The worst way to break up with Aquarius

AquariusFriendship can be more important to the Aquarius man than romance, so a breakup ending with, “And I never want to see you again!” can be particularly hard on the Water Bearer. And, although “Let’s stay friends” can be the salt on a wound to many others, the Aquarian will say, “Coolio!”

You see, the Aquarius man isn’t going to be as devastated by the ending of a relationship as those born under some other signs, so maintaining a friendship isn’t as painful for him. He’s not going to be jealous when you talk to other guys. He’s not going to pine for you and sing love ballads from outside your window.

As much as the Aquarian needs distance, he doesn’t want you cut off from his community. Speaking of which … another bad way of breaking up with an Aquarius is by creating subdivisions among his circle of friends. This egalitarian sign isn’t all too keen on group rifts, so don’t spread malicious half-truths or try to get the majority of your mutual friends to take sides with you. They ought to (according to Aquarius) be able to view the breakup with some perspective, respect the reasons for the demise of the relationship, and not get all emotional about it! It’s not like they slept with him — you did! — so why should they be all that invested?

Can’t we all just get along?

Comment below: How have you broken it off with an Aquarius?

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  1. @ Roxy & Phenix:

    Scorpio women who are evolved and enlightened do not use their stinger like that. It’s an unfortunate truth about us that when we live from the dark side of our sign we can be shallow, unworthy of trust (especially around our friends men), cruel, and vindictive. But any sign can be immature and ridiculous if they are not living up to their higher purpose.

    I like to think I am one of the best examples of my Scorpio brethren. A Scorpio woman who’s evolved will be the BEST friend you EVER had. She is loyal to a fault, fiercely protective, and brutally honest. She would NEVER take your man, but expose him for the worm he is if he makes inappropriate advances. She will look into your heart and SEE YOU. She will love you unconditionally. You will trust her like no other. She will pick you up when you are down and brush you off only to push you right back into the game. She will make you laugh until you cry. She will talk to you about the plights of the world. She will introduce you to hidden knowledge like magic and spirits. Once she loves you, she will love everything about you and she will be right beside you no matter where you go or what you do.

    Often we are forced to hurt the ones we love through truth, but we hurt ourselves in the process. For example, my best friend wasn’t being the parent to her kids the way she really needed to be and I was forced to confront her with this. I was harsh, direct, and perhaps even cruel. But we both ended up crying and she finally acknowledged the truth. An evolved Scorpio woman will never use truth as a method to simply hurt another person out of pleasure of causing pain. Never. If she does she’s gonna get it back threefold. Scorpio’s are Karmically bound. When they behave in ways that are unacceptable they WILL pay a hefty price.

    I feel like we are the Pit Bulls of the Zodiac. We get a bad rap because of our potential. People run away when they see us coming. It’s the lower Scorpios that behave ignorantly. I truly enjoy the look I get from other signs when I tell them I’m a true Scorpio. They back away slowly lol. But then I show them how different we can be when we are mature and living from the higher side of the sign. It’slike night and day. We are born healers and psychics. Our job is to heal others and take AWAY their pain, not CREATE pain. It’s unfortunate that oftentimes the healing hurts more than the wound, but if you give us the opportunity we will stand with you as you face your worst demons. We will fight the good fight just for you.

    When dealing with Scorpio females that choose the lower path I would suggest never showing fear. They are bullies. Never reveal your soft underbelly because they will use your own fears against you cruelly. The best weapon you have against them is truth – because they know what that is and they fear it above all else. Never lower yourself to a level that lacks integrity because they will feed off that and just fuel the fire with it. Tell them the truth about themselves as you KNOW IT TO BE.

    I ask that you don’t write us off just yet. Let me assure you that joining forces with an evolved female Scorpio will be the best partnership you will most likely ever have.

  2. Amanda ! first let me say thank you for coming into the court room Lol!! in defence of the scorpio female species…. i understand your view ,as you have stated , from a wide point of view , your case has many truths.. in my case a scorpio female fell in love with me and my need to be private.. being a cancer and very private and cautious… i gave her the benefit of the wide evidence not to trust her!! we spent months talking and sharing our feelings via visual eye contact hugging and talks ..

    I also wanted a true friendship ! so i did not want to be physical … with her she was engaged ! as was I , so i told her flat you make me smile and so happy !! why are you scared to bound with me on a friendship level yet you crave my love so much.. her answer YOU SCARE ME,… so i kept my distance and when i did say i deleted her number in front of everyone , well her friend and a college lying lesbian Aquarius , she text me in front of them and said there you have my number call me.

    still when i tried to love her as a friend called talked etc, she would not move forward with suggestions to go out have coffee., and trust me it was hard … there was a lust I could not explain , but it was there for
    both of us ..I told her and she me. this came to light in October 2009 . and finally i asked her is it me or are we attracted to each other. in April 2010 . it was our secret , I slept and dreamt her many times , how great this friendship would be, and i will not abuse our feelings .. as it was insane.

    Now Amanda … we are both above 30 . and she knew how I felt , but trying to display that your madly in love with you fiance.. but then expressing almost in public and front of my colleges you want to be physical with me is not ok when you are of the same sex.

    Where the Aquarius comes in is that she was gay , so I asked her advice. !! but being the lying cow she was , she wormed her way into the scorpios affections , when the Scorpio was pinning for me to make a definite move , pretending she wanted to understand why I would not talk with the scorpio sometimes . the Scorpio friend knew why because I told her I wanted time to gather my feelings and thoughts and the situation was tormenting me. due to the scorpios impatience and mis – interpretation for my withdrawal . she decide to befriend the Aquarius and as it turned out slept with her.

    when i did eventually find out !! they tried to pretend i had spoken about the scorpio behind her back which i would never do and the scorpio from what i could see used the Aquarius as her muse to hurt me , but also got in so deep the aquarius left her wife and moved in with the scorpio and her fiance…MAD OR WHAT!!

    The lies just kept coming and the scorpio , considering I knew her and worked with her for 3-5 years and she only knew the Aqua for 4 months , shocked me to see her attacking me , and avoiding me like this.. leaving me to see them meet every day and living together..these two were apparently my friends , well the Aqua I was getting to know , but it turns out she was jealous of me , to which I never knew till her wife told me ,and that she constantly talked about me and how good and how close me and the scorpio were. well until she manipulated to scorpio to love her , by acting all innocent and honest , but going round destroying my reputation etc,,, which i am still two months later trying to rectify!!.

    That scorpio instead off telling me what was in her heart or trying to reason with me , used all my feelings and secrets and threw it back at me by text to hurt me, and even after i sent a large banquet of flowers .. she still insulted me by getting the Aqua to collect them on her behalf ,I cannot tell you how angry!! that made me. They spent weeks popping into my work place bragging how they were going to live in saudi – arabia together … knowing it would get back to me, i was physically ill lost 1.5 stone and lost all will to go into work or live ,,, i just could not believe this woman who said she wanted me loved me , tried to get me to express my whole soul to her , would be so calculated and evil!!. eventually we meet briefly by chance ,when i bumped into her and the Aquarius in the car park , they were talking the scorpio looked down , the Scorpio and Aquarius did not see me, but then when they did they scorpio dis engaged with the Aquarius , braced her shoulders back sat up starred straight at me , and smiled …it was definitely a smile of shock and also pleasure to see me, as l knew she was to afraid to confront me, so this was the only way we would ever meet again. before she let. anyway .. I looked straight back at her, and for a moment i wanted to grab her hand and say why!? why are you doing this , but reality kicked in and i thought NO! NO! you owe me a apology and also there was no way I was going to express my feelings in front of that two faced lying butch Aqua….. so I shaked my head , showed her my displeasure and kept working to my car. i Stood talking next to it with the caretaker!! for 5 mins before she walked down past me with the Aqua .. I never looked at her agin after that.

    Its funny the the aqua who was my boss up-to August , came into the office later and looked like she was fuming!! consequently she took 2 days off after that , my thoughts being she got scared and saw the chemistry between me and the scorpio was still there and also maybe my blanking the scorpio upset the scorpio and she wanted the aqua’s affections to reassure her all was ok .

    Amanda , these two still after all the pain they put me threw still had the cruelty to come into the office after they both left flaunting there intention to go away together.. the scorpio moved all her goods to saudi to live with the aqua , and also still told her fiance they are friends , so like a fool he funds her while she is there. although she as told her friend she is not going back to him. I m so angry with her how cowardly can you get , you steal a lover hurt your own and use him to fund your cheating lust , and also hurt the person you love just because i did not want to mess our lives with this twisted web she wanted to create.

    I have not heard from her or care two , do I love her anymore .. I feel nothing , just distant thoughts and the occasional WHY! . but one thing I know is she will eventually wake up , and wonder what as she done , would she ,marry this butch lesbian , now the attention as gone , as the lesbian was married to a women and let her to run off with her! so the scorpio must after 2 months done some deep thinking.. as to were this is going , she is czech . so her visa will run out so she will have to return to there , as she has no British passport.

    Amanda , scorpio women seem to lack trust in women and fear the answers so make up the end to prevent pain .. but for me it;s in there head. and trust me cancers know about paranoia… I hope my storie opened your eyes .. and also I would love your view on 1. why ? she did it and 2. where in her mind she might be now .,for me Im much happier 2 months on and released , the reason I side with phenix is because , at the time he was happy with his scorpio women , and ironically his scorpio has done a disagreeing act two…

  3. @ krystalxlyte:

    Interesting name!! ;P

    I’ve found that relationships are very complex lol. Some are Karmic and others are presented to us for the experience or for a specific lesson we need to learn.

    Break-ups are just as complex as the relationship itself. Some breakups occur after we have learned whatever it is that we were meant to – but others are simply a ‘hiccup’ in the relationship. It’s tough to know which is which sometimes.

    Karmic relationships always reinstate themselves despite a breakup. If you’re having issues about a breakup that’s normal. Especially if you’re the one that was jilted. It’s best to just move forward when this happens – accept that it hurts and give yourself the time necessary to grieve. Don’t deny your feelings, but deal with them. It’s ok to admit that you still love your ex and wish things had been different – but don’t let it paralyze you from what you need to be doing.

    It’s necessary to approach a breakup with as much maturity and acceptance as possible. If you find that after a few months you’re still not over it – it could mean that you need a little help with closure. Contact your ex (after 60 days) and invite them to talk. If they refuse or are in another relationship then that’s something you need to accept. It could be the lesson you need to learn is one of loss. It could mean that you need to learn to be alone with yourself. It could mean any number of things but after the painful period you will come to the realization for yourself.

    Whatever the reasons or the causes, personal growth will be the result.

  4. @ rocket68:

    Wow! What a story!!

    Your Scorpio female is highly insecure and living from the lower side of her sign. Such a shame! Trust me when I tell you that she knew the whole time that it was YOU she wanted – but you stood your ground and refused to allow her to manipulate you. Good for you. This is a lesson she must learn about herself that will cause her much pain. Scorpios are masters of manipulation – they are not able to step up and take risks in love because of the intense fear of being hurt – so they work the situation to try and force the object of their desires to take the risk instead. This is what she was trying to get YOU to do. If you had given in to her trick and professed your love for her she would be with you right now. But then you would have made the biggest mistake because her manipulation would not stop there.

    Scorpios are terrified of pain, yet it is pain that we suffer through our entire lives. The worst pain. Many times we bring it upon ourselves – but these are the lessons for Scorpios. It’s our destiny to constantly transform ourselves – like the Phoenix (which is a representative of the evolved Scorpio), and rise again new and improved. Resistance to such transformations is futile – but many Scorpios attempt to fight against this. They choose, instead, to follow the lower path like your girl has obviously chosen to do.

    You have brought the power of transformation to her. You are a lesson that she must learn through the fire of pain. In turn, what have YOU learned through this experience? Scorpios, no matter what path they walk, bring transformation to others as well. Perhaps she has taught you to live an honest life and embrace being authentic. The fact that you were both involved with other people should have been your first clue about yourself. Scorpio females have an aura about them that draw men of all signs to them. We are the sexual goddesses of the Zodiac and have a reputation for good reason. You will never find a better lover anywhere (sorry to the other female signs who may take offense but i speak the truth). Perhaps your girl taught you something about lust and sex. We are masters of sex.

    She should have understood your privacy needs because Scorpios have the same requirement. In fact, of all the water signs (Cancer and Pisces included) Scorpios are the rulers of this element. Just like Aquarius rules the air signs, Taurus rules the earth signs, and Leo rules the fire signs.

    It’s unfortunate that you have been caught up with an unevolved Scorpio female – because I’m sure she left a really bitter taste in your mouth. However, you may find some comfort in knowing that she is suffering immensely because of her deception and that you have learned something valuable about YOURSELF because of HER and vice versa. Often it is the most painful lessons that we learn from because it is the only way we will transform ourselves. When something hurts we won’t be apt to repeat our mistakes. I’m not saying in any way that it was a mistake for you to become involved with her. On the contrary, I would never agree that any involvement with a Scorpio of any level is a mistake. They are there to teach you something immeasurable and they will also learn.

  5. aquarius09 says:

    I’m aquarius Sun, Moon and Ascendant. So you can tell I’m the truest form of Aqua. I’ll tell you that the worst way to break up with an aqua is to cheat on us and eventually come clean and tell us that you’re leaving us for the other person. Watch us become cold like ice instaneously. If you wrong us, we will punk you off or not. and move on like you never existed. There are plenty more adventures out there than dwelling on a cheater or someone who doesnt want to be with us.

  6. Aquarius09: sounds like you might have some Scorpio in you too!

  7. I do not get dumped. I try to dump first. I do not like to get dumped. so i go first.

  8. @ if someone does ‘dump’ you, do you then go back with them and then ‘dump’ them out of spite?

  9. @Aquarius09

    I agree that cheating is the easiest way to get an Aquarius to totally forget you exist. We won’t get mad or hurt or even very upset, we’ll just deem you a lowlife and erase you from our thinking.

    Aquarians have a very easy time of burning bridges – we’re humanitarians at heart, so we place very little value in individuals and we have a very easy time meeting new people to help us forget the people that weren’t worth our time. Aquarians have a difficult time placing value in one-to-one relationships anyway, we’re generally more concerned with the big picture than anything else.

  10. for me scorpio moon i get really attached to aquarians cause they ‘feel’ to have so much love that its addictive.but then they disapear its like you can’t hold on to them too long..also what does humanitarian mean and what does bigger picture mean,does it mean your eye on the future?

  11. what does it mean that you place little value on indiividuals?

  12. sally
    They just mean that most Aquarians consider everyone in the world equal and noone is particularly special. I’ve found out that it isn’t always true. My Aqua Guy has treated me better then he ever treated anyone else ever. He is a humanitarian, he cares about people in general, but he puts his familly first. He treats me like his queen. He also is a way better father to my son then his bioligical father ever was. There isn’t a selfish bone in the mans body, I find him as loving and considerate as the Scorpios I’ve met. My mom (scorpio) and dad (cancer) would have died for us kids and eachother. Thats the kind of relationship we have too.
    Before I met him, 2 Aqua guys did disapear on me, one of them while we were engaged. I was shocked when I found out he’s an Aqua, he behaves like a scorp man in love. He is possesive and prefers to stay home alone with me then visit anyone else. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Yeah because your family does come first, also what makes him treat you like a queen?

  14. @jules

    Well i think I have done that a few times.


    It means people come and go. Why get caught up in one person when there are so many nice guys out there.

  15. AquaTrainer says:

    It’s true, we do treat most people like equals but the person we’re in a relationship with sees a side that no one else gets to see….and they usually get the vulnerable aide of us cuz normally we Tend to keep that hidden from our friends and coworkers….unless we are desperately trying to get help on something or fighting for something/someone

  16. AquaTrainer says:

    Plus maybe he has a good deal of water in his chart. If he had mainly air or fire he’d probably be the seemingly flighty type. I say seemingly cuz most people never feel that they can commit to an all air person. But it is possible. You would just ave to be down with the idea of living in separate houses lol

  17. sillyaquagirl says:

    We don’t appreciate how you break up with us because we’re narcissitic and eventually will get over you and find someone else in less than two weeks and you will never know we’re hurt because we hide behind smiles when really we’re dying inside.

  18. Sillyaquagirl,

    Lmao!! Ok? Maybe you! Not this Aqua

  19. Hi people! i wasn’t going to join till i saw ‘rocket68’s’ story. first of all, that aqua gurl that was lying and jealous; sounds nothing like an Aquarian. We would rather die than lie to people about anything. We are open to a fault. Plus, we NEVER get jealous. We just pack you off into the recess of our minds and move on.

    i second what no-pespiration said; we don’t hurt for long. maybe a couple of minutes, thyenm we are ready t o enjoy our lives again. i’v been called unemotional and cold a lot of times. i just don’t see the point in crying over someone or something.

    Funny thing is, i’m married to an aqua man! our birthdays are 2 days apart! ( isn’t that something). It is a blessing sometimes and a huge pain in the you- know-where on some occasions. We are so similar, we understand the other person even when they don’t say a word and cos we are both strong-willed, it can be a battle of the fittest at times. LOL! But he is my soul mate. Can’t imagine if i had gotten married to my ex- tarus boyfriend; nice lover, but just a bit too childish and emotional. Emotion is not something we aqua people do too well. We are logical thinkers.

    I love! love! love my aqua hubby! He is dependable, painfully truthful,selflessly giving, unassuming funny, unemotional, he understands my creativity and drives me to be better! 2 years and counting! we have become a formidable team together…People are always fascinated whenever he says something and i’m not there, but the KNOW, it is what i would have said as well.

    I always thought i was too complex for other zodiac signs to understand me, but know i know i was just never compatible with all them emotional signs. I got me a clone of me LMAO! Amazing thing is, i’m still friends with all my ex’s. no lingering emotion’s just what it is! he is aware of them as i am aware of his ex’s… we don’t even mind going out for drinks with them, if a spot open for that.

    we aqua signs are the best things since sliced bread…get an aqua mate and you’ll never regret it. we can be very romantic, but you’ll never know by just meeting us, or begin friends. that is only revealed when we feel you are worth it! we will never cheat on u ! it’ s against our principles. and if we do, be sure we will tell u the truth. you can forgive us, cos we can also be very forgiving! we never hold a grudge, we just forget u ever existed, if you wrong us and lie to cover it up ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. that Aquarius Czech woman will destroy everything and anyone that really loved her too aloof and so contradictory and they always in contact with exes which means they never ever move on

  21. While reading this I’ve noticed this to be somewhat true (like the whole being friends after breaking up thing), but a bit of what I’ve read about Aquarius doesn’t seem to fit with the one I have regarding relationships?

    I’m a Scorpio woman (not supposed to be a great match, I know), and my Aquarius and I have dated for almost three years. We have broken up before, and he has been unwilling to let go and has gone out of his way to get me back those times. He has gone to extreme lows when hurting because of the end of our relationship. He can be ‘flighty’ when he wants I suppose (he has tried talking to other girls when we were trying to see other people, and with his past relationships, he has either written them off or remained friends with them), but ultimately, to me anyway, he is loyal, somewhat jealous and extremely loving. He doesn’t understand my Scorpio traits all the time (my stubborn-ness, my terrible jealousy, my emotions), so we do fight like cats and dogs occasionally, but he has been the single best man I have ever had in my life and I’m terrified of letting him go. I only think I could if I knew that I wasn’t the only girl in his life. Even that would be hard, but I couldn’t go through with a relationship like that.

    Just thought I’d bring it up, since 99% of what I see about Scorpios fits me to a ‘T’! ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. aqua28 says:

    May 12, 2011 at 7:50 am

    “we aqua signs are the best things since sliced breadโ€ฆget an aqua mate and youโ€™ll never regret it.”
    I disagree, I am pretty sure Demi Moore (Scorp) regretted marrying Ashton Kutcher (aqua). By the looks of it she nearly went off the rails when they divorced. Also I completely regret meeting one of my aquarius exes. He was bipolar and i think they are the sign most likely to be mass serial killers.

  23. I agree about the mass serial killer comment. but then they plead innocence by acting like a little school boy! I say grow up!

  24. Im an aquarian when i’m in love, i love with all my heart and sacrifice anything. Once betrayed, cheated and mistreated…i can just wash my hands and forget they even can beg or force me to stay but prepare to have a crazy bitch with grudges screwing your life slowly and leave when she is done with u.

  25. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    I love my Aquarius husband more then ever and he is always worried that I’m going to leave him. How do I show him that I need him? He is crazy…..I love him so much it hurts and he thinks I’m going to leave him. He basis everything on looks, I try to be pretty FOR HIM, he thinks I’m “shopping” as he puts it…..AAAHHHHH

  26. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    Analyze Analyze…Its driving me crazy. Then he tells me I over analyze…..He says to stop doing this, and just let him worry, let him suffer, its good……What does that mean?!!!!! Please there has to be an Aqua that is better with words then he is, what does he mean? You know I used to be smart, untill he came along and started picking me apart. I love him , why can’t he just believe me

  27. NewlyWed,

    That reminds me of when I hear about other people’s problems (close relations) that I feel so bad that I want to do the dirty work for them because of my detachment. “Fall on the sword” as my mom tells me. She often will not let me be the one to fall on the sword, but it’s my initial reaction anytime anything messed up is going on.

    Is he being serious when he says he thinks you’re gonna leave him or he just joking around?

  28. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    Hi No-Perspiration
    Yeah, he was serious, I got him to finally explain it to me a while ago and it turns out he just misunderstood advice that my Mother gave him LOL
    She told him that people need to be worried, meaning that you shouldn’t take each other for granted and he thought she meant that she thought I was going to leave him soon….. It only took about a couple of times to explain and a phone call to my Mother but now he gets it . Now she thinks he’s crazy, ha ha…. but at least now he knows I haven’t been telling people that I’m leaving him.
    How are things going for you?

  29. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    I don’t understand why anyone would break up with an Aquarius, They are usually the ones that disappear, unless it means moving on while they’re away? No one really gets to break up with these guys
    they just sort of vanish. The 2 Aquarius men I was seeing before my husband did that, I’m so glad that I didn’t love them. You only get one soul mate, its not just astrological, there’s something even deeper.
    Anyways I met an Aquarius woman the other day that just got hurt by a Libra guy, I thought, you’re kidding right? But it really happened, I was married to a Libra man for 5 years and never loved him, when he left I was happy, once those shackles were off LOL I still feel bad for her, she thought he was so much more then he was, he was an idiot. Not all Libra guys are bad don’t get me wrong, but this one was all full of himself.
    Hey, what is the best match for an Aquarius Woman? Scorpio Man?

  30. Aquariusgirl says:

    I think I could forgive my bf most things but if he cheated on me there would be no going back. He’d be dead to me! He’s Aquarius too and hasn’t ever given me any reason to suspect that he’s seeing anyone behind my back.

    To my knowledge, I’ve never been cheated on…

  31. venus in pieces says:

    Hmpff…im a pisces girl, fell hard in love with an aquarius man. Enjoyed the conversations so much that i wanted him even more every time he opened his mouth. Then suddenly, without explanation, i don’t hear from him again. ‘Do you wanna talk about it?’ ‘Yeah, sure, when ill get back from brazil’… and when he’s back, i need to remind him until i feel stalkerish for wanting a few answers what made hin so detached all of a sudden, maybe even a ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ thing. But no, nothing, just beating-around-the-bushes kind of talks, and then we drift apart, all in one summer. He has sun, mercury, mars conjunct in aquarius, moon gemini and capricorn venus. So is it not me, but it’s all this air-filled chart+emotionally challenged venus?

  32. I’m a sagittarius girl and I once fell hard in love with a immature Aquarius in 12th grade .Since he didn’t know much and I knew alot (being an honor student) I would go over to his house and study with him for hours and even though I wasted most of my Friday nights at his house and not with my girls it was worth it because I loved seeing the the smile on his face every time and his mom would call me their guardian angel.
    The horror really started when he found out that his friends hated me because he was spending more time with me than them,but In the time I tutored him we fell in love. I would catch him staring at me and then he would laugh and look away. We also had this way we would flirt with each other without actually flirting with each other and he asked me to go out with him it was awesome because that same night he took my virginity and even though he wasn’t very attractive I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I had to break it of when I found out he ws cheating on me and one of my girl-friends texted me a picture of him and this girl I hated naked in a closet. Since my Venus is in Scorpio I texted that picture to everyone I knew and that picture traveled all the way around around school. So after long he was so embarrassed he wouldn’t even enter enter the lunch room. He called me a week later “to say hi” then I lashed out on him and told him I never want to see him again. THE END

  33. All I can say. Aquarius males are Bipolar for sure, everything can be amazing and he has confessed his undying love. Then I’ll be singing lyrics off some random pop song. Then he gets all made saying I am talking to him? Ie lyrics. I apologise that he thought I was singing the lyrics that have hurt his feelings. But then he freaks out upsetting me. I walk out. But he insists on shaving side of my head as the left side was done… so I let him. Not realising he was angry with me. Now I believe he did it to hurt me. Thinking he had taken my looks away….
    If I new he was that pissed off with me. I would never had agreed to allow him to shave my head.
    also when every he speaks to me always accuses me of having plenty of men after me
    so screwed up in his mind.

  34. leo woman! says:

    I am a Leo woman and my aquarius boyfriend of a year and8 months just broke up with me. From reading about aquarians, every thing I’ve learned surprises me. Our relationship moved v fast. We moved in together after only two months of dating.. although he was not good with expressing his emotions he dealt with a LOT of my crap. He even made efforts to express himself to me because he knew him not doing so bothered me. He would have done anything for me to the point that I depended on him way too much. I didn’t have much of my own life so I tried to control his.. he was all I had to look forward to. We talked about our future.. having children. He said I would be a great mother. But a couple of times I’ve gotten blackout drunk and physically abused him. The fourth time happened new yearseve and he broke up with me. He was emotional about it. He said he knew it was harsh because we really are in love but he has to leave me to keep a promise to himself. I am aware of what I did.. I messed everything up. I offered to never drunk alcohol again but he said its been too many times. Without him I realize how dependent I was on him and that he didn’t get to do everything he wanted. I didn’t treat him the way he deserved to be treated. I’m greedy enough to not want to let go. He of course as an aquarian, wants to be friends. We plan to go out for dinner a month from now for his bday. We saw each other two days ago and I was dumb enough to ask him if in the future would he give us another shot.. once I have my life figured out and am independent? He said no then went on to say if it’s meant to happen it will. That he won’t say yes or maybe because he doesn’t want to get my hopes up. I understand this I also know that we can’t predict the future. I also said we could take things slow. We wouldn’t move back in with each other for a long while.. he really looked like he was thinking about it. He still messages me asking how I am and telling me about plans of his future. He gives me long hugs goodbye. He told me he cried the first night he moved away. We are definitely in love and I’m afraid I’ve lost him. I want to be a better person and eventually treat him tho way he deserves to be treated. Of he hasn’t cut contact with me does this mean there is a chance? Is it likely that an aquarians male would come back to an old relationship? I know how deeply he did or does care for me..

  35. Aqua guy here. I can agree with some of what I’ve read, but I can also oppose some points, In the end I’ve decided that doing so is just more work than I want to commit to this comment so I will leave my opinions be a give a bit of a personal insight, (I know many have done so already, but everyone is different regardless of certain beliefs and stereotypes so here we go.)

    When it comes to relationships it’s either a really fast progression, or a really slow one. First impressions are very important //lmao we can be pretty judgy if you say that one thing that many of us get easily peeved about// For me, it’s a general lack of acceptance or a highly critical and vocal stance with no sense of polite dialogue or seeming care for the person to which such feelings are targeted towards.

    Generally though, the more interesting you are (and this is highly dependent on the individual) the more likely we are to take the fast road. This can involve either or all; courting, a constant want to be near you, extreme caring (usually by being honest or sharing ideas), random ‘adventures,’ outrageous flirting (lmao, I’m a bit guilty of this one here) and/or a complete focus of attention on the person (though some of us may try to play it cool and end up seeming heartless even though we’re actually rolling around in bliss from a smile or something)

    If it’s the slow road, welp…It’s largely a hit or a miss (at least in my case, anyways) We either grow to love you, or just continue to secretly dislike you or secretly maintain a silently apathetic viewpoint towards said individual. If we dislike you, we may one day just switch tunes tho, so I guess a ‘don’t give up’ type flag can be raised for you if you want.

    We value loyalty, friendship and mental connection to the extremes so if you stick around we may just guilt ourselves into giving you a chance and somehow find ourselves smitten ๐Ÿ˜›

    When it comes to issues in relationships, it can kind of get a bit….I’m not sure what word to use to describe it.

    I recently broke up a friendship with a Scorpio girl. (I did love her platonically though). I loved her straight away to be honest. From the first moment we met in year 1, (though I later found that she disliked me from years 1-8 due to a misunderstanding.) and when our real friendship started in year 8-9.

    It was a beautiful friendship, but she betrayed my trust in her, as well as the two friends she used to ostracize me.

    We ended up being ‘friends’ again after my two week (self-instilled) exile from them and their group.

    I suppose I really did love her to allow myself to continue speaking to her after that. Years 10-11 was rather peaceful, but due to the maintained contact I couldn’t quite let go of the past as I already ‘forgave’ her back then, however, even forgiven memories are hard to not remember.

    By year 12 we had some of our more serious fights (mainly started by myself due to an obvious lack of contact with no explanation etc.)

    This year (first year uni) we officially threw in the towel. We had a disagreement at the beginning of the year and I couldn’t stand the uncompromising expectations she placed on me and my activities, as well as the general lack of trust in allowing me my personal indulgences (lonely times and books) and personal jibes (which I suppose were well intentions, however, I did give her a chance to at least apologize or honestly explain herself and her reasons; a chance which she did not take and she basically threw in my face. I cut contact with her, but ended up coming back because I deeply regretted the lost memories and the what ifs that kept invading my mind. (It did take me a couple of days as I am quite stubborn when I promise myself that i will do or not do certain things.)

    Needless to say, it was a mistake. After a brief correspondence and the feeling of guilt for having hurt her (as she later admitted when I asked her if ‘she even cared’ since when I proposed the end of friendship she did not even respond (though I knew she read it due to the messaging system the request was sent through) I found myself depressed, insecure, frustrated, guilty (to both myself and towards her for coming back even though she clearly deserves better) and confused in regards to her and what she honestly thought of everything and myself.

    Now at this point, I know that I am solely at fault. I’m not sure if all aquas have this, but over the years, I’ve come to develop a deep distrust of others and their ‘words’ unless it is plainly written out for me in not only their language of choice, but also their actions. Everything has to mix and blend towards a harmony of truth.

    She, in turn, had a problem with giving the truth and fighting for it to be known, instead letting her truths settle into a lovely package of misconceived exaggeration.

    This time she responded.

    I really loved her, so even though I promised myself that this would be the end, I decided to give her some ‘tests.’

    It may seem cold and calculating, but I, like many others, value a mental connection and a deep understanding.

    I gave her more opportunities than I should have, sometimes plainly giving her the answers that would have allowed the relationship to continue it’s course.

    She missed every one of them, perhaps on purpose in some form of retaliation to the request in the first place.

    I tried to end on friendly terms, but I was so disappointed. Not in her, just in myself and in general. I let myself believe in an ideal that probably didn’t exist, I let myself put expectations on her that I shouldn’t have, I came back when a perfectly clean break had already been achieved and I forced myself to give it up all over again, and thus, hurt each party all the more.

    I blew up. I managed to reel it in quickly enough to not let everything come out but the damage was done.

    We ended on bad and confused terms. She seems to have moved on though, which is good and what I wanted.

    I’ll probably stalk her a bit longer before ultimately giving up on her, however.

    She was probably one of the only people would ever have told the complete and ugly truth of my ideals and ideas and self,

    I know that I will move on one day though.

    I’ve done it before, and I find that being able to manipulate yourself in being apathetic towards past relations can help at times.

    For now I’ll simply enjoy the bittersweet end of first love. It will be an interesting experience, regardless of all the history.

    (Though a largely silly one.)

  36. Hey Aqua guy
    appreciate the insight. The constant repetition of how many chances you gave her convinced me to call my aqua. A previous poster echoed similar sentiments… to just call or show up at his house. One time he did say he was waiting for me to call but at the time I didn’t realize it was his way of saying he needs reassurance. I really hope it all works out for us.
    I thought I could slip away quietly to protect myself because he’s so guarded and won’t open up, but ended up being worried about if he’s hurting and missing him more. So I call to apologize for being kinda distant and it ends up being our longest phone conversation in forever ( with him doing most of the talking). I can probably take it to mean that he really was waiting.
    He’s making me want him more and don’t want him to hurt me.

  37. Dr Susan Lee says:

    First of all Scorpio is not compatible with Aquarius and whoever said Scorpio’s are sex goddess and the best from all the other signs was not factual and was just an opinion based on an experience of the unexperience no offense; Scorpio women are actually get sluggish after a while and sometimes doesn’t want sex and they don’t need it as much as other signs cause there are emotional attached no physical attached and they use manipulation to get what they want and they are gold diggers that’s the dark side of them and they like to smoke and a very flirtatious and will sleep with the partners friends to get revenge sacrificing her superficial good girl image and reputation she is very jealous of other women and possessive of people she loves and they can be controlling mothers and partners now there is a good side of them but that’s up to them to make better choices in there life as forAQUARIUS MEN there either Bi-polar or CEO – and if the’re relationship with scorpio is incompatible cause they are detached beings and scorpio women are opposite they are attached beings cause that’s there agenda to control the other – Book of Zodiacs

  38. Dr. Susan your wrong about Scorpio woman.

  39. Aquaguy you rock thank you for sharing that, I’m a Scorpio and I’ve been dealing with a much older aqua man and I’m totally crazy about him, but I refuse to tell him and I give him plenty of space,we work together and I act as if I don’t see him conversating with other female co workers, I let him do most of the calling and I keep the convo, friendly but I want him … What do I do. He seems to love the sex to the point he tells just hold his head afterwards and tell me I’m trying to addict him, he seems as if he’s fighting something after we have sex he ask me all the time do you want me to stalk you or something the way you put down in the room is unreal he says I’m very intelligent that he prefers to talk to me then 50 year old woman his age, he loves how I’m built the fact I’m still in shape at 41 and kids.. but he’s not trying to be committed.. what do I do . I back away and stay out of his sights at work but if he sees me he’s approach me or he calls if I have called him…

  40. I have been dating an aqua man on and off for four years now,an im trying to understand him still. Im a scorpio woman. He broke my heart twice,those two times I took him back. Ive always been straight forward with him no matter what the situation was. He opened up to me,told me he loves me. Hes asked me to move in with him. I told him tht I was in love,he said r you,I am. This was just four days ago. He called me at work yesturday and said his ex text him and said she pregnant. His response was,I dnt want to talk to her because he dnt believe tht its bs. So last night I called an the response was,I had a horrible day,call u in the morning. I knew better than tht. This morning came,im sorry is all I get,never meant to hurt u once again. I dnt know wht else to do. Should I let go now.

  41. SagiQueen says:

    I find the emotional detachment, lack of jealousy and moving on quickly in the Aquarius man true to a fault! I am an emotional but free-spirited Sagittarius woman and have learnt how to understand the personality and have somewhat mastered tempering my feelings and emotional displays based on the aquas need for space and freedom.

    @Aquaguy What would you say the “opportunities” were that you gave her? I recently broke up with my ex Aquarius boyfriend of 6 years and he has been asking me where I live and says he’s “waiting on his invitation” but I don’t know whether to interpret that as an attempt for an opportunity to reconcile or just mere curiosity since he said he wanted us to still be friends (although I told him I couldn’t stay friends with him)

    @Coco It seems the aquarius man often withdraws soon after making a big emotional commitment as my breakup happened just days after I moved in (at my ex’s request for me to do so – opposite end of the country I might add).

    @Aquaguy Why the hot and cold? Everything seemed fine, we were together for six years and he asked (or rather Told) me to move in – he was talking about marriage (to his friends and family although he was still somewhat emotionally guarded in terms of expression to me) he went as far as to tell a mutual friend confidentially about his intended proposal date for two months ahead then BOOM – like night follows day, so was the total switch – he no longer wanted us to be together because he couldn’t see himself marrying into my family (he doesn’t get along with only one member of the family – my aunt…he’s good with everyone else so I think it’s just an excuse). I had no way to see this coming and I don’t know if I should really let him back in to reconcile as I can’t tell if he’s really trying to reach out to me or just testing to see if I’ll take him back. (I can’t take another heartbreak) . I am cordial when I see him but otherwise I don’t call or text or reach out to him in any way. I find that he “runs” into me to ask some random things I guess to pick conversation ( I suppose as the belief goes the aquarius can’t stand to be ignored.) What should I do? (I have already let go but have I given up too fast?)

  42. Ok what is a family member broke your relationship up with an Aquarius and you have a child by him and he feel that the support of breaking up with me Help with his family what’s the thought on that what happened do he comes back to his family even though he shoulda walked out anyway I haven’t cheated or anything we just had miscommunication and misunderstanding what will happen will he ever come back to his family if you have a child by an Aquarius

  43. Hi. I am an aqua girl that is in a relationship with a Cancer man. He is much older than me and recently i found out that he was having another full time relationship. He is separeted from his wife, started a relationship with me after started that other relationship. And he told me from the beginning he is not into monogamy and i got that , i am not dealing with thoughts of marriege about him. But we get along really great. He needs space, i need space, we give eachother freedom.
    Yet finding out that he had another relationship, pretty full option and commited, blew me off, yet i did not show emotions at all. I told him i am not jalous, he could meet other women.
    And i think he does. Besides me and that other woman.
    What is wrong with me? Why can’t i let this go? Is that our deep sexual connection is keeping me?

    Do aqua women become so easily addicted to someone who is all broken inside and feel like they can fix him with patience?

    That other woman backed off when she found out and now he is going out of his way to keep me in his life. Says he sees me in his life for long term.
    I am not jalous, i understand a non monogamy way of thought , but what am i doing ?

    Now he is looking for my affection and love. Tells me all the right things, gets involved more in my life, go out more.
    What is it with these signs he is showing ? Is my inability to feel emotions clouding my judgement?

  44. Beautiful says:

    Do an Aquarius come back to you after you break up with you I have a baby with you

  45. Dr Faith Hayworth says:

    Beautiful; The truth is Aquarius man usually do not look back; they move on mentally and emotionally they are born Humanitarians, Hustlers and CEO the negative ones can end up with addictions and make them lazy and possible needy and they want to connect on an intellect way its not physical for them they can have sex with you but will not feel connected heart and soul unless he feels you are indeed the one he can be the good guy/bad guy but its the good woman with an edge he wants cause he truly does want to be a good guy but life has challenge him if u ever cheat on your aquarius man he will never see u the same but will not tell you cause he hold his feeling deep inside he wants a loyal lover even he has probably messed up thats just how they are they do have a God complex so he always going want the best of everything and they think they know everything but it takes a strong woman to hold him not saying you are not but if he doesnt trust you or you are flirtatious with other men he will never be in love with you -hope this helps its best to move on before you miss out on a new love to love you the way you want

  46. Dr Faith Hayworth says:

    Truthfully its not going matter if you have a child with him or not he has to feel in his spirit you are the one;some aquarius men are known to be a little jealous if there is a child in the picture well if they are the immature type or on the go type he will luv his child but will be detached mentally while still being a giver aquarius go as they please and feels comfortable with a partner who also has this freedom they luv freedom they dont want to be tied down or feel stuck in the house with lots of responsibility they live in there on world even tho they have the potential and can be a family man he will spend more time doing everything else and most likely with others

  47. LeoWoman says:

    Aquarian men drive me up the wall but I just can’t stay away.. I think cheating is probably the best way to brutally hurt them. The Aquarians I’ve had the pleasure of knowing are all gooey on the inside, though you wouldn’t no it from the hard exterior and certainly a very minute few are graced with the opportunity to see them at a vulnerable moment.. What baffles me the most about my ex aqua man is that he ran for the hills from me after telling me he wanted “more than friendship” with me and ” not just sexual” to hurling himself back into a relationship with his (Scorpio) ex that cheated on him multiple times, was more than a little on the jealous, possessive side which I got a taste of myself and he supposibly wasn’t happy and their relationship was too toxic. I don’t get it just it.. I hate games, that’s the quickest way to piss me off. He’s so confusing.. He dumped me years ago no reason at all given and then 3 years years later he would reconnected with me a couple months after his brother checked up on me which He did a couple times before that to see if I was dating the same got a got with after my ex had dumped me and if I was happy. We became friends again hashed out unresolved feelings about our breakup apparently he didn’t believe I really loved him because I would jump on plan for a week visit. He was military and we were engaged, didn’t want to get married for the sake of getting married though financially would’ve been the easier route as far as getting to be together, He couldn’t realistically afford to take care of me but I know he would have been more than willing to go without just to have me with him. I was too stubborn, too proud and he’ll bent on not being a burden, so I thought it more practical to save and not foolishly spend money on a week visit when a couple more months I could make the difference in a permanent move. Any who he shut down and asked for a break for a couple months, by then he came back told me he still wanted to be with me and how much he missed me, then took yet another 180, didn’t call, didn’t text and I didn’t get to tell the good news that I have enough saved up and no more obligations tying me down. I couldn’t have loved the man more and was devastated, I desperately tried to move on to the next but I nevr got over him. I know he didn’t get over me and was open enough to express that and his regrets about ending it with me.. He was my absolute best friend and lover, no one has ever gotten as close to me as he did.. I just don’t understand how after almost a year of expressing feelings and finally coming out about wanting to be with me, of course in between some bouts of space after emotional intimacy, that he would turn around and run back to an ex he wasn’t completely happy with.. Some may tell me to just move on but it’s just not that simple. This man has left a mark on me and I’ve finally accepted that the deep love I have for him will continue for the next 5 years and more. He is for me, the one in the mind, body and soul kind of way.. God that’s sappy, I apologize in advance if it’s overkill.

  48. LeoWoman says:

    Typos galore! Lol gotta love auto correct.

  49. Really aquarius? Cause my husband and aquarius has called it quits and entered another relationship publicly but because I kissed a guy I am the one that is low life? That is the pot calling a kettle black. He seems to want to do what he wants, when he does and with whom he wants. No accountability or respect. But if I turn the table and treat him the same to prove a point all out war. I am sure there are evolved aquarius out there but I guess I have the imature one.
    I have seen him cheat in my eyes, actually told me he slept with a woman when we separated. And lied to friends in front of me. So this aquarius are honest and faithful. Don’t believe it. Bitter and hurt Pisces. And at my end. We will bleed out for our love but when we say no more theres no going back. I have my demons but enough we are adults open your mouth and be honest and reapectful. So what if I cry! I cry over a dam movie.

  50. All the Aquas I know are sore losers. 2 of my Aqua women “friends” who don’t know each other have emphasized to me at different times that “I never get dumped (honey), I alllllways do the dumping” as if that is something to brag about. Absolutely zero humility or compassion. The stories I hear and the emotional chaos they cause with sensitive (water earth and even fire signs) is just horrible. Definitely far out in a bad way…..they think its FUNNY to bring a random guy to the edge of a nervous breakdown. They have the worst emotional etiquette. They do shrug and smile it all away– cold hearted emotionless sociopaths. I have a great poker face tho. I laugh and ask them to divulge more, but on the inside I am disgusted. I WOULD NEVER TRULY get close to these women and I wouldn’t trust them with anything. Disgusting animals. I know the aqua men are way more callous too. BEWARE. Thank God I have a scorpio. Thank God for my high IQ otherwise they would run circles around me.

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