How to tell if a Taurean man likes you

A Taurus man may be initially slow to express his affections, but once he acts on his feelings for you … you’ll know. Taureans are sensual beings, born under an Earth sign ruled by Venus, goddess of art, beauty and love. He’ll touch you with a sensitivity to how you needed to be treated — whether you’re firm clay that needs to be molded with insistency and penetration, or a fine silk garment that requires exquisite care.

Unlike many men, he knows how to pick a gift, having an eye for objects that bring you both visual and sensual pleasure. The Taurus man knows the value of money, and although he’s not as status-conscious as a Leo or Capricorn, he’s not unwilling to spend well on something that either lasts the test of time or makes the most of its limited lifespan. If your gift is not ruggedly durable, it will be heartbreakingly beautiful in its ephemerality.

Your Taurean may be of the more gruff variety — he’ll tend to your garden (wink), mow your lawn, and trim your bushes. But perhaps most importantly, he won’t give up. This fixed sign doesn’t quit until he gets what he wants — and if he covets you, he’ll persist with an admirable stubbornness that will either win you over or have you filing a restraining order.

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  1. iam sagittarius and i currently date with a taurus men. he is so good at flirting in the beginning. so we’re going for dates like multiple days in a week. Usually we went for a movie, and he usually become horny in the cinema, like he will caress me, touch me, hug me and fingered me. Sometimes i found him a bit quiet, he didnt say much and that’s the reason im kinda get bored with him.. But i still love him. He always hold my hand and show me that he cares about me. He always tell me that he loves and miss me in the beginning. Unfortunately, i have to move to another place. So we could’nt met each other frequently like before. He didnt tell me he loves me and miss me anymore now. He has changed, he is not as sweet and flirty as before. However he still text me everyday but not as romantic as before and he didnt call me darling anymore like he would always do.. But he said that he will never leave me when i ask him whether he has changed his mind on me or not.. I am so confused by his actions.. Can someone tell me what has hapen to my taurus man?

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