How to tell if a Taurean man likes you

A Taurus man may be initially slow to express his affections, but once he acts on his feelings for you … you’ll know. Taureans are sensual beings, born under an Earth sign ruled by Venus, goddess of art, beauty and love. He’ll touch you with a sensitivity to how you needed to be treated — whether you’re firm clay that needs to be molded with insistency and penetration, or a fine silk garment that requires exquisite care.

Unlike many men, he knows how to pick a gift, having an eye for objects that bring you both visual and sensual pleasure. The Taurus man knows the value of money, and although he’s not as status-conscious as a Leo or Capricorn, he’s not unwilling to spend well on something that either lasts the test of time or makes the most of its limited lifespan. If your gift is not ruggedly durable, it will be heartbreakingly beautiful in its ephemerality.

Your Taurean may be of the more gruff variety — he’ll tend to your garden (wink), mow your lawn, and trim your bushes. But perhaps most importantly, he won’t give up. This fixed sign doesn’t quit until he gets what he wants — and if he covets you, he’ll persist with an admirable stubbornness that will either win you over or have you filing a restraining order.

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  1. dear dear libra girl–

    ur taurus was simply flirting with u….sometimes he gets lost in his character of being “nice.” we simply like people and love socializing–when we see that we have confused someone into thinking that we like them-we stay aWAY! lol. sorry libra girl but it was just a friendly “friend” kiss. u know…..adequate of the french people. nothing more. dont think too much. if he really likes u he will make it known.

    trust me. imma taurus chick and im a social butterfly but i keep it like sisterly love with everyone. lol. never more. some people dont get it until after a while u see us interacting with different people and its the same all around friendliness. we are very social with everyone. old or new. (if we want to) lol.

    tell u what. ignore him a while and let him chill……then if he comes around to be friends again then all is cool. if not…..u’ll get ur answer. dont think too much…..good luck.

  2. libra-girl! says:

    Ah, well. I guess you’re right 🙂 I shouldn’t think too much about it. I guess I have a weird sort of crush on him, but it’ll pass. 😀

    Thank you so much! 🙂

  3. libra-girl! says:

    Oh, I forgot. Hi, Ara! That was a nice welcome! 🙂

  4. Hey libra-girl!:
    How are you darling? Just chill out and enjoy life… When you get to my age, it is a different set of stress hehe. Cool… I’m a ooold taurus honey. Hehe. Yup we can be social when we wanna be then disappear into thein air… Enjoy your week. -Ara

  5. @Marie


    ok so this is a bit weird and unexpected. My Taurus man (listen to me – ”MY TAURUS MAN” – LOL), he was all over me for a couple of weeks. And then silence, literally silence. He sent me a mail saying he is hectic with work and I mailed him back, saying no probs, I know how it goes.

    Anyway, another week goes by nothing. So I sent him one saying I’m going out on a limb here and taking a chance, so I gave him my mobile (cell) number. A day after he sent me a mail saying to give him a couple of days, he is real busy and he will go out on a limb with me.


    I guess it just feels weird after all our banter, flirt and conversation and feeling like he wants to be all over me (without the sleaze, he didn’t strike me as sleazy)
    I feel like he’s given me the cold shoulder. Was I too cautious? Did I take too long? I’m wondering if he is keeping his options open and ”seeing” others.
    Which ok, we didn’t say we were exclusive. I get it, we are ”free agents”.

    Or…he could just be geniunely busy with work and I’m getting waaaay to analytical like I always do! LOL

  6. Hello everyone! I’m new to the forums so first off I just wanna say hi! 🙂 And well, I kind of have a situation with a Taurus man which is obviously why I came here, haha. It’s kind of a long story but, if you need any background just ask.

    My question is, would a Taurus man (he’s 23 years old, we met when he was 20 and I was 17) not talk to you for two or three months straight? I mean what are some possible reaons he would do that? I think I have an idea why too beacause before he disappeared, I got upset with him about a girl he is kinda/sorta dating (he was away from home at the time for work), he was talking to me about his problem with her, yet how amazing she is and how she fills his world with her very soul. All the while, I’m utterly BREAKING in two inside, trying to hide it. We left on a bad note, and ever since then we haven’t talked. I wrote him a sincere message immediately after apologizing for what I did and that I hope we get to chat soon. I also wrote that I loved him (love ya) at the end – but the thing is, in an earlier conversation a few days before, he told me that he ‘loved me’ first. As in ‘Love ya, honey, I really do.’ Mind we hadn’t talked in months, but still he was being unusually affectionate, saying stuff like “God, I missed you” “If you’ll have me, I’ll be there by morning” and saying that he’d do anything, for me. Do Taurus guys usually say that kind of stuff to their female friends?

    I know he has a Cancer rising, Pisces moon, and Venus in Aries by the way.

  7. LAuren. Yes, yes, and yes, to all your questions. Let him go and when he comes back be cool and let him lead. U can’t help how u feel but he’s having fun and he got scared cause you were supposed to b having fun too…. Not being serious.

  8. Ohsosweet….

    There goes that overthinking…worrying… analytical pisces nature of (y)ours….


    There might be someone else… there might not be….. don’t worry about it either….as you said you are free agents right now.

    When he contacts you again don’t ask a zillion questions…. just be that fun loving girl he was attracted to.

    Give him time to be busy and miss the banter you two had.

    You said It’s been two weeks since real contact???

  9. @DemureLioness

    welcome! lol. well to get straight to the point……DemureLioness-ur taurus man is just a sweet sweet man. he loves talking to u becuz ur so down to earth and loves that about u… the way a great friend loves and appreciates u. if this ever turns into something else he will have to recognize u in a romantic way and that very well may not happen anytime soon-but do be who u are and continue to be his great confidante because one day he may realize that u were the one all along. give it time. we taurus take forever to realize what is love and we slowly work ourselves into a frenzy to figure out if we wanna test out how deep and cool the water is…..if u get my drift.(were slow at starting relationships because we want to establish a good solid ground before we step on it)

    i hope that helps DemureLioness. take care and let us know how it works out.

  10. @marie

    Thank you for the warm welcome 🙂 Maybe i’m just overthinking this too much? It just frustrates me cause I have had to hear him talk about two other girls this whole time and it just hurts so much you know? And I’m really bad at hiding it when I’m hurt! He has already recognized me in a romantic way but that was when we first met…but I accidentally hurt him a lot and things got kinda messy…


    I just hope that he will come back, that’s the thing haha! I guess you’re right though, i should try and have fun too since he seems to be doing just fine and not overanalyzing this stuff…like me haha. I can’t help but think about him though.

  11. @love true

    sorry taken so long to respond, been hectic at work!

    Yeah, its been like 2 weeks of silence. No mail (although he did initially that he had something on the go, I assume it was work).
    I said no worries, I understand.

    Then after about a week, I sent him a hello friend email and took the plunge of giving him my cell number.
    He said, sorry being so hectic, once things calm down he will swim in the big water with me – cos I said I taking a jump into the watery depths and giving him my cell number.

    I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, i.e. he really is busy….but now I guess, I just feel kinda stupid!!!!!
    Just wondering if I did take too long in ”opening up” and he got bored. But we seemed to have such good chat going on!!!

    Anyway, I’m certainly not losing sleep over it, but just curious how someone can be ”all over you” one minute and then the next (for whatever reason) go so silent!!!!

    Life, eh?!!! Like I said, maybe he says what he means and means what he says….that he is really busy, it just feels weird how boom! No communicado, nada!

  12. @ohsosweet, did you meet online? How much do you know about his life & is it just from what he told you? Sure people get busy & may be too tired to go out but no communication for weeks is odd. A single guy would have time at night to say ‘hello, how are you, just want to keep things going between us’ kind of thing. All my life, I’ve never had a guy who didn’t have time to do that & I’ve known some very busy movers & shakers.

    Whatever you do, don’t excuse this. Be different the next time he calls. A little more reserved & don’t leap back in from where you left off since he screwed up the momentum of the relationship.

  13. @Bliss

    Yup, my sentiments EXACTLY!!!!!! I know myself and knew I’m going to be a little reserved if he ever gets back in touch.

    Erm…blush…yes, it was an online dating site, one that you pay to join. I guess I just got tired of meeting w**kers whenever I got out, that were only out for a good time. I mean, I’m out to have a good time at a bar, eating, dancing, etc, but that don’t mean cos you bought me one cocktail, I’m gonna go home with you that evening to jump yer bones cos you think you’re owed something! LOL

    I know a little bit. Its not like I know his financial situation, but he struck me as comfortable. But I take everything so cautiously and I guess with a pinch of salt added!!!!! Those walls, those walls!!!! LOL

    He said he liked my profile. He seemed to be a professional, there didn’t seem anything dodgy about it, but like I told him, my ex a number of years ago (who I met ”normally” – really did a number on me).

    Meeting people or someone online is not my ideal but though I’d give it a go, put it out there and see what happens – know what I mean. I’ve been on it for a month and so far met 2 really nice guys, who are not dodgy and are not greasy or slimy and want to get me in the sack. I don’t think anything will happen but we have agreed to be friends, meet for coffee, go out to a movie, etc, but purely on a friendship basis and we are on the same level if you know what I mean. So even if I don’t meet the man of my dreams – ha! ha! I’m happy that I’ve made a couple of mates, know what I mean?

    In saying that, I’ve ”rejected” so many, I’ve lost count. I think in a way a girl just knows?

  14. I’ve heard good & bad about dating sites, just use caution as you would with a guy you would meet anywhere else. My cousin meet her husband through speed dating put on through a dating site. She would go to events, like wine tastings, speed dating, hiking, etc… She prefered that rather than date guys directly.

    When it comes down to it, if you meet a guy your friends or family don’t know, then there is always that risk. Whether it’s in your daily life or online. Don’t feel weird about it, my cousin is very good-looking but she didn’t have time to go out much (has kids) so dating online was her option. There were some weirdo’s and some good guys, sorting them out is the bane of a single girl. 🙂

  15. Ok, so I am a Scorpio girl…(I know, I’m a bitch.) Anyway. I am friends with a whole mess of guys. I love them all dearly, but here is the issue. I dated one who is a Pisces and that went great for a while. He was loving and I could tell him anything. I still do love him. But not in the way he loves me. His friend, a Taurus, is the most attractive, funny, sweet, caring people in our group, and I am developing a huge crush. We talk a lot and he picks fun at me, but makes up for it with tons of hugs. He told the Pisces that he was thinking of asking me out, but he does not know if I like him. I don’t want to make the first move (shocker.) because I don’t want things to get weird. How can I show him I really, really like him, and get him to ask me out sooner rather than later??

  16. @Bliss

    So thought I’d give you an update.

    After many weeks (3 weeks) of the Taurus going silent on me, after I offered my mobile number eventually. I decided to send him a ‘dear john’. I never sent him a ‘whats up email or anything prior to my ”dear john”. It was very nice and polite and I was like hey, no worries, we seemed to be having a good rapport with words and in person. I said, maybe he found what he was looking for elsewhere on site and I know he was busy, etc. No worries, etc, etc. Moving on, etc, etc.

    I mean, like you say Bliss, no-one is ever THAT busy to not drop you a txt right? And I can see he has been logging onto the dating site.

    Anyhows, he emailed me right away and apologised, he’s been hectic with his new job, moving house, furniture, etc, etc. He said, just give him some time to settle down and he promises to make contact with me. He said I was very right about the rapport. He used the word ‘promise’.

    I dunno…..there’s something in me telling me to just let it go. To be honest, I haven’t even responded to his last email above. I’m really not fussed actually.
    Like you say Bliss – no one is ever that busy to not txt or even meet up for a quick drink after work and the like.
    So seriously, I REEEALLLY haven’t lost sleep over this one. Its a pity cos I liked him, but aw cr**, like I said, something in me…just….mmm…

  17. So glad you updated! Hmmm….

    “mean, like you say Bliss, no-one is ever THAT busy to not drop you a txt right? And I can see he has been logging onto the dating site.”

    Oh, and now he’s got a new job & moving….geez. That’s such BS. I’ve moved & changed jobs whilst dating & maintaining contact with friends, family. Pluhhhheeesse.

    It’s so crazy isn’t it? A seemingly great connection and he blows it. Every man, regardless of sign, knows how to behave with a woman. His excuses are whack. I never had this problem with Tauruses as they say here about distance & it’s a normal thing for them. Not my fiance and not a few others I’ve dated.

    You sound like such a sweet, intelligent woman, it’s his loss. Oh, but what will you do when he calls you? He probably will 🙂 Just when you’ve meet another guy. Always works out that way. This is how I see things; don’t rely on another person to come around to you because then you are always at a loss, the power is skewed. Both of you should be into eachother fairly equally & eager to explore what may be. I’ve never been interested in a man who didn’t show me at least the same or more interest in me. It saves a lot of heartache. Too many women think they are in a relationship because they’ve had sex & see the guy once in awhile but there is no intimacy. Drives me nuts! Then they ask here, ‘how do I get him to love me….’ so sad.

    Sorry, just had to rant 🙂 It is a damn pity since it seemed so nice but who knows what is going on with him? An ex or what?! You’re too good for this. Just my .02.

  18. Devin: Scorpios girls are wonderful! Flirt with him but you will need to be more open with him than most guys.

  19. ohsosweet says:


    I love your .02! LOL
    Bliss – I’ve travelled the world!!! Before Facebook and I still managed to maintain contact with people back home and around the world!!! LOL
    I’m REALLY not fussed. Its weird, about a year ago, I would have been absolutely gutted. But I know I’m worth getting to know, despite my ‘’issues’’ – and who doesn’t have stuff, right?
    One of the reasons why he said he liked me is that I came across as an optimistic and well rounded individual.

    Anyway, I have a Capricorn and a Virgo from the site dead keen on me – I seem to attract the earth signs!!!! LOL
    There is real chemistry with the Cap but I do wonder if he is still testing the waters with me – he’s like, don’t want a relationship, but am not going to use you for nsa fun either. Things seem very easy going, natural with both Cap & Virgo. No pressure. Isn’t that wonderful! I mean, there is none of this ‘’relationship’’ heaviness going on but at the same time, neither are being pushy about getting into my knickers – its just great that they seem to enjoy simply spending time with you. I’m not double dating. I’m just trying to spend time with people that I can truly be myself with.
    Theres a well meaning Sag as well, but he did a weird thing and I told him off on it. He apologized profusely, but mmm…..

    What will I do if he calls? I’ll be myself, easy going, casual, but I’m certainly not going to say how hi when he says jump. Not because I’m playing games – that’s waaay too much effort.
    Just because I’m like whatever! I’m not prepared to be a backup if he met someone on this site and it doesn’t work out – I don’t know that, but its just my wild imagination going! Ha! ha!

    Sex is a tricky area. Women define their relationships by having sex with a man (my opinion). For a man (well most men) – sex is just sex and theres nothing wrong with that, we are all just ‘’animals’’.
    That’s why I’ve stopped in the last year with the f**k buddies, etc. It was great for a long while, as it fulfilled a need, but now I know I need more and don’t’ see why I should put out, if I ain’t gonna get what I need and want in return.
    Make sense?

  20. “That’s why I’ve stopped in the last year with the f**k buddies, etc. It was great for a long while, as it fulfilled a need, but now I know I need more and don’t’ see why I should put out, if I ain’t gonna get what I need and want in return.
    Make sense?”

    Makes complete sense to me, as I did the same. And it’s strange how it changed the type of men I attracted after that. That subconscious shift sends out a different vibe. It is tough 🙂 but it’s worth it to hold out for what you want. And you’d be surprised how many men do the same. Intelligent men especially, which make great partners but may seem odd to you at first. They haven’t had many girlfriends & may be a bit awkward in romance but they are sincere. Took me awhile before I found him but it was worth it. And he liked that I was celibate (for oh so long!) before. Yes, old-fashioned guys exist and they will give you the moon & stars.

    Keep in touch! I have no doubt you will find him.

  21. Oh, and this cap with the nsa; uh gotta call him on it. With my Aries bluntness (like a lawyer w/ a sense of humor). “Uh so, you’re on a dating site but you’re looking for a nsa, what does that mean EXACTLY?” 🙂
    He’s either afraid to admit he wants more or he’s being totally honest but really, there is no in-between otherwise why is he responding to your photo & ad? There are sites for friends so him being on a dating site doesn’t make sense. Don’t let them get away with that. If you are serious about wanting a real relationship, there is nothing wrong in admitting it although some people have a problem with it. Guess they don’t want to come off seeming desperate. It’s not that you are desperate but you know what you want ultimately.

    How I handled that was to say being friends was important to me but I wanted to be with someone who was OPEN to more in the future. You have to be clear in your goals as you would if it were your career. You don’t want a guy to get away with treating you as a girlfriend w/o the commitment while you are hoping secretly he will commit. Look at these boards, they are filled with this kind of thing. Never be ashamed for wanting love; it’s the highest form of connection. There is nothing weak about it although men may have trouble admitting it. That’s why as a woman you have to be clear. It’s more acceptable to say you want love ultimately as a woman and let the guy know up front. You’ll scare off the players. The guys who stick around are probably looking for the same.

  22. libra-girl says:

    Whoa.. I have a BIG problem on my hands.. I have a taurean friend.. he told a mutual friend that he really liked me.. but didn’t know if I was even interested.. so I started showing as much interest as I could.. I’m STILL Confused, though!
    the thing is.. with my weird little libra attitude, I was talking to some guy friends and he got really jealous!~ not without reason.. because I DO admit that I understand that he gets jealous easily.. and I could have easily averted that.

    so.. he was really mad at me for a few days.. and then I tried to talk to him about it.. it seemed okay for a couple of hours, but the next day, it was back to being stiffly formal.

    I don’t know what to do.. I REALLY like him too! But I don’t know how to show it. It’s vacation time and I can’t even meet him.. maybe I should call him?

    I’m so clueless, it’s not even funny now.

    So.. what should I do?

  23. ohsosweet says:

    Thx for the 0.2c Bliss.

    Sorry, a bit long. Bliss – he says he IS NOT looking for nsa fun!

    Regarding the Cap, we joke a lot, we talk easily about everything, serious and not so serious stuff and there is a lot of sexual chemistry. He doesn’t strike me as shy, but he’s not loud and centre of attention, he is more perimeter. He has told me to my face that he doesn’t sleep around, he’s not a player, although he LOVES sex and LOVES to f**k! LOL
    He said it was a mistake to be on the website because he came across a lot of loonies and he told me the stories – not sure how true but one does need to give benefit of the doubt. He said the only positive thing out of being on the website was meeting me. He said he was going to remove his profile – and I was like yeah, yeah….Bliss – he did! He is no longer there!

    He told me about a girl that lives near him (he didn’t meet her thru site) and he said he didn’t know why he was there on site because this ‘’nice’’ girl was just down the road and he thought they would date for a while – he was just being honest and upfront. Anyway, he told me they hung out for a while but he ‘’broke’’ up with her because she wanted a full on relationship. I said to him to whoa, break up with her for the right reason – guess I was fishing – did he break up with her because he sensed something about me? I feel bad for this girl, but…..He said he wanted to be on his own for a while and concentrate on his kid. He said he didn’t want to date anyone and being on that site was a mistake. But we correspond so much, a dozen emails a day, txt msgs.

    It was actually him who suggested meeting first, which totally shocked
    me because it was him who stated that he wanted to prepare me cos he didn’t see it going further than just being friends, emailing, txting, maybe occasionally if he was in town a drink. But he said, just to meet, say hello, coffee, easy, etc.

    Bliss – its weird, there really does seem to be a connection with us and I think it is because I have been very easy going with him, there’s been none of this when we gonna meet, date, etc, where do see our ‘’relationship’’ going. I have put absolutely no pressure on him. Although I do wonder if he was testing me when he said me a drunken late nite txt saying he is very bad news and maybe we shouldn’t keep contact. I told him I lost my temper and was cross because we have been very open and honest with each other and I knew where he was coming from, even from a friendship basis, you don’t just cut off people for no good reason. Anyway, that was a blip in the road and we go over it.
    Once he said, he doesn’t see us been anything but ‘’friends’’ (with no benefits), it seemed to go off in a new direction? We chat very easily, yes, there is a lot of sexual innuendo and exploration – I was telling him my fantasies and he txted me back saying he is falling in love with my mind and thoughts. I just laughed and said that was sweet. But no pressure. I actually don’t sit here and think, mmm…maybe, what if, etc……..I actually enjoy this ‘’friend’’ business, it really takes the pressure off, despite all the sexual innuendo we seem to do via mail and txt! LOL
    He seems really into me, there is something I can sense and perhaps this has frightened him because it is unexpected? Also we don’t live in the same town – about an hours drive. But when a girl gets txts from a guy where is an obvious connection, that states oh lets have a bet, 10 bucks says he’s gonna marry my a**!
    I laughed and said, best proposal I had all day!

    I don’t want assume anything or get ahead of myself, know what I mean? Like I told him, we’re keeping things very light and easy going and I think that is what really appeals to him. It also appeals to me, becasue I’ve got major walls. He has even mentioned this, he was afraid to mention meeting before becasue he sense my walls shoot up.

    But Bliss – I feel something there that I haven’t for a long, long, LONG time. It feels wonderful. He said we share things that we probably would never tell anyone else.


    Anyways, just wanted to share, prob not the right forum, should go to Capricorn! LOL

  24. Ohsosweet: What do you want? Love or lust? I’m such a downer, so sorry, but I have to give you my honest opinion. Take it for whatever it’s worth (.02).:) If you want love, you do not discuss sexual things with a guy you don’t know very well. You play it coy, hint it’s something you only reveal to someone you are truly intimate with. Sex is not the only way to hold a man’s attention. Your intellect, humor, passions in life should be enough to stir his soul & that is the only way a man can recognize you as a woman worth loving.

    I see this so clearly because having so many Aries planets which are masculine made me very much like a man in casual affairs. I, as men do, put people in categories; those I f and those who have potential for a relationship. There is no difference between nsa & not wanting a relationship. So if it’s just friends, then why all the sex talk? Men don’t go on sites looking for platonic female friends.

    **”Although I do wonder if he was testing me when he said me a drunken late nite txt saying he is very bad news and maybe we shouldn’t keep contact.”**

    BIG red flag here, don’t ignore it. He removed his profile but he might have others on other sites & profiles can be put up again. Don’t read that much into it. And he just had to tell you about another woman that he forsake because she wanted a relationship. Really hitting home how much he doesn’t want anything serious. Are you ok with that? Nothing serious even though you say you have feelings for this guy. I know, you aren’t going crazy over him but still, why even entertain the thought if he can’t/won’t?

    **”Once he said, he doesn’t see us been anything but ‘’friends’’ (with no benefits), it seemed to go off in a new direction? We chat very easily, yes, there is a lot of sexual innuendo and exploration – I was telling him my fantasies and he txted me back saying he is falling in love with my mind and thoughts. I just laughed and said that was sweet.**”

    He loves your mind because it’s telling him what he wants to hear; a woman looking for attention that he can easily bed (according to him) with no commitment.

    **”He has told me to my face that he doesn’t sleep around, he’s not a player, although he LOVES sex and LOVES to f**k! LOL”**

    Biggest player bs ever! Tells women he can’t commit yet still gets women to talk about sex with him & want him.

    I had the impression you were looking for a relationship but you are an adult so do what you please just be aware of the reality of the situation. Definitely check out the Cap forum. You’ll see a lot of women wondering why their Caps went cold on them after such a great start (big theme here!). My experience with Caps is limited although I dated a Sag sun w/ moon, merc, venus & mars in cap for 5 years. And another sun Cap briefly. They are very sexual but also conventional. Ultimately, they want what most men want if they are open to a relationship; a woman they can respect & love. If they say they don’t want a relationship, believe it. Earth signs are very aware of what they are capable of & won’t budge if they are not ready for more.

    I hope I’m wrong or actually, I hope you get what you want. Please know I say these things only to clarify & give an objective viewpoint. Wishing you always the best! xoxo

  25. Libra-girl: A simple conversation won’t be enough to convince a Taurus of your faithfulness. It will take time; perhaps a lot more time than you are willing to give. Flirting does not go over well, he may have crossed you out and there is nothing you can do to change his mind if he has. He was probably not so much mad as he was disappointed. You can ask for another chance but know you will have to prove yourself over time & not give him another reason to doubt you.

  26. ohsosweet says:

    I want them both.

    I do hear what you are saying. It is harsh reading it in black ‘n white, but if I’m honest, you haven’t said anything that I haven’t already thought to myself.
    I make him sound like an ahole! LOL

    We only started talking ‘’sex’’ about a week ago. Up until now it has been my humour and intellect and his likewise. And it wasn’t like hey baby, go down on all 4s for me! Its more like what has been the funniest sex experience, or the most embarrassing (you know, parents walking in on you etc, that kind of stuff)
    Before the sex talk, we had been chatting in earnest about all sorts of things. He sent me one saying, how irritated he was by one of his clients who is rich, beautiful and great body, but he said one moment with her is like an hour’s conversation with me – there’s just nothing. I said for him to not judge her too harshly because she is beautiful, she probably doesn’t have to rely on intellect or personality. He said that she makes a pass at her and he wants to run to someone like me.

    Actually I have told him right at the beginning under no certain terms am I gonna have sex with him if that’s what is all he is interested in. I have been very, very firm in that. I said to him, I’m not going to budge because I’m not gonna use sex to make someone like me. You either do or you don’t and the sexual shenangins will come in time.
    I said to maybe another time and another place, things could’ve worked out, but as its not what he wants, I’m not gonna bash my head against a brick wall! I’m happy for us to be friends though. And he seemed very content with that. He just kept saying and keeps saying he thinks I’m a really cool person. Also, I said on my profile that even if I don’t find someone but I make some friends I’m ok with that. He said out of all the women on that site, I’m the only one that has actually meant it and stuck with it and for that he admires and respects me greatly. He said it would be easy to get me in the sack, but that is not what he wants or the type of person he is.

    I’ve been very firm right from the beginning that although I want a relationship, if its not with him, I’m happy to be friends.
    If he really didn’t give a sh**, would he still be here a month down the line?

    I used to fall for the me wanting attention and then falling for the first guy who gave it to me, I was vulnerable and stupid back then. But that was years ago, I’m all grown up now and know what I want and I have told him point blank.

    For the moment, I’m not dreaming up anything, I just wanted to make mention of a special Cap and that I am happy the way things are, easy going friendly, etc. It really does take the pressure off when things feel easy going.

    I don’t think this guy is a ahole – there is something inside me telling me, he is being honest, doesn’t want a relationship as he said, but happy to be friends. The thing is, he has been honest and upfront about this from day 1, so its not news to me. Its just nice to be communicating with what I feel is a kindered spirit in some respects.


  27. ohsosweet says:



    How you feeling. You were on a bit of a downer the other day. Have you perked up or still much the same?

  28. @ohsosweet, I’m perky 😉 Sorry hun. How’s it going with the cap or there some more interesting prospects?

  29. ohsosweet says:


    Ok. Just checking in, cos you said you were on a downer the other day. Glad to hear that you perked up.
    I had a REAL big downer day y’day. Feeling better today. Just one of ’em things.

    This Cap is doing my head in. I told him he sends me mixed signals and he was like, really, I do? So sorry, don’t mean to, I do care about you, you’re wonderful, special, gorgeous, sexy, unique, blah, blah, etc, etc, I just can’t be in a relationship right now. I dunno if he’s testing my patience or what. He said it was wrong of him to be on that site, everything he wrote on his profile is true except the one thing about wanting a relationship. He said that was a big mistake and why he took his profile off. He sends me a txt last night, I’m so sorry I can’t give you what you want.
    Then he txts me this morning, have a wonderful day sweetie, he’s all sugary and nice.

    He DOES send mixed signals. How can you tell someone I’d like to see where this developes further okay and then not expect them to go mmm…..this sounds interesting. And then the very next day say I can’t be in a full on relationship, have to concentrate on my kid and my work.

    Talk about hot ‘n cold.

    Argh! Do I really come off as stoopid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? I’m not saying – introduce me to your parents and nearest and dearest – when can I move in. I’m saying lets just spend some time together, go with the flow.

    I did post a comment on Capricorn forum though – you told me to check it out.

    Anyways, glad you’re feeling perky. And its Friday.

  30. I think he’s just being honest with you. There’s a Taurus man on another page who is going thru a tough time & feels he needs time alone even though he was seeing someone he liked. He can’t give her the time & attention she deserves & feels bad but isn’t in a place emotionally to give to someone. The cap might be in a similar position.

    He obviously likes you enough to be friendly & say those things to let you know it’s not you. Be glad he’s not leading you on & seems to care about you feelings. Enjoy his attention but go out with men who want the same things you do in the meantime. Always keep your options open until you have a ring on your finger. 😉 Sorry you had a bad day. Hope your weekend will be better!

  31. It’s been awhile since I’ve been on here. But, I’m a taurus female now recently engaged to a taurus male. We aren’t perfect but, when I’m with him I truly love him and want to spend the rest of my life with him. Serveral concerns. But, I know he is him and probably won’t change. But, that’s most guys. Until they want something… they won’t change, right.

    Well. He has this “hobby” of taking photos of random, pretty girls. He’s a butt guy… so, it’s from the back. Coward, pervert. Perhaps. We talked about it when I first noticed it and he was honest about it. And I really didn’t say anything because we were still knew and I was really confident in our relationship. Then, I noticed more photos around July. We had this huge discussion about it. I saw photos on his phone. Confronted him about it. Told me it doesn’t mean anything. I was feeling a little insecure (gained some “being in love” weight) and he told me I should feel insecure. He loves me and thinks I’m beautiful, etc. Well, since then, I’ve occassionaly looking into his phone and never found anything. Until this past weekend. He still lets me in his phone, even though after that fight months ago, said he would just put it on lock. Well, while looking, I noticed a video of some girl walking and a photo of same girl. Just her butt. And when I think about it, there’s never a face or chest shot. I know he’s a butt guy… maybe it’s the video… cause he can see it moving? lol Would it be better if it was just porn? Consent?

    I don’t know. Maybe because I feel a) he’s just settling with me cause he lacks the courage (he’s gained some weight from what I hear) and is lazy and has been single for 10 yrs due to him not really wanting to try for any lady… or these everyday ladies he takes photos/videos of. As for me? I knew him and dated him over 10 years ago and wasn’t too big a challenge I think. or b) Insecure because he notices other women? And yes, he and I have talked about my trust issues. He says “you always think I’m not going to be there for you” and well, this kinda stuff doesn’t help. He isn’t a big “I love you” when I get insecure cause he says I should just know and he could tell me and it wouldn’t in those moments. rest of the time, he’s always touching me, telling me i love you”, etc.

    I know Taurus men are loyal. His best friend even told me he tried to fix him up with a beautiful, ex and my fiance said “no”. Then the best friend said… “see. Because he loves you, and he’s a loyal sucker, he would never do anything”.

    I’m so scared and nervous and doubtful of relationships. I haven’t seen many that work. Plus, we are long distance and everything is just that much harder.

    Maybe I’m just venting. But, any words to advice or help me figure this stuff out, or talk to him would be greatly appreciated.

  32. 2 suzanna,

    honey he sounds like a typical taurus male. he likes to look…..@ butts. but he also obviously loves u. he just has a bad habit of recording and taking pictures of butts. i would be a little worried seeing as imma taurus gal myself. but i will say i like looking at good looking guys and their pecs and body parts but i draw the line at taking photos of them. for me im okay if he wants to look but taking momento shots is pushing his luck with me. we may love our partners but i put a line at taking photos of body parts that turn me on. lol. if it were me–girl, i would get on a treadmill and get my ass back to its original bootiliciousness and ask him not to ever take a butt photo again (unless its mine) lol if u feel this insecure tell him not to take booty shots anymore (if he loves u enough, he will stop) but i would jump on a treadmill and make him work for my booty rather than him lusting over some other booty. but be rest assured, u are a taurus and he’s a taurus. u know he loves loves u and he knows u love him. he’s not going anywhere, (his eyes are straying to every booty out there) but he does love u a lot. take some comfort in that…..i hope u feel better and i hope u address ur concerns with him. u know us taurus like to tell the truth and fix things. dont mull over this so much, talk to him about it. take care and good luck.


  33. Hello ladies.

    Ohsosweet, listen to Bliss. She is very wise. Carefull with that cap young lady…
    Love you ladies. -Ara

  34. Ohsosweet:
    How old is this cap friend? Usually cap men are secretive according to astro writing. They usually are private. The one I know is very private and very quiet most of the time. It took him awhile to open up. Very careful with what he says. Conservative and very strict. Except for when he flirted with me and I chewed him out shut him up. I had one of those taurus bad temper moment. 🙂 he tiptoes around me now even more. I told him I’m looking for a husband not a sex partner and he’s still around told me he is ready for love and in love with me. I’m waiting for me to fall passionately in love him. Aint happening yet. Was engage to an aries. That busted. Loved that aries man deeply but ya know things don’t always work out. Long story. I only get swept by aries mans love. Aahhhh my weakness for aries man. Bliss! Hehehe I’m giggling. The cap is frustrated with me. I’m a very moody taurus. But sometimes I think I love him/cap a little bit then sometimes I don’t. Being taurus I struggle with my feelings. I’m good at retreating into my solitude. I’m very slow and fearful. That cap is practically courting Ferdinand the cow in me. God bless everyone. -Ara

  35. ohsosweet:
    In the cap blog, talk to blackgoat or matt but if you want a comprehensive advice that apply to all man, apply the advice of our sister Bliss. God bless you. Don’t let any man’s self-centered goals make you lose your self worth and your core values instilled by your parents. In the other room here, sister Bliss take care of us by guiding us in our situations. She loves us. She is our inspiration in our quest for romantic love. Love you -Ara

  36. Kemi Oyebade says:

    So I haven’t been on here in a while since I haven’t tried to deal with my taurus guy. but yea out of the blue yesterday, he says he has a girlfriend. This was the problem I had with it. I’ve been literally waiting on him to ask me to be his girl for over a year and he knew this. I even stopped having sex with him to push him and he knew how I felt. and then out of the blue he said he had a new girl when he knew that I was waiting. and at first I said that was good and I asked how they met. He’s only known her for a month no longer than 2 and he’s known me for a year and a half and I’m one of his FEW and CLOSEST friends/ lover. so i flip my shit and said it was not fair because it isnt and I started to cry and all he could say is I know and I’m sorry im just so complex and what not but we can still be friends. and i said yea at first and then I was like no i can’t do it. and I was going to get my coat from him today but I changed my mind and said it was not worth it get it from him because I can’t stand him right now. And I told him that he fucked with my head and that he needs to treat this girl better and to not contact me anymore. and he’s like we can still be mature about it and be friends but if not that’s okay and I’m like why do you still want to be my friend. there is no point . and I said maybe we could in the far future (MAYBE) and that I still cared for him and he hasn’t responded. I don’t know what he’s thinking and why he did me the way he did and why he still wants to be friends. because with other girls that he’s told me he stopped talking to he didn’t even try to say lets be friends. but he kept trying with me. i don’t know what he wants. i don’t know if he’s trying to keep me around until he shapes up. which is another story bc he’s 26, lives with his parents, is unemployed, and has no financial stability, has no motivation, isn’t looking for a job, has no ambitions and I’m the opposite (Im a cancer female) and he’s so insensitive and stubborn. and the funny thing is, the girl he’s with is an accountant major so i don’t know how long this will last. but yea he’s really a loser so I don’t know what i saw in him. maybe because he was lonely and I gave him attention but still why does he want to be my friend. can anyone answer??

  37. saggi girl says:

    Kemi Oyebade ,

    It does not matter what he thinks and what he wants. Asking yourself what do you want? do you want to be his friend while he told you that he has a girlfriend. If i were you, I wouldn’t bother to stay. But based on the fact that he knew you first and knew you were waiting for him to commit, he still chose to commit to someone else, who came along after you. It says a lot… do not try to figure out what he thinks? why?

    Action says that he was not interested in a relationship with you.

    Move on.. stop playing yourself.

    Wish you well.

  38. saggi girl says:

    hello, ladies.. haven’t been here for a while. I am going to start my new job next Monday..Hope all is well with everyone..

  39. kemi oyebade says:

    SO i recently cut off my taurus friend/ lover because I found out he had a girlfriend. I’ve known him for over a year and the girl he’s with now he’s only known for a few months because they play poker together at the same place. I was really hurt that he found a girlfriend when he knew I was there waiting for him and all he could say was that he was sorry and that he’s a very complex person. He still tried to say lets be mature about it and be friends but what gets me know is how he was able to get a girl who’s an accountant and he’s still unemployed (has been for 2-4 years) is 26, dropped out of college, lives with his parents, not financially stable and has no ambition in life. I feel like he’s testing the waters to see who’s out there and maybe that’s why he still wanted to be friends but even now, I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s just too slow moving for me. I’m getting ready to graduate school and move on in my careers of modeling, animation, and video game design ( quite a combo, i know) and he’s still at home. He says that I wasn’t being mature about the situation but I feel that he’s the one who’s acting like a 19 year old when it comes to relationships. I know he cares even though he never shows it. And before I found out he had a girl, I had cut him off sexually because I didn’t feel that it was right to keep having sex when he didn’t know what he wanted from me. and I’m starting to wonder if that’s why he went out and got a girl. regardless, I’m going to stand by my position and maybe in the future, as I told him, we can try being friends. but I just don’t understand how he got a girlfriend and he has nothing to offer. and of course I’m jealous (I’m a cancer girl) because he never gave me that chance and I keep asking myself why? is he waiting to see how long our friendship lasts to see if we can go to that next level or is he not attracted to me anymore. I mean every time that I’ve tried to cut him off he would always say well i’m here when you’re ready to talk, if not then fine. but with other girls that i’ve seen him date, he never did that he just shrugged them off. I dont know if it’s because I’ve been the most caring and most attentive girl in his life and one of his closest friends (he actually admitted it) but I’m just so heartbroken and confused. can anyone analyze this for me and please just don’t say get over him and move on. I’m doing that now, but I need answers and I can’t ask him because we’re not on speaking terms and he doesn’t know himself

  40. @Kemi Oyebade

    Sorry girl I simply had to respond. I read the first few lines and my reaction?


    NOT AT YOU!!! Let me stress, I am NOT laughing at you!!!!!!

    I’m laughing at this bloke whos being unemployed for how many years, lives with his folks, dates a girls he’s known a few months, etc, etc….and then has the f**king gall to say ”oh lets be mature” about this??!!!!!!!!

    er, no…..

    Sweety, lets this guy be the other girl’s problem, you’ve got some much more potential and much more ambition and drive.

    Let this other girl support him financially when he STILL hasn’t got a job down the line. How does he even manage to play poker when he’s not working?!!!!!!!

    Can I be brutally honest?
    Why would you even want to be friends with someone who shows an absolute disrespect for you like this? Ask yourself that. Why on earth would you want this dead weight around? and from your posting above, I may not have all the details, but HE IS A DEAD WEIGHT!!!

    You’re going places, why let this drag you down.

    go girl!!!!!!!

  41. @ ohsosweet,

    Thanks for the response and those nasty qualities that he has and has always had are whats keeping my going. I don’t and can never be with someone like that, it’s such a let down. And he complains why he doesn’t have many friends and why he has such low self esteem. Well he doesn’t have many friends because he never keeps up with any of them. While all the people he knew in highschool are moving full throttle towards their goal, he’s still stationary. For the longest time, I’ve tried to support his negative issues with himself and encourage him but he hasn’t changed or even tried to. I honestly feel as if he’s with this girl out of boredom. He gets this way from time to time when he gets bored and picks up a new hobby. When I first met him, it was World of Warcraft then online dating then reading then poker. I could be completely wrong but this is how I feel. even though the pain is still lingering, it’ll go away because when you get down to the nitty gritty, he’s just not worth a cent of my time.


  42. anna wachs says:

    a taurus man told me that he liked me but since im married, he cant do anything about it. he used to like a friend of mine and made out with her after he professed his love. who does he like? is he playing games?

  43. You are married so why should it matter? He’s doing what a man does when women give them the opportunity.

  44. CancerCancer says:

    Dear Taurus lovers,

    Arghhh, where do I begin? We met nearly 3 years ago and after a few passionate, beautiful meetings that took my breath away each time, it gave me fuel to leave my current broken relationship and silly silly me, in hopes of starting something wonderful with my Taurus. I was hurt, vulnerable and needy. Kind of a pathetic Cinderella begging to be rescued. I knew nothing of Taurus men and I learned pretty quickly the hard, excruciating way.

    Eventually, I played his games back with him, wouldn’t call him back for days to a week, I tried hard to “cool off” and become more distant. But every time we did get together it was not like anything i’ve ever experienced in love before. He told me he was crazy about me, how gorgeous I was, Introduced me to his friends and family, was affectionate with me in front of them.

    Needless to say, the disappearing acts were treacherous and this shroud of mystery around him made me distrustful. At about the 8th month, I kind of flipped out on him, got overly emotional, told him to tell me what he wanted and he couldn’t respond. (His moon is in Scorpio, mercury in Aries, venus in taurus!) All he could say was that he needed his freedom. He absolutely could not talk to me about this matter. I’m sure approaching it like a mad woman was partly to blame.

    So I ended up going back to my ex who was literally going psycho without me because I at least felt wanted with him. Yes, SHAME on me for being weak and needing male attention. That, of course, didn’t last long.

    This all forced me to grow the F up. I was alone for the first time in 17 years. I did a lot of introspection, am slowly gaining this confidence i never had. I’m learning to love myself, my work and my life, trying to connect with family and friends more. Sometimes I want to run back to that safe dark place of being a helpless little girl but i try my best to stay strong.

    Meanwhile, Taurus and I have kept in touch and are seeing one another more frequently again (about once every 2 weeks). It’s certainly different this time around, but not. I’m in a better place emotionally, I don’t hold grudges with him and I don’t stress him out with expectations. We’ve definitely become closer and he’s opening up to me more. I also know that his trust and comfort level with me have grown considerably. But he still disappears. Part of his life, still a mystery.

    Every serious relationship I’ve had before him was jumped right into, without even a dating period. So this is all new for me. This has tested my patience to the edge and over. But I hang on because I know that behind his stubborn exterior lies a good soul. And because I hope that going about love the “slow and steady wins the race” approach will be a success this time around. For the first time in my life, i’m pretty sure I’m experiencing unconditional love in which I love someone for who they are, flaws and all. I have no desire to control another person and place so many expectations on them. I work on my patience and myself and enjoy the time we spend together. I’m not at all saying that I don’t want more. But for now i’m saying, here’s a person I genuinely love, respect and admire and want to be happy and want to support and understand.

    Well. My next move was to tell him, when I see him next, that i’m sorry for flipping out on him several times some time ago. That I was in a dark, stressful place but that I’m in a much better place now. That I know we’re both very busy people but that I look forward to spending time with him and that i really enjoy his company. and all i expect is that we continue to have these wonderful times together.

    So that was my plan!! (Until everything came crashing down on me tonight!!!) After realizing I’d not gotten my period for a week, I took a pregnancy test and it came out positive. I am back to freaking out 101. For so many reasons, obviously, the main one being, how will this Taurus respond to news like this. I know I shouldn’t officially start to flip out til’ i visit the doctor tomorrow to get the official word but I am beside myself. Too many things going through my head now, i’m surprised I was able to get this much of the story out.

    Taurus experts, how do you think he’ll respond to this??? Taurus men, i know there are a few of you on this board! I desperately need help/advice..

    Many thanks for reading and much love x

  45. Cancer: Oh dear. Of course he will respond if it turns out you are pregnant. I’m not sure about the timeline, but you believe it is his child?

    Ok, well, how he responds depends on the birth control method you both agreed to. These things don’t happen out of the blue. He wasn’t using protection and thought you were taking the pill or another method but if he wanted it to be full proof, he still would use protection. Sorry but it gets technical & personal which I understand you may not want to answer exactly but he’ll be thinking the same thing.

    Do you know for sure now? He will step up and do his part regardless. Just don’t play the same games he does. Always be honest & direct with him.

  46. CancerCancer says:

    Bliss, thanks so much for your response. So, I’m NOT preggo!! I was so sure I was after taking this test but it was a little blurry which made my paranoia get the best of me.

    I totally know what you mean about getting technical. When we were first together, he always used a condom. If there wasn’t one, there was no sex. I once said it was ok (as in i’m healthy and i was not ovulating) and his response was “absolutely not”.

    After 2.5 years of being apart, and becoming intimate again, he did not use a condom and hasn’t been using once for the past several months that we’ve been seeing each other again. Ok get ready for the TMI but we’re all adults here 🙂 ! In addition to not using a condom anymore, he ejaculates in me. I know my body, I know when I’m ovulating, I keep track of it and am very sensitive to my body temperature changes, ie.. So when I am ovulating I tell him he has to pull out. I understand that he trusts me more now and I would never take advantage of that.

    I haven’t always been honest and direct with him (for fear of rejection) but now I fully intend on it. I’m really in love with this man. I respect and admire him. He makes me want to be a better, stronger and more emotionally independent woman. It’s just hard to not play the same games he does (disappearing, not always responding). I have read MANY of the posts in the Taurus section and it’s really helped me understand him more. The really scary red flag is the moon in scorpio. Anyone have any experience with one? Perhaps I should take this to the Scorp forum!

  47. Kemi Oyebade says:

    So recently I had to let a Taurus guy that I like go because after one yr plus of talking he decides to get a girlfriend when he knew i liked him( However, it probably didn’t help that I cut him off from sex cause he couldn’t make up his mind and when he asked me for sex, I laughed in his face and said no. I didn’t know till later that that’s probably what pushed him into this new relationship because he got with her three weeks after I did this. I wasn’t trying to be mean, it just came out very VERY wrong) I’m getting over him slowly but surely because to be honest, he was no where near my type at the time ( 26, lives with parents, no job so no financial stability, self esteem issues, boring, repetitive, unmotivated, slow so on so on) I was desperate for a relationship in the beginning and that’s where I got myself into trouble because so was he and as he stated he is complicated and doesn’t know what he wants with anything in his life… LOL i figured that out the hard way.

    But here’s my question….

    A lot of Taureans that I’ve met, and this is just a an assumption so feel free to refute me, born under the April month have this thing with multiple partners or dating. For example. My good friend’s father, born April 26, was with her mother for 23 years and throughout the ENTIRE marriage, cheated on her with various women. And when I asked why her father did it, she said it was a sense of ENTITLEMENT. I like that word because as human beings and anything else living, we are entitled to things but it didn’t hit me til recently that we are probably the one species that over does when it comes to relationships. And apparently my friend’s dad wanted a housewife and that’s what he got. In turn, he got to sleep with and have as many girlfriends as he wanted but he never left his wife because it was a comfort zone. He only left when she found out and filed for divorce.

    Example 2, My other friend, we’ll call her “S” (just out of courtesy), born April 27. I remember about a year ago was having sex with this guy who really really liked her but all of a sudden began dating this other guy in March. She was all into him until about three months ago when she told me she was talking to this new guy. I asked why she was still with him and her excuse was ” he won’t let me leave” and in my head that made no sense because I know her current BF and he wouldn’t harm a fly as far as I know and they live about two hours apart. So in my head, It makes no sense, there’s another reason why she’s still hanging on to him herself. Here’s where the word entitlement comes in again because why look around when you have someone there unless you’re unhappy.

    Example 3, which is me. After thinking about everything, I realized the Taurus guy I liked, Born April 27, was talking to his current girlfriend probably for a good two months before they got together but even up until he made it official with her, he still tried to sleep with me and get me to come and see him. Now this is the guy I mentioned earlier who has major self esteem issues. So I’m like why try to sleep with me when you’re talking to this girl that you like. Once again, the word Entitlement comes in. I don’t know if he sees it or not, but what he was trying to do to me was the same thing my friend and my other friend’s father did or are doing lol. And he didn’t leave me alone until I told him that I hated him (said more out of anger.) He kept saying that he still wanted to be friends with me and he was sorry and I’m like how can you be friends with someone you just did a 180 on. And I know this will sound horrible and I know it’s mean but I’m just looking at it from my POV because yes he wasn’t my type but I still had my ego smacked around. The girl he’s with now, isn’t that that attractive at least from what he says hes attracted to. I even remember him telling me I was the most attractive woman he’s ever been with. And after looking at a recent pic of them on FB ( which I know sounds stalker like, but we all do it sometimes to see what’s been up with our ex’s lol), she didn’t see all that happy. While he was all smiles, she had this sulk to her face. I don’t know why but a pic can tell you a lot. Its only been a couple of months since I cut him off but you know with anyone you cared about, it still hurts when they treat you this way. And I don’t think he was ready for me to cut him off the way I did because I was truly one of the few friends he had. I said that maybe in the future we could try to be friends again but I had to break him off for a while. But now that I’m thinking about it, I’m afraid to start things up with him again because I bet you 1 million bucks he would try to do something with me again and I don’t want to have to deal with his BS. Because even though he claimed to be mature and always told me to “be mature” he was never NEVER mature in the most essential areas. When it came to stability and relationships. And I know this might sound mean but you know how you have intuitions and you feel things before they happen, I can see him having many relationship issues in the future because he can’t understand what he’s doing. He’s a good guy (I know after I just said all that shit) but he has this issue with over indulgence and entitlement just like my friend’s father and my friend now.

    But here’s the weird thing, ALL of my Taurean friends and family members born in May don’t do this. Are they not telling me something or is it a pattern?

    Why have multiple lovers? Why are Some Taureans so selfish and over indulgent? Is it just their nature or is it a deeper sadness that lies beneath them. Are they unhappy with who they are with or just bored or unhappy with themselves? Do they feel entitled to be with whoever until it ends? And am I doing the right thing by cutting him off completely?

    Sorry for all the questions. I really shouldn’t care and very soon I won’t but people interest me and I’m a cancer girl so I’m very analytical and observant and I would love to hear your feedback

  48. Cancer: Thank G you’re not pregnant BUT uh…..your method of birth control is not %100. And std’s is a possibility. HPV is not a joke, it’s becoming an epidemic.

    What exactly is the nature of your relationship? It looks like you haven’t really established a deep bond other than physical. The emotional bond is much more important and he seems to be an enigma to you. I know you haven’t mentioned everything here & I’m being judgmental but I’m going by what you posted & respond in this way because I care about your well-being.

    Has he told you he is in love with you? Are you exclusive? You say you like how slow things are going but it’s not slow as far as sex and that should be the last thing. Taurus men are very judgmental but it’s not a two way street. They will enjoy a sexual relationship with a woman they know they will never love & if that is all they want, that’s all you’ll get. What, my dear Cancer Lady are you getting out of this? You know you can go without sex better than men. Why give him such privileges & trust when you are not sure how to even TALK to him? He said he wanted his freedom, which is his choice & there is nothing wrong with that so you need to follow his lead BUT do not give him trust as you are with your body, much less your heart, soul & mind.

    I know Scorpio’s & Scorpio moons well. It’s your job to push issues. Get it out of them. They will get mad but don’t worry about it. Ultimately they like it. They like depth & strength and know that they are being secretive. They are looking for someone to challenge them and someone willing to dig deep.

    You are a cardinal sign so you can do this. What you want to know, you ask directly. Be willing to leave if he can’t give you love & security. Take back your body and do not allow him to enjoy it without you getting what you want. Your heart & your life should be your priority, not an orgasm or his pleasure. What do YOU want in the long-term? No more mysterious strangers who go in & out of your life. You deserve better. He had better need you rather than want you from time to time. Don’t settle for this and don’t put yourself at risk like this.

    Sorry if I was harsh, honey. I wish you the best. xxx

  49. Kemi: Be glad you got away from him. He may be stuck in that rut for a very long time. No one wants to be a long-suffering girlfriend. Ugh! 😉

    As for April Taurus, it may be true in some cases. But I’ve seen the same with other signs too. I think it has to do more with their upbringing. My cousin is an April Taurus and he’s had many girlfriends but when he got married, he was faithful but he chose an awful woman. His parents had a horrible marriage, lots of fighting and his dad (Aries) was a total womanizer. His Leo brother has woman after woman too. Neither one can seem to settle down.

  50. kemi oyebade says:

    Thanks Bliss you’ve been very encouraging. I actually talked to my other taurus friend, he was born in may, and he also said upbringing is important. The taurus guy I let go, his parents are very well off. His mom is a Nurse and his dad fixes golf carts so he goes on a lot of business trips so both his parents are financially stable. but here’s the problem, they are enablers. not once has he stepped out on his own. His parents never pressured him to do anything they’re just really doting parents. I mean he’s never lived on his own and when he did go to school like 5 yrs ago to a community college he didn’t even finish the first year and he went back to his parents without a clue about what he was going with his life. Also he had a really good job as a truck driver for coca cola and after four years he quit just out of the blue and when I asked him why he said he was bored and lonely and when I asked did you have another job lined up, he said no. He didn’t even try to look for another job because his parents were there to baby him. And in all honesty, I babied him too and I think he likes that feeling, it’s comfort because his parents never judged his actions he was always okay. he never excelled at anything, maybe tennis, but his back to too messed up for that even. He never pushed himself to try things even with girls because of how he was raised. How he got this girl is beyond me but I already know problems will start because I personally believe if you’re not happy with yourself and your life, there’s no way you can share a life with someone else without it going south after a while. And I know for a FACT he’s unsatisfied and because he didn’t have anything of his own I feel like this is why he got this girl. I mean sure he likes her but that’s how we were in the beginning. And after I began noticing his issues, I stopped babying him and was like grow up he didn’t like that and that’s when he started screwing other girls. he was open about it and when I asked him why he started having sex with so many girls, his response was “I want to get better at sex.” Never in my life have I heard such an awful excuse. That’s how I know he has issues. when a man says he wants to get better at sex because he feels he has nothing else to really offer and has to overcompensate with sex, that’s an issue. And who knows he might find the girl of his dreams but with a self esteem like that, it won’t last. This all goes back to how he was raised, he was never raised to do anything, he likes when things come to him, he just sits there and he might put his Big Toe out to get you but the moment he does he disappears. He would be such a great guy if he would communicate these issues because it’s somewhere inside him. I know it, he just won’t let that good side come out. But regardless I can’t let myself fall into a situation that like that ever again so right now, I’m working on myself and my issues with guys because I’m a cancer and I’m a motherly woman to a fault and I can’t help those who don’t help themselves. Im a senior at UGA and I’m graduating in May 2011, I want to live my life independent and free and after dealing with him, it made me realize how important it is to be on your own and aware and outgoing and motivated because it gets harder as you get older to break out and be these things. I think that was his issue, he never broke out and did random things. He’s always lived in the same area, dated girls in the same area or nearby and won’t leave for a while probably. Even when I broke our friendship off he was like lets be mature about it but if not then fine. That showed me that he did not think our friendship was important enough to compromise about. He basically wanted me to come back to him because he didn’t want to try hard enough. It makes me so made because I tried to be close to him, but it was my fault for trying so hard. He lets things go so easily and now I see why he doesn’t have many friends. I’m not a confrontational person but I like to talk about problems especially when it gets in the way of a relationship. To me communication and stability are key to be in one and he failed in both areas. When I tried to talk to him about how he felt, he just brush it off like he was okay. Its just unfortunate I had to be involved with someone like that. because I know I can move on but he never really will because I see how he talks about past lovers and there’s always this sadness in his voice because he doesn’t know how to handle women and I believe he thinks being with this girl will fix him up but its whats inside that’s the problem and getting with a girl you’ve only known for a few months won’t help. Its much more deeper than that….

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