What makes Sagittarius want to get married?

It’s a bitch trying to hitch a wild horse, so it’s reasonable to assume that one must appeal to the upper half of the centaur if you want to marry him. The higher mind of a Sag studies the religious or philosophical foundations of marriage. The animal self wants to just gallop off to distant lands and impregnate many mares.

Therefore, a Sagittarian’s faith, his religious commitment, would be a primary motivation to tie the knot. If God says a man and a woman shall unite and make babies, then Sag will be the first one to jump onto the bandwagon. He’s not a conformist, but he’ll do what everyone else is doing if there’s an inspiring reason to do so.

Not all Sagittarians are God-fearing folk, though. This sign relates to both the legal system and foreign lands, so obtaining a green card would also make him want to exchange rings. If he’s truly in love but bristles at the idea of being constrained by a piece of paper, he’ll do it anyway to keep his beloved in his country. Or if he’s not really in love but his student Visa ran out, he’ll exchange vows just so he can stay overseas.

Comment below: Are there any other reasons for a Sagittarius to get married?

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  1. Sit back .read the previous comments do your home work .stay busy very busy.Don’t call to much.only ask only how are you doing and listen afterwards only stay on phone 10 minutes if the call is lost don’t call back ever. more later

  2. Damn I just typed a long message for u leogurl and pressed the wrong thing and its disappeared lol.

    What I did say is that he’s probably getting cold feet cos I mentioned above we are scared of making a mistake. He probably still loves you, but it is probably just the marriage thing. Have patience with him and say you realise its a big scary prospect but that you are already committed to each other so nothing has to change , and surely its worth giving it a go. Also I know we dont like to feel pressure, so just show him how good you are together and have fun, make him realise he does want to be with you, so maybe he might come back round to the idea without being nagged at and pressurised. JUst have a little patience. Hope this helps . I know Leo and Saggy’s are supposed too be great together so hang in there if he still loves you

    @Sag24/7 yup lol…Maybe one day when I have my zimmer frame πŸ˜‰ I currently have a Leo chasing me who used to have a crush on me at school….Havent tried a leo yet πŸ˜€

  3. CynicalSag says:

    LOL….ive just read all the stuff on Leo males and now Im thinking gheez do I really want to give Leo a go hahahah? πŸ˜›

  4. i actually like leos alot…my ex was a leo and this other leo guy, im really attracted too..

    they definitely have a “king of the jungle” thing going on..

  5. Yeah but hes not single πŸ™ and I dont wanna just provide him with sex πŸ˜›

  6. What else can he want from u if he’s not single?

  7. Sag is one of the most stereotyped signs out there! despite what several sags say here, we’re not all obsessed with sex. in fact, sags are one of the most intellectual signs in my experience; i have met many. they are more than just pleasure seekers; they are smart and they look for intelligence, humour and warmth in others and importantly, a sense of independence of thought – we like people who are individuals not clones. We are not prone to straying once we have found the right one.

    The usual stuff they say about Sag getting on with all air and fire signs is lazy and not necessarily true in all cases. the best match for a Sag is an Aquarian imho – true individuals. We love and admire Leos with their big hearts, optimism and creativity. Aries not so much – bossy, controlling and self-oriented. YOU CANNOT CONTROL A SAGITTARIAN!! Geminis are too glib and unstable and we wonder if they can be faithful. Libras are a total no-no – infidelity and insincerity anyone? I hit it off with Cancerians (quirky humour!) and Taureans (grounded, strong and well balanced) and they like me. People who harp on about the Sag’s love of freedom tend to misinterpret it – we dont like being smothered or feeling claustrophobic – it does not mean we want to sleep with all and sundry.

    If you’re clingy, feel incomplete on your own, possessive, mistrustful, indecisive, selfish, lacking in substance and take yourself very seriously – forget it. (Libra and Scorpio probably should not apply). Sag wants an equal partner not a co-dependent.

    To attract and keep a Sag – give them lots of room to be themselves, encourage their independent thought and partake in it, be relaxed, strong, don’t pester for constant reassurance, be happy in yourself and most of all, have the courage of your own reason. Expect everything and you’ll get nothing, expect nothing and you’ll get everything!! Expectation is a killer in a relationship – INTENTION is the key – you must CREATE the relationship you want – not simply expect it.

  8. LibraThoughts says:

    A lot of what Cypher said reminds me of my Sag man, (I fell in love with his mind first) but I’d have to disagree with your assessment of Libras. As with all things astrological, at the end of the day people are people, and some will be an astrology book to a ‘T’ and others won’t. I am a Libra with a great relationship with a Saggitarius, but if you asked him one of the things that probably annoys him about me is how long it takes for me to make a decision. I have strong opinions but don’t like suggesting or telling people what to do and all too often suggestions, which are just that, are heard as definitive statements of what we’re doing. As for insincerity and infidelity, I was a breath of fresh air for my Sag. Unlike his previous relationships, this has been his first where both parties have remained faithful.
    The summary “If you’re clingy, feel incomplete on your own, possessive, mistrustful, indecisive, selfish, lacking in substance and take yourself very seriously” is almost verbatim what my boyfriend told me shortly after we started dating. Interestingly, he wants all the space in the world but as soon as he gets it he’s calling to ask why he hasn’t seen me or why I didn’t join him at some event or outing. So, I would say the idea of “freedom” is the ability to go and do what he wants, when he wants, but not necessarily without me.
    And on you last point, I would have to agree. Being his friend and knowing him, it didn’t take me long to realize I didn’t expect anything from him but that I’ve gotten so much more than I would have ever thought. (And we still love staying up and talking about anything, 2.5 years later)

  9. CynicalSag says:

    @librathoughts……good for you…:) I have a libran father and brother and both are faithful as far as I know…I also have a Libran daughter who is intelligent and gorgeous and caring, but her indecisiveness does drive me mad a bit lol …..My first boyfriend was a Libran too, but unfortunately he fitted into the infidelity /insincerity.

    As for us Saggys hear hear Cypher, couldnt have said it better myself! We definitely look for someone who has a bit of spark who can stand up to us and give their own ideas so that we actually have something else to ponder or think about. We are the explorers of the zodiac and that includes exploring the mind and spiritual side of life as much as anything else. Think Jim Morrison. I myself, have never gone into a relationship just for sex, there has to be something there. We are idealistic, and also open, friendly and warm, and tend to put our heart and soul into everything. But if we are not met half way and given anything back we find it very easy to walk away. You cannot flog a dead or bored half horse πŸ˜‰

    PS. I dont talk to Leo much now….all he talked about was sex lmao HOW BORING πŸ˜›

  10. “If you’re clingy, feel incomplete on your own, possessive, mistrustful, indecisive, selfish, lacking in substance and take yourself very seriously – forget it. (Libra and Scorpio probably should not apply). Sag wants an equal partner not a co-dependent.”

    I agree with @Cypher. I have to remind myself of these traits whenever I reflect on the relationships that didn’t pan out with the Aries and the Scorpio I was seeing. I definitely need equality within a relationship. I don’t like being put in a parent role nor do I need to be parented.

    I realize that most of the time when I felt valued and accepted as a whole person was when I dated an Aquarius or another Sag. They didn’t hold grudges about dumb ish, were very straightforward and vocal about their feelings/intentions, and allowed me to be who I was.

    I also agree with @CynicalSag too. We need to be met with equal enthusiasm and support or else our commitment-phobia kicks in and were off to find that someone or something that truly makes our heart sing.

  11. Addendum:

    I have to remind myself of the above when it comes to the Libras and Pisces men who’ve crossed my path as well.


  12. CynicalSag says:

    LOL @ TheSagGirl….yeah I was engaged to a piscean….put me off for life lol
    I think Our saving grace is our sense of humour and the ability to be able to laugh at ourselves. Seriousness in someone else who cannot laugh at themsleves really gets us down. Well it used to me if I was in a relationship with someone miserable and sulky and couldnt see his ego controlling him even if it had kicked him in the eye…..:) Thing is theres too many of them about and my nose always seems to sniff them out and I end up with them feeling all trapped and miserable.

    THAT is why I am happy being single…at the moment anyhow πŸ˜€ Men are such a hastle whatever sign they are in my experience πŸ˜› Even when Im picky and dont have a relationship for 6 years I end up in a completely distastrous situation. Hahaha Oh well…..at least Im still optimistic ……:)

  13. the gift of optimism and laughter….

  14. i love talking to saggis….makes life interesting

  15. CynicalSag says:

    yes me too :)….my best friend is a saggy too and shes a couple years older than me and never been married either and has a libran daughter too hahaha….shame no one in my family is a fire sign even theyre all water and air so tend to be a bit of a black sheep, and they dont understand me very well….but glad I have my best friend. Saggys are not judemental, thats another good thing about them.

    I think to be married to a saggy you definitely need to be on their wavelength, getting back to the subject…..we like talking alot too dont we…..when we have something to say that is lol, we dont hold back.

  16. CynicalSag says:

    and if anyone is involved with a sag….never play mind games, cos they will figure it out and make u feel like your going crazy πŸ˜›

  17. CynicalSag says:

    thts if we dont walk away first

  18. lol @CynicalSag.

    see the thing with me is that i exercise the “what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander” rule. i cannot abide by double standards of any sort and i realize that this is what gets me into trouble when it comes to men…and authority figures. lmao!!

    case in point, el scorpio wanted to see other women and cavort about, which i was fine with me, but then he flipped out on me when he discovered that i was seeing other people too. my immediate reaction to that was “um, why shouldn’t i?” my problem with him wasn’t so much that he had other women, my problem with him was the double standard he wanted me to follow…oh, and his dishonesty…that got my goat too.

    my father is a sag. i love him to death. talk about a man that gets where i’m coming from every time. he’s currently battling cancer and it’s ripping my heart out to watch him go through it.

  19. @cynical,

    exactly! we will probably figure out your little game and then laugh and play along. we love games! we will play right back and you will think why the hell hasnt she screamed yet!

    and then we will leave…..


    i hear that 2! if he starts saying “what the hell are you doing with so and so…” thats when you break out your list of “what the hell are you doing with so and do..”

    they hate that, especailly the scorpios.

  20. @thesaggirl,

    i dont handle cancer well either. my mom is trying to shake it 2!

    shes a good sport.

  21. AquaTrainer says:


    So true with the talking…and talking….and talking. Lol which I really don’t mind! Just, some times I’d rather talk about nothing in particular…or something stupid….or useless information. Not “us”. But, I do my best to communicate and I think I’m gaining so much personal growth from doing so. This relationship will be the one to enhance my communication skills for sure! So far, it has also reestablished my need to be me…at all times. I’m not the type to give off a false facade so I can reel you in. Nope. You get me…..and everything that comes with it. Although, LIKE sag I can sniff out clues where stuff doesn’t make sense. I learned that through my ex Pisces.

  22. @aquatrainer,

    dont get me started on sniffing out a Pisces lie!

    theyre not even good at lieing!!

  23. AquaTrainer says:

    haha, where’s the “like” button when you need it…. High Five on that one!

  24. especially the scorpios. ol boy was mad at me because i spent a good deal of the relationship mirroring his behavior…like disappearing acts and flakiness. oh, you want me to come where and stay where? sure, i’ll be right there. meanwhile, i’m making plans to do something else on the other side of town.



  25. AquaTrainer says:

    Oh, one water sign is enough for me. I can’t take that kind of crap anymore. No more drama for me, no spank you.

  26. CynicalSag says:

    Sorry for the cancer thing girls….my mum went through a scare a few years ago, but turned out to be something else, but I was the only one she told so was hard for me. My mums a scorpio arghhhhhh lol, but i still love her even though we dont always see eye to eye πŸ˜› I’ve been the one to open her eyes I think and hopefully be more tolerant and non judemental…..

    I do like to go off by myself aswell as talk though cos i do art and stuff and read alot so I need head space.

    And yeah double standards and hypocrisy really get to me. Saggys are fine with most things as long as they know about it.
    Think theres about 5 more comments now in the time Ive taken to write this one.
    Oh , my grandad was a saggy but he died when I was 9. But he was brilliant and I still miss him .

  27. @sag24/7

    my heart goes out to you and your mom. i hope she beats it.

  28. AquaTrainer says:

    Sag 24/7,

    I did that too sometimes. Say I was somewhere where I wasn’t or with someone I wasn’t……only to be like “two can play at this game” but eventually I stopped. Because, it wasn’t me. I’m not the “two wrongs make a right” type.

  29. CynicalSag says:

    Yeah tit for tat gets u nowhere in the end…..I played games cos me keeping my daughter depended on it ….grrrr at aries….thought he was clever pah hahah

  30. @AquaTrainer

    i hear you. for me though, i just couldn’t bear playing by the rules feeling that i was being suckered. i also have a big ego (cue Kanye. lol) as did the scorpio, so for me the behavior was also a way of knocking him down a few pegs.

    it was a brutal game though. friends compared us to the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith.


  31. CynicalSag says:

    yeah this thing should have a *like* button lol

  32. i have to add though, that I have since evolved. he has tried on a number of occasions to get me worked up over nonsense but now i just hit the proverbial (and at times literal) “ignore” button.

  33. CynicalSag says:

    Thats what I hate about Scorpios….they think theyre succeeding when u get angry, but its the whole fact hes trying to play games that gets u wound up in the first place, not what theyre actually doing….they have very big egos but probably dont even know it

  34. AquaTrainer says:


    “And yeah double standards and hypocrisy really get to me. Saggys are fine with most things as long as they know about it.”

    I can totally relate to this….cept for one thing… and it’s only because our relationship is so new and I finally cut off all communication/relationships with my ex.

    See, when my ex’s separated wife came down years ago to get her things and a puppy my ex asked if I wanted to be there and I said “helllll no, this is between you two” then he told me about her visit two days later……if memory serves me right.

    But, with my ex coming to drop off my tv and cable receiver I had previous told my sag about it….and he wanted to be there for the transaction. I said no. I thought for OBVIOUS reasons. And I didn’t tell him the day of, but he remembered that night and got real upset with me. I told him I was a grown adult and I can handle my situations very much so. I might not be the strongest physically, but thanks to life’s lessons in the past 2 or 3 years I am very strong mentally. My ex has nothing to do with him and I or my life, period. He didn’t get it. I told him it made sense both ways. Took him awhile to get over it and I think it’s because I didn’t budge from my opinion. I think he’s here to help me communicate more and I’m here to help him trust an independent, social (more so apparently) woman.

  35. it’s like, you’re four years older than me dude, what’s your problem?

  36. lol @AquaTrainer

    yeah sometimes we think we know what’s better for you than you do. but once you exert your independence we don’t bother you…as much. lol

    and yes @CynicalSag…that was exactly it. i felt like he was insulting my intelligence. i even told him that and was like, hey dude no need. but, he kept on…and on…so i had to hit him where it hurt. lol.

  37. CynicalSag says:

    The thing is he gave you a choice to be there.
    You didnt give him one. Maybe he thought you might have still had feelings for ex by refusing that he could be there…I would have felt the same. I would have thought….why doesnt she want me there?

    LOL @ The SagGirl

  38. CynicalSag says:

    I think maybe if u had said well you can if you want but I am an adult and will be able to handle it alone just as you did…..sometimes its all about the phrasing…

  39. CynicalSag says:

    anyway Im being boring now I’ll shut up lol

  40. AquaTrainer says:

    LOL so then I shouldn’t have been like “no, common sense says no” lol? I mean, an ex showing up to your place where your current boy is gonna be? Not a risk I want to take. Plus, I had some news for my ex that I wanted to tell him face to face. Originally I was going to have my dad there and NOT be there myself….but the news was just too juicy and I felt obligated to tell my ex face to face. My ex and I are both mature adults and civil towards each other…. my Sag didn’t want my ex to say anything hurtful. I told him my ex and I were way past that. You have to give a crap to be mean to someone.

  41. AquaTrainer says:

    no, I was talking about my ex Pisces gave me a choice to be there when HIS separated wife came down and I didn’t want to be. But I did know what day it was happening on. And my Sag knew what day is was going to be happening, but forgot hehe. I just didn’t want him to worry himself when I’m fully capable of handling my own stuff. He has enough issues in his life he’s worrying about right now and I didnt want to add on to that, especially over a situation I had full control over.

  42. CynicalSag says:

    Well you got through it anyway didnt you :)…and relationships are all about give and take and getting to know each other……. but he did still offer to have you along with his ex πŸ˜‰ hehehe. You probably just bruised his man ego cos he wanted to be there for you then. But is good you stuck to your guns, start as you mean to go on.

  43. CynicalSag says:

    @AquaTrainer….ah I get ya….sorry, hard on here to understand everything πŸ˜€

  44. Ha ha! Yeah we Sags love to talk; but we’re good at it though. Librathoughts – you are a girl so things slightly different from a Libra male, perhaps on the infidelity front. But the indecisiveness, oh yes – my ex took months to make decisions, literally, with the result that I had to make them which he resented over time as did I, since I got it in the neck from him. Horrible drama. Urg.

    CYnicalSag – LOL re the Leo remark – We like ’em but I didnt say we want to or should date them. they are apt to put it about a fair bit. Its a dangerous liaison! I think you definitely need to let them improve with age πŸ™‚ Anyway, for me, you cant beat Mr Aqua – it just feels right. I need to find one. LOL

  45. From my POV, Sags are capable of commitment. I’d rather be single than to marry and divorce. Because it’s like, all that time spent was for nothing (at least that’s how I’ll feel for a long time). So right now, I’m in the single celibate phase.

    I guess I’m not a cheater because I don’t have the typical appetite for casual sex most Sags do. One thing is for sure though, is when a Sag stops having sex (at least for a month), you’re in deep doodoo.

  46. michles says:

    I am absolutely downright in love with a capricorn very enhanced venus-in-sagittarius plus sagittarius-in-ascendant boy. Haha, he’s still a boy to me. I’ve known him and been with him for a year already (wow!) and we know each other quite well and are really good friends.

    I’m a Cancer/Leo girl. I’m more of a cancer but with still a lot of Leo in my chart (sun, venus, ascendant) how funny :p

    The sad thing is, he’s not in love with me back.

    How funny though, it is to see him go through his own life as well. Just recently, he “dated” a girl who he said was his girlfriend (yet I truly doubt it because of his past “relationships” -mind you, they’ve only “lasted” a few weeks) and yet I’m here always caring for him, having fun with him, talking and communicating with him, sometimes giving him money (yeah, I know it’s stupid and dumb but he appreciates it in the end wholly and truthfully, i love him to bits for those moments), i help him out when he needs it and put up with him in his dumb moments and nonsensical silly moments lol

    I’ve read plenty of Sagittarius articles and yeah, I’ve been the one chasing him. In fact, I started the whole thing.

    However, meeting him and him being in my life was a turning point. I finally emotionally got out of a relationship that was useless and worthless to keep in my life with an ex-Scorpio. Oh gosh, I never want to date another scorpio like my ex again. There’s a guy who’s a scorpio who seems so different from my ex, but that’s another story. lol I don’t want to get involved with him either despite his sweet, shy and playful more open nature– even though my cappy/saggi seems like he’ll never love me. lol

    Well, my Cappy is a full-fledged cappy but even at the beginning when I met him, I was surprised how I could tell he seemed like a sagittarius. I had a hunch he had sagittarius in him, he’s into education (despite not going to college . . . yet) and philosophy, he’s into nature and spirituality, he does not like to be held down and he even has some moments of anxiety/claustrophobia (in large crowds) (one time, he came to visit me on the bus and suffered some claustrophobia, he did not like that), … he seems so much more like a sagittarius rather than a capricorn.

    I love that boy so much, I don’t know what to do. It’s hard for me to not feel clingy at times (I’ve gotten better because of him and let him have so much more space now) but I should give him so much more space and just wait for him to call me/invite me over… lol we have great times together, we’re on the same wavelengths when it comes to sex and he’s not really so much into adventure as much as I am. I’m much more adventurous and spontaneous compared to him lol it must be his Mars in Capricorn (yet I have Mars in Taurus lol) His real fault is his flirtatious ways– at least for me, I’m not jealous anymore but I get sad because I feel so used and unappreciated at times. πŸ™ He already said that he wants to just “explore” women and marry a Japanese woman in the end . . . ugh. how saddening. :'( If he does, I just hope she will make him happier than I ever could . . . and that he will be right for her ( I would be scared for her lol)

    In the end, our birth charts say that despite all the good aspects (we’re super compatible for each other) . . . our venuses and uranuses square each other. How sad πŸ™ If he ever asks me to marry him,

    I do
    to get

    That is the last thing I ever want to face in my life, NO WAY. I would be willing to give him anything like freedom just to keep him because my heart yearns for him so much to be with him and grow with him and be together in our lives, his feelings aren’t there for me yet πŸ™ Ugh, I want to grow with him, mature with him, have fun with him, make our lives into one big happy never-ending exploration of life and of love.

  47. curious757 says:

    venturing into the sag forum section, i’m shocked to read about sagittarius man and his adventure to mate with all these mares. It sounds horrible to be married to one.
    would that be even more emphasized if he’s got Sagittarius Venus and Mars? it sounds like a nightmare.

  48. Just wanted to chime in that I believe Sag and Gem can make a wonderful and happy pairing …. Dunno for how long but seriously….its cool to be with your supposed opposite. It is a challenge. For some reason Sag don’t like gemi as much so again we are alone lol but Gem always live Sag cuz you guys will join us on missions

  49. Plus as always maturity comes into play. Meaning get over the primal instinct in all of us….but garsh that would just be boring as hell

  50. I’m beat…after hearing all about what Sags think about scorpio’s. No wonder scorps feel so unappreciated by sags. Such hard work to figure Out what’s best but hey, no matter how many times I feel dismay, best to change my mind set and remember that I love my sag man deeply and I don’t really expect anything from him. As long as I know he’s not going anywhere and that he knows that I need my space at times just as much as he does for the same reasons, there’s no reasons for me to learn how to play games. All I know is that if I have to play games to draw him closer, then I don’t want him any more. To all the people who had bad experiences with scorps, there are two kinds. I am not just speaking for myself where when I say that scorps are really genuine people and very passionate about life and the people they love. They want what’s real, and they are impatient at best mainly because they don’t understand why most people take such a long time to figure out how they feel about us scorps when it takes a mere glance to fall in love and mostly we just decide to love and stick to it for a very long time. We. Will never be in a relationship with you if there has not been some feelings for you right from the start. We give it our all from day one but don’t waste our time. We will only e patient and give you the space and time if you have us realize that you see us together forever. Knowing. That makes it worth while to stay committed even if you might never put a ring on it. We possess unconditional love. Next time, I’ll mention the ery nice things about the sags just to be fair.

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