The worst way to break up with Aquarius

AquariusFriendship can be more important to the Aquarius man than romance, so a breakup ending with, “And I never want to see you again!” can be particularly hard on the Water Bearer. And, although “Let’s stay friends” can be the salt on a wound to many others, the Aquarian will say, “Coolio!”

You see, the Aquarius man isn’t going to be as devastated by the ending of a relationship as those born under some other signs, so maintaining a friendship isn’t as painful for him. He’s not going to be jealous when you talk to other guys. He’s not going to pine for you and sing love ballads from outside your window.

As much as the Aquarian needs distance, he doesn’t want you cut off from his community. Speaking of which … another bad way of breaking up with an Aquarius is by creating subdivisions among his circle of friends. This egalitarian sign isn’t all too keen on group rifts, so don’t spread malicious half-truths or try to get the majority of your mutual friends to take sides with you. They ought to (according to Aquarius) be able to view the breakup with some perspective, respect the reasons for the demise of the relationship, and not get all emotional about it! It’s not like they slept with him — you did! — so why should they be all that invested?

Can’t we all just get along?

Comment below: How have you broken it off with an Aquarius?

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  1. I got married to my friend he is Aquarius.1and half year of marriage I love him like crazy.we had a lot of issues am being a Scorpio.he is bisexual and which changes his mind more frequently we got separated and filed for am in situation I feel like I can’t live without him but he is not responding back.i want him to come back to me.please suggest me some ways to make him want me again.

  2. Scorp w Aqua says:

    I’ve been with my aqua for two years. They start off perfect, they do everything just to your liking (weird to think they actually know what we like because they do the exact opposite). They pull you in, get comfortable, then spiritually and mentally they leave you. They are still around yes, smiling at you and telling you wonderful lies but when I need him he is not there for me. Me being a scorpio I’m very in touch w my emotions and I’ve come to learn his. This a person you can do everything for who will still find SOME reason for why he treats you like shit. They will say it’s just them and they can’t help it, but this is only an excuse. The truth is, they are just extremely self centered. Nothing but themselves and their ideas matters to them!!! I will say he is an amazing dad though, just not a good match for anybody really. He can’t see outside himself or his evils. He cheats and blames you, he flirts and blames you, he leaves you at your lowest point and BLAMES YOU. He is much better as a friend, that’s actually all he’s qualified to do correctly lol. He’s a great friend. Leave him and remain friends because you will be sad if you lose him completely but you will be drained of every last slither of hope, happiness, and love in your body. Proceed with great caution!

  3. Scorp w Aqua says:

    Finally somebody I can relate to! Since I’ve been with my aqua I’ve lost all touch with my family and friends. He is impossible to talk to and he’s alienated me in his own world so I’ve had nobody to talk to about my situation. He broke my heart and took me to the lowest level I’ve ever been in my life. I never knew I could be so weak and since I made it threw, I feel like I have a whole new outlook on life. One good thing about him is he is such a horrible person and even worse boyfriend, that he’s shown me every thing not to look for in a man. I feel like he’s my exact opposite and that he feeds off of that. It’s like he starts arguments with me so he can go cheat and feel justified about it! I’m 20 he’s 23 and at have a son together. These have been the saddest tears of my life and my 3 month old really saved me. I love hard as a scorpio and I gave everything I had only to receive pain and evil from him in return. I broke up with him and am planning to move out currently. I have no more pain left for all his lies so I’m certain I’m done.

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