How to make an Aries man obsessed with you

AriesWait … does the Aries man even get obsessed? He may have the ability to tune out all other stimuli to accomplish his goal, but that’s not obsession — it’s single-mindedness. If he really wants you, he’ll garner all his resources to capture you, but once he loses interest, you’ve lost.

The best way to extend his attention span is to fuel his competitive drive. Although I am not a fan of “games,” you may want to flirt with someone else at a party he’s at, if you already know he’s interested in you. Seeing you with another man will spark his instinctual urge to be Alpha Male, and he’ll want to beat out the other guy for your attentions.

In other words, play hard to get.

The venerable Bruce Springsteen (a Libra) once wrote that you can’t start a fire without a spark. I can’t help you there (although a tight red dress will turn him on!). You need to be distant enough to be a challenge, but not so unattainable that he’s easily distracted by the next pretty young thing that comes his way. The art of attraction is a Libran balancing act, and a tip of the scales in the wrong direction will send the whole contraption toppling to the floor.

Comment below: How have you kept an Aries man’s attention?

About Jeffrey Kishner

Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at


  1. Haha I checked out the funny section, ur going off..

    Work was good..

    I’m bk down on a downer..
    Why couldn’t everything just stay aligned.. I reckon it made my days happier..

  2. You need to align those scales my Girl so that you get an emotional balance
    within yourself otherwise you will continue to experience inner emotional
    conflict which only you can fix by finding a happy balance.

    Life is full of ups and downs but it’s how you deal with them that counts.???

    Cheer up it’s not the end of the world someone else will soon come along.!!!

  3. Yeh def, agree..
    Just manado gong to do watch you agree will solve the problem,
    Always easier said then done..

    I’ll be balanced oneday.. I fucking hope anyways lmao

    How’s u been, has the king accepted ur friendship request?

    I love how u call the funny section, the funny section
    Cracks me up everytime! Lol

  4. Aries King has Not accepted my friendship request as yet and I don’t
    expect him to but it was worth a try. Oh well he is playing hard to get.

    The FUNNY section is something alright. Check out the Scorpio Section
    which Iam trying to bring some humor into it since it’s so bloody BORING.

    People are so up tight these days it makes you wonder what their problem
    is and where their head is at.???

    Very SAD but that’s people so leave them to their misery I suppose.???

  5. firstly, how freakin hilarious is your pic!!!! boy goerge i love it!!

    secondly hes done a ramhoudini

    thirdly i shall check funny section no.2 😀

  6. Ahhh yes my PIC.!!!

    Trust you to NOTICE that HUNK of a Man with the SIX PACK or is it EIGHT.???

    One of these days we’ll have to count them but then again who cares because he
    looks sooo “HOT” whether they’re Six or Eight it matters NOT.!!!

    I had noticed something about photos which Mr. Jeffrey had put up on the screen
    under Blog News last night and it gave me an idea of putting my own pick up here
    and told my Son Alexander to do it but he was unable to put my pic on so next I
    said put that one of the Bull but that didn’t work out either so he came up with this
    one and said You should put this one up it will look good.

    I said I don’t know it’s a bit resque and Mr. Jeffrey might not approve and he will
    make me take it down.???

    Alexander said it’s a good pick and it suits the Forum so leave it and if Mr. Jeffrey
    objects then we will change it.

    It appears as though Mr. Jeffrey approves and has no objections so the PIC will
    stay and brighten up a dull day.!!!

    If I knew who this Guy is I could play match maker for my Sexy Girl and brighten
    up her WEEKEND.!!!

    Who did a RAM Houdini our Funny Aries King.??? Hmmm I wonder where he
    escaped to.??? We could do with a laugh or two.!!!

  7. UM, god dam I wish you knew this guy, and hooked us up for a night or two 😉

    yeh the king of the rams did a houdini, shame!

    he caused some koas, and then dissapeared into thin air.. but it can only be expected coming from the aries? agreed or disagree?
    I vote a agree..

    arrrhhh happy dayz…

    some may say its unpredictable, i say its so predictable 😉 i wouldnt expect anything either or anything less..

  8. It is a shame I don’t know this HUNK otherwise you can be sure I would hook you up.!!!

    And not just for a night or two but a whole month now wouldn’t that be FUN.???

    Hmmm maybe I should start a match making or dating agency.???

    I have made a few matches and they were good ones because they are married with
    children for many years.

    Trust an Aries to appear cause a great commotion and pull a disapearing act.

    TYPICAL RAM.!!! So what do you expect.??? Who knows he might be back.???

    They love being the center of attention so if he does come back we have to make
    a big fuss and give him a very ROYAL warm welcome because he is the KING
    afterall so we can’t deny him his rightful title and heritage which stems back to the
    Greek Mythological Gods. And you can’t do better then that where Love and War
    is concerned that’s for sure.!!!

  9. hey,
    a month would be nice 😀

    I would love to have someone matchmake me with a nice guy 😉

    may little act of loving the single life has wore thin 🙁

    dont waorry im still smiling, oh wait thats a lie..

    I have read in a few different places that Libra’s get down or hit depression when not in a relationship etc etc.. well im finding that to be true.. (HOW TRAGIC) LOL.. poor little old me, winge winge fucking winge

    dont worry I will give him a warm welcome..

    Libra messaged last night, I took 4 hrs to reply, and now i havent heard anything.. GOOD!!

    I just want a freakin LOVER god DAM it..

  10. Bloody Hell what am I going to do with you Girl.???

    You keep changing from one day to the next is it any wonder this Libra is confused.???

    If you want him to be your “LOVER” you need some good old fashioned patience and
    to learn to give and take once in a while because these things take time and unless you
    learn to compromise how else is it supposed to last.???

    You never even gave him a chance and you are testing him and putting him through the
    the ringer so what do you expect him to do.???

    Hmmm sounds as though he is giving you a run for your indicisive scales because he
    is probably on to you and doing the same thing. Two can play that game so it sounds
    as though the shoe is on the other foot.???

    Send him a song and some sexy images of yourself that should trigger his interest and
    make him respond.???

  11. hahahah….
    love you..
    you are right,
    he already responded, and said hes sorry hes been working heaps yada yada yada…
    he asked me to dinner tomorrow, i said yes, now he hasnt resonded..
    well he said “is your uncle there? i was thinking of coming over tomorrow, or just getting something to eat?”
    I replied yes my uncle is still home for a while, did you just wana go get something to eat..
    no reply, YET..
    im guessing he just wants to come round for sex?? hahah
    i dunno..


    maybe im not good with patients?? i guess you have to give these things time….

    when he responds i will update you..

  12. And since when did you become opposed to HAVING SEX anyway.???

    As long as he is good at it and you enjoy it go ahead and make the most of it.!!!

    SEX IS GOOD as a matter of fact it’s BLOODY FANTASTIC.!!!

    I maybe old fashioned but I have to admit “I LOVED HAVING SEX WITH THE GOD OF WAR”.!!!

    He blew my mind that’s for damn sure. But the fact is there was alot of EMOTION in the mix
    which kept the “FIRES BURNING”.!!!

    You know by the way you communicate and relate whether he is just in it for his own satisfaction
    or because he cares and wants to please you as well and that is something you can not hide or
    pretend when it comes to real intimacy between two people whom speak the same language
    with out having to speak because it just happens and there is a connection which you FEEL.!!!


  13. Hahaha…
    He’s not that great in the sex department lol
    If inwas looking for amazing mind blowing sex, I would hook up with mr Leo fuk me!!
    Beyond mind blowing, next in line is my sex buddie mr aqua not bad at all..
    Would love a 3sum with those 2 gesus Christ lord my oh my..

    No no I just like libras company, the conversation just flows and I feel comfortable ..
    Don’t believe there’s an amazing connection either.. We just flow and it comfortable..

    And there’s nothing wrong with just wanting sex as long as it’s clear and u don’t fuk wid people heads??
    True? I believe so..

  14. And he’s really not that great at all in the sex department..
    At all : /
    If that’s all he wants then I won’t bother : O
    But I wouldn’t care if he wanted more, comprehenday?

  15. You want to have a THREESOME.???

    You are a real BAD ASS you know that.???

    I thought only Men had this FANTACY.???

    And how are you planning to satisfy both of them or are they supposed to satisfy YOU.???

    How does this work anyway.???

  16. Haha,
    No no they satisfy you, and compete with each other, to see who can get u off better, and get animalistic over you and argue about swapping and it gets very intense..
    Well that’s how it’s gone for me anyways..
    And I guess they weren’t really friends so they were more competitive lmao
    I thought I could never go bk to one man.. Lol

    Oooohhh I had the best night last night, I went home with a amazingly good looking guy.
    I can’t remember his name, so I’m calling him the hulk, lol
    Hulk because he was massive, he had to be on steroids
    And he had a sexy face as well, I honestly don’t know how I did it..
    Some strange reason he had to beg me to go back to his lol
    Really don’t know why he was begging me, maybe he has a chubby fantasy
    Lmao I never cease to amaze myself.. It’s just getting better and better each week,
    Next thing I know, I’ll be hooking up with brad Pitt..
    Bk to loving the single life..
    We were at it for hours, at one point the sex was that good, I think I repeatedly told him I loved him
    Lmao.. Of Course I don’t love him, I love the way he you know 😉
    The beat thing about it was his body/muscles were so massive and he was so heavy,
    I felt like he could of snapped me in half, I could nearly breath..
    Freaking amazing!!!
    My heart is racing just thinking about it uuuuuffffff
    Love it when u feel so defenseless and small and you can’t move or breath because the man is so massive
    Hahaha amazing

  17. Iam at a loss for words but as long as you had a good time that’s what counts.!!!

    The single life is definitely the way to go for YOU.!!!

    Where do you find these Guys.???

  18. Haha, depends where I am???
    Haha, last night me and a group of friends were walking from one pub to another, and in-between I sat down on a bench and he just came and sat next to me, telling me he was watching me at the pub, and asked if I was going to the pub up the road, and asked for my number, then I can’t remember exactly how it went, but we didn’t go on to the next pub and just went bk to his lol
    This is just how these things happen???
    He just messaged ha ha… I thought it was just a one nighter??
    Hmmmmm maybe not? Ha ha
    I must be alright aye? Lmfao, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha funny..
    He lives to close, only a couple if streets away, I’m Gona bump into him all the time..
    Wat a shame :/ lol

  19. You should write a bood about “RANDOM HOOK UPS”.!!!

    I wonder how long this one will last for and considering the fact he lives so close
    he can come in very handy especially during these cold winter nights when you
    need a “MAN TO WARM YOU UP”.!!!

    If you made a list of all the Guys you have “HOOKED UP” with so far how many
    would that be.???

  20. Haha.. It’s actually not that many..
    It’s only been recent the numbers are rising..
    But it’s still considerable less then some 15yr girls lmao truly
    I’ll be in a relationship soon ans hopefully it for the rest of my life
    So I’m Gona have fun while I can..
    I’ve always been in long term relationships this is the longest time I have ever been single
    Ever since I was 13lol
    When I was 13 I dated a guy for a yr and a half
    Then the next guy for 2 years next guy for 3 years next guy for a year and then the next one for 7 years
    And if u read bk over my posts.. U can figure out the exact number if u were really keen in knowing and then just add 4 lmfao 😛
    Really not that many.. I’m built for ling term relationships, it’s just how I work, and will always be as a libra you see..

  21. Iam no good with numbers and I have lost count so I won’t bother counting them.

    As you can see my pick was taken down because someone complained and said
    it was too “PROVOCATIVE” can you believe it..???

    What was so Provocative about that poor inocent Guy.???

    Oh well he had to go I suppose.

    Anyway there were very few which I could choose from so I told Alexander to put this one up
    but I would like to find another one but he said there are no others and I don’t know how to
    do it myself so can you tell me where you find pics which you can put up here and it actually
    works because this other one he found on google didn’t work.

  22. Um, just make sure it’s jpeg, I think..
    If not copy paste into paint, and then save as.. And it will save as a jpeg
    Lmao, I’m not great with computers, and I just figure things out on my own, the weird way, and that’s just way I do lmao… Not really sure of the easier or tech correct way of doing it,
    As long as it works aye?
    I think if the file is too big u can’t upload it.. But fuk know how to decrease its file size, I cropped my pic in paint lmao
    Maybe ask jeffy boy for the correct answers.. Lol..
    These are just my dodging DIY comp skills, and I’m just taking a guess at these answers..

  23. Hey miss fabulous K,
    I am loving your new pic..
    how was your long weekend??

  24. Hi my Special Girl,

    Glad you like the new pick and I have some more only trouble is which one to choose.???

    Hmmm I’ll have to rotate them I suppose.???

    Thanks for the info it worked like a charm. He is “VERY HOT” that’s for sure.!!!”’

    My weekend was really good. The whole family was here and we had a B.B.Q.

    How was your weekend any juicy “SEX GOSS” lately.???

    And what became of that “HULK” is he still around or have you given him the “FLICK”.???

  25. Sounds like u had a nice weekend 🙂

    Mine was very Laid bk, stayed hm and slept most of the time
    Don’t think I left the house that much, sid a bit of furniture shopping 🙂
    And just sorted out a few things, that need to be sorted in my life.
    No juicy sex goss..
    And I have decided I won’t be seeing the hulk again, I deleted his number
    There’s nothing there that I would want in my future…
    And I deleted libras number, and Leo and ignoring the aqua as best I can, he’s been a friend since I was a kid.. But ignoring still.
    Trying to balance out my scales 😉 fingers crossed.. It’s Gona take some major effort 🙁
    If u haven’t noticed already I swing from end to other quite frequent lmao..
    Don’t think I be at peace until I’ve found my partner And married to be honest

    And I defiantly think you should rotate the photos 😀

  26. Sounds as though my Girl has some serious sorting out to do in the Man
    department especially if marriage is on the cards so you need to balance
    those scales and attract the right Male for the job of husband material.

    It’s a tricky one but it can be done if you are determined enough and you
    stick to just “ONE”.???

    That’s the trouble with having too many choices they interfere with your
    decision making process and prevent you from making up your mind as
    to whom is the right Guy.???

    But since you are deleting them it looks like we are back to square “ONE”.???


  27. stick to just one?? atm I have none lol

    “That’s the trouble with having too many choices they interfere with your
    decision making process and prevent you from making up your mind as
    to whom is the right Guy.???” quite possible, or in this case lead me to make up my mind and neither.. or.. are wat I want..

    But since you are deleting them it looks like we are back to square “ONE”.??? hahaha to square none!
    where is this one coming from?? is there “one” I am forgetting about??

    “SO WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE.???” I havnt a clue…
    wat do you suggest??? Bars are outa tha question?? cause they only bring home one nighters or casuals if your lucky.. where is there to go from here?? honestly..

  28. put an add in the paper?? lmao
    maybe meet someone at indoor soccer?? more likey
    join some kind of group involving males lmao like a fitness group lmao
    or just live life for me and my daughter and not look and leave it up to fate??

    other than that im all outa ideas…

    suggestions please mother dearest?? mwa xoxo

  29. Ahhh my Special Baby,

    I wish I had the answers and the power to send the right Man staight into your
    loving arms but the fact is I can’t other then to say

    And Mama said you can’t hurry love you just have to wait she said love don’t
    come easy it’s a game of give and take and something which is decided by
    good old fate.

    Being at the right place at the right time is the key factor but where the hell is
    that I wonder.???

    Hmmm it could be anywhere and it happens when you least expect it so stop
    thinking about it and just focus on you and your little Angel for the time being
    and give yourself a break untill that special someone comes along whom is
    looking for the same things you are looking for.???


  30. LOL…
    Thanks mummy 😉
    Mother always knows best!! 🙂

    So what news with you??

    Have you spoken to the ram??

    Or is he still on probation… Lol

  31. I miss my babbaganoosh today (my ex) I never thought those words would ever escape my mouth, but they have…
    I could never go back, I wasnt happy, but at the same time, he was the only that was ever there for me, and I know he is the only one that would run 100miles for me in a sec..
    and it hurts cause its such a contradiction, and doesnt makes sense..
    hes the only one that I can talk to honestly, hes the only one that knows me, but at the same time, it means shit because hes the one that can treat me the worst..

  32. Yeh scrap that , my brain tends to turn slightly retarded once I’ve been drinking :/

  33. Hi Princess,

    Your brain may feel retarded whilst you have been drinking but your heart speaks the truth
    because intoxication means “TRUTH CIRUM”.!!!

    Why don’t you permit your heart to guide you toward the one whom is always there for you
    regardless of what transpires between you during the course of action which is always two
    sided not one and you are both responsible for what happens in the relationship which you
    obviously still feel it is alive and well between you otherwise you would not have those feelings
    and thoughts toward your Ex whom you still love by the sounds of it.???

    Ex spouses are the best people to fall back on during your hour of need and they always come
    through for you because they still LOVE YOU especially when there are children involved.!!!


  34. Hello hello my lovely,
    To be honest I was beyond depressed…
    I was upset about being lonely, he was barley there for me 50% of the time.. Which is more than way I have now nil, nudda, zero, from anyone…
    I don’t love him, far from it!
    He barely speaks two words to me these days and the two words he does speak are Condecending..
    And he would lift a finger for me let alone run a mile..
    One of my friends went missing who is suicidal and he couldn’t lend me his car to go fun them because it was dirty, way an excuse.
    Drinking can act as truth syrume .. In this case it was just a riddle..
    I very rarely say war I mean when it comes to feelings..
    I was upset about having feelings for someone which are reciprocated ..
    And I think I told myself that I missed my ex.. Because at the time it just sounded a little better.
    I’m filing myself over by thinking someone onday may actually want to get to me the way I would them..
    And that night I guess way I ment was, I wished they liked me, I wish they would run a mile for me, like I would for them, I wish he could talk to me honestly, like I can to them, I wish I wish I didn’t like them 🙁

  35. Excuse my typos, typing on phone.. While small child is tugging at my pants

  36. To be honest I was beyond depressed…
    I was upset about being lonely, he was barley there for me 50% of the time.. Which is more than what I have now.. nil, nudda, zero, from anyone…
    I don’t love him, far from it!
    He barely speaks two words to me these days and the two words he does speak are Condescending..
    And he would not lift a finger for me let alone run a mile..
    One of my friends went missing who is suicidal and he couldn’t lend me his car to go find them because it was dirty, what an excuse.
    Drinking can act as truth serum .. In this case it was just a riddle..
    I very rarely say war I mean when it comes to my feelings..
    I was upset about having feelings for someone which are not reciprocated ..
    And I think I told myself that I missed my ex.. Because at the time it just sounded a little better.
    I’m fucking myself over by thinking someone one day may actually want to get to me the way I would them..
    And that night I guess what I ment was, I wished they liked me, I wish they would run a mile for me, like I would for them, I wish he could talk to me honestly, like I can to them, I wish I wish I didn’t like them

    Same old same old story my angel.. nothing new here..

    How are you?

  37. Iam very well my special one thanks for asking and it sadaness me to hear you are going
    through a rough time with your emotions which seem to be overpowering you at present.

    What is causing all this and where is it coming from.???

    Has something happened which is causing this depression.???

    Talk to me my special Girl and tell me what is on your mind which is troubling you.???

    I have missed you sooo much and thought about you alot but my lap top has been on
    the blink and couldn’t be fixed so Iam using my Sons lap top now.

  38. Oooh I missed u too..
    Remember how I told u I have bi-pola well I think my lithium needs to be increased, I’m better than what I was.. But I still have highs and lows.. And Im just having a low I think..

    And just life in general.. Winge winge fucking winge..

    Watch next week I’ll be on a high running around like the towns by iCal lmao

    But there’s something else … Prob the main prob…

    I’ll come back and tell you in a bit..

    I’m glad to hear ur good. Not so good ur laptop is on the brink though..

  39. Bicycle *

  40. No Baby I do not recall you telling me you had Bi Polar. It must be hard managing it
    and Iam not surprised you are having highs and lows which go with the territory of
    this particular illness.

    Talking helps and so does mind power which qonquers all but your medication needs
    to be adjudsted so you feel balanced and avoid those mood swings which bring you

    What is this other problem my love and what is it doing to make you feel bad.???

    I love you and Iam here for you my special one so talk to Mummy O.K.???

    I wish I could be there in person for you but that is not posible so Iam always here
    for you in “SPIRIT AND THOUGHT” you are my very special little Girl and I LOVE YOU.!!!


  41. thanks mummy 🙂

    the other thing, is ……….

    that person that im infatuated with (Aries), I just want it to stop, I think It’s making me ill :/

    ok people say keep your mind focused on something else, but it doesn’t work.. such a load of hog wash
    and its easier said than done to ignore him.. (when he contacts me to come round for you know what)
    he hasnt yet, and I dont want him too.. could you imagine how much more obsessed I would be with someone that I have no future of ever going for coffee etc and getting to know as a person..
    but my mind play tricks on my and says, you be able to handle it, it wont bother you, when he ignores you.. (which is complete bull) my mind it just doing double backflips, over someone thats not worth it (not worth it because, they couldnt give to fuks about me as a person)

    can you please wave your wand my beautiful fairy godmother and make this insanity stop!
    It’s getting beyond ridiculous..

    I broke up with my ex almost 10 months ago, thats the last time I seen this fellow.. wats wrong with me?
    when is it going to end?? Every guy I am with I imagine them to be him, and when it clicks they are not, im outa there..
    it would be understandable if I actually had a relationship with him, or were ever close friends..
    but its just fuking insanse.. it doesnt make sense, and thats what bothers me the most!!
    it makes me feel stupid, retarded, naive, ignorant, immature, irrational, and every other idiotic word that you can think of..
    I wont get in a relationship on the off chance he may say hey do you want to go for a coffee etc or wat ever.. like wtf? I can tell my self to harden up and grow a pair, and stop being a fool, but it doesnt work..
    Id prefer to miss, want my ex etc that would make sense to me..

    People have said to me, he’s an asshole.. I reply no hes not (hes not, its not his feelings, he didn’t make me feel this way) if he ignores me (he doesn’t make me chase and act a fool?)
    people say but hes a ********** racial comment (I tell them off)
    I have never said a bad word about him to anyone.. why is that??
    I have sent him abusive drunk messages (because this shit is going on in my head ) “but never said a bad word about him to a living soul”…

    Like fuk love at first sight, no sure I believe in that sounds ludicrous to me.. or does it?
    If its obsession.. should I see I shrink?? Lmao join a crazy ladys group?? Cause im feeling rather insane

    thanks for listening, its just the same old shit that come out my mouth..

    p.s if I lived in my dream world where there was no chance of ridicule from anyone, I’d say I fell in love at first sight.. and its that’s just hows it gona be, cause you cant change that, and I would just have to learn to deal with it..

    maybe its karma, for all the guys chasing me that I ignore, and all the guys I dumped, left, and keep hanging??

    Maybe I should just honestly give a guy a chance that is actually chasing me? Actually honestly give them a chance with out just saying I will…

    Fuk im a mess… someone come clean me up..

  42. My Baby Girl,

    Aries are very dangerous and once you fall in love with them they either make your life
    a paradise or they make it hell. It all depends on whether they honestly have genuine
    feelings for you or if they are just screwing with your head for their own satisfaction of
    an “EGO TRIP” which is designed to boost their low self esteem and make them feel good
    about them selves.???

    They are very selfish and do not give a fuck about anyone but themselves because they
    only care about number one and no one else. They are not grown ups they are just self
    involved in their own little child world of self absorbspsion and they are very controling
    where their own needs need to be taken care of just so they feel good about themselves.

    You have to let this go and focus on something realistic which will bring you happiness
    because this Guy is a self involved jerk and he is not worth your emotional enguish or
    thought provoking process which is tormenting your mind. Forget about him and move
    on with someone whom is capable of giving you a real relationship worth value and love.


  43. Very true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks beautiful

  44. I love it how competition can stir up an Aries. I gonna recommend this to my sister, she has been dying over an Aries for years now. He’s gonna get it from her now! haha!

  45. OHHH SO TRUE.!!!!

    “COMPETITION” is what drives them because they have to have you and they have
    to come “FIRST”.!!!

    They become so driven when they know and see that you already have admirers
    or exes in that case and it drives them “MAD”. They will not rest or give up until
    they “WIN” their determination turns into an “OBSESSION” and nothing else matters.

    Ignoring them makes them even more “OBSESSED” and they try so hard to win you
    over because they can see that you are not interested so they start hunting you
    down until you surender. And if there are ever any arguments you need to fight them
    with all your might and gusto in order to prove they do not intimidate you and you
    are just as good then they are in battle or even better.


  46. What on earth are you doing calling yourself obsessed.???

    And as for that horrible mask what are you trying to accomplish attract attention from Men.???

    I hope you don’t wear it around the house because you will frighten someone to death especially
    your little Girl whom must be wondering what happened to Mummy.???

    What happened to my pretty, sexy Girl with the pretty legs.???

    I hope this new trend of yours does not last long and it’s just a faze whilst you are recovering
    from feeling low. I have missed you so much and this is what you do in my absense.

    I have to admit Iam laughing now because I can see the obserdety which is very funny.
    Are you competing with the Aries King in humor and costume.??? Oh I forgot he is not
    wearing anything he is stark naked. Perhaps you can try that one that would definitely get
    you all the attention that you need and then some.!!!

    Get in touch with me pronto and tell me all your news miss obsessed. Whom are you obsessed
    with that dick head Aries you were telling me about whom is not worth the time of day let alone
    anything else.???

    HANGS PEOPLE AT THE GALLOWS. You are a little shocker and that’s what makes you
    so adorable and lovable.!!!XXXOOO

  47. So true Karissa! You have to be a strong woman/man to be with an Aries. Having Aries rising, I guess I understand how an Aries sun sign thinks. If they have a lot of water, like cancer in their chart, they are a little more toned down and loving people, with a hard edge. LOL

    Current Aries in my longer wanted a relationship. We went back to friendship with occassional benefits. Oh but as soon as he got wind of competition, jealousy reared its ugly head! The ‘chase’ to an extent began again. Its the ‘have your cake and eat it too’ mentality of a child. He actually asked, “why won’t you chase or wait for me(to decide what i really want)?” Easy. I’m a Cap Sun. Caps don’t chase nor wait, we expect you to know what you want beforehand, or we’ll just move on.

  48. Hi Capbaby,

    You sound like a very wise young lady and you have a good head on your pretty
    shoulders so this Aries Guy should get a good run for his money dealing with you
    so don’t hold back where your best interests are concerned especially him wanting
    to have his cake and eat it too. They can be sooo selfish because to them their
    needs always come first and have to be met due to their child mentality so unless
    you stand your ground he will take advantage and not even realise he is doin so
    unless you point it out.

    Friends with benefits and the wam bam is their ideal relationship if you can call it
    that but you shouldn’t have to settle for it unless it is what you want and you are
    O.K. with it.???

    So where do things stand between you and where do you want to go from here.???

    How long have you been involved and how old are you both.???

    Welcome to our forum by the way it is always good when we get lovely Girls like
    your self so be sure to stay in touch and never compromise your standards just
    to suit his needs otherwise it will keep going like that for years because that suits
    him just fine since he is getting the best of both worlds by staying free and having
    you there whenever he has to have his needs met which is his primary concern.

  49. Hahha the mask is obsurdly hilarious isn’t it lol
    Matches the name, when I look at it, it does make me giggle.

    Way aries dick? Lmao (jk of course)

    News, hmmmm.. Got a few guys after me 2 other Aries and a leo.
    I almost fell into a relationship with the leo over the weekend eeeek!
    He wants to talk threw in person, as I said no eeeeek!!
    Best I steer clear, I have bad habbit of getting myself stuck in iky situations, cause I like everything to be perfect and nice like sugar and spice, it takes alot for me to be mean.

    I’ve been thinking about this other Aries fellow, we havnt hooked up just been speaking for a couple if years, and the friendship is developing, I’m sorta pondering wat it would be like with him.
    He’s really sweet. Always asking how I am, always wanting to know the ins and outs if my life, giving me advice and encouragement. Which I find enduring. I did a chart on him, only a 12 o’clock job since I don’t know his birth time. And he has a fair wack if tuarus in his chart, moon Venus and mars.
    He has asked me if guys run from me because I have a kid? And has said he doesn’t think he wants kids, but as he asks me, I have a feeling he’s pondering about it.
    He asked me out to dinner maybe 4 months ago.. I said yeh, then he said when ur ready, seriously when ur ready. But nothing of the sorts of been mentioned since.
    If asked him out while I’ve already been out with mates an he’s been busy, but has said if he could he would with heaps of enthusiasm. I’m not 100% sure way to make if it.
    But for the time being I like his friendship over the fone.
    Although I’ve been thinking about him a bit lately.
    At the same time unsure.
    One thing I really like about him is he is so blunt in his words, and if he doesn’t like something about my life style he tells me to change it.. I find ur so cute, just love it!!
    And he kinda tells me wat to do with things and how to go about it, which I really like, may sound strange but again I find it really cute.. And it helps me to clear out my indeciviness.. Cause his way, makes sense and it’s clear and straight to the point.
    Anyways as the days go by, I’m finding him cuter and cuter..
    I think I could fall for him.. So I better be careful, cause he’s already told me he’s jot ready for kids.
    But he is an adorable friend, so I’m happy with that.
    I try not to bugg him, cause I know I can be intense, so I just let him contact me.. An that’s working for now.

  50. P.s wats ur news Missy??
    Missed you too..
    How have you been?
    Where have you been?

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