the one with whom you can get to the end of the journey, but if you at least know what is that journey that you want to make in your life, it will be much easier to know what you want in life and see if she`s the one.
    At this point you may be asking yourself why am I bla-bla so much about this and with what purpose. The thing is it takes a lot of maturity of intelect and feelings and personality to be able to set longtime purposes in life. In a normal world, beeing a real man does not mean square jaw/big muscle or asserting your self as top dog. It means having the maturity to know what really matters in life, the courage and the strength to do what it takes to get there or at least the wisdom to realize whether you are ready enough to take such responsabilities or not and if you are not yet ready, not get into something you can not onour, and on the other hand, do what it takes to make yourself ready for those responsabilities.
    If you don`t know or you are not interested in such longterm purposes in life, you will not have the determination to take a relationship to a higher level. You will not support the relationship trough the traditional role of the man that does the courting and assumes a commitment and that is either a lazy or a marhs-mallow guy. I am not very sure what you meant about the wild guy that thieves(probabily thrives) on the unexpected but is just afraid to confront a world that has such narrow-minded expectations. But, like I said, being a man does not imply square jaw/big muscle or top dog behavior. It means doing the courting and offering your commitment in marriage, in a constructive, long term relationship, while having clear in your head the difference between a superficial, short time affaire and a long term marriage, while having clear in your head he difference between wedding and marriage, while having clear in your head what is takes, financially speaking, to support a family, and so on, and so on…
    Since I have talked so much about the role of the man in society, you may be asking yourself what I think about the role of the woman in society. Well, men and women will never be the same, in my opinion, for the simple reason that men will always have predominant testosteron and women will always have predominant estrogen and progesteron. Women will never be the active part in the sexual act and men will never have an uterus and will never naturally bring children to world or breastfeed them. Leaving the joke aside, like I already said, the men builds the nest and the woman provides the warmth that turns it into a home. The man is normally the initiator of a relationship, the one that does the courting and the one that offers his commitment for marriage. He should have the maturity to know if he should start that courting in the first place or not, considering all the pro-s and con-s. If the things are right, he should have the courage to fight for his victory. The woman accepts the courting and the commitment, if she considers that man to be the right man for her. It also takes maturity for the woman to know what she wants in life, to know if that man really is the right one, and if he is not, to tell him that he is not instead of going along just for the sake of having someone in her life. Some women don`t have that courage to get out of something that is not the right thing for them. It takes a lot of maturity to treat seriously the relationship and the commitment she has accepted, as well as the one that she has offered in return. As you can see, a woman should be just as mature as a men in all aspects of life and she should see just as far as a men should. She should have just as much courage to take the right decisions along the course of her life.
    In the end, men and women do have different roles in the world and I don`t think they are that arbitrary set as some people might think in the new world. Both roles need to be backed up by maturity and courage, in order to make the right decisions. I am supposed to understand that the role of initiator when it comes to commitment in marriage is what scares the men in these days. The thing is if you know what matters in life and what is it that YOU, personally, want, than you don`t even have to knock that many doors in life. It`s not like you go “trick or treat” in life, knock as many doors as you can since the number is important: from a lot of doors there must be a lot of candies in the morning. It`s like buying the house of your dreams to make it your home for the rest of your life and to leave it for your children and your grandchildren. You don`t start visiting all the houses for sale (or not) in the county. You decide, maturely, what is it exactly that you want, than you look at what is on the market, you compare that to what you want and than you make your choise. You visit it and if you like it you make an offer. And than the owners of that house decide if they like your offer and if they are willing to accept it. In order to make sure that both parties are serious in their intentions, in real world house sales there is a contract which implies guaranties if one of the parties changes their mind. In a real love – courting relationship there are no such contracts. Which is why you need maturity to make the right choise and some courage to take the plounge. But that is required for both the man AND the woman. And since women are more dependent ( emotionally, financially, socially, ….)on their spouse and the stability of their family than men are, and since it is easier for a men to rebuild his life in case of divorce, than obviously women require even more courage than the men. Of course, if you don`t even want to have your own home and you are willing to live in a rented place for many years to come, than you don`t have to be so serious about getting a new apartment. you just rent the first or second thing that you find, just not for a hole year, maybe for a month or three, to see how you like it and if you don`t, than just change it again. After all, there`s plenty of fish in the pond. In which case I can`t even see why would anyone need that much courage….
    In the final end, I think people here have talked about two different kinds of courage : one that requires maturity and knowing what is really important in life and another one that requires top dog behaviour ; and some laziness was also mentioned as a lack of some of the two kinds of courage. Maybe mars in pisces doesn`t support such an aggressive top dog behaviour, but other than that, it has nothing to do with the maturity and real courage needed to take the right decisions in life or with that laziness of the so-called “charmingly undecided” man. Planets don`t take the blame for peoples lack of maturity or wisdom, but one of the results of such lack of maturity or wisdom is, no doubt, that laziness.
    Oh, and people have left the caves not simply because their brain developed, but because they developed the articulate speech, so they became able to resolve their conflicts trough verbal negotiations, no longer needing the physical negotiations of who`s the strongest and the most aggressive. A society that puts so much emphasis on who`s top dog and deserves respect and who`s not top dog, that doesn`t deserve respect, is, in my opinion, a society that is loosing its evolutionary achievements, that is going back to a more primitive state of development. Societies that actually evolve in terms of human relationships, no longer use the primitive top dog factor to establish hierarchy among its members. Communication and working together become more important, while hierarchy as in who is more important or more worthy of respect becomes some sort of balast. Having someone incharge with leading the team has to do not with who can establish him/herself as alfa male and determine the others to submit to their dominance, but with the fact that a team without a leader is like a hen without its head: everyone will give advice and no one will actually finish the job. A normal society that wishes to evolve in terms of humanity should descourage such a behavior of top dog: if one has the force of muscle or intimidating behavior and THAT gives them the respect of the society, than humanity looses its value among the members of that society.

  35. LavendarGirl says:

    Thank God I found this page! So other people are actually experiencing the same as me!
    My husband is literally perfect (for me anyways) in every way – except he has Mars in Pisces. Until I did my research on this, I actually considered divorcing him because I thought he was being cruel to me by witholding sex (not something me or most women are traditionally used to!) It ate into our relationship!

    He is the single most boring person in bed. If I didn’t initiate sex…..we would NEVER have it. Even at that, I have to do ALL the work. I asked him why he just lies there like a sack of potatoes and he said he was drifting away to another world with enjoyment (??????) WTF!
    News flash for all you Mars in Pisces people – NO, people do NOT find your lazy, drifty style in bed appealing. It’s destructive to a happy relationship at best and selfish and cruel at worst. Like my husband, it seems all your eroticism and passion is in your own head. How about sharing?
    For those who may think I just don’t ‘get’ what it’s like to be under the influence of Pisces, I do understand. The majority of planets are in Pisces in my chart – so I do ‘get’ it. I had to overcome the whole ‘living in a dream world’ in so many aspects of my life. Thank god I did otherwise I would have nothing. The same applies to Mars in Pisces, unless you work tackling at this tough aspect in your chart, then expect lovers to feel alienated and utterly disappointed by your approach to passion and love-making


  36. I have nearly everything in fire signs except Mars in Pisces… directly on my descendant. For me this has always manifested as Pisces the thespian, playing the starring role in whatever fantasy my partner has cooked up (or more often, intuiting that role and playing it for the duration of the relationship). Marijuana and alcohol were heavily involved (we’re talking seventh house here, and I attract the full-fledged addicts) until my first child was born just prior to my Saturn return. At that point I swore off of everything (I’m sure my Sun-Saturn trine helped with that), but have fought a losing battle with my ex’s addictions for the ensuing seven years. He’s a Sag with a tight Sun/Mercury/Neptune in the seventh, so all of the Piscean traits are fully accounted for.

    Am I projecting these traits on my (former) mate, or have I merely attracted them? Does he enact these Piscean traits only because I have “disowned” them? His Mars is in Gemini, and the only soggy planet he has is a Scorpio moon. Hmmm.

    Anyway, Mars in the sign of the fishes hasn’t tempted me to be lazy in bed; rather, it has served me well by allowing me to intuitively hone in an another’s sexual wants/needs and then play the role. It’s heaps of fun, but the line gets drawn when those fantasies even hint at pain or abuse. I’m a die-hard romantic (another facet of Mars in Pisces), and if I feel the least bit demoralised or used in the bedroom, it’s all over. I will then become a passive, empty shell and the cad might as well have a blow-up doll.

    Mars in Pisces needs to play out in a Neptunian fashion, and Neptune’s an escapist. Magical spiritual merging with another in ultimate ecstasy, fantasies, drugs, alcohol, affairs, and passively witholding the spirit (and yes, sleeping) are all Neptune themes. Whether one more often exhibits the positive or negative traits of this Mars likely depends on the rest of the horoscope, but also on the synastry with the partner. The best sex I’ve ever had was with a Mars in Cancer. The worst was with a Mars in Sag, with Mars in Gemini a close second (spare me the trash talk in bed, please).

  37. I am Sun, Venus and Mars in Pisces, taurus moon, the divinity of sex for me is a must, but sexuality is governed by sex energy and hormones aswell as signs, any man can be potently sexual if he learn how to build transmute and channel the energy.

  38. I’m a Capi (which is also my dominant sign) with both Mars and Venus in Pisces (also ascendant Pisces)… I definitely am not a receiver in bed, if anything right the opposite: the only way I can arouse myself is by feeding on the pleasure I am causing my partner.

  39. I’m a Mars in Pisces . . . sensual and empathic are understatements – but I also have a square between my Mars and Neptune. And I most definitely like to keep my attachments fluid and unfixed . . . but then again my ascendant is conjunct uranus so I love my freedom and I get bored easily.

  40. My ex was a mars in pisces. No bloody way would i settle for that again. So disapointing.. He thought he was the most sensual sexy man. I thought.. yeh maybe in you’re head. No real manly growl. God i never missed that manly way men have about them until i got stuck with a mars pisces. Zero sensuality. Plenty of sex, plenty of shy desire, but no idea what to do with you. They definately need to be led. Bitchy and passive agressive. Pity party and endless manipulations. They run roughshod right over your boundaries. Give these guys an inch they’ll take the entire farm. ffff… never regretted dumping the mars piscean. Ran screeming out the door, god send me a real man! If i got stuck with a mars pisces, i’d seriously consider a bullet to the head to put me out of my misery. This is one combo i would walk out on in an instant.

    Sorry about the insult guys. But for me… a mars pisces man???… not if he was the last man on earth.

  41. I am a female with Mars in Pisces in the 12th house. What i have noticed, i do not like at all when In the male’s charts Mars comes in to the female watery sign sigh, like Pisces. Water element is female. Even Scorpian Mars is too much of uncontrolled emotion.
    May be it is personal, because my all chart is female, accept for Neptune in Sagi and Mercury in Twins. So personally i need male polarity.

    Is not it for all of humanity is an ultimate challenge to consciously learn to choose our own thoughts and emotions and not just react unconsciously?
    For the last couple of centuries we had a male dominated energies on Earth. Does not mean, that males are dominating, some females also very influenced by this distortions. But for male in general is very difficult to loose control. Ones they do, they get sensitive. Ones Piscean Mars gets sentitive because they are opened up to something or someone, they got paranoid cause they want immidiate reward for such a heroic act, what is also part of control. For people around them it is a very strange spectacle, how Piscean Mars getting their courage in one moment and goes in cowardish retreat almost right the way.
    Even if a female is very understanding and patient, they – oversensitive distorted males might take aan advantage of this…All of this is very very sad.

    I am not talking about just males here. Females can be very distorted aswell. I have done it, made alote of corrections, masterd myself.

    About Mars in Pisces? – It is aan real art to make a blessing out of curse! I could not understand myself for very long time, nor my sexuaity, was very curious what does it means – making love? I have never stopped learning what does us humans makes us tick in sensual issues? I am even thinking to right a book about it.
    How someone makes love – when someone is naked, how person behave you can see everything, all person’s issues in one wink of an eye, how wel or nor wel they are evolved, you can see in what step of evolution they are. Mars in Pisces might see all that in their lover intuitively.

    But…the question is, is their Mars evolved enought to maturely act on it?
    It is a question for all the planets in every sign – How wel is each evolved?
    In my experience, the most difficulty are Watery signs, because the reincarnations on Earth are primarily the emotional experiences. Our feelings are coming from our heart. How many humans are listening to their heart? We are now on the step of evolution, to connect to our heart again, to our true emotions.
    And yeah, Piscean task and any planet in Pisceas has to learn to listen to their spirit. People with Mars in Pisceas have to learn to act on their feelings, trust themselves and others, take the responsibility for their lifes instead of being hysterical about everything and searching for the constant reassurance. They have to be Peaceful Worrior. They must learn to look in the mirror of their soul and measure themselves by themselves.

    The wrong choice of a lover might cause them health problems. They must be aware of it. They are givers and some people might get advantage of their pleasing nature. They want to give and give. One day with a wrong type of a lover they might have nervous break down, cause they do not know how to stop, break down the relationships.

  42. P.S. But do not underestimate Piscean Mars!!! Ones they are are connected to their spirit, – is no one, i mean no one on Earth is so understanding, forgiving, supportive ENDLESSLY! They will remember forever and you have their sensitive heart and devotion for infinity, if you have been there for them, when everybody has left.
    And between sheets, no one has so much imagination as they are. They leave their whole life in erotical, sweet, beautiful, gracious, refined fantasy. And then you might think: “Ooh, soo sweeet, so innocent, so easy to get….” Bam!!! They sleep away…or transforming in to dangerous vampiric creatures, which they are not…If you think , you have figured then out completely, they show you the opposite of that you thought of them. They DISLIKE to be pinned down and HATE predictibility, They are very good actors, sometimes do not understand themselves,where it’s all coming from. They love to be mystery to themselves.
    They are not really humans, just mysterious creatures. Love them for whom they are. A little bit of mystery does not hurt, is not it?

  43. ms grey says:

    I am Aries sun Scorpio moon mars in Pisces. I’m attracted to artists and sensitive men. (Sometimes losers). lol Love sex on weed. Extremely kinky and given to fetishes. My partner’s fantasy is my fantasy.
    I dance or musically relate to potential partners.

    Mars in Pisces doesn’t chase. If you see someone that is kind, soft-spoken, with googoo eyes and they give you a look and quickly glance away, it’s probably Mars in Pisces. The only thing I’m not big on is changing positions alot during the actual act. Geminis need not apply. šŸ˜‰ Oh…
    Best sex was with a Sagittarius. Just sayin’. lol

  44. I have Sagi Sun, Pisces Mars, Scorpio venus. Find my territory quite easily when it comes to taking care of the ladies. Providing they strike my passion.

  45. I’m a Scorpio Sun, Venus in Capricorn, Mars in Aries. He’s Aries Sun, Venus in Taurus, Mars in Pisces:

    Sex is amazing. First Aries guy I’ve been involved with. Perfect mixture of gentle and rough. His touch is certain, there’s no hesitation in it. But he’s the first guy I’ve even been with who does something that I’ve done often in sex: while being close, I keep my eyes open to look at his eyes. Most lovers (if not all, until him) have their eyes closed. He matches me, in that he looks at me straight in the eyes while we’re intimate. That in itself is such a turn on… spiritually, emotionally, physically…

    As for taking the initiative, he’s always had. He’s not a “sack of potatoes” in bed. At all. Mind you, our relationship is pretty new so things can change, but so far… Thank you, Universe!

  46. Thinks 2 Much says:

    I have natal Mars in Pisces. Sitting back and waiting rather than getting up and going for it does seem to be a problem, however when I finally get a foothold I’m like two Salmon swimming up stream for the mating area, I can exhaust myself mentally and emotionally going after a woman I have a fascination with. Oh what a dreamer chasing the dream to make it a reality. As for sex, I have noticed that I focus a lot on my partners pleasure and comfort. One partner repeatedly hid her discomfort over things we did in the bedroom, when she finally came out about them it wasn’t a happy experience for me and when she tried to re-introduce them even in conversations I’d just shut them down. As for giving pleasure… I do love performing oral sex on women, if I don’t get to do that on a regular basis with a partner it’s like something important is missing and then my own arousal starts to wane. As for lack of energy, I do like a woman on top.

    I’m single now. What do I spend most of my time doing? Dreaming about the next woman I’ll be with, loosing myself in her and dragging her into my world of dreams and fantasies so that she’ll never want to leave.

  47. Chris I would LOVE to hear more of your thoughts regarding love/sex/your approach things/etc. Anything basically! I am currently involved with a guy who has those same exact placements and whom I have a very strong and deep connection with but we’ve yet to hook up and I’m always questioning his feelings for me and trying to understand what the heck he wants/feels/etc. I am a Cap Sun Libra Moon Gem Asc with Venus in Cap and Mars in Scorpio. So I often wonder if my Scorpio mars makes me too aggressive for him and question how to approach him.

  48. How would you describe a sun in Sagittarius, Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Pisces man? It is so confusing. He was after me and when I started responding back its like he disappeared. i don’t understand what happened. I am a sun in Aquarius ascending in Scorpio, Venus in Pisces and mars in Sagittarius. How would we work in love, sex and all of the above?

  49. Laura, what came of your situation??? I have the same placements as you except my sun is on the cusp of aqua/pisces. The person I like has the same placements as the person you like and I am experiencing the exact same scenario as you described. Not to mention my moon is in cancer and theirs is in pisces. I am starting to get over the appeal of conjunctions, too confusing.

  50. I too am an Aries with a Pisces mars… I want to know more.

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