Why do some Aquarius women cheat?

AquariusAn Aquarius wants the unfettered right to do what she pleases. Government and religious institutions only serve to squash her freedoms, and they must be overthrown! Down with the morality police!

Face it — rules are made to be broken, and who better to flout the laws of God than an Aquarius? If she wants to lay down with her neighbor’s wife, she’ll do it! Independence means more than being able to move out of your parents’ house and pay your rent. It’s about expressing yourself in spite of society’s rigid constraints.

As for the cuckold, well he ought to be liberated enough to be beyond antiquated notions of fidelity. Faithfulness is not about submitting only to your husband’s sexual desires. It’s about being true to your unique erotic impulses. To do otherwise is to court death, to be a caged bird yearning to explore the expanses of the heavens.

In a truly egalitarian society, we’d be able to sleep with whomever we want (consensually, of course). Is it any wonder that the dawning of the Age of Aquarius coincided with the Free Love movement? There are so many sexual opportunities in life! There’s nothing wrong with shacking up with one person, but why does the “couple” label have to have so many shackles?

Comment below: Cheating Aquarius women unite!

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About Jeffrey Kishner

Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, Tarot.com and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at JeffreyKishner.com.


  1. @ Chip

    i see you’re dragging your wikipedia copy+paste on this thread once again…

    Chip, wasn’t the Aqua lady your ex? why do you argue with all the other Aqua ladies here? do you think that’s gonna wash off the *insert here* experiences you’ve had with your own water bearer, so you’d click your heels and say ‘i’m smarter than you’ one more time, thus save face through this proxy?

    typically Pisces. i swear, show me a grown up Pi with balls and i’ll throw a party the size of Gomorrah…

  2. …and get off that bong. your punctuation is getty really annoying.

  3. @ winter_waterbearer,

    Wow there missy did you step in a nice mound of hot horsey dooo..
    Come one Miss winter give a good blow of air.. wow..
    I love an Aqua woman trying to convince us in believing they are so innocent and clean..ha ha.. how many home brewed porn flicks did u act in…

    I mean i like that you have the secret real down and dirty turn on switch.. YET lets communicate better and be honest with those fantasy secrets… Itch itch my dear… itch itch to..ST-andard D-efinition..

  4. @Jolie,

    If I paid you to be my shrink, you’d be spending most of your time discussing my case with your peers. Coincidently, you would be prescribing the cannabis for my bong because you’d be confused as to whether analysand or logotherapy would be more effective means of treating of me.

    If you would like me to apologize for my ability to retain information, and mold it to suit my message, then I will not.

    As you will note, my punctuation, and grammar is properly applied, now. It should assist you with your lack of understanding.

    I am also glad that you came to the realization that “I am smarter than you”. It would display itself quite clearly in room if we attended the same social engagement. I would shine despite the fact that I turned off my HTC Touch; thereby, preventing me access from Wikipedia.

    You are still upset that I had to explain the symptoms of postpartum hemorrhaging to a nurse. I am not certain what this would infer about your mental capacity to treat a patient such as myself. Maybe if you spent more time researching Healthopedia instead of blogging, you can bring some accuracy to your diagnosis. Oh, I forgot. Doctor’s diagnose. Silly me. Thank God for laureates. Can you imagine how many more mentally/physically people would be on this thread if it was not for their education?

    I am certain that those natives heavily aspected in Aquarius know that I am not arguing with them, but pointing out an outsider’s perspective, and what is historically detailed when it comes to classical astrology. Those Aquarians who do not, likely have a planetary affliction.

    As far as my ex-Aquarians are concerned, the reason I am not with them is because they generally cannot handle the truth. I would say this is an issue with all women, but I digress. If I tell you the money is “not there”, and you continue to spend beyond your means, you are stupid. If your counter-argument is, “You are restricting my purchasing power, and I will not allow you to dictate how I spend MY money.”, you are more stupid. I do not tolerate stupidity. And I will tell that woman that she is stupid after I have shown them a ledger or balance sheet which they will like not understand. Telling an Aquarian she is stupid, will definitely not get you laid, and it will likely get them walking out the door.

    Jolie, you are messing with the wrong Pi. You could not go toe to toe with me if I cut off nine of my own.

  5. BTW, I am convinced that you will demonstrate where I have failed to type various nouns, adjectives, and verbs. I am looking for a good editor. I am writing a book. The Healing Power of Astrological Medicine As Seen Through the Eyes of Jolie.

  6. *Chip pretending to be Jolie the spell checker, and English teacher*

    “you’d be confused” – you would be confused

    “of treating of me” – of treating me OR of treatment for me

    “properly applied” – ya, right (sarcasm is totally lost on me)

    “access from Wikipedia” – access to Wikipedia

    “Doctor’s diagnose” – Doctors diagnose OR Doctor’s diagnosis

    mentally/physically people – mentally/physically (sick) people

    MY money.”, – MY money”, <– no period

    And I – And, I

    will like not – will likely not

    There are more. But now, all is well. I have shown that my English acumen is sharper than Chippy's.

    *Chip's psyche profile of Jolie*

    why do you argue with CHiP here? do you think that's gonna wash off the *insert here* experiences you've had with your own fish, 😐

  7. @Jolie,

    would you like me to cut off the 10th toe, yet?…

    my cogliones are shriveled from all the mental masturbation that I do responding to your inquiries, and comments…

    I know why Aquarians cheat, and why they cheat on me… they’re more than happy to voice it… along with Gemini, they’re the parrots of the zodiac…

  8. @ Chip

    Hahaha you’ve definitely made my day. Why are you so pissed, Chip? I thought wikipedia was your friend, what’s the matter?

    I’m not THAT kind of nurse, Chipster. as i said , ‘you could say that i’m a nurse’. I work in biochemical research- right now, i am employed by a nice company to work in their laboratories and research, develop and test new medication and the effects thereof. I don’t deal with changing sanitary towels, but i surely do have more medical knowledge than someone whose bong and food stamps sprouted toes overnight.

    If you paid me to be your shrink, i’d check to see if the $ is real, then smack you with that bong until you’re quiet. Then we could start doing the work. I would never prescribe cannabis for your bong, go figure.

    Your ability to retain information (and actually use it, i might add) is just as efficient as the ability of a fish to retain water.

    My lack of understanding comes from the fact that i don’t own a bong. Tisk tisk.

    Smarter than me- who knows?!

    Postpartum- the way you put it indicated something different than hemorrhage, such as the entire range of physiological and psychological consequences. Referring to hemorrhage in the first place is like saying women bleed when they get their monthly cycle. But yes, you’re smarter than me so perhaps that’s the correct way of putting it.

    Aquas CAN handle the truth because they invented it, Chippy…that’s where YOUR tiny cortex fails to comprehend. Your little food stamp-sacrificing narrative indicates a typical Aqua gal who didn’t want to mess around with you but was just bored…terribly. So she avoided getting into ‘do you understand what’s written on this balance sheet here, namely the writing’ conversation with you and just slapped you around, purposelessly, because SHE WAS BORED. Perhaps she went shopping for a cute outfit to go with the walking out the door incident…Aqua ladies are pretty girls who like pretty things and men who can understand their penchant thereof. So be a dear and don’t hold a grudge against her, will you?

    Messing with the wrong Pi- nope. They’re actually all the same so what difference does it make, right.

    Oookay…are we polyglots now? don’t use words you don’t understand and can’t spell. there is no such noun as ‘cogliones’. There is ‘coglioni’, informal Italian for testicles, and ‘cojones’, its Spanish counterparts. Your intelligence and capacity of absorbing information shouldn’t let you butcher words like that. It’s not a spelling booboo…it’s a sample of Chip-ness.

    ofc i couldn’t go toe to toe with you, in my world Bob Dylan doesn’t knit mineral water in a palm tree like it does in yours.

    You’re definitely ‘special’, y’know.

    Gems and Aquas are not the parrots of the zodiac, what makes you say that? If Gems are parrots, what are Pisces? lol….i’ll leave you now. this conversation is inappropriate on an Aqua thread.

  9. @Jolie,

    Jupiter is truth… it’s my recollection that Jupiter rules Sag and Pi… I’m not certain which planet your astrology is centered on…

    You cannot beat a person with a bong… it would likely shatter on primary impact… so, I guess you can cut the knuckles on my feet since my toes are missing with the resulting shards of glass…

    so, now, the truth surfaces… you’re poking fun at me for the inhalation of a natural herb, or a hallucinogenic chemical… yet, you don’t own a chemical/gas mask, and you breath in your biotoxins… I’ve identified where that hint of methane came from… or do you simply inject some sort of viral agent because you’d like to be a test case? Can a crab even co-exist with lab rat in a maze without feeling the urge to claw at it?

    coglioni? now, who’s using urbandictionary?… I’ll refrain from discussing dialect coz you still think russian = ukrainian… at least, Stalin knew he was Soviet… maybe in the west we got it all wrong, clearly Russia = Georgia… tg that I’m high; otherwise, I wouldn’t be able able to tell the flags apart…

    yes, Aquas get BORED with me… funny, how my material gets re-used… I almost thought you were inattentive…

    in your world, Dostoevsky precludes Conrad… but then again, Conrad is Polish, and Poland was occupied by Russia when he was born… let’s cast aside Conrad’s contribution because he had his pulse on the sinister, and stiffling mindset of Russian aristocracy… who cares that he predicted the desecration, exploitation, and misconduct of Soviet sovereignty… for if it doesn’t coincide with Jolie’s wisdom, it must not be so…

    you can slam Dylan… but, for the umpteenth time, you pass judgement without exposing yourself or knowing another person’s work…

    so, if you want to split molecules (given the nature of your employment, you should be good at it), ensure you know which bonds your breaking…

    any bartender can mix a 747, and throw arbitrary spirits into a cocktail… Pisces, we do enjoy a proper concoction 🙂

    so, please prescribe me Belladonna alkaloids…

    btw, nothing was butchered… my “coglioni” (Ms. “I use MS Word and not Notepad”) are deflated because of your wanna-be Aquarian non-sense… theirs can be deemed entertaining… deflated (or !=) breaking… breaking along with the inverted hand gesture + that word implies upset…

    yes, they are parrots… they gossip and repeat confidences… they’re susceptible to cheating coz of it…

    lastly, all living biological organism retain water by definition… jellyfish up to 95%… you’re a bio-what?… I’d ask for a refund of my tuition… I hope your educational instituition wasn’t subsidized by tax either…

    it also explains why Pisces turns to the streets for their dependencies… the cooks cooking crack are honest about delivering bad product… they don’t do it with a diploma…

  10. @ Chip

    I’m not gonna go into anything else with you because you are clearly a person with issues.

    My job is my job and i am very good at what i am doing. If you keep twisting stuff around it won’t get you anywhere. You know very well what i said.

    If you think i equate russian with ukrainian i’m sorry to tell you this but you are clearly an imbecile.

    I am fluent in Italian, a language i grew up with due to my family, so please don’t YOU lecture me.

    Pisces don’t absorb water, Chip. I’m not gonna start making bio theories here for someone like you cause i’d be wasting my time. Again, you know what i meant.

    No, you ARE boring by default.

    ‘btw, nothing was butchered… my “coglioni” (Ms. “I use MS Word and not Notepad”) are deflated because of your wanna-be Aquarian non-sense… theirs can be deemed entertaining… deflated (or !=) breaking… breaking along with the inverted hand gesture + that word implies upset…’- i am losing you now. keep doing those hand gestures you’re so good at, will you. this way you can have a career as well.

    Don’t mention stuff like DostoYevsky if you’re not gonna engage in a conversation about his work. That’s why i call you a smatterer- you’re a good namedropping prick with nothing else but his copy+paste. Go fuck yourself.

    Wannabe aquarian nonsense? LOL. You do have issues.

    This is the last time i am replying you so don’t bother etc.

  11. @Jolie,

    DostoYevsky – aw, just when I was gonna blame it on cut and paste from wiki… I can’t… oh well… and yes, I can discuss him adhoc… and I can dust you off, just like I can dust off hard cover copies of his books… it should be abundantly plain to you that Conrad vehemently protested against DostoYevskian existentialism and psychology… so for you to presume that I cannot connect Under Western Eyes to Crime and Punishment, is downright slanderous coz I know that you can’t… I will not even breech Solzhenitsyn vs. Frankl…

    most Russians should know Italian… they emigrated through there to NA… usually a gestation period of two years… given it’s the easiest language to learn… I would hope you were fluent in the Tuscan dialect…

    an F-bomb… oh, my… what am I to do?… I was expecting va fa… 🙂

    yes, I knew what you meant… but, you should also be accustomed to my tone… there are strings you can’t tune…

    yes, I’ve been classless towards you, your livelihood, your temperament, etc.

    yes, I do have issues. I’m no different than any other human being. I’ve been open about my physical ailments, personal annoyances and grievances, astrological detriments/debilities, and mental limitations. If you fail to see where the honesty lies, and you are blind to it, there’s nothing that I can do.

    I may be a BORE to you. But, I may resonate with someone else that’s life. I eke out. Sometimes it’s good, most of the time it’s mostly bad. I expose myself. It’s who I am. I choose to dance; therefore, it’s likely that me or my partner(s) will get twisted. But, I chose to dance. Getting spun is reckoned.

    Whether you respond to me is immaterial… you’ve assisted in filling the moments in this day… Pisces 201…

    CHEATING results from dissatisfaction. Would you be surprised to know that the source may not be the partner?… It’s certainly not limited to an astrological sign… what you are hearing from Aqua is… I’m detaching from discontentment… I’m pursing what I think brings me happiness… perhaps, by your definition I’m CHEATING you, but by my definition, I am NOT CHEATING myself…

  12. @ Chip

    sheesh! i said i won’t reply but i just wanna say this:

    ‘perhaps, by your definition I’m CHEATING you, but by my definition, I am NOT CHEATING myself…’— the absolute truth, Chip. leaving all my contempt aside, you should generally follow this ‘rule’ from now on and avoid being stepped on. it sucks, but that’s how things are. and i don’t think it’s valid for aquas only…i think the same way btw (and no, i don’t wanna be an aqua).

    good luck.

  13. @Jolie,

    It’s clear you think that way; otherwise, you wouldn’t be juggling three guys… good luck with that…

    Cheating is an issue of right and wrong… and needs to be viewed as an absolute… and that’s what mrwizard is getting at…

    each new generation seems to blur it more, and treat it as a gray…

    I’ve been reading a lot how every ‘other’ sign has a moral compass… interestingly, as the ordained degenerate of the zodiac, I guess I know better than most what happens when you rest that compass on a magnet…

    and no, I do not expect you to understand… with your mindset, olive oil is olive oil, and you would’ve never’ve discovered Lorenzo’s oil as a biochemist…

    I won’t even expand upon your incorrect concept of water retention coz as a woman who hemorrhages monthly, I’m certain you’d source you’re bloating to something else, and in conjunction try to convince the rest of us that a water-logged plant doesn’t wilt… but, then again, I am talking to crab, so how can anything possibly permeate through a thick shell?… I would discuss pH, protein denature, etc… but, wouldn’t want to be accused of looking in the index of biology textbook, and coming across the word, homeostasis… seasalt prolly has nothing to do with fluidic retention either… but, tg Jolie is around to maintain a degree of equilibrium… she can flush us out with her water cooler talk…

  14. Fish out of Water says:

    My my, this article really shows that this may pose a problem for that Dora the Explorer Aquarius when it comes to relationships. Maybe they can learn a thing or two from the series ‘Big love’, to suffice their need for sexual variety, although this maybe not a good thought, for another bad thought came to mind, which is that mostly all the nights would consist of one stiff & 7 head aches.

    I’m not going to say much, but, Wow @ Chips & Jolie’s fiesta of words. I shouldn’t intervene, for i can already foresee the consequences.

    Chip & Jolie verbally lashing each other, & I step in.

    Lone Fishy: ‘Hey. . *Ahem* May I interrupt?’

    Chip & Jolie, simultaneously, with a glare: ‘You already have!’

    Lone fishy walks away with hands up in the air, but really does care.

  15. Aqua girl says:

    can u just shutup already!!! ur Aqua Ex-girlfriends probably dumped your ass because you are ugly or they realized they are out of your league so live it it and stop your silly argument!
    and dnt even bother replying because i just stumbled on this site and probably would never visit here again but if you want to, feel free because you look like a jobless kind of person to me.

  16. @Aqua girl,

    typical Aqua… took you a whole 10 seconds to come up with that one… I’d’ve been more impressed if you dropped a single F-bomb on me…

    I’ve a job… I write out of the boredom that that job brings… I’ve money… better than average looking considering 4 in. less than avg. male height, and receding hairline…

    I’m just glad that I came across another Aqua who can’t mentally keep up… you can play Jeopardy online with Jolie… it’d be interesting to see who hits the negatives quicker…

    lastly, I would want you to cheat on me, and dump my a$$… I wouldn’t wanna feel the obligation to have to sustain a conversation with you…

  17. and now u can hear crickets chirp *LOL*

    So I’ll pipe in 🙂

    Chip isn’t totally off his rocker.

    “you’re singing the tune of the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz… “If he only thought I had a brain… If he only saw my heart… If he only saw my courage…”

    That’s how I view aqua’s (men) minus the scarecrow… Cowardly lions(lack courage) and and tin men(lack of heart) if they are unevolved.

    ‘CHEATING results from dissatisfaction. Would you be surprised to know that the source may not be the partner?… It’s certainly not limited to an astrological sign… what you are hearing from Aqua is… I’m detaching from discontentment… I’m pursing what I think brings me happiness..’

    I agree. a mate can do everything right and still be cheated on and it often has nothing to do with them. The cheater has an issue within himself/herself. Cheating might bring happiness but its usually short lived. They then go on to the next and the next..

  18. I’m a old Aqua woman. I have never cheated. But I’ve had many relationships where I have made no promises. In my mind, it is not cheating if there is no commitment. If I want my freedom I am honest enough to tell my partner. I do not believe in sneaking and lying. I do not do that and I would be very angry if someone lied to me. If promises are made they are to be honored. If you want to be released from your vow then you must release you partner and either break-up or agree to an open relationship.
    When married I never cheated but when he did it was over. I can be friends but I don’t back-track

  19. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    I agree with Marilynn Fasick
    My first marriage never felt right, I never cheated on my ex, not even when things were really bad but if I were only dating someone and he made no attempts at a committed relationship then I would feel fine about both of us seeing other people. Its as bad as when you’re 7 and you have a friend but you dared talk to another kid at the playground…ooohhh, now you arn’t my friend anymore because you talked to him/her. Most people don’t grow up. Dating is just dating, if you expect a committed relationship then you have to actually bother to go the next step, omg, talk about it.

  20. Ok- I wasn’t previously in this conversation and I have only read a few posts, but omg…
    CHIP- u over sensitive, depressed, psychotic individual- hang up ur emotional “I’m better/smarter than you” playing card and get a real hobby. It prolly took u all day to come up with enough intellectual comments to apply with that post in order to feel better about ur pathetic self. Get over it and take the tampon out of ur ass.

    Any aqua women on here who felt disrespected “even tho we don’t have the sensitivity of a 4 year old like mr. CHUMP here” let him kno how u feel. I know us aqua women can say what’s on our mind with no problem, so don’t let some over sensitive pisces who has his panties in a bunch try to fake it til he makes it. Get over it chip- u suck at life.

    This reply is intended to be taking litterally but with all due respect because I’m a humanitarian individual as well- however, gahh I hate cry babies who think the worlds out to get them- but that’s just a typical pisces for ya. Good luck adapting to anyone with a real personality, u may just need to adapt to a blow up doll to put up with all the BS u dish out. 🙂 thanks for listening! Tune in next week for over sensitive virgo. 🙂 should be an interesting show folks 🙂

  21. @jennifer,

    I guess this where I tap you on the shoulder and respond, “Frak off, and have a nice day”… lol… I suspect it’s the sort of convo to which you are accustomed…

    As a Pisces, you’d be embarassed at the fact that I could outshine Ms. Confident and Vibrant Aqua…

    take your B-game to preschool… the children there have prolly had to listen to your life story, and can’t help but laugh… 😉

  22. Jenn,

    “This reply is intended to be taking litterally but with all due respect because I’m a humanitarian individual as well- however, gahh I hate cry babies who think the worlds out to get them- but that’s just a typical pisces for ya.”

    Girl, what are you doing?! You’re being contradicting. If you make a point, you have to keep your rationality consistent. You’re an Aquarius, you should be good at debating and understanding all sides.


    What’s up?!?! ZCap ended up having untold stories. Then pushed me away :/ but is going to a ska show with me at the end of the month so I guess just as friends. So, speaking of cheating Aquarius lol….ugh 🙁 Not me. I just read something about the darkside of love with the signs or something and it said that Aquarius gets turned off if the other person is more in love with them then vice versa. It also said Aquarius women stay more committed the more the lover treats us like crap lol I’m guessing that’s AFTER we decide to commit…idk, but now the letting go of ZCap. Thats turning out to be really hard, but doable.

  23. Perspiration:

    I do understand all sides- that’s y I am good at debate, however, I sometimes have very contradicting views on things as well. I like for someone to be completely in love with me and show me that love unconditionally, but at the same time if they’re too clingy or I can tell that their really subordinate in the relationship due to the fact that they DO love me too much- it IS a huge turn off and it causes us aquarius’ to break away and discover stronger individuals.
    With that being said, its really hard to find someone who deserves my love and devotion because I’m my most favorite person in the world and I don’t give my heart out very freely. Actually- my ideal future companion would be my best friend and someone who does whatever I feel like doing at the time, but still somewhat keeps me in check without telling me what to do and allowing me to very a significant amount of space and freedom. See- its actually really hard to be an aquarius and find a companion I don’t get completely bored with.

    However- the SAG man I’m dating is all of those things PLUS more! Funny, gorgeous, smart, idealistic, optimistic, always smiling (and melting me with that beautiful smile) and he doesn’t tell me what to do nor does he get too close and clingy to where it pushes me away. I have freedom and when he’s off work, a companion and a best friend 🙂 its a relationship I honestly never thought would be possible to find. And did I mention the sex appeal? OMG its insane! Better than all my past relationships/lovers combined! Its a scary/beautiful/new/unpredictable companion and future.

    So back to the contradicting phases of an aquarius- this may be a beautiful companionship because its everything I’ve ever wanted in someone but at the same time the differences between him and the earth and water signs I’ve dated- never again- scare me. All of my exes worshiped me and went to the end of the world n back for me and did what I asked them to do- but my Sag doesn’t do that at all. He’s the one in control and puts his foot down over things that I wouldve always had my way with. Plus I hear all this talk about Sags being prone to cheat and I’ve nvr been cheated on. And I cnt lie, the thought of that scares me something horrible. He’s so amazingly gorgeous- he could have anyone he wanted but said he knew I was the Obvious best choice for him b/c I’m so much fun and energetic and I keep him interested.
    These are great and all- but in all honesty even without the stress of being with a boring/uncompatible partner and getting what I always wanted in someone I still cnt fully find myself capable of emotional attachment because I’m scared I’m gonna get hurt. I knew none of my exes would ever cheat on me- they weren’t capable of even thinking such thoughts- but I dnt know about my Sag. Its def. A risk to take in order to predict and consume eternal happiness everyday- but I think I’m def. Willing to take this risk. Jus allowing myself to focus on him and his needs over mine will be extremely hard because I can sometimes be selfish but I will try hard to find some sort of emotional attachment because I don’t think I’ve ever been emotionally attached to anything in my life. And if I was- I was still able to let go and move on and be completely over that person or object within the next 24-48 hours. That’s how unattached us aqaurius’ r so I guess my sag is taking a risk with me as well.

    Sorry about the length of my post- but I hope it helps! 🙂 and the contradicting statements mentioned before came from the indecisiveness of how I felt. Its also true about aquarius’ that when were speaking a topic out loud- that’s usually the first time we actually gave any thought to the situation- so our thoughts tend to be a bit disorganized and aloof- but once spoken out loud- we know then how we truly feel and we will argue our beliefs once we know what we actually believe in 🙂 there’s too much going on up top for me to try and focus on one topic at a time.

  24. And Chip- sorry for any disrespect. I am a really nice, friendly person- but I really hate sensitivity. Especially in a guy. So I tend to tell them like it is. I rlly don’t mean any harm. And that’s y I said with all due respect lol- I tried so hard to not sound mean but I reread my post- and it was very rude and impulsive. So when I see that I’m in the wrong or a little to harsh I dnt have a hard time admitting it or apologizing at all. So sorry if I hurt ur feelings at all- I shoulda taken that sensitivity into consideration a little more. But another fact about aquarius’ – or at least me fursure- I rlly honestly cannot comprehend sensitivity and emotions of how another is feeling. It jus seems like words to me when someone tells me how they feel b/c I dnt take the time, enery, effort, or make that emotional connection needed to understand how someone truly feels. I tend to shrug it off and move on with my life and that’s y I tend to be mistaken as harsh or rude- but its just me and the incapability of hearing and listening at the same time. Its really hard to get close to someone on that level for me because I usually only take my thoughts and feelings into consideration along with those who are unable to help themselves. I focus mainly on me and those who need my help, not my emotional response or attention. My attention, time, and feelings are usually on the borderline of selfish and incomprehensible by and to others. Does this make any sense or am I just rambling? Lol

  25. @no-perspiration,

    “ZCap ended up having untold stories.” – that Cancer-Cap is famous for that… you just have to generally be receptive when they’re ready to tell… no point prying, you’ll need a crowbar with a Sun Virgo or Sun Cap unless there’s an air sign or two hammering the placement…

    Well, maybe you do have more patience than I gave you credit for… when I got pushed away by the Cap girl in whom I was interested, I thought, “Frak this… no time for a trivial friendship.” (might be an age thing, too)… and I stayed away… I’m all in with a girl, and expect the same in return…

    I just knew you’d hate yourself if you didn’t go down the path with this guy… any discomfort at not being a couple would be secondary for you… your charts were so much alike…

    and I’ll reiterate once for all, “Aqua’s don’t cheat. Technically, there is a clause in their policy which allows them to engage with a different partner.”

    but, I defy anyone to refute what I say with regards to your sign… they’ll have to provid me video evidence to the contrary…

    I’ve had several individuals contact me and say, “Holy sh!t !!! Even though I couldn’t believe what you wrote about Aqua, and I argued against you, in the end, it went down like that.”

    Jennifer just doesn’t know… I can get her at “Hello”, and break her at “Good-bye”, all in the same night… and she won’t be an afterthought… she’s so “Clueless” that she still wouldn’t stand a chance at Alicia Silverstone’s role…

    I’m glad you’re well NP.. my life is hectic… if you need, you know where I’m at…

  26. @jennifer,

    I really don’t take offense… and you can DIS me… I’m crude with my candor… and I prefer not to measure my words on Sass… people are either open or they’re not… they either remember their tone, or do not… if they can deliver an insult, they should take it… same as a compliment… some women want their hair brushed out like a cat… sorry, you ain’t gonna get that from me, just coz you know how to purr…

    I don’t care if it’s positive or negative… and if you have something to say, say it… I wouldn’t want you to apologize for being you…

    I’ve been dealing with various Acts and regulations lately… and I got to thinking… dating a woman is the same way… under section 132 of subsection 3(d) of MFPFA (My Feminine Personal Feelings Act), you’ve unlawfully been too condescending towards me, I can claim disenfranchised grief and extricate myself from my partner, YOU… thereby, readering the Copulation Act that we have entered, null and void…

    how droll life is…

  27. readering = rendering

    typing still bites…

  28. Well Chip- “clueless” wouldn’t be the most accurate word used to describe an aquarius- because I’m not as clueless as I may represent at times. Aloof, however, is a more proper terminology. I haven’t even read ur past posts on ur representation of us Aquas-however- my frustration came through by your posts on this page alone. I don’t like hostility, tension, negativity, misconstrued doubts about my abilities and power as an individual, nor do I tolerate judgment. However, I am a peace maker, and I have nothing else to say in regards to this previous conversations or accusations, nor do I take back my apology. When I am in the wrong or too harsh with my manner, I own up to it. It may have not insulted ur well-being, but its also not who I am or what I represent as a lady to talk like that to someone I don’t know. I’m also a southern gal from Nashville, so southern hospitality also plays a key factor in my apology.

    So with that being said- I have only one thing left to say to u dear chip- I really like your vocabulary lol. The words you use show much depth and meaning- which I strive to perform on occasion and also admire from the latter perspective. So thanks for all of your opinions and your input- and I really hope that your ideals and beliefs are always true and never misconstrued by others who tend to be more “close-minded”. I am a very open-minded individual- and never necessarily judge one for their beliefs or their morals/mentality on something. I respect, value, and admire individuality and differentials discussed in a forum such as this one- and if someone is right and proves their theory as accurate, or at least stands firmly to their beliefs, I respect it and admire it above all.

  29. @jennifer,

    I’m neither here to impress you with my vocab nor validate my judgments… as far as being non-judgmental, and non-closed-minded, had you been unbiased and open, you would not have felt the need to classify what I had “written on this page” as “hostile, tense, negative, or misconstrued doubts”… being non-judgmental would have entailed constuing my words as spoken in the context of the topic at hand, and in response to various “other” contributors… you chose to add the “emotional component” that was either an intentional solicitation on my part, or not…

    either way, if you’re apologizing out of southern decorum… you can keep it… saying, “I’m sorry” in my world is an act of sincerity not one of guilt, or reflectivity in the mirror…

  30. BTW, Jay-Z is a Sag… calls himself the HOV…if there’s anyone who passes judgment, it’s a self-proclaimed god… and last time I checked, astrologically speaking, Sags and Caps rule the courts, and enforce the laws legislated by Aquarius… no wonder the pairing works…

  31. constuing = construing

  32. Because it is the easiest thing in the world for me to do and get away with simply because you’d never suspect something like that from us. Aqua women are very happy and outgoing most of the time and a man will fall for that and feel like she wouldn’t do anything to hurt me would she? I’ll admit I’m no angel and have done that in the past and gotten away with it but that’s when I was young and selfish.

  33. Jennifer – I’m Aquarius lol “I KNOW”

  34. sillyaquagirl,

    ” I’ll admit I’m no angel and have done that in the past and gotten away with it but that’s when I was young and selfish.”

    Same here. We can be very sneaky lol, but I hung that up, too.


    I’ll most likely hit you up, but I know you don’t want to hear my sadness. But, words cannot express enough how badly I hurt. But, it’s only my fault. I didn’t have to give him my heart and I did.

  35. @no-perspiration,

    “you don’t want to hear my sadness” – I’ll listen… you just won’t get the reponse that you would yearn

    “I didn’t have to give him my heart” – why do you see this as a fault?… I really don’t understand the majority of the population… EVEN IF he had reciprocated as you had wanted, anytime you give your “heart”, there will be moments of helpless, and hurt… whether it’s rejection, or an inability to grasp his demons, or support his separation from his X, and longing for his child… you would’ve felt it… and even had you been a couple, there is no guarantee on a return of happiness…

    would you rather shelter your heart?… a lot of women here at Sass do… and you know full wll that I can list them… it’s a constant theme that I need to contend with as a man… it’s like that Haddaway song in A Night at the Roxbury

    “What is love
    baby, don’t hurt me
    Don’t hurt me no more”

    Why would you want to be one of those pent up girls?…

    I’ve read much on how women at this site are on their spiritual quest… what a load of crap… one specifically asked me, “Why don’t I mention love?”… my response was, “Why would I?”… most women can’t discuss how their heart has been shattered even after you’ve won their trust…

    you should be glad that you have the capacity to give your heart knowing that there is a possibility that you’ll be hurt/angry/frustrated at some point because you gave it…

    why do they call it “falling in love”?… it’s coz you FALL… I’ve never heard a woman say, “I met this guy, I feel like I’m RISING in love”, or “I’m SPRINGing towards love”…

    if you look at the Genesis story, it’s about a couple who FALLS from grace, or paradise coz they expressed their love… solitude is easy – ask Adam, he did OK when he was alone…

    Hindu tradition teaches “the hero, Ruru, quests into the afterlife to beg for the resurrection of his beloved bride, Priyumvada, killed by snake-bite. Death’s bargain with Ruru is that he is to give up half his life so that Priyumvada can live again. This is a common theme in world mythology: Orpheus, Gilgamesh, and many others take the same journey.” – from sacred-texts.com

    Are you getting my drift, yet? Who equated matters of the heart with happiness?… for centuries, it’s been equated with loss, sacrifice, and cost to Self…

    Moreover, in my experience, women are keen on quoting the following Christian passage (1 Corinthians 13:4-7):

    “4 Love is patient; love is kind; love is not envious or boastful or arrogant 5 or rude. It does not insist on its own way…”

    Why don’t they quote 1 Corinthians 13:1-3:

    “1 If I speak in human and angelic tongues 2 but do not have love, I am a resounding gong or a clashing cymbal. 2 And if I have the gift of prophecy and comprehend all mysteries and all knowledge; if I have all faith so as to move mountains but do not have love, I am nothing. 3 If I give away everything I own, and if I hand my body over so that I may boast but do not have love, I gain nothing.”

    or quote 1 Corinthians 13:13,

    “So faith, hope, love remain, these three; but the greatest of these is love.”

    What happened to the other two gifts? Faith and hope?

    To you, I say continue to demonstrate faith and hope, and with an open heart, you’ll find #3… even if he can’t find you…

    leave the fairy tales, and the 0pr@h and Dr. Ph!l citations to the others… they’ll never figure it out…

    IMO, many would benefit from confronting their pangs, and the ugliness as opposed to chastising those of us who can…

  36. Chip,

    You’re right. I was definitely happy that I didn’t turn cynical and that I was able to still give of my heart, still have faith and hope. It’s I guess, when his issues turned it down, and when I took it personally BUT OBVIOUSLY I shouldn’t have. His execution of the whole thing is what, I guess, showed a defensive side of me he hadn’t seen as of yet. I was being called and liar on something I didn’t lie about, but the more we talked about it, then more I realized it wasn’t anything I did. It was him… and there’s two exes in the picture, the one before his most recent was the issue. I won’t go into that further, I can just sum it up with – he was ready to be happy, but he wasn’t ready to risk HIS heart being broken again. It’s still healing from the one ‘that got away’, so I have no choice but to move on. I’ll still be me though. Still silly and helpful, because if I sit here and question what I did is only going to make things worse. My girlfriend is already trying to pimp me out lol “Girl, you’re going to get old and you’re going to lose a lot of what guys are pining after for you now. This is all a blink of an eye in the scheme of things” and she’s right…. not only a blink of an eye with that situation, but a blink of an eye with the human’s existence on this planet.

    Thank you Chip, AS ALWAYS! I’m sorry I triggered that in you, but I hope a lot of women read what you just wrote. It’s all hodge-podge haha 🙂 At least I can love again and without comparing…. that’s a great feeling in itself.

  37. @no-perspiration Yep sneaky is my middle name. LOL Wow the things I’ve gotten away with in the past. Good times….good times. LOL (evil smile)

  38. There are some good Aquarius women out there .

  39. I must be an anomaly, or maybe it’s the Taurus rising in me, but I have always been a true blue, never cheated (but usually get cheated on), loyal and loving girlfriend.

    ….And I hate bickering. Can’t we all just get along LOL???

  40. I love it how liberated and free a Aquarium chick thinks. So inspiring and amazing. Makes me think of my own morals and principles. Hah! True, that rules are made to be broken by but they are there to keep things in order as well.

  41. one thing aqua will never feel is human pain broken heart that s why you will always be the outside person out of the whole zodiac

    what comes around goes around

    aquas will always be on the outside they just will never ever understand human emotion love from the heart only from the head and that why they will always be n the outside …always

  42. Daniaquarius says:

    Whoever wrote this is pretty dead on and I’m assuming so by experience… I tried to keep up with all the comments but I’m very confused! Anyways, I’m an aquarius and I couldn’t agree more!

  43. Guidingfate says:

    As an Aquarius woman I find this article a bit short and one sided. Aquarius is one of the most devoted in a relationship. Just as any other sign and/or human being we are all capable of cheating. Generally if someone cheats it is because they are with the wrong person and they create that escape hatch for themselves as a way out. Get out before you cheat and it is a lot less dramatic. Life is what you make of it.

    An Aquarius who has never cheated.

  44. hiya im a aquarious i have been with my lad nearly a year thru the early stages of my relationship i did only coz of my ex and my lad has been out of the uk 3 months up to today i have cheated on him twice within 3 months communication has been rare since he gone away there has been now n again communication 98% time dont communicate.

  45. Ecstacy says:

    I beg your pardon!!??
    This post should say “Why do SOME Aquarius woman cheat”. I will be honest. I cheated once on my 9 year relationship but because I was in a VERY emotional state because my so called Pisces BF of 9 years at the time abused me, cheated on me, lied to me, and messed with my emotions so bad and I was loyal, faithful andI lost my virginity to him. (I was raised to believe that the person you give yourself to is the one for life) And the person I cheated on him with I thought I could have a relationship with. Thank goodness it didn’t happen (that stalking psycho).
    Anyways, I have Aquarius lady frinds also who are devoted and loyal to their lover. And sadly some of them are having a hard time leaving their abusive loved one because of the devotion we put in. When we’re in love we devote ourselves to that person. The Pisces trusted me very well and didn’t give me shit about my loyalty to him. he wasn’t insecure and he wasn’t checking my phone and shit because I gave him my codes and I was always honest. That reeled me in deep with him… which also made it hard for me to leave after a year in the relationship when I found out about his unfaithfulness….

    Now… I have dated after I left him, and I only slept with 3 guys in the year and 3 months I was single. I don’t need someone to sexually pleasure me. I mastered the arts of SELF PLEASURE and I can make myself climax faster than those guys I slept with put together. My body is not a sex toy. It’s a temple and only those I choose can enter this sacred temple. One I feel I have a connection with. And my other female aquarian ladies agree with me also.

    So, We don’t cheat. But there are those who will get pushed so far the edge after giving everything and get nothing…. and THAT will cause ONE to cheat.

  46. Aquarians always cheat, but they always have a valid reason for it if that helps. And I hope that helps summarize our ideas here. If not, open up a new page on google and check “aquarius cheaters” has most entries. Lol. So what are you guys fighting for, again?

  47. I have dated 2 aquarius woman!!! Not To Mention My mother AND wife are aquarius I’m a Virgo I have been an enemy of my mom’s since age 5!!! When she came back for me after leaving me with grandma for a GUY didn’t c her 4 TWO yrs… first love was aquarius she was a lying shovanistic messy thirsty inconsiderate ungrateful SLUT (my mom too btw)…. my next “love” aquarius same way couldn’t give two dams about my feelings so I got rid of ALL emotions now my current wife is aquarius and she’s an EEEEVIL twisted lazy argumentative greedy selfish Whore who won’t sign divorce papers to prolong my torment and unhappiness I hate aquarius woman they have ruined my life

  48. surfeveryday says:

    Wow, I can’t believe how lovely the first Aquarius woman I’ve met is. I probably am not right for her, but it’s so refreshing to meet a woman that is not afraid to be herself, respond to what she wants, accepts me as I am, judges noone and has high emotional intelligence and wisdom. For me it’s a challenge to pursue her everyday, yet I realize she could care less. This is very beautiful to me. She went with another man, instead but it’s cool to know there are women like this out there. Leaving my selfishness aside, I think so far aquarius types exemplify pure feminine attraction for me far and above other women I’ve met…Im cancer with pisces moon. I don’t think people “cheat”, they are just suddenly honest with themselves. it can be inconvenient and painful for moment…but in the long run better really, so get over it (sooner than later for yourself).

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