Sagittarius woman breaks up with Pisces man after looking through his text messages, and now wants him back

Torrain included a birth time (click chart to view) and writes,

I have had a on again off again relationship with a pisces male for 2 years. Recently I accused him of cheating after I went through his cell and discovered some text messages. Needless to say I put him out.

He has answered the phone when I called and he has responded to my text messages. When I send him messages such as I miss you and I want to see u he does not respond. I want him back what can I do. I am Miserable…. Please Help 🙁

Why did you go through his cell? Oh, I know why! You have Venus in Scorpio and Pluto conjunct your Ascendant! Your paranoid, probing nature seems to have gotten you in trouble. You don’t say if your Pisces ex admitted to infidelity. It’s certainly possible — his Mars in Pisces, which can have sexual boundary problems, has been stimulated the last few years by both Uranus and a number of eclipses. Uranus excites him to act on his impulses, and to Pisces, there are many fish in the sea.

Regardless of whether you found him out or just alienated him by invading his privacy, it sounds like he is being civil but has written you off. I hear you’re aching over this loss, but what do you expect? If he really did cheat on you, then why do you want him back? And if he didn’t, his refusal to respond to your affectionate texts ought to teach ya to stop poking around. Pluto/Scorpio heavy people have a tendency to leave no stone unturned, often because they lack trust (often due to past betrayals) and expect to be burned. But don’t you see how it can feel invasive if you’re on the other end?

If you’re feeling suspicious in the future, just be upfront about it! Don’t go looking for clues.

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  1. Lovehandles says:

    I called and spoke with him last night he was receptive and we made up on the surface. He has maintained that he did not cheat on me and his feelings were hurt when I accused him. I am going to try and not be so snoopy and he is going to try and not be so secretive. We are giving it another go. On and off for 2 years he may be the one. I really missed him and I am glad he is BACK!!!! YEAH!!

  2. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    @Lovehandles: Congrats! I hope it works out.

  3. Jara aka Blah Blah says:

    Awww *sniff*

  4. Glad you are back together and really hope it works out for you.

    I am dating a Pisces and know their tendency to love everyone can be a bit disconcerting at times. He doesn’t see it as flirting or being unfaithful, just spreading his love….

    Also your comment about on again and off again reminded me that Pisceans are not for pinning down, you have to leave them room to swim, I think.

    I also think that Piscean men have a tendency to try to help every lame duck that waddles past, so if he says that he was texting someone who needed a friend, support, whatever, then I would probably believe him.

    I think, if we are honest, we have all snooped at some time but I was once given a piece of advice (which I try to remember when the urge to snoop strikes) and that is ‘you find what you are looking for’.

    I was interested to read that he says he is going to try not be be so ‘secretive’. I think that Piscean men have a rich fantasy world and actually need this. He may be communicating with others and (possibly) fantasising but not actually be doing anything ‘wrong’ – this may be a need in him to feel as though he is not tied down, keeping his options open (Pisces hate to have to choose!)

    I think I am right in saying that Pisceans are the sign least likely to marry, the sense of cutting their options off by marrying one person petrifies them.

    I think they can also have the idea that faithfulness is more to do with the heart than the body but, having said that, I would definitely have ground rules so he knows where the line in the sand is and what happens if he crosses it..

    Good luck to you both x

  5. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    Spot on, Jackie!

  6. ArcherGirl says:

    This situation sounds all too familiar; MINE.

    I’m dating a pisces, and we’ve been together for a year and a half…I LOVE him, could think of no better friend/supporter, and I already see him as a future mate. HOWEVER…both of our Moons are in Scorpio, so u already know how emotional we can get (we have the most EXTREME fights, and the most EXTREME happy/in love moments).

    With that being said, I am very suspicious of him. I’ve snooped COUNTLESS times, and find that he’s always flirting with some female. He says he hasn’t cheated on me, and I believe him. Hell, I’m with him almost 24/7, and know of his whereabouts when I’m not with him (most of the time). But those unknown hours apart always haunt me…

    He dated this Aquarius girl before me for 5/6 months, but they fell apart because of the misunderstandings and insecurities. However, when I ‘facebook’ her, I find that her statuses are always about missing him, being depressed about not being with him, and an occassional text message from her will find its way to his phone. I asked him if he had feelings for her, and he was slightly evasive, saying that “even if I did, you should know they aren’t important by my actions towards u.” but I also know that if his feelings for her actually mattered, I would know (believe me, I always find out).

    I know that pisces never fully get over their last love, and the fact that SHE still wants him makes me always on edge…and that sometimes affects my relationship with HIM.

    I can’t do anything about it until something happens. But my mind won’t let it go.

    With all of that said, I STILL love him to DEATH. Our love is telepathic, we can always feel each other, so I know that WE (together) are irreplaceable.

  7. Let me assist you however late it may be. If you know you have a tight hold on your Pisces then there is nothing for your to worry about. Don’t ask if he still have feelings for his Aquarius ex because he does. But the Aquarius Pisces union is doomed to fail. The bond between those signs is unnaturally strong think rubber cement/crazy glue/apoxie/the type of magnetism that keeps the moon in orbit. Yet Aquarius never trust this bond and Pisces clumsy nature to stick their foot in their mouths will eventually lead do a misunderstanding that will inevitability ruin and destroy the relationship… but the bond remains. Pisces does move on from this relationship and will love just as deep for you as any other. He will always love his Aquarius but as in all things Pisces once the fantasy has been broken beyond repair he will swim away and will not return.

  8. SagittariuslovesaPisces says:

    hey I really need some help! everyone always warns Sagittariuses never to date a Pisces but I met a guy in my class a while ago and I really love him! the first day we met in class he wouldn’t stop looking at me! and then he bought me lunch the next time and then I hadn’t seen him for a while. and then just yesterday I hung out with him before class and after class I helped him with his assignment and hung out with him again and then he walked me to my bus stop and before the bus came he hugged me and pecked me on the cheek! I really love him but I don’t want to take things too fast! we aren’t going out yet but I really want to! I really want to sleep with him too but I don’t want to do it too fast because I kind of want to marry him maybe. I’ll take it at his pace and see when he’s giving me the right signs. I never thought someone like him would like me he’s so much better looking then me! (: we never hug though and I really love hugging! I hug some of my other guy friends but I find it hard to hug him! I guess it’ll come with time. I think he has Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Capricorn. and I have Venus in Capricorn and Ascendant in Aquarius and Mars in Scorpio. also sometimes we’ll have problems with conversation trying to find things to talk about but I know he likes me! and I have the same problem with my brother and he’s a Pisces as well! but the Pisces guy I like is really considerate. he opens the door for me he’s nice to me. and I want to be in a relationship with him what should I do? and do you think it’s gonna work out between us? and do you think I should wait a while before asking him out? I know we’re kind of busy with school right now but I don’t want to wait too long and see him with someone else. 🙁 help please! (:

  9. SagittariuslovesaPisces says:

    also I’m a girl and we’re in our early 20s and in uni! thanks! (:

  10. Lovehandles says:

    UPDATE: I have been without the lying cheating Pisces male since November 2008. The situation became worst and I was disrespected repeatedly. I have moved on, took my awhile to get over him. I am now dating an Aquarius guy that seems to want to give me the world. I am happy, finally. 🙂

  11. sex appeal says:

    To all sag girls give it up pisces will always be atrracted to u but they like to run y’all ova big time they use they charm on u just to get there way trust me they will never be secure wit y’all females because they know what ever they do to y’all will believe any lie come out they mouth and the male pisces will lie and cry to y’all and sag women take that bs in like the other comment I read sag girl so stupid her pisces man told her his ex broke in his house and force sex on him come on get real are u slow see what I mean I’m a pisces wit a pisces man and he is a big cheat and a liar and very sneaky he hurt me real bad but igot his fine ass back I am a pisces so I can revert everything he do to me back his game play donot bother me any more because when he disappear as wat they do when he come back I disappear to this pisces is the biggest whore I ever been wit but sex between the astro twins is like heaven to good to explain I mean we really do know how to please one another but far as marriage hell no the men never ever going to be faithful but he met his match and he know it we have a two year old son and he have three other kids so I know wat I’m dealing wit and trust me I’m not worried who he wit or wat he doing and he know not to lie to me because I see right threw the bull trust stay care free wit the pisces man and. Keep ur guards up sag women he tell every girl he wit he loves them trust me the pisces man is real tricky

  12. yes it’s great



  14. And when “PIGS” learn to fly please be sure to let me know.???

    Cheers and keep smiling Taurus

  15. Oh please, if there is any sign out there being a cheater than is the Sag. I have been with one… I devoted everything to him..he ask me to marry him and then just left me with out any further explanation…meanwhile was chatting with other girls and when I would ask why and etc he would always tried to make a fool and crazy out of me. I let it go, just to see for how long he thinks it will pass. When he left me, he said ‘I love you” and in 4 months, guess what!? he finds another girl…just wish if she could be prettier and younger than me, I would understand, and he’s been with her so far 7 months. So much about devoted Sages. I am still not seeing nobody and wasn’t physical- meaning on sex. Thats Pisces! When we love…we love….

  16. taytay1128 says:

    I am a sag woman and fell in love with my pisces man from the get, and I definitely felt the love from him. But as time went on, we only enjoyed each other when we were together. We had alot of highs and lows, and our lows were as low as low could get. I always had to threaten to end it or actually end it, just to get him to be honest and tell it all. I admit as a Sag, its hard for me to stay still for him because I like to stay busy, and it was hard for him to keep up. But I finally decided to let go after 2 years, only after finding out he was never completely mine anyway. He cheated through most of our relationship. Pisces men are very very sneaky, and are the worlds best liars. He lied so well, before when I thought he was cheating, I asked him and I knew he lied but he made me feel like so secure that he wasn’t and would never when it was obvious! But honestly, our highs were well worth it. If I never would have found out his little secret, I would’ve have never left his side, lows and all.

  17. I’m a Pisces man with a Libra rising, Leo moon and a Aries mars. I have a friend that’s Sag with a Libra moon, Scorpio mars, Leo Jupiter and Capricorn venus. Our energy is so magnetic that it’s bewitching. I can handle it but she can’t. She says thait it feels to good to be true! I always say it probably is and let her run. I’m pretty popular and she undercover stalks me to see if the women that i are my friends are more than i say they are. We arn’t commited to each other but she gets possesive. She’s a fir dragon and i’m a metal dog in chinese astrology. i’m insanely attracted to her. She trips over her words when she’s around me and get’s made at herself for not being able to keep her compulsure around me. Can anyone relate?

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