Capricorn and Gemini breakups

This couple is like an old lady and a little kid. One feels like she’s been through it all, and the other can’t get enough! Slow and fast, grounded and scattered … what can possibly keep these two together?

Yes, we are more than our Sun signs, and any number of planetary combinations can compensate for this mix-up. But it’s hard not to rubberneck when passing a collision between a Capricorn and a Gemini.

These two signs are quincunx each other — an off-center 150-degree angle that makes it hard for both signs to see eye-to-eye. Cap is a cardinal (initiating) Earth sign, Gemini is a mutable (dispersing) Air sign. They’re incompatible by both element and mode.

However a Cap and Gemini get together, it’s easy to see why they may not last as a couple. Capricorn has a clear goal in sight, and is focused and dedicated in her path towards attaining it. Gemini is an ADD kid in a candy shop, so excited by all the different flavors that he can’t stay in one place for more than a moment.

Both signs have their strengths, but by the end of a relationship, they’ll only see each other’s faults. Gemini will resent Capricorn for her inhibitions and rigidity, while Cap will look down on Gemini’s lack of focus and inability to commit.

After the ambulance has departed, Gemini will dish to his buddies how long it took for Cap to warm up in bed, while Capricorn will share with her closest confidante that she felt more like a parent than a partner.

Comment below: Share your Gemini-Capricorn experiences.

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  1. Jara aka Blah Blah says:

    Imagine this combo inside one person’s chart! My former boss is a Gemini Sun with Cappy rising. She loved to socialize, but only with someone who she considered important (i.e., someone in a higher position than her or someone who she can use).

    Maybe a Cappy/Gem couple could work. At an office party, Cappy can rub elbows with the higher-ups – securing future financial stability – while Gem can charm everyone into extending more social invitations (i.e. elbow-rubbing opportunities for Cappy) to the couple.

  2. Muwhahahhahahaa!!! Over the last year and a half this gemini has showing up every once in a while and then we dance for a bit.

    His Uranus sits right on top of my 12th house Venus. I never know what the attraction is, when he’s showing up, coming, or going, and in fact when he goes soaring off into the sunset I spend a week telling all my friends that I have no idea what makes him so appealing (Although I know darn well its that uranus aspect and the fact that aside from one opposition and our reciprocal venus/mercury inconjuncts we ain’t got nothing but trines & sextiles), and then I forget him. And, at least I can tell myself with his sun/venus opposite my Uranus I know he doesn’t know what the heck is going on either, and that he probably spends as much time shaking his head and wondering what the hell that was as I do.

    But hey we have fun! Are we Capricorns allowed to do that? 😉

  3. cappy female here, and i’ve only dated gemini guys in my life. it surprises me too, plus the fact that they were all serious and long term relationships.

    opposites attract, i guess. 🙂

  4. I’m a Cap Sun with Gemini Rising, which probably makes me more sociable than the average Cap. I don’t like many of the Gemini traits, and was shocked to find out that I was a Rising.

    Contrary to alot of bad press about Caps, I laugh alot, can handles jokes about me, and make friends easily (although I maintain a close knit circle of friends I can count on one hand, and only go to social events which have a purpose. No mindless parties for me).

  5. Anonymous says:

    i don’t know what sun/moon i am, though my birthday is 28/12/84, but i go out with a gemini(20/12/82) and i work too hard but he relaxes me and chills me out with his endless banter while i listen. i really don’t think we r dommed and all this fatalistic talk about gems and caps is getting me down. i love him too bits and our sex life is fantastic. theres no pressure with him and loads with me which is y we work in a werid way we balance each other out.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I am Capricorn female who just got dumped by a Gemini male (no reason Wednesday we’re hanging out, Friday we’re chatting up, Tuesday we’re texting as usual and Thursday he’s not answering my calls). To be honest, it was one of the best relationships I have had, never argued we had lots of fun joking around and being out and about. We were definitely different, and there were things I HATED about his personality. But I think a Cap/Gem relationship can work even though mine just fell through. What they said is write though, after the break up all I could see were his faults…and there were many.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Do gemini’s ever have regrets about breaking up? Any chance of a gemini-cap reunion after a break up? The Gemini is the one who broke it off.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Capricorn female here….I just ended my relationship with a Gemini….and I agree 110% with what this says

    We had an extreme sexual attraction….and he is one of the smartest and wittiest people I’ve ever met….but he just doesn’t get me…and a lot of times I ended up feeling like I wasn’t appreciated….so I decided to stop wasting me time

    Now on to Virgo 🙂

  9. My mother was a capricorn sun and gem. rising and I was a gem. sun with cap. all over. We don’t get along, but we don’t not get along. I love her ability to stick at anything forever and she always comments on how she has always admired what she sees as my ability to beat my own path in a completely opposite direction to every one else. o_0

    I guess it does depend on the rest of your planetary makeup if thats the right way to put it. I have to agree, it’s not the best relationship. My poor pisces dad holes up in a tent somewhere for months when we’re fighting because it always seems like neither will ever give up. But all ’round, it’s fine because we understand each other and end up just cooking and watching TV and being grumpy and talking indirectly through family for the rest of the year. heh.

    You can make cap/gem relationships work, but sometimes were gem fails to have the patience and cap fails to stop and listen, maybe it’s better if it just doesn’t work out.

  10. im a gemini and im dating a capricorn guy. he blows my mind. he is my soul mate and…surprisingly we dont fight.when i know he needs to tlk i shut up. i klnow when something is up with him and he trusts me because i care and wont judge him.
    gemini’s and capricorns can work. im proving it.

  11. I'm a Cap. on the cusp of Aquarius, with Gemini rising & was engaged to a Gemini. I would surmise that my having a lot of Gemini, Picses & Aquarius in my chart is what enabled me to see more eye to eye with him. Essentially we lacked the same fundamental values & it is true that his intellectual curiosity was satiated more quickly than mine. (Gemini men especially enjoy debate, but when they've run out of reasoning the impatient child in them comes out & the discussion is over.) The Gemini friends I have now have plenty of tender-hearted sensitivity which makes their ethereal nature that much more endearing. Unfortunately Gem's seem to be so weak in character that their virtuosity is easily overpowered. Typical Cappy: I would only date a Gem. again if he was an excessively religious man.

  12. I’m a capricorn guy and have been dating a Gemini chick for 2 years 6 months, we both understand one another and i’m sometimes puzzled by what most astrologers say about how incompatible this match is.

  13. none of ur business says:

    well iam a capricorn with pisces rising i have this friend she is soooo hot shes a gemini , she is also straight ..i am not str8 are friend ship is great are ages are prob 8 yrs apart . . i like her and i think she likes me … she seems puzzled . . .and i am a capricorn and i know i can BE puzzling either way …she gives me no damb ground like they say they like u and like ur bro and sister , , i just like u and only u …course till i find out u dont like me then ill stray . .. .ugghghghhg lol

  14. i’m a gemini and my boyfriend is a capricorn, and the tihng is – both my rising & moon signs are in VIRGO. maybe its why it’s working out so great, despite all the beliefs about cap & gem being such an incompatible couple.

    i reckon with relationships youll have to look into the ENTIRE birth chart. not just the sun sign. add in the VENUS sign too, with the ascendant and moon sign.

    my venus is in cancer, and his is in capricorn – voila, a compatible one again. and everyone probably know that venus is rep love/relationships etc.

    so this relationship def works, there are lots of other things in a chart that has plenty of influences 🙂

  15. This combo is a disaster – long term- experience speaking here! On a positive note- Gemini will help Capricorn loosen up his TIE & Cappy has the perseverance to teach Gem a thing or to about FOCUS & hard work…

    This is a karmic match in the sense that once both have learned the lessons they were meant to teach each other – they move on with little regret despite the little emotion call LOVE:(

  16. Imagine this one, I am a capricorn with a gemini moon! Just imagine what I go thru in relationships. The cappy in me wants a stable relationship, but the gemini moon loves variety, lol.

  17. i’m a gemini. have not dated a capricorn, yet. but i have rejected one before.

    to anonymous who was wondering if “gemini’s ever have regrets about breaking up?”.
    Speaking for myself, I have never had regrets about break ups.
    And I would never even imagine reconciling with someone I broke off.

  18. I am a gemini female who has been in a relationship with a Capricorn guy for 3 years now…It is just amazing!!! It just requires the making the effort like all relationships require…..
    I absolutely love him…he brings out this person in me, that is not afraid of being taking care of (not clingy – just knowing that there are decisions that I know he will make that will that will bee good for both of us)

  19. cappie chick says:

    I’m talking with a Gemini guy that has an aqua moon.. He’s very weird. I don’t really see it going anywhere. It’s hard to believe anything he says, it comes off very pretentious and detached, void of real meaning. Sometimes I believe him, but other times it’s really hard to. I get annoyed easily, he doesn’t believe in himself and he thinks that talking about his emotions is embarrassing and beats himself up when he does. It’s just very strange. He also claims I belong to him. This freaked me out because we haven’t known each other very long. In a way I think he’s trying to push me away, because I understand his emotions and he doesn’t want anyone to get close… It’s like he’s sabotaging himself.

  20. cocoayin says:

    Cap.Sun/Gemini ASC. here. I am always drawn to Gemini, but I do have a strong Jupiter & Moon influence within my own chart. Perhaps it is the combination of their unattainability & mutable nature that draws me in? I do get frustrated with their short-sighted logic & sporadic autistic moments. The comment regarding dating an excessively religious Gemini was amusing, because Gemini’s never lose that Mercurial nature! A good Gemini friend of mine is a church-going Catholic who is still plagued by indecision, as well as the autistic moments. Cappy definitely needs to LISTEN to Gemini though. I’ve found that most Gemini’s will talk non-chalantly about extremely personal matters, then move quickly onto some run-of-the-mill conversation. Later they’ll question your emotional depth & empathy simply because you didn’t listen to the mundane details of their story. With Gemini, that’s all life is: details; almost as if they’re unable to see the trees for the forest. How adorably child-like.

  21. Alonewiththesea says:

    I am a Gemini with a rising sun in Virgo Venus in Cancer and Moon in Aries. My Capricorn boyfriend has a Libra Rising, Aquarius Venus and Moon in Aquarius. We get along so well though we also debate and argue some at times. We have so much understanding for each other. He is ok with understanding i take alot of time to understand since im bouncy on everything, dont stick to anything, perfectionist and really typical gemini though my cancer makes me anti social and i have a tremendous need to stay at home and be with family which he does too. I found that out 7 yr age difference him being younger helps because i dont feel like i have to be so overly mature even though he acts as though hes 50 in his 20’s lol. But i guess what im saying is this is either a really really good match or a complete nightmere ive dated other capricorns who drove me nuts but for some reason i cant get enough of them. I need a rock to hold me still.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I am a Capricorn with a Gemini moon and Pisces rising. My chart is dominated by earth and water, however, with just the Gemini moon and a Uranus in Libra to lighten me up, and Neptune in Sagittarius which doesn’t do much on the energy front. I dated a Gemini (Cancer cusp) and it was a disaster; we met via work channels, and there was a sort of complicated fishbowl aspect to it b/c I’d be with him in his “social crowd” which was a group of people w/whom I needed to be professional. It was complicated. I wasn’t sure, ultimately, if he was dating me for my ability to be a “good work contact” for him to bring around his crew or if he genuinely liked me. The worst thing about it was that he played mind games, or he’d bring up an important issue he wanted to discuss in a venue where I couldn’t respond (like he’d say something major in a traffic intersection 100 yards from the entrance of a work party, then before I could reply we’d be inside schmoozing and I’d have a knot in my stomach). I was definitely supposed to learn something. I kept running into him until I told him off, then I never saw him again. He dumped me in a bar one night, told me that, and I’m not making this up, he wasn’t nice enough to me and I didn’t get upset enough about it, and thus, I really needed to go to therapy. I know many Geminis, but am glad to be done dating them. I married a Sagittarius with heaps of Taurus and water in his chart. Fun-loving on the outside, stable and funny on the inside.

  23. ComplexCappie says:

    I’m was in a relationship with a Gemini for a year and this is the exact definition of our relationship, especially this section:

    “Gemini will resent Capricorn for her inhibitions and rigidity, while Cap will look down on Gemini’s lack of focus and inability to commit.
    After the ambulance has departed, Gemini will dish to his buddies how long it took for Cap to warm up in bed, while Capricorn will share with her closest confidante that she felt more like a parent than a partner.”

  24. A gemini broken down by a cap says:

    Being in love with a cap is like one sided conversation. You telling him how much you admir , love and what is in your mind rite now .. just to get nothing in response.

    Some time just a feeling of rejection.

  25. Capricorn says:

    Hey, im wondering to see how do i know if i’m a capricorn sun , rising or moon. I wanna know which one i am..

  26. Capricorn/Gemini WAR says:

    I am a Capricorn woman that was madly in Love with a Gemini. At the start of our relationship the first three months were “good”. Then as the relationship went bad, I was pregnant. Then, gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. My Gemini was absent all of the pregnancy, chasing other women. This “little boy” even brought this girl to my side of town to a bar that is two blocks away from my house. Due to my job I had to show the city to a colleague of mine who was in town from California. To tell you the truth I was not surprised to see him with another “girl”. A friend of mine, owner of the bar wanted to throw them out. I asked my friend to calm down and sent them a couple of beers. I had a blast at the bar, besides I knew everyone there, something my dear Gem did not know. I can honestly say I regret him. My son is growing without his father, I just wish these Gemini people would not play games to get what they want, just to conquer. There are things out there like people’s heart. I am a cold Capricorn and I will never know how much he has hurt me and what an asshole he really is. As far as I am concerned he can go chase mist, he has been divorced twice. His last wife is a scorpio and they deserve each other, the scorpio woman has tried to be mean to me, but she is no match to me. I am talented, young and a dedicated workaholic in search for power. I hope he goes back with her, I can only pray. As for me, I am a big fan of “revenge is best serve cold”. I will make him suffer. I know this sounds evil, but I research tactics to make him feel sad and cry and I put them to effect. I have recently blocked his number and e-mail address this must be driving him wild. On my side I love him but I am truly in Love with my self and deserve better that the tin man “no heart”. I have a cold heart. He has it coming and he doesn’t even know it. I am sure we will have fun!!!!

  27. geminibeauty2010 says:

    i have to say this about gemini i believ with gemini men you have to tame them if you ignore them after giving them a little bit of you will get their attention. you have to be a freak lol. ok im a gemini woman and i am dating a capricorn male after researching them i know exactly what to do to make us compatible i think once you understand what your getting into you can work towards compatibility. the best match i believe for a gemini is a libra or a aquarius. i love capricorn men they are strong and they hold the house down all of that is good its all about your mental status if you love that person work around all of the things that make you in compatible and focus on the things you love. i know a gemini and capricorn relationship that has lasted 50 yrs my grandparents so dont give up

  28. geminibeauty2010 says:

    to that gemini who feels broken hearted by the cap he loves how u feel trust me he does but the no response is that hard shell u gotta win him over its a challenge and i loved it <3

  29. geminibeauty2010 says:

    to ( Capricorn/Gemini WAR says: )
    i think that it has nothing to do what with his sign i just think he was a bum when u met him (personality may have been immature) the next time you run into a gemini male really sit down and ask him alot of questions sweety about his past relationships also you have to be sturn with him stop giving geminis everythingat once we like a chase. i feel so bad about your baby boy he deserves a dad 100 percent i agree but their are some very good gemini men out here you just gotta gate them when they are ready to settle down and make them wait to have sex and then see how they act then you will know

  30. I’m a Capricorn girl who is beginning to get involved with a Gemini man. I am quite apprehensive because of how strange and less natural it is to find myself with a GEMINI. Then I looked up his planets and found that he has both his Mercury and VENUS IN TAURUS, which maybe more promising and let me relax about letting the relationship play out. Maybe it won’t be crazy as all the astrologers like to say. Geminis cannot be held down, but Venus in Taurus people are actually incredibly loyal and devoted, so…is he something in between?

    Even if it doesn’t work out, I’m going into this with an open mind to learn and grow from the experience. Wish me luck!

  31. Hi Bee,

    My Beautiful, Libra daughter is dating a Gemini and I can tell you that he is very down
    to earth with a very good head on his young shoulders. They may be duality personalities
    but they are very honest and sincere when they are serious about a Girl. Especially if they
    are thinking long term.

    You are definetly right about Taurus people being incredibly loyal and devoted. So you can
    count on that one for sure. Keep an open mind and enjoy the experiense which will bring
    you growth and wisdom not to mention the joy which comes with every relationship no
    matter what anyone tells you. You sound like a great Girl and Iam sure this Gemini will
    appreciate and value you for your self.

    I wish you the best of luck and be sure to keep in touch. Cheers. Keep the faith and keep
    Smiling. Taurus.

  32. I’m a gemini and both of my long-term relationships have been with a Caprcorn….funny but both relationships ended because of their childish ways,…go figure lol Either way, I enjoyed this article! =)

  33. I agree that Caps and Geminis wont last as a couple since they are both strong signs but doesn’t compliment each other. Caps are more aggressive while Geminis are more focused on one aspect at a time.

  34. I love this post:

    Gay Capricorn here…my first serious relationship was a Gemini (from France)…he was like a force of nature. I laugh now (fifteen years later) but I don’t ever want to go down that road again.

    To me Gemini is the most interesting sign in the zodiac. They really are twisted, enigmatic souls that are often the most beautiful people…especially the women…”Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman…Kylie Minogue” It’s like…”What planet are you from?”

    I love hearing people’s Gemini war stories. Most of the time I can finish the tale for them before they get half way done. The thing I hear most often is that a Gemini will give you a love rush that’s more addictive than heroin. You fall into their seduction easily. They gel into your life and wrap themselves into your DNA…and then…take it away. Like…”rip…you won’t be needing your heart anymore.”

    One of the guys I worked with fell for a Gemini girl. I warned him (he was a Tauras)…that she would bewitch him and ditch him. She took that poor boy on a mind rocking, thrill ride and was over it in less than six weeks. After he went completely cRaZy she sat back and pretended that she couldn’t understand his behavior. I was like…”Ha ha…astrology sucks doesn’t it.”

  35. Bumble bee says:

    Hey all. I am a scorpio here, I was seeing a gemini man and we got on really well… He found me exciting and passionate and I liked his love for freedom and space…. thing is… his ex was a cap they broke up 7 months ago coz she broke up with him, asoon as I am on the seen she pursues him and mithers him untill he gives in, low and behold, they are back together…. Now coz I am a scopio I do feel MAJOR vengence but I hide it in my shell and Me and him have become good friends now. althought he is focused on her as they have just moved in together after 3 weeks of being back together hes bringing up her child. I spose I am getting over it but I really do wish well part of me wishes that he will see one day and even if he does Im not gonna end up going back to him straight away… I havent contacted him in a week as I know hes busy but we do keep intouch and Im playing it cool and not chasing him coz I know his with her… I cannot and will not do anything. I just kinda hope he sees the light xD somebody give me some adivice

  36. Gemini Lady says:

    @Bumble Just move on, he’s not worth it, let karma catch up to him. Scorp&Gem relationships are difficult anyways, especially when the gemini is as fickle as this guy (we’re not all like that in relationships). Dont even talk to him anymore, find yourself a better guy.

    I’ve never really considered relationships with caps, but now that Im looking for something more serious, Im definitely considering these guys. I do have 5 earth signs and 4 air signs in my chart (gem sun, Taurus moon, gem rising), so Im sure that’ll help. ^_^’

  37. Gemini_girl says:

    Hi… I am a gemini woman. Was in a relationship with a capricorn man. Everything was great. All perfect. I was extremely happy in the relationship. But then one fine day he tells me that it’s not working out and ended it. Just like that. I was devastated. Could not figure out what went wrong. Though, with constant interrogation, the truth came out and I realized it was my fault indeed. I was the clingy one, never giving him space. In my fear of losing him, I held on too tight, which smothered him. And he, never complained, but harboured resentment in his heart…to the point that he decided to give up. And suddenly ended everything. Now I have let go. We are not in contact. But I miss him a lot. I have realized my mistake, and want to change things. Is there any chance he will come back to me? And if he does, will it last?

  38. Im a capricorn female and i lasted 3 years with a gemini and kind of still hang out and talk and act like we are still together and its about to be the 4th year .. Thing is idk if he loves me anymore like i felt before i was so sure of his love .. But now its like wth idk how to get through this i cant seem to get over him no matter how much i try we end up together again in the same place and we never had sex in these 4 years ..

  39. I’m a Gemini man that was with a younger Capricorn off & on for 5 years. We broke up & she called off our wedding/engagement after about a month of me giving her reasons to distrust me, making her feel unwanted & reacting to things more angrily than I ever had in the past. These things were all unlike me & were due to some stresses at work. I had never cheated & was working extra hard to rack up money for our wedding & she had recently started a new career that had her a bit stressed as well. The break up was totally my fault though.

    Everyone including us, assumed ourselves to be soul mates & we ALWAYS evoked lots of emotions out of each other & could just never seem to let each other go. When we broke up, we did not break up cleanly & I fought for her. We still saw each other & talked regularly until she became a little more distant. Once she became distant I decided to accept the fact that we may not end up together. At that time I started talking to one of my exes. During that time my Cap came back out of nowhere & proclaimed her love for me & that she would do whatever it to took to make us work. I told here that I was VERY hurt my how she handled our breakup & the time in between & that I needed time to figure it all out. She gave ME about 2 weeks before she told ME that SHE had decided to move on from ME!

    That hurt me more than anything I could have ever imagined. I pleaded with her & she adamantly said no.

    We had not talked in about 6 months when she called me out of nowhere. Knowing her; I kept the conversation light but did ask what made her call. In true Capricorn form, she responded lightly saying that she had started working back in a particular area & had some positives going on in her career & they brought back a lot of memories of us & my son (they were very close). She made comments of her niece stating that she should still be living here with me & that she missed me. (her neice & my son are both no older than 7) She asked light hearted questions about what had been going on in my life but nothing to suggest that she was interested in being together again.

    Can someone PLEASE give me some insight on why she may be calling & what I should do? This woman is the love of life. I know that it’ll be tough for both of us to overcome what w have been though & the pain that we’ve caused one another but I also know that no one will love her as much as I do & this Capricorn woman deserves nothing less.

    MATURE Gemini Man

  40. samantha franco says:

    So I like this gemini guy. And I’m a capricorn I think with aries or libra rising I’m not sure. He everything they say about gemini. Funny, flirty, And two personalities. One minute he has a grin on his face, the next he being rude to me. I give him the same treatment back and eventually he comes back around and tries to make me laugh again, And I don’t mind forgiving. I alwats had a feeling he liked me. But supposedly he liked this other girl. That’s what he said. But he would stare at me in class. And make a face when I flirt with people and call me out on it and say I flirt with everybody which he does to. Them one day HE KISSED ME. Just out of no where. In the staircase. We kinda don’t talk about it , at least I don’t. I try to act as if nothing hapoened and I think he resents me for that

  41. Rachael says:

    I am a gemini woman born May 30th and best friends with a capricorn male born January 9th. I met my friend back in high school and we instantly clicked! THE BEST FRIENDSHIP I have ever had… he totally gets me and we don’t have to try hard to make our relationship work. I think there is an invisible unbreakable bond between capricorn and gemini, although alot of websites say that we are incompatible, once they catch each others attention there is an INSTANT attraction and connection, it does not take long for them to fall for each other! There is a mixture of lust and warm affection for one another, I think gemini women make capricorn men go weak!!!! Like serious more than any other sign…. my close friend she is a gemini born May 25th also and she currently in a relationship with a capricorn born January 4th and they have been going strong for 6 years! They did not really like each other at first but once they sat down and had a chat and he fell for her HARDDD! He would not leave her alone almost chasing her until she was his!!! Man he was so obsessive about her and he was so jealous when she would be seen with other guys I still remember how psycho he would get if he saw her with another guy! Anyway back to my situation, my best cappy friend is my soul mate, we get on sooo well its weird, like to the point of knowing what the other is thinking. I think Capricorn and Gemini have a POWERFUL connection through their eyes…Most of the time they just have to look at each other in a certain way and one already knows what the other wants its weird!!! I just can not explain it… I think Capricorn and Gemini is a very common match and even if they do break up alot of couples remain best of friends… I mean look at examples of Idina Menzel (May 30th) and Taye Diggs (January2nd), Elvis Presley (January 8th) and Priscilla Preseley (May 24th), Jay kay (December 30th) and Denise (May 27th), Christa Miller (May 28) and Bill Lawerence (December 26th), Sadie Frost (June 18th) and Jude Law (December 28th), Kristen scott thomas (may 24th) and Olivier (january 4th).. there are so many couples the list is endless some of these couples are no longer together but they had a passionate and deep love for one another… I think capricorn and gemini have a timeless relationship… they are almost in sync with each other. This relationship is the BEST and probably unexplainable.

  42. I the gemini have married(5) with capricorn girl and we have 4 year girl child

  43. I’m a Gemini woman and my ex was a Capricor man and he broke up with me because he cheated on me. Mind you he is four years younger than me. He said he wants us to be friends. I blocked him from everything. It’s hard for gemini when they’re heart is broken.

  44. Mature Gemini man…I’m a capricorn woman and although we may have a hard exterior we know what we want. She wouldn’t be reaching out if she didn’t want or miss you. Get your woman! Don’t let astrology decide. I have a Gemini best friend who is a guy and I to this day regret I didn’t explore what could have been with us. Yes, we have differences but it depends on personality and wants as well. I know that I am a very outgoing capricorn I love when a man can handle a room but cap ladies need reassurance your faithful and don’t deny us because at times we have this revenge type attitude. I hope you go after her and don’t let things stand in your way. Timing is everything.

  45. There’s this cap who’s been in my for over 12 years. He’s an amazing person but unfortunately I don’t see him in that way anymore, just friends. I recently started talking to one but I had to end things due to a lot of misunderstandings. He was abit confusing but a nice individual. I wish him the best. It can be a good match but with lots of work that isn’t natural..

  46. This article is true for me. I’m a 38 year old Capricorn female and have just been dumped by my 46 year old Gemini boyfriend after 2 years (15 months living together)..he wants to be free and doesn’t want to be tied to anyone or anything. I’m heartbroken as he’s so much fun, witty and charming..BUT looking back he is incredibly selfish, flirtatious (which I hated) and has admitted to cheating on his previous long term gf several times. Maybe I’m best off without..

  47. cappywoman says:

    Hi, I’m a Capricorn woman, with leo moon, I’m 41. I’ve started to like my Gemini friend who’s 10 years younger than me (he’s Gemini sun with scorpio moon). We talk lots and joke a lot, which I really enjoy. But he’s also confided in me previously about his past and personal info, but then, backed off. I wasn’t sure why he backed off, but I could sense that he felt that maybe he had left himself a little vulnerable. Me being Capricorn, find it difficult to divulge very “personal” information about myself. And I was told by a scorpio friend, that he was probably waiting for me to share something personal about myself. Anyway I can’t get back that closeness that we had in the beginning of our friendship and lost that intimacy that we had in the beginning (when I say intimacy – I don’t mean the sexual kind). Problem is I really like him and don’t know what to do, I want to tell him that I like him, but what if he turns round and tells me that he doesn’t feel the same way, I’d be devastated. Living with the uncertainty is more bearable… :'(.

  48. I am a may gem and all my life I have dated nothing but Capricorn men. I don’t seem to do well with any other sign but this sign. I have had on & off relationships with caps one for almost 12 years but I lost interest now and we are friends and I have two other friends that are capricorns. It is definitely a relationship & friendship that can work. I do notice that when things go sour, the capricorn begins to dish out all the bad qualities the person had instead of not dealing the person overall. A Geminis true colors are seen early on, not later on. I know I’m a terrible mess but a Capricorn is the right man to tame me but I’m still wild but content. I recently started talking to a NEW CAP, but he has too much inconsistencies for me so I disappear with no explanation and hopefully he gets the picture. I did all the talking and he just agreed with me always, which I hate. overall, to me it’s still a great pairing…

  49. I am a female capricorn who dated a female gemini, and they were the most stable of my relationships. Ironically, the zodiacs that were supposed to be compatible with me (virgo and pisces) all ended up being extremely toxic. All of my best friends as well have ended up being mostly gemini and scorpio, but maybe it’s because I have a Venus in Aquarius that I do better with Gemini than the other Earth/Water signs.

  50. with all this being said will a capricorn come back., that was my first love and you know if its real itll come back, i love her, i need some advise on this

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