Sex with a Mars in Pisces person

PiscesHave you ever achieved transcendental bliss during lovemaking … not just your everyday orgasm, but a moment when “you” cease to exist? Mars in Pisces seeks this experience. Placed in the most spiritual of signs, the planet of sexuality seeks to dissolve the barriers of self.

The Downside

Mars the lover may be passive, for it is difficult to meet the needs of one’s ego in such a watery sign. He may prefer to have sex under the influence of drugs or alcohol. His sense of boundaries — where he ends and a lover begins — can make for divine sex, but it can also lead to confusion — as when he forgets that there are also two (or more) discrete bodies in the room.

The Upside

As Jara mentioned in Mars in Heat, this planet’s idea of foreplay would be to dance seductively, put on sensual music, share his emotions. Mars in Pisces is an intuitive lover, and his empathic sense helps him to know exactly how to please you, because he knows what it’s like to be in your stilettos.

Comment below: What do you know of Mars in Pisces … in the bedroom?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I know what you mean! You have to be careful with mars in leo though…. they’re crazy as hell! I dated a mars in leo retrograde for almost 2 years and we were engaged at one point as well. They will fuck you like you’re an object, never expect to make a connection with them that’s anything other than superficial.

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