How to get an Aquarius to have sex

AquariusDo you have a thing for freaks and geeks, aliens and astrophysicists, radicals and rabble-rousers? These surefire quotes and suggestions will be guaranteed to get you in bed with an Aquarius.

  1. “Love-making will enhance bonhomie among the revolutionaries.”
  2. “Help me act out this scene in my latest Star Trek fan fiction story.”
  3. Show him your pierced lips. No, those lips.
  4. “Friends With Benefits are just friends, nothing more!”
  5. Tell him you need someone impartial and objective to help you reach orgasm. Show him the step-by-step diagrams in your Clinical Sexology textbook.
  6. Share your fetish for doing it in pubic places while dressed like a panda bear.
  7. Face it — he’s more likely to do it in Second Life.
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  1. LibraLady says:

    My brother is a rooster…My guy is a pig and I’m a dog LOL those signs are so insulting…ha ha my son is a pig, my parents rats, my ex is a monkey…….the only one in the familly with a not so insluting sign is my younger brother he is a rabbit and hes married to a dragon lady……… Luckilly I found out pig and dog are compatible……

  2. LibraLady
    You’re hilarious. 🙂
    I’m a monkey, and so is my mom. Dang, I just realized that…we do like to irritate the piss out of each other, lol. My middle brother is an ox, and my youngest brother is a dog. My dad was a rabbit. The dude I’m chasing is a sheep…lol. They are pretty derogatory, aren’t they? 😀

  3. Yeah apparently “small signs” and “big signs” have problems when they’re together…like a small sign (pig, dog, rabbit) will work with another small sign, and a big sign (dragon, horse) will work with another big sign, but the “big signs” tend to be dominant over small signs which can cause problems.

    Rooster is kindof aloof and outside of that cycle, though. The last girl I dated was a Rabbit…she was so passive and dreamy that she ended up cheating on me with multiple people – basically anyone with a good line that made her feel unique could sleep with her.

  4. @All

    I love having sex with Aquas!

  5. I am a 22 yr old Aquarians women and yes I do actually fall for intelligence. I am very seductive and charming. My sex would be more of a creation of art. Intelligence! I would want to paint you and then you know lol.

  6. Mommy
    My Aqua is like that, he treats our love making as an art. He also likes to talk while were “engaged” a lot, LOL the first time we were together he narrated the whole scenerio, it was the most exciting experience ever, making love with an Aquarian is deeper then I ever imagined. Body, Mind, Soul……Actually, each time were together its different, almost like a first time, over and over. 🙂

  7. I agree my mind more than anything is my sex organ (veunus/sun in aquarius) and I’m highly seductive and sensual (moon/ mars in taurus) but my mind needs to be stroked before other places. lol

  8. I never knew the things that I’m learning now, omg, my Aqua is a pervert LOL

  9. If a man treats me right i am game. I like gentlemen.

  10. lulu
    I love a gentleman too, I’m marrying one this time, my ex was the opposite, his idea of foreplay was “Hey, guess what I’m thinking?” not exactly a mood enhancer, especially when you’re in the middle of scrubbing a toilet. It didn’t matter if I answered him or not, I was against the wall and he was breathing down my neck…..(He was a Libra but had no idea about romance) ?
    Anyways, my Aqua guy is adventurous but very chival, he actually bothers to seduce me….
    He knows stuff, OMG, its like being with an alien with advanced knowledge. He says I’m only his 3rd lover, I don’t know if I should beleive that, he is my 3rd and I had no idea about certian things…..Where do Aquarians get their ideas? Its incredible. 🙂

  11. TrueAquarian Woman says:

    OMG, sex is an art and it is imaginative i focus and make him work for it fellow aquarians we are freakyyy 8)

  12. AquaTrainer says:

    This is true….I am very sensual and have been “the best” many times lol Idk if that’s all true but I think my Aqua sun entices me as a lover, to be creative with my “work”, my leo rising makes me a little freaky and wanting it on the reg lol and my Virgo moon makes sure everything is going to be done to the most meticulous of ways. I used to draw my ex boyfriend a lot….ahhh good times. good times.

  13. @AquaTrainer

    I think Aquarians genuinely care about the other person and their “needs”, I know in my case I tend to want both people to enjoy it rather that just ‘get mine’. Also, we have a knack for engaging the mind ANSD the body, rather than just keeping it physical.

  14. Pisces Queen says:

    @All Aquas:

    I have heard that aquas spend the whole time during sex focusing on techniques and the physicality of it and that emotion never plays a part in the sex. Is this true?

  15. When an Aquarius wants sex they start making sexy comments and affectionate touches. And they likes it when you do the same. It’s true that the aquas will focus on techniques (B cuz they’re about the mind, ideas, intelligence, and a exploring adventurer) but I must say some guy around this time actually becomes more emotional too. Not crying or anything like that. Just, this is actually the time they will talk the bedroom talk, touch you in ways they wouldn’t in the public eye and giving you long passional looks and kisses you like to get. The gooder it get to them the more they’ll show you their loving and affectional side. Mine also makes sure I’m well pleased and ask me what I like then take my suggestions to add a new twist to it. He listen well, full of ideas and love to have fun. Sorry girls I think I’ll keep this one.

  16. LibraLady says:

    Pisces Queen
    my Aqua is very loving in the bedroom. It must depend on the guy, I’ve never been loved like this before. My Libra ex husband was mechanical and technical, but not my Aqua guy, he makes me feel like he’s worshipping me, not one toe gets forgotten, LOL kisses are endless

  17. wait. am i the only one who read the title of this thread and thought: you just ask them?

  18. ELIZABETH says:


    LOL…that is pretty much it!

    Aquarius sun/Taurus ascending/Venus in Pisces…I am a sucker for compliments, but they have to be truly sincere. Romance, romance, romance, please. I love to be talked to during sex. Sensuality…SO important. I love to be skin to skin, touching, stroking, kissing….for hours. Basically, if I am attracted to someone, and it goes in that direction, I am there. It ain’t that hard if I know I want you.

  19. @Elizabeth

    Lol. I have an Aquarius moon and have dated Aquarius suns in the past and yeah, I didn’t really have to put too many moves on them. They were just like ok, let’s go. Right now. Lol! I dig that about Aquas.

  20. Pisces Queen says:


    I know what you mean when you say your ex-husband Libra was mechanical and technical…i truly believe that out of the men of the three air signs, that Aquas have the most sincere emotions when they do show it. My cousin is a great example and she is a girl, but I have seen her date and I have seen her in for real love and it is completely different…completely…very true, sincere and unhidden…

  21. I am an Aquarius magnet and as a Scorpio female I loooooooovvvvvvve and crave them as sexual partners! They don’t mind sucking on toes, rolls and other thangs! They can make you feel like you’re a human buffet! They are extremely sensual and passionate. Pleasing their partners is of the utmost importance to them.

    I just met an Italian Aqua. Our first date consisted of him making dinner for me, us sharing a few bottles of wine, pleasant, stimulating conversation THEN he wanted to give me a full body massage. He couldn’t keep his hands off of me, but I limited him to the safe zones! Whener I submit, I know sex with him will be dy-no-mite!

  22. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    If you are married to an Aqua Man, this is how you get him to have sex even if he’s in another world, call him to a room, keep the door closed and tell him that you’re naked then tell him you’ll be a while, LOL If he can;t “see” you and he thinks you’re naked in there, he will go crazy, (he he)
    Come out fully dressed and pretend that he must have misheard you, but be warned, he will rip your clothes off if you can’t out run him…LOL

  23. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    Actually I think this would work with ALL men…..

  24. @newlywed libra:
    off ur arousing his biggest sexual part his mind hahahaha
    exellent tip!. Im not with an aqua now BUT i was once ….and MY moon is in
    aqua i also need that type of stimulation and very PRONE to provoke a man
    like that….I WOULD sex txt my guy and snd him nude pic of me or with lingerie
    either by phone or email!.
    it arouse me as I arouse my guy in the picture!.

    GOOD LUCK WITH UR aqua and great SEX forever….
    cause ur mind and imagination have NO limit!.

  25. Ugh. Seducing an aquarian guy is like seducing a tree. They can be as blunt as a telephone pole. I’ve sending “sexual” messages to this aquarian before, even cuddled with him while we asleep, and still NOTHING. This is one of my frustrations actually. If i could get him to get frisky with me, that would be the day.

  26. It’s cute how most Aquarian men are geeks. Geeks can be boring, but you’ll be surprised. These men are like lions, really quite and always ready for the kill. I dated an Aquarium before. He was quite and submissive during the day, while he rocks my world when love making. But it isn’t enough though. All sex and no talk is boring.

  27. Here are a few suggestions to help you get your aquarius man to have sex.

    1. Tell him anything that would make him feel good about his body or mind.
    2. Riding in the car take your panties off in front of him.
    3. In a restaurant go to the bathroom take off your underwear and come back then tell him what you did.
    4. Wear a new lingerie when he’s working in the gargage.
    5. Play a kinky nasty song for him to hear.
    6. Take one of his fingers and suck and/or lick it. Tell him you would do this for his in other places too.
    7. Do some housework around him without you having underwear on and something short (bend over alot)
    8. Cook him a good meal and feed him slowly (they love food and behave better once feed).
    9. Workout with him or work together to help him with something important and hard.
    10. Tell him about some other person or couple who did something kinky. Ask him to try it.

    All these things are sexual mind stimulating or thought prevoking acts which may have good results for the Aquarius man. Good luck.

  28. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    I have a scar on my stomach, its big, in July I had a peice of my intestine removed and reatached and although I’m feeling better, I can’t stand taking off my clothes in front of my Aqua Man, I also lost a lot of weight and I don’t like all the stretch marks and my bust is gone, He says he doesn’t have a problem with it, how do I know he isn’t lying to me? What if I look disgusting to him but he doesn’t want to hurt my feelings? Do Aqua men lie about that sort of thing? Is there any make up that can cover a huge surgery scar?

  29. No…Aquas…well at least my potential Aqua mate doesnt….very honest but yet not mean in how he says whatever his true feelings are…most of my Libra girlfriends worry too much when there isnt much to worry about so I am sure it is not even near as bad as you think it is…he loves you for whats inside of you just as much, or rather, moreso than the outside…he understands you are slowly getting better…you will be back to your old self in no time…and even if you do not physically return to your old body….he will love you regardless…once Aquas give their heart and you dont hurt them…they are pretty much yours for me, I wouldnt worry about that with an Aqua too much

  30. Also, before you use to make up to cover it…there are usually recommended medical ointments that gradually reduce the appearance of the scar…

  31. @Newlywedlibra
    Glad the surgery was a success and that you are okay. I’m sure you Aqua accepts all the beauty that you are. Try to trust that. That can be difficult, I know. Scorpio here! Lol

    Long time! How are you? What’s been going on?

    I am intrigued with an Aqua right now. I’ve been drawing them to me lately. Any other tips? Especially on the emotional front. The Aqua I am encountering also has Neptune in the 1st and 12th house and many emotional aspects. He says what feels like very genuine things to me, yet I am uncertain (could be me). I feel like I am relating to an Aqua/Pisces.

  32. @NovLady:

    Hey chica!!! All is well….adjusting to the single life….I guess your done with that Pi guy lol

    Aquas…their whole charts are very important in order to understand them. What decan is he? In the initial pursuit, Aquas are either coming on very strong…or the opposite…MT told me that when they take their time and are consistent but aloof its better because they are giving themselves time to digest their feelings…and I do agree…when they come on strong…and an emotional sign, like yourself, finally does respond…they eventually disappear to digest their feelings…again, this is a generalizaion. I would really need to see his whole chart…if he is an older Aqua, then you can believe his sincerity more so than a younger one who may be caught up in wanting you and liking the chase to get you…also, how long has he been pursuing you and what is his communication style like…I knew my Aqua since college…he pursued me heavily but I gave him chase…and in the end, I chose my ex-libra instead…he always remained interested in me despite my unavailability but I never entertained him…until now that I am single again and his approach is completely opposite…slow and consistent but not as aggressive as when he was younger…the key to Aquas is to let them lead when it comes to emotions but you can give them doses of affection here and there…you just cant go overboard or they will retreat into a shell…they do not know how to always digest their emotions but you have to learn not to take it personal…they already know this about themselves and do try to adjust when they have someone they really like…you should come back into the Pisces woman forum with MT, NP and I..I have been discussing my Aqua heavily since I am now single and he is back in pursuit…we could definitely learn from eachother

  33. @NovLady.

    ..sorry “Pisces Women” was the wrong forum…I meant “Dish with the Fish”

  34. @Pisces Queen
    Glad to hear that all is well! I hope the single life is treating you fantastic.

    What you wrote about Aquas has been very insightful.

    How do I get back to “Dish”??? Do I need to get an invite? 🙂

  35. @NovLady:

    Yes, I will send you one

  36. @Pisces Queen

    The Aqua ‘slow and consistent’ pace is reassuring, somewhat.
    There is always the Scorpio paranoia pondering. Lol

  37. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    Pisces Queen Thank you, he doesn’t seem to be looking elsewhere so I guess he’s still happy. 🙂 I am going to find some ointment if it doesn’t fade within the next few months,
    your comment on paranoia, ha ha…I’m Scorpio Rising, I’ve had a few freak outs, unfortunatley, I wasn’t imagining, our instincts are keeping us alive….. Luck won’t LOL I never ignore life & death paranoia
    Your guy is probably crazier about you then he shows, I agree with Pisces Queen, he just doesn’t know how to explain himself…You should hear the things my guy says, he tries to compliment someone and it comes out sounding like the biggest insult, Really, we are with Martians….:)

  38. @NewleyWedLibra

    Thanks. And, yes- I would agree they are out of this world. Lol!

  39. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    Has anyone else here been persistantly ravaged by an Aquarian man? My husband is getting hornier everyday, I love him, I love the attention he gives me and the love, but I’m concerned, could he be trying to kill himself with sex? Tommorrow he turns 41 and I have the day planned out for us, I’m going to make his favourite foods, have some familly over, you know the usual, but all he wants to do is make love, we are together mostly everyday,shouldn’t he be getting tired of this? When we met in 2009 he was a typical horn dog and cute, but now omg, he is always in the mood, (my Libra ex husband was like this too) I love our intimate time but there are so many things I need to catch up on and he just grabs me and I can’t finish the housework or the laundry. He even does things to me when I’m on the phone with his familly. How do I cool off the old tiger?

  40. Hi all, I`m new to sasstrology.
    Never explored the astrological sings much to be honest but last woman I was with in relationship told me that I was a tipical aqua.
    Thing is the relationship was great to say at least , but even to my own surprise I cooled down after some time.
    Also I`m reading that kinky and weird stuff are classical characteristics when it comes to aquas (btw that is so fricking true you would not belive it , sometimes im asking myself if my brain has been altered in some twisted way).
    But, main and most important thing to me is for my partner to be satisfied to max , my own satisfaction is secondary.
    Weird or not if I get a feeling or a vibe that my partner did not every thing I planed my ego tends to suffer a bit.
    Routine and repeating same thing in bed are such a turnoff that 2 times I refused to have intercourse cuz of it (28 year old male with sexual needs on daily basis , WIERD I know).
    So the question is since im new to astrology is , am I just simple weird and crazy for expecting sex to be more intelectual and with tons of exploring or not o.0 ?
    Sorry for my bad English its not my primary language.

  41. @Anubis

    Welcome to the world of astrology. Its an ever learning experience. Aquarius have fascinating minds and its not weird to favor intellectual stimulation over other kinds.
    Do you know your other placements? Moon, Venus, Mars, etc.?

  42. @ NovLady

    I might sound like complete ignorant dork but I wouldnt even know where to start to find out my other placements.
    Did the online natal chart but have no clue how to read it or what it means >.

  43. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    I don’t think its weird that your horny everyday. 28? LOL My husband is 43 and he is like that too. I think that most men are perverts 24/7 they just try not to show it, men are actually better with age……I find our love making a lot more stimulating then it was when we were dating 5 years ago, maybe your body is just preparing you for the next few years. Women can’t resist an Aqua Man.

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