Should Taurus Woman Commit to Scorpio Man?

(Disclaimer: This blog entry is for humorous and educational purposes only. Adhere to the following advice at your own risk.)

Venusianprincess provided her birth information and writes:

There has been this Scorpio guy that I have been talking to for quite awhile. We’ve known each other for 4 years and now, out of the blue, I am starting to fall for him. I have always kept him at a distance, but now I want to be with him and I’m scared that I will be hurt (he hasn’t given me any reason for feeling this way, he actually treats me like a princess) So I don’t know why I feel this way. I am 26 and he is 40 (a young 40). His venus is in sagittarius and his moon sign is in pisces. A part of me wants to go further (he wants to marry me), but a part of me wants to keep it like it is (because I’m scared). Any insight would be so greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

Taurus and Scorpio are opposite signs, which could explain the magnetic, yet uncomfortable attraction you have for this Scorpio guy. Scorpio is a passionate sign that yearns for something deep. When in love, Scorpio wants to make a lasting commitment and know that you will always be there for him. This should appeal to you, since Taurus is an earth sign that also needs to know where a relationship stands. Your Venus in Taurus reinforces this core value regarding relationships, as well. But maybe your Scorpio’s intensity is making you feel pressured…

Your chart is loaded with the fire element, which contradicts the long-term commitment valued by your Taurus Sun. Your Moon, Mercury and Mars are all in fire signs (Sagittarius and Aries, respectively). Since you don’t provide any specific external examples, the overwhelming amount of fire within your chart could be the main cause for the let’s-wait-awhile, commitment-phobic feelings regarding making the ultimate commitment of togetherness – marriage.

Your Sagittarius Moon dislikes the emotional burden of being responsible for other people’s feelings (especially if they’re complex). Perhaps your Sag Moon is intuitively sensing that your Scorpio man (with his sensitive Pisces Moon) will require more from you emotionally than you’re willing (or able) to give. Not only is your Moon in a freedom-loving fire sign, but it’s also located in your 5th house (naturally associated with Leo). Short-term love affairs and fun are 5th house concerns. In other words, having fun is an emotional craving for you, so keeping things “as it is” is your way of keeping things light and fun (are you catching the pattern here?).

Aries is not exactly the most relationship-oriented placement. With both your Mercury and Mars in this headstrong, independent sign, you are probably concerned about whether your man will be able to keep up with you or hold you back from doing what you want to do. Your fear could be the result of you questioning if the relationship will provide the constant mental and physical stimulation that you enjoy. As I mentioned before, boredom = no fun to that 5th house Moon of yours.

Having so much fire in your chart (your Ascendant and North Node are in Leo – yet another fire sign), you most likely have an idealized definition of love. You mention “falling for” your Scorpio “out of the blue” despite having known each other for 4 years. What Aries, Leo and Sagittarius all have in common is that they are prone to sudden infatuations (or falling in love, as they call it), which can lead to disappointment when the affair doesn’t go as they expected. In your considerations of getting engaged, are thoughts of how past relationships ended making you less optimistic (i.e., scared) about the future?

In addition, you have lesson-instilling Saturn in Libra, which means you have some karmic concerns about relationships/partnerships. You have learned over time to take entering into and exiting them very seriously. Mr. Scorpio may get impatient with how long it takes you to weigh all of the pros and cons of where your relationship is headed, but this process is necessary for you to feel comfortable with your final decision. The upside is that once you finally make a decision, it will be a lasting one.

As I write this, the Moon is now in Taurus and Saturn is in trine aspect to your Sun. The next 2 days or so is a great time for you to take advantage of this period when you’ll be able to exchange your foggy, rose-colored glasses for a level-head in order to view your relationship realistically.

With your Mercury-Mars conjunction in your 9th house of long-distance travel, I suggest you book a trip to a foreign city, state, country or continent for you and your Scorpio sweetie. This getaway will be a great boost to creating a safe emotional environment for your Sagittarius Moon to open up to your Scorpion about your marriage concerns. And who knows? It might also stir his Venus in Sagittarius (the 9th house’s natural sign) to officially pop the question. 😉

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About the Author

Jara Dan-Fodio has been gazing at the sky and observing people all of her life. After reading her first astrology book that went beyond the 12 zodiac signs 15 years ago, the patterns she noticed began to make sense. Although she dabbles in vocational, predictive and electional astrology upon request, her favorites are depth astrology and synastry. She’s an eternal student of life and astrology is just one of her many teachers. You can find more of this 8th houser’s astro-notes at Random Astrology or Twitter.


  1. why would you say that?
    R u saying I should give him another (YET another) chance.
    He never even showed up so what bad memories could he possibly be holding onto?

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  3. pheinx scorp says:

    alright while i await i jsut wanna say (hey that rymeed) That i want the t woman cant help it it hasnt gone away never pursued it before and we cant seem to stop corssing the bounderis we set and when we are ftrying to be freinds like last night it crossed way pass bounderies.

  4. For the record…hhaaa that didn’t rhyme….sorry….
    Sorry…but you STILL haven’t answered my question…..and I’m waiting…

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