How do you know if a Virgo man does not love you anymore?

VirgoYou know how excessive criticism from a partner makes you doubt that he loves you? Well, the opposite can run true if you’re with a Virgo. If he stops picking you apart, he doesn’t care enough to make you his improvement project. A Virgo dissects things in a quest to make them function more efficiently, and if he isn’t bothering to make you the best-running model he can … well, prepare for your pink slip.

On the other side of the spectrum, he may nitpick such minor details — that he had glossed over before because he was willing to live with a few of your flaws — that you feel every ounce of your being is under the microscope. It’s one thing to be told that a hair is out of place … it’s another to hear that the mole on your chin should be removed. When Virgo harps on aspects of yourself that cannot be changed without the help of surgery or a Scientology audit, you know he’s lost all affection for you.

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  1. VillamorPH says:


    Can you tell me your thoughts?
    Okay, here’s what happened.
    My Virgo man and I were elementary classmates and we met again during our reunion.
    After the event, we started talking, everything happened so fast, he confessed that he likes me, I did pushed him away because I wasn’t sure how I felt about him, sure, he is a good guy, in fact he never had a girlfriend that made me scared a bit more because I dont wanna end up hurting him. He asked me twice if he has a chance, I gave him signals because I totally like him but I’m just afraid because I just broke up with my ex. BTW I am a gemini. And so here’s what happened, I said he is a nice guy, I liked him but I’m not into love (though I dont mean it). He respect it. He quit telling me how he feels, then the time came that we shared a lot of thoughts, deep and personal, until we decided to have sex.
    At first we agreed not to expect anything. But after a couple of days I told him I’m starting to like him, he said Don’t. I was stunned, like what the fuck happened? Seriously? After sex he changed his mind already? Because to be honest, I’m not ugly, I dont smell bad or anything. I didnt mind it, because I was thinking maybe he doesnt want to be in a relationship right now because he might want to try to have sex with other girls too. So then, after a week, we had sex again. Yes we did it twice. And then I started to show him how I care… Remind him how much I like him…. Then he became distant. Told me that he really doesnt like me anymore. I cried a lot. And then I accepted it. And now he’s back again, he’s flirting with me, but still the same, he doesnt show much love, he didnt mention he likes me again or anything. I’m just confused if I have to take it slow and wait. And be strong to make him interested with me again because I think I showed him a lot of my weaknesses, so.
    Please help. Anyone?

  2. Just move on you deserve someone better

  3. Weird. I can’t comment.

  4. Hmm. There appears to be a word limit here.

  5. Sheesh. How old are you? Coz both of you sound rather young. I don’t know enough to advise you, I’m afraid but I’ll give it a shot with the caveat that I may be completely wrong.

    First off, you said he’d never had a girlfriend. Was he a virgin? Were you his first? That would explain a lot. Sex is very disappointing the first time. Very icky too.

    Secondly, I personally don’t like women who play hard to get. If I tell someone how I feel about them and they shrug it off then come back a week later to tell me they’ve changed their minds, it’s a bit too late… I’ve already pegged them in the uninterested category and now I feel like they’re teasing me. I’m always very aware of my feelings and I don’t seesaw so I’m very upfront immediately when someone asks me and I expect the same from them.

    So now, if you’d told me not to expect anything and then tell me a coupla days later that you have feelings for me after having sex, I’m going to assume these feelings are shallow and temporary brought on by physical intimacy and not really real.

  6. OK, there’s more but I can’t seem to comment here for some odd reason.

  7. VillamorPH says:

    I think you’re right about that. But….. Is there any chance to get him back? Or should I just move on?

  8. lvlygrl says:

    Okay, let me start by saying I’m an aries female and I have been married to a virgo male for almost 14 years. This is what i’ve noticed about virgos. First, when or if they show disinterest is something/someone, immediately, back off and give them their space. Don’t ask naggy questions about why the feel a certain way towards a certain thing or person. Just simple LEAVE THEM ALONE. Trust that if they felt a connection with you they’ll come back. Oh, and stop sleeping with him. It’s true virgo men are freaks and need to sleep with women. But, unless they took your virginity or they are in fact the second person you’ve sleep with, they will see you as being loose and just keep you around for their sexual pleasures. In other words, this guy seem slighted about how he feels about you. You have to move on and forget he ever existed…period.

  9. lvlygrl says:

    I know you may still have feelings for this man. I’m telling you this from my own personal experience, move on. For some reason, I’ve heard stories from other women that after they have sleep with a guy he all of a sudden loses interest. Here is the thing in “most” cases sometimes he only was interested in sex, anyways. After he got it, he bailed out. He conquered and he divided…dueces. Sometimes we as women learn the hard way. When in fact we don’t. Just take things more slower the next time. I know this may sound old fashioned, but wait until marriage or at the very least. ..wait until he puts a ring on it. Men are made differently than women. We are by nature emotional creatures. We love hard and get so attached and especially after giving our heart, body and soul. Meanwhile, a guy can be completely detached while getting your body! It’s not fair but it’s true. The one way you can keep the power in a relationship, is keep your body. And, if he walks b/c you aren’t sleeping with him, well then let him walk. Sorry, for all the words…I said all that to say this, You’re a queen. And,hopefully the next guy that enters your life will see this and perhaps give you his world:-)

  10. lvlygrl says:

    Other thing, never be afraid to lose a man. Especially one who is so quick to leave you. The right man will stay and fight for a women he loves. Nothing and I mean nothing will make him leave you. Always remember the only man that you should never ever leave you, is God. Everyone else are a** holes.

  11. confused says:

    Okay so I’m a Taurus women and I’m head over heals for my virgo man we have bin together for only 4 months but he has shown me he cares in little ways such as tied my shoes for me in public and opens doors and never let’s me go to sleep mad but when he is mad he says the most messed up things to make me cry and it hurts but at the same time when I cry he trust to make me stop crying and then goes back at it again and then if he doesn’t get his way it’s a huge problem and he can be very controlling I have read so many different things on virgo men and he seems like all of them smh I want to make it work so badly but when he starts getting mean and rude and acting like he does not respect me I get confused and start thinking he doesn’t want me and is playing games or has another women like he says things like I’ll think about seeing you today idk if I want to see you and stuff like that idk I need some help lol how do I know if he really loves me like he says he does

  12. If he says he loves you then either you trust that or you don’t. If you don’t trust it, then perhaps you should reevaluate how you really feel about the relationship. If you can’t trust someone’s word, you do not love them.

    People say and do hurtful things when they’re pissed off. Everyone reacts differently. What you think may be too much for you to handle might be very normal for him. Just let him know that it hurts you and if it persists, then you have your answer… He doesn’t care. I would not knowingly continue to hurt someone I loved if they told me that it hurt them.

  13. Sandy Rosenberg says:

    I’m also curious about my Virgo guy. We dated for about 8 months then we broke up for like 4 weeks. I sent him a text inviting him to a barbecue all of a sudden he was calling me every day. He spent two days with me, we didn’t anything because all he wanted to do was cuddle. Next thing you know he became distant with me again so I kept asking him over and over again are we still together or do you want us just to be friends, no matter how many times I asked him he never wanted to answer so I kept nagging him about it so then he finally said I have a lot going on, so I asked does that mean you just want to be friends he still refuse to answer so I started nagging him again and then he finally said yes. Does that mean he doesn’t love me anymore?

  14. Well my dob is 10/21/1987 his dob is September,6,1982 im male Libra hes a Virgo male. what been happening is well on our very first date we had instent connection,felt like we knew each other tho its our first meet,we could be our self right aeay vs being shy,we have lots in comon etc and our heart felt it was meant to be.Also he made few cute pet names for me. then after we went on lots of dates i had him met my parents and i eventually met his friends i spent night over at his place we did had sex but not all time we both want ltr.. well when i was over at his place he said he felt secured we said we love eachother and he even played his gitar for me and we had fun cuddling holding each other and watching tv,,having order out etc and right b4 my vacation aug 14-28th he said hes falling in love with me. when i left his place he was lil quite then he tried to called me i missed his call then he text me saying he was in the hospital then went quite till i landed.. he text me saying”Have a safe trip and hopefully when you get back im felling normal” then he was quite till i returned. Then he text me and called me and told me why he was quite.. witch is because work stress and he want him time so he went off grid. Then i seen him on labor day night.. he seem lil distant i gave him his gift and he liked it then we had few drinks b4 we went to bar b4 we went he told me when he had hisalone time he had time t think and wanted to concentrate on work tho its what making him very stressed and also wanna move to a diff state witch i wanna too and he said he wont have have time for relation ship. later that night he did not wanna cuddle etc and felt like he wanna be left alone and said he wanna talk but i ask about what he said not now. Then on his birthday he acted like how he was b4 i left on vacation we had fun time cuddle a lot and he even shown me how he made his music and even let me hear some of his demo no one ever heard. then day after his birthday we cuddle a lot and had nice chill day watch netflix etc then he made us dinner i said i love you few times and he said “more love”. then on Thursday when i left his place he said hell be free not this week but next week to see eachother and then i said i love you and he said “love ya”. Hes been quite since then tho i know hes busy cuz of work he does work a lot and i can understand h probbly passes out when he get home at night. Oh also he did call me by my first pet name he gave me when i was with him last vs his new one he gave me lol. So yeah im confused and i wanna know what all you think and suggest? I know my heart and his wants me and my gut saying to stay but im lost and onfused. Also i know theres a mercury retro grad happing during my vacation and still going on. I read it does messes with virgos a lot. But yeah ty in advance all for suggestion etc. Hes the only Virgo i know and i love him so much and i want this to work! I do text him once in awhile to check up on him so he knows i care. he also stared into my eyes when he said he falling in love with me etc and he said he wants me in his life and also he will be a pain in my butt non stop(meaning he wanna be with me etc in cute way i think lol) and he said god wanted us to to be togetherwell another thing he did b4 my vacation was… he was helping me get rid of black head and he said “hold still this is what boyfriends do” witch was cute tho seem gross i actually was happy especially since what he said to me !I read up about Virgos so some sings looking good but idk. ty in advance again for all the help! Last time i edit lol we also listen to music video together amd we sang to it as well last time i was with him. Now he quite he did update a social media site. But yeah is he still interested? Hope so i invested a lot pf time amd effort in this also $$.

  15. i have dated three virgo men, all of them is just the same. Forgot to mention that i am taurus,
    what you need to have is just patience. Seriously plenty of patience. They will disappear but they will return back as soon as they realized no woman can treat them like you did.

  16. Hi, mine is just as complex. I’m Taurus and the man in question is a Virgo. I trusted him but he told his cousin personal things id never told anyone and also said he can never be with me and this is after we had a child together. He told the cousin I was a one night stand and that I meant little but his actions really confused me. He denied everything but I just can’t trust him, I have to co-parent with him and I’m finding it very hard to move on. He’s a great father btw. Ooh and he was seeing someone when I was pregnant but denies it, the cousin confirmed it and even told me the girls name. I pretty much know where I stand with him but I have to co-parent with him and I’m finding it so hard to be there for our child with him in the picture. How do I get over him?

  17. Hey, Is there anyway I can reach you via email? I need true advice on my Virgo man.

  18. I’m a Taurus as well.

  19. Glory amaka Alionye says:

    It doesnt mean he is not inlove. Virgo men hardly show emotions. They like patience and hate it when u nag at them. Just let him be. Am with a virgo man and they are just really difficult especially for the fact that they dont communicate. They like to take it really slow. They want u to just be there and make no demands. Buh its always worth it. Bcos they happen to be the most interesting men. The type that makes a lady fall over heels. If u want ur virgo man my dear, dont nag at him again.. Just be patient. Dont even ask him dos questions about dating and friendship. Talk abt other things with him.

  20. i am a piscean woman in love wid a virgo the starting he used to flirt a lot.we dated n were physical too.i fall in love n he is like m bad guy n blah blah blah….find another guy for yourself.n now he doesnt talk much.wtd??move on or hv patience n wait??

  21. This is my story.

    Im a leo woman and i’ve know this virgo guy for 6 years now, we dated forba year broke up coz of distance,that was 5 years ago…since then he has called me almost everyday to confess his undying love for me but i was no longer interrested and i’d tell him that but he would’nt back off,january this year he told me he was giving up…i was in a 3year relationship…wen that ended i contacted him and asked to met coz i felt bad and wanted to apologize we he responded he said “i’ll only see u under one condition,if im ur bf and ur my gf if im anything less than that i dont want u in my life….i agreed,we spoke he wanted to have sex n did’nt take no for an answer so we did it without protection im now 8 weeks pregnant…..5 days ago i was suppose to visit him but my bus left me coz he did the booking 30mins before departure,i became angry cz he had all weekend to make the booking,so he said i made him feel useless…i apologised but hs not talking to me anymore he does’nt take my calls or reapond to texts he jus reads n ignores….im going out of my mind y cnt he jus say i dnt wana b with u or im mad at u lets talk next month??? like im so confused by hs actions

  22. Hey hi .. I am in love with a vergo man and when we had became friends I was in anotjer relationship so I never wanted to leave the other guy and I never had feelings for the vergo guy but then the vergo feel in love with me and he told me tHt he loves me . But then at least five times I went back to my first guy and the vergo broke down and Sadi this is the last time I am coming back but still he did and then I had made up my mind that I will stay with the vergo guy cz honestly I fell in love with him coz he treaded me well Nd loved me like no one could or would love me and the first guy use to tourcher me so that`s why I started falling in love with my vergo and when I decided to stay with him forever two months two weeks we were together and then now he`s saying he does not want to be with me coz all that I had done comes in his mind and he told his parents too that I had doesn`t wrong five times and his parents told him not to be with me anymore but still he did so he doesn`t want me now he says he does not love me he did not meet me for a week was only replying to my msgs rudely I know it`s my fault but I love him too much and I don`t want him to leave he meet me after one week to give me my documents but spoke to me for two hours and said everything u did plays on my mind so I can`t be with u u hurt me much and even I told my parents so more I won`t come back u move on he tells me today the whole day he has not replied to me nor called me. What should I do plz plz some help I am too in love with him and this time I am serious I will never leave if he comes back could anyone help plz ?

  23. Shirley Lockhart says:

    My marriage has been a blessing until few months ago when my life almost get sucked. A strange woman took my husband’s love away from me. He left me and our 3 kids to this lady. I was in shocked because i know my husband still loves me. I tried all i could to get him back but the more i tried the more he went far away from me. All my effort yielded nothing. I lived in pains for 3 good months without any plan of getting out of this mess. Till I met an old school friend who showed me to dr.mac@yahoo. com, he restored my marriage and brought me and my kids happiness. I never believed i would get my husband back, My husband came back with apologies for all the pain he has cost me. You can contact DR MACK for relationship or marital problems

  24. Felicia says:

    Im dating a virgo male we been in a relationship nine mths.he ask me to move in with him the 4mth.into our relationship .everything was going fine. We spending time with each other . doing stuff together 7 mth the agruing start .he says im his soulmate and that he love me .and dont want to lose me. But lately he been hanging with friends and i start to see some changes i. Stuff he do. Hanging out late with them .but sometimes i feel we need our space to chill with friends and family .because since we been in a relationship we been up under one another since day 1 .from spending the nights at my house and him .but now all this agruing is bothering me and im feeling insecure toward him.i dont know what to do .i wanted it to work cause i do love him .and i want my heart to be able to have trust in him .he tells me its nothi g going on.but he have no family here .and i understsnd he want to hang around his guy friends at time

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