Moon in the Seventh House

Do you look to your partner to mother you? Does your love life fluctuate as often as the ebb and flow of the tides? Have you chosen ice cream over marriage? If any of these symptoms apply to you, you’re a candidate for Moon in the Seventh House disorder. Consult a professional immediately!

The horoscope is broken up into twelve sections called houses, each of which symbolizes a different area of life. The Seventh House is the portion of the sky just above the western horizon at the moment of your birth. Any planets that were setting when you popped out of your mother are in this house. It is the area of your chart that concerns significant partnerships, whether marital or business.

The Moon symbolizes mother, child, wife, home, food … the whole family matrix. It is also the planet of emotions, the past, and instinctual habits. The Moon relates to how we nurture ourselves and others, as well as what gives us a sense of belonging.

If you’re born with the Moon in your Seventh House, you will try to get your lunar needs met within a partnership. There can be a lot of caretaking in a marriage or with clients or a business partner. You may seek a maternal partner or take on that role yourself. Codependency is possible, as you may put the other’s needs above your own. (Your Moon sign will dictate how you nurture.)

The Moon moves through a whole cycle in about 28 days, so fluctuation will occur in whatever House the Moon inhabits. You can expect some inconsistency in your partnerships — not the sudden changes brought on by Uranus in the Seventh, but more like subtle shifts, changes in mood.

And since the Moon rules food and other ways that we ‘feed’ ourselves, you may choose to marry your refrigerator … because lemon meringue pie doesn’t ask where you were last night.

Some useful interpretations from elsewhere:

You are very open and responsive to the needs of others, and you have to take in their feelings whether you want to or not. You choose partners that are sensitive and emotional types, but they’ll tend to be unstable if your moon is weakened by sign or aspect. Your feelings go through a lot of changes in regard to your partners, yet they mean a lot to you. They’re a primary source of strength, and you look to them for support and encouragement. In fact, you may feel that its difficult for you to get in touch with your own feelings other than within the context of a relationship. (MyAstrologyBook)

Moon in the Seventh House can give a moody partner. Conversely, your attitude towards the partner and partnerships in general constantly changes and goes through cycles. The partner will either tend to be good at domestic tasks and will “mother” you (this goes for both men and women) or will shift the domestic burdens to you and demand that you mother them. You yourself may become moodier after marriage (don’t we all! But not as much as this) or, more positively, more expressive emotionally. (BobMarksAstrologer)

Comment below: If you have Moon in the Seventh, how do you see it manifest?

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Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at


  1. Interesting. I dont know anyone like that. My husband has 6 planets in the 12th house including the moon. I do need to look that up.

  2. I have moon in the seventh house. When you combine that with the fact that I’m a goat woman in chinese astrology it makes sense that I demand to be treated with sensitivity and respect.

    I simply will not allow insensitive people into my intimate social circle. Everyone that I am close to spoils me in one way or another.

    I’m sure that dealing with me can be a bit like walking on egg shells, but the same considerations that I expect of others, I whole heartedly give.

    I certainly go through fluctuations of feelings in regards to my love relationships, but ultimately I am a stable person and more so than anything a cerebral one.

    If you ask me, I’m a regular ball of sunshine!!! πŸ™‚ And NO ONE better not disagree!

  3. NotAnonymous says:

    I have a stellium in the 7th (moon, saturn and venus–in Cancer.)

    I have an overly clingy relationship with my mother, and whenever I break off contact with her, my Leo sun comes out and everything in life goes better.

    I’ve had a series of men who seemed really aloof, cool and masculine at first–rocker types, professors, a future movie star–fall into a “maternal” role with me over time, cooking and cleaning and financially supporting me, and bolstering my fragile, weepy, Cancerian emotions. Most of these guys were Libras. When I’m in a relationship, I seem much more helpless than I really am. I’m in my thirties and single for the first time since I was, jeez, twelve?

    Men I’m not in love with, and all of my female friends, and most strangers, see me as a bright, sunny, independent person. A few of my male friends have had crushes on me and gone on about how “cool” and independent I am, and how much they wish they could find a woman like me. They have no idea what a clingy, whingy, wet mommy’s girl dishrag I am when I fall in love.

  4. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    NotAnonymous, do you have Sag Rising?

  5. NotAnonymous says:

    I have Capricorn rising.

  6. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    NotAnonymous, I’m curious what in your chart corresponds with being “bright and sunny”?

  7. notanonymous says:

    Jeffrey, I’ve got my Sun and Mercury in Leo…most people I know who are into astrology think I’m very Leonine.

  8. Anonymous says: moon is in cancer and in the seventh…i do tend to nurture,be very sensitive and kind to everyone, and give to everyone around me, i run an animal welfare organisation n i have a very serious goddess complex…(-:…

  9. Ok so my moon is in the seventh in capricorn. I struggle with this placement but hope that it means in later life I will indeed find a suitable partner. My relationships have been disastrous but I am great and emotionally stable when working on a full on intense project.
    After splitting with my Taurean ( i have mars in taurus, sun in aquarius and asc cancer) I began to feel that my moon in the seventh was one of the main reasons for my strong desires for a relationship. Wait for it….Its SQUARE chiron in aries. So yup, challenging ralationship with my mother but wounded in love..I think I have accepted this now and decided to focus on work, as usual. LOL

  10. I am a woman with Moon in Capricorn in the 7th (conjunct Descendant) with a Cancer Ascendant and Sun in Aries – a T Square. I also have a grand water trine, Jupiter conjunct Ascendant in Cancer, and another placement vital to relationships: Uranus in Scorpio in the 5th.

    My early relationships were not fun. I tend to attract and get interested by weirdos (Uranus in 5th), and my past dating relationships have had sudden starts and ends that left me very confused.

    The Moon in Capricorn in the 7th though, makes me very pragmatic about relationships and I have very traditional ideas for marriage. I have been very religious in the past and this causes me to look at marriage as an institution with certain unbendable requirements.

    I just got married and am finding that it’s not really making me very happy (why I am posting as anonymous), even though I wanted to get married so bad. It finally happened during my Saturn Return, and it was later than my other friends (typicall Moon in Cap trait).

    My partner goes off every 3 months. It’s a cyclical pattern. I also fill a more supportive, mothering role to my husband than I like. I tend to expect a husband to care for me so I can have kids and not work full time. So – I am seeing “cycles of the moon” in the mood of my marriage, and also, I am seeing that I am currently in a mothering role, which holds me back from being a strong mother myself to kids as soon as I would like. Since one of my main goals in life is to be a mom, this sucks. I also make more money than my spouse and am more career oriented in some ways (Capricorn). When he has a problem, I try to help and be sympathetic, but feel that he’s too child-like for his age sometimes.

    Noel Tyl told me that this placement can make someone a “junior partner” in a relationship and that is always something to be on guard for. Many of my partners have displayed insensitivity and control issues.

    With Capricorn in the 7th, I am not very emotionally or physically demonstrative and this can be an issue for guys. I prefer to talk, joke and do things together, or show my dedication through loyalty and actions rather than being wishy washy. I hate excessive emotion…and find it embarrassing….even with a grand water trine. Capricorn is dry and earthy.

    I am thin, but have a food addiction, so when I am not with a man, I hit culinary treasures in the city. I seek the famous places.

    Another 7th house trait is fashion and makeup (Libra rules it). I am addicted to Project Runway, What Not to Wear, and just really have a love affair with appearance. Capricorns are known for having a good sense of style which is understated and elegant – that’s me on a good day.

  11. My ex (Aquarius) had Moon in Aries * H7 *- Opposing my Ascendant! We were both libra rising – he 0 degrees, me 7 degrees- can’t figure why neither of us could REALLy commit in the end!

  12. PS. We broke up quite often in 2 years, but always ended back together – STRONG emotional attachment! he waivered from being nurturing to needy, he was pretty sensitive for an aquarius/aries combo but had emotional temper tantrums when things didnt go exactly his way – he believed that their was somebody exactly like him out there ARIES moon – reflects back to partner H7 – we were more opposites than alike & he pointed that out a lot – in public, he was emotionally RESERVED- only in private did he SHOW his true nature…hope this helps someone:)

  13. I have 7th house moon in Taurus. People tend to think I have a calming, peaceful vibe. I've had to break off several intense friendships due to the person being too negative, critical, needy, draining, or unstable. I'm going through a phase now where I tend to hold people at arm's length, because I'm better at seeing it coming … these people that are looking for a mom instead of a friend.

    My moon has some hard aspects to it, the one that I think affects me the most is that I have it opposition to Uranus in Libra, Uranus conjunct to my ascendant. So romantic relationships for me have been few and far between, maybe a bit nontraditional when they did happen. Even at 35 I'm not really sure how to break out of this pattern.

  14. Anonymous: I also have a 7th house moon in Taurus, and with an opposition to Uranus too! For me Uranus is in Scorpio though. I’m not sure what to do with my Moon in the 7th, or with the hard aspect to Uranus. Looking at my childhood, it’s true I had to take care of my high-strung, crazy mother quite a lot while she was alive, and I got mixed signals from Mom (the moon getting shaken up by Uranus’ vibes), and so I probably do look for a lot of the fireworks and back-and-forth in my intimate relationships–maybe that’s why I’ve attracted moody folks? Consciously I very much want a down-to-earth type, just one with some passion in their veins too…. It seems I also have a hard time keeping track of myself outside of my relationships.

  15. I have Cancer in the 7th house and I have intense emotional relationships or partners. Not to mention, Taurus in the 5th house.

    My ex-husband was very emotional and that lead to our divorce as the children were disturbed by his emotionality as well. He is a Cancer Moon.

    For some reason, I attract Cancer men more than any other sign. I also attract Moon Scorpios or, simply water sign moons.

    I on the other hand, am not very emotional at all – many Air placements in my chart. I kind of see this phenomena as a ying yang type thing.

  16. Hey everyone,
    Neat post. I am very curious about how to understand my Cancer Moon in the 7th house. I also have a Cancer Mercury in the 7th and a Cancer Venus in the 8th. This cluster makes me extremely others-oriented, almost like an extreme people pleaser naturally. I have no problem with it, but some friends will advise that I start caring about myself a little bit. I work in Hospice and I feel it very suiting because I get to be with someone as they leave their lives. I am an 8th house Leo Sun — I’ve got 3 planets placed in the 8th, by the by. My Cappy Neptune in the 1st opposes my Cancer parts which heighten the sensitivity. I don’t see sensitivity as a weakness, like most people. I think it makes you less of a sleepwalker; your heart is more awakened and soft. I used to feel like I was less evolved than others because of my rich sensitivity but I’ve found that’s another self-critical infliction (I have Saturn in the 1st as well). Dealing with Sun sq. Pluto and Mars sq. Pluto is a rough one. Does anybody else have a similar combination to me?

    I love ya’ll Cancer-y types. I think we’re the nice guys of the Zodiac.


  17. yoyoyo virgo says:

    I have moon in Taurus and in the 7th house. I am almost too ambitious and can get very moody and high-strung at times , but only when i can’t, or don’t have reason to hold on to those feelings. What makes things even more emotional is that my sun, mercury, and Venus are in virgo which hold in their feelings. . . So
    all the emotions – if not properly vented (usually.)can become self destructive.

    But as always the Sunny sunny side too that is passionately driven, ambitious, and truth seeking.

    That is the kind of partner(soulmate) i look for. passionately driven, ambitious, and truth seeking.

    I am deep (which drives away shallow people and fakers/two faces), ambitious, tolerant, creative, into spirituality/philosophy, patient, active, occasionally very mellow and calm, sensitive to others, realistic, passionate, sensual, and endearing.

    I don’t like getting into relationships because of many reasons, but mainly because i despise deceivement and would rather take straight hate than be lied to and thrown around like a toy.

    It’s better to be friends.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Pisces moon in 7th here. Have always been attracted to warm Leo guys, but always ended up with Cancers. Just recently left a very long term relationship with one Cancer sun/cancer moon man that nearly ended in marriage. His neediness and unpredictable emotions were sometimes soothing, but mostly destructive, and he made me feel very codependent. We never had a partnership of equals – either he was the “mother”, or I was. I did not have a close relationship with my mother growing up, and now it is the opposite. She relies on me heavily for advice and support. I have tended to have my partners fill that void for me.

    Most people on the outside think I am this career-driven, discerning, intellectual and independent person. I have Virgo rising and a couple other Virgo planets to thank for that. I don’t have very many planets in water other than the moon. My saturn tightly trines the moon to keep me sane, and the Virgo provides a good balance; libra sun and mercury both trine jupiter in aquarius, which all makes me feel positive..MOST of the time.

    However…in those needy Pisces moon in 7th moments, I crave the companionship of the cancers….

  19. I have Cancer 7th house with Cancer moon in 7th. I am a Libra with Capricorn rising and Venus, Jupiter and midheaven in Scorpio.

    I was married 19 years to a Pisces rising Taurus with Venus in Taurus. He was very clingy. Marriage ended when he chose to get his emotional (not physical) needs from another woman. I provided as much as I could emotionally and nurtured him and our children but it was not enough to him. I am not sure if this is a result of my Capricorn rising, or an “affiction” of having Moon in Cancer in 7th. I would love to hear what others with this placement have to say about their relationships.

    I found over the last few years in the dating scene that I am most attracted to Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Pisces. I have had much difficulty with Cancer (especially Venus in Cancer) men, Leo, Virgo, and even Aquarius. My mother is a Cancer and I find her and the VenusCancer men I have dated a bit of an emotional overload for me.

    My current relationship is with a Capricorn Moon with Venus in Scorpio (like me). It is going extremely well. I think having Capricorn Moon (stable earth) paired with a Cancer Moon (water) is the balance I need. And two Venus in Scorpio lovers is a great emotional connection where we can fulfill each other’s emotional needs.

  20. Hi, I’m a double Scorpio with Moon in Taurus in the 7th (opposing my sun and mercury and conjunct the south node). I find myself again and again and again in caretaking roles – in past relationships, friendships, even at work…. Responsible and practical, I’ve joked that I’m the 5th emergency service, too, as I seem to be the on-call person whenever anyone has a crisis in their life.

    One problem is that I frequently feel like I’m the only adult in my relationships. Yes, I know; it’s co-dependency & its attendant over-responsibility. I’m finally learning to differentiate between when someone actually needs real help & when they’re just being childish & behaving like a princess (whether female or male!). Learning to say “no,” – learning to stand up for myself and put my needs first feels uncomfortable, but it’s necessary.

    I’ve been single for much of my adulthood. Not quite married to my fridge, but it’s not a bad analogy! However, I’ve had a long-term friendhip with my ex, whose Saturn conjuncts my Moon and south node. He has taught me more about relationships – and boundaries! – through my friendship with him than I ever learned through a “relationship”. Saturn conjunct the Moon in synastry is supposed to be a “heavy” aspect, but I really appreciate his Saturnine qualities. He’s a grown-up.

    Saturn in my own chart rules the 3rd and 4th houses and is in detriment in Leo in the 9th (Placidus) or 10th (whole sign). It’s in a loose out-of-sign trine to my Sun (its ruler), but very tightly opposes my Sun by antiscion (it’s also comjunct Algol by antiscion). It is sextile Venus in Libra (in the 11th using Placidus or the 12th whole sign houses), ruler of the 7th house and the Moon, & of course Saturn is exalted in Libra. It’s both a reflection of my utterly useless, childish, irresponsible father (ruler of the IC essentially debilitated) & also of my own over-responsibility (its sextile to Venus and reception by Venus into exaltation – Venus ruling the 7th).

    I think it’s important to look at the ruler of the 7th and its aspects etc as well as the Moon’s aspects, to qualify whether the Moon in the 7th is one that needs taking care of in relationships, or the one who does the caretaking. I could go on….but I’ve rambled enough!

  21. Very helpful article!

    My moon is in the seventh house in Taurus. I had to look it up because Taurus seems like such a stable energy to me and my love life is anything but stable.

    I can relate to the mothering/being mothered cycle. I don’t do this intentionally but my serious boyfriends have been hard outer shells, sensitive innerselves. At the beginning of the relationship I am extremely doting and loving and make sure they know how wonderful they are. Then the seasons change and this codependent manchild is no longer attractive to me. In fact I’m repulsed and end it so I can breathe again.

    We’re both left feeling very confused. I’m hoping astrology can help me figure this destructive behavior out!

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