Pisces man winning over a Libra woman

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What do Pisces and Libra have in common?


Can Pisces win over a Libra? Other than scales, what else do they have in common? Venus — the planet of love, art and relationships — is dignified in Libra and exalted in Pisces. The goddess is happy in both signs.

The Libra Woman

A woman with her Sun in Libra is — more than any other sign — attracted to partnership. Not being in one may make her unhappy, because she shines brightest when she is relating to another person. She’s willing to make all sorts of compromises to please her partner, and may even lapse into codependent behavior, putting his needs above her own. Many of her decisions are based on how their outcome will impact others, as she wants to maintain harmony with her loved ones. And, sometimes she goes to great lengths to avoid being seen as the “bad guy.”

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  1. My libra woman left me for a virgo out if tge blue by knowing him only 1 week she moved to his place..that hurt.the sad part is that i still love her a lot

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